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You know those movies that seemed really, really awesome when you were a teenager? Then, when you saw them again as a adult, you recognized them for the romantic dreck they always were? Mahogany exemplifies the breed. Made in 1975, Mahogany is mired in tedious melodrama that is not enhanced by a predictable and sexist ending. Diana Ross, a poverty-stricken young woman, pulls herself up by her camisole straps until she is at the top of the fashion world. Along the way she meets terrible people who want to use her. They break her heart. She has trouble bouncing back. One of those troubled people who seem to flock to Ross's unstable character is a deranged photographer, played with wild abandonment by Anthony Perkins. His psychotic performance gives this film its only energy. Ross remains unfulfilled until she finds love with inappropriate Billy Dee Williams, who shows none of his usual charisma. --Rochelle O'Gorman

Customer Reviews:

  • A Tender Love Story
    Mahoghany was a classic love story. Diana Ross did an excellent job portraying Tracey Chambers. I personally feel inspired by this movie because of the soundtrack's title song "Do you know where you're going to" and this song has helped me through tough times in my life. I guess that's why I love the film so much. The story line was a little weary at times but there is drama and of course romance. I loved the music played throughout the film, it was very chic. Overall if you Love Fashion as I do, you'll love Mahoghany...more info
  • Just As I Remember It
    The DVD version of MAHOGANY was just as I remember when I first saw it back in 1976. It would have been nice if they had some outtakes or a documentary of how the movie was developed and made. It would also have been nice to see the sketches of the garments that Diana Ross designed for the movie. I am happy to say that this movie was the catalyst for my career as a Fashion Designer....more info
  • Lady sews the Blues...
    It has been many years since I first saw Mahogany at its initial movie release in 1975. I must admit I enjoyed it this original story of a young ghetto lass with aspirations of designing haute couture for the rich & famous. Diana Ross was then at the zenith of her career no doubt wanting to extend her craft and try out new avenues in her profession. To some extent she succeeded especially with Lady sings the blues. No doubt Halle Berry will come out with her version in the future. Mahogany I am glad to say has dated well. Produced at a time when black american awareness was only just starting it offers us an unstereotypical view of life then. Diana Ross does a good portrayal as Tracey, the aspiring talented designer looking for an opportunity to break out of the class prejudice life had thrust upon her. In a way black women had it even harder back then, wanting equality not only for their race but for their gender as well. Black men are notoriously sexist in that respect. But I digress. Ross does her best work during scenes with Billy Dee Williams character Brian. The idealistic young politician who wants her to give everything up for him. Sound familiar. The chemistry on screen was quite believable that one would wonder what was really going on behind the scenes. Oh well. The costumes and dresses were stunningly gorgeous and designed by miss Ross herself. Hows that for multi talented. The romantic ending following the rally at the end was predictable but touching all the same. Shame the Lady hasnt made any films for a while. Guess its hard top this one....more info
  • Excellent
    I absolutely love this movie. It is definitely a keepsake. Oh and the price was just lovely. Amazon is the place to purchase DVDs....more info
  • Diana Strikes a Pose
    A mere five years into her solo career, Diana Ross propelled herself into the high camp stratosphere with "Mahogany" (1975). This hyperglamorous star vehicle is the type they used to make for Joan Crawford or Lana Turner; sort of an urban Ross Hunter production. The costumes (all designed by Ross herself) veer between the gloriously tacky and the lushly beautiful. Camp fabulousness aside, Ross actually gives a rather good performance; she has always been a natural acting talent who comes across as extremely likable and charismatic onscreen....more info
  • entertaining
    this movie for the most part is pure entertainment. it has its drama, it has its love story, and it has its point to be made....more info
  • Mahogany is not a musical, it's a drama...
    I generally read reviews for items I want, not items I own, but for some reason, I read some of the Mahogany reviews.

    Someone referred to this movie as a musical, but it's not. It's an interesting drama. It is the "rags" to riches story. I put quotations around "rags" because, truly, Tracey Chambers was not in rags, she was just in the wrong line of work.

    She did become a fashion model, but along the way, fell in love with a politician and the crux of the movie is the struggle for her to gain her own career and not become the silent supporter of her man's career.

    In the end, she chose to come home and be with her man because she realized that "success means nothing if you have no one to share it with" which is what Brian, her man, says to her.

