Ani's Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes

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This is the ultimate gourmet, living foods "uncookbook" for busy people. You don't have to sacrifice taste or style to reap the benefits of raw foods. These delectable, easy recipes emphasize fresh, animal-free ingredients and how to include more organics into your daily diet. Chef Ani offers delicious raw, animal-free versions of: breakfast scrambles, pancakes, chowders, bisques, and other soups, cheezes, mylks, lasagna, burgers, cobblers, pies, and cakes, and more. Included are recipes for dishes such as Stuffed Anaheim Chili with Mole Sauce, Ginger Almond Nori Roll, Coconut Kreme Pie with Carob Fudge on Brownie Crust, Mediterranean Dolmas, and Chicken-Friendly Spanish Scramble. Make your own kitchen more living-foods friendly with Chef Ani's tips on Essential tools, Key ingredients, Stocking your pantry, and How-to kitchen skills.

Customer Reviews:

    I have several raw food recipe books but this one tops the cake. Yes, there are a lot of pictures of her in the book but her info is so helpful-from beginner to more experienced Raw Foodist; this book is what you need. She is very informative and the recipes are delish. I'm enjoying some chocolate mlylk now...
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  • yum great EASY recipes
    ok, i agree, there's too many of photos of ani. but so what... the food is SO GOOD!!!! yum. i am very inspired by her healthy ways. the icons showing you what you need to use in order to make the recipes are useful (especially if you avoid some raw food books because of dehydrating mysteries, etc). if you happen to have a VITA-MIX blender....this book is a must. the smoothies are outstanding. easy too. strawberry coconut is my favorite. the blueberry one is great too. and the mango. i do cut down on the vanilla bean amount to about a 2" thread. also - made the Spring Herb Rainbow Salad in Kreamy Curry Dressing and it is delish! notice what she says in the book about deveining garlic. good tip and noticeably better. (just ordered her DVD for more tips!). also if you are trying to cut out dairy, this is a great book too because so many of her recipes have a great 'kreamy' texture- but of course it's all raw - and healthy. ...more info
  • Alright book
    I found this book tastier than the last raw food book I purchased. I especially love the shakes and smoothie recipes which are good like an hour or two before a workout because it gives you super energy. The only thing I think it lacks are the different types of vegetables used in the recipes. It seems there is a limited type of vegetables she sticks with. I find myself gravitating to only the raw desserts than the actual meals. Thank God for the dates, vanilla beans and carob to help out the dessert recipes. I am gradually slowly converting to trying the raw meal recipes....more info
  • Disappointing, expensive foods, and impractical (UPDATE)
    I'm new to veganism, (a little over a year at this), and Phyo's book seemed like a good foray into vegan rawism. Now, several months later, I'm scratching my head why I bought into this book. My complaints with Phyo's book are outlined below.

    I've reviewed several vegetarian cookbooks before, and the one thing that always garners praises in my review, is the accessibility of foods for the recipes. I hate cookbooks in which a recipe lists a single ingredient that is very costly, is only sold in larger quantities, and it only use 1-2 Tbs of it.

    This is essentially the first problem with Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. The author promotes the values of the raw food diet so convincingly, that I bought the ingredients she lists, including raw maca, raw spirulina, and many types of nuts. The maca, itself, cost over $20, as well as the spirulina. So far, I've only found one recipe for each, each calling for 1 Tbs of the ingredient. Foolishly, I thought the lemon pudding sounded good, and went out of my way to buy the psyllium husks required. Again, I had to buy quite a large amount, and the recipe calls for a tiny amount. All the raw nuts I bought went rancid before I could use them all.

    The second problem my family had with this cookbook, is that none of us could seem to digest raw products very well. My husband couldn't take the bloating and cramps the raw diet caused and abandoned it after a week. I lasted two weeks before the cramps and diarrhea got to me as well. Meanwhile, I had invested all that money into my raw food kitchen.

    Finally, I did like some of the mylks, and had the idea of actually saving money by making my own non-dairy mylks. However, this plan turned out badly, as, without cooking, the mylks spoiled far too quickly, and ended up being wasted. This spoiling happened with many recipes. I attempted to cut down the amount (most of her recipes make 4 servings), but found it difficult to cut the recipes when such small quantities of things were used. That, and when I calculated it, the mylks were not money savers compared to the soy and rice milk products I've purchased.

    I'm glad I didn't invest in the "uncooking equipment", recommended, like the spiral slicer for making zucchini "pasta". Once again, it's a one-purpose, expensive device.

    Overall, I'm disappointed with this book, and would not recommend it. I'm going back to "Vegan with a Vengeance".


    I'm updating this review to respond to the comments suggesting that you shouldn't transition to raw food overnight, and that, had I purchased the foods in a bulk food department, I could have cut down the cost, and wasted less food.

    I'll begin with the second assertion, that you can buy many of these foods in bulk health food sections. That may be true for some things, like the raw groats for the "Buckwheat Crispies", but it really doesn't hold up for other foods. I'm thinking specifically of the Phyo's use of "Super foods", like raw maca, raw hemp seeds, spirulina, (and, in her blog, she also advocates raw mesquite, and others).

    I searched on the internet, I went to three different stores, one of which is a health-food store, and was only able to find these "super foods" in one pound quantities, except the spirulina, which was 1/2 lb. I live in a relatively small city, and searched out my options, but couldn't purchase smaller quantities.

