Juice Fasting and Detoxification: Use the Healing Power of Fresh Juice to Feel Young and Look Great : The Fastest Way to Restore Your Health

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This book explains how to fast using raw fruit & vegetable juices while maintaining a nearly normal work and living schedule. Includes: Juice recipes, detoxification techniques, exercises, weight loss, water fasting; about the organs of elimination; how to handle a "healing event," and how to exit a fast safely.

Customer Reviews:

  • A must-read for juice fasters
    This book was a great intro in to juice fasting. It was very informative and easy to read. The author has a real passion for juice fasting....more info
  • Juice Fasting
    Never thought of juice fasting before. Always thought water fasting was the only way to go. Juice fasting isn't "technically" fasting but is much easier than water fasting and much better than not fasting at all. So all in all, it is a good way to go. GREAT BOOK to get you started on the fasting track. After reading this book, I now juice fast one day a week, and I feel a whole lot healthier. ...more info
  • Reader, alternative practitioner
    I've been very interested in and have personally conducted fasts on my own for the past 25 years. I am currently an alternative health practitioner and have helped people work through many health issues using fasting. For these reasons, I buy every book I can find on the subject.

    Juice fasting, has been my favorite type of fasting so I was particularly interested in this book prior to receiving. Unfortunately, I wasn't as enthusiastic after reading it.

    I found this book in congruent, disjointed and incomplete. It had a lot of anecdotal and miscellaneous information that might be interesting for trivial knowledge about the subject but not congruent enough to be useful when conducting a proper fast.

    If you want to read a book on juice fasting that's complete, to the point and relevant, I've never read anything better than the old standard by Paavo Airola "How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young With Juice Fasting". It's amazing how ahead of his time Airola was, after all these years, it still the best book on the subject.
    ...more info
  • Some good information, the rest is garbage
    I bought this book to better help me in managing my Crohn's disease during flare-ups. I pretty much bought the book based on the title and thought it would be helpful.

    The author right off the bat says that if you are going to fast, you REALLY need to fast without ANY intake of food except water, but if you are going to juice fast, this is how you do it. He concentrated more on fasting than juice fasting, which seems to make this book title mis-leading.

    He also goes as far as saying that self-purging (finger down the throat) may be required to purge the body of inpurities. Whoa, time out, that is a bit extreme.

    I cannot give the book just one star, because there was some good information in there about fasting symptoms and other general tid-bits, but since this author has absolutely no credentials, I would seriously question anything he suggests to do....more info
  • The Real Deal
    It can get a wee bit hippy dippy at times, but this just adds a bit of local color. The book stays true to its meaning - chock full of facts for every type of situation and scenario. Easily to read and to "digest"....more info
  • Good book to know and start with
    The books is a nutshell to know why is detoxification important for us. The author has given different types of fasting methods to help us in detoxify our body. ...more info
    I love this book! I reference it often for a quick reminder every now and then. It's written beautifully and succinctly. He avoids the jargon, and keeps it a simple to use, yet highly informative resource. It's one of those books, that once you start reading, you find it hard to put down. He communicates even the most scientific information in a matter-of-fact way, that keeps it practical. I found his writing style entertaining, and it's still one of my favorite health books to date. He demystifies the whole subject of detoxification, and makes it easy to practice without much ado.

    A great book.

    ...more info
  • Easy to read and concise how to for fasting.........
    This is an easy to read book on how to fast for your health: mind, body, and spirit. The author does not try to convience you that this is the ultimate in health but educates you on the benefits of fasting, why it should be practiced, and how to go about it.

    The book touches on the different types of fasting, the duration of fasting, how to start, and importantly how to come off of a fast.

    There are several different kinds of fasting but what suprised me was the benefits of fasting during short periods of time: 24 to 36 hours. I had several misconceptions of fasting: that it was a long period of complete deprevation, I was wrong. The book outlines the benefits of short term and long term fasting and the effects of detoxifying the body with fasting.

    Other topics discussed is fasting for weightloss and the nutritional balance of certain juices during fasting.

