Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love

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Finding true love is possible in just 90 days. Renowned clinical psychologist, Dr. Diana Kirschner, uses the latest research, clinical and personal experience to show you how. Dr. Diana knows the questions single women everywhere face: "Why am I attracted to the wrong kind of guys?""Why is he just not that into me?""Why can't I seem to find the One?" She also knows the unconscious mistakes that women make over and over again in love-regardless of age, work success, or the type of men they are dating. Using her unique four-pronged approach, she outlines a program that has helped thousands of women smash through their self-sabotage to forge healthy love relationships.

Over the years Dr. Diana has received countless inquiries from single women about writing a how-to guide on her work. Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love is that book. In it, she finally reveals the secrets to finding Mr. Right and the crucial steps single women can take to create fulfilling love that lasts.

Love in 90 Days is fun, savvy and based on the latest research on singles, online dating and healthy relationships. Loaded with step-by-step instructions, checklists, and weekly homework assignments, this revolutionary love book is also an intensely personal journey for each reader. Love in 90 Days guides you along your own path towards self discovery with proven and effective dating advice and tough love. Dr. Diana dispels common misconceptions about love relationships and dating, and share personal stories from women who have successfully completed the Love in 90 Days Program. There's also a chapter devoted to the special issues faced by African-American women, single mothers, and women forty-five and older.

Reviews of Love in 90 Days

"Are you just thinking about getting back into dating? Or is your current dating strategy getting you nowhere? Maybe you're with a guy now and wondering if he's "The One?" Or are you in a relationship now that you know deep inside is failing? No matter what is happening in your love life, Love in 90 Days is for you. Grab this book now. It truly rocks!"~Steve Nakamoto, Writers Digest award-winning author of Men are Like Fish; What Every Women Needs to Know about Catching a Man

"A wonderful addition to any single woman's library...I was thrilled with how many times Dr. Diana exceeded my expectations...Chapter Two (the Deadly Dating Patterns is mandatory reading." ~Bonny Albo, Dating Guide at

Customer Reviews:

  • Good books to include in your library
    I've read two books by Dr. Diana Kirschner -Opening Love's Door and Love in 90 Days- with great interest. Although different in form, both books respond to a quintessential quest of a woman: how to allow in, nurture and sustain love in our lives. I must say that Dr. Kirshner's books touched me by their warmth and non-judgmental, down-to-earth relationship wisdom. I felt like I was having a conversation with a tactful and intuitive friend who has my best interest in her heart and who is also highly competent in the field of personal relationships. Her advice is focused, specific and supported by examples. But the author's thought goes beyond the obvious. She invites a reader for a deeper, spiritual journey within so that the reader could learn to recognize, connect with, and celebrate her own inner beauty and worthiness as the very source of the love that she seeks. In my view, there are very few extra words in the text as almost each sentence carries a gem of a valuable thought. I recommend these books!...more info
  • The Truth WILL Set You Free
    Read the book and attended workshop this past weekend and I so fell in love with Dr. Diana. Not only did she deliver her dating know-how with honesty but with bitting humor. What a way NOT to make you feel like you're doomed. You CAN get everything you want. Sometimes you need that reminder of all the things you cherished about yourself to put into a pragmatic plan! Way to go Dr. Diana!


    Adorable Irresistible Femme Fatale!...more info
  • Lots of good truths
    This is a great book, a great read for those looking for love. The author really does a fine job of helping us out on what to look for and how to deal, from low self-esteem to get back on the right track. A great read that can really help out in this department. Finding love in ninety days, not easy right? But this book makes it easy! Another book that's also worth reading is Become a Total Man Magnet: Make Every Man Fall in Love with You Instantly - Make Him Chase You Down Desperately and Beg for Attention Help yourself with reading both books! You will not be disappointed!

    ...more info
  • Margaret Orford recommends this book
    Genre: Self-help

    Title: Love in 90 Days

    Author: Diana Kirschner

    "What are you doing about not having love in your life?" Reading this review is a start. Reading the book, Love in 90 Days, would be the next step. The book is based on Diana Kirschner's highly popular Love in 90 Days Program, which has helped many women find love and get out of their Deadly Dating Pattern - the frustratingly continuous cycle of settling for the same stereotypical partner or dating pattern.

    Love in 90 Days discusses many different topics, such as Deadly Dating Patterns, Discovering your Diamond Self, and How to Eliminate the Duds from the Studs. Each chapter consists of exercises for the reader to complete to help them reach their goal of finding the ideal partner.

    Diana Kirschner focuses on self-esteem for women. Whether a woman is entering the dating world for the first time, or recovering from yet another bad relationship, or many other different circumstances, it is important for the woman to establish and maintain a good feeling of themselves, a good sense of self-esteem. This is extremely important so that women do not end up in a deadly dating pattern with some dud. The message is clear: don't settle for second best when the best is still out there

    Diana Kirschner has PhD in clinical psychology, with over 25 years of experience in the field. She has appeared as a guest on many popular TV shows such as the Today Show.

    If you are in the market for a relationship, or trying to get out of a bad one, this is the book for you. Recommended by: Margaret Orford, Allbooks Review.

    ...more info
  • Ladies, we've been waiting for this one!