    As far as keeping the cost down by buying in bulk, and buying only what you need, well, let me put it this way, $14.95 a pound for raw organic cashew nuts is expensive, whether you buy one pound, or one cup. It is a fact that Phyo herself addresses, that the raw food diet is not a cheap one.

    I believe I mentioned that my daughter, nor husband followed the raw food diet. I was preparing raw food for myself alone. Her recipes make enough for 4 servings, and I found them difficult to cut down to one serving. Therefore, I had my choice of either eating the same food over four meals, or throwing a lot of food away. Cooking food -- heating it up -- kills bacteria and delays food spoilage. As I mentioned, the raw food did not keep very long. She does suggest how long it will keep (averaging 3-4 days), but in all honesty, I found it only lasted 2-3 days. I got tired of eating the same foods meal after meal, preferring variety. Had I "transitioned" into the raw diet, I could only imagine all the more waste, as I would be eating fewer meals with raw foods, and trying to stretch the leftovers to last before they spoiled.

    I did not find raw foods to create a greater feeling of overall well-being than the vegan diet....more info
  • Raw at a Faster Pace
    I have a number of raw food books-with the oldest dating back to the 1970s!--and the thing that makes Ani's book my favorite out of the bunch is the relative simplicity or the recipes compared to others. I love the recipes in the other books too--but some of them take 20+ ingredients. By the time I finish chopping and grinding all that my feet hurt from standing in the kitchen so long--and my wallet hurts even worse! Ani proves that you don't have to just eat plain "roots and shoots," but that you don't have to go over the top either.

    Sandwiched in between the recipes are short essays on environmental and health topics that might be familiar by now to someone who's been living an environmentally conscious lifestyle or eating raw for a while, but this has turned out to be one of the reasons that this is the first book I give to others who are interested in what the heck we are doing when we explain we eat raw. She also does a good job of discussing unusual ingredients and food preparation techniques which also makes this an excellent first raw recipe book. You still get over 150 recipes (we counted once because another raw book promised "100 recipes" and this led to one of those debates people get into when they could be doing so many other things besides counting recipes in a book.), as well as some dog food recipes (a boon for our gluten intolerant golden retriever)....more info
  • Too much oil! EW!
    I like her smoothie recipes, but the soup recipes use like 3x more olive oil than is necessary. Honestly, it was like drinking a bowl of oil. Really unpleasant. I washed it down the drain. :(...more info
  • Fresh outlook
    This book is like a fresh morning rain! I really like the author's style. Although some of the recipes have some esoteric ingredients, I would attempt them with alternative ingredients because she does have suggestions for them. Wish she had some cat food recipes, though. . . she does have dog food recipes! But overall I really think it's carved a niche in the market of raw foods. ...more info
  • I love Ani's Raw Food Kitchen
    Of course I love Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, since it is my book. :)
    Just wanted to post a note since many of you have been commenting and asking me questions.

    Thank you for enjoying my book. It means all the world to me to know you are enjoying it, that it is making a difference in your lives, that it is inspiring new ways of thinking.

    Some are critical about the number of photos of me throughout the book. I didn't intend for all these photos of myself to be included, but the publisher thought it looked best this way. Also, I really wanted to show a glimpse into the lifestyle of living and eating green. The raw food diet is so much more than just a diet for me. It's changed my life, how I live, how I relate to other living beings, how I treat our planet.

    A decision was made to keep the cost of the book as low as possible. I wanted the recipes to be in the hands of more people, rather than less because the book cost $45. This means black and white printing, rather than color. And, much of the food photos didn't look good black and white. However, the lifestyle photos worked in black and white. I just didn't want a black and white book that was all text. Wanted lots of photos and a nice visual feel throughout.

    My next book, Ani's Raw Food Desserts, will be all color with a photo for almost every recipe. It'll be available in early May 09. Please keep a lookout for it. And remember to visit my website for more recipes, tips, organic ingredients, and to watch my free uncooking shows on various online networks:


    Thank you for your support and for choosing to live green and healthy! RAWk on....more info
    After seeing the cover, I really wanted to like this book, because it seemed as though Ani was enjoying her "Sun Burger". This was the first raw food book I'd ever purchased. After trying Ani's Sun Burger I was angry, because it was dry, tasteless, inedible, required lots of ingredients and I had to throw it all away. My dog would not even eat it! This book almost turned me against being a raw foodist. Fortunately, I have purchased three raw food books since, and have been quite pleased with them. Ani must have thrown recipes together without trying them first....more info
    Ani's Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes
  • great! most used raw food book i own.
    this is a wonderful book, and i really didn't mind looking at ani at all ;) every recipe i have tried (and i have tried them, this book, to me ,is so inviting, the recipes beautiful) has been excellent. in fact, i have a mom who loves her meat but couldn't get enough of the flavor of ani's veg pate. i also made the "tuna" salad at another lunchoen and my mom was sure there was tuna fish in it. these are easy recipes that have complex flavor. she hasn't let me down yet. ...more info
  • Good food
    Good start for anyone wishing to make a transition into eating more raw foods. The recipes are good and have complex flavors, something I did not expect. Why four stars? Because some very important scientific facts she gets wrong in her book, which she attempts to pass as fact. Otherwise a good cookbook....more info
  • interesting but not realistic for "real" eating
    I had very high hopes for this book, even after reading quite a few negative reviews. I can't say if the recipes are good because I haven't even tried one yet. . .most of the recipes that look good to me are the desserts. I don't own a dehydrator on principle (because of how much electricity they use) and many of her recipes call for one. All in all, not the best book I've bought....more info
  • Greasy Recipes
    I bought this book hoping that it would provide some new and interesting recipes. I have been preparing healthy raw meals for over 2 years. I have a few problems with Any's book: (1) All her recipes use lots of oil and nuts, and many of them a lot of sugar, and therefore they are ultra-high in calories, (2) Most of her recipes are from other cookbooks (not much of originality), (3) I find it very unappealing to see Any's photos on every other page instead of pictures of deliciously cooked food. Honestly, the book from Jennifer Cornbleet is much better for simple, delicious and light raw meals....more info
  • Boring recipes...
    I tried all the recipes in this book and I don't really know what to think really.

