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Joseph Mankiewicz's moody classic is less ghost story than romantic fantasy, a handsome 1947 drama of impossible love set on the picturesque turn-of-the-century New England coast. Independent young widow Lucy Muir (the luminous Gene Tierney), desperate to escape her uptight in-laws, falls in love with a grand seaside house and moves in, only to discover the cantankerous ghost of the hot-tempered Captain Gregg (a histrionically flamboyant performance by Rex Harrison). Lucy refuses to let the bombastic captain frighten her away, earning his respect, his friendship, and later his love. They team up to turn the captain's salty memoirs into a bestseller, but as his affection grows he fades away, leaving Lucy free to undertake a more worldly suitor, notably a charismatic children's author (George Sanders at his smarmy smoothest) with his own guarded secret. Charles Lang's melancholy black-and-white photography and Bernard Herrmann's haunting score set the tone for this sublime adult drama, and Tierney delivers one of her most understated performances as the resolute Mrs. Muir. Mankiewicz turns this ghost story into a refreshingly mature and down-to-earth romance. --Sean Axmaker

Customer Reviews:

  • A True Classic....
    I first watched this movie when I was little with my Mom. I grew to love it and have always wanted it. I got my youngest daughter to watch it with me...and the tradition goes on...she loves it too. I love to watch it over and's like an old friend coming to visit and comfort. ...more info
  • Ghostly passion
    What a beautiful love story! Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison are marvelous as two people who eventually find love under the rarest of circumstances. I could view this over and over. George Sanders is also excellent as a scoundrel and a cheat who breaks the heart of the heroine [ Gene Tireney]. It does not contain any nudity, foul language pr violenece- just a simple love story. You'll love it!...more info
  • superb film, a classic for enthusiast of the spirit world
    Rex Harrison makes this film the classic it has become, raw and real as the spirit captain, and it is spooky but cleverly lit and shot, a romantic but believable film. Black and white looks very good here. A spooky but lovely story.

    ...more info
  • Enchanting
    What an enchanting movie. From start to finish, I was enthralled with it. I didn't know what to expect upon first viewing but was drawn in as a casual fan of the beautiful & engimatic Gene Tierney and was beyond pleasantly suprised. Try mesmerized. This has since become one of my favorite movies.

    The choice of Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison was inspired and could not have been more suitable, more right. I loved the chemistry between these two. The movie is also graced with a wonderful ambience boosted by a perfect score, lighting and direction. It is truly one of the most endearing and enchanting love stories put to film. Can you tell---I love this movie!...more info
  • something else
    There is something else to this movie. Something between the lines. A counterpoint message that whispers to the soul. ...more info
  • One of the best films of this time
    This movie is from the days when movies were clean and the scrip was written with care and thought. One can only dream of such a place to live and find such a loving and well witted ghost in the house. You will enjoy this film. I believe it is one of Gene Tierney's best films ever....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    One of my favorites. Great item for my collection....more info
  • Not your momma's romance film.
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1947)

    While I was a longtime fan of the TV adaptation of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, which ran only two seasons but survived for years afterwards in syndication, I somehow never got round to seeing the film version until now. I'm not sure why. It's a Mankiewicz (Sleuth, The Quiet American) film, so it's guaranteed entertainment, and the screenplay is by Philip Dunne (The Robe). Add a cast headed up by Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison, and how can you go wrong?

    Tierney plays Lucy Muir, a young widow who, after an amusing scene where she asserts herself with a realtor who thinks he knows what's best for her, rents a seaside cottage haunted by the ghost of its previous inhabitant, Captain Gregg (Harrison). Lucy, her daughter Anna (Natalie Wood), and her maid Martha (Enda Best), settle in and seem to be doing well until Lucy's mother-in-law and sister-in-law, two harridans if ever there were, drop in to inform her that her late husband's estate is gone. Lucy and Captain Gregg have to come up with a plan that will keep the house in Lucy's name, so that she can dispose of it in her will the way he would have in his, had he time to make one.

    On the surface, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is nothing more than a charming, if shallow, romance with supernatural tinges. But there's surface, and then there's the film Joseph Mankiewicz made, which bears up to repeated viewings. The viewer will likely find some new subtle nuance or shade with each revisiting of the film; the symbolism runs fast and deep here, and there are all sorts of pleasurable little nuggets to be found for those willing to look. Not to say one can't enjoy it as nothing more than a charming, if shallow, romance; the beauty of Mankiewicz' movies is that no matter what you bring to the table, they're still a great experience. ****

    ...more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    A light hearted soft comedy with a wonderful ending that will require a couple tissues. You must have time to watch the whole picture to get the total effect of the movie. The acting is supurb and it is one of my all time favorites....more info
    I just loved this movie! It is wonderful! The beautiful widow (Lucy), and her little girl, and Lucy's housemaid, leave London, to get away from Lucy's in-laws, to start a new life, and live by the ocean.

    Lucy buys a pretty house ,that is haunted by a rough, loud , and handsome ghost, who was a sea captain (Captain Gregg).Captain Gregg loves to scare people off, but he could not scare Lucy off, and she won his respect. He let her stay, and they ended up falling in love, and he helped Lucy earn a income by getting her to write a book about his life.

    Then a new man enters Lucy's life, a real man, not a ghost, and it changes Lucy forever, and it makes Captain Gregg, decide to leave her, only to return once more, because he loves her so! I highly recommend this movie! Eventhough, the movie is in black and white, the movie location by the sea was so beautiful, and breathtaking! It was awesome even in black and white! This is a must see movie, and a special love story!...more info
  • One of a Kind, Exquisite and Perfect
    On any list of the Ten Most Romantic Films Ever Made, "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" will likely always be present. This beautiful 1947 black and white film by Joseph Mankiewiecz, with a gorgeous score by Bernard Herrmann (better known for the foreboding ones he did for Alfred Hitchcock), and marvellous performances by Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison, represents the best of post-War British romanticism. It can only be described as - well, haunting. Once seen, never forgotten, and pull out your handkerchiefs, you will need at least two.

