Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

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With tens of thousands of products crammed into the walls of the neighborhood supermarket, trying to find a reliable snack, pantry product, or frozen dinner can be a serious challenge for the time-strained consumer. The Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide changes all of that, offering discerning shoppers everywhere a simple plan for finding the healthiest foods for them and their families. Beyond homing in on the best and worst in the world of packaged foods, the Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide scours the aisles to help you pick the most nutrient-packed produce, the leanest, tastiest cuts of meat, exotic cheeses that double as healthy snacks, and the best contaminant-free fish the ocean has to offer.

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Features of the Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: - the 20 Worst Foods in the Supermarket - the Ultimate Supermarket Label Decoder - 17 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know - Shop Once, Eat for a Week - How to Stock the Perfect Pantry Investigative, comprehensive, and compelling, this guide helps consumers navigate their shopping carts through the thousands of nutritional pitfalls in every grocery store to help you lose weight, save cash, and bring home the tastiest, healthiest choices every time.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best price found on these book titles.
    I bought this book and another of the same type at a local book store. I paid double the price listed on Amazon. Each book was $19.00. I ordered all 3 of these "Eat This and Not That" books from Amazon and returned the other purchased books back to the book store. Better price and free shipping. It could not be beat. That was the day I realized to check Amazon for purchases before buy elsewhere!

    As far as the book, it was a fun read. I like how it compares the foods. A good wakeup on different selections out there. ...more info
  • great resource for healthy eating
    Take this handy little book loaded with practical information everywhere and use is a great resource for parents, teachers, and kids...use it when eating out or take it to school and use it with students in your class. Build quick and easy lessons around healthy eating by referring to the pictures and logos in the book which are so realistic and colorful. The predictable format of the book 'eat this' (good choice foods) 'not that' (poor choice foods) makes it easy for anyone to read and navigate throughout the book. The other books in the series (for families, supermarkets, etc) are also makes learning how to eat healthy a more pleasurable experience and less taunting and complicated task. The best practical guide (reasonably priced) that I have found on healthy eating!! ...more info
  • A Lifesaver!
    It's amazing how you can lose weight without even dieting simply by eating things you like. I thought I was eating right on a lot of foods. Simple things like yogurts and cereals that turned out to be so high in sugars and I would have never known had I not read this book. I have changed so many things and never even noticed a difference in the taste. I've bought this book for every family member. It is so worth it. It teaches you what the wording on packages "really" means and how not to get suckered into creative marketing ploys. This is a must have for everyone! ...more info
  • Wow OH Wow.......
    You can't believe what we put in our bodies......I had no idea how bad processed food had gotten.......... A LIFESAVER BOOK...........LIVE LONG AND PROSPER WITH THIS BOOK...more info
  • Interesting and useful information
    I found this to be a wonderfully useful guide of interesting information on various foods I enjoy....more info
  • Food Guide
    Although whole foods are best, some of the information in this book will help when you are shopping in grocery stores....more info
  • Better than Awful Ain't Necessarily Good
    I bought this book thinking I would learn about whole grains and good nutrition. I did make it to the last page, but was disappointed in the theme: substitute this "not so bad food" for this "really bad food." It is a book aimed for those who cannot or will not give up their old eating patterns.
    Pat Thiel ...more info
  • Lots of good tips
    I bought this book after I had gone through the first "Eat This Not That" book. Unlike its predecessor, Mr. Zinczenko goes much more in depth into all different kinds of food, rather than just focusing on what you should eat at different fast food restaurants. It was especially helpful in distinguishing what food labels really mean (whole grain vs. multi-grain, cage-free vs. free range, just for starters.) As well as clever comparisons, such as the nutritional value of different cuts of meat and which fruits and vegetables carry the most pesticides.

    Unfortunately, the amount of information is also its downside. Unlike the first book, where there were short lists that are easy to remember (the foods you should eat every day, what to eat when you feel sick/tired/etc.) Mr. Zinczenko creates many different different categories, some of which may not be necessary (sweetened vs. unsweetend cereals, for example). This muddies the message with too much complexity and I often end up ignoring the finer points when actually doing my grocery shopping.

