Awakening Kundalini

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Awaken the divine life force energy within you. Increase health and vitality. Recharge and refresh your brain. Obtain greater clarity and insight. Expand creativity and intuition. For centuries secret techniques for awakening Kundalini have been taught in ashrams and Tantric mystery schools. Now you can practice these powerful meditation techniques in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You simply lie back, relax and follow the guidance. With only 30 minutes a day of practice, you'll feel the creative life force energy that is called Kundalini begin to flow and regenerate the very core of your self. In Eastern traditions, Kundalini is the name for the extraordinary powerhouse of cosmic energy that resides within you. According to many respected researchers, it is the source from which all creativity, genius, and psychic gifts spring. Other known benefits of Kundalini meditation are increased sexual energy, heightened creativity and greater vitality. When Kundalini awakens, your entire life will awaken with insights, energy and creativity. As Kundalini travels upward through the chakra system it removes inner and outer obstacles to living your highest potential. In this remarkable program, Theta waves are harmonically layered in music based on ancient Tantric traditions to open the flow of energy to your chakras. As you experience the gifts Kundalini brings, your life will flourish with opportunities to enjoy and express more of who you really are.

Customer Reviews:

  • not worth bothering returning
    would not recomend, some of the sounds are not at all relazing...something I expect to hear in a horror movie...more info
  • Somewhat irritating

    I've listened to this CD several times, and each time I've found myself distracted and somewhat irritated. My chief complaint is that I have difficulty hearing everything Kelly is saying. About 20-25% of the time, her voice is drowned out by the "music" or sounds that are playing at the same time. If I turn up the volume, the noise is too loud, and still I can not make out everything she is saying. I find this frustrating and annoying, which is not how one should feel listening to a guided meditation. I have other meditation CDs (none by Kelly Howell), and have never experienced this issue until I listened to this CD. I think the sound engineering on this CD is particularly poor. ...more info
  • This CD took me to another dimension
    I have spent most of my life a very unhappy person. I accepted life as being hum drum and walked through it in a self-medicated fog, secretly waiting for it to end.

    I started meditating recently because the thoughts in my head were so convoluted I could no longer function. Meditation has helped me clear all the emotional baggage I have been dragging around for years and it has actually taken a state of bliss! Imagine that!

    This is one of my favorite meditation CDs. Kelly Howell's voice is very soothing and the breathing methods she guides you through really enable you to reach a point where you're in a deep state of relaxation. I have been so deeply relaxed that my spirit has left my body. I know that sounds crazy but it happened! And it was so comforting and safe, I didn't want to go back!

    I recommend this for anybody who isn't afraid to take themselves to another plain of existence. I recommend it to anyone who is unhappy with life and will take you to another place....more info
  • awesome
    I go to this meditation often. Once you've heard the first two tracks (more descriptive and instruction) you can skip them and go right to the meditation track. I do meditate often and feel this is a great cd for me and also for the beginner.
    ...more info
  • Great Active Meditation
    I really like this CD. Howell gives a great explanation of what and why of Awakening Kundalini, then talks you through three breathing techniques, and finally a 30 minute meditation that is very powerful. I'm not sure if it is the breathing or what but I definitely feel more alive and energetic afterwards. I would highly recommend this CD....more info
  • OK Cd
    I found this CD ok except for the soundtrack. After one week I could barely tolerate listening.Lets just say the soundtrack was new age overkill.
    Kelley has a lovely warm voice.
    For those joining the new age consciousness this CD would fit the bill until one begins truly awakening.
    I strongly suggest Colette Baron Reids CD "Journey Through The Chakras"
    There is no CD even remotely close that gives one a truly spiritual experience and after many listenings is still absolutely refeshing.
    The soundtrack will ELEVATE your consciousness.
    Colettes CD is very easy to become immersed into.
    Colettes website has some very beautiful meditations for free to enjoy.
    Her voice is nothing short of ANGELIC.

    JG...more info
  • great breathing techniques
    Very informative CD. Several breathing techniques were well explained.
    I expected more of a guided meditation (I have only 1 other Kundalini
    CD to compare it to) but was quite pleased. ...more info
  • Kundalini
    I bought this product based upon the information provided prior to purchase. It spoke of "englightenment" and "awakening". Upon the very first use, I noticed the very sensations that they spoke of. However, I was somewhat concerned about what exactly I was getting myself into as I really didn't know much about this. I researched things and found that there are significant dangers to people who attempt to "awaken the inner kundalini" without proper knowlege and supervision. I won't get into it all here but would encourage potential buyers to research thoroughly and edcuate themselves prior to purchasing this product. The information provided about the product did not provide any warnings of potential dangers. I have disposed of my copy of this cd. ...more info
  • Leapin' Lizards! God is Real!
    It took me a long time to set foot in a church again because of my past relationship with the Divine. It took me even longer to say the word, "God" again without a part of me wanting to strain my eyes and look upward. But God is within us and we are within God. And the only reason why we have all these disagreements about God is because we forgot that God made us in Its Image and Likeness and not the other way around.

    So I finally found a church that wasn't dogmatic, believed more in faith than fear, talked more about the Light than the darkness, and made me fall in love with the teachings of Jesus all over again. Yeah, Jesus taught! Oftentimes with "organized" religion, the emphasis is more on how he died rather than on how he lived. So, I was cool with all this. I felt better about life but still something was missing and that missing link was meditation. I've been meditating now for almost 15 years and I cannot even imagine what my life would be without it...well, I could, but let's just say it's not a pretty picture.

