Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (Introducing Statistical Methods)

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Andy Field’s self-deprecating, vivacious but yet easy to understand writing style has won him many plaudits, and now an award from the British Psychological Society (2007), for his irreplaceable Discovering Statistics Using SPSS. The Third Edition is now even more accessible to the introductory student at the very beginning of their statistical journey. The textbook now uniquely walks students from very basic to advanced level concepts, all the while grounding knowledge though the use of SPSS.

Accompanied by an improved Companion Web site at including animated “SPSS walk-throughs” of tests discussed in the textbook; assessment materials and datasets pertinent to lecturers/instructors in Business & Management and Health Sciences; and a suite of other materials for lecturers/instructors and students as per the 2nd Edition. The original CD-Rom materials are now found on this Web site as well.

Customer Reviews:

  • "An essential book of statistics"
    Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for Windows uncovers simultaneously the functional foundations of basic statistic and how to work with SPSS statistical software. In addition, Andy Field transformed complex concepts into palatable words.Therefore, if you do not have much time and need to learn statistics in a short period, this is the best book avalailable....more info
  • excellent but not flawless,
    this 2nd edition is a major improvement of the authors first effort. it is well written, sprinkled with humor, and fairly comprehensive. it would have been nice if some items such as ROC curves and interrupted time series analysis had been included, but otherwise a very worthy effort indeed. my bias would have been to be a bit more comprehensive and to have lost the equations to save on space. considering that most other stats books are completely besotted with equations and statistical jargon that makes them unreadable, this does deserve 5 stars. in general, most statisticians who write books forget who their audience is .. they are not writing for each other .. they are writing for people in the real world who don't care about the equations .. they need to identify meaningful associations and results. In any case, this book works and i highly recommend it to anyone who is starting to use SPSS. although before they tackle this, i would strongly urge any novice to statistics to take a look at "PDQ Statistics" by Norman and Strier. that book is just spectacular .. short, funny, and unbelievably informative, especially for anyone working in the life sciences....more info
  • Grad Student Must
    I'm a PhD student in the process of analyzing survey data. This book has been the most helpful that I have found for detailing the numerous tests and variations of each test that SPSS has to offer, especially for someone who is statistics illiterate. I would recommend getting a copy of SPSS for windows Step by Step 11.0 Update by Darren George and Paul Mallery, it makes a good companion to this book....more info
  • This book saved my (academic) hide
    I've returned to school for work on a doctorate - after being out of academia for over 15 years. Of course (Murphy's Law) my first course is on statistics and using SPSS - a software package for the PC to do your homework on.

    The bookstore was only recommending the SPSS software part - and not a "fundamentals" book like this. You can have all the software in the world, but if you don't know how to use it, it's a waste of time.

    Dr Field - thank you for such an excellent book. It's saving my hide; I'd be lost without it....more info
  • This book saved my life
    I have taken statistics as an undergrad and as an MBA student. I am good at math, not the stereotypical math phobic female. But I always have had problems connecting the statistics with what to do, when to do it and what the results were telling me. Well, here I am again as a graduate student working on a Masters degree in Sociology. I am working on my thesis and this book pulled everything together. It matched up SPSS and statistics so that you know what to do, why to do it, how to make SPSS do what you want, and how to interpret the results. I cannot recommend this book enough. It is very clear, very cogent, in English as opposed to stero instructions, and charming as well. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Speedy service
    It was delievered as fast as possible and as new as it described....more info
  • Better than any graduate level statistics course I have taken
    I am a 4th year PhD student and wish I had discovered this book earlier. It is far better than any of the graduate level statistics course I have taken, and definitely better than any of the textbooks I have seen. In fact, I have thrown out all my other statistics textbooks - this is the only one I need. Aside from explaining the theory in an easy to understand way, Andy Field provides the practical aspect that no other texts or courses do (or, if they do, they fail to link it to the theory). Field shows you how to use SPSS to implement the theory in an easy, step by step way; he even tells you how to report the results in APA format. Don't waste your money on any other statistics textbooks!...more info
  • Statistics is cool! after reading this book
    I have spend lots of bucks in finding a appropriate book that explains the basics of statistics. Majority of the books claims that they provide the basics but they often use jargons, and contains lack of simple explanation, usage of proper technique and interpretation. But this is not the case with this book. This book starts with explaining the fundamentals in very plain and easy to understand language. I got a feeling that statistics is not at all tough and is fun provided if we have good explanation as in this book. This book provides you with teh basics, choosing correct stat and interpreting and the bonus part is it demonstrates how to carry out stat in spss. Very easy to understand and I wish i could have this book before i spend lots of bucks. I thank you to the writer for providing such an excellent book....more info
  • Stats Made Easy
    Clear and concise for the non-mathematically oriented among us. The SPSS screen shots also helped. Thanks Andy....more info
  • Superb textbook made even better
    I have looked at a number of alternatives and completely agree with an earlier reviewer: this is the best book on the subject. I relied on the second edition of this book to complete my doctoral dissertation. This wonderful book not only saved me thousands of dollars in statistical consultant's fees, but it also taught me a great deal about statistical analysis using SPSS. Even with my degree now completed, I am glad I invested in the 3rd edition of Field's textbook. The new edition's full-color pages, numerous updates and additions make learning statistics an activity one can enjoy....more info
  • Good Book , Bad Ink
    I find this boook to be extremely helpful. It explains the psychology statistics in a very easy to understand conversational manner. Each SPSS test is described in thourough detail with full color examples and each output box is thouroughly explained. The only thing that prevented me from giving this a perfect 5 is that the ink seems to have never completley dried. Since I handle this book a lot I am finding that the text can smudge very easily.I have to treat it with extra care or the words could easily become incomprehensible. Overall 4 and 1/2 stars. ...more info
  • Stats in ENglish
    This book is a must for any graduate student in the behavioral sciences. Field talks about Stats in English...What a concept. Additionally, the examples he has in the book are appropriately challenging (not like the really simple examples in other books that leave you guessing when a real world question is asked). This has to be my favorite book and I have purchase a good number of Statistic books.

