The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life

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Ellie Krieger, host of Food Network's "Healthy Appetite", presents over 200 ways to trick your taste buds. These healthy recipes emphasize real ingredients ? fresh produce, whole grains and more ? without denying the delicious flavors you crave.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Food you Crave
    This books hits the mark for fresh, easy, and calorie concious...good sized pictures and easy ingredients....more info
  • Love the book!
    I enjoyed the book so much that I purchased another as a gift for a friend. The nutritional information included with each recipe is extremely helpful. The recipes are simple and tasty. I love the chicken cacciatore. Just tried a pork loin recipe and it turned out great....more info
  • Fast delivery!
    The book arrived before it was due and it was in perfect shape. I've already used some recipes inside the book and they were great. Good experience!...more info
  • Healthy Alternatives
    The book was enjoyable to read, the pictures were nice, and the recipes were palatable. Learning how to substitute healthier ingredients for the ones we 'crave' is essential to losing weight and having a healthier self. Ellie gives good nutritional information and the tips are valid. Good without a lot of hype....more info
  • Great book with healthy meals that are actually HEALTHY!
    Many times cookbooks claim to be "Healthy" and then are filled with chicken thighs, fatty cuts of meat, oil, and cheese. The Food you Crave is not one of those books. Everything we have tried in this book so far truly is healthy and delicious. I have been doing weight watchers for years and the recipes in this book are easily adaptable to the plan with very few changes. This book is quickly becoming a staple cookbook in our home....more info
  • Cooking with flavor
    I enjoy watching Ellie on the on the Food channel. Her recipes are not complicated. Using everyday foods, without all the sugar & fat, the food has a different taste with new & fresh flavors. Even a novice can get good results. I recommend her book, for senior's like myself, adapting to a new way of cooking....more info
  • Healthy & Delicious
    I am immensely enjoying Food Network Healthy Appetite host Ellie Krieger's cookbook, The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life. I couldn't justify buying another cookbook given the size of my collection but it called to me from the bookstore shelves and reeled me in with its more than 200 great sounding recipes.

    Just like her show, The Food You Crave, is devoted to helping you make luscious recipes that are healthier. I love her approach to cooking --real ingredients prepared simply enough for everyday, yet interesting enough for entertaining. She proves that healthy food can be delicious--bursting with flavor, color, and aroma -- and deeply satisfying.

    Her positive approach to food, eating, and cooking relies on the concept of usually, sometimes, and rarely so no food is ever totally off limits. It's not what you eat once in a while that causes health concerns; it's what you are doing most of the time that counts.

    It's the advice that we are hearing everywhere:

    Focus on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, fish, beans, nuts, healthy oils and lowfat dairy.
    Sometimes allow yourself the more refined foods like regular pasta, white flour and sugar, and red meat, used sparingly for flavor and interest.
    Rarely indulge in ingredients like heavy cream, butter, and full fat cheese, which when used sparingly can provide real flavor enhancement.
    Buy ingredients as close to their natural state as possible.
    Steer clear of foods that are full of artificial ingredients, chemicals and unpronounceable elements. "I'll take a little bit of real whipped cream over chemical laden non-fat whipped topping any day. " I'll second that, Ellie.
    In addition to 200+ recipes, The Food You Crave has lots of helpful tips including suggestions for grab and go breakfasts and stocking a healthy pantry.

