Men's Health Huge in a Hurry: Get Bigger, Stronger, and Leaner in Record Time with the New Science of Strength Training (Men's Health (Rodale))

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Men's Health Huge in a Hurry will add inches to your muscles and increase your strength, with noticeable results quickly, no matter how long you've been lifting. Author Chad Waterbury offers the most current neuromuscular science to debunk the fitness myths and conventional wisdom that may be wreaking havoc on your workouts and inhibiting your gains. Forget lifting moderate weights slowly for lots and lots of sets and reps. The best way to get huge in a hurry is to use heavy weights and lift them quickly for fewer repetitions. Waterbury's groundbreaking programs will enable you to:
-Add Mass and size. Gain as much as 16 pounds of muscle in 16 weeks--and add 1 full inch of upper arm circumference in half that time!
-Get! Even seasoned lifters can realize a 5 percent increase in strength in the first few weeks. And in 12 weeks, you can boost your overall strength by up to 38 percent.
-Build power and stamina. Increase your one-rep max in your core lifts by as much as 30 percent.
-Shed fat fast. Burn off up to 10 pounds of body fat, losing up to 2 pounds of fat per week.
With Men's Health Huge in a Hurry, you'll not only get bigger faster, you'll do it with less time wasted in the gym and with less post workout pain and a much lower injury risk.

Customer Reviews:

  • Valid approach, well explained.
    This book is a good balance of "whys" and "hows": Waterbury clearly explains in detail why these concepts work for those who've failed with all other methods, but he doesn't over-explain, (a device often used by fitness authors to mask their lack of practical knowledge, or unwillingness to reveal it all in one book). The bulk of the book is -what- to do: Turn the page and see your days' work, (many such pages), laid out in easily understood simplicity. A logical, well-written, concise, (yet 384 pages w/an 8" X 10" layout), book on exercise. Along with Ross Enamait's books & Mark Rippetoe's work, one of very few. ...more info
  • Good book for sure
    if you are aware of mr. berardi's tactics or atleast have read an article or two of his on t-nation, then you know how educated the guy is. This book is extremely well written, multiple color pics that look like they were taken by the photographers at Mens health mag. To beginners its a great starting guide, he makes everyone, newb through expert to do his "get ready" progam first which is 4 weeks to acclimate yourself i think. also a sample diet and multiple programs. well worth the 20 bucks. add this to precision nutrition and i bet you reach your goals in no time. ...more info
  • invaluable resource for any serious fitness enthusiast
    In this book Chad breaks down what works for the average Joe in the gym. He also goes into great detail about the science behind the principles in his book using real world examples that anyone can relate to instead of hiding behind lots of scientific jargon that most coaches use to boost their ego and internet status. There are LOTS of books on strength training that simply repeat the same ideas and principles over and over again, basically the industry is full of repeated ideas and concepts that are often dressed up and disguised to be unique to the author. With this book Chad truly breaks new ground and discusses methods seldom written or talked about yet crucial to building an athletic, muscular, lean, and sculpted body in the fastest time possible; truly groundbreaking information that will give every reader cause to re-evaluate their own programs if they are truly serious about their training. This book is very unique in that you can start reading and training with the workouts included in the very same day. Chad explains the basic premise in very simple fashion for the readers that want the buts and bolts approach so they can start right away yet there is also lots physiology related information for the true science geeks like myself that want to devote more time to the true understanding of the Huge in a Hurry system. Another unique feature of this book is the mobility and flexibility chapter. This is a widely overlooked subject in many books and Chad addresses it in detail with sample drills and a mobility program that is essential for appropriate movement and correct muscle activation, which all lead to recruiting more muscle fibers that translate into a bigger and stronger you. No stone is left unturned as nutrition, supplementation, and recovery are addressed in detail. This book is truly a steal at under $20 as coach Waterbury is world renowned and surely people have paid thousands of dollars for only a fraction of the information in this book, if you don't pick up a copy of this you are not a serious strength athlete and are wasting your time in the gym, GO GET IT!...more info
  • Amazing Detail and Easy to Read
    The bulk of the book is spent on the actual exercise plans (and there are 4 different ones), but it gives sufficient explanation behind the science of the each. And just in case you were concerned about getting huge arms and chest, while your belly becomes more flabby, the auther includes some techniques to ensure that doesn't happen. The traditional "run on the treadmill till you drop" scenario may help women get lean and fit, but it does little for men in terms of developing definition. The 4 important sections are Get Ready, Get Big, Get Strong, and Get Lean. Everyone does the Get Ready section, but you can then customize your own path to greatness by ording the rest any way you want. If you are into really high frequency workouts (twice to three times daily for 3-4 days) then he has plans for that, as well.

    I have been on the exercise plan (along with my own low-calorie, low-fat diet) for almost 2 weeks now and have noticed a huge difference. My muscles are not run down 'till failure 4-5 times a week. I only work them until they are fatigued 3 times a week and 1-2 times a week focus on isolations for trouble spots. My wife gives me that knowing smile and wink when she sees me now!!

    If you're looking to up your game for muscle definition, this is the best book and advice I've seen in a while. I particularly found the section where he describes all the different 'fads' to add muscle that people probably tried and the somewhat successful and always temporary results. I'm convinced that he has something new (actually, most of it is based on old routines from the 50s) to offer the world of men's fitness.

    If you want more information, post here and I will try my best to answer with amended posts. Otherwise, why not just spend the $[...] bucks and see for yourself!...more info
  • huge in a hurry
    This is a well written fitness book. i've read several menshealth books i think this is one of the best by far. Waterbury workouts work if you do them the way he has the laid out. If you want somthing that will help you get results i think you should check this book out. yes its that good, and i'm not being paid to write this.
    Ravi ...more info
  • Huge in a Hurry
    Looks really good. Both my trainer and I are working the program together. Clear, concise, very specific re exercises and diet....more info
  • Body building promises delivered
    I've been following Chad's training methods for a long time now and can honestly say that he's never let me down when it comes to training, diet/nutrition, and supplements. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and see if he would continue to provide the same, or better, programs and methodologies that he's used in the past. Well, I wasn't disappointed in the least.

    First, over the late fall and winter I went through a series of programs to trim down and shed some extra body fat. I was able to use his Get Lean program as a perfect follow up to what I'd been doing and noticed that my body had gone from a plateau stage to changing again. All changes after a short time were noticeable by my friends and family. Furthermore, I play a lot of basketball and my endurance and stamina went through the roof!

    I've changed focus now and am currently following the Get Big program with great results thus far. I'm currently on week 2 of Phase 2 (or week 7 from the beginning) and I love it. The workouts are concise, well-written and illustrated, and I don't have to drag myself out of the weight room when I'm all done. I leave feeling pumped and energized, not physically drained from overdoing it.

    When I've had questions for Chad, he's very responsive and does a good job helping me understand the how's and why's of his methods. I have recommended this book to several friends and they're all very happy with it and find his programs "refreshing" as they're different than most of the programs they've been following.

    Thanks again, Chad. Keep it up!
    ...more info


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