    This is one of my favorite movies, but also a movie that pisses me off because Brian, the politician, spends a lot of time demeaning Tracey's choice of work and her career ambition, only to tell her that his job is more meaningful.

    ...more info
  • A good diva film
    This film was probably the last of Diana Ross' good film. It made her look like a grand diva. I was impressed that she designed all of the gowns in the film. Great supporting cast of Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Perkins....more info
  • enjoy it for what it's worth
    Mahogany tells the story of Tracy Chambers (Diana Ross), a young woman from the Chicago ghetto who dreams endlessly of being a world-renowned fashion designer. The men in Tracy's life bolster Diana Ross as the film's leading actress. Far from being the perfect Ross vehicle I remembered it to be, when I watched this film this afternoon once again after many years, I found it somewhat superficial--even when showing Tracy's on-again off-again romance with political activist Brian Walker (Billy Dee Williams).

    The action starts when Tracy is working in a department store--going nowhere fast. By luck she is noticed by famous and influential fashion photographer Sean McAvoy (Anthony Perkins). After some twists and turns in the plot, most of which serve only to extend the movie's running length, Tracy is fired from the store and she decides to join Sean McAvoy in Rome to be a designer instead of staying with the man who really loves her, Brian Walker.

    Unfortunately for Tracy, the minute she arrives in Rome trouble slowly but surely creeps into her life. McAvoy is a callous brute who names his models after inanimate objects to depersonalize his relationship with them. Sean's insecurity and insanity also slowly begins to show: Sean slashes pictures of his last greatest fashion model and he becomes desperate to prove his manhood to Tracy. When Brian loses the election for Alderman back in Chicago, he tries to join Tracy in Rome and live her lifestyle without much success.

    Of course, there is much more to the plot. Tracy (Mahogany) takes a big chance and wears her own fashion creation instead of the dress she was to wear at a major fashion show. What happens next provides some meat to the skimpy plot. The wealthy fashion--and women--loving Christian Rosetti (Jean-Pierre Aumont) enters Mahogany's life.

    How will this change Sean's relationship with Tracy? Will Sean and Brian get along when Brian arrives in Rome to try to share life with Tracy on her terms? How far with Christian go to help Mahogany? What does Christian want from Mahogany? Why is he so interested in her? No spoilers here, folks--you'll have to watch the movie to find out the answers to these questions including the big question as to how the story finally ends.

    The choreography works wonders for the fashion show scenes and the scenes in the department store early on in the film are thoughtfully presented. The excellent cinematography really shows in the car racing scene and the scenes in which Sean McAvoy takes seemingly endless photos of Mahogany.

    Overall, this film is just about as pure 1970s "lite fare" love story as you're ever going to get. I agree with some reviewers who write that the film could have been shortened a few minutes here and there to make it tighter and better. I highly recommend this film for fans of Diana Ross; and people who like fairy tale type love stories in a modern day setting will enjoy this film, too. It may not be the best flick I've ever seen; but Mahogany pulls its weight without creaking--at least not too loudly.

    Three and one half stars.
    ...more info
  • A Must for Ross Fans...Others Approach With Caution
    "Mahogany" is a must for Diana Ross fans. She looks great, acts well, and even demonstrates a diva fit. The other Amazon reviews clearly show the excitment this film generates among Diana Ross fans.

    It's the story of a young woman who wants to break out of a Chicago ghetto by becoming a successful fashion designer. Diana actually designed the clothes...(let's just call them "high fashion"). The character quickly breaks out of the ghetto by becoming a highly successful fashion model, via some pretty freak breaks.

    But she still wants to be a designer. And what about the man she left behind? Does she turn her back on him, and try to live out her dream of designing, accompanied by several men that adore her in the fashion world? Well, you just have to watch the movie to find out.

    Sounds hokey? You got it. Along the way there are extended montages of Diana. Left with a hokey script that takes itself very seriously and shots of Diana, Diana, sometimes becomes camp and has become a successful entry in that genre.

    The movie would have worked better with a soundtrack that had more vocals by Diana Ross, and been an extended music video movie, simliar to "FlashDance". But the powers that be wanted Diana to rely on acting only, with no singing. . After this, Diana played "Dorothy", in "The Wiz". Great talent, poor choices.

