The Secret Universal Mind Meditation II

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* Increase your attracting force
* Dissolve limiting beliefs
* Breakthrough to a new level of being

This program takes you deeper into the magic and mystery of the Universal Mind. All the love, abundance and joy you want already exists within you, the secret is in discovering it. Through repeated nightly listening you will move into alignment with Infinite Intelligence. As you attune to the Universal Mind, and surrender personal will to Divine Will, what you need and want comes to you. Manifesting then becomes easy and fun. Many have already discovered this for themselves. Now you can too.

With this program you'll overcome limiting, outmoded beliefs that have hindered your ability to create the life you ve always wanted. While theta and delta waves gently lull you to sleep, The Secret Meditation II re-programs your mind with ideas that unleash your power to create a flourishing life that fulfills you on every level.

How is The Secret Meditation II different?
The same powerful messages are delivered in the second person to reprogram your subconscious mind from another essential perspective. This incarnation of the Secret Meditation goes even deeper into the re-programming process because it s important to hear the truth about who you really are-- spoken to You.

All the messages are audible and there are no subliminal messages. If you alternate between both versions you ll be astonished by the impact they ll have on your life.

Through nightly listening, your subconscious will accept the knowledge it receives as true. When this happens, what you need and desire comes to you. And there s nothing you need to do except relax and listen. If you fall asleep while listening, that's even better; the messages are still absorbed into your subconscious.

As negative beliefs are replaced with self-empowering truths about your self, you ll start attracting people, ideas and opportunities that support you in making your dreams a reality.

The Secret Universal Mind Meditation II is adapted from the work of U. S. Anderson the original meditations can be found in his book, Three Magic Words.

Customer Reviews:

  • I use this Cd on a daily basis, it has put peace of Mind back into My Life
    I want to agree with Everyone that has given this a 5 Star rating!! It's hard to come up with a different way of putting this Cd into words, so I'll just have to say...I consider this Cd a Positive Life Changing Event!!

    I Don't have the 1st Cd & don't know if they make a 3rd but I Haven't stopped listening to This one since I got it Months ago...It's a "Laying down", be prepared to Relax & let Kelly Howell do the rest.....So Simple & Beautifully done. This Cd has helped me through some Really rough times (My Dear Companion passing), I go to this "Meditation" frequently, laying down in bed most of the time drifting off...But being some what subliminal with "Kind" messages echoing throughout, "Negative beliefs are replaced with self-empowering truths about yourself"!!

    The 3rd track is without speach, whirlwind like breathing & heartbeats wafting, hauntingly in & out...It provides you with time to do your own "thinking"/meditation, most of the time I have to admit I don't make it that far without going out......I feel absolutely at peace!!

    The sound effects are Not Loud, nor "Musical"...Her voice is soft, effective, calming, reassuring, supporting and work with the subconscious levels of the mind. I never have believed in the past that this could be true, that meditation had to be Worked at or a intense Practice to achieve Any kind of results. This Cd has Absolutely Changed my attitude about that!!

    I don't see how Anybody could go wrong with this one?? I Whole Heartedly Recommend this Cd & believe that Everyone should have it--The world would be a different place!!

    ~Quillnpen...more info
  • Embrace The Law of Attraction
    Love this CD...a great way to embrace the positive principles of the LOA. I bought this one and My Secret Meditation after reading Living The Secret Everyday: My Secret Workbook. I listen to them daily and do the workbook to keep me conscious and mindful of the power of my thoughts....more info
  • Daily Meditations In One Convenient Place
    Kelly Howell triumphs again with her Secret Meditation II CD. Kelly's voice has a quieting quality which consistently delivers a strong, calming message to the listener. Within a short time, an open mind will assimilate the message, creating positive changes. This CD is an adaptation/compilation of 12 Meditations from the works of U.S. Andersen, who authored several books on connecting with the Great Subconscious Mind.
    Howell gives credit to Andersen's book, Three Magic Words, as the source of the meditation and this substantiates her own credibility and integrity. Brain Sync additions of theta brain wave therapy to the meditations provide an effortless channel to acquire strong affirmations that are sure to help the listener move closer to using positively the Law of Attraction. I rarely miss a day without listening to this CD. It keeps me focused on the positive and good even if I am bombarded by negative reports in the media or at work. It provides a sure "re-focus" whenever I slip into old thought patterns. This CD will help you support your flegling convictions and will cause positive changes in your thought patterns. I heartily recommend both this CD and U.S. Andersen's books....more info
  • Kelly Howell Meditation II
    The last few years have been very challenging, everything was playing havoc with my mental health, resentment and anger was affecting my relationship with my husband and teens. I felt I needed to do something, I investigated "The Secret" and felt that it was something I could do instead of spending thousands of dollars on chancellors and medication.

    I used to do Yoga when I was younger and know how wonderful that makes you feel, I went through Meditation I (Kelly Howell) diligently did the 6 weeks plus, and found that I was feeling better. Resentment (perceived wrongs), anger(no one was listening to me) and impatience(I need things to be done NOW) became almost non existent. I felt that there could still be some improvement as I still had the occasional relapse. I started with Meditation II and I feel like a new person. I am sure my family appreciates this as well! I have learned to relax and suddenly things are starting to happen, no need to nag so much to get anything done. I am trying to persuade my eldest son to get involved as well, but I think this is going to be a challenge!