    Some of the fabulous recipes from The Food You Crave that I can vouch for include:

    Peach French Toast Bake
    Pumpkin Pie Muffins
    Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup
    Chopped Salad Nicoise
    Chopped Salad with Lemon and Dill
    Cornmeal Crusted Ratatouille Tart
    Asian Style Three Bean Salad
    Pasta Puttanesca
    Maple Mustard Chicken Thighs
    Salmon Cakes with Ginger Sesame Sauce
    Chocolate Cherry Almond Biscotti
    Dark Chocolate Mousse
    Pumpkin Pie Flan
    I'm beginning to salivate just typing the list. If you're looking for a cookbook brimming with recipes for healthy delicious meals take a look at The Food You Crave the next time you are at the bookstore. It's a keeper in my ever-expanding recipe and cookbook collection....more info
  • delicious, healthy, easy to make
    I just purchased this book and have already made several of the dishes. So far I have not been disappointed and don't really expect this to happen anyway.. Everything I tried has been wonderful and I feel good about eating healthy without having to give up foods I like. The photos are beautiful and make going through the book a mouthwatering experience, each time around....more info
  • Great Recipe Book
    Excellent cook book with lot's of Ellie's slimmed down recipes that still taste delicious! A must buy if you want to eat healthy, but still enjoy flavors....more info
  • Healthy and great recipes - no these are not oxymorons
    You wouldn't think that health and fantastic foods/recipes don't go together. But they do in this book by Ellie Krieger, The Food Channel healthy fitness guru.The main tenet of the book is a healthier way to eat and cook while not depriving yourself. And this has struck a cord with many people (see the number of reviews for this book and most are rated 5/5). I like her mottos " keep it fresh, add a pinch of salt, know the nutrition but don't go overboard. Also helpful are essential nutrients for your good health, a new pantry (what to put on the shelf) and using portions for your benefit and healthy eating. But what about the recipes? Fabulous. She has assembled a stock full of healthy but gorgeous looking recipes that you will want to eat (crave!) because they not only will look good, they sound good and they are good for you. And they are not boring by any means. Take for example for this recipe which puts a different spin on grilled cheese: sweet and spicy grilled cheese sandwiches which I liked a lot and rated it (9.4/10). Another one that I did not look closely for but found out about through her Food Network show was this recipe for Beef Tenderloin and Rosemary and Chocolate (actually cocoa) which sounds so good now that I have found about it, I will make it and see what my wife thinks! And there are others in this book and displayed on her show. Many of these recipes are like that- taking food and recipes to different levels sometimes with a different method, ingredient or way of making the recipe. . Plus it's fun to make new and interesting recipes that dazzle but are also healthy. You can be sure I will crave more by trying more from this great book that let's you enjoy healthy but great food...more info
  • excellent cook book!
    As a person who likes tasty food, yet wants to eat healthfully, I find this cookbook to be a great place to start. I have made several of her recipes such as the meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and the chicken chop suey. Pay attention to your portion sizes, as it is easy to overeat because the recipes have lots of flavor.
    I really like Ellie's philosophy that no food is completely off limits, so one can feel free to eat dessert once in awhile! ...more info
  • fresh take on fresh food
    I have recieved every cooking magazine available for years but I wanted to purchase "The Food You Crave..." because I love the author's great insight into the "why" of healthy cooking/living...In addition, the recipes are incredibly fresh and well-rounded from an overall nutritional standpoint. This cookbook and the photography within is the kind that I want to browse through simply for inspiration when I'm compiling my families weekly meal menu....more info
  • absolutely GREAT recipes
    When I first bought this cookbook, I flipped through and nothing quite caught my eye. I'd purchased the book because I love the show. However, when I actually got off the couch and started making these recipes, I fell in love. The turkey meatballs are my new go-to recipe when I need some healthy comfort food. The pumpkin muffins are so delicious! Her pizza recipe is super. I also love the author's perspective on food- I see this way of eating as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. I look forward to making more of these recipes. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I found the recipes simple and easy to prepare. The final product was delicious. I have enjoyed all of the recipes I have tried so far!

    The best part was that I had almost everything on hand in the pantry so I didn't have to go out food shopping with a large list of things to pick up for the recipe.