    Update: Maybe Diana's fashions were just ahead of her time. A review from a recent fashion show in LA, said, "The day's other big show was from Kevan Hall, who took inspiration from "Mahogany," Berry Gordy's deliciously cheesy 1975 film. , Hall captured the 1970s look that's all over the streets now.."
    Harumph..who knew?...more info
  • good film
    i really enjoyed the Chemistry between Diana Ross&Billy Dee Williams.the story-line is so-so at times but this film has a timeless quality about it.Anthony Perkins is pretty convincing.i love the line that Success is nothing without someone to share it with.and it was also great to see BLACK LOVE on film.MAD PROPS to BERRY GORDY....more info
  • Just As I Remember It
    The DVD version of MAHOGANY was just as I remember when I first saw it back in 1976. It would have been nice if they had some outtakes or a documentary of how the movie was developed and made. It would also have been nice to see the sketches of the garments that Diana Ross designed for the movie. I am happy to say that this movie was the catalyst for my career as a Fashion Designer....more info
  • Tracy Chambers could not look any better
    I loved this movie when it first came out, and love it now, not because of its great performances, because Diana Ross, had given previously an Oscar winner performance in Lady Sings The Blues and this one was not by far close to it, but it was Diana Ross, we wanted to see her larger than life, the clothe, the fabulous european sceneries, and not to mention the background music, which includes the Theme from Mahagony " Do you know where you going to". I remember the lines at the theaters just to see DIANA ROSS. If you are a collector of DVDs and a fan, this you must buy....more info
    Even though Diana Ross didn't do that many movies, the ones she has done are classics! I hope 'Out of Darkness' comes out on DVD. I might do a backflip on that one!...more info
  • Sweet 70's
    Diana Ross is a true Diva. I loved the film: it has romance, drama, and politics all rolled into a theme of one woman's quest for success. It's especially nice to see Black love portrayed in a movie. So what if the storyline is a bit unbelievable -- so are a lot of other movies. It's fantasy, not reality folks!...more info
  • As Much Drama Behind The Scenes As In The Script
    After the fabulous Lady Sings the Blues, the next lead role for Diana Ross would prove to be quite difficult, if not impossible. And then add the drama surrounding Berry Gordy and the directing of Mahogany, it is ultimately the professionalism of the cast that kept the project from completely falling apart.

    The movie was produced by Motown Records and released in 1975 by Paramount Pictures to mostly very critical reviews in the media. One joke back in the day was the highlight of the film was the song, Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To), which actually claimed the number one slot on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1976. The movie received one 1976 Academy Award nomination, for Best Music, Original Score.

    Perhaps the person who was cast incorrectly for a role was Gordy as director, who replaced Tony Richardson, after reports of the timeless cinema tug-of-war, creative differences. Gordy also reportedly had spats with Ross, which may have been as much personal as professional. Ross ultimately left the production before filming was completed.

    Through all the turmoil, Ross turns in an admirable performance as Tracy/Mahogany, who puts herself through fashion school with the goal of being one of the world's top designers. But Tracy's beauty and ambition carries its own series of heavy burdens. As the line on the original movie poster reads, "Mahogany: the woman every woman wants to be - and every man wants to have."

    Ross proved to be a talent for design, as she created some of the costumes for the fashion show sequence. Billy Dee Williams (Brian) and Anthony Perkins (Sean McAvoy) are great in their roles.

    But the film did not have the typical creative energy from the director to the cast. Gordy was cutting the check - and Motown Records had a lot riding on Ross as a recording/movie superstar - but his ego-infused meddling ultimately destroyed what could have been a classic film with a variation of the timeless theme concerning a person reaching for the stars and achieving success against incredible odds.