    Gene Tierney plays Lucy Muir, an exquisite young widow with a little girl who moves to the seashore to get away from her late husband's domineering sister and mother. Lucy's financial resources are limited, but she happens onto a house overlooking the sea that is surprisingly affordable - it appears the house has had trouble remaining occupied, due to "disturbances". Lucy and her daughter fall in love with the house and move in, accompanied by Martha, their housekeeper. Shortly afterward, Lucy is confronted by the source of the house's disturbances: its former owner, one Captain Gregg, a seaman who died in the house, and still considers it his. He has chased out all subsequent owners and intends to do the same with Lucy, but she stands up to him defiantly, and lets him know that she will NOT be leaving and he can do as likes. He admires her spirit, and, having glimpsed her beauty (Ms. Tierney was surely at her most radiant in this film), he softens and agrees to share the house with her and her little family, although she asks him to refrain from contact with her little girl. Captain Gregg is played by Rex Harrison at his most attractive, giving the role an irrisistible blend of charm, irony, and crustiness.

    A bantering but affectionate friendship develops between Lucy and Captain Gregg's ghost. The Captain has clearly fallen for the new owner of the house, so much so that when Lucy's slender funds begin to run low and she confronts the possibility of losing the house she has come to love as much as he, Gregg dictates his very salty memoirs to her - they are published and become a best seller, ensuring Lucy's future.

    However, Captain Gregg eventually realizes that his presence in Lucy's life is preventing her from going out and meeting living men. Reluctantly, he decides to withdraw, and does so in a way that leaves Lucy no memory of Gregg's "reality", but rather a memory of an imaginary character that she dreamed and who then inspired the book. After Gregg disappears, Lucy begins to go out into society, and almost immediately meets George Sanders - an experienced cad with whom she falls in love, only to find that he is married with several children. The heartbroken Lucy retreats into solitude and decides that the only companionship she needs is her growing daughter, the loyal Martha, and the beloved house by the sea.

    Years pass, and Lucy's daughter grows up and becomes engaged to (naturally) a naval officer - when her daughter brings her fiance home, Lucy finds out that the little girl knew all about Captain Gregg and had frequent contact with him - something they both hid from Lucy. More years pass, and now it is Lucy's granddaughter who is engaged to (naturally) a naval officer. Lucy and Martha have grown old together in the house, and, on a windswept night, the white-haired, tired Lucy passes quietly away in the great armchair in the Captain's old room - he suddenly appears before her and holds out his hands, and she springs up, young and beautiful again, and the two pass silently out into the briny night, finally able to live out the love they could not share while one of them still walked among the living.

    It sounds terribly soppy, but the script is of such high quality, the performances so note-perfect, the production so atmospheric, that the film never wanders into over-sentimentalization or saccharinity. Its gentle romanticism recalls a lost era (alas, even Britain no longer makes films like this!) and, once seen, leaves an indelible memory.

    A five-star classic, and a must-have for fans of post-War British filmmaking of this genre....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs Muir
    One of my all time favorites with Gene Tierney. A widow moves into a house and discovers it is haunted by a sea captain. He helps her write a book, then makes her forget him. it is a bit sad, but very entertaining....more info
  • Wow what a great movie
    Just recently started watching old movies from well before my time and I'm surprised at how much better they are than much of what gets put out now.

    This could be one of if not the best movie ever (excluding the entire works of Humphrey Bogart-a class of thier own) Gene Tierney was amazing and the whole movie can't even be described it's so good-nothing at all can be said that comes close to the amazing range of feeling you get from this incredible film....more info
  • Ghost and Mrs Muier
    I have always loved this movie. It appeals to the romantic side of my life. The Captain is so funny and romantic at the same time. If you are a romantic you will love this movie. ...more info
  • A beautiful story
    My Grandma used to put this movie on for us when I was a kid. (tip for parents: this movie puts kids to sleep) I've seen it lots of times and if you are into old black and white movies, give this one a try! It's about a widow who moves into a haunted house and falls in love with a ghost. It's mildly eerie but not really scary. It is visually stunning for a movie of that era, the clothing is amazing and the acting seems very real. It has a beautiful, heart-felt ending which makes you think. This movie is truly one of a kind! ...more info
  • "Since Eve picked the apple..."
    " woman has ever been taken entirely unawares," is one of the many witty comments from the witty, gruff, and entirely dead Captain Gregg. I really didn't know what to expect from this movie, and that is sometimes the best. This movie turned out to be charming, romantic, and funny!

    The premise is that a widow decides she wants to live in a house where it turns out the previous owner still haunts it. Well, after some brief misgivings at the crude, rough manner, the beautiful Gene Tierney finds herself falling in love with the... er... man/ghost. That of course causes an awkward situation, and it's very difficult to know how to "root" for the situation to go. All I can say without ruining the film is that in the end everything works out OK.

    With Rex Harrison as the charming ghost, Gene Tierney as the gorgeous "Mrs. Muir," George Sanders as the despicable rogue, and Natalie Wood as the adorable daughter of Mrs. Muir, this cast is well set. Not your typical movie that's for sure, but I'm sure you will find yourself amused and entertained!...more info
  • Haunted? How Perfectly Fascinating...
    And so begins one of the most romantic movies of all time. Certainly, THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR qualifies for a secure spot in the top ten. This tale of an impossible, yet enduring love is timeless, pure, and tender - a movie never to be forgotten, a movie to be watched again and again, especially with those you love.

    The story of THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR is well known. A young widow, Lucy Muir, her daughter, and their housekeeper, Martha, move into a spectacular seaside house. The house is haunted by the previous owner, Captain Gregg, a curmudgeonly old sea captain who begrudgingly allows Mrs. Muir and her small family to stay. Eventually, Mrs. Muir and the Captain fall in love. However, Captain Gregg soon realizes that Mrs. Muir belongs in the world of the living, and he fades away, becoming only the memory of a dream. However, true love is immortal and lasts forever...