    If you are new to the fasting concept and practice this is a great book to start....more info

  • Informative!
    This book was very easy to read and quite informative. It gave you reasons WHY things are bad for you instead of just saying they are bad. This book is a great motivator! I tried it myself for 2.5 days and I did lose weight. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to detox their body and lose weight!...more info
  • Very good!
    This book was very informative, very easy to read. I will go back and reference this book in the future....more info
  • Good juicing info but kooky religious stuff in it
    I'm returning this book - it has good juicing information in it, but it appears to have some kooky cult stuff too. Beginning of book is an unreferenced quote from Jesus, Essense Gospel of Peace - not from the bible. Then a chart of a yoga like guy with "nice sounding" but potentially dangerous prayers circling him - as a Christian, I don't want to invite angels into my body parts, that doesn't line up with God's word. Maybe I'm "throwing the baby out with the bath water" but I don't want it in my house....more info
  • juice fasting & detoxification
    I found this book fasinating and above all common sense if we want great health.Every easy to read and understand and I shall certainly be following the advise from it....more info
  • juicing
    Great book, but I didn't find out until I finished the book that diabetics should not fast so I can't try it....more info
  • Interesting and helpful!
    A friend recommended JUICE FASTING & DETOXIFICATION by Steve Meyerowitz . . . and though the title might not ordinarily interest me, I figured that with that with Yom Kippur upon us (and me celebrating ALL holidays), what would be so bad about a fast? Besides, I have gained a few pounds over the past few months.

    So that said, I delved into JUICE FASTING with great enthusiasm; i.e., until I got up to page 27 . . . then I came across the following almost stopped reading:

    Speaking of activity, sexual activity should be avoided while fasting and until full strength is recovered. Sex redirects the amount of available energy to the sexual organs for stimulation. This is a setback to the fasting process and a stress on your whole system since the sexual organs are dormant and would need to be revitalized.

    Fortunately, Meyerowitz goes on to say that the above recommendation applies to water fasting . . . and he typically doesn't recommend that; rather, he urges people to be into juice fasting.

    Also, I learned that such fasting can have many other benefits, including detoxification, healing, spiritual, help to break addictions, political/social, and dental work.

    In addition, fasting helps a wide variety of conditions, such as allergies, asthma, hay fever, hives, migraines, obesity, insomnia, high and low blood pressure, acne, rheumatism, ulcers, liver problems, gall stones, constipation, and diarrhea.

    I also learned several other things from reading JUICE FASTING; among them:

    Nothing is more nutritious than juice. Imagine eating a meal of spinach, parsley, sprouts, tomatoes, lemon, celery, radishes, green pepper, and cucumber. Ordinarily, considering the normal state of our digestive systems, we would be lucky to digest 70 percent of it. But once you
    extract the liquid portion of these vital foods, you can assimilate and absorb up to 99 percent of the food value even if you have weak digestion. In fact, the beauty of it is that it barely takes any digestive energy at all, which is why it is so suitable for fasting. This condensing of pounds of valuable foods into a single glass while simultaneously maximizing assimilation is what makes drinking juices special. Take carrots for example. It takes a pound of carrots to make a 10 ? ounce drink of carrot juice . . . mmm, delicious. But could you consume that many carrots? Absolutely not! Yet all the enzymes, water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in those carrots are extracted (assuming it is a quality juicing machine) and condensed into the glass
    of juice.

    Don't get too excited about guzzling down delicious fruit juices unless you plan to make them yourself. Bottled juices must be pasteurized in order to have a shelf life. Of what significance is that? Pasteurized juices are boiled to sanitize these foods against bacteria and disease
    organisms. Unfortunately, enzymes and may vitamins are destroyed along with it. Your only source of nourishment is these juices and you cannot afford to drink enzyme-less and vitamin poor liquids. Do not be fooled by the delicious taste and interesting assortment of flavors.
    Though they taste good, they are basically dead foods. There is no live nutrition left-only sugar, flavor and water. Even the taste and color is no match against the fresh squeezed version. Which do you prefer-fresh squeezed orange juice or the store bought kind? If you like your orange juice fresh, you will really be amazed at the difference between fresh squeezed and bottled apple juice. Fresh apple juice is white-just like the color of the apple when you bite into it. Bottled apple juice is brown because vitamins have been oxidized upon contact with the air. Just exposing live nutrients to air and light is enough to destroy some of these fragile friends. Run your apples
    through your juicer machine and taste the difference. Manufacturers can get away with it because the terms have been used loosely for a long time and the regulatory agencies have not laid down strict definitions for them.

    Frozen juice is not as preferable as fresh, nevertheless it is another alternative. The process of freezing and thawing destroys some fragile vitamins, enzymes, and cell factors. However, everything is relative. It is not nearly as destructive as pasteurization, canning or irradiating. Frozen juice still tastes good and it is better than buying bottled juices at the store. It is one level removed from being totally fresh and alive. However, if that juice is your whole dinner,
    such as on a fast, you must have the best. Fasters count on getting every vitamin. Freeze only if you have more juice than you drink, or if circumstances deem it the best alternative.