    ...more info
  • Why must we wait so long ... Do you know ?
    "Success is nothing without somebody you love to share it with" says Brian to Tracy ... Well, many Diana Ross fans around the world were desperately waiting for this DVD to share her second movie success !...more info
  • Good but not Great
    I thought that Diana's performance in this movie was good, it wasn't great. I would have love to seen the other characters in the movie reaction to her success. How did Diana's(Tracy's) character discover her love of fashion, why did the film not bring her success to America. None the less, the movie was good not great....more info
  • Chinese Food
    That Kabuki Finale made me go to the fridge, grab the bottle of Soy Sauce and sprinkle the screen. Then I ordered Chinese Food and when the delivery guy came to the door with the wrong order I said 'NO!! NO!!! ( clap hands, snap fingers ) and don't give me any of that No CAPISH CRAP!!!!...more info
  • Mahogany
    My only dissapointment is that this and the other movies that I am interested in are not on DVD. As for the movie it is well worth 5 stars....more info
  • Wonderful Masterpiece by Berry Gordy
    Mahogany is a Wonderul black love story of a woman raised in Chicago's inner city ghetto (Diana Ross). She has dreams and aspirations of becoming a fashion designer and eventually achieves that goal. But when she leaves home to go to Rome to claim her fame as a model she learns that it's lonely at the top and she starts to miss home and her one true love (Billy Dee Williams) who she's forsaken. The movie has a great moral to the story simply put by Billy Dee Williams, "Sucess is nothing without someone to share it with". This was a great performance by both actors including Anthony Perkins....more info
    This is a super camp movie because of the incredibly implausible script. However, it is also incredibly entertaining with a wonderful musical score. Diana Ross looks gorgeous in unbelievably glamorous costumes, jewels, make-up and furs. And, in spite of the movie's flaws, Diana's acting is really good while poor Anthony Perkins is atrocious. Beautiful scenes of Rome, Italy! This is a must for any Diana Ross fan! Unfortunately, some of the scenes, notably the "Kabuki Fashion Show" have been cut for the DVD while other unnecessary scenes have been left in. It is a tragedy she didn't make may more movies after this one.Mahogany...more info
  • Love Beats All
    I've always loved this movie, mostly for the fashion and photography. It's a good story line about striving to achieve your dreams despite the odds and others trying to talk you out of pursuing your dream. Tracy Chambers (played by Diana Ross) reached her dream but gave it up for the love of "Billy Dee Williams" without flipping a coin....more info
  • Has anyone ever noticed similarities to
    One of my favorite films is "Darling," the 1965 classic that won Julie Christie a Best Actress Oscar. Upon reflection, I have found several similarities between that film and "Mahogany" - and I wonder whether these remain coincidences or if the screenwriter (and initial director Tony Richardson) had that earlier film in mind when developing this vehicle for Diana Ross?

    Cases in point:

    Julie Christie's character Diana Scott ("Darling") 'stumbles' into modeling; so does Diana Ross' character Tracy Chambers ("Mahogany").

    Both are referred to as their one-word monickers throughout the film.

    Both flee romances and travel to Rome where they befriend a [...] photographer.

    Darling speeds around in a sports car; Mahogany is the passenger in a speeding sports car.

    Darling's photo is passed around at a board meeting of advertising executives; same for Mahogany.

    Both attend avant-garde parties.

    Both find themselves unhappy living with an older, wealthy aristocrat.

    Both return home to their lovers.

    Just food for thought....more info
  • love it or hate it....
    keeping it simple...if you are in the right frame of mind, this movie is wonderful in it's simplicty and positve message. if you are feeling cynical and negative, there is plenty to complain about, get over it, and enjoy a wonderful fairy tale about love and dreams and success and failure....more info
  • Mahogany
    The movie has a few flaws but once again Miss Ross shows us just how talented she is by designing all of the clothing for the movie. Plus having a number one hit song from the movie.It must be hard to be beautiful and talented....more info
  • Mahogany...
    I've always liked watching this movie. I've watched it over and over again on television over the years. I'm so glad it finally came to dvd. I'm sure I'll watch this movie even more, now that I own a copy. Diana Ross is as beautiful a black woman you'd ever want to see in this movie.
    Plus I just love watching my man Billy Dee Williams "my future husband."

    love this movie!

    Lynn from OKC...more info
  • A classic film by Ms. Ross!!!
    This film just happens to be one of my favorite films of all time. Diana Ross gives another stellar performance. I would have to say that this film should have done well at the box office. Thankfully, I own it on DVD. Billy Dee Williams is so damn sexy. Add this film to your list of favorites!!!!!!!...more info
  • Love Beats All
    I've always loved this movie, mostly for the fashion and photography. It's a good story line about striving to achieve your dreams despite the odds and others trying to talk you out of pursuing your dream. Tracy Chambers (played by Diana Ross) reached her dream but gave it up for the love of "Billy Dee Williams" without flipping a coin....more info
  • Not worth buying.
    This is a mildly entertaining film if it's on TV, you're home alone, it's really late and there's absolutely nothing else on. The way the title character becomes suddenly famous is so simplistic a child probably wrote that part. The woman becomes rich and famous and adored after she's scraped her whole life, and we're supposed to believe she doesn't want that anymore? A forgettable movie. If you want diva fare (and better acting than Mahogany) go see What's Love Got To Do With It....more info
  • Mahogany...still rings true today
    My husband and I watched this movie together and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so many things: it was a love story, a drama and had lots of comedy. Basically, it is a reminder of what's really important in life while taking you on a visually stunning ride that shows that all that glitters isn't gold. A beautiful movie...I highly recommend....more info
  • Do you know where you're going to?
    Classic Ebony theatre, Diana Ross should have Academy Awards for this epic. Definately a pioneer movie to Black theater. ...more info
  • Fantastic Fantasy Film!
    I just watched this movie, which was shown on TV. I'd only seen it one other time previously, which isn't odd considering that it was released in 1975--one year before I was born--although I fell in love with it during that one viewing and have been anxiously awaiting it to come out on DVD--commercials every six or seven minutes can ruin any movie.