    Most of the recipe are plain and lack of personality. Ani, are you really sharing your recipes or are you sharing a modified version of them? Once again, I trust a well-respected cook and I end up with a boring book with no personality. I don't think my money is bad so why is it so hard to be honest with your readers?

    I personally like the book "Everyday Raw" by Matthew Kenney. He uses maple syrup in some recipes which is not raw but you can replace it with agave nectar or with raw honey.

    I also like "Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People" and "Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow" and "The Complete Book of Raw Food: Healthy, Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine Made with Living Foods" the key lime pie in this one is fantastic....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I've read and prepared recipes from at least 6 raw cookbooks that are on the market - and this is by far the worst. It's not much more than a vanity piece that is low on nutritional content, low on key information on raw food prep or flavor variety. But then again, she was trained by Juliano - not a surprise!...more info
  • First Place
    I found this book had simple recipes with ingredients I had "around." Cashew Mayo, Miso Dressing, Miso gravy, Broccoli/Brazil nut mix, and strawberry yogurt were a few of the many receipes I have tried. All came out great! They are simple and inexpensive.

    I purchased this book before I found it received "First Place" in Raw Recipes book in Best of Raw Food Contest.

    I appreciated her emphasis on organic food.

    With organic, I find less food is needed, and it tastes better. By gaining more nutrients, I have healthier results, when I buy organic. Also I feel better and receive more compliments about how good I look. I find organic items are often the same price as conventional or only 20 to 30 cents more. With no meat or dairy in the budget, my grocery bill is much less than those on Standard American Diet.

    Also, a person could save lots of money in health costs, drugs, being tired, etc. by not eating foods with pesticides, herbicides, etc. One saves much money even if the original costs are slightly more. Farmers' Markets which help people as Locavores are also a plus.

    In my community with little organic, I make every effort to "put my money where my mouth is" and support organic.

    I also believe in growing food and herbs where we live.

    Ani's book was inspiring with "easy to prepare" delicious food.

    ...more info
  • Great Everyday Raw Food (Un)cookbook
    I quickly flipped through this book at Whole Foods and I immediately decided to buy it. What interested me most were Ani's recipes' short ingredient lists. We have several raw foods cookbooks where the finished products are exquisite--great for special occasions--but are so preparation intensive that they are impractical for everyday use. I really wanted to find a book with recipes that my family could use on a daily basis. As an additional surprise, we discovered that we only needed a food processor, a blender (we already had a Vita-Mix and couldn't live without it), and a knife. Awesome!

    For two weeks straight, we easily and quickly made the recipes from this book. I love how her recipes are for four people only, which is perfect for raw foods because you really need to to prepare raw foods fresh everyday. Recipes we love are the Sun Burgers with Sun-Dried Tomato Catsup, the cheezes, the mylks, the Polenta with Mushroom Ragout, and Sweet Corn Chowder among others. The only reason that I gave the book four stars instead of five is that while the various recipes taste great individually, the flavors repeat (at least in my taste perception) and the recipes start to taste like each other. I suppose this repetition should be expected with a short ingredient list.

    For people who are new to raw foods, veganism, organic foods, and environmental issues Ani has included a lot of nice educational information. Eating raw, eating organic, being vegan is a lifestyle. We are used to spending a lot of time and money on our food. Food as medicine is one of our family's passions and our lives practically revolve around it. Those who are just trying out the lifestyle for the first time might naturally encounter resistance to the cost of raw organic foods, the prep time, not to mention physical, mental, and emotional resistance. I advise you to proceed slowly, to accept and work through the challenges, and know that feeding your body well is one of the most greatest gifts you can give yourself.

    Thanks Ani!

    Mira Jamadi
    [...]...more info
  • ignore all the pics of ani and you'll be fine
    Ok, I gave this cookbook five stars because I personally feel that the recipes are scrumptious and delightful. This is a fantastic cookbook. There, I've said it. If you are new to raw food, pick up a copy of this little beauty. The recipes aren't too frightening, and she rarely uses a dehydrator. Dehydrators can be scary and intimidating if you aren't accustomed to using one, and I think Miss Ani considered that.
    Sure, when I was thumbing through it I got a bit peeved at all the silly pictures of pretty Ani and her raw-food-eating-planet-saving-self. And yeah, I kinda felt like beating my head into the wall after reading all her blurbs on living green and loving animals and all that stuff. I mean, jeez, it's a COOKBOOK.
    but then i realized just how much thought she put into her cookbook, and how proud she must be of the recipes and the book as a whole... and you know- that's pretty nice.
    besides, sarma and mathew's book (raw food real world) is littered with cutesy couples pictures. ani won points for not going THAT far off the deep end. i much preferred the pictures of her dog, kanga.
    do you think raw foodists are just more prone to being elitist snobs that are in love with themselves? meh, i forgive them....more info
  • Fantastic Book!!
    We have come to love Ani through her book. She gives great tips and empowers Raw knowledge to the reader while giving fantastic recipes as well. She's Amazing the book is Amazing and you will not be disappointed. It is a Fantastic buy!!...more info
  • Easy, Robust Gourmet flavors, and RAW
    These recipes are quick, simple and easy to make. Yet they turn out wonderful Gourmet looking dishes that consistently get oohs and ahs from my guests.

