The Calorie King Food & Exercise Journal
The Calorie King Food & Exercise Journal

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- Pocket-sized, travels easily - 10-week, one day per page with weekly summary page - Space to record calories for food and exercise - Optional columns for carbohydrate, protein or fat intake - Water/fluid intake section on each page - Quick exercise guide - Tips on diet, exercise, changing eating behaviors

Customer Reviews:

  • CalorieKing Food & Exercise Journal
    I use this everyday with my 2009 CalorieKing Calorie Counter. Together, they've helped me lose 25 pounds. I used to believe if I didn't write it, it didn't count. So wrong! The book is uncomplicated and I can secret it in my purse so no one sees my keeping track of my calories....more info
  • an easy way to track your diet
    I have found this journal an easy and painless way to stick to and track my weight loss and diabetes diet....more info
  • Well-organized
    This journal fits nicely in any purse and contains many helpful tips for eating healthy. It makes a great gift!...more info
  • Calorie King Food and Exercise Journal the true KING!
    This product rocks! My wife and I started dieting, so I purchased 8 of these to help us on our way along with the compliment to this book "The Calorie King Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter" and so far our dieting is going very well. In the first three weeks we have combined to lose about 25 pounds. The book is a real eye opener to all the food you consume in a day and helps you better "budget" the calories you consume in a day. It also has a few pages that gives you great health advice on how to succeed in your diet. We will definitely buy more after we have used them all! ...more info
  • I like it
    this is a handy little's compact and has just the right amount of space to log your food and columns for carbs, calories, protein, etc....easy to use...I recommend it....more info
  • Life Saver
    The calorie king calorie counter is wonderful . With a diary to keep track of my daily calorie, fat and carb intake i have lost 0 pounds in 4 week . This book is a great purchase and would recommend it highly . Amazon had it to my door step in 7 days and i started using it right away . It also keeps track of exercise and pedometer steps that you take daily . this is a wonderful companion to the calorie king fat and carb counter book also .I will continue to order my calorie diary from amazon every 10 weeks when my diary is full. Its so great i don't know what else to say about it . Thanks amazon. S.M...more info
  • Food Journal
    The Food Exercise Journal helps my clients keep track of how much and what they are eating. A great tool for weight loss and small enough to carry anywhere!...more info
  • Just a notebook
    I like the tips inside of this book, however, the pages to record things on are small,hard to write in it for me. I use Calorie King's calorie counting book almost daily. A personal journal works just as well for me....more info
  • Record your way to healthy living!
    What a great way to keep up with calories and watch the pounds melt away. No more wondering if you, ate healthy, exercised or may have that extra treat! Simply check your journal! ...more info
  • wonderfully EASY journal
    I've used many journals as I go through my weight loss journey. This one is by far the easiest to use and REMEMBER to use. It is concise and to the point. The size is also convenient. It fits in your purse or on your desk with no problem. ...more info
  • The Calorie King Food & Exercise Journal
    It was in perfect condition and came
    when the seller said it would. I was
    very pleased....more info
  • very effective
    I really like this tool. The only negetive thing I have to say has more to do with me than the book, but if you cook from scratch alot, like I do, be prepared to do ALOT of math. It delivers what it says it does. No more "calorie amnesia"!...more info
  • Best diet tool ever!!!
    I have been using the food and excersize journal for a year now and lost 30 lbs in just 4 months!! My brother who is 45 has lost 50 lbs. We both bought 5 of these to last one year because it is the best (all in one) way to keep yourself in check when trying to lose or maintain your weight loss. We highly reccomend investing in this journal for anyone struggling to lose weight....more info
  • Best Book By Far!
    I saw the book on the website and figured I'd give it a chance. I'd used spreadsheets in the past to keep track of calorie intakes but you don't often eat your meals at a computer so it was hard to remember to input everything I ate. This book is small so it goes everywhere with me, its easy to use and comes with instructions, helpful dieting tips, weekly overviews and a graph at the end to track your progress. I've been using it for just over 2 weeks now and have lost about 6lbs! Each day has its own page to track your calories eaten, calories burned during exercise, fat intake, glasses of water drank, and steps. There is also an optional carb/protein column if you are on a specific type of diet. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to loose weight. It keeps you accountable for what you put in your mouth and helps you manage how much you eat versus how much you work out.

    OH and one last thing, the last 4 pages or so gives you the calories and fat found in many common foods, so if you don't have the nutrition information available for you you can look it up in your book. The nutrition information section also features a page for fast food including mc donalds, wendys, subway and pizza hut among others....more info
  • Does the job, but a plain notebook would be just as good.
    Overall this book/journal does what it advertises - provides a convienant way to keep track of your food intake. I wish the front & back cover were a little more discreet though - I don't need everyone to know that I'm tracking my food intake!...more info


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