Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

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This is an incredibly informative and reader-friendly book about a common debilitating medical condition that goes largely undiagnosed and untreated. ADRENAL FATIGUE: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome is a very empowering work cram-packed with vital information about a condition that very likely affects millions of people.

Customer Reviews:

  • Valuable, thorough
    This book suffers from poor graphic and production values. I say that up front because this initially affected my reaction to what I was reading.

    HOWEVER, I have now read the book through twice. I am in the process of going through it a third time, making notes. Once I've finished, I plan to pass it along to a friend with fibromyalgia, because I know it would be very helpful to her.

    I had eight major surgeries in four years. I had severe nerve pain for eight years. The drugs I was given ravaged my system even more. Previously a strong, healthy, high energy person and long-term gym rat, by the end, I was so weak and depleted that I could hardly drag myself upstairs. (I mean this literally.)

    For the past year, I have been working on regaining my strength through natural means. It has been a slow process, but I am seeing results. I have been doing some research into adrenal function, and have found no better resource than this book.

    The author covers every aspect of adrenal depletion from the emotional to the biochemical. His explanation of the latter is exceptional. This information would be useful to anyone with food issues of any sort, particularly addiction to fats and/or sugar.

    He clearly explains how driving yourself on, with no regard for your limits, causes a person to develop cravings for the wrong foods, creating an imbalance that send the body's chemistry reeling ever more off-balance. He makes it very clear what food IS: fuel for the body.

    I think if everyone in this country had this information, and clearly understood it, we would not have an obesity problem....more info
  • Adrenal Fatigue
    This book has been an eye opener for me. My doctor told me to get it and read it and under doctor's order I did. It answered so many questions for me and described my symptoms that I was experiencing.

    Thank you Dr James L Wilson...more info
  • Awesome book on Adrenal Fatigue
    Wow! This Dr. James Wilson does a fantastic job in explaining about adrenal fatigue. Everyone needs to read this book. It's amazing. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has any kind of health issue. It's not about just being fatigued...more info
  • Personal Health
    This is well written, easy to understand and based on sound science. It's given me a starting point for improved wellness. My MD recommended I read it. I'm glad she did....more info
  • Truly Needed
    This book comprehensively addresses this condition, a condition that is likely more widespread than acknowledged. Much is written about stress and high cortisol but little is available on the symptoms that occur when your adrenals are exhausted and there is little cortisol. Even most conventional doctors know little about this condition nor how to treat it. Having been finally diagnosed (after probably 14 years of walking around with varying degrees of adrenal fatigue), I've used this book as a guide to healing naturally and selecting a doctor who really knew how to address this condition. This book appropriately managed my expectations as to how slowly I would heal and helped me identify much-needed lifestyle changes. ...more info
  • Don't buy this book!
    Not only is this book unscientific, unprofessional and bizarre, it also has an odd, moralistic slant to it. The many drawings and graphs in the book are simply "bad", i.e. talentless and sloppy. The data references are mostly 50 to 90 years old! I can't believe the book was actually published. Don't waste your time and money....more info
  • Help for those the doctors forgot
    This book is fabulous, and long overdue. Many doctors either refuse to believe that Adrenal Fatigue exists, or don't know enough about it to diagnose or treat it. When I read the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue in this book, I knew that it was the diagnosis I'd been waiting for for over 7 years! I'm so thankful that Dr. Wilson wrote this book and that my doctor knew enough to tell me to read it because it made me feel like I wasn't the only one with this problem, and that it didn't have to destroy my life. I really recommend this book to anyone who has been diagnosed with adrenal problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or similar problems. ...more info
    This book is MUST reading for anyone who is feeling exhausted, extremely fatigued, has low concentration & is unable to focus. It may be your adrenal glands - low adrenals cause these symptoms.
    Dr. Wilson has written a very easy to read & easy to understand book on the subject.
  • Excellent Book from a Credible Expert
    James Wilson has outdone himself with "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Syndrome!" Adrenal fatigue is very common in our society today because everyone experiences some degree of physical, chemical, or emotional stress on a daily basis. From the time you wake up in the morning to the loud and startling alarm clock, when you drive in traffic, when you have deadlines to meet at work, etc., the adenal glands become overstressed. This book provides a comprehensive guide to recovering from adrenal fatigue and is written in an easy-to-read format. While other health-related books can cross the line from insightful to pedantic, Dr. Wilson manages to provide impactful and practical information without overwhelming the reader with technical jargon or abstract medical theory. I really enjoyed the fact that this book contains specific information about which therapies work and exactly what you can do to help yourself feel energized and well again! Needless to say, I recommend this book to everyone since we all experience stress in one form or another.

