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  • got boring
    I used this video a couple times, but not enough to see results. The exercises are harder than they look, but what gets to me most is how Callan Pinkney talks and talks like she knows everything. What's funny is that she likes to correct people that are doing the moves wrong, supposedly. Another viewer mentioned how she liked to contradict herself, which I found to be true. She'll tell one of her students, "don't do it like this..." but in her super callanetics video her student does it and she doesn't say anything. I agree with another viewer that said "she likes to hear herself talk", and I also agree with another about the ab exercise which I can't even do because it hurts my neck also. Personally, I think it IS bad for your neck. I suppose this video is good for someone with an injury. Yes, it is 80ish and ballerina-ish. But after I while I got tired of hearing her talk and take forever to explain stuff. Want a no-nonsense video? Look elsewhere....more info
  • Toning done right
    I can only add that previous reviews not only helped me select this video, but also AFTER I purchased it-- I read these reviews and they helped me to understand specific things about this workout. I fully agree with somebody who said--don't focus on your form that much at the beginning-you will figure it out, how body wants and needs to stretch. Watching this video on mute produces better results for me, because I can concentrate better on stretching. There is no doubt about effectiveness of this video--you'll see....more info
  • Callan Pickney's Callanetics is wonderful!
    I love this video. I recommend it to anyone who wants to loses inches, become more flexible, and feel healthier without sweating and jumping around. I was amazed at how effective callanetics is. You can literally feel what muscels have been worked after your workout, ( my legs were shaking after my first one!) I feel leaner and walk straighter now.
    The best part about this video is that you only have to do it 2 times a week to see results. I have worked the twenty minute videos around the basic callanetics. Please try it, you will not regret it!...more info
  • Whoo hoo
    I had this tape 5 years ago in high school. Well my mom did and I used it =) The exercises were hard at first but the more I did it, the easier they got and I didn't realize how much they were helping me work muscles I didn't even know I had. Its best for toning but hte weight loss benefits are good too =)...more info
  • The Best!!
    This workout is the best. I started doing it in the mid 80's. I had been doing the tape for about four months before finding out I was pregnant. I did the workout all through out my pregnancy....even the abs! I know it helped me get right back into shape after the baby....five pregnancy's later at the age of 45 I have a flat youthful stomach!! ...more info
  • Simply the best for getting tight and here's the proof
    Okay here's the numbers from January 3rd to February 3 2006.
    January 3: Bust 35 Waist 28 Hips 38.5
    Febraury 3: Bust 32 Waist 25.5 Hips 35
    If you look that up in a clothing catalog I used Victorias secret
    that means I went down from an 8/10 to a 2/4. I have actually gotten a juniors size 3 up and zipped.
    I divded the workout into 2 days I did upper body and abs one day, lower body the next and continued to alternate. I walked 3 miles a day (Work and back) and watched total calories consumed.
    A co-worker and I were talking the other day. We're both the same height (under 5.5) I outweigh her by a good 7 pounds (120's)
    she's closer to an 8/10 and i'm not. The difference is the Callenetics. I've got a lot of videos I've tried and many have worked but as I get older, I don't want to work out with video after video. So it truly comes down to callanetics and walking. It's so simple after you learn the routine you don't even need the book or video so you can pass it on. It's no impact, designed for people with bad backs. Don't do it in front of small children though because you will cuss when your learning. On other thing try to resist the temption of jumping up and getting the tape measure because after every exercise you just know that you've lost inches. Oh If you can find a copy of the book, get it! Not only are the photographs an inspiration but also there's exercises included that are not in the video as well as a maintenance program that takes only 15 minutes a week....more info
  • Still one of the best.
    As a male, I've often switched over to exercise methods promoted as 'functional',(strength for grappling, etc.), but after using dozens of methods over the years, Callanetics still holds up as a great workout for anyone. Callan is a clear-spoken coach with an eye for the details that turn a good exercise into a great one....more info
  • Great workout video
    I love Callanetics! I am very athletic and have extremely musclular thighs, I always have since I was little. So I don't like to workout with weights at the gym that much because I start bulking up even when I am doing lots of cardio. Anyways I started swimming and doing Callanetics and yoga and I really have liked the result. I feel as if my legs look a lot leaner more like a dance than a body builder. I also like doing the quick calanetic tapes if you just want to work on one troublesome area. Although this tape is 80's style Its definitely a keeper. Just watch your form when performing the exercises! Hope this helped and you get to meet all your summer fitness goals. :)...more info
  • Get a rocking body and never move more than 1/4 inch
    I tried this tape 20 years ago and have purchased at least 8 over the years. I keep LOANING them out and never get them back so I have to keep buying more. I have now been without a tape for 2 years and it is time to buy another one.