    Gene Tierney is exquisite as Mrs. Muir. Her performance is luminous; she is genuine, stunning, and wholly real. Rex Harrison is wonderful as the grumpy old ghost of a sea captain. The two have real chemistry, and the unfolding romance is sweet and touching. The rest of this small cast, including a weasely George Sanders and a very young Natalie Wood, are all excellent in their respective roles; however, this film is all Tierney and Harrison.

    The black and white cinematography is amazing. Robust and luminous, the play of shadow and the contrast of light and dark depict mood and tone in a manner not reproducible in color. The score by Bernard Herrmann, whose music sets the stage for the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Wells, and Ray Harryhausen, is one of his best, perfectly setting the mood for this melancholy romance.

    Experience this film with your family. Adults will sigh and hug at the purity of true, unconsummated love, and children will appreciate the ghost story. A treasured classic, THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR is a film for the ages. This is one I wish I could give 10 stars....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs Muir
    Wonderful movie. It was great to see Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison together again. Enjoy it, as I did....more info
  • Great Movie
    Classic with excellent actors, superb location and a gripping story. Unlikely love story between two opposites and great ending....more info
  • A haunting tale of love and the sea
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, based on the novel by Josephine Leslie (as R.A. Dick) and screenplay by Philip Dunne, is the English Victorian tale of widowed Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) and her young daughter Anna (Natalie Wood). Wood turns in a spirited performance as young Anna, although she is not given a great deal of screen time. Edna Best makes a charming companion for the isolated Lucy as her outspoken maid Martha. Lucy's meddling in-laws want to force Lucy and Anna to move to London, but Lucy is offended by their view that she is helpless and incapable of supporting herself and her daughter on her writing. Tierney brings a gravity to her role befitting the Victorian era, but tempers it with a playful, witty streak. Harrison is effective as the gruff sea captain with a heart of gold. The two strike up an amazing amount of chemistry despite the physical distance between the actors; instead, emotion is conveyed through glances and words.

    The two move to a cottage by the sea that's curiously affordable considering the great view, but Lucy soon finds out why. It's haunted by the ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison), a cantankerous old salt who's overly fond of swearing and frightening off prospective buyers. Lucy, however, is very forward and independent for her era and refuses to be forced out of her new home in Gull Cottage, so the two reach a kind of truce.

    Lucy and Daniel soon strike up a deep friendship bordering on romance, and Lucy, a writer, agrees to ghost write Capt Gregg's autobiography. During her meetings with the publisher, she is charmed by Miles Fairley (George Sanders), a famous children's author, and Daniel reluctantly lets Lucy pursue a flesh-and-blood suitor. The ending (much-copied) may be one of the most romantic on film, and clearly inspired later time-travel romance Somewhere in Time (Collector's Edition).

    The film is marked by beautiful cinematography, particularly of the sea (filmed at Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, and various other California coastal locations), and a lush, haunting score by Bernard Herrmann (The Ghost And Mrs. Muir: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) that may be one of the most poetic film scores ever along with John Barry's Somewhere In Time (1998 Re-recording).

    The DVD thankfully features many fine extras, such as commentaries by film historian Gregg Kimble and Bernard Herrmann expert Christopher Husted, commentary by chairman of film studies at Wesleyan University Jeanine Bassinger and Kenneth Geist (biographer of Joseph L. Mackiewicz), A&E Biography:"Rex Harrison: The Man Who Would Be King," the original theatrical trailer, and a still gallery. This is a fitting tribute to one of the most timeless screen romances, and fans of Somewhere in Time (Collector's Edition) will feel right at home.
    ...more info
  • I love the Ghost and Mrs. Muir movie
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir was written in the mid-1940's by R.A.Dick. That book was much better than the movie as it showed a depth in the characters over the course of Mrs. Muir adult lifetime until she passed from this world to be united in spirit with her soul mate, Captain Gregg. Yet the movie, filmed in 1947 couldn't have been better cast with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. It made conversations with a spirit believable and very desirable to the real life interactions between men and women where their hormones seem to interfere with their judgement and few touch the essence of what the other is all about. Captain Gregg's devotion to Lucy was beauty at its core and Lucy learned more about herself and life in general than any living mortal could have provided her. 10 stars is what I would give this movie and the book by R.A.Dick. His insight and his gentle wisdom of human nature made me see society clearer. However, I am only assuming R.A.Dick was a man, could have been a woman.......more info
  • Bad Quality Audio ~ My Old VHS Tape Sounds Better
    What a disappointment! One of my favorite movies is ruined by muffled audio. This is NOT simply a matter of "low volume" audio. Everything is muffled and distorted.

    I have a VHS tape of this movie that's OVER ten years old... and even that old relic sounds 10-times better than the DVD version of this wonderful movie.

    As a comparison: imagine that you've made a VHS-to-VHS copy of a movie... and then used *that* copy to make *another* VHS-to-VHS copy. ~ That's what this DVD sounds like.

    Even though this DVD is a genuine "20th Century Fox" release, it has the same quality controls (poor duplication) that you expect to see whenever a DVD company is quickly making copies of "public domain" (copyright expired) movies... the old "B-movie" classics you see being sold on the $1.99 table at your local Big-Box department store.

    What a pity that the folks at Fox didn't take better care of this gem. The DVD that I have is worthless to me. ~ In fact, I know I could do a better job of converting my VHS copy to DVD. I've used the simple software in Windows Vista to convert old home movies to VHS.

    I'm sure that I could do a BETTER job of converting my VHS copy of this movie as well. Sure... home-made DVD's have simple menus... no extras... but I don't WATCH the menus. -- I WATCH (and LISTEN to) the movie!!

    Hopefully someone at Fox will see the quality control issues and FIX THIS DVD... maybe it will be RE-released.