    Dr. Matthew J. Loop

    - Author of "Cracking the Cancer Code"...more info
  • little known but widespread disease uncovered
    Adrenal fatigue strikes many of us and this book explains how it happens, what it is, and how to combat it with supplements and diet changes. Right now it's an essential resource since most doctors are not aware of this disease and how to treat it so its necessary to for people to take charge of their own health. This book enables them to do that!...more info
    Great service from all the things I have either got through, or from, Amazon are always delivered quickly and in excellent condition....more info
  • Well-Rounded, but Not for the Scholarly
    This book was intended for complete beginners who know very little about adrenal fatigue. I skimmed through the first half of the book fairly quickly, as most of the information it contains can be gleaned from browsing the internet for a few hours.

    I really enjoyed Part 4 which explained how the adrenals actually work. I am the type of person who likes to know what is going on in my body, and this answered it well. This part was worth the price of the book for me. However, I would have liked to see more explanation about the hormones pregnenolone, DHEA and the sex hormones, and how they function in the body.

    A few parts of the book left me hanging. Swollen ankles in the evening is a sign of adrenal fatigue, but the author doesn't explain why. I like to know why!

    The chapter on food allergies and sensitivites piqued my interest because I never thought my allergies were related to adrenal fatigue. Unfortunately, the author doesn't state why this occurs or how to remedy it. Other than avoid eating foods you are allergic to. Well... DUH!

    If you really want to delve into the world of adrenal fatigue, this book will disappoint. If you want a basic explanation of what is wrong with you and how to fix it and get on with your life, you'll enjoy this book. ...more info
  • Adrenal Fatigue
    Good book but written rather naively will be helpful to the lay person but needs more depth for the health practitioner as this disorder is pandemic within our culture and is the underlying cause of many other disorders pandemic in our society....more info
  • Excellent info
    Very few people understand the impact of low functioning adrenal glands. This book explains in simple language how to improve your cortisol levels and energy through lifestyle changes and more.
    ...more info
  • Hope, at last
    I had been going to my GP for eighteen years. For three years I had been complaining of extreme tiredness, lowgrade fever, pain in my neck and areas of my back, fuzzy thinking and weight gain. She kept giving me premerin in differing doses. Finally, I guess she got tired of messing with me and acted like she thought I was making it all up. A friend suggested I go see his doctor. After several tests, he diagnosed adrenal fatigue. My local apothacary store had a copy of James Wilson's book on adrenal fatigue. I picked this book up and read about myself on nearly every page. What a godsend this has been. I am buying copies of this book and sending it to friends and family members who might find it useful. I just wish more M.D.'s could be a little more open minded and learn about this syndrom and start treating it again. ...more info
  • Helps explain a dangerous health issue.
    I bought this book in response to increasing evidence linking my digestive problems, food allergies and intolerance to being adrenaline exhausted. It makes sense that if we run our bodies into the ground our health suffers. Dr. Wilson uses clear explanations and science to inform us about our bodies and the processes that govern nutrition and health. As a result I am following his suggestions and I have better energy and enthusiasm as well as a better prognosis for my future health. The book was understandable and is based on very recent findings...more info
  • Excellent book
    This book gives a great presentation of a common, but overlooked, medical condition. It is written so that most of it is easily understood with a high school education.