    This product has worked for me and I recommend it. Just follow instructions and feel the difference....more info
  • Amazing!!!
    I listen to this with headphones alternating with the Universal Mind Mediation 1 every night while I am going to sleep. I have a great night sleep and feel amazing when I wake in the morning. I highly recommend this!!...more info
  • Worth every penny
    As I watched the movie 'The Secret', I became interested in how the Secret worked. I tried to monitor my thoughts better, and it was very difficult to do so. Thanks to Kelly's Universal Mind meditation, my thoughts and life took on a new, positive turn without much effort on my part. This CD is similar to the first one, as another member mentioned, but it's different enough to be a good investment. In the first Universal Mind meditation, Kelly speaks in the first person "I am one..." while in the Universal Mind meditation II, she speaks to you "You are one..." I can see the need to have both formats played, and I have found them both extremely helpful. So, if you're looking to change your thoughts, experience abundant fruit in your life, then this is the perfect CD for you. ...more info
  • Just what's needed for a new outlook in life
    I have used hypnosis tapes in the past and while they were generally helpful, I rarely ever had the time to listen to them as I would never really sleep but stay awake an extra hour. I found Kelly's tapes and it is the best out there. I ordered the second version because the main track is 30 mins long instead of the usual 1hr. Yes, the meditation is basically a reading of the end chapter notes of the book "Three Magic Words. I highly recommend the book in addition to the CD because it gives you the foundations of why this recoding is so effective. Basically, this is not a guided meditation, but a loop of her voice reading statements over and over again. I have been in therapy for a year or so and my therapist was flabbergasted at the results. Somehow, my thought patterns, which would be somewhat negative, and repetitive, were gone; I became lighter and less worried in general. As with all books and tapes, it's important to remember that there is no magic solution and that anything works better if you commit to it and find other support to go along with it. I also recommend, along with this CD, her other CD "The Secret to Creating Wealth", which should actually be titled "The Secret to Manifestation". That one is a guided meditation that allows you to envision your ideal life, etc...Please note that I have cheated somewhat: I listen to the CDs through my ipod at work, about 1-3hrs a day on some days (at the beginning I really listened to it everyday, even on the subway or trains). I'm lucky that my phone rarely rings at work!

    These tapes are great and they're also generic. They're meant for overall improvement. Once I reached that level of improvement I realized I wanted to change specific things. What I started doing was recording my own affirmations based on what I wanted to accomplish or change in my behavior in the style of Kelly. I used this book What to Say When you Talk To Yourself to guide me as to how to go about doing that and I bought a voice recorder Belkin TuneTalk Stereo for iPod with video - Digital player voice recording unit - black that I attach to my Ipod in order to record my affirmations with my own voice. This is a long process but if you're deeply into change and if you are looking for your own path, I recommend all of the above. ...more info
  • Horrible side effects that are not going away
    I listened to this cd every other night for 2 weeks; the other nights I listened to Kelly Howell's Secret to Attracting Wealth. Everything was fine for those 2 weeks. The Cd's were very relaxing and even helped put me to sleep. On the following Mionday morning, things went to hell. For over 2 weeks now, I have had an ever-present dull headache with frequent intermittent crushing pains, mostly in the back of my head. Plus I have often felt at times that I am out-of-body and have even had to leave work. I know this is from these cd's; there is nothing else it could be. I am very healthy, 33 years old, and no history of anything like this. Plus the morning I first awoke with the symptoms, I felt like I was still stuck in the meditative state, like I was stuck between being awake and dreaming. I contacted the brain sync company multiple times, and after about 10 days they finally got back to me and said it wasn't their cd's and that I should seek medical attention. Everything checked out fine with my physician, but my ongoing research on the negative effects associated with meditation has only solidifed my belief that these brain-wave entrainment cd's are highly dangerous. If you want to research for yourself, run a search on the following: meditation, hypersynchrony, intercranial pressure, harmful effects of meditation, etc. I look back and wonder why I was so dumb to trust anything that would alter my brainwaves. Let this be a warning to everyone....more info
  • Meditation CD
    I love listening to my MP-3 player at night. This CD helps me to fall asleep and have pleasant dreams at night. I enjoy the music behind the suggestion and bring the mind to think positive ideas. I recommend this CD. ...more info
  • Meditation II
    I listen to this when I go to bed. It lulls me to sleep so softly, and I definitely feel better in the morning. I stayed awake during the first listening, to make sure it didn't clash with my Christianity, and it doesn't. If you put trash in your mind, guess what you'll get? This puts positive thoughts into your brain, to help you focus on the better things, and help you deal with bad things. LOVE IT!...more info
  • Not worth your time
    I thought this would be a continutation of the first Universal Mind. Instad it's just repetitious. A total waste of money...more info
  • Letting this work through me
    I found this meditation during a time when my life was overwhelmed with fear. I am a full time student, 52 years of age, and a follower of The Secret, but I would wake up in the mornings with this ache in my heart and fear of the unknown. I was not sure what this meditation was going to be like, but have used it every night for the last 3 weeks and how my outlook has changed. The smallest to the greatest area has been affected. My fear about driving to and from school, how I internalize others perceptions of daily encounters, and my grades have been amazing.There is a track that is quiet and I am able to use my own affirmations about the abundance in my life, how I am giving and receiving love and how my school work is improving. Thanks for the opportunity to express how this has changed my life, I have recommended this CD to many of my school friends. Liz Taylor...more info


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