    A very interesting, easy to read book. But plan on devoting some time to digest the wealth of information here....more info
  • Never Leave Home Without It.
    Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss SolutionThis is by far the best book I have ever used. It never leaves my purse and I refer to it often while shopping. It might not cover every single item in the store, but it gives you the best information to make your own informed decision on the products that aren't covered. A definite buy!...more info
  • Eat This Not That - Supermarket Survival Guide
    I keep this book in my car and when I go shopping, I bring it into the store with me to help me make the correct purchase. It helps to have the pictures shown in the book instead of just words so that I can quickly make a better selection without reading a lot of descriptive words. It is a great book and I strongly recommend it. ...more info
  • So practical!
    This book is really useful for folks who want to eat more healthily. There are lots of surprises, with many items we thought to be healthy being much less so than others we figured were not so. ...more info
  • Eat this Not that
    I haven't recieved the product so I have no way of reviewing it. How do i get my money back or get the book?...more info
  • Eat This NOT Supermarket Survival Guide
    Really enjoy ALL of this author's work.
    Recommend ALL his books for people that want to get healthier....more info
  • Who Knew?
    I've always checked cereal labels but bagels, ketchup, jelly, yogurt? Who knew there was such a difference? Healthier eating is all in reading the labels, and the authors make that easy.

    I'm off to purchase the other versions.

    ...more info
    I can't begin to tell you how many books I've read that profess to help with weight loss and eating the right foods. I've struggled with a slow metabolism and weight gain ever since I passed "a certain age". This book is so well-organized and helpful that I take it with me when I shop --- it proudly sits in the baby seat of my shopping cart! Please don't hesitate to buy this book --- it WILL help you make better choices. P.S. I'd like to suggest that it be updated frequently to keep an eye on any new products that come on the market. Pamela D. Blair, author The Next Fifty Years: A Guide for Women at Midlife and Beyond...more info
  • Awesome Book
    This book is totally awesome, and packed with so much useful information.
    I recommend this to all !!!!!!...more info
  • What a nifty little book!
    My niece has one of the earlier books in this series and I enjoyed looking through it when I was at her house not long ago. When I saw this version for supermarkets I decided to buy it because I want to lose a bit of weight and thought this might be a fairly painless way to do so.

    I was right on the mark. This nifty little book offers some very simple, easy-to-follow tips for grocery shopping with an eye to ways to substitute less fatty foods for those I usually eat. What I especially love is that it doesn't dwell on what I *can't* have. Rather, it points out the tasty foods that I *can* eat and save quite a few calories in the process.

    The authors also offer some helpful general advice for shopping, such as:

    1) Stick to the outside perimeter of the supermarket rather than the inside aisles. That's because the whole foods like fresh produce, meat and fish tend to be arrayed on the outside walls of most stores (probably because that's where the electric outlets are located). This way you will be less tempted to buy the processed, packaged foods that are located in the middle of the store.

    2) Look high and low when you are in the dangerous, middle zone of the store. That's because big corporate food companies pay supermarket chains big bucks, known as slotting fees, to place their products at eye level on the shelves. Smaller food purveyors, often the ones that make healthier products, can't afford the eye-level shelf positions, so their stuff is likely to be on the higher or lower shelves along the aisles.