    If you are tired and can't get rested, read this book and discuss it with your doctor....more info
  • Adrenal Fatigue
    If you are suffering & they cannot give you a definitive answer............Read this book !...more info
  • The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome book
    Excellent book that every working person should read (not just the ladies). It has re-confirm all those little experiments I do on myself to identify food allegeries and to identify food that I should eat and not eat. It contains many tests which are effective in helping you identify if you have the adrenal fatigue problem and teaches you how to overcome it without incurring huge costs.
    So invest in this book and you will find your health will improve as you take the stress of your adrenal glands....more info
  • Must Have
    This is a fantastic reference book for people who have or think they may have Adrenal Fatigue. I have also found it a helpful recommendation for many other people that suffer from similar types of health issues (i.e., stress/burnout, anxiety, hormone imbalance, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome). Dr. Wilson gives easy-to-understand information about how to navigate the health system, understand your symptoms, understand how your problem developed, and a wholistic approach to recovery. You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Just what we needed!
    My husband has been fighting fatigue and most of the symptoms that Dr. Wilson discribed for over six years. Last year he couldn't work for two months, but the doctors could find nothing wrong. This book discribes his syptoms so well that we sent for the formulations that Dr Wilson suggests. He was to the point where he couldn't work full time but now he is getting better after three weeks. He is far from fully recovered but now we know better what to take for adrenal fatigue and how to minimize the stress. If you think you have this problem this book may help you to get back to normal. It was a God-send to us.
    ...more info
  • Adrenal Fatique: The 21st -Century Stress Syndrome
    As someone who was struggling to recover from Adrenal Fatigue, this book puts the recovery process and illness into perspective. Actually feeling that for the first time somone actually understands how I feel & confirming the legitamacy of it. It is comforting to know I am now on the right track towards recovery. It is quite true that most doctors don't even know how to diagnose this illness much less treat it. I've been to many doctors and they think your either crazy or lazy! When in actuality it is a very real and debilitating illness. Alot of Dr.'s don't really understand that today in our industrial nation that there are many "environmental stressors" on the adrenials contributing to this illness,(this being just one contributing possible factor). I encountered environmental pollution from my place of work. If you suffer from either ongoing fatigue, allergies, asthma, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and or etc......YOU NEED SPECIFIC TESTING THAT MOST DOCTORS WON'T DO OR LOOK INTO...You have may have HYPOADRENIA.........and THERE IS guidance for getting help from someone who is one of the few EXPERTS on the subject! I found help by reading this book to EDUCATE MYSELF and finding a Doctor who knows what to look for and how to treat it. I went to Burton Wellness Center in Emmaus, Allentown,Pa. USA/ seeing both the ND, and the MD. GETTING BETTER, Thanks to the information in this book and finding the correct doctors....more info
  • Read this book if you have low energy and do not enjoy life
    Wish my doctor recommended this book to me when I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue this year. This book is a life saver. I finally have a name to put to my illness. At least it is treatable. The book helps you to understand how your adrenal function affects your everyday life; what causes adrenal fatigue; who suffers from it; signs and symptoms; why medicine has not recognized adrenal fatigue; how you got this way; tests for adrenal fatigue; helping yourself back to recovery....more info
  • doctor's recommendation
    My doctor recommended this book to me, and I found it extremely helpful. It covers a subject which is not widely known, even by doctors. There is an easy written test, and a description of tests you can do on your own to determine whether you have adrenal fatique. It also details steps you can take to heal yourself. I recommend this book especially to anyone whose mother may have had Addison's disease, as that may have put you at risk....more info
  • Adrenal fatigue information
    An amazing book that explains how stress can exacerbate auto-immune diseases and over worked adrenal function.
    Chronic fatigue due to adrenal exhaustion need not be a mystery....more info
  • Excellent Resource
    This is an excellent source for anyone wanting to understand the importance that adrenal fatigue can have on an individual. If you are tired, lack energy, have depression or anxiety, crave salty or sweet foods, or have low sex drive, this book is an excellent start for your search of a better life. Dr. Wilson explains what causes adrenal fatigue, what it is, and how to overcome this debilitating condition. His in-depth analysis of vitamins & minerals and how they interact with one another was very helpful in determining the correct amount of supplements needed to recover from this condition. I recommend this book to anyone suffering from the above ailments. It has been a God Send for me! Thank you, Dr. Wilson!!...more info
  • Adrenal Fatigue
    "Adrenal Fatigue" Is a wonderful source of information for those of us who suffer from this problem.

    I have just started taking the suggested vitamins and already I can feel a difference in my energy.