    ...more info
  • Nice addition to the library
    I've tried several of the receipes so far, and all have been excellent. Some of the main courses are a little time consuming (close to 2 hours for the lasagna rollups and chicken pot pie), so might be better suited for weekend cooking. But all in all the recipes are excellent, simple in style, well written and easy to follow.
    easy to follow
    classic dishes
    avoids weird "diet" chemical products
    emphasizes health over weight loss
    Nice book. Attractive pictures, nice format

    ...more info
  • Great Recipes !!
    I am currently on the South Beach diet and Ellie's recipe's fit in perfectly. I love that there are wonderful color pictures and the recipes are easy to follow and so tasty !! You won't even realize that you are eating healthy. ...more info
  • Healthy food never tasted so good.
    I love the pantry item essentials Ellie helps you stock along with some of the best recipies I have made in years. No guilt and feeling better already. Thanks Ellie!...more info
  • If you want to eat right and stay healthy, this book is for you.
    In this book Ellie Krieger shows you step by step how to eat right and still maintain your health. An excellent read!...more info
  • Delicious and Easy--My Kind of Cookbook
    This has probably been the best cookbook purchase I've ever made. All of the recipes that I have tried (about a good 1/3 of the book already) have turned out wonderfully and best of all I--a novice cook--have been able to actually make them. And lest you think that the recipes are geared only to the amateur, my fiance, who is quite the foodie, also turns to this cookbook first when we are trying to figure out what to make for the week. Especially recommended are the home-made breakfast bars (totally yummy, though we add dark chocolate chips), roast chicken, stuffed peppers. Highly recommended!...more info
  • The Food You Crave review
    An excellent cookbook. Ellie Krieger does a good job of making the dishes easy to make. This is an essential cookbook for those who want to eat great-tasting food that is easy to make and is beneficial to your health....more info
  • Ellie Krieger
    Great book, lots of information & great recipes for eating healthier. Lots of great nutrition tips & suggestions throughout the book & the recipes are great tasting & fairly easy to prepare & don't require "special" ingredients. ...more info
  • Luscious Recipes is correct!
    I've had this cookbook for several weeks and so far every recipe has been a winner. The mixture of flavors is amazing. I wish all the recipes had pictures, but that's a minor issue. This is a well written, enjoyable cookbook that should be on every cookbook lovers shelf....more info
  • Delicious Recipes
    I've made at least 12 recipes from this book already and all have been delicious. My kids LOVE the salmon cakes. The sausage and penne was also a hit. I would highly recommend this book to a family who is trying to find delicious recipes to eat healthier. ...more info
  • Healthy and Happy
    This book is God-sent! I am so happy that my husband and I are able to prepare healthy meals that are also satisfying. I love that Ellie takes recipes we already know and love, but exchanges some ingredients for healthier ones. In addition, her first few pages of the book are very insightful and for a beginner in nutrition, very helpful as well. She has a great way of presenting information without coming across as being arrogant or self-righteous. In order to reap the benefits of the cookbook, though, you need to be open minded...if you expect her recipe of "Oven-Fried Chicken" to taste exactly like greasy southern-fried chicken, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. You will need to make a conscious effort to be willing to eat healthfully and accept the fact that greasy, fat-laden foods that are saturated in oil do not have a place in this cookbook. If you are truly ready to begin a healthier lifestyle, then I think you will really enjoy this cookbook!

    Favorite recipes so far: Chicken Fingers, Fettuccine with Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Whole Wheat Pancakes and Tomato-Tortilla Soup.