    The book is packed full of information regarding nutrition, indredients and impacts.

    Can't wait for her next book!
    ...more info
  • Raw Cookin' makes Healthy Livin' easy...
    This was a very good cook-book. What I like most about it is that each recipe starts with a basic "base" that you can experiment with to develop your own recipies. For example, I learned how to make completely vegan milk-shakes that taste almost as good (I think better) than the real thing off a base of dates, nuts, and water. Then you just add whatever flavour fruits, chocholate, vanilla, etc. to the base and voila, you invented your own drink!
    There are lots of great recipies for sauces, soups, main courses, breakfast dishes, and of course dessert. The one thing is that, I feel, Ani reccomends too much oil in her recipies; but just use your discretion when using her recipies. Enjoy!
    If you don't know about the benefits of Raw cooking, they are many and great! 1. When you digest food, you need to use water. If the water is in your food (because it is raw) then you don't need to take water out of your body to digest the food. 2. When you cook food, you "de-nature" the molecules of the food. All this means is when you heat the food, the molecules of the food change shape; this should be obvious because food looks and tastes differenlty after it is cooked. As a species, human beings have been digesting raw foods WAY longer than we've been cooking foods, as such our systems react better to food molecules when they are in their natural state. When you eat raw foods, both of these aspects combine to give you AMAZING amounts of energy that I know for a fact you don't even realise that you are missing until you try eating a raw diet. I know this for a fact because I used to eat cooked food and after one day, ONE-day, of eating nothing but raw food (including raw mana-bread, which is better than it sounds) the change in my system was instantanious and undeniable....more info
  • Wouldn't recommend
    As a vegetarian interested in the world of raw foods, I received this book as a gift and was excited to page through it. Unfortunately, the book is poorly written and her nutritional recommendations seem to be based more on Ani's personal opinions than on knowledge/research. The actual recipes seem OK, but I have no other raw food cookbooks to help provide a comparison. One of my biggest complaints about the book has to be Ani's blatant self-promotion. Almost every page has a picture of her (eating, drinking, walking, posing, etc.) and she talks about herself nearly as much as she talks about food. I find it all pretty off-putting. ...more info
  • Easy and Fun!
    When I first considered going raw I was very, very nervous. I wasn't sure exactly what it would require or if I could do it; overall I was overwhelmed. I spent approximately 2 hours in a bookstore looking through the small selection of raw/living foods cookbooks and was saved by ani's.
    The book is simple to follow and makes un-cooking food fun. Everyday I look forward to trying a new recipe, like today with the delicious sun burgers. There is a great variety of things to eat and so far, I've always been satisfied. And the minute I started eating completely raw, I felt amazingly different. I have more energy and I don't feel so full and sluggish after meals.
    Also, ani's tips, which are tidbits located randomly throughout the book, give great advice on how to make a raw lifestyle even easier and how to go green. Overall, its a great find and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting healthier and feeling great. ...more info
  • most usable raw food book I've read
    The number one thing that makes this (un) cookbook the best one I've ever read, and I have 6 others, is that it is simple and does not require many special tools. As a previous reviewer stated most recipes really only require a blender. If you have a food processor also, great, but not required. Most of the recipes require very little prep and a small amount of ingredients. My biggest set back in using other raw books is that by the time you soak, sprout, blend, and dehydrate you are looking at eating your food about a week out from starting the recipe. With Ani's book the average prep would be soaking some nuts or seeds overnight and then less than 30 minutes of assembly.
    It is a beautiful book with pleasing colors and design, it's very readable and can be a little repeatative but I didn't find that to be a negative. It just helped to solidify the ideas.
    I would recommend it to anyone interested in raw food, but it would be extra helpful to anyone new to raw food prep as it is so encouraging that the recipes are simple and turn out delicious. I have tried a few so far and plan on continuing as produce is in season. I added a photo to the customer photos above of a raw apple pie I made which was SO delicious! I would try it first thing! Shop around for your dates though and try to find them cheap... ...more info
  • Ani's Raw Food Kitchen Review
    Easy recipes and good advice! I'm working my way through the recipes and so far so good!...more info
  • Top Notch
    This book is fantastic as far as making raw foods seem accessible. All of Ani's recipes that I've tried are simple, generally quick to prepare, and delicious. The book is also nicely designed and has some beautiful photos. Excellent cookbook....more info
  • What an awesome raw foods book!
    I am fairly new to raw, and I started with a more gourmet uncookbook, so I wasn't sure that this was all really feasible for me.
    Ani Phyo's book, however, is TOTALLY feasible for uncooking EVERY day!
    The ingredients are easily available where I live and there are very few "strange" ingredients that I have to order online.
    I read the whole book through and there is not a single recipie that I don't think I can make or don't like the look of.
    Also, her approach is fairly "low tech", you don't need $1200 worth of juicers/ dehydrators/ gadgets to get started.
    I already have a food processor and a decent blender, and that'll get you 90% of the way, right there!
    What a great resource for real daily raw living!...more info
  • A Good Beginner Book
    This is a really good "raw foods gateway" book. If you're curious and just starting out, this book is simple and affordable, and will get you started on the right path. The recipes are pretty good and the information is nice for starters. Ani does a good job. I was especially inspired by her sweets. ;)