    I loved Ms. Ross in "The Wiz," and although "Lady Sings the Blues" was a great movie, neither has ANYTHING on "Mahogany." I'm a big fan of seventies movies...for some reason, they remind me of each other. From "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" to "A Star is Born" (Streisand) to "Claudine" to "Mahogany" I adore stories set in the seventies (my favorite decade) that depicts love against the odds. However, of all the great seventies films--and possibly black movies, period--"Mahogany" remains my favorite.

    Thin, glamorourous, BEAUTIFUL, sassy, brass, and bold, Diana Ross stole it with her performance of working-class-girl turned supermodel diva Tracy. Diana Ross was excellent, as she developed and then severed a relationship with silver screen god Billy Dee Williams (her on-screen boyfriend, politician Brian), and as she gravitated towards and later dodged Anthony Perkins. And she looks so much like her own daughter, Tracee of "Girlfriends" (TV Show) fame that it's uncanny--and makes me wish that her daughter would star in a remade, modernized version. Oh, but this version is excellent in its own right, of course. The costumes are FIERCE. This movie is a wonderful period piece, and although it seems dated when viewed today, it commands universality.

    Although the behaviors of the main men that Tracy dealt with in this movie were questionable, it must be something to have men lusting after you the way they did her. Frustrated, perhaps, at being only a sex object, by the end of the movie Tracy returns to the one man she knew before she made it big--Brian--the one who wanted her for more than her looks or glamour. She compromises, of course, but she was in love.

    And the world needs way more of that....more info
  • Miss Ross Has Turned From A 1920's Poor Girl To A True Queen
    HA! HA! This movie was simply outstanding! First of all, I LOVE 70's movies. I just love that warmth of the loud bass and the fuzzy screen. When I first watched this movie I nearly cried. To see Diana on that old subway and the first bit of "Do You Know Where Your Going To" came on, It just brought back so many memories. I love the way Diana opened up and could be herself. I thought this movie was better than her 1972 movie "Lady Sings The Blues". "Mahogany" is a DEAD tie between her 1978 movie "The Wiz". They are both outstanding! Anyways "Mahogany" is one of my favorite movies of all time and I think most anyone would enjoy this truly emotional & STRONG story. I would STRONGLY advise you to buy it!...more info
  • SOUNDTRACK........ 2000.
  • Finally on DVD!!
    No doubt all the press surrounding "Dreamgirls" got this old Motown produced flick unearthed again. The VHS pressings of this movie have long been out of print. Bootleg DVDs have been floating around for years. I hope this legit DVD release has outtakes and deleted scenes. The back story of this movie is that Berry Gordy took over as director after the original director wanted out of the production. Ross even left the set alot to cry in her trailer. Tension between her and Gordy was boiling.
    Producer Gordy had alot riding on the movie and just really stressed his
    diva out. But, in the end, they produced a memorable film. It still holds up after all these years....more info
    I liked this movie a lot - I hated the way it ended.....she lives in Europe and becomes a big star in the fashion world, then moves back to the ghetto in Chicago to marry a lowly politician - yeah right!! Otherwise, I loved seeing Diana in this light with the fashion, makeup, and her sheer energy. Also, I loved Anthony Perkins, who played a physchotic photographer who wanted to possess Diana...This man was more physcho in this movie, than he ever was in his 1950's movie, "Physcho."...more info
  • So Bad It's Good
    This movie falls under "My Guilty Pleasures". The early scenes are set in Chicago, and it brings me some nostalgia to see how the old 'L' trains used to look. The performances in this film can be categorized as camp and overdone, esp. that of Anthony Perkins, as a high strung photographer. The clothes are pure ugly, but you have to remember that was in style back in 1975....more info
  • Miss Diana Ross
    People can say what they want about her,but what a good movie I always wanted this movie but could never find it. Thanks to the making of Dreamgirls I was able to enjoy one of my all time favorite movies.If you're out to look for something special either rent or make a purchase of this one....more info
  • Diana is a Diva!
    This movie made a huge impression on me when I first saw it growing up. I had to own it and the soundtrack as well! Diana and Billy have sparks igniting between them, making the kisses breath-taking to witness. Costumes (Diana again!) are still fabulous today and the music box score is sure to make you smile. Anthony is a laugh to watch as he plays a fashion photographer closet queen obsessed with Diana! Lush locations and set designs delight the eyes. Considering that Diana walked out, it's a testament to brilliant editing as well! Re-capture your youth, enjoy a love story, familiarize yourself with 70's high fashion.... buy it today!...more info
  • Pure escapism
    "Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with." Yeah, okay.