    If you are unsure of whether or not you would like to invest in this book, try looking up the recipes above on the Food Network website. info
  • Great Value
    This is a great companion to the Small Changes Big Results book. If you're looking for a variety of recipes that are good for you (not the same old salads and grilled meat), this is the book for you. Nothing seems impossible to make in this cookbook....more info
  • More recipes than most books
    I got this particular recipe book for a friend of mine that is on weight watchers. A lot of the recipes are easily adaptable for any type of diet or lifestyle. The cookbook is very "meaty" in that it is stuffed to the brim with healthy and attractive recipes for any level of chef....more info
  • Great cookbook!
    This is a wonderful cookbook with delicious, healthy recipes featuring whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. Every recipe I have tried has been a hit. They are pretty simple and her directions are very clear. Add this to your cookbook collection....more info
  • Excellent
    I gave this book to my wife for her birthday and she loves it! Healthy, delicious recipe. Its the gift that keeps on giving! The only thing that could have been better is if there was a photo with every recipe....more info
  • Awesome book
    This book as fantastic. Not only are there delicous, healthy recipes but the book includes tips for substitutes, nutition information and a list of items to keep in your pantry. This goes above and beyond a recipe book and the recipes are so delicious and very filling. You can't go wrong....more info
  • Love this cookbook - needs more pictures!
    This book is great my favorite recipe is the Peach French Toast- whenever I make it the family is so excited. Many ideas and help in making food tasty and healthy. I do agree that the text needs to be easier to read and a bit bigger and lots more pictures! They should also sell her tv show episodes that go along with the book. I would buy them all!...more info
  • This book is GREAT!
    I bought this book after seeing a couple episodes on Food Network TV. I am SO glad I did! Ellie has great recipes for every food group! She offers healthy alternatives that don't make the meal taste "stale". I make dishes from this book for my friends and family and I have not had one bad review yet! The stuffed peppers are to die for! I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Delicious
    I love watching Ellie's show on Food Network and always thought - does she have a cookbook? She finally came out with one and it's perfect. I love that it offers detailed nutritional info for each recipe. This is really the food you crave, good food, healthy food - goes hand in hand. Awesome find, I want to make all the recipes!...more info
  • Ellie's books help those who are overweight and have health problems
    Diet, exercise, and this book (and the first edition) have helped me to loose 30 pounds and keep the weight off for the past 2 years. I was experiencing high blood pressure and acid reflux which have now subsided by sticking to the lifestyle change presented in Ellie's books. I feel this book is a great resource for recipes and delicious options. My family loves the meals I prepare with Ellie's help.

    ...more info
  • Truly Luscious Recipes...
    Ellie's recipes are great not only for everyday, but also healthy entertaining. Everything is tasty and looks good on the plate, which are two combinations that I love. Being a pasta freak, I especially enjoyed her turkey meatballs & spaghetti recipe. She incorporates fresh, healthy veggies into many of her entrees, and end results are pretty, tasty and satisfying. I am truly enjoying this book....more info
  • Ellie Krieger - The Food You Crave
    I love Ellie's show on the Food Network. She has such a pleasant style and I love her nutrition information on the foods she is cooking. I have learned so many important things about vitamins, minerals, health benefits of eating certain foods, etc. So I was really excited to order her cookbook. It is just like her show....filled with the kind of recipes I have cooked for years and loaded with interesting nutrition info too. My husband has been a strict vegetarian for over 35 years and I'm always looking for new vegetarian or non-meat recipes that actually taste good too!! I have found several in this great cookbook. I was also very impressed with Ellie's credentials...a Professor of Nutrition at a New York!! This book is just like an interesting novel you can't put down. Thank you Ellie. ...more info
  • The only cookbook I use!!!
    All of her recipes are Gourmet!!! There's not one I don't like. Beautiful pictures. Easy recipes to follow, for everyday lifestyles. ...more info
  • Every recipe has been a hit so far
    We are 6 for 6 so far in loving these recipes. They are simple and often prepare quickly. We have fallen in love with the steak tacos, with fresh cucumber salsa and cabbage....more info
  • A Very Inspiring cookbook
    Ellie Krieger's book is so inspiring! We have always cooked healthy at home, but it's nice to get fresh ideas on easy ingredient and yummy result.
    I love a cookbook with photos; this book is surely full of visuals. It also gives us the break down of nutritional information, it's great to learn about the things that we put into our body.
    I can't find anything negative about this book. In fact, I am now looking at the Garlic fries page.... gotta go....more info
  • Healthy is yummy
    She has found a way to create healthy recipes that have quickly become family favorites, and are easy to put together during the week. This is a great cookbook!...more info
  • Delicious!
    Great recipes and photos - everything looks so appetizing. The best part is that it is good for you too!...more info
  • Healthy eating
    This book has some wonderful recipes. I have been a dieter all my life and now have gotten into "healthy eating". It works much better. Thank you Amazon for the great service....more info
  • Yummm
    The price of this book is worth it solely for the Curried Butternut Squash soup with Candied Walnuts. Seriously. (Obviously there are a lot of other great recipes in here as well)...more info
  • Inspiring and Healthy!
    This book is completely inspiring and it's even interesting to sit down and flip through. Next to each recipe is a breakdown of the nutrition facts, which also include what vitamins and minerals the particular meal is a good source of. All throughout the book are healthy and/or tasty cooking and grocery-shopping tips, that I have already found very useful. The directions are fairly clear and easy to understand. However, halfway through preparing "Fettuccine Bolognese" I did find that I needed a much bigger skillet than what I was using (no particular skillet size was recommended), but it was easily recoverable from. Her recipes are both delicious and healthy, and the recommended portion sizes are realistic -- a big deal in the healthy-eating world.