    I am the owner of a web development firm in Florida, and never get a chance to do any exercises as I am too busy keeping clients happy. My health was going down and my back was killing me. The last time I did this exercise I dropped 4 inches from my waist and never worked up a sweat. I did not diet but used the tape daily for 6 weeks. At the time I worked at Nissan on the assembly line. Everyone kept saying have you lost weight you look different. I set up a group of us to work out everyday and EVERYONE lost inches. These exercises will open your eyes up to a new way of looking at your own body.

    I am now in my 50's and am excited to get back to using this tape ( after I buy yet another one since I did not get back the one I loaned out - you know who you are). Thank you Margaret Pinckney.

    ...more info
  • amazing
    i remembre first finding callanetics,about ten years ago,and i have to say after getting very big with each child,callan always brings me back to an amazing beautiful body.
    what does it take ?repetition,and hey repetition is the mother of skill.each time you practise it will feel different,as it works so very deeply.
    i wish everyone would have a go at just ten hours of callanetics,to realy witness the amazing changes within themselves,spiritually and physically.its meditation with movement....more info
    I have used this tape for many years now, and have had excellent results. After having two babies, both C-sections, I needed something that toned and reshaped my body. I would recommend this tape to everyone. You work at your own level until you get strong enough to follow the routine exactly. Absolutely wonderful. Results were showing in 2 weeks time....more info
  • Simple but Amazing
    I've done pilates off and on for the past six years. I've also done yoga regularly. However, neither of these have given me the rear end that I aspire to. I've done this callanetics program only four times and I can already tell a difference. The only down side to this is that she isn't as clear as I need her to be on where I should feel it when doing the rear end exercises. Regardless, given the results, I'm amazed this hasn't become as popular as Pilates.

    It seems kind of boring at first if you just watch it, but for me, when I focused on the movement and my muscles, it becomes anything but boring. Closest thing to magic I've found. And it's March, so just in time for that Bikini bottom! (I'm in my late 30s so this is a critical time for getting in shape - wish I'd had the patience for this when I was younger...)...more info
  • Make Callanetics a part of your total body fitness regime!
    I was first introduced to callanetics when I was 18 years old and ran across the book in a library. I was already pretty fit and I was at a stage where "slow and gentle" were not in my vocabulary. I did recognize, however, that the exercises were fantastic. I just didn't have the patience or motivation to stick to them because I already looked great and had youth on my side. Fast forward to age 23 and 230 lbs! I had gone through a serious bout with depression which I survived... (barely!) but my great body had not. I ran across the callanetic book that I had found in the library and ordered this tape. I feel that the super calletics tape is better done than the original callanetic tape. It has a better flow, showing you how to do all of the exercises at one time and then taking you completely through the workout without stopping. I prefered to fast forward the exercises that I was not, yet, strong enough to do.

    The results? I've been doing advanced bodyflex (40 breaths), callanetics, Protein Power (a protein rich diet), xenadrine and lots of water off and on since June of last year. I'm now 180 lbs and I've gone from a size 22 pants to a size 14/16! I've lost 4 inches off my upper abs, 4 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my lower abs, 5 inches off my hips and 3 inches off of each thigh. My original goal was incredibly aggressive, but after 45 days and 20 lbs I felt I needed a break. I then took a break of about 5 months in which I did not diet, exercise or take any supplements and lost 10 lbs just eating decently. I've lost the last 30 lbs since Christmas doing the full program, including a full hour of Callanetics every 2 days.

    Just thought I'd share my results and let you know that Callanetics can help you reach your goals!...more info

  • I Love Callanetics !!!
    I am 22 years old(5'2) and I have been carring weight from my 4 year old son for 3 years .Last year I lost 16 pounds buy walking every day for an hour and stoped eating after 7:00 pm .I am not over weight ( I was 125)now I am 109 and don't really want to loss any more weight but just tone up my body . I came across Callanetics while searching for ways to get fit for summer.I read so many great reviews that I had to try it. The exercises are great I have only done the exercises 3 hours .The first 2 hours I really had a had time geting my hip to roll for the hip and butt exercises ,but by the 3 hour I got it and I really felt worked out and my butt and hip were sore along with the rest of my body so I know now that I am doing them right .So it you can't get it right away just keep trying . I am going to start doing them 3 to 5 days a week along with walking from walk away the pounds for the next 2 months to get ready for summer . I will post again at the end of the 2 months to brag about how fit I am thanks to Callanetics ! Just try it you will love it and good luck ! ...more info
  • This really works
    I started this last year when I turned 40 and my body started to go, er, south -- cellulite and sagging where I had never had it before and a thicker waistline. Ugh. Anyway, I had heard very good things about Callanetics and decided to try it out. Within a few sessions, I actually saw and felt a difference. No other workout I've tried has ever given me such quick results. It's now my go-to whenever I feel the need to rachet up my workout and want to see quick(er) results. Most of the time, I forgo watching the video and do the ab series and thigh/tush series while watching TV. It's a great way to firm up while I catch up on my favorite shows or the news.