    You know this story had to be a fantasy! Because no one in their right mind is going to turn their back on a glamorous career that is earning them millions of dollars just because they think they can't live without the person they love. This is the stuff that fairy tales are made of, and "Mahogany" is sort of a modern day urban fairy tale, one that we can't really believe would happen if this was a true story. The old Hollywood formulas and cliches for love stories are in full effect here. For all that money, you could find PLENTY of people to love you...LOL. But I do admit, I enjoyed this film. It's one of my guilty pleasures.

    The idea of this film was to create a project for Diana Ross where she would not have to sing a single note in it like she did in "Lady Sings The Blues", and the focus would be on her acting skills. Diana did, however, sing the theme song ("Do You Know Where You're Going To") for the movie. With Motown CEO Berry Gordy, Jr. in the director's chair (the original director, Tony Richardson, quit after Gordy's constant meddling), Ross portrays Tracy, a secretary/aspiring fashion student who has dreams of making it big and getting out of the Chicago ghetto where she lives. She is very convincing as well...very diva-ish and overdramatic. Anthony Perkins' role as the deranged Sean (aka Norman Bates turned a jealous and possessive high-fashion photographer) is clearly the best role in the entire film. Although "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest" star Jack Nicholson was originally the first choice for this role, Perkins plays his part to the hilt and really looks like he is enjoying himself. He helps Tracy get in the business as a model, but only sees her as a product and doesn't want to nurture her need to be independent or her true desire to be a designer. This is where these two constantly bump heads throughout the film. Perkins steals this film and was predictably humorous but also very creepy, especially when he has a confrontation with Billy Dee Williams at a party and reveals himself to be totally psychotic.

    Based on the excellent chemistry he and Ross displayed in "Lady Sings The Blues", Billy Dee Williams was again paired with Ross in this movie as Brian, Tracy's love interest. He is the one who spouts that famous line from this movie, but yet when Tracy attempts to share her success with him, he doesn't want it. But this movie is great to watch...a little campy, but yet very entertaining. Get it and grab the popcorn. You'll like it....more info
  • A Disapointing Follow-up To Lady Sings The Blues
    When I first saw this movie I made myself like it. I was very young at the time and a die-hard Ross fan, so I had to like everything she did. As time has passed I've grown more honest with myself, and a lot more realistic about Diana Ross and the sad fact that she has a propensity to pick and perform mediocre material.

    Mahogany is a perfect example of one of those projects that on it's face had potential but was ruined by the hacks who were hired to bring it to the screen. First, Berry Gordy fired Tony Richardson the original director because he didn't know how to achieve "Blackness" in his direction. Then, he (Gordy) takes over the direction and goes for every Hollywood cliche he can pack into one film.

    The plot is the tired story of a poor working class girl who makes good in the fashion world and then throws it all away to go back to a life of failure just to be with the man she loves. Let's face it, this story has been told so many times before, it has become it's own genre.

    Ross plays Tracy Chambers, the heroine in our story, with style and intensity, and she even manages to win you over in a few scenes but just when you think things are getting better, something really dumb happens.

    Billy Dee Williams plays a loser politician who spouts out more BS in his speeches than any real politician ever has in real life. If you had the chance you would definitely vote for the other guy. Tracy had it right when she left this jerk.

    Tony Perkins plays a crazed homosexual trying to prove to himself he's not really gay by making love to Tracy, in a scene that feels so sleezy that you'll want to shower after viewing it.

