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LEVEL ONE VIDEO SET Video One: Introduction to Basic Breath and Techniques
This video is dedicated to showing you how oxygen works in your body to get rid of fat...and showing you just what you've got to do to get that oxygen effectively into your body. Also, Jill demonstrates each body position in detail to help you make the most out of your Oxycise! workout.
Video Two: Oxycise! Level One Workout
Oxycise! comes to life as you work with Jill Johnson to learn how to get maximum results from the Oxycise! System in just 15 minutes a day!

Customer Reviews:

  • Take a deep breath
    Two videos with a total of 30 minute in all was my first disappointment.
    Then, in watching, I was happy the videos weren't longer. Very unprofessionally done, and BORING! In addition, the people chosen to demonstrate the exercises in the second video can't do them. . . why watch someone who can't keep up with the instructor? I don't see how that helps anyone achieve the proper execution of the program.
    I feel like I wasted my $30 - of course this could change if I actually committed to the program, but nothing in these videos inspires confidence in me that this is the way to go. . . the only reason I gave it two stars is that I think it's a good idea to breathe....more info
  • More than just weight loss!
    I stumbled onto Oxycise 2 years ago. At the time, I didn't believe it could really produce weight loss, but I thought it sounded GREAT for relieving stress. Well I was wrong . . . and I was right! I was wrong because to my surprise, Oxycise DID help me lose 20 pounds over 8 months, and I've easily kept them off. I was right because it IS a wonderful relaxer & stress reducer. The routine is not difficult, any fitness level can master it, and there are 7(?) videos available, so you won't get bored! Also, Oxycise has a website with a fantastic message board that offers a lot of support for new-comers and old-timers. I recommend this one whole-heartedly!...more info
  • Oxycise!
    Excellent! It really works, but it DOES take a few weeks to develop the technique correctly. I LOVE Oxycise...use it everyday!...more info
  • Muscle toning
    I bought the video for my Mom for Christmas, and we've enjoyed it. The video may not be the most "professionally" produced, but what does it matter? Once you learn how to do the exercises you don't even have to watch the people do them! In fact, you don't have to watch the video at all. You could do them on your own.

    Mom and I have not noticed a weight loss, but our abs are more firm and our muscles are being toned. If nothing else, the video is a GREAT relaxer, and it has been a very good investment for us....more info

  • Experienced user...
    I've been using Oxycise on and off for about 8 years and I will continue to use it for the rest of my life because it works!
    Obviously the production was cost effective but if you want an exercize option that will:

    a. allow you to lose weight and inches quickly
    b. allow you to do the above in only 15 minutes a day
    c. allow you to workout during luch hour and (see d.)
    d. keep you from sweating gallons and therefore requiring another shower
    e. allow you to see results almost immediately which keeps you motivated

    Then Oxycise is for you. This really works,.,.

    Some of the reviews here are meaningless because they were written not based on whether this program works but upon what their opinion of the production is... do we buy a workout video because we want to see "beautiful people" or because we want something that works? DUH...!

    Take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee. I promise you won't be disappointed. And if you're not seeing a difference almost immediately then seek out some direction on the breathing method because you're most likely not doing it properly....more info
  • oxycise review
    Since starting oxycise I've lost weight, inches and am starting to feel like I did in my 20's. I had some joint stiffness that had been increasing for 5 yrs - after once session I felt significant relief and the more I do the oxycise the longer I stay loose and flexible - and this for only 15 min. a day. I've since ordered oxycise 2,3 and 4 and will happily do it for the rest of my life....more info
  • Didn't Work For Me
    I did this video every day for 3 weeks and it showed absolutely no results! I think that breathing exercises may work for some, but it definately didn't work for me. The videos were also mediocre and very boring since you do the same exercises over and over in different positions (standing, sitting, ect.) I don't recommend this exercise to anyone....more info
  • Right On Time
    Everything was right on time and I love the oxycise tape and I would definitely order from this store again....more info
  • Oxycise
    I started using these breathing and isotonic excercises about 2 months ago and I am really amazed at how it has changed my body. It takes a little practice at first to get the hang of the breathing technique, but once you master it, the routine only takes 15 minutes. I have a lot more energy and I've lost 10 pounds, and about 7 inches off various parts of my body. I've dropped almost 2 dress sizes. I feel like this is something I can stick with for a long time. It's well worth the price....more info
  • This is the best program!
    I absolutely love Oxycise, after only four weeks of doing the breathing everyday I lost 15 pounds! Within the first two weeks, I had gone done two sizes. I was amazed, I had the videos for awhile but hadn't gotten the motivation to really do them. Finally, I was sick of the extra weight I gained from having children so I decided to just go for it. I spoke to the customer service line they provide, and the woman was extremely helpful she told me the key to making it work is breathing with as much force as possible. For everyone that doesn't think this program work, I believe they must be doing the breathing incorrectly. I do the breath throughout my day and although I am at my ideal weight now, I am continuing to get smaller and more toned. It is unbelievable what a change has happened to my face and neck, I look ten years younger. As far as the quality of the tapes, I like the fact that it is regular people doing it, and Jill looks just like an average person herself. It's kind of annoying to workout with a video where the people are professional athletes who you know workout hours on end to get the bodies that they have. This is REAL, and that is the best thing about it....more info
  • It's great!!!
    ...I am sorry this does not seem to work as well for everyone...but it has been a life saver for me!!! I had injured my knee trying to use a stepping machine for weight loss and gained 35 pounds.....I was 5'7 168 pounds and very unhappy.....I now weigh in at 125 and my abs are solid as a rock....I started losing inches first and then pounds....you have to stick with it everyday...but even missing a few days I have had steady progress....I lost the first 18 pounds in about 3 weeks and continued on from there to where I am now....I have maintained my weight and I feel strong, healthy and energetic! I am SO grateful for this program, as I ended up having knee surgery and this kept me on track with my weight loss in spite of that!!! I intend to check out the higher levels as time goes on....