    Until then, you're better off finding a USED copy of the VHS version of this movie. ~ Good luck!...more info
  • Beautiful and sad love story
    This movie is a favorite of my mentor in college, and it took me eight years to get around to watching it. Although the character development isn't what we would expect from more contemporary movies, the theme is universal, the imagery is beautiful, and the story is gripping, touching and wonderful. It is a love story unlike any love story I have ever encountered....more info
  • Oh bliss!
    Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison make this move a wonderful, and memorable film. With quality scripting, cinematography and soundtrack, it allows one to forget that other version of this wonderful movie. Why remake such a wonderful version, with such quality actors? The extras were great, and I never new Rex Harrison was such a complex character (and not nearly so succesful as we think now). If you love good stories, and wonderful cinema, this is a movie for you....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    Looking for a movie the whole family can watch together? This is just one of the fine older movies. A love story without the sex scenes. Adults will be aware what's going on, but it'll fly over the heads of those under 10....well, maybe. Some of those kids are wiser than we were at that age!...more info
  • Great movie, so-so transfer
    I agree with the review left here by J. Michael Click in 2003, the transfer of this 1947 film has many problems. My biggest complaint is that the image is almost always soft. This is a very popular film in the 20th Century Fox library and they should get to restoring it sooner rather than later. Other than that, this is a fine DVD with plenty of extras, but damn, that transfer of the film deserves to be much better. I'm surprised that in 2003 Fox would release such a poor thing....more info
  • Ending Extrodinare
    The ending is the most romantic Ive ever seen. I hope to have that same type of reunion with my Husband when we meet again....more info
  • Wonderful Old Movie
    This has been a favorite movie of mine since I first saw it on TV as a child. It still moves me to laughter and tears. The acting is old fashioned, but it seems to match the date that the film portrays.
    I would recommend this to any other romantics out there....more info
  • ghostly romantic
    not your typical sci fi movie but it is based on the idea that a living woman can fall in love with a ghost after moving into his former home. Five stars from me I have watched it over and over again and it is still fascinating how the plot winds round and round and keeps you guessing how it could possibly end well but it does. The music score is breathtakingly haunting as well so it is a complete package of what a Great movie can be. ...more info
  • bewitching romance
    THE GHOST AND MRS MUIR is a top-flight romantic story...where the leads don't even kiss. But more about that later.

    Young widow Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) packs up her little daughter (Natalie Wood) and moves to the windswept English coast. There she falls in love, first with an abandoned mansion overlooking the sea; and again with it's mysterious occupant, Captain Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison)...a ghost.

    Despite their obvious differences, Daniel trusts Lucy enough to help him write his memoirs. The money will help Lucy stay in the mansion without having to bother her tiresome in-laws. Along the way, their special friendship blossoms into love, but could a ghost and a mortal ever find a common ground for happiness?

    Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison deliver gentle performances in this very singular love story, based on the bestselling novel by R.A. Dick. Tierney is especially grand here, in a rare departure from the noir dramas that had catapulted her to super-stardom.

    THE GHOST AND MRS MUIR was filmed in 1947, a period in Gene Tierney's private life when she was under much emotional strain. Her marriage to fashion designer Oleg Cassini was beginning to unravel, and her young daughter Daria was institutionalised due to severe physical and mental disabilities (sustained during pregnancy when Tierney came into contact with a fan who was sick with German Measles). Despite what must have been happening in her private life, her performance as Lucy Muir is so delicate and nuanced, and simply perfection. Everyone falls in love with her, including the audience (and Tierney's costumes here were designed by Cassini).

    The film also features an early performance from child star Natalie Wood (her role is relatively minor and she only features in a handful of scenes). The supporting cast includes George Sanders, Edna Best, Vanessa Brown, Anna Lee, Isobel Elsom, and Robert Coote.

    (Single-sided, dual-layer disc)....more info
  • My favorite movie of all time
    As a child, then as a young woman, and now a middle-aged one with adult children- I have never enjoyed any movie more than this one. Everything about this movie touches my spirit every time I watch it. I think will continue to love and watch this classic for the rest of my life. ...more info
  • Ahhhh......
    I judge movies by how they make me feel, and this one made me feel wonderful. If you want to be carried away to a better place for a while, and brought gently back with your heart a little more open, this movie's for you....more info
  • Delightful bittersweet romance
    Unfortunately, when people think of THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR it's the insipid late 60s sitcom which starred Hope Lange and Charles Nelson Reilly that comes to mind, rather than this delightful film that inspired it. The movie, under the masterful direction of Joseph Mankiewicz, is a bittersweet romantic comedy, more haunting than actually haunted by the ghost in the title. Rex Harrison plays the ghostly Captain Gregg with the acerbic wit and charm he is noted for, but also with a tenderness that elevates the performance from merely good to great. Gene Tierney, who plays Lucy Muir, gives one of her best efforts (maybe second only to her tortured and torturing wife in LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN). Her remarkable physical beauty is matched by a warm spirit that is independent, yet fragile in it's need for love. Supporting roles by George Sanders as the cad who woos Lucy, and a very young Natalie Wood as her daughter, are all first rate. The moody cinematography and score are additional facets to this gem, and although the last 10 minutes of the film seem a bit rushed, the predictable, bittersweet ending, is perfect, and really tugs at the heart strings....more info
  • Problematic, especially in the second half
    For a romantic comedy, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir has a decidedly melancholy feel to it, especially toward the end. The movie starts better with determined widow, Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney), leaving her mother-in-law's house in search of some independence. She arrives in remote Whitecliff-by-the-Sea with her daughter, Anna, servant, Martha, and a small income from a gold mine. Given her financial situation, a certain cottage appeals most to her, but the estate agent is surprisingly reluctant to show it to her. Turns out, it's haunted, and he can't keep a tenant in it. Lucy stubbornly decides it's exactly what she needs and insists on moving in. Immediately the haunting begins. The ghost, a certain handsome sea captain (Rex Harrison), has decided not to share his house with anyone. But Lucy stands up to him, and he decides he likes her so she can stay. Unfortunately, very soon after Lucy's gold mine peters out, and she is left without an income. But Captain Gregg decides to help her; they will write a book together - his biography, Blood and Swash. He will narrate, and she will type it. Rather predictably, Lucy finds a publisher on her first attempt, and the book is a success. She now has enough money to stay in the house and has acquired a writer admirer - of whom Captain Gregg doesn't approve - in the process. Now Lucy must decide whom she will love, her ghostly captain or her all-too-human writer friend, Miles Fairley (George Sanders).