    This book also has a new feature beyond the 1st edition. He shows you how to WRITE about statistics. I wish I had this book when I was working on my thesis... Again, Must have....more info
  • Stats and Andy Field
    Andy's book is an excellent aid in learning statistics. If you want the executive summary (aka cliff notes), Andy provides sections where you can get a quick overview of a specific test. If you want the details, Andy provides those also in his book.

    I used his book to help me in my doctoral quest, when I was in my second statistics class as a supplemental text. However, it is of a quality that any person seeking to learn more about stats will come away with knowledge of how stats can help us know more about the world in which we live....more info
  • "SPSS Survival Manual" VS "Discovering Statistics using SPSS for Windows"
    Can I give 3.14 stars? LOL

    I will have to say this one, "SPSS Survival Manual" is the winner.

    I've owned this book and a few others on SPSS and or multivariate data analysis for several years. However, a friend of mine recently called me and asked me how to do a few less ordinary things in SPSS. After spending some time on the phone with him I decided to look back at these books and suggest/give one to my friend.

    I think the "SPSS Survival Manual" by Julie Pallant is somewhat of an easier read for the graduate student or market researcher who wants to quickly look up a certain how-to topic for SPSS.

    "Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for Windows" by Andy Field, on the other hand goes into more detail on the statistics behind the techniques in SPSS. This one reads a little more like a text book though and can be a bit dry/technical unless this is your thing.

    I tested the two by seeing which would do a better job of explaining how to conduct a Factor Analysis (PCA) in SPSS. "Discovering Statistics..." by Andy Field would have lost my friend right away, and by page three or four is listing formulas and quadrant plots. "SPSS Survival Manual" by Pallant on the other hand got into the `how to' part rather quickly with clear to follow examples.

    If you're like my friend/more into getting it done quickly and correctly without getting bogged down with the academic detail, then definitely purchase the "SPSS Survival Manual".

    If on the other hand you're not scared of a little extra math/statistics and have the extra time, you may want to think about "Discovering Statistics".

    However, for the hard core multivariate analytics people, neither of these books will due. I would suggest something like "Multivariate Data Analysis" by Hair, Anderson, Tatham, & Black. This goes a few steps beyond Andy Fields Book.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Tom Anderson
    Anderson Analytics, LLC
    ...more info
  • Fun & Stats DO Mix - Unbelievable!
    I've taken a bazillion seminars / classes in stats/spss and never have I laughed out loud like this author inspires the reader to do. I'm having a ball reading and understanding this book - now I understand why my faculty mentor loves Andy Field as a writer/teacher. This is a MUST text on your shelf....more info
  • Finally, statistics and fun can be used in a single sentence
    I use statistics for a living (I'm an empirical researcher). I've had my Ph.D. for several years now and own all of the usual stuff like the Hair book, the array of SPSS manuals, and the Tabachnik and Fidell book. Of all the books and books I've used,read, and owned this is the singly most user friendly book on the topic. If you use SPSS in your work, I promise that this will be the best forty dollars you can spend. I wish more stats books were written in this tone. The book is actually fun to read, which is the highest compliment that a stats book can get. It is also very accurate. The single downside of this book is that it lacks references to research on which its recommendations are based. This book might be too weak for statisticians but it is just perfect for those who use statistical methods, especially SPSS. Very highly recommended. ...more info
  • Fabulous Book on Statistics!
    Andy Field rocks! He has done the seemingly impossible: written a thorough, logical book on statistics that is not only understandable but entertaining. I'm a PhD student and this is one of the best books on my book shelf - I use it constantly. And - I crack up every time I think about 'Mahlanobis thinking of his distances' and 'Kolmogorov wishing he had a Smirnov'.....