    That said, there are better books especially for slightly more experienced foodists. I highly recommend Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides). It is also good for beginner to advanced raw foodists, but I strongly suggest it for food lovers in general as it is the BEST cookbook I've ever read or owned... raw or otherwise. ...more info
  • Ani's Raw Food Kitchen
    Great book! Lots of easy, fast and delicious recipes. A must-have for anyone starting out on a raw food diet, or wanting to increase the healthy foods in their meals. ...more info
  • Thank you Ani!
    Thank you Ani!
    This is the best raw food book I've bought so far. It's so good and easier to make your food than other recipes I've found. Also, I have four wonderful rescued dogs, and I loved reading the section about Kanga! She's so beautiful!
    If you publish another recipe book, I want it immediately!
    Donna...more info
  • I love Ani's book!!
    I was so happy to see how easy it was to make raw vegan dishes!! The prep work for all of Ani's recipes is so simple, and very tasty! I'm very happy with this book....more info
  • YUMMY!
    There are soooo many great recipes. Simple and exotic. This book is a must for your collection....more info
  • Raw food and radiance, art thou one...
    There are more than a few pictures of Ani, no doubt. However, I think those that negatively comment are missing the point. Most of the photos are pictures of her radiance and enjoyment of the food that she is touting. There is a progression, a story telling if you will, to these pictures. As for the black and white pictures, they are mainly of unprepared food. These photos are peppered throughout, such as a picture of halved avocados, so are the pictures of Ani to make a point, in my opinion. There are many cookbooks without photos of the prepared dishes and it does not make them cheap, as really good un-cook books are reads as well.

    There is a refreshingly different feature to this raw food book that is not present in any other that I have seen, other than RAWvolution. It depicts exactly what equipment that you will need for the recipe before you look at the ingredients list. If you have only a chef's knife at this time, just look at the recipes that state this is all that you will need and you can get something out of it. Furthermore, everything that I have made from this book has made me glad to eat raw. I do not mind seeing more than a studio photo on the sleeve of someone that has given me this book. Ultimately, there are more tasty things to eat in this book than anything else!...more info
  • Beautiful book by a hot, healthy, hippie chick!
    Ani Phyo has this amazing energy...she's vibrant, glowing, and embraces green living with a kind of bohemian verve. She enfuses the pages of this book with eco-friendly tips, lots of photos, and nutritious food that's both delicious and pleasing to the eye! If only we could all be beachside in the sun, sipping clean water and eating great healthy food...but she really takes you there! This is a great addition to any raw foodie's collection, and I couldn't read it without getting really pumped up by her passion for health, the environment and her Eastern-like wisdom about honoring your body. Wonderful, gorgeous book...enjoy!...more info
  • Fantastic RAW book!
    This was my first RAW book and one of my favorite kitchen aids! Ani is the perfect guide for the RAW diet and gives many ideas for a DIY wasteless lifestyle! She uses great words, recipes and photos to inspire a clean and balanced life. I do not eat strictly RAW, but I incorporate Ani's recipes in each of my vegan meals. Her recipes are so creative and gave me many ideas to play with her recipes and make my own as well!
    Unlike many raw/vegan recipes, Ani uses ingredients that are very accessible and easy to use! The last chapter is dedicated to her beautiful dog - including RAW dog recipes! This is a must have!
    ...more info
  • Nice
    She gives a lot of green tips. Her recipes are easy and delicious. You can also go to you tube to see her videos....more info
  • Delicious, easy, healthy, and extremely satisfying!
    I have been trying recipes from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen for about two week now. It has been a pure pleasure!! I was a bit dubious at the beginning because I thought raw food would not taste good. I was totally wrong. I am completely surprised at how filling these meals because of the large amount of seeds, nuts, and healthy oils that Ani uses in most of her recipes. Every recipe I have tried so far has been a hit. I do feel more energetic and lighter while on raw food most of the time. I don't see myself going raw completely because I just can't give up certain cooked food (e.g. cooked brown rice and sweet potatoes). However, I definitely see myself using this book on a daily basis. You will need a blender to make the smoothies and sauces which are an important part of Ani's cook book. My favorite so far is the pesto sauce made with olive oil, pistachio nuts, fresh basils, and lime juice. It's totally addictive. The books is a very high-quality production and information is presented in an easy-to-use way. Ani's devotion to living green and clean definitely comes through. There are a lot of pictures of her throughout the book. I thought they are interesting to look at. All in all, this book is worth very penny! ...more info
  • Great book Ani!
    After hearing a close friend of mine say he used to be a raw foodist for 3 years, I saw this book in the library and checked it out. I had no intention of becoming a raw foodist, but now I am definatley eating way more raw. Ani has great recipes for every meal and taste. I hadn't realised how incorporating raw nuts into things, and using the blender and food processer, I could eat a lot of things raw but still get a filling, umami taste. I swear after a couple weeks of eating more salads smoothies and (my favorites) raw DESSERTS my skin is glowing. Try this book out, it's really good. ...more info
  • Easy and Yummy!
    I own several raw food recipe books, but was intimidated by the long lists of ingredients I didn't have and the frequent requirement of equipment I didn't have. Someone gave me Ani's as a gift, and I now use it several times a week. You can make everything in it without a dehydrator - I think there is only one recipe that says dehydrating is optional (and I made it without dehydrating and loved it.)