    To be fair there are a few moments in this melodrama that give you a look at the immense talent that was wasted here, like where Brian and Tracy have a huge fight and she tells him she dosn't need him, (Very good acting on Ross' part) and where Tracy helps Brian in his campaign and tells him it's all just show biz. But the real high point of this film is the beautifully filmed and edited fashion montage with Diana being transformed into the glamorous Mahogany set to the instrumental version of "Do You Know Where You're Going To?" It is a virtual feast for the eyes and ears.

    Finally, I can only wish this had been a better film....more info

  • The Best of the best!
    I had this movie on VHS and I watched it over and over until the tape started showing bad. I really believe this movie is overlooked as a great work. Diana is very, I mean very underrated as an actress. She seems to get no props for her acting ability. I saw this movie at the theaters with my parents when I was a kid. Billy Dee was and still is the smoothes brother in acting. I really reccommend this movie for anyones collection. I just can't help but hope this movie one day will make it to DVD! Oh, what a day that will be. Buy it now. You will thank me....more info
  • Classic Diana Ross
    This Diana Ross movie is a classic statement from the female entertainment legend. Diana shows her beauty, grace, dark side and her strong ability to be a "natural actor". For any Diana Ross fan this movie is a must...and for the minority of those who aren't fans, watch it and you will become one instantly!...more info
  • Does it hold up with age?
    "Mahogany", a bittersweet story that rejoices and basks in the excesses of fame and fashion that at the same time points to its tragic aspects in its lead character's isolation, is told elegantly through the device of projection in "Do You Know Where You're Going To?". It is as though Diana is asking Billie Dee the same question that Whitney-through another Michael Masser vehicle-would ask some 12 years later:" Didn't We Almost Have it All?". The trade-offs are bittersweet if one's success is in vain-as all success ultimately is; the struggles are ultimately self-serving and alienate those around Diana who watch Diana-both on screen and off-slog her way to the top.

    Autobiographically poignant, Diana transfers that sense of isolation that she feels onto Billie Dee, who feels the same way: "Do you know where you're going to/Do you like the things that life is showing you?/Where are you going to?" . Berry Gordy, the movie's director,upon the theatrical release was indicted by Time Magazine for wasting one of America's national treasures. However Clive Davis, formerly president of Arista, indicted the Academy Awards for not nominating "Do You Know where You're Going to?", calling into question the integrity of the Oscar committee and its racial biases and hailing Diana and her delivery as triumphant. After all, it was all about the drama, baby....more info

  • Overrated Fluff
    Only the most steadfast Diana Ross fans will appreciate this overly dramatic fluff piece. The movie's purpose is to show that a woman cannot be happy without a man, all rich and famous people are shallow fair-weather friends, and a woman should throw her own talent away in order to settle down the right man, which has to be a man from her own race and socioeconomic background (i.e. he doesn't let her head get too big because he knows where she came from)....more info
  • a great guilty pleasure
    try as i may, i cannot warm to diana ross' film debut as billie holiday in 'lady sings the blues'. her nervy, jittery energy leaves only when she sings the songs, which she does very well. and nothing except that music helps her find her way back to the 1930s and 1940s.

    but her contemporary self finds a great home in her next film 'mahagony'. the first third of the film, the part that tony richardson was responsible for, is tight! it's a great set-up for a good hollywood-style romantic dramedy. ross' tracy is the consummate ambitious career girl and her swain brian is a fabulous foil for her in the body of the very sexy billy dee williams. it is easy to compare them to crawford and gable. the banter, his moustache and her wild and crazy clothes make the comparison that much easier.

    not to mention, the first scenes featuring anthony perkins as sean, the photographer that discovers tracy and turns her in to a 1970s supermodel. had they let perkins stay gay, instead letting him go sexually frustrated and loony like he does, this film could have been another 'darling' and perkins could have maybe gotten away from his mold of playing maladjusted crazies.

    many actors in the cast in smaller roles like nina foch, marisa mell and beah richards deserve so much more too because they give so much in the little bit of role they do have. but they're there and that's something.

    sadly when the film reunites tracy with brian does it lose its heart and energy--save the restaurant scene. that's funny!

    after this, ross gets arch and mannered, not to mention shrill. jean-pierre aumont is a sleepwalking disappointment as her italian(maybe)lover and benefactor. williams does a little sleepwalking too. and for that, it's hard to figure out why they're even brought back together. because black people needed a happy ending to a movie? i have a feeling our community would have seen this movie no matter what the ending.