    There are all sorts of recipes in this book to get excited about. Stews and soups, desserts, smoothies, and various breakfast items. And of course there are exciting salads, a must!

    Krieger calls for fresh ingredients whenever it is advantageous and not too time-consuming. Fresh foods have more vitamins and minerals in them, and lack preservatives and other unwanted chemicals. There are a few times when she'll call for a canned-food item, and explains that this will make the preparation easier, not any less-healthy, and more practical to cook. As someone who is newer to the cooking world, some of the ingredients are foods that I have never before seen in real life. For example: couscous. But these 'daunting' recipes look and sound so delicious and good for you, that I am not intimidated by the ones that call for such "new" things, but rather inspired and excited to try them -- once I find out where to buy couscous!

    Bottom Line: This is a great book for someone who would like to discover fresh and healthy ways to cook, if they have the time and desire to cook up a healthy, satisfying, and yummy grown-up meal. (No more health-food TV dinners!)...more info
  • not impressed
    received the book a while ago,was very excited to try some tasty low fat,low cal be honest the book is under my expectations.not too many pictures,which are important for the presentation of the dish,some dishes seem to involve a lot of ingredients,thought it was a little bit simpler and helpful in cooking and dieting.would not have bought it had i had a chance to look through it before my order....more info
  • Great Healthy Cooking Ideas
    Great way to maintain a healthy life style while keeping up with the passion for great foods. Very diverse, well presented, easy to follow instructions. Also watch her TV show on the food channel. ...more info
  • Outstanding, inspiring book!
    This is another outstanding book by Ellie Krieger. Great recipes, beautiful pictures and very practical to use. Have used 4 times for gifts as well as for myself and love it....more info
  • Best cookbook ever!
    I own a ton of cookbooks. However, this is the first one that I've owned where I actually want to make everything in the book. We made our first two recipes tonight (Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta and Chickpea and Spinach Salad with Cumin Dressing). The taste was phenomenal and was both healthy and fresh. I've never actually like spinach or chickpeas, but my husband made this and I actually wanted seconds.

    I recommend this cookbook if you're looking to eat healthier foods that you will actually *want* to eat, instead of eating because you just know you need to eat healthier foods.

    I bought this book used, but would have gladly paid full price for it. Buy this cookbook. You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • After a year, one of my main "go-to" cookbooks
    I feel a little redundant reviewing THE FOOD YOU CRAVE because I doubt I have anything new to add to all of these positive reviews. But after using this cookbook for over a year, I really wanted to show my respect and gratitude by offering my own plug.