    I am glad that I came across this book and I am sure that you will find it as informative as I have! J Arbic...more info
  • This Book Saved My Life
    I was in a bad job situation and after leaving my stress did not go away. In short I became "burned out" and like a drained battery there was nothing I could do to recharge myself. This book is what saved me, I followed all the lifestyle changes and started taking the supplements recommended which can be bought through his site. It's been a little over a year now and I'm mostly recovered. It's not an easy condition to deal with, I've had doctors that just thought I was nuts. But adrenal fatigue or "burnout" is a very real condition that requires some patience, perserverence and lifestyle changes to rectify. The good news is that you can recover from this and lead a normal if not better life with less stress....more info
  • All inclusive book about Adrenal Fatigue
    Great book, easy to read. Gives you the information to understand this syndrome and how to get help quick....more info
  • Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome
    Highly recommend this book for anyone who has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Book in perfect condition and arrived promptly....more info
  • Helpful.
    This book was ok, moderately helpful, but much of it I flipped through. I wish it had focused in more on the diet and vitamin portion because that was the only part I really got into and made notes from. Again, it was kind of helpful but it could have been better. I feel like I have to still do more research and reading to fully understand and treat my adrenal/thyroid functioning. ...more info
  • A Must Have for Adrenal Sufferers
    This book is worth its weight in gold for a plan to renew health. James Wilson is known by my own natural health provider as a brilliant gift to adrenal burnout patients. There is much wisdom for healthy living, in general, packed in its pages....more info
  • Read this book if you have low energy and do not enjoy life
    Wish my doctor recommended this book to me when I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue this year. This book is a life saver. I finally have a name to put to my illness. At least it is treatable.

    The book helps you to understand how your adrenal function affects your everyday life; what causes adrenal fatigue; who suffers from it; signs and symptoms; why medicine has not recognized adrenal fatigue; how you got this way; tests for adrenal fatigue; helping yourself back to recovery....more info
  • Now I understand
    why eating fruit for breakfast upsets me!
    why none of the insomnia products have worked!

    This book made a lot of sense of my symptoms, was easy to read and gave me good suggestions of how to improve things. I'm 3 months into the suggestions and I am getting better but need a few more months to really know! It's definitely worth buying....more info
  • Only half the information!
    I was disappointed when I purchased this book and found that it only covers the problems of inadequate cortisol production. An excess of cortisol wears out adrenal glands and causes adrenal fatigue as well as other serious conditions over time, so I found it frustrating that excess cortisol and Cushing's Syndrome is only mentioned in passing and not at all investigated. If you are looking for information and lifestyle tips to help lower your cortisol production, there's no help here....more info
  • A good one
    This book helps you to be lifted from depression to harmony. It will help you to adjust to a changing world in a way that will ease much of the pain of depression. This book also gives immense hope.This book is worhtwile and a great master piece

    [...]...more info
  • Adrenal Fatigue Book Restoring My Health
    I'm usually skeptical of health self-help books. I bought this one after reading an article describing symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and realizing that the writer could have been interviewing me. My father was diagnosed back in the late 1960s with some sort of adrenal gland malfunction, making me more willing to research the syndrome, its symptoms, and most importantly for me, its correction. I have found the book to be an excellent help. Background info tied my symptoms to a nasty bout of pneumonia; the health questionnaire was detailed enough to be of genuine assistance; and the chapters on recovery were candid and thorough. I am following the book's advice and am beginning to feel more like my "old self"--more physical stamina and energy, more mental clarity. I recommend the book highly. ...more info
  • Doctor recommended for a truly common disorder
    When I was first told about Adrenal Fatigue I was aghast that I had never heard of it. In my Psychiatric practice this disorder is rampant and often confused with Major Depression and Anxiety Disorder. This is a very reader friendly book, a bit too cutesy at times but that actually makes it easy to see yourself easily. Unless you go to a Functional or Anti-Aging Doctor this will be overlooked, and it can't realistically be diagnosed by blood tests (you need saliva testing over the course of a day). Even without a true diagnosis, you can use this book to help you understand strees in your life. I especially like some of the stress reduction exercises and the dietary recommendations....more info
  • The Alternative Book on Stress
    The different books on stress on the market offer different visions on the causes of stress and the ways to fight it. Adrenal Fatigue offers a revolutionary different approach saying that the main reason behind stress is the stress of the body's adrenal glands, two peanut-sized glands on top of each kidney, that are crucial for regulating the body's temperature, hormones, mood and energy.
    The book does not only offer a diagnosis but rather offers a complete lifestyle plan that is supposed to make the body relax and restore its energy. The suggested program is around three months long and includes changing one's diet by decreasing the intake of junk food and increasing that of organic food and vitamin supplements. The book is also strict on the importance of organizing eating and sleeping hours.
    Even though the book suggests an alternative lifestyle that might sound harsh to many, its insight is very relieving for stress sufferers and if those manage to implement half of the book's suggested plan, they would notice an improvement in their health, restoration in their energy and reduction in their stress levels.
    Even though in terms of style the book is sometimes needlessly long and in other times dry and written in a medical style, it offers self-tests as a means of diagnosis and these tests also determine the levels of stress among those who take them.
    So far, this is the most convincing, cohesive and well-designed books on stress that brings together alternative medicine, diet and other tips that would certainly help doing away with stress....more info
  • Helped Me Build Myself Up When I Ran Myself Down
    I purchased this book a few years ago at the recommendation of my pharmacist. It described me to a "T." I'd had several things happen in the recent past (extended sickness and death of family members) and was doing quite well I thought, except that I felt run down all the time, was having trouble with my asthma and couldn't keep weight off. Using the book and its suggestions, I was able to turn around my health significantly. My asthma improved, my weight came down, and I stopped catching every cold and flu bug that came my way....more info
  • Helpful tips and hints
    I have not read this book from cover to cover, but it is very helpful figuring out how to handle this situation....more info
  • A must read
    Anyone who has been tired and stressed out for any length of time should read this book. The book is easy to read and gives life changing suggestions to get your energy back. Amazing information about the body that you'll never learn from your MD....more info
  • Good Introductory Book on Adrenal Fatigue
    If you are unfamiliar with the role the adrenals play in the body, this is a very good introductory book. Dr. Wilson includes lots of case studies of his patients and has easy to read graphics. He discusses why so many people are undiagnosed for so long. It was very helpful to me years ago when I was just learning about adrenal issues.