    I have read many books on the subject of relationships and dating. To be honest, I have picked up a few good tips here and there. BUT! Never have I read a book with such a clear system, and due to the brilliance of the author, one that can be applied successfully to any woman's situation. This book will take you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery as well as give you excellent and workable advice for the dating game.

    Dr. Diana Kirschner draws you right in from the start and speaks to you intimately, as if you had a very wise best friend at your side. She expertly weaves personal stories of her own life and examples from the lives of women she has helped, along with all the latest research on relationships. I admire her ability to convey this information with absolute clarity, taking the reader step by step along a path that is challenging, rewarding and FUN!

    As I read the book, I kept finding myself saying: "YES! This can work! YES, I can understand now...and WOW, this is what women need to know!" Thank you, Dr. Diana! In my opinion, this is not only a book for single women, but contains vital information for all women who desire lasting happiness in their relationships with men. (PS: Check out the "Love in 90 Days" web site, also a fabulous resource)
    ...more info
  • This is my 8th copy
    Such an incredible book. I can't stop giving it away every time I run into my single friends or family. It has helped me, my friends, my sister, my mother - all of us understand ourselves better. Dr. Diana will teach you that its about more than finding a man. Its about knowing who you are and she gives great insight on how to do it.

    I think this should be required reading for all young woman. Oh how my dating life is totally different now. I bought the audio version to for my iPod and listen to it when I can. And carry the book around like a reference guide. Its awesome. I hope you buy it. It will be the best $15.00 you've ever spent....more info
  • Excellent!
    I have read a number of dating books and this is probably the best one.

    She puts you in a kind of dating boot camp with exercises and everything on a schedule, working on your dating habits from the inside and the outside. It was worth the cover price for the 'deadly dating habits' alone - I got a chance to see exactly where I was creating my half of the problem and was very helpful in addressing those issues. Truly transformative....more info
  • The Perfect Step-by-Step Guide!
    I've read a lot of relationship books (I'm sure we all have!), but never have I read a book that provides such specific step-by-step tasks of what to do, and what to expect at this point of the 3-month period. Dr. Diana has created "the Bible" for FINDING A MATE!!!! I would highly recommend it to whoever is searching for their soulmate. It has already made a huge difference in my life!!!!...more info
  • Solid advice, mostly common sense
    This book is excellent for those who have not had a lot of dating experiences, are constantly finding themselves in problem relationships or those who have been out of the game for awhile. It will reinforce what experienced daters and those who have had good relationships already know. Worth reading....more info
  • Not Just for Singles
    This book is NOT for just single people looking for true love but also for those of use who had already found their true love but just didn't know it. Dr. Diana's dating advice was the key to finding true love during a 4-month break-up period with the man I thought I loved for 2 years and had been living with for an additional year.

    Our life together was true bliss, with the exception of one stumbling block that eventually turned out to be a deal breaker for me, so I left him at the end of the summer and had no communication with him at all.

    I thought I had found true love but when I lost it I believed it was never true in the first place. I was honestly confused about love.

    Interestingly enough, he never contacted me until AFTER I learned that he should "adore me, be a decent man, and be willing to grow with me". He showed up on my doorstep with a long list of "promises" and I told him to go away, cut the list in half, and come back in 30 days with the completed list. He did...and to my surprise, that exercise showed me that he truly WAS a decent man who was crazy about me, and that he WAS willing to grow because he changed the promises into completed actions to prove to me how much he wanted me in his life.

    One of the things on his "promises" list was to marry me within the next 2 years but when I told him to go away and come back with half the list completed he realized that one of the things that had to remain on the list was to marry me but to actually do so and not promise or just keep it on a list.

    Dr. Diana's advice helped me to see that I did have the man of my dreams all along but I just needed to know what I wanted and to see that he could be it.

    We married on February 11 and have never been happier.

    Thanks to Dr. Diana for helping me to see that I was entitled to have someone who adored me...was a decent man...and was willing to grow with me. My husband (my true love) is all of that and I would not have not known it if it were not for this book and it's timely message for me, personally.

    OH...I almost forgot...this all happened within 90 days!!!!! (finished the book on November 16 and we were married on February 11).
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Book for Today's Dating Woman!
    I've been doing online dating for a while and have tried every technique from talking a long time before meeting, to talking a little, looking for clues in their profiles, and and and... this book makes sense... I like the way that she insists that you date three at once to prevent many dating mistakes... my worst was 'burn out'... I find myself focusing too much on one .... but by dating three at a time, you can't focus only on one because you have to give them equal time... this book is fantastic... buy it quickly! :)...more info
  • great book for women (and men!)
    I loved this book. It's full of great tips that will help you find a better life and also the mate of your dreams.

    The book isn't a "magic pill" but ways you can work on yourself. When you have that together, the world around you will come together. Men want to be with women who have it together and this will show you how to do it.

    The key, in my opinion, is being open. Diana Kirschner talks about that. Being open to new opportunity changes everything around you. That works for women AND men.

    Having just got out of a relationship, I found this book really helpful in my healing. If you are in a similar situation, or still hung up on a guy, this plus Why He's Dating Her (Instead of You) - Why He Didn't Commit, Why He Left, and Why You're Still Hooked - 10 Ways to Be the Woman Every Man Wants have really helped me.

    Good luck!!...more info


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