The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2009

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Need to lose weight? Have diabetes and need to track carb intake? Want to make healthier-more informed eating choices? Or just want to know what's in that Big Mac or your favorite Starbucks drink? If any of this sounds like you, this book is a must-have!

About the book:
- 200 fast food chains and restaurants - more than any other book of food counts
- 14,000 + food listings
- Nutrition Professionals and Consumers #1 choice for calorie, fat & carbohydrate counts
- Best researched, most up-to-date book of food counts available
- Unique listings - international, carnival & fair, movie theater, and food court foods
- Listings are color coded to make it quick and easy to find what youre looking for

Take control of your eating habits today with the newest edition of this perennial favorite!

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome help...
    This book has been awesome for both my father and myself. We're both diabetics and we use it several times a day. Best book for nutritional info bar none!...more info
  • Very pleased
    I had been unable to find this product in local stores and was so relieved when I found it online. My overall Amazon shopping experience was great....more info
  • Too much schmaltz!
    As other reviewers note, this little book will certainly "fit in a purse."
    If you carry one.
    However, this reviewer found the 2009 edition too full of cartoons, ads, and cutesy stuff; in a word, "minutiae."
    Spare us the colorful pictures (Do we not know what a banana split looks like? Are photos of Hawaiian pizzas truly helpful?), and insert useful information instead.
    Sgt. Joe Friday had a good point: "Just the facts, ma'am."
    Don't get suckered by this book. There are better online calorie and diet resources (and if you're reading this, you already know how to get online!)....more info
  • Outstanding Resource
    This book is so useful for those who have to watch their carb intake especially for medical reasons. This book is chalked full of useful information and even contains a wide variety of restaraunts and menus. Great resource!!!...more info
  • 2009 CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter
    I love the book. Each year I buy a new edition. I noticed one other reviewer said he wasn't a happy camper. I don't get it. The book has data I can't find anywhere else and the author is always adding something new and interesting. ...more info
  • A must have book
    This book is full of nutritional information. I am a diabetic and found a whole section for this subject. You will find dietary information for most of the chain restaurants i.e. TGI, Applebee's, Big Boys, etc). The only thing I see missing is the mg 0f sodium in the restaurant section. You will not be sorry you bought this book....more info
  • Calorie King Never Lets Me Down
    Excellent book... although it contains the same information from my 2004 copy at the beginning of the book, which is disappointing to me... it's the same down to the exact wording and images.
    The book does have more nutritional information for fast food and other similar dishes.
    I would have given it 4 and a 1/2 stars but that isn't an option... sorry calorie king! I recommend this book for everyone and everyone at work is getting one!...more info
  • Excellent Calorie Counting Book
    This sounds like many others, but I found it to be easy to use. It has specific brand guides but also generic guides to types of foods. Its small size is both good and bad if you're in the reading glasses ages but handier to carry around. Many helpful articles about healthful eating. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Compact - perfect!
    I purchased this book after joining the corresponding website. I decided I needed the book to carry along with me so I'd be able to make good food choices on the go - or bad ones and at least know how many calories I blew :). For the restaurants it includes, not every menu item is listed - the book would have to be much larger than that! But they do a good job of mentioning anything noteworthy - including some of the HIGH calorie items you'd probably want to steer clear from! I always check with this book if I'm caught eating out without advanced notice. Even if the restaurant I'm going ot isn't listed I can usually find something comparable to at least get an idea of what I am getting myself into. It is purse sized and I keep it with me all of the time! ...more info
  • Better without the restaurants
    Really a nice reference for calories including brand-name foods. What I don't like about the book is that almost half of it is a reference for restaurant foods. I live in upstate NY and about many of the restaurants are not in this area, so that portion of the book is a waste. ...more info
  • Very handy!!
    Very handy and fast way to count calories. Even includes fast food items. Pocket size easily fits in a purse. ...more info
  • Solid Guide
    I love this guide! It seemed to have everything I wanted to eat listed. Unfortunately, I need to be able to keep track of my protein intake as well and that isn't included with this book. If you're looking for more than calories, fat and carb counts, this won't quite do it for you. If all you are counting are those three things, this is one of the best you can buy. ...more info
  • Very Good
    Very easy book to use, index in the back links to all items. My wife is diabete and this is the easies book that we have found for looking up carbs.ect. Even fast food...more info
  • Nice little book
    Bought this for my hubby, everything is in name it, Burger Worlds & etc.!!!! I found it enlightening, I don't even know if he found the book itself!!! Haha!!!! Eat, eat, eat!!!
    Rozy...more info
  • Calories and fat no more
    great book, helpful for restaurants, eating out, great assist to my low fat lifestyle, thanks...more info
  • Excellent reference
    An excellent reference for those who need to keep track of calories and all mateers affecting diet and health. Sometimes a little confusing in the manner in which certain foods are categorized. Have been using for years, and just been the latest version....more info
  • The Calorieking Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2009
    New to the world of diabetes, this book is just what the dietitian ordered, literally. Carbohydrates fill everything I like to eat, with this book I now know just how much. A very tool providing guidelines for a balanced and healthy in take of what I like the most, food. It's a winner....more info


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