    because no matter how i may feel now with my highfalutin opining, i loved the film when it came out. i loved the clothes, the montages, ross' manic onscreen persona and the use of chicago as a backdrop. i know this is what turned my on to movies as much as sunday movie greats on channel nine in chicago. and man was i disappointed when 'theme from mahagony' lost the academy award. all of black america heaved a collective sob on that one. but in the name of love and justice, which song is a karoake classic now, keith carradine?...more info
  • Great to listen to.
    This is an all-time classic. I'm glad it's still in print....more info
  • Diana Ross is Lovely
    I Like it at the end when Diana says: "Then Mister you got my vote." The end is the best and she looks beautiful with that white hat on, her face is beautiful. I don't like the swearing though....more info
  • Mahogany,Fantastic 70s Film
    This is one classic movie from the 70s Terrific move.Dianna Ross & Cast are great.One thing though,for being such a great movie of the 70s why does Paramount put this Dvd out with not much thought?.I gave it 4 stars only because the least the studio could have done is re-master the sound in stereo.
    I mean come on in this day and age is it that hard Paramount Studios? Extras would have been great too.Iwould have even paid a few extra bucks if even the sound would have been re-mastered.Great movie & story though & a piece of 70s History & Miss Ross....more info
  • Mahogany Inspiring, the best!
    So I bought this movie without having seen the movie....EXCELLENT!!! Maybe because it was directed by Berry Gordy, or maybe because Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams as well as Anthony Perkins do a subperb job of acting. I'm no Diana Ross fan by any means, I perfer Patti over her any day. But this movie is very inspiring, for me wanting to be a fashion designer I feel compelled to design and have my designs out there on the runway. And I have wanted to be a model as well. Mahogany inspires me to get out there and do it. Berry Gordy did a great job. Billy Dee Williams was amazing as always, Anthony Perkins...they love getting him to play sneaky creepy character, but he was amazing. And if you can bear watching Diana Ross extremely skinny to the point that it's unhealthy (she believes she was anexoria and not knowing she may have been) then hats off to you, she was amazing and I can't stop looking at her, if this movie is remade I hope they get the right actors, but I wouldn't have it remade, it's wonderful, timeless, and classic....more info
    I have seen "Mahogany" about 100 times and I can't get enough of it. I wore out my original and had to get a new copy via amazon.It's a rags to riches story and back again that should make anyone cry at the end... It's brilliantly set up with 'Mahogany' at the beginning of the movie, being a success -- famous and rich... then flashes back to her 'roots', struggling as Tracy Chambers -- a girl with lot's of drive and ambition. Toward the end, while in Rome, Mahogany (Tracy) says she wants to "go home" -- you HAVE to watch it to experience the true effect of the movie......more info
  • Wonderful Masterpiece by Berry Gordy
    Mahogany is a Wonderul black love story of a woman raised in Chicago's inner city ghetto (Diana Ross). She has dreams and aspirations of becoming a fashion designer and eventually achieves that goal. But when she leaves home to go to Rome to claim her fame as a model she learns that it's lonely at the top and she starts to miss home and her one true love (Billy Dee Williams) who she's forsaken. The movie has a great moral to the story simply put by Billy Dee Williams, What's sucess (money and fame) when you don't have no one to share it with. This was a great performance by both actors....more info
  • One of the best fashion movies ever!
    I first saw Mahogany on TV in the 70's. I remember the scene when the Italian millionaire jumps up and shouts "Twenty Million Lire!" and my grandmother said "that's sure an expensive dress."
    Mahogany is one of my favorite movies of all time. I know it's not a "great" movie. It's not "Citizen Kane." But, if you love movies about fashion, you will LOVE this!
    There are so many great things about Mahogany from a visual standpoint. The crazy Asian disco outfits with tubing were actually designed by Diana Ross herself. Think mid 70's Labelle. Just fabulous! The montage of Diana Ross modelling in Italy with the theme song playing is fantastic! The scene where Ross's character is hung over and making crazy faces wearing a white fur coat in a red Ferrari (I think it's a Ferrari)is hilarious. And, of course, you get to see La Ross's nipple when she fumbles with her robe.
    Mahogany is pure camp fun. I own the VHS of it and can practically recite the entire film. I am so happy it is finally going to be available on DVD. ...more info


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