    - very quick results
    - firms up problem areas like, arms, hips, thighs, abs, and tush
    - core muscles feel stronger very quickly -- I don't just mean the abs
    - no need for a full hour to get the benefits of the workout. I usually break it up into segments to fit the excercises into my regular routine
    - no special equipment needed
    - really love how relaxed but refreshed I feel after I do the full hour

    - can get boring
    - production value is not good
    - I find Callan Pickney to be amusing/charming but others may find her (too) annoying
    - at first it's a little straining on the neck muscles
    - not a fat burning or cardiovascular routine! It's a muscle toning and low-impact routine
    ...more info
  • Callanetics
    Unbelievable and almost instant results! It's a little challenging at first, but it gets easier w/ time. (Hint: start w/ 25 reps and work up to the full 100.) This is a tape that will really take inches off QUICKLY in the right places, especially those stubborn spots in the hips, thighs and tummy. Combined w/ "The College Dorm Workout" (which I practice at 30-something w/ all the desired results and couldn't enjoy more), it's an unbeatable duo ... But why on earth anyone would want to pay $16.95 to $81 for a used copy when you can buy brand new copies at for $14.95 is complete mystery to me....more info
  • An oldie but a goodie...
    One of my fellow yoga-loving friends told me to borrow this tape from her, swearing that it totally worked your body in a completely different way. I borrowed it, not really considering its merits seriously. I already had a regular routine of running, weight lifting, and cross-training at the gym.

    Over Thanksgiving, I was locked in the house, so I finally had an opportunity to use it...and my friend was completely right! Callan's technique may be 20 years old, but it still works. So far, I have only used the tape twice, and it has helped tone muscles unlike anything I've ever done.

    At first you think, "what is with this 'deep muscle toning' stuff she's talking about?" But once you do the tape once, you get it. Through tiny, miniscule pulsating motions, each exercise works to tighten your muscles in a controlled way.

    The program begins with a yoga-like stretching warm-up. (When I got through this part, I thought the rest of the tape would be cake) THEN, there's the ab section...once you get through the first 50 of the 100 reps you do of the first exercise, you definitely FEEL something crunches don't make you feel. If you do the exercises properly, you don't strain your neck (like normal crunches). And, being an avid believer in crunches, I can say for certain that these TINY little movements made my abs cry for mercy like never before.

    The same goes for the leg and hip exercises. There is only one exercise in the warm-up that works out your arms, but if you do it correctly, you arms will GUARANTEED be sore the next day. Some of the other reviewers are right...some of the exercises have the potential to hurt your back, but if you do the exercises correctly (Callan urges you to not push yourself too hard) and regularly, you will see a difference and your body will get more used to the movements and postures.

    Only having done this tape twice, my regular crunches are already much easier, and my abs and legs feel more toned and strong. I have yet to see if I can actually lose weight doing this regularly (I feel I've hit a plateau with my normal routine), but I will not be a bit surprised if it happens.

    The routine is an hour long, but a good portion of the time is taken up with demonstrations of the exercises (including one section showing how you can perform some of the leg stretches on any piece of furniture -- a bit redundant) and time-lapse photographs of the improvements Callanetics can bring (meant to be motivating).

    I am definitely going to purchase this tape for myself and try Super Callanetics next. This old technique has found a new follower! :)...more info