    Myerowitz concludes with a useful chapter on buying a juicer and though I'm not quite ready for that, it is something that I'll definitely consider for the future!
    ...more info
  • Questionable philosophy - but good content...
    I'm not sold on the detox angle, however, the content was interesting and enjoyable to read.

    MJL...more info
  • Awesome Resource for Support!
    This is tne most informative, well put together publication on Juice Fasting I've yet to see. It was a tremendous help to me on my most recent fast which lasted 12 days! I would recommend this thumbs up for anyone considering either a long term or a short term juice fast. Filled with all sorts of useful information on various situations one comes across while fasting. I've even stocked a bunch in my reception room (colon hydrotherapist) to sell to my clients!! One can sense the author has experienced first-hand all that he shares. Easy to read and understand. What are you waiting for? Order it now; you won't regret it!...more info
  • What a wonderful Guide!
    Being the author of two books on cleansing and rejuvenating the body, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, and Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, I can only praise Steve's precious work and recommend it to anyone interest in improving his health. These types of books are what the population now needs to overcome the current impasse that stifles our health care system and makes this a very sick country. Taking responsibilty for our own health is the only real way out of the current crisis that afflicts so many. Reading this book is an eye-opener and will serve you well on your path to good and lasting health.
    ...more info
  • The FAST Track to Healthy Living
    Poisons sting twice: once on the way in and again on the way out.

    Expect to experience the toxins leaving your body in the form of headaches, light-headedness and fever.

    A one-day fast hardly interrupts your schedule, but it give's the body's organs a moment of peace in a hectic world to remove toxins and NOT be busy with the work of digestion. A one-day-per-week fast gives your body 50 days out of the year to cleanse and heal.

    Meyerowitz believes that fasting is the fastest way to restore your health. He goes into detail on short fasting and what it takes to safely experience long fasts of more than two weeks. Give your cells and yourselves the opportunity to cleanse, nourish, rejuvenate and heal.

    (1) Increase Energy and Improve Mental Alertness (2) Heal Chronic Ailments without Drugs (3) Lose Weight without the Hassle of Diets (4) Maintain Stamina without Hunger (5) Fast at Home or at Work --- Perfect for a Busy Lifestyle (6) Make Quick and Delicious Juice Recipes

    How Long to Fast According to Meyerowitz, the duration of a fast depends on:

    (1) Fasting Experience (2) Physical Strength and Condition (3) Nature of ailment if Any (4) Previous diet (5) Mental Attitude (6)Level of Toxicity (7) Schedule of Work and Activities (7)Environment and Weather (8) Age

    Chemically speaking, a long fast is divided into three stages, which Meyerowitz describes in some detail. The first few days is primarily devoted to body reorientation, as your system starts to change the pH of your stomach. During the second phase, the liver starts to purge itself of its chemical and toxic load. The third phase involves deep tissue cleansing.

    Drinking only water is what most people think of when fasting is mentioned. Rest and inactivity is very important during a long water fast. Choose clean fresh air in a relaxing environment for this kind of fast. There are good suggestions and guidelines in this chapter for both water and juice fasting.

    Juice Fasting is an ideal way for first timers to start. The juice supplies nutrients and calories and thus protects you if you must continue to work during the fast. This chapter contains valuable information on the various fruit and vegetable juices, including Weatgrass --- The Queen of Juices.

    Remember your water must be pure! Whether filtered water that contains all the minerals or distilled water that many describe as dead water ---- do not drink water from your tap without removing the chemicals from it.

    Coming off the Fast According to our author, fasting is easy --- but the transition back to eating is what is hard. He has suggestions for your transition from a long fast and which foods are good to start eating first. Knowing when to stop is discussed as is the phases in the road back. Break fasts with soft, high water content foods like juicy fruits, light soups, etc. Watermelon is a good choice.

    This is the second book that I purchased by Steve Meyerowitz. I was so impressed with "Power Juices Super Drinks", that I had to order "Juice Fasting & Detoxification". At 137 pages, this is not a very big book. But I highly recommend it if you are considering fasting as a part of your lifestyle. Each page is full of valuable information. It is a reference guide.