    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is a rather long film, 100 minutes in all, for such a straightforward story. The first half is the most enjoyable as Lucy and Captain Gregg meet, squabble, and fall in love. Though he is only ethereal, they have palpable chemistry. Some of their dialogue is quite funny too (the best line being when she orders him to "decompose" instead of "dematerialize"). Though Captain Gregg is brusque and a bit misogynistic, he does like and respect Lucy and they have something in addition to attraction - true friendship. He is aware, however, that Lucy needs more than just a ghost friend, and urges her to get out socially.

    When the love triangle emerges, the film goes downhill. George Sanders, so interesting and perversely appealing in All About Eve, has a one-note character to play here - the too smooth writer on the make. Had his part been more ambiguous, it would have packed more emotion into the film. As it is, everyone but Lucy sees through him immediately, making her character seem rather stupid and the late plot conflict a bit meaningless.


    Sensing that she wants Fairley, Captain Gregg bows out of her life and (rather paternally) arranges for her to remember their time together as a dream. But soon afterward, Lucy discovers for herself what a cad Fairley is and now must live her life without Fairley or Captain Gregg. There are a couple of Time Passes segments in which Lucy ages rapidly until she is very old. She then has a heart attack and Captain Gregg comes for her. They step out of the house into the gleaming sunset.

    There are a number of very unsatisfying things about this ending. First of all, Lucy appears to lead a purposeless life after Captain Gregg shoves off. She does nothing creative, and seems to live on the revenue of Blood and Swash (how long exactly could that have generated a livable income?). Ultimately, this means that Captain Gregg supported her for the rest of his life, as her husband did before that - Lucy is neither capable of supporting herself or of coming up with a meaningful vocation or charitable way of filling her days. What a waste.

    Secondly, as Lucy sadly narrates to her daughter, she lived a 50-year lonely life. The film, with its "romantic" ending suggests that her happiness could only come from being with a man - Captain Gregg. But they only knew each other for a year, and she could barely remember him after he erased her memory of their time together. She had much more time for a friendship with Martha, her servant, but Martha, loving and caring throughout the film, hardly rates a glance back from Lucy on her way out into the sunset with Captain Gregg. If what Lucy and Captain Gregg had was True Love, perhaps this would be understandable. But Lucy, when presented with the opportunity for human love with Miles Fairley, plunges in without giving Captain Gregg much of a thought. This would suggest less than True Love. Which makes the walk into the sunset just wrong. Captain Dan deserves it, but Lucy does not.

    Besides the melancholy "happy" ending, the film has one more flow - as a ghost, Captain Gregg breaks all of the rules of specterhood. He appears anywhere he likes - in the house and out of it, miles away. He is not tied to location, and he's not even haunting for a real purpose. He also decides to stop haunting the house of his own volition. What kind a ghost comes and goes as he likes regardless of vocation. Essentially he haunts Lucy whom he never knew before his death. This allows him a great deal of freedom within the plot, but makes no sense at all.

    For all of these reasons, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir ultimately disappoints. Lucy, Captain Gregg, and Miles Fairley are all handsome and well played, but in attempting to inject conflict and yet retain a sense of True Love the story's writers make Lucy into a silly, pointless woman undeserving of her ghostly lover. ...more info
  • lovely story
    This is a timeless "chick-flick"...The movie has no off-color language or scenes, the humor is subtle but still, well, humorous! I love well-done romantic stories and this one is beautifully composed including the acting. I can see where it was easily expanded into a TV series, which was equally as loved. I suspect it was canceled because the viewing public and TV producers became more interested in harsher "reality" programming....more info
  • The Perfect 'rainy day' & 'date' movie
    Does this classic movie REALLY need a review..?? Especially from me..?
    If you have NEVER seen this movie you should. I think I have watched this movie about 10 times. I never tire of it and it is always my first choice on a rainy day. And it's where I learned what a 'monkey puzzle' tree was....more info
  • This Movie Has Haunted Me For 33 Years!
    I saw this movie when I was a child and it resonated with me, the themes of love, loneliness, and desire. And all of these years later, I still rank this as one of my favorite movies.

    Gene Tierney plays a woman living in late Victorian England. She has lost her husband, has a child to take care of, and is nuturing a dream of living independently in a home on the coast. She finds the perfect house, but soon discovers it is haunted by the ghost of a surly, but charming sea captain, played perfectly by Rex Harrison. The ghost and the ahead-of-her-repressed-times woman strike up an unlikely love affair.

    I watch this movie several times a year and I always, always laugh when Lucy (Tierney) cuts down the captain's old monkey puzzle tree and I always, always cry during the final scene, as an old Lucy dies, her spirit rises up and joins that of the captain. A brilliant, haunting, sentimental movie that will leave you pining for love and romance....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    The ever-talented Mankiewicz's deeply romantic "Mrs. Muir" is pure Hollywood fantasy, driven by the entrancing presence of its two fabulous co-stars. While a love story between a gruff dead seaman given to salty turns of phrase and a gorgeous grieving mother might sound a bit hokey, the chemistry between Tierney (radiant as ever) and Harrison (quite dashing as an unapologetic man's man) is not only credible but winning. Worlds better than its `70s TV spinoff and heartier than latter-day imitations like 1990's "Ghost," this is one cinematic haunted house you should be sure to visit....more info
  • Excellence
    A (non-color) keeper for anyone's collection of fine cinema.
    One-of-a-kind in history, this movie remains timeless.
    Good for any age group. I hope there is never an attempted remake.
    Optional areas include beautiful still set photos....more info
  • A Very Pleasant Ghost From the Past
    It is one thing to know that you are about to sit down and view something truly entertaining like "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," but the right atmosphere helps, and the rain-pelted windows and storm-swept maples outside the window provided just that.