  • Not very lively
    I bought this tape because it promised fast and lasting results in shaping the lower body. I tried it twice, but I could not do the whole workout, I got bored really fast. The exercises are good, they do not strain the back/neck area and they probably work, too. But I had a very hard time getting motivated to do this workout: everything is really slow, done in slow motion, there is no music (or none with a beat) and it just was not lively enough for me. It probably works well to be in a class doing this, but in front of my TV it was not very involving.
    I know this is my taste, and that's why I gave it 3 stars, because I do believe it to be a good form of exercise for those who have back pain or similar, and for people who hate high-impact workouts and so on; but I would definitely advise anyone who likes action-packed activities like Tae-Bo and kick-boxing to avoid this kind of excercise and go for something more exciting....more info
  • Still the best...almost 20 years later....
    Fitness fads come and go...but nothing is as effective as Callanetics. I have been doing this video off and on (more off than I'd like to) since the late 80's and I still shock myself at how amazing these tapes are. Honest to God-if I do the full video twice my co-workers will comment that I look like I'm losing weight. My roommate and I have been doing this tape 6 days a week for the last three weeks while maintaining a 1200-1500 calorie a day low-fat diet and we both have taken off inches from our problem areas and she has taken off 12 pounds and I have lost 17. Now of course we a being a bit gung-ho about this-and even Callan herself doesn't suggest doing the tape THAT much...but my point is that this tape will be of great assistance to you if you are trying to jump-start a health regimen. Good luck!...more info
  • Callanetics
    This is a great video!! The pictures you see of the results are true. I've done the program 10 times so far. I noticed results after the 2nd time. The great thing about this program is that your not getting bulky from it, instead it takes off inches. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get in shape....more info
  • best exercise tape for getting in shape FAST
    Callanetics is my all time favorite exercise routine. Everything that others have said is true - it really does work fast. So fast, in fact, that it almost seems too good to be true. Yes, the exercises are hard (they get easier over time as your body becomes stronger). They are slow movements (to someone else you might often appear to be hardly moving at all), but they are DEEP movements. And they show results faster than I have ever experienced from any other type of exercise. I think the tape describes the experience as: all of your muscles (especially abdomen, hips and thighs) "pulling up" together so your body becomes longer and leaner. It also claims in the book (if I'm remembering correctly) that one session of Callanetics will change your shape in the same way that 20 hours of aerobics will (the pictures in her book give examples of this, and they are amazing.) I believe it. I dropped 2 pants sizes in a month doing this routine. I'm not sure exactly how often the tape/book recommends doing the routine (I think 2-3 times per week in the beginning, and then once a week for maintenance). I've found if I need a jump start, however, that doing the tape every day or every other day in the beginning produces some amazing results. I give this routine my highest recommendation. If I could shout Callan's praise from the rooftops I would. If you are on the fence about buying this, stop hesitating and BUY IT. NOW. You will not regret it!...more info
    I bought the book in the 80s and then this video when it first came out. All I can say is: IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS.
    I'm happy to see that the price is even more affordable now (though at any price this is truly worth it because it will give you a new body). I urge anyone who wishes to transform their body to give this and all the Callanetics videos a try. I only wish that they will soon be available on DVD....more info
  • Good, bad and ugly
    Good: it is non-impact so if you are like me who don't like to jump around to get into shape, you will like this tape. Some of the exercises are very effective and challenging. Also good for people who are coming out of illness since there is no impact on joints.

    Bad: Neck, neck, neck! When I do ab workout, I don't know how to round my head towards chest without straining my neck...can somebody tell me? This is quite a pain.

    Ugly: BORING.....doing those subtle, small (1/2-1/4 inch) moves for 100 times is not easy as you might think. After doing Callanetics religious for a whole month, I got so bored of this tape. And there is no cardio workout in this routine.

    So? use this as a supplement to your regular cardio workout. Pulling your muscles internally is different than losing those extra fat. This will not move your bathroom scale, but measuring tapes....more info

  • It works
    I have done this workout in years past and found it to be a wonderful way to shape up whatever body you have. If you want to lose pounds, look elsewhere...this is not an aerobic workout, but it will definitely shape your butt up!...more info
  • Couldn't use...
    What I had not realized before purchasing (and perhaps should have) is that our American-made and used VCR is not compatable with this English version tape. I can't use the tape -- what a waste of money -- (unless there is someone out there can share how to make it compatable?)I'd be willing to give this 5 stars if I could just get it to work!...more info
  • Much easier than the book
    I had the book for years and could never get into the workout after countless attempts. The video makes it much easier to get through the entire work out. I could do without the "new agey" music and film style, but it's not that bad. The best feature is the counter. My main problem with this workout was loosing count when doing a 100 reps, and now I dont' have to worry about it....more info
  • Impressive results in 5 workouts
    I'm a 37 year old athlete and avid video fitness junkie- mother of three. After this year's long softball season ended, I looked for a video that would give my muscles a break from the weights,intervals and other conditioning routines I've used from my FIRM and Voight videos. I looked for an anaerobic workout which would allow my muscles (and aching knees!) to heal. I tried and hated Pilates. I switched from outdoor running to treadmill walking and started the Callanetics program. It's been just over 3 weeks and at 3X / week, I can't believe my body! Even though I'm at an appropriate weight, (BMI is 22.7), I always felt like when I reach my best in season condition, I have sausage-looking legs and lumpy muscles in my arms. I'm watching the change slowly happen. My bulky quad/thigh muscles are becoming smooth. My calf, hams, and glut muscles are starting to look so nice. I can't imagine that I'll ever get there, but the program promises a long, smooth dancer physique. It's looking promising! Those round muscles in my arms? They feel like they're actually stretching. These are the things I can warn you about: It's not a hard workout in that I'm not tired during or after the workout. You'll have to position yourself and repetitively move one body part isometrically (small 1/4 inch moves). You are warned not to move to the point of straining. I don't. I figure I have all winter to stretch these muscles out. HOWEVER, I feel more "all over", deep tissue sensation for DAYS after a workout. Much more that I do with many reps of light weights! It's not pain, but I feel it! Within a week, I was measurably more flexible as well. What a great feeling!
    I do not hesitate to recommend this workout as part of a well rounded fitness program. It is impressive in its ability to provide safe sculpting, even for those of us in athletic rehab, so to speak. It should be alternated with a good 30 minute aerobic program. ...more info
  • The most effective shaping
    Why didn't anybody tell me about this system when it first came out back in the Stone Age? I'm a workout video/DVD addict, and I actually like working out. But darn it, I want results. I enjoy all kinds of exercise, and I'm not throwing my other videos out, but I'm making Callanetics (and Bar Method, which is similar) my basic workout. Nothing gives you great results faster, and they're the kind of results you want -- a dancer's body and a bulletproof [...]. Callanetics is toning only, so you'll still need aerobics (I recommend Yoga Booty Ballet for maximum fun). I only wish I'd found Callanetics back when it first came out....more info
  • Amazing results
    I have been introduced to callanetics 10 years ago. I used the book with the same title and I actually did see amazing results. Unfortunately, I was not able to maintain it through the years. It's good that I was able to get hold of this video. Reading the book helps in executing the movements but seeing the video helped me more. This time around, I am making sure that I keep the habit of doing callanetics. I know that in a matter of hours, I will have a firm and tight body....more info
    i think i am the only one that HATED this video. after reading all the reviews i was sooo excited and rushed out to get it. HOWEVER,i just could not figure out how to do the excersises! it was soo confusing, frusterating, and the most boring workout ive ever had in my life. also, the instructer just got on my nerves, she was so annoying.