    I am not sure about costs yet, since I have only had the book for a week or so and only made two shopping trips with it in hand. However, I won't be surprised if I end up saving some money too, since I am now less likely to buy the highly processed, expensively packaged items that the book counsels me to avoid, as these are most often higher in price, as well as in calories....more info
  • Very informative
    This book is very informative and enlightening about food and healthier eating. If more people would read this book and change their eating habits, perhaps then we wouldn't have so many obese people walking around....more info
  • Good grocery store companion
    As a dietitian, I am always looking for books to recommend to my clients. This is a good book to help consumers compare products, however, I do wish that the authors would provide more details as to why some products are recommended or not recommended. I do disagree with some of the comparisons (nutrition is not an exact science). Selections are usually chosen based on calories, fat, and sugar. The decision to buy a product should be based on more than just these components. Some whole grain products were discouraged because they had slightly more calories but were still better nutritionally than the processed flour counterparts. Overall, I do recommend this book as a great place to start when comparing grocery store items. ...more info
  • A Truly Amazing Book!
    This book is amazing. Full of facts and information I was unaware of. I have had it in my house now for a couple of weeks and everyone has picked it up and could not put it down. These are the simplest conversions I have ever seen anyone take the time to put in a book. The best part is the compromise foods are delicious and its always good to know you are already eating them!
    Thanks I love it and purchased the Fast Food Survival Guide also!
    You should check out the book devoted to children....more info
  • So much information in such a little book!
    This is an excellent, informational book. It may be small in size, but it is packed with very current information about current products. Love the bold colors used in the book that keeps you attention and the great tips. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition....more info
  • Should be mandatory reading for 60% of America
    I'm sure my review will upset some readers, but this is just my honest opinion. Every single overweight and obese person should be forced to sit down and read all three books in the Eat This, Not That series. Our nation is one that way too often eats with emotion instead of logic and critical thinking about what we put into our bodies.
    My wife and I constantly cook homemade meals and rarely (1-2 times a month) eat out at restaurants. We carefully select all foods that go into our cooking, insisting on organic whenever possible. Whenever I talk to people about how we cook, I usually get the same response: "I can't afford organic foods, its too expensive!" I find it odd that someone can't afford organic foods, but CAN afford a new iPod, iPhone, a pack of cigarettes every day and an SUV that gets 10 MPG.
    I can say this because my wife and I both used to smoke. My wife used to weigh 350 and I was at 250. Now my wife is at 125 and I'm at 195. We no longer smoke and we also both now own 30 MPG or better Toyotas.
    We both also stay abreast on the latest information on foods, and the Eat This, Not That series is world class information. Major food manufacturers DO NOT CARE about you or your health, they only care about taking money out of your pocket. You must educate yourself and bring up all your defenses and learn about what you are putting into your body.
    Now, this does not mean you can't have a few cookies every once in a while. I am and will always be a cookie-addict. But its all about moderation and education.
    What really upsets me most, however, is that I and my wife have to pay exorbitant health insurance coverage because so many out there simply can't take care of themselves. Those of us who take care of ourselves are being punished for those who cannot or will not. Our nation now teeters on 60% of the population being overweight or obese and diabetes is skyrocketing.
    Please buy these books, borrow them from a friend, get them from the library and educate yourselves. You will be shocked at the information you learn in this series of books about the foods you eat....more info
  • Invaluable
    I have the original "Eat This Not That," and am just a huge fan.

    This book takes it a step further, and is truly something you can utilize for every day decisions. From an inside scoop of the supermarket industry to how to pick fruit that's ripe, this book is absolutley FILLED - from cover to cover - with incredibly useful information.

    It sits on my coffee table, and I'd highly suggest it sits on yours. ...more info
  • Eat This Not That - Supermarket survival Guide
    It did a good job of making me better prepared to read labels in the store. And good places to start with the products inside!...more info
  • An improvement on the first book, with the same convenient features, updated information, and educational information.
    Some items switched between the Eat This side to the Not That side in this newer edition--such a Nilla Wafers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for instance--and this book overall provides a lot more information not only on what to eat in terms of packaged food but why.

    What I love best about both the original and this edition is that the author never chooses a food which is unappetising. You think you can do better than a certain make and model of sausage by choosing the 97% fat free instead of the 50% fat free, you try it, and head back to the store because what you selected was utterly flavorless. I was suprised for instance to find that Lean Pockets are actually very good, and just one with a side of pickles is enough to satisfy me from lunch time through to a 3pm (tea time) bite; and natural peanut butter, yum.

    Unlike the first book, he goes over things like how to choose vegetables, and why the genetically modified bigger, prettier vegetables aren't as good for you as natural ones; what's wrong with chickens today; and what all that stuff on the labels means that sounds healthy (like "multigrain") but might not be. I learned that if you make a sandwich with whole grain bread, you really don't feel the need for a second sandwich, reducing your total calories for that one can of tuna you used to make the sandwich(es) by 200 calories.

    You also have the option to do as recommended in the first book by not reading it at all and simply using it as a guide while you make those important grocery items choices.

    The only thing I felt that was really lacking was a guide to actual deli meats and cheeses. He goes over packaged deli meats, but not the good stuff such as Boar's Head that you buy by the pound from some fat guy that looks like he does way too much product testing. I really need to know how to order a made-to-order sandwich.