    I think this is THE uncook book that is essential for anyone new to raw foods. I don't know how I could have transitioned so well without it....more info
  • Many excellent recipes
    256 Pages loaded with good and concise recipes, including 10 soups, 7 sauces, 21 side-dishes, 18 main dishes, and 23 desserts, in addition to salads, beverages, breakfasts and even raw vegan dog-food. Appealing lay-out with black, white and green. Lots of good tips on various aspects of living raw and good background information on ingredients. For every recipe, helpful icons that indicate the equipment needed. CON: like many other raw-food cookbooks, the pages are littered with photos of the author in all kinds of poses and settings. The book only contains 16 pages with color photos, for the rest there are many black-and-white photos, but the vast majority of recipes does not have and accompanying photo. Binding: flimsy soft cover. The "custom images" provided by readers in the description on are not part of the book....more info
  • Contains some delicious recipes, Good book to own
    This book has some great things to offer. For the most part the recipes are realistic (as opposed to some other raw books, like juliano's). Most everything I've made has been yummy. I think there are a few too many photos of her eating, staring at the reader, walking, pretending to be going about her everyday life but obviously posing, etc. It annoys me but besides that I really have enjoyed using this book, it has good advice in it, and seems well thought out. She says that she only sleeps a few hours a night now that she's raw which seems odd. Many of the recipes are high sugar- natural sugar is definitely the way to go, but there is such a thing as a sugar addiction. ...more info
  • An unintimidating introduction to raw foods
    I can easily see why Ani has escalated to raw food fame over the past few years. This is actually the second raw food cookbook I have trialed (as a non-raw foodist). The first was the Raw 50, and I unfortunately found it uninspiring and too complex. However, Ani has recaptured my curiosity about the raw food diet.

    Since I have yet to dive into raw foodism, beyond salads and smoothies, I don't yet have the helpful equipment like a food dehydrator and a spiralizer. Ani recognizes that though many of us may be interested in dipping our toes in the raw food diet, we don't want to rush out and buy a car load of kitchen equipment just to give it a trial run. There were a surprising amount of recipes I could make with just a knife and my blender, though a food processor would be helpful. For those like me who are small appliance impaired, each recipe actually has little, easy-to-notice pictures next to them that let you know what equipment will be needed, whether it is simply your hands, a knife, a blender, a dehydrator, or one of those spiralizer do-dads that I still have never seen. I thought this was a very cool feature.

    The recipes are also surprisingly unintimidating. For the most part, they have short ingredient lists with brief instructions, but the results are flavorful, especially if you use good quality and in-season ingredients (this is key). Ani is another chef who emphasizes that the quality of the ingredients is really what makes the dish rather than adding a myriad of different flavors. The huge selection of recipes with less than ten recipes even made me feel like I could take on a mostly raw diet.

    Of course, I still didn't jump in with both feet, but I have had fun dabbling. Though it is a bit more work without a food processor, the fresh Mango Cobbler is delightful, the simple veggie dishes like the Thai-Style Cucumbers were good starters, and I loved the huge selection of "mylks" and smoothies. Most of Ani's shakes and smoothies are quite thin, like a slightly thick beverage, so I learned to tone down the liquids and add more ice since I prefer them thicker and frostier, but to each their own.

    As many people have commented, the book could be cut down a bit in size with less wording and photos. While we all love food photos, and it is inspiring to see how healthy Ani is, I think a few less personal photos and a trim down on the overall writing would make this book feel more cohesive. I do love that Ani includes several tips and ideas throughout, but like many raw food cookbooks I have perused, the message of why to go raw seems to be repeat itself a bit much.

    Nonetheless, this is a true find. I can't speak on behalf of veteran raw foodists, since I am far from one, but for newbies or those of us who are just curious, this is a great starter book filled with easy recipes.
    ...more info
  • Awesome and Easy
    I seldom write reviews, but I just have to rave about this cookbook! I have 6 raw cookbooks and while I refer to them all, this is easily my favorite. The recipes are super easy and super delicious. My very favorite thing about it are the shakes and smoothies. They are so simple and delicious, I make them all the time. A lot of raw cookbooks are complicated and challenging. Not so with this one, a child could do it. I agree with one reviewer that she does get a little heavy handed with the olive oil in a few recipes but it's no big deal, just add less if you're concerned. These recipes taste amazing. ...more info
    When I first went raw I ordered about 10 books. This one has become my cooking bible! Everything is easy to make and tastes great!

    Some of the foods are harder to find, so it works best if you have a whole foods near you.