    this is probably just me, as judging from all the other reviews no one else had this problem, but check it out from your local library and see if you can do it before you buy it. just be prepared to be bored out of your mind!...more info
  • BEST . . . WORK OUT EVER!!
    I have been a dedicated Callanetics fan for over 10 yrs. I must admit I was skeptical in the beginning but it works fast and good. Gets rid of cellulite and flattens that belly fast. I have three kids and when I need to tighten things up quick I pop in my tape. This tape has been borrowed by several of my friends who are also lifelong troopers like myself of this unique technique. Callan is absolutely wonderful in giving details doing the motions, what not to do and different variations for all levels. If you are the type that likes a Cardio work out you may be resistant to change. I highly recommend at least purchasing the "Callanetics" tape and add on as you wish. The deep muscle work outs are obvious the moment you began and you may think that something that looks so easy really works you out that well, it does!!! My tape has been truly used consistantly over the past ten years and hopefully for another ten more. Try it I promise that you will not be disappointed. I looked better after I had my 2nd daughter using the tape then I did before I had her, go figure.. Buy the tape.....more info
  • Callanetics-exercise tape
    This tape is great. It is a quick detailed workout with fast results. I just love it....more info
  • post partum exercise
    i purchased this tape prior to my delivery as i knew that i wouldnt be able to go to the gym for my regular workouts. three weeks after giving birth ( i had a caesarean delivery) upon the advice of my best friend who is a callanetics instructor, i started exercising. i noticed immediately that my obliques were more pronounced. slowly my tummy was getting smaller. however i stopped doing callanetics as my baby was eating up all my time. my baby is now 9 months and i started doing callanetics again. after 3 days people noticed that i lost weight and inches. this really encouraged me so now i do it daily! i read at that one hour of callanetics is equal to 20 hours of aerobics. yes that is absolutely true. this exercise lengthens muscles and makes you look leaner and taller. it improves posture and the new age music relaxes your mind....more info
  • Amazing stuff
    A friend lent me this video, and after 2 sessions, I had to have it myself! Some of the exercises are difficult at first (for the hip exercises, your leg really does feel "nailed to the floor"), but as I got stronger, it became very easy, but I still knew I had quite a workout when I was done. And what a difference you'll see and feel! My size 13 jeans have since gone to the donation box, and I'm wearing a size 7!...more info
  • Great for Bad Backs!
    I am a therapist and have my own back problems, and let me tell you, this book, and the tape/cd you can order with it, are amazing. Helps you easily whittle away at your problem areas, you don't work up a huge sweat (which I like!) it's gentle for back pain sufferers, strengthens your core ab muscles and allows you to have a stronger, healthier back, better posture and a slammin figure! Callan is an amazing woman as well....more info
  • A must, more so for men !!!
    I was typical of many men. Good cardiovascular shape, flexible as an old tree.. as I got into my 40's my total lack of flexibility was starting to hurt and impede even daily chores. Did I say tie your shoelaces?

    Anyway - been working with my wife for the last year, 3-4 sessions per week The first 2-3 months were brutal, but now I'm in dreamland. People meet me and are shocked. I can reach the floor with straight legs. I can sit cross-legged! My running has improved as well; it's easy for me to increase my stride.

    So, men, get it!!! Or get lessons, I don't care. But do it. Insist on good form over number of reps, this will come naturally. It will be harder if you are alone and no one is there to make sure you are doing it right. Do not try to follow her pace if its too fast, this will also become easier as you become better.