    If only more scientific and technical writers could write and teach like Andy Field!!!...more info
  • Discovering Statistics using SPSS for Windows
    The advent of statistical software for the personal computer in the 1980s can be argued to be both a great advancement as well as a critical liability for the field of research. Statistical software has certainly made difficult analytical tasks easier to accomplish, enabling more people to benefit from the use of quantitative techniques. The ever-increasing speed of the personal computer allows researchers to conduct complex analysis in minutes that would have taken days to complete manually. However, with this increased speed and usability comes pitfalls. The ease and speed of statistical software has encouraged some researchers to take a shotgun approach to analysis by running large numbers of analyses instead of strategically selecting analyses guided by theory. Statistical packages also make it possible to run complex procedures that may be misapplied or misinterpreted by researchers without a solid understanding of statistical principles.

    No book can stop unscrupulous researchers from supporting their hypotheses by cherry picking favorable results from hundreds of analyses conducted. Well-intentioned students and researchers, however, can turn to Andy Field's book Discovering Statistics using SPSS for Windows for the statistical background and guidance needed to appropriately select, execute, and interpret results.

    Field's book bridges the gap between introductory/intermediate statistical textbook and software manual. This engaging, easy to read book leads the reader through:
    , Introduction to statistical models
    , Exploring data
    , Correlations
    , Regression
    , Logistic regression
    , Comparing means
    , ANOVA
    , Complex ANOVA
    , Repeated measures design
    , MANOVA
    , Exploratory factor analysis.
    Each topic of the book begins with an overview of the applicable statistical theory. The theory is presented in non-technical language and references numerous sources for readers wanting a more in-depth review. When background material does become technical, these sections are specially labeled to alert non-technical readers. Field focuses particularly on the statistical assumptions of each statistical technique and how to use SPSS to test for them.

    Following the review of statistical theory, each topic includes one or more exercises. Readers are guided step by step through each analysis from dummy coding data, through entering in the necessary SPSS commands, to interpreting SPSS output. An accompanying CD furnishes the data sets used in each exercise, allowing readers to work though each exercise and check results against the book. Through these exercises, Field shows how results can be misinterpreted without a thorough investigation of the data. Great pains are taken throughout the exercises to demonstrate the perils of blindly trusting SPSS output without understanding the theory and underlying statistical assumptions.

    From this review, it is obvious that I greatly enjoyed reading the book. I assume that this book is intended primarily for students and practitioners without an extensive background in statistics. However, I found this book to be beneficial in reviewing concepts studied in graduate school more than ten years ago. Field accomplishes the difficult task of simplifying complex topics into everyday language without talking down to his readers. This book is perfectly suited for the non-statistical expert looking for guidance with running analyses with SPSS....more info

  • Easy Read and Comprehensive too
    In my job, I often train others how to use SPSS. This book comes up in conversation a lot. It is outstanding. I have come to the conclusion that if a serious user of SPSS's statistical features is to get only one reference; this is it. Something I have noticed is that when I meet someone that has spent time with the book, the are invariably quite good at SPSS. Even if they may not have mastered all the techniques in this large book, they know their stuff.

    The Pallant book SPSS Survival Manual, which I have also reviewed, is designed to help survive a first course (and presumably last) in basic statistics. The Field book, however, could be revisited again and again, each time reaching a deeper understanding.

    I already know the statistics in this book well, so I can't claim that this book has taught me the basics, but it simultaneously covers all the major topics of interest while keeping it as simple as possible. I wish it had existed earlier in my career. The main advantage to users of SPSS is that all of the examples are SPSS examples. However, make no mistake, this is a serious introduction to statistics, not merely a point and click guide. It is not current with version 15.0, but I don't think this is a major strike against it, given the excellent review of theory. If, however, you really need to keep up on the current features like I do, you will want to consider books in addition this one. Consider one or more of the three Norusis books depending on your level and needs....more info
  • Fantastic book!
    I could not have lived through my dissertation without this book. It finally helped me to conceptually understand statistics.

