Tai-Chi for Health [VHS]

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  • A wonderful intro invitation to loving & experiencing TaiChi
    This is extraordinarily inspiring, easy-to-begin, and explanatory -- one of the best T'ai Chi videos on the market. It is much more appropriate for beginners than the easier-to-find Terry Dunn vids. Just watching it is calming and inspiring. I recommend T'ai Chi to all singers, as well as to all human beings. ENJOY!!...more info
  • Great Tai Chi tape
    Very easy to follow and learn from. This is an excellent video, the best Tai Chi tape I've found. Unfortunately, it is the short form which only lasts around three minutes, but you can do it over and over. It really feels good and is taught well.
    I love this video....more info
  • Egoless Fundamentals
    I learned more about the basics of Tai Chi from this video than the dozen or so other videos I've seen, most by more famous presenters. Here, the fundamentals are covered slowly and systematically. Whatever the Tai Chi style, this is a good place to start....more info
  • Tai Chi for Health
    A very good introduction to Tai Chi. Suitable for complete beginners. Rather short, however. I would recommend Tai Chi in Paradise for a more complete introduction to Yang style Tai Chi.

    ...more info
    ENJOYMENT: I have really enjoyed this video and will never part with it. It shows very slowly, step-by-step how to do a beautifully choreographed Tai Chi set lasting approximately 3 minutes total time. (Once you get to the end, you can start all over again so you can make it last at long or as short as you want.)

    ACCOMPLISHMENT: Tai Chi is an art you CAN learn and feel PROUD of yourself performing. When you watch the beginning of the video and see them doing the complete set it will really motivate you to learn Tai Chi due to its grace, elegance and beauty; personally, my jaw dropped to the floor! I was amazed and very impressed.

    FREEDOM: To be really good at Tai Chi requires daily practice in the teacher's opinion. That is probably true but shouldn't deter you from trying Tai Chi. You can "be your own boss" so to speak and do whatever movements you like and enjoy the most--making your own routine shorter or longer, if you prefer. This was my first Tai Chi video so I followed the teacher. What makes this so easy to learn is that she turns with her back to you so you do EXACTLY what she does without any confusion!

    BENEFITS: Tai Chi is a very beneficial workout for the body and the mind. It reduces stress while also toning muscles and improving flexibility. Tai Chi is a very effective way to control arthritic pain (something that runs in my family), promote cardiovascular fitness and lose weight. Tai Chi is for EVERYONE of ALL ages. It provides all the benefits of a rigorous workout but it is gentle and relaxing. It is known that a mild exercise performed daily is more beneficial to the body than a strenous exercise done 2-3 times a week.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you want an exercise workout that doesn't leave you sweating and exhausted but instead relaxed and calm, this is what you've been searching for....more info

  • ..disappointed..
    Upon inital use of this tape, I felt that it could have gone to a more advanced level. Although it does an adequate job of reviewing basic postures. What is lacking is a thorough workout so that a user will want to use this tape as a guide on a regular basis. Great for beginners but no more....more info
  • Tai chi for health
    This is an excellent Tai Chi tape; it shows all the moves in each direction: from front, side and rear. I just wish that there was a following tape for the next set of moves. Please tell the person doing this tape that we all could use a second tape!...more info


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