    Gene Tierney shares the title role as Mrs. Muir who is recently widowed from her (not so) beloved Edwin (naturally) who has been living with her daughter under the prying eyes and domineering nature of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. She decides it is time to leave and find a house by the sea, where she will take her houselady, Martha, and raise her daughter, Anna, played by Natalie Wood. They will live on the stipend her husband left her from a modest investment.

    The realtor, Mr. Coombe, shows her listings while skipping over one. Mrs. Muir decides to read it, and insists on seeing the house against Mr. Coombe's persistent objections. The house is perfect even though, it turns out, it is haunted. "How perfectly fascinating" she tells Mr. Coombe.

    Undaunted and unhaunted, Lucy Muir confronts the materialized sea Captain Greg, who quickly develops a fondness for her. When her mother-in-law and sister-in-law reappear (remember they're still alive) it is to inform her that her source of income has disappeared. (Sorry). They will take her, her daughter, and house lady back to London with them. The impatient captain, whom Lucy now calls Daniel and only visible to the one he fondly calls Lucia, quickly ushers the two women out. Not to worry, he says, she will write his story of life at sea, and that will keep her financial affairs from drifting on the rocks of pauperism.

    The publisher is not the only one she meets in London. The other is a handsome smoothie played by George Sanders who captures Lucy's attention and very soon after, her affections to the dismay of her daughter, housemaid, and the sea captain who sees right through the man's character.

    The captain visits Mrs. Muir one last time in her dreams to tell her that he will not interfere with her love. When she awakens, he assures a dreaming Lucia, she will not remember anything about him--ever.

    It is years later, and her grown daughter visits with her fiance. Over tea they discuss the past. Did mum ever dream about Captain Greg as she had, she asks? She tells her mother how she remembers dreaming about him and falling in love with him. The look on Lucy's face tells her daughter that she knew the Captain in her dreams too. Lucy dismisses the notion. "How could we both have the same dreams," Anna asks. Lucy Muir tries, but cannot quite remember.

    The rest would be telling you the end, but I guarantee you that you will never forget this story as long as you live.

    Perhaps you will remember it even after that.

    ...more info
  • The Ghost and of course Mrs Muir
    Wonderful. Exciting. Great. I loved every minute of this movie. Rex Harrison is fantastic (as he is in everything he is in). I love movies to take me to another time, another location and another was of looking at the world. This movie does all three. Very interesting....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    I had forgotton what a great romantic, funny and poignant movie this was. It will make a great addition to our monthly "oldies" night we host for a few "oldie" friends!...more info
  • Just okay
    I'm sure that this was a good film at the time of its release. I found it a bit long and I was unimpressed by Rex Harrison--talk about over acting and big close up soliloquies that are syrupy sweet. There was nothing romantic about him. The side story with Mr. Fairley was about as transparent as it could get. The music was good. The last act breezes by at warp speed and it's just a little disconcerting to watch this woman just content to give up on looking for real love and settle for the day that she can truly be with the Captain again. A real Wuthering Heights sort of ending. Decent film but nothing to write home about.

    ...more info
  • What A Delightful Movie!
    The story and intrigue in this movie make it a wonderful addition to any family's collection of classic movies. For me and my family, it was definitely enchanting. The acting and the scenery are well-done. Gene Tierney is in one of her best roles, as Mrs. Muir......more info
    DvD in perfect condition. Sound was good. Very good family oriented ghost movie....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    If your are a romantic and don't mind crying a little you will like this story. Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison are superb. It is a classic in all respects. ...more info
  • A must see!
    The special effects are awesome, for it to be such an old movie. It is a romantic that reminds me of Jack and Rose's reunion after her death in Titanic. You will love this movie, it will become one of your favorites!...more info
  • Very enjoyable
    I absolutely loved watching this movie. Great performances by every one invovled, very sweet story line - almost thought the heroine would marry the man of her dreams(a suave charming George Sanders), without giving too much away. I only thought the ending was rather cheesy, could have been more subtle and something coudl have done about Rex Harrison's appearance as a ghost, he looks too human. I absolutely loved the beach scenes although in black and white, and Gene Tierney's looks and costumes would wow any girl to this day.Definitely a keeper....more info
  • Simple but moving film
    They don't make them like this any more. A romantic story about a widow and her encounter with the ghost of a sea captain whose house she is renting. The two leads - Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison are great. George Sanders is also good in his usual role of the cad. The film is also blessed with a beautiful score by the great Bernard Herrmann. Definitely worth a look for all but the most cynical....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - a Classic
    A perfect Classic - an unusual story line, entertaining and romantic. What more could anyone want? Yes, it's black and white, but once you get into the movie, you don't notice it. It's a movie perfect for the entire family. So, pop up some popcorn and prepare to be entertained. ...more info
  • A secret Love
    This story will move all people that have a wish tto find true love , even if it does take a lifetime to receive a gift so perfect....more info
  • A Charming Surprise!
    My sister made me watch this one night when there was nothing else on. I was fully prepared to dislike this movie if only because the plot sounded so silly. I am usually not a fan of old movies and certainly not romantic tearjerkers, which my sister loves. But to my surprise I was caught up in this unassuming little story from the beginning. And I cried at the end. So give this movie a chance even though it does not seem to be your cup of tea. The word "charm" is overused by reviewers, but I can't think of a better word to describe the Ghost and Mrs. Muir....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL movie. Perfect for family or a quiet night in. Great love story. Old fashion "chick-flick" that will make you cry and laugh. I highly recomment it....more info
  • Very Pleased
    My DVD arrived in a very timely manner and was packed very securely. I was very satisfied with the product and the service. I also found the price to be reasonable and would definately recommend this site....more info
  • Movies from
    What is great about Amazon is the large selection of dvds and cds from around the world. When I look for movies or music, I can choose from a wide variety of prices and conditions. Sometimes I want to give a gift that is new and other times get only a disc at a very low cost for myself. There are also many choices in shipping prices and speed of delivery. Now I can afford to have a video library and get the rare music I've always wanted. It doesn't get better than this.
    The Ghoast and Mrs. Muir is a wonderful adventure into the other side of life. How love endures through eternity. These are great classics that we used to have to wait years to see on tv. Not only is the story compelling but the scenic beauty of life on the coast of England is heart warming. ...more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs Muir
    A widow and her daughter come to live in a cottage by the sea that is said to be haunted by a sea captain,and they fall in love. An unlikely premiss, but made logical by a funny, touching script and the performances of the stars.
    To me this is one of the most romantic films I have ever seen.
    Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison are perfect....more info
  • Captain Blowhard
    This is really one of my all time favorite movies. Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison do an outstanding job in this film. She is a widow with a young child who finds a place to live to get away from her inlaws. It is a quaint cottage at the sea, haunted by Captain Blowhard. I called him that because he is mouthy, a rather "spirited" personality. Actually, the sea captain is a ghost who died unexpectedly and doesn't want anybody in HIS house. Well, the widow cannot afford to leave, so they find a way to respect each other and get along.