    The book doesn't go very far with treatment though, and tips like "avoiding stress" and "don't get out of bed before 9 am" just are not practical for 99% of the people on the planet who have to work, raise families, etc. He also doesn't cover the progression of the disease like I would have liked. I think in many ways following his book delayed my proper treatment and I progressed to Addison's disease.

    I recommend it as an intro book, but if you are looking for treatment and more advanced knowledge, the book falls short. I would love to see him do a follow-up with more in-depth information, but I don't think he is as interested in working toward that as he is in selling his supplements (very overpriced I may add) which is a disappointment. I did meet Dr. Wilson in person and used his supplements for a long time, until I realized they weren't working after an initial good bump. ...more info
  • worth reading again
    I really think this book has a lot of good information. It is worth taking the time to read it. Study it, and really get to know the topic. It has expalined a lot about the stress induced problems affecting people today. ...more info
  • Excellent Resource For Those Diagnosed With Low Adrenal Function
    I was first given this book by my bio-identical howmone replacement health provider; I loved it! It is a comprehensive resource for anyone who has been diagnosed with hormone imbalances; post-menopausal or post-hysterectomy patients can improve their lives vastly by using James Wilson's recommendations. I have. It is fun and easy to read, much like a "Adrenal Fatigue For Idiots". The questionnaire is easily worth the price of admission.
    On a cautionary note, however, I believe that medical tests (saliva/blood tests) for hormone imbalance should be conducted for anyone who believes that there may be a problem with hormone production. Self-diagnosing is never a good idea, as many of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue can also be signs of far more serious, even life-threatening illnesses. The author of this book does warn against self-diagnosis several times, but some individuals may ignore this advice to their (possible) detriment. By all means read this book, use this book, but use it as a companion with medical recommendations. Saliva test kits can be obtained from any women's health professional or endocrinologist, and the tests are inexpensive. ...more info
  • Helpful self-help book.
    This book is very easy reading and to understand. It is a self-help type of book, so doing the exercises and following the guideline will help to cure adrenal fatigue. Very worthwhile....more info
  • "A rare disease is one that is rarely looked for." Voltaire
    Medical School teaches nothing about Chronic Adrenal Fatigue, and your doctor may not be able to tell you anything worthwhile at all. This book can fill in important gaps, and the knowledge can help you win your health back.

    "Adrenal Fatigue..." is far and away the very best written explanation of Chronic Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome that I've found. Adrenal Fatigue does an excellent job of explaining how we get Adrenal Insufficiency, the kinds of stresses that cause it, and how to recover from it. The role of adrenal exhaustion in everyday life as well in Autoimmune Diseases, Thyroid problems, Hypoglycemia, Fibromyalgia-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Ischemic Heart Disease, and Rheumatoid Arthritis are nicely covered.

    If you only read one book about Adrenal Fatigue, this should be the one.
    ...more info


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