    I own almost 100 cookbooks, and in the year I've owned this one, I think I've used it the most. Every recipe I've tried is something I have added to my repertoire to be made again (and again). This recently includes Steak Tacos with Cucumber-Avocado Salsa, Macaroni and Four Cheeses, Aromatic Noodles with Lime-Peanut Sauce, and Fettuccine Bolognese. This is healthy cooking? Yes! And I'm grateful for it.

    I love to cook, and although I consider myself fairly experienced, I do not gravitate toward recipes with exotic, hard-to-find ingredients or hours-long preparation. This book is chock-full of recipes that are tempting in both flavor and ease. There are a few involved recipes that I'm looking to try, but most (by far) are approachable and inviting to a cook who, like me, wants to make something good-looking and delicious without spending an entire day shopping, cooking, and cleaning multiple pots, pans, bowls, and appliances.

    All recipes come with very detailed nutritional information. I especially like the fact that she identifies each recipe as an "excellent" (at least 20% of the daily value) or "good" (at least 10% of the daily value) source of certain nutrients, both obvious (such as various vitamins, like A, C, and E) and less "famous" (such as molybdenum and pantothenic acid). By the way, if you're wondering what any of the nutrients are, she lists them and their functions in the first, pre-recipe chapter.

    The book is filled with color pictures, although from my unscientific calculation, it only comes to about one color picture for every three recipes. The pictures are so enticing; I wish all the recipes came with one.

    I spent the week perusing my cookbooks and trying to decide on something new to make. I kept coming back to an untried recipe in this book even though I feel a little guilty for neglecting my other cookbooks. :-) Nevertheless, THE FOOD YOU CRAVE is a great cookbook for me to use as my "go-to" cookbook for healthy, comfort-type food....more info
  • Easy to make, healthy, decisious recipes
    The idea is simple - healthy eating and delicious food CAN be used in the same sentence, and it doesn't have to be hard.

    So far I've tried quite a few recipes, most of them turning out tasting great and falling into "I'd make them again" category.

    Some of the notable winners include the L.O.V.E Wrap sandwich, Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Orange Essence, and Orange-Pistachio Wild Rice Salad.

    Many of the recipes come with photos and all have nutritional and "good source of ..." information.

    Overall, to quote some movie reviewers, "an instant classic"....more info
  • Great book - great recipes
    My husband and I seem to have a growing collection of cookbooks (actually we have a whole book case filled with different cookbooks). I bought this book for him a few weeks ago, and each recipe that we've tried so far has been a huge success. They are easy, don't take too long to prepare, are not too labor intensive, and taste great (not to mention are healthy for you). It's a great book and hands down our favorite/most used cookbook....more info
  • Glad I ordered this book
    The recipes in this book are very good. The oven-fried chicken was a hit with my brothers who love the deep-fried stuff. I was expecting more recipes of common everyday dishes, but what I got was a mix of recipes for comfort foods as well as gourmet type dishes I had never heard of. Wish I had more time to cook using these recipes! ...more info
  • Okay.... I sold mine
    I was really excited to get this book. I like watching Ellie's show on TV and I enjoy the tips she gives for healthy cooking. The book is nice. It has beautiful pictures, great tips, and average recipes... none that I would consider to be brilliant. And don't get me wrong. Some of the recipes are very good. The shrimp with feta is delicious and in lots of the desserts you will barely miss the fat and calories that she leaves out. However I think the concept "The Food You Crave" is flawed. It seems like a great idea--a cookbook full of everyone's favorites, made healthier. Unfortunately, when I crave these foods, the real version is more satisfying. I would rather have a little bit of the real thing, than an extra helping of the impostor. Back when I still owned this book I would find myself flipping through the pages, finding a pretty picture of something I wanted to eat, and then looking up another recipe for it that I knew would taste better. It just didn't get a lot of use in my kitchen. If you don't forsee this being an issue, go ahead and buy it. I actually ended up selling it to a friend who really enjoys it, so I think there is definitely an audience for this book. I'm just not in it....more info


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