    It is such an enchanting story of dreams, while you watch the young child grow up and get married and while you follow the widow and her housekeeper through her trials and tribulations. A beautiful love story and truly a classic--well acted with a superb story line.

    After you finish watching it, you just wanna sit back in the chair and go "a-h-h-h-h" (deep sigh)....more info
  • Highly highly recommended.
    The product was shipped out immediately. Received within the week of purchase in perfect condition and original packaging. Highly recommend....more info
  • Wonderful Old Movie
    This is a great old movie. Even my 17 year old son loves this movie. I don't know what it is about it, but we just love it....more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    This film's stars, Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison, share a wonderful onscreen chemistry, and the "ghost story" is simply enchanting. ...more info
  • A lovely tear-jerker.
    I didn't know a thing about this movie except that it was my mother's favorite until I was 22. And then I rented it, watched it--and fell in love with it. My roommate and I watched in complete admiration for the characters in this film, and found that you can't get through it without a box of tissues. Not that it's sad--this is simply a movie where you'll *enjoy* crying happily, no matter how stoney you think your heart is!...more info
  • Fun, old-style Hollywood...
    Anyone expecting a difficult, script-heavy masterpiece is in the wrong place, but movies don't get much more entertaining than this. It is affecting and sentimental without being maudlin and is often quite funny. Rex Harrison is a legend and George Sanders is at his smarmy best, and Gene Tierny is a likeable and endearing protagonist. If you're in the mood for a sturdily assembled, old-styled film with a smooth balance of humor and romance, this is exactly what you're looking for....more info
  • Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    A classic. Quality is very good. Glad to have some 'oldies' available on DVD. ...more info
  • Love the movie!
    This was always one of my favorite movies. I had not seen it for many years and it still passes the test of time. Great movie!...more info
  • Gift was broken
    The DVD froze on scene 15 and it was a gift so I had to get it from a different source-I was not happy at all. ...more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    Put this in on a rainy day and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Sweet and tender. A classic romance. Never tire of it. Rex Harrison is a perfect sea captain....more info
  • THE Most Romantic Movie of All-Time!
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is an excellent film. The last few moments of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir are, without a doubt, the most romantic and touching in cinema history. Nothing else compares.

    If you are a fan of romantic novels or films, you owe it to yourself to buy this DVD. It is perfection beyond price.

    ...more info
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    I have enjoyed The Ghost and Mrs. Muir for many years. I never tire of watching. It transports me back to a more gentle time. I use George Sanders character's traits in one of my books. A good cup of hot tea and a quiet time of viewing this movie is an excellant way to spend an afternoon. I now own this DVD so I can watch anytime I choose which is a luxury. ...more info
    **** 1947. Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR is an adaptation of R.A. Dick's The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Nomination for the 1948 Film Academy award in the Best Cinematography category. A young widow falls in love with the ghost of a seaman. This romantic and sentimental film of the fantasy genre is, like Guys & Dolls (Widescreen Deluxe Edition), a curiosity in Mankiewicz's filmography. The director will work again with George Sanders in All About Eve and with Rex Harrison in ESCAPE, The Honey Pot [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Spain ] and Cleopatra....more info
  • Girls Night In
    I love this film. I always have. From the opening credits with that sweeping Bernard Herrmann score you know you're in for a treat; the duel delights of a "real" ghost and love story in one film. Rex Harrison is completely cantankerous and sexy at the same time and Gene Tierney is as always "exquisite" even in black and white.

    I have been a fan of the talents of Bernard Herrmann ever since I first became aware that he was responsible for providing the perfect backdrop for suspense in Alfred Hitchcock films. He does a beautiful job here continually reminding the audience with the plaintive strain of strings that these two lovers are "star-crossed" by death itself.

    Then, of course, the best part is that Death intervenes again and gives them a second chance at love.

    I recommend this to anyone who loves Love and happy endings with a "twist"....more info
  • Deeper, Richer, and More Complex Than Its High Concept Romance Suggests

    I saw "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" years ago on television. I was just a kid and I noticed, mostly, the high concept romance: A spunky, living, twentieth-century woman is in love with a pre-feminist, sea captain ghost. I enjoyed the film's wit and romance, but then I filed it and forgot about it, thinking of it as a clever concept, but not a classic.

    Because my own reaction to the film was rather shallow and cliched, I thought that the film itself was rather shallow and cliched, that it was just about its obvious wit and romance, with nothing deeper there.