    BOTTOM LINE: Don't even bother buying the first book, because this one has everything in the first one but with much more information and items. On the other hand, if you're looking for a healthy eating for dummies guide, the first book might be more your style. Just know that some things he recommends in the first book he recommends against in the second--though they are very few and far between. The first book is a better fit for people who eat mostly, if not entirely packaged food.

    Just don't eat the book!...more info
  • eye opener
    love this book-gives you a lot to think about....
    fast shipping
    good price
    thanks!...more info
  • Great Item For Food Suggestions
    As a result of this easy to read, easy to follow guide, I have completely revised most of my shopping habits. Some of the suggestions are towards mainly which items are the healthier options. In other words, a person may see that a particular food may sound very healthy but is actually loaded down with fats, salt, sugar and artificial junk. Healthier options are suggested. I highly recommend this great book....more info
  • Love It
    I Love this book. It is really helpful to determine what unhealthy items (that you just can't live without) are the "better" choice and what healthy items aren't as healthy as you thought.

    I bring it to the supermarket with me and read it in the isles as I do my shopping. It has been great!
    ...more info
  • Informative
    This book makes you more aware of what you are purchasing. Things that you think are healthy turns out it is not. It makes you look more at labels and not just take the manufacturer words on the product. ...more info
  • Eat This Not That
    Eat This Not That
    Splendid and remarkably complete tool for shopping and eating.
    Contains many popular brands and compares clearly.
    Highly recommend it for anyone who cares about what they eat....more info
  • Read This, Not That!
    This well-illustrated guide to healthful alternatives in the grocery store is just fantastic.

    Gosh, I thought I really knew a lot about nutrition, but the fact that similar products can vary so freakin' widely...well, you need to take a gander at this book to see just how wide the variance is! If you think "a pretzel is a pretzel is a pretzel..." take a look at this book!

    One thing I learned right away-Marie Callender's yummy chicken pot pie that I love so much...? Yep. It's like the worst possible choice. Now, after researching all my favorite foods, I know that all my body's instincts are to feed me up on the highest fat and least nutritional foods...well! Can't say it will make me healthier, but I am wiser!!!!...more info
  • Great book for the whole family
    AFter having a stroke, seizures, and heart surgery (from a birth defect) I bought this book, as my doctor recommended a low fat, low cholesterol, and low sodium diet. I go through this book when I am writing out my grocery list and make notes of brands or "the numbers" to look for. I gave a copy to my pharmacist (also a nutritionist) who assists patients like me who don't understand the "big words". I have also recommended it and shared portions of it with other friends who have health issues. Who knew that whole wheat bread is better for you than multi-grain??? Even my son has gotten into the habit of checking with the book before going out with friends to see what's best for him without doing without. Thanks!...more info
  • Easy Way to Make Better Choices
    This book is really great, shows simple swaps on how to save on calories. It gives you choices that are so easy to make like one kind of yogurt for another. A easy choice like that can say you 40 calories. The fact there are pictures of each of the products makes it a snap at the grocery store....more info
  • Eat This Not That
    Book offers some great substitutions. Seller responded quickly and the book came as promised. Thanks....more info
  • Fun and Informative
    I purchased all three Eat This Not That books. I was amazed to see that some of the logical choices were not necessarily the best choices. I shared them with my adult children and we had to laugh when we realized that we would probably have made the wrong choice without this information. It's a real eye opener.

    The Pages...more info
  • Recommended
    Eat This Not That is a good book if you are really unsure what foods to buy. I was already buying many of the products the author recommends. I did learn that some of the products I hesitated purchasing are actually good for you. I have lost weight by following their advice....more info
  • Nice Format
    This book was so easy to follow. I love the pictures, it made it very easy to find an item and compare. Really useful! Made me feel I was making a good choice by showing the "good" and the "better". They took the work out of comparing so many different items. Great book. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Best Diet Solution
    This is a great book. It makes eating sensible and not a chore. Enjoy it!...more info
  • Great resource
    My husband was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes and we are two people who had absolutely no idea how to change our eating habits. This book really helped us make smart changes in the food we eat. The book offers substitutions for some very popular items, offering substitutions that are still "tasty" but are better, healthier choices. ...more info
  • Great help!
    I bought this book last week, and I am amazed at what I have learned! So many food companies are skirting the rules, finding ways to trick us into buying unhealthy products. I had no idea how many foods that SEEM nutritious actually contain trans fats, massive amounts of sugar, and other things that are harmful to our health. This book not only revealed some of these sneaky products, it provided healthy alternatives.