    And a huge bonus - you won't believe what it does to your sex life. If both you and spouse get into it, you can drop the fancy counselor and start enjoying each other like you were never able to... again, be patient!...more info

  • Callanetics is Awesome for your figure!!!!!
    I first used this tape when I was only 14 and now I'm 31 and anytime I want to get in shape quick, I come back to it. Sure its a little boring but you can always listen to music once you master the exercises. I did the exercises 3x a week and my husband took pictures of me every week during my use of the tape and the results were simply amazing. Stick with this tape for one month and you wont believe how your body changes!!!! ...more info
  • Hoping it will cure my thigh jiggle
    I purchased this video in June 2002, and cause of various reasons never stuck to it, I figured that being overweight there was no way I'd see results as good as was shown in the photos on the video so I figured why try?
    But now I decided that I will do it every other day (and a short aerobics video days I don't do Callanetics if I have time) and see what results I can get at 10 hours (where it says you will look ten years younger) and 19 hours (like the example of her student Jean who looked better in 19 hours). If I don't miss any days November 15 will be when my 19th hour will be finished, I will update my review then.
    I have been having some trouble trying to use the stuff in my dorm room, like I use my bed for hips and behind cause it is high, but not a hard surface like a bar, and my chair is not very sturdy for the leg stuff, but I feel as if I keep trying I can figure out a way to make it work. I have been having a hard time relaxing, and feel when I do I can get more from the exercises. But I do feel it very much, the ripple in the stomach is like nothing I have ever felt before.
    For those of you who had flabby legs, not big, I mean JIGGLAY and FLABAY did they improve with Callanetics or did you diet and do lots of aerobics as well?
    Overall I would suggest giving it a try =)...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is for any level because she suggests you go at your own pace. You'll be sore a day or two after. I just bought this tape and love it already....more info
  • Very bad exercises from an uneducated woman
    This video strained:
    -My neck with the ab work
    -My back with the leg work
    -My knees with the pelvic work
    I didnt get any kind of workout and was bored and in pain(above strains)throughout the whole video. It is obvious she doesnt have any "degrees" in fitness because if she were at all knowledgable in this field, she wouldn't have you bouncing in your stretches as well as putting your body and joints at risk....more info
  • The instructor is annoying BUT.....
    She is right. If you do this three times a week every week for one month, you will DEFINITELY see improvements. In just two weeks I lost 3 inches around my waist. That is a big deal to me. It is difficult at first to do some of the moves, but it is zero impact, and isolates target problem areas (we all know what those are) and helps improve them tremendously. I was a size 16, and am now down to a comfortable 12. I did not change my eating habits or anything else about how I do things to accomplish this. I only used this video along with my regular routine of once in a while doing one of my other videos. I was not committed to doing these regularly, I do this one every week!!!...more info
  • Take your time and keep doing it!
    I did callanetics at a gym about 6 years ago, and I remember dropping 1 dress size after only one month. Then life got in the way and I stopped doing it. When I saw this tape on Amazon, I had to buy it. I've been doing the tape for the past 2 weeks, and I have to tell you, I can feel my body getting firmer and more flexible. The exercises are hard, so don't let Callan's soft tone and slow pace fool you. Take your time and don't be discouraged. Some reviews complained about how boring the music and Callan are. I turn the radio on in the background while I do the tape to alleviate that problem. Slow and steady wins the race. Take your time, keep the right form, and you'll be fine. ...more info
  • Keep coming back to this one!
    I was 16 in 1986 when I was first introduced to Callanetics. Over the last 20 years I have done my share of Tae Bo, Aerobic traing, running, and weight training. However, I can trully say that Callenetics gives you by far the fastest results. This has always motivated me when I've been in an exercise rut. Combining deep muscle positions and tiny prescise and powerful movements is the key to its success. The best part is that it is a "no impact" exercise, so it is great for people with back injuries (See Callanetics web site) But let me warn you, its a killer!!!! Until you master the positions, you will scream out loud!! And you will see and feel instant results. Try it, you will not be sorry. Combine this with some cardio and some yoga and you will feel increadible in just days!! Honestly...more info
  • Callanetics
    This book has changed my life. It is easy to read and understand. Also easy to follow. The exercises are low impact and results can be seen almost immediately....more info
  • astonishing!
    Before ordering this video, I did my research to find excellent reviews and high ratings for Callanetics but I never really found before/after photos, which are usually a big inspiration for me. I wanted to know how it worked, how it felt, did you look different after one hour? So, for the sake of everyone else out there like me, I had to write regarding the questions that weighed on my mind. I found repetitive statements everywhere and I wanted to add information that I was curious about but could not find. So here goes:

    The Callanetics video itself is dated. 1986 I do believe is the original publishing date. There is no fancy stage production, no fancy clothes and extremely low key, soft, meditative music. I am not thrown off by this and as long as I enjoy something, it does not matter to me. I have always done Pilates and instead of giving me energy afterwards, I was usually so relaxed I would go straight to bed. I can tell that this video will do the same for me. I take time for myself and let myself relax... as this is also highly recommended by the instructor herself, Callan Pickney.