    Also,(many of) his jokes are belly-busting funny. I used one humorous musing in my oral defense about Fisher's alpha levels:"I wonder how different my career would be if Fisher had woken up that day in 90% type of mood." ...more info
  • So Fast
    I was very impressed how fast my book arived. I wish they all would have showed up that fast. Thank you....more info
  • Immensely helpful, surprisingly entertaining
    Whoever thought a stats book could be both useful and fun? This book manages to be both. It came highly endorsed by an instructor I trusted but from a fairly serious-minded context. Imagine my surprise at the subtitle ("sex, drugs and rock n roll"). Stats is a necessary evil, given my research position, and does not comes easily to me. People often say to me "but you have a Ph.D." I do, but it's in Anthropology, a field in which you are tacitly taught to distrust numbers and technology. So, having to know stats and use SPSS seemed like torture until I was led to this book. Now I at least have an understandable and friendly guide on my shelf to counteract the dour textbooks I have collected over the years on quantitative methods. ...more info
  • Statistics makes sense with Field's Book
    Andy Field gives simple explanations and humorous examples to make the confusing world of statistics more understandable. Highly recommended for anyone who is required to take statistics....more info
  • Must have book
    This easy to read must have book is highly recommended by statisticians and profs at universities across Canada. A must have for anyone using SPSS- especially those starting out in Stats and/or SPSS. Lots of examples and easy to follow. Well written and well worth purchasing. ...more info
  • Outstanding Source for SPSS
    This is one of the best statistics and SPSS guidebooks that I have seen. I believe that it can be very useful for novice to expert. It is both technical and conceptual and can function as a textbook for statistics as well as an operational handbook for navigating through SPSS. Although it is based on SPSS 13.0, I have found it to be quite applicable to the SPSS version 15.0 that I am using. This book is an invaluable source for the completion of my doctoral dissertation and I would highly recommend it for the student or advanced statistician! B. Cliff, PhD Candidate, Western Michigan University...more info
  • Andy Field is brilliant!
    This is the best stats book ever. Andy Field makes all of the important concepts understandable to even the most stats phobic among us....more info
  • great book
    This is an excellent book with a lot of humor, which makes reading statistics an enjoyment.Gives a lot of info for working on SPSS....more info
  • Bless you, Andy Field!
    This should be the first book you buy if you need help with stats and SPSS. When I first began doing empirical research I knew almost nothing about statistics or SPSS, and had to learn virtually everything I needed to know about complex multivariate tests on my own. I had suffered through many of the relevant, canonical books before I happened upon Field. It was a V-8 moment. Not only does the book explain everything in engaging, easy to understand, often hilarious terms (a favorite example is the caption of the photo of statistician Bonferroni: "Carlo Bonferroni before the celebrity of his correction lead to drink, drugs and statistics groupies"), but again and again it answered questions I had that other sources didn't address in a practical way. One example out of many is how to calculate and interpret effect sizes, which SPSS doesn't calculate for all multivariate tests, or calculates using a measure that has been widely criticized. Field describes the rationale behind several measures of effect size as well as formulas for calculating them, including clear indicators of where to find the data in SPSS output.

    Other reviewers have commented that this book is light on theory. I don't know enough about statistical theory to know if this is a valid criticism. But, I do think the book provides ample and detailed "whys" behind the "hows" that I haven't found elsewhere and that were necessary to help me justify the tests I run and how I interpret them. The level of detail and abstraction, in my opinion, is completely appropriate for most researchers and students. ...more info
  • What about the software?
    I spent US$ 60.00 in purchasing this book, only to find out that, in order to be able to read it, I had to buy US$ 1,500.00 worth of software. I just threw my sixty dollars to the waste basket. Yo should prevent and alert the buyer!!!

    Julio Escobar Feltrin...more info
  • Nice handbook for the statistics
    It's best statistic handbook I ever bought. 1. It is writen in good structure; 2. The concept is explained clearly; 3. it is practical. Reader can follow the instruction step by step. 4. the author is really nice guy! You can download his teaching ppt online for free; and you can donate some money to a charity fund if you think materials are useful.

    In a word, it is a book deserving to have. You are supportting an author who try to teach statistics in an easier way. ...more info


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