    I took it with me today when I went grocery shopping, and it was great! I was especially pleased that most of the "eat this" options were actually available at a popular mega-mart, so I didn't have to go to a specialty food store.

    I love this book, and recommend it to anyone who wants make healthy food changes by switching foods, rather than sacrificing them. ...more info
  • Really useful information.
    This is a really useful book that has a lot of really good information in it. I find myself constantly referring to it whenever I'm about to go grocery shopping. It really helps to have a guide like to this to make healthy choices especially when it comes to "convenient" prepackaged foods. Another book I enjoyed is Goodbye, Fatty! Hello, Skinny! How I Lost Weight And Still Ate The Foods I Loved-Without Dieting. I read all sorts of books on calorie counting and weight loss and think anyting that informs or encourages is a benefit....more info
  • Great in some respects, but...
    Overall, I thought this was a great, informative book. It pointed out several nutritional pitfalls I never thought to look for (I honestly never thought there was so much fat in Ramen noodles!!) and made me realize that in some instances, even though my family is on a tight budget, it is wiser to make budgetary sacrifices in favor of better nutrition. We've started reading labels when we shop and it's amazing how much sodium, fat, and artificiality you can cut out when you pay attention (the book's rule of thumb: Buy the product with the least ingredients), and sometimes the cost difference isn't that bad.

    However, where the book falls down in my eyes is that while it claims it is going to make straight comparisons - apples to apples, pizzas to pizzas - and does it for the most part, there were several sections where they didn't follow through. For example, in a section on sandwich spreads they suggested honey instead of Nutella. While I've no doubt honey has a better nutritional value than Nutella, the latter would have been better suited to the nut and seed butter pages, and the former to the section on syrups. The frequency of this sort of mis-match in the book is what caused me to rate it at three stars instead of four (it's a little preachy and tries a little too hard to shock you for me to have given it five).

    Despite that, I do highly recommend the book for anybody interested in bettering the quality of what they eat. If it only gets you to pay attention to the labels on the food you buy, it's worth it....more info
  • Easy Reading, Interesting and Educational!
    I had no idea how much I didn't know about food. It was amazing to find enormous nutritional differences between foods that I thought were basically identical (eg. different types of lettuce, yogurt, etc.). Even packaging can make a big difference. And all those little differences add up! Great source to review before and during trips to the supermarket....more info
  • Great Book
    This book has changed the way my family eats. There is almost too much information in this book, it is hard to know where to start, however, I am now reading labels at the grocery store and buying healthier food. Hopefully, we'll lose weight in the process. ...more info
  • Great Guide
    This book is a very informative guide on what to buy and what to avoid in the supermarket. Also helps to understand what foods to buy over other foods. Very clearly written and easy to follow....more info
  • Best "Diet" Book to date.
    I have purchased many diet books, only to abandon them halfway through. I don't really want to read about the success of others when I myself am feeling like a failure. I know HOW to lose weight, but I was having trouble choosing the correct foods to help me obtain my goal. I saw these books on amazon and immediately bought all three (only to find out this one is the only one you need).

    This book has changed the way I shop. The illustrations and tips are easy to read without being preachy or wordy. I find myself staring at the supermarket shelves thinking "The book said I can't buy this, but I can buy that" Another pro of this book is there are substitutions that are AFFORDABLE. I feel that I am making more responsible, educated decisions for my family without blowing my money on pricey items. Sometimes a simple brand switch makes a huge difference. I now look at the fiber content on labels, knowing those foods will keep me fuller longer. And lets be real, the illustrations are what makes this work. As a full time student and stay at home mom, I barely have the time to do homework let alone read through another wordy diet book.