    Callan Pickney is very patient, demonstrative and informative. She does not begin an exercise without thorough explanation and is constantly giving advice as to how to perform better or what exactly to avoid. Her voice is very soft and soothing. There are no harsh tones or words from her, only encouragement.

    The exercises are not hard, just a little time consuming. Concentration is a must as the most movement required from Callanetics is a little stretching and only an inch or less movement in every pose! Hard to believe, right? You will feel it. If you enjoy stretching and relaxing, this video is a MUST for your collection. I have done Pilates for years and the feeling I receive from Callanetics is so much more amazing. If you have had some kind of success with flexibility exercise (pilates, yoga, tai chi, etc) you will very much appreciate the flexibility you already possess!

    Callan recommends following this video three times a week. (Day after day callenetic activity could tire your muscles..they need their rest to!) She claims you will have a tighter body at the end of ten hours of Callanetics (ten hours is following the video ten times). I did not see a difference after one hour (I have heard you will see it in two hours) but I could DEFINITELY feel it and I am anxiously awaiting the results.

    MY SITUATION (if you really care)
    I have never really had a weight problem, but during college I found a few extra pounds and (YIKES!) the beginning of cellulite. I can live without both--and would pay GOOD money to live without both! I watch my diet very carefully and do not exercise with heavy weights. I have always done Pilates, even before the craze hit and I had a nice little taut and toned body. Callanetics is often recommend instead of Pilates for a long and lean look.

    Callanetics is for every age and every body type because when you begin you start at YOUR OWN PACE! Bend your knees if necessary, do ten if that is all you can do, stretch as far as you can without hurting yourself. Callan makes you feel really comfortable and not inadequate like other workout videos have a tendency to do. Do not push yourself and in the end you will be able to do more than you have ever expected out of yourself.

    Good Luck! :)

    ...more info
  • Good workout for anyone who has not exercised in a while
    This routine was fairly good. I did not stick to it because of my very busy schedule, so I started with the AM/PM version; however, you can feel the results from these exercises.

    It is extremely useful for stretching the back muscles and the exercises leave you feeling refreshed.

    The workout is worth a try....more info

  • impressive
    I purchased this tape after years of putting on poundage from 2 children.I love this workout.When you first start the tape,it seems sort of cheesy and "easy"and you think,"how can i get a real workout doing this",but 5 minutes into it,you can feel the heat in your muscles.When Callan says you will use muscles you have never used,She is RIGHT!Even after one use of this tape,you will feel it for days,and my husband noticed the change in my arms alone,that same day,at the dinner table.I think its important to use a total body approach,in other words,if you are looking to lose weight,this is helpful but you still need to do cardio with and without weights atleast a few days a week(I use the "firm"),and on your "off" days to use this or another yoga type tape.It keeps you from getting bulky,its very relaxing,and it WILL give you a strong dancer like body.YOu dont have to be a contortionist like some other tapes)I've only been working out about a month and a half,and with this approach,have lost 10plus pounds and i am NOT starving myself or using any pills.!!! Its a waste of money and very unsafe.(by the way,i have tried them)Use the money instead on a few videos to keep yourself from getting bored,and on some good healthy food.Keep your fat grams to 20-30 a day and you will melt fat like you have never before!I dont obsess about carbs either because low carb can mean more fat.!Learn to read labels and dont be a slave to them.Change your cooking and eating habits,use 3 tbsp of water instead of butter in noodle packets for example.Look at the fat grams and serving size on your favorite salad dressing and you will chuck it in the trash really quick.!Goodluck.!!!!!...more info
  • The best!
    Callan is the best! I did this 15 years ago and now I turned 40 and tried again, forgot how hard. Got my 75 year old mom on this she has no more back pain, when Callan says "my mother couldnt do these at first, but now she does them with ease" it is exactly my mother.... easy on joints and back and works like magic. Just like anything else though, you have to DO IT!...more info
  • The only aerobics you'll ever need
    I'm one of those people who have used Callanetics off and on since about 1988. It's the ONLY tape I recommend to anyone. In fact, I always keep several on hand to give away. The difference it makes in your looks and flexibility is amazing--and yes, it is hard. Hard to get some of the positions correct; however stick with it! I'm 48 and have been away from it too long, and am now committed to 3 times a week, with 20 minutes of cardio the other 3 days, and I take one day off (I've never done it 6 days a week like some others--hmmmmm........might be something there!) It does the same with the endorphins and--I don't know what to say than GET IT. You'll never regret it....more info
  • Not as good as Super or AM/PM Callanetics!
    I have been doing AM/PM Callanetics on and off for several years (when it's on, I look great, when it's off.... I find myself deciding to get back on!!). I recently purchased this one to add to my collection, and am disappointed.