    I say if you will stick to it and not pick it apart for "production quality" you can see serious results....who cares if it's not a "top notch video production"...I just needed the know how to do these exercises!

    Go for it!...more info

  • Benefits of Oxycise
    I received my Oxycise tapes and book yesterday. After watching both videos and checking out parts of her book, I have to say that her program would benefit anyone. It doesn't matter what kind of physical shape you are in, how much you weigh, or how old you are. I liked the idea that she does not use models in her video and that she used a home setting. I found it helpful to see how I could use my own furniture while doing some of the various positions. There is no special equipment or clothing to buy. Jill Johnson shows you how to do all of the positions, gives instructions for her diaphragmatic breathing techniques, and backs it up with information on the health benefits. You won't end up exhausted nor will you suffer from soreness after using the Oxycise Method. It is very gentle and reminds me of yoga which involves endurance and is quite effective....more info
  • The easiest workout with the most results!
    After having 2 babies in 2 years this was the tape that motivated me to start working out. The 15 minutes it took to complete the workout was key in staying with it and I did notice visible results. Eventually I did get bored of it and moved on to alternate days of Yoga and Cardio workouts. This was definitely worth it though for those looking to start a workout routine slowly. I do still use the breathing technique perhaps while driving or sometimes even sitting watching tv....more info
  • yes, Oxycise works!!!!
    I have been doing oxycise for 2 1/2 months now and have gone from a tight size 16 to a snug size 12. I have only lost about 10 pounds but plan on making this program part of my lifestyle. Other benefits include lower blood pressure and a decreased resting pulse rate. I have sooo much more energy!!! I highly recommend these videos!...more info
  • This works if you do!
    If you're looking for a workout video that is highly entertaining and has hot models, Oxycise is not for you. The tape looks like it's made in a friend's cabin, with friends as extras.

    That stopped mattering to me when I actually tried it. I used to think that ANY workout would work if you did it, and that's true to some extent. But with 15 minutes of breathing and stretching you could even do on your lunch break, Oxycise is extremely convenient and surprisingly effective. I've lost 75 pounds and plenty of inches with Oxycise, going from size 20 to size 10 fairly quickly and without grief, and have experienced several other health benefits including reduced asthma, more flexiblity, more energy... I could keep going, but in a nutshell I've had better success with it than I ever had when I could do "harder" workouts.

    I recommend getting to know the "Basic Breath" first since doing it right makes all the difference, by increasing your oxygen intake and working your abs. The director also suggests this in her book (a highly informative read), adding in the positions slowly and moving to the video only when you've practiced for a few days.

    If your doctor has told you to avoid impact aerobics, THIS is *THE* workout for you. But even if you can jump up and down till the cows come home, if you want to lose weight and feel trim and healthy, stop jumping and just give Oxycise a try. I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • There Are Better Programs
    I taught Yoga for forty years. Following an accident (and back injury) I couldn't practice Yoga as I had before, and looked for an alternative. I bought this tape because of the good reviews, and was extremely disappointed.

    The instructor shows the viewer how to perform her particular breathing technique exactly one time. Once. That's sloppy instruction. Then she proceeds through the session with no instruction or contradictory instruction. She does not tell viewers how to hold their heads, how their shoulders should feel or where to place their feet. At one time she tells viewers to stare down and to the side, which is physically impossible if one is holding one's head the way the class members are.

    Also, hoping not to be too petty, this is a homemade tape. My videocamera takes a better picture. It's blurry, and the color bleeds. And the class is obviously in someone's kitchen and then living room, sitting on either folding or cheap plastic chairs which, for many, would be dangerous.

    There are better tapes and DVDs. Oxycize is unremarkable and even potentially dangerous. Take a look around. There are superior choices....more info
  • Didn't Work For Me
    I did this video for 3 weeks every single day and i didn't loose any weight or any inches! I think breathing workouts work for some people, but it definatley doesn't work for me. The videos are mediocre and very boring since you do the same exercises over and over again. I don't recommend this to anyone....more info


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