    Make the Raw Apple Pie first - it is so good that it easily wins over those who scoff at eating raw!...more info
  • YES--finally someone's made it easy!
    I did lots of research, and I can honestly say that this book has the most accessible information, and provides the most realistic approach to raw foods for the average person or family. Simple, fast, clean, delicious recipes using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen right now, with just enough theory to keep you motivated about raw foods. BUY THIS ONE FIRST--you won't be sorry!...more info
    Ani's Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo was actually my first Raw Foods Cookbook purchase and I happen to love this book! This book really did inspire me to want to learn more and start eating healthy! Some folks are put off by the many pictures of her in the book, but honestly that didn't bother me at all, in fact the whole reason I was initially drawn to this way of eating was because I went to the doctors office and the nurse that took care of me happened to look very young. I thought she couldn't possibly be old enough to know what she was talking about, and as we talked I found out she was almost 50 years old with 6 kids, and I thought she was in her early 20s. Well, was I ever wrong, she told me she had been on a Vegan Diet for years, at that point I realized that the food you eat makes a huge difference in your skin, and overall appearance, so when I saw the pictures of Ani, it reminded me of the nurse I talked to and how I was drawn to this way of life because of the way someone looked. So I looked at the healthy and happy pictures of Ani in the book and thought, I want to look and feel good too! I think if there is something about a book that inspires you to do better, then where is the harm in that? I also love making nut milks, I have lots of books that have recipes for them, and they are all a little different, well I am drawn to Ani's nut milk recipes mainly because she blends all the ingredients up and doesn't extract the "pulp" from the nut milk using nut milk bags like most people do, she leaves the nut pulp in there which I like because I feel like I'm getting the full health benefits of the ingredients originally added. Hers is the only book I have seen where the nut pulp is left in the milk. We drink ours like that all the time! I think her book does tend to appeal to those just starting out, it's very helpful and easy to use. My favorite section in this book is of course the nut milk section which includes: Vanilla Mylk, Chocolate Mylk, Cinnamon Banana Buttermylk, Yum Yum Mylk, Made in Mexico Mylk, Chocolate-Hazelnut Mylk, Beautifying Pumpkin Mylk, Cashew Banana Mylk, and Praline Mylk. She also has a Green Machine Juice. She has many other drinks for radiance such as her Smoothie recipes like Very Blueberry, Mango Lassi, Carob Strawberry Bliss, Pina Colada, Pear Frosty, Black Sesame Jewel, then drinks such as Brazilian Carob Shake, Vanilla Coconut Shake, Strawberry Coconut Shake, Cherry Malt, Peachy Kream, Fuzzy Navel, Carob Almond Decadence, Almond Nog, & Blue-Green Power. She has a cereal section with Buckwheat Crispies, Goji Berry Sunshine Cereal, Good Morning Muesli, Almond Cinnamon Oatmeal, Banana Raisin Oatmeal. Then Puddings, such as Carob Pudding, Cacao Pudding, Cashew Coconut Pudding, Luscious Lemon Pudding, Fruit Parfait, Crepe Kream Stack. Coconut Breakfast Cakes, Berry-Licious Syrup, Orange Vanilla Syrup, Vanilla Syrup. Then recipes such as Olive Butter, Coconut Butter, Garden Scramble, Spanish Scramble, Asian Scramble, then lots of fresh salads and simple desserts, soups and sauces, accompaniments and sides, Pates, Wraps and Rolls, Better Than Pastas, Many more Main Dishes, Pies and Cobblers, Cakes, Icey Kreams and Sweet Sauces. Even recipes for dog treats and biscuits in the back. There are 256 pages in this truly inspiring Raw Foods Book! There are so many more recipes that I could have mentioned, but this is a good start on giving you an idea of what you will find in this scrumptious Raw Foods Cookbook. This book sells for a very reasonable price and is worth every penny. I would highly recommend it for yourself or even for a gift....more info
  • Ani's
    The book is affordable, and even the local library has a copy. I'm so glad to see that there are books that don't scare people away from Veganism, Vegetarianism, eco and environmentally friendly topics like traps by Jungle or hungry Safari animals! Absolutely Awesome! The book offers the general public baby steps forward, for long term health and environment on Earth! Bravo Ani! ...more info
  • I love it!!!
    This is a great recipe book! I bought this book and Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney after an extensive research. I recommend anybody who is serious about raw food to buy this book....more info
  • Great book!
    I really enjoyed all the extra information in between the recipes. Great book for a beginner!...more info
  • Good tips, but recipes are sub-par
    I liked Ani's ideas and tips for a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle, but many of the recipes weren't very good. Some are heavy on the spices and onions, and it really overpowers the dishes. Other times they're bland and boring. I like how most of the recipes are simple and quick, but if they don't turn out well, then it's sort of a lost cause. The book introduced me to many different methods of preparing raw foods, which is great, but you can learn principles from any raw cookbook....more info
    Like a good portion of the Raw Food books out there, this is not based in nutritional science or even common sense. Dogs are carnivores, in the wild all they eat is raw meat, bones and organs. Why would you deny them their diet so you can be hip? It's a shame that an interesting dietary concept such as the raw diet is filled with so many flakes like this one who goes completely against a dog's natural diet....more info
  • I Should Have Actually Given This 3 Stars...
    I am relatively new to the raw food lifestyle; I have been reading and learning about it on the internet, and when I saw this book at Borders it looked really good so I thought I'd give it a try.

    I would say this book disappoints in as many ways as it is good. As far as the integrity of the recipes, when I first got it home I tried 5 to 6 recipes. 2 of them were really good, and the rest of them were REALLY bad. This sort of put me off from it for a good while, but I decided after a while to give it another shot and made a few more things, all of which were pretty good.

    For specific examples: The taco nut meat is excellent. It does actually have a taco meat flavor and the consistency is appealing. On the other hand, the "nacho cheeze" recipe was revolting. This is a cheeze recipe with it's main flavors coming from turmeric, cayenne, and lemon juice. It tasted like a weird mustard sauce -- not surprisingly, and was nothing like what the name would suggest it was.

    Things I like about this book: She gives some good background for beginners; the recipes overall are simple, quick, and accessible. If you're just starting out, there are few things in here that could overwhelm you.

    Things I don't like about this book: There is a picture of her on almost every page, whether it be her making something, eating something, or doing something completely unrelated to the book. She has a broad but shallow range of recipes -- there are many, but most are built off of each other.