    There are very few exercises included here that are not in the AM/PM Callanetics tape. This one is considerably older, but I did not find the production itself to be distracting. What IS distracting is that I don't find Callan and her exercisers to be as precise as they are in the later tapes. While she SAYS to go only one quarter to one half inch with each exercise, that is not always what appears on the screen. I do not find the instruction here to be as clear or detailed as on the AM/PM tape, and I don't see as much room to grow here as with the Super Callanetics tape.

    I suggest that people instead purchase the AM/PM Callanetics tape and the Super Callanetics tape. The AM/PM is great for learning the moves, gaining strength and flexibility, and as a quick exercise program when you're rushed (20 minutes AM and PM). Super Callanetics has some additional exercises that really work you well, and it's a 70 minute program. It also gives you a way to grow - once AM/PM isn't hard enough, there's TONS of space to get stronger and better using Super Callanetics....more info

  • This workout really works! i'm impressed!
    I am amazed at how fast this works. I have done the workout 10Xs, but not consecutively. I expected there to be no results. I was wrong! My legs have slimmed down and i am able to fit in some clothes that I couldn't fit in before. I don't have a diet or am I a skinny woman. I'm severely overweight and now am back on track on getting back into shape. Thanks Callan for making fitness available for the less fit. I worked at my own pace and got results. If I can do it overweight, anyone can. Don't let the old 80s look fool you....more info
  • Don't be fooled by the dated look of this great workout!
    Your first impression of this video will probably be that it looks out-of-date: the set, clothes, and even instructor Callan herself all scream 1980s. If you can get past that, however, you will find that this tape still offers a great workout for today's exercisers. Callan's method can be compared to traditional ballet barre work, Pilates, Lotte Berk, and even yoga, and in fact it borrows a little from each of these areas. The focus is on very small movements--often just 1-2 inches--combined with a high number of repetitions--sometimes up to 100.

    Callan begins the workout with standing stretches, with the first one looking a little like yoga's sun salutations. Also included in this section area side stretches and an arm stretch that you will definitely feel in your triceps for days afterward. Next, Callan moves to the floor for several exercises for the "stomach"--what's now more commonly referred to as abs work. These exercises are very similar to Pilates, with the first and last in particular being almost exactly like "The Hundred," a traditional first Pilates exercise. Unlike in Pilates, however, Callan instructs her students NOT to pull in their stomachs, which goes against the emphasis in Pilates to keep a firm midsection. These exercises are also quite strenuous on the neck, but at the end of the tape, there is a note that the hands can be kept behind the head if needed to support the neck.

    Following this, it's back to standing exercises using a ballet barre. A sturdy, high-backed chair can be substituted here (which is what I used), but Callan also shows how even a low piece of furniture would work. This series includes stretches for the legs and hips and then further standing work for the thighs and buttocks. Following this, Callan returns to the floor, and (still using the bar), does several additional moves for the hips and buttocks. The workout ends with several forward-bend type stretches as well as a few more strenuous moves for the pelvis.

    Callan is a supportive teacher who is constantly instructing you to only do what you can without pushing your body too much. She gently corrects her students on the proper form while also offering motivating comments about their progress. This classic program offers a nice change from today's exercise videos; at the end of the workout, you will likely feel long, lithe, and very proud of yourself....more info

  • Not good
    Lots of complicated stretching in awkward positions, neck strain and instructions that don't seem to make much sense other than to the instructor. Have not yet found a video better than the terribly cheesy but effective "Buns of Steel" (the original, with Greg Smithey)....more info
  • The Only One that REALLY works!
    There are many reviews already on the details of what this tape is all about, so I won't repeat what they've already said, BUT what IS worth repeating is how amazing these exercises really are! Yes, they can be difficult at first,(especially those pelvic rotations!) but they do become easier after the first few times and best of all, they really work. You will actually see a difference in your figure after the first few hours. I have gone from a tight size 14 to a loose/baggy size 12 in just 9 weeks. Best of all,I feel much better, my posture is better and I have less tension in my neck and shoulders. (I sit at a desk/computer a good part of my day).
    If there is one thing I wish there were more emphasis on it would be the stomach exercises. I would like to have had more of them, but I have been using this tape on and off since it first came out in the 80's and I can tell you from experience that if you learn how to do the moves correctly and don't force yourself to do more than your body is able to do, you WILL have a very strong, lean, tight body. I look forward to having mine back again and I feel that I'm well on my way.
    This tape is absolutely worth the time and money that you will spend and best of all, IT REALLY WORKS!...more info


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