    So I start to attend a Hindu Temple and I learn the art of meditation...perhaps I should say, I remembered how to meditate. Because we all do, y'know, it's just driven out of us at a real young age. So I start going to the temple 2-3 times a week and I love it. The Energy generated by over a hundred dedicated meditators is amazing. The air is literally saturated with Love, Peace, and Inner Bliss.

    One evening, I'm sitting there in meditation and I have this amazing feeling taking place in my body. It felt as though my spine was on fire.
    Up and down, I could feel these rapid vibrations moving through me and then all of the sudden I had this inner ephiphany that God was Real. That there is reality and then there is REALITY and REALITY was/is/and will always be GOD. After meditation, I explained my situation to a Temple Brother. In awe I said, "Brother, God is Real..." He smiled sweetly and said, "Yes, yes!"

    Later on I discovered that this was a Kundalini and when I saw this CD, I knew I had to manifest it. So I did. It came to me via a friend who was thinning out her collection. Little did she know that she bestowed pure gold upon me. I have many other Kelly Howell CD's, but I really like this one. Every time I listen to it, I receive some kind of heightened awareness. I realize that I'm in the world but not of it. I realize with real eyes that see that EVERYTHING is an aspect of the ONE Creative Energy that is constantly flowing into and throughout Creation.

    This is enlightenment.

    But enlightenment is not a special title you wear that exempts you from the every day duties of "r" reality. Many a times I would come out of a wondrous meditation with the use of this CD and I would be so eager to tell my wife of all the magnificent revelations I experienced and she would smile sweetly, like that Temple Brother, and then hand me a shovel. "Good for you, John, go pick up the dog poo..."

    Oh, well.

    May you come to the Realization within yourself that You are always One with Source, that Life desires to Live Itself out of you, that Joy is in every breath in...and every breath out...

    Peace and Blessings, everyone...

    Good God, what did that dog eat?...more info
  • Awakening Kundalini
    I very much enjoy this cd and will continue to use it. I think Kelly Howell has the most soothing voice. I was a little hesitant about purchasing this, however, since I have her Secret meditation and use it every day and believe it has been of great benefit to me I decided to go ahead and purchase it and I'm glad I did. ...more info
  • Awakening Kundalini
    This is an excellent product. If you are like myself, meditating is not someething that comes easy. But this has taken me to a level that I only read about. So if you are one really wanting to know true of true meditation is, this is a must have....more info
  • Pretty strong stuff
    I worked with this for a couple of days and really began to have some strange experiences, some not so pleasant.

    I will work with it again when I can find someone to be with me and not try going it alone again.

    It really does do something though!...more info
  • Awful CD, don't buy!
    This was the first and only CD I have ever smashed into pieces with my bare hands! It was that terrible! I tried to listen to the CD but the content was total b.s. , the author didn't know what she was talking about. Obviously, she didn't have a clue about what Kundalini energy really is either and her voice was unpleasant to listen to. I don't think you can learn to raise Kundalini with this CD, don't waste your money and look for something else....more info
    I have been having a hard time going deep into a meditation and this was the first thing to make it happen. I can't truely express what an amazing experience I had! I can't wait to continue using this!!!!!!!...more info
  • stay awake for this one
    I've listened to this cd about 5 times now, but last night I managed to stay awake for the whole thing. It was just amazing. Now that I know how good it is, I am sure I will be able to stay awake and plan to do it every day as recommended by Kelly. I know the title is Awakening Kundalini, but I have the feeling it was effective in other areas as well. I can imagine there being many health benefits from listening to this cd daily.

    The cd is in 3 parts, the first I listened to only once; the second which is the actual instructional part of the meditation, I listen to each time; the third is the actual meditation. Kelly gets to the heart of what meditation is all about. I absolutely loved it. A person can spend a small fortune on meditation cd's, some well worth the money, some not so much. This one is a treasure. Thank you Kelly. ...more info
  • Love it
    I have this CD and I listen to it every a.m. I must say I was a bit nervous about the subject matter but there is something to this Kundalini stuff. Things are happening and being brought to my conscious that I didn't know I had, or that I thought I'd dealt with. I am looking forward, without trying to see where this whole thing takes me. I have a few more of Kelly Howell's tapes and she is a Godsend. I just love all her brain sync tapes. I have Healing Meditation, Positive thinking, Guided Meditation, Focus. I love them all and I'm always trying to decide with one I should listen to but I definitely listen to my Kundalini every a.m....more info
  • This is great!
    Ok first of all, I have listened to this CD maybe 7 times. The first 5 were me just listening to it, not doing the breathe work, that is required in order to awaken your Kundalini force. The Cd is VERY relaxing just by listening to Kelly Howell. The First part of the CD explains what Kundalini is, how it works and what it can do for you. She has a very soothing voice that immediatley puts me in a very relaxed and sleepy state. She then Explains the Breathing techniques, there's only three so it's not bad at all. She also encourages you to do them in practice with her. The last part of the CD is the actual Kundalini meditation. It is very powerful! The mediation had me all emotional, but I felt good releasing all of that pent up stuff, I felt so alive, my body felt like it had a current running through it. I felt that twice when I actually did the breathing work. So if you want to relax and your having trouble sleeping at night, just listening to the Cd is great. If you want an Amazing experience participate in the breathe work, you will NOT be disappointed!!!...more info