    I could also really do without the pet food section in the back -- she talks about feeding her dog a raw VEGAN diet, and I personally think this is just asinine....more info
  • Great Book
    As a raw food coach, I love finding books that help me and my clients stay on the raw food path. If you love the raw food lifestyle you have to learn how to make the food. Bonita Kindle...more info
  • Not so much.
    I was not happy at all with this book. I thought that it would be good because I saw so many people rave about it but as I read it it became clear to me that Ani does not really know much about raw food. The cashews she uses are not at all raw and it says nothing about sprouting nuts and seeds. I also thought that recipes were rather fussy and time consuming. If you want to just eat raw food without caring about what your are eating this may be your pick, but if you really want to learn about how to eat and prepare raw food I suggest Gabriel Cousens's books and books by Ann Wigmore....more info
  • Love It!
    I love `Ani's raw food kitchen book'. I am at the beginning of my journey into raw foods. Naturally, I am searching for information and recipes. I first saw Ani on You Tube. Then found her book. I love the recipes. My husband loves the recipes. All the ones I have tried just in this first two weeks are easy and very tasty.

    However, I was extremely surprise when trying her Black Pepper Cheeze recipe. It was fantastic and super easy. (I think it has way more flavor than regular cheese.) It was so fantastic that my husband liked it. He is not a cheese fan. We recommended the book to our daughter because we felt that the recipes were delicious, easy for a busy mother of two and nutritious. Thanks for the book Ani with your recipes raw is very possible....more info
  • Excellent Raw/Living Foods recipe-based book!
    This book is awesome! Ani has lots of recipes (even some for her dog!) and she keeps everything very simple. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in better health and anyone on the raw/living foods path. Unlike many raw food recipe books, Ani keeps things as simple as possible, without sacrificing taste at all. She keeps recipes easy and uses minimal equipment and ingredients. She even has little icons near each recipe so that you know ahead of time if you do need a blender, a knife, or some other piece of equipment. I highly recommend this book! I was very impressed! For anyone starting out on a raw food diet, it is absolutely perfect. Ani is full of vibrant energy, down-to-earth, and inspiring. She even includes tips on health, eco-living, etc. Fun!...more info
  • Outstanding, inspiring book!
    This is a great book for new raw foodists and all people that eat the raw food lifestyle. Ani's information is very useful and her recipes are great and easy to follow. All the ingredients are easily found in local grocery stores. What an inspiring book. Thanks, Ani....more info
  • Love Ani's Raw Kitchen
    Watch Video Here: If you are looking for a raw food cookbook with great simple recipes that are accessible to the everyday kitchen, try this book....more info
  • A jem to have in any library
    While I wish the publisher had used less toxic printing materials (my copy still smells like ink and dye a year later), the book is amazing. Her recipes are fantastic and the natural living advise is practical and doable. No matter if you are a raw food person or not you will enjoy these recipes....more info
  • Ani make's raw food living easy and simple
    I am a life member of Hippocrate's Health Institute. I am always looking for new and interesting recipes that follow in Wigmore's footsteps. While many of the recipes are common, there are a few that are new, interesting, and tasty! The only thing that I would have changed is not make so many of the pictures about her. Why aren't there more of the finished recipe in amazing raw, fresh colour? If you are new to the raw food diet, or increasing fruits/ veg to your diet. This book is a good one to have....more info
  • Not a healthy raw food diet
    I purchased the Ani Phyo book with much anticipation for a healthy raw food cookbook that I could use to feed my family and friends - very much hoping for what she talks about on her news clips on YouTube. To my surprise the recipes are loaded with excessive amounts of oil in the wrong proportions for health. While, Raw may be the Law - it does not guarantee healthful eating and the percentage of fat to vegetable in her recipes is unbelievably high. Her tomato bisque soup recipe has 3 tomatoes and 1 cup of Olive oil - it should be called oil with a touch of tomato. Ani is always talking about how this type of diet has helped her to maintain her weight but truth be told she is overweight for her Asian heritage and there are some photos in the book where she is the weight one would expect her to be at as opposed to her weight on most of the recent videos. NO ONE is going to maintain a healthful body weight eating recipes packed with nuts and oils all day long. Too bad. You could do what I have had to do which is take the idea and concept - eliminate all but 2-3 tablespoons of cold pressed organic oil, add more vegetables and then only then serve it to those you love. If you blindly follow her recipes you will do RAW RYONG. For those of you new to raw and looking for a healthy way to change your lifestyle and lose weight - Natalia Rose - Detox diet may be a better approach. It is certainly not a high fat raw food program....more info
  • Really Great Ideas!
    I purchased this book thinking that I wanted to learn and start eating raw foods. Even though I later found that it wasn't for me, I really liked the recipes and healthful living tips Ani has in her book. The mylks are great, and her smoothie section was wonderful. Using dates and vanilla beans to make a smoothie makes them marvelously flavorful. ...more info
  • Delicious
    This is my favorite raw foods book. Ani Phyo is an inspiration. The book has many helpful "green" tips as well as some of the best raw food recipes out there. Easy, and enlightening. A joyful read. A delicious food treat!...more info
  • Just don't buy this one.
    First, Ani is full of herself and for some reason thinks that by buying her recipe book that you actually want to read all about her as if she's some sort of celebrity. If I wanted a biography, I'd buy one.

    Second, the recipes aren't even that great. It seems that these days, EVERYONE is trying to publish a new cookbook. The truth is that most of them just suck. This one included. ...more info
  • awesome
    I loved it!
    it's a great read and easy way to introduce raw-nism :)
    The author talks about her own expiriences on making the switch......more info


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