    Steve Meyerowitz Background In the mid-1970's. Steve Meyerowitz was nicknamed "Sproutman" ...He found no help for his allergies and asthma via traditional methods and turned to a vegetarian and fruitarian diet. He lives in the city yet grows much of his own food....more info

  • The Particulars of Fasting
    This book is both informative, and an easy, pleasant read. In sharp contrast to several other books I've read, Meyerowitz doesn't force feed raw food diets or fasting down your throat with threats of disease and disaster. His approach is simple, direct and well-organized. The book begins with a discussion of what fasting is and why it can be beneficial and continues on to descriptions of how to begin, how long to continue and how to come off a fast. Other important sections include a systematic description of how the body detoxifies, what to expect as this occurs and what can be done to help the body during the cleansing process. All in all I found this to be a well-balanced and informative book that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is new to the concept of water or juice fasting....more info
  • Full of Great Info and Easy to Read
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but I can't imagine why anyone would give this book a two star review and say that it does not contain enough information. This book is full of information. I have just finished reading this book, as well as the author's wheatgrass book (which I would also strongly recommend), and the amount of specific information that he packs into such a slim book is impressive. I can't think of a single question which was not answered for me somewhere in the book. Any concerns or questions you might have about this controversial subject are answered with real facts, not hype or new age mumbo jumbo. The author's writing style is also very easy to read. I have not tried a juice fast yet, but after reading this book I am getting ready to, and I know I'll be coming back to the book for consultation as I go....more info
  • Interesting book..
    if you are interesting in juice fasting this is a good book, I like that it is realistic, it suggests juice fasting is safter and not as hard on the body as a pure water fast would be. a very wide range of information, below is a list of the chapters.
    but each chapter contain alot of varied info.
    1) introduction
    2)how to begin
    3) how long to fast
    4) water fasting
    5) juice fasting
    6) types of juices
    7) liquiariansm
    8) healing
    9) methods of detoxification
    10) losing weight
    11) pyshocoligal effects of fasting
    12) coming off the fast
    13) spiritual fasting
    14) review
    15) how to buy a juicer
    16) resources.

    it is a like a manual for fasting, it says what to espect, how to prepare and come off a fast,it also mentions enemas, fruits and veges which are for certain things such as digestion or headaches. very good book, i read it in a week, now i'm going to read it again. it has inspired me to buy a juicer. in the meantime though iam liquidising my breakfast with my blender, which if you have one i suggest you try (very yummy and sweet)
    1 apple, 1 banana, 1 cup milk, mix, and drink, filling and healthy! i had to mention that because its so yummy...more info
  • Juice Fasting
    Wasn't happy with this book, not at all what I was hopeing for, to much reading not enough receipes, sent this book back ...more info
  • Great intro into fasting
    This book really has some good info for people that are looking for the next step in juicing, fasting. Talks about the differences in REAL fasting and juice fasting, which the author feels a juice fast is really not a fast at all but a liquid diet. Fasting according to the author is consuming only water for a period of time. Still a good book for beginners....more info
  • Not a Receipe Book
    This is an excellent resource on WHY fasting can be beneficial and how to best accomplish it - different types of fasing, the benefits and potential problems with each, and how to accomplish the fast. If, however, you're looking for a book with specific receipies to follow while on a juice fast, the book is light....more info
  • BIZARRE book!
    Ok, in the beginning of the book there's some picture of a idol looking guy with cartoon angles flying around him - each with a word on it - one saying "Heavenly Father" on top. FREAKY! Next, there's a quote from Jesus from "Essene Gospel Of Peace"? Waaay too cultish or off-shoot religion sounding to me (one of the chapters is titled Spiritual Fasting).

    And the guy who wrote the book calls himself "Sproutman". I haven't found a shred of proof to back up any of his claims nor any studies or detailed explanations. Let me quote the book on page 18: "Basically, there are two lengths of fasts, short and long". Doesn't seem to be much detail to the book.

    Next, the whole section about how colonics and enimas can be FUN. No... I'm not kidding! The whole section "Try it, You'll Like It!" isn't enough to convince me but, even better, there's even a section on "Exotic Enimas". Plus, there's a lot of research out there that says it's not good for you. Even Stanley Burroughs agrees in his book "The Master Cleanser" and says if you want to clean yourself out, drink water with ocean salt instead.

    The only thing I saw redeeming in this weird book with angels all over it was a section in the back called "HOW TO BUY A JUICER" that's 9 pages long. Sorry to say... wouldn't recommend it....more info

  • One of the most complete guides to fasting I've ever used
    Anyone new to fasting should check out this book. It walked me step by step through my first fast, so there were no 'surpises.' I was able to achieve a safe and very beneficial fast and I attribute that to this wonderful guide....more info
  • Great book to start with!
    This book gives you all the information you need for begining juice fasting and fasting. How much more do you need? What kind of "advanced technique" is there to not eating. It doesn't give detailed physyological information, but it isn't a medical book. It explains everyhting in a way that makes it easy to understand what you're doing, what is happening to your body, and how it helps....more info
  • Good information.
    The book contained exactly the info I was looking for, it was very informative. And it was delivered in a very good condition, as promised and in a very timely manner, thank you. ...more info


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