    This book the the best out of the three. It will help you learn quickly how to properly navigate the supermarket and shrink your waistline. I have been using this for three weeks and, although I do not have a scale, I feel much better and slimmer. ...more info
  • Great book!
    Over the years I have had a number of "diet" books, usually what was most popular at the time. However this book is in a class by itself and I highly recommend it. Instead of a "diet" to follow, this book educates the reader in a very visual and interesting manner as to making food choices that are best for what you need - whether it be weight loss, diabetes, etc. I especially enjoyed the two page spread on the salad bar, evaluating each potential item as to calories, fat, sodium, sugar, as well as comparisons, etc. It was eye-opening. This is not a book that you will read and put away, but one that you will keep handy. Their other book on fast food/restaurants is also excellent!...more info
  • who knew!?
    That the FDA allows a small percentage of rat droppings in your peanut butter, is this considered safe? i guess so, but knowing about it is pretty gross, i love all the lists. best foods, worst foods, rules you didnt know that the FDA this not that. i love it....more info
  • Greatest Little Book Ever
    What an incredible book!!! I take this with me on my food shopping trips all the time. I have shown it to
    others who have gone out and bought it also. Finally a clear choice in everyday foods and an explanation
    that actually makes sense as to why I should choose one over the other. There is information in this book
    I have never seen anywhere else about government standards and how some are avoided. You can lose
    weight just by choosing one brand over another and it will blow your mind when you read what some
    companies do to their foods and in turn what it is doing to our bodies!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK!!!...more info
  • Who knew?
    I have found this book very interesting. The information in tjis book is suprising and very good to know....more info
  • Handy book
    This is a handy book to carry with you to the store. It opens a big insight to the labels and what to look for. At times, it can be a bit confusing on why they picked one item over another but most choices are obvious. I enjoy flipping through and comparing items....more info
  • Great to read
    Well, just when it was safe to go into the grocery market, this book comes out. if for no other reason but to see how two simingly indentical items can be so different in how they affect you, buy this book. ...more info
    This book uncovers the truth about food you believed to be healthy and provides info on products that are better for you. I particularly liked the chapter on fruits and vegetables. It tells you the peak season and the best way to store them. It's a great size that you can take to the supermarket too. Lots of insight and helpful tips. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • New Book Leads to New Purse
    If you need an excuse to buy a larger purse, order this book today! The wealth of information inside it makes the cost of a new purse seem very small indeed. Once I looked through a few chapters, I knew I had to buy a larger purse so I could have it with me every time I go to the grocery. And if you have kids like mine, who don't always make good food decisions, this book can be a huge help. My son learned how to read food labels in health class his freshman year of high school, but I don't see him do it very often. Since he is now driving, he has become a grocery shopper, and I can show him the good and bad choices in this book before he goes shopping. The authors are quite credible with him (much more so than his mother, to be sure), since they are male and write for Men's Health magazine. I think he buys it to look at the pretty girls hanging on well-cut young men's arms, but if it gets him eating right, who cares? My opinion? This is a book EVERYONE should own.

    Lynette Fleming, Coauthor of Lunch Buddies: Buddy Up for a Better Diet ...more info
  • Must Read on what not to Eat
    David has cornered the market in this style of diet writing. The greatest thing about all his books are that they are practical applications to every day life. His books are simply about choices whether in Grocery Stores or restaurants and they should help every be more educated on what is actually good and bad for you in food. So many foods these days that seem healthy really aren't and David points that out.

    If you haven't read any of his books or articles but are interested you won't be disappointed in this book. It may very well change your eating lifestyle in a very positive way....more info
  • Eat This Not That
    What a novel approach to steering those interested away from the worst stuff you can eat and towards the lesser of two evils alternative foods. All packaged foods are bad for you but this book shows you which ones to pick when your lifestyle dictates other than cooking fresh foods. If it can spoil buy it. Then, eat it before it does. And, the greener the better....more info
  • Eat this-Not that--Nutrition for Dummies!!
    I tried to get this on Kindle, and it is not available. That annoyed me at first, but when I received it, I understood. This is big on graphics, pick a product and there is a two page, side by side spread of different brands, with one side being "Eat This" and the other "Not That", listing the calories, fat, sodium and I believe sugars in each. Full color photos of every paclage mentioned. No more standing in the supermarket aisles trying to weigh the benefits/detriments of every item I am thinking of purchasing! The work is done! Very handy and informative. The thinking is, you'll eat better and for less calories and fat, still having whatever you want, just based on the "better" product nutritionally. Products run the gamut from soup to beer to snacks and back again. Now I want to see the first book as well!...more info


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