    I recently rewatched the film. I saw the same amusing, stylish, witty, clever, high-concept romance -- living woman loves ghost -- that I had seen for the first time as a child. But there is a whole 'nother movie here beneath the surface style, a movie of great depth.

    As soon as the score began, while the Fox logo was still onscreen, I was all atremble, as if bewitched, with goosebumps and near tears. That score brought home to me the story and its attendant feelings of profound yearning and mystery.

    Perhaps I had registered all this when I had seen it as a child, but not consciously.

    Ken Geist, who offers commentary on the DVD version, said this about the score:

    "I can't really say enough about it ... it's haunting; it's the most haunting thing about this ghost picture and he brings to it the same quality of his haunting movie with Hitchcock, 'Vertigo.' I think that Bernard Hermann is a great film composer, from 'Citizen Kane' right through to 'Taxi Driver' and this may be his's wildly romantic."

    There is the feminist subtext. Significantly, the film is set in early twentieth century England, the place and time of sufragettes. Women were breaking new ground. Lucy Muir, the lead here, breaks new ground by leaving her in-laws, living alone, and making her own living.

    Charles Lang's black and white cinematography is perfection, and it serves the story's various elements: its spookiness, romance, and humor, in turn -- perfectly.

    Rex Harrison is a revelation. Yes, this is a romance; it's not great literature. And yet, like great literature, it takes on big, universal themes: the passage of time, mortality, yearning, the complexities of love, the limitations of the legendary loves.

    Harrison's performance serves these themes in this frame perfectly. His Captain Daniel Gregg is a bit of a cartoon, but beneath the cartoon's exaggerations, you sense a real living, breathing, man, a boy who ran away from home and went to sea; his adopted mother yearning for him as his living lover would yearn for him once he died.

    I can't think of any other actor who could have performed this role with the utter perfection, the combination of intelligence, conviction, generosity, focus and flair that Harrison gave it.

    Gene Tierney is incredibly beautiful and that makes her believable as the target of the captain's yearning. she doesn't work 100% for me, though. She is perfect in "Laura" as the beautiful blank screen on which men project their fantasies; she's also perfect in "Razor's Edge" as a schemer.

    I never see Tierney connect with the women in her audience, though. I don't sense that she's up there doing what she's doing for *me,* and the rest of the women in the audience, as I do with other female stars, from Garbo to Jane Fonda.

    I would have liked to have seen Olivia de Havilland in the Lucy Muir part. She has that impossible combination of incredible, Fairy Queen beauty, plus human warmth and spunk so necessary in a romantic heroine.

    Too, Natalie Wood as Anna Muir is woefully underused. Did director Joseph Mankiewicz not realize what a goldmine of charm and talent Wood was? A scene where Lucy and Anna perform their mother-daughter bond would have added depth to the film.

    When i saw the film the first time, I had found George Sanders as Uncle Neddy / Miles Fairley to be a shallow snake in the grass and operator.

    Viewing it this time, though, I see that Miles is as human as Lucy and Daniel, with his own tragic incapabilities. Daniel can't be a real -- flesh and blood -- man; Miles can't be a real -- stand up -- man. Sanders' eloquent face, half supercilious, half tragic -- renders Miles' failed manhood poignant and tragic.

    Just as Daniel and Lucy yearn for what they can't have -- a flesh and blood romance -- Miles yearns for some impossible romance he can't have, and so he chases women by moonlight, and abandons them in the day.

    "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" highlights gender differences in love. Lucy Muir yearns for a man most women would love to meet -- a manly, strong, competent leader of men who is also dedicated to her, hangs on her every word, helps her around the house -- he even helps her with her in-laws.

    In helping Lucy, Daniel is not belittling her; he leads her to become her best self. He rescues her financially, but, in that rescue, he reinforces her own strengths, strengths she had not been aware of before him. Finally, he sacrifices himself utterly for her, going so far as to remove her memory of him in order that she can live a happy life without him.

    What a man. Does he exist? If he did, he'd have a very long waiting list of women trying to get to him. This man may not be just a fantasy in the movie; this man may be a fantasy in life, as well.

    This film poses the question: Is there such a thing as a soulmate? Someone you are destined to meet, no matter what intervenes between you and that person? Does love transcend death? ...more info
    The Ghost and Mrs Muir, is a story about a love that grows under the strangest of circumstances. A ghost and a mortal. It is beautifully done and comedic in parts. The acting is superb. For those of you with a romantic heart and would like to spend an evening with your someone special over a good old movie. This is the one.

    Fishkill, New York...more info
    You've got to love a fim that has it all -- stars, romance, fantasy. This has been one of my very favorite films since I saw it on "Million Dollar Movie" in NYC, more years ago than I will admit. Adding it to my DVD library was a necessity!...more info
  • Delightful romantic fantasy about an impossible romance...
    Gene Tierney is an impoverished widow who manages to find a suitable seaside cottage for herself, her maid and her daughter (Natalie Wood), only to discover that its former occupant is a strong-willed, salty sea captain (Rex Harrison) who is opposed to anyone else living at Gull Cottage. How their relationship grows and changes is the basis for the rest of the fantasy.

    Tierney has her best role since 'Laura' as the lovely widow, engaging in many witty dialogs with Harrison's ghost with their relationship ultimately leading to a wistful ending. The mood of the period fantasy is enhanced by Bernard Herrmann's exquisitely sensitive score, capturing the atmosphere of the seaside cottage at the edge of a cliff. George Sanders has an amusing role as a man who almost convinces the widow that he's not a married man. Touches of humor abound in early scenes of Tierney with her relatives who are opposed to her independent decision to find her own lodgings.

    Later remade as a TV series in the '60s which never captured the charm of the original story filmed with such tender care by director Joseph L. Mankiewicz from a screenplay by Philip Dunne. A delightful movie that will remain fresh and young forever.

    ...more info


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