T'ai Chi for Health - Yang Short Form [VHS]
T'ai Chi for Health - Yang Short Form [VHS]

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T'ai chi, the classic Chinese exercise for health, self-defense, and spiritual growth, is "meditation in movement." It emphasizes relaxation, breath control, visual and mental concentration, and slow, balanced movement, explains the voiceover in T'ai Chi for Health: Yang Short Form during a 10-minute explication of the qualities, philosophy, and health benefits of t'ai chi. Meanwhile the instructor, Terence Dunn, practices on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. Dunn teaches 10 minutes of breathing and warm-up exercises. Next is a 30-minute introduction to the basic postures, then a full hour of step-by-step instruction and practice of the 37 postures of the Yang Short Form. The video ends with an eight-minute demonstration of the complete Yang Short Form, showing how the postures flow together. Altogether, you get two full hours in this unusually complete training video. The beginner gets all the instruction needed to start practicing, and ongoing students get an ideal setting for practice and improvement. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • T'ai Chi
    This video has taught me more than the classes I am taking at the gym. I am a beginner at T'ai Chi and this video helps to establish the moves for the Yang short form. However, like the classes, it fails to address the psychological aspect as I expected it would. T'ai Chi still feels like I am shifting my weight back and forth and waving my hands in the air instead of reaching some inner peace....more info
  • The best of the best
    This is the best Tai Chi tape that I've seen so far. To get themost out of this tape, you'll need to start slow by learning one ortwo forms at a time and practice it regularly. I'm glad I bought this tape because without it, I'll be lost trying to learn from books alone. I especially like the beginning where it sets the atmostphere and scenery before delving into the real practice....more info
  • Terry Dunn even better in DVD
    I have always liked the vhs version I got years ago, and got the DVD when the tape was lost. I especially like the continual playback position by position. The repetition, and not being dragged on through the video before one "gets" a position is just what the learner needs. The same Terry Dunn, the same soothing tone and music, easier to control and follow. ...more info
  • it's a good video
    i feel that the video is well made and well paced. the warm ups allow a person the set their own pace. the forms (with use of the blessed pause button) are presented with a very good explanition from Mr. Dunn. this tape and the long form tape should be added to anyone's video collection....more info
  • Appreciated in the North woods...
    I had the long form version on video tape originally, and to be honest with the business in my life, I rarely got beyond the warm up exercises...for gravity alone sufficed with what Terence was doing. I ordered the short form dvd after checking out various Tai Chi videos thru rental outlets. I have a past in martial arts, and understand the importance and thinking behind forms, the balance...and am happy to report that I am getting it. I do believe I would have stuck with it earlier had I got the short form right away.

    For a more specific crit...its nice on one had that each movement introduced replays and replays til you get it, but it would be nice if there was an option where say perhaps three movements could play at a time consecutively; helping you piece movements together better. It is a hassle to get the remote after each movement and go to the next one. Also, while it is aesthetically cool to see Terence in the last section do the entire form with his Tai Chi outfit, and lights low...it would have been better for students to have had more lights in the production so there is no question to reminders of hand movements, distribution of weight and flow...etc.,

    I read reviews before buying this one myself, and to the crit I read complaining of the music that plays along...I too am a musician, but ssheesh....get over it, or don't bother ever visiting any other country or culture. Should be able to rise above Terence's choice of music I would think....more info
  • Very good DVD
    I am a beginner so I am NOT evaluating this one any other level save a beginner. I had a lot of misgivings about the DVDs in this art. One thing was can they communicate or will they communicate the positions well enough and will it be encouraging enough to help me feel it possible to advance.

    This is an excellent DVD & worth what I paid for it. It gives you clear shots of the positions, his technic for helping you through the movements is wonderful. You aren't left feeling like you can never accomplish the proper form position and transition. I will stay with Tai Chi and go to purchase the Yang long form in time. It will be a while there is a lot on this DVD.

    Again, I am just a beginner so take it for that. ...more info
  • Beginners beware!
    While I found Mr. Dunn's presentation and instruction to be very pleasant and informative, I would warn beginners to take care with the exercises, even the warm-ups. This is especially true if you are new to exercise or have ANY problem with your knees or back.

    The beginning of the video shows some larger & older people doing the exercises, but this doesn't mean the viewer should underestimate the strain on their own joints, especially if they are a novice to this sort of exercise. Mr. Dunn may be able to do these exercises without even breathing hard, but it took my partner and I weeks to even get through the warm-up portion of the tape, and we finally gave it up because it was too much for us.

    The pain and strain on our joints overrode the advantages, and we feared injuring ourselves if we continued with the video before strengthening our bodies in other ways. If you are in relatively good shape or are young and resilient, this video could be very beneficial to you, but if you are not, please exercise caution with the tape....more info

  • A good reference, although the production quality is somewhat lacking...
    I purchased this DVD to enhance my study of Tai Chi. I had heard positive comments about Terry Dunn, and was excited to view this new video. However, I was somewhat disappointed by the DVD.

    On the positive side, I felt Mr Dunn did an excellent job explaining the stances and the breathing, and did a good job demonstrating them. Often, two views will pop up on the screen to assist you when he turns his back, so you can see both front and rear views. Each section of the form has an automatic playback feature that loops that portion of the form over and over, making it easier to learn it step by step, without constantly fiddling with your remote. The evidence of the utility of this video is that I bought it two months ago and I still use it several times a week to guide my home Tai Chi workouts, when I elect to perform the Yang style short form.

    On the negative side, the video quality is subpar. I get the impression that multiple portions were perhaps lifted from an older VHS version. I would have preferred more traditional garb (Mr Dunn wears a t-shirt and shorts) and more traditional chinese music rather than the dated, New Age type keyboard music, which frankly gets on my nerves after a short time. In addition, the lighting on the set is subpar, and the set is not very attractive. Given that this is an instructional video, these are perhaps not the most important parts of the video, but they do detract from the overall feel, and bring a less than satifactory aura to the experience.

    Despite giving the video 3 stars and the above mentioned drawbacks, I still feel it is a good bargain (I paid $14.99 here on Amazon), and I plan on buying Mr Dunn's Yang style Long Form in the future....more info
  • Terrific Tai Chi DVD!
    This Tai Chi DVD offers an excellent introduction to Tai Chi for those who are more interested in the health benefits of this ancient Chinese martial art. Although the movements are gentle and unhurried, they will greatly increase your lower body strength and overall suppleness. Terry Dunn teaches this art in a relaxed but, engaging manner. I highly recommend this DVD....more info
  • Excellent Instruction on Tai Chi Short Form
    This instructional DVD excels in its attention to detail. I have had some training as a Tai Chi assistant instructor and I find Mr. Dunn's form and teaching style excellent for keeping the student in correct posture. For most people learning Tai Chi, it is very difficult to remember all the positioning details correctly. It is much too easy to perform the forms sloppily in an effort to look smooth. Unfortunately, much of the benefit of the discipline is lost in this manner. Mr. Dunn's attention to detail in the form of reminders, such as alignment, relative positions of joints, and whether hips are open or squared, keeps me disciplined and focused....more info
  • Difficult to learn from this DVD (discusses alternatives)
    Dunn's form is great, and it's beautiful to watch him, but if you've ever been to a Tai Chi (or a dance) class, you'll know that it's almost impossible to learn this sort of movement when the instructor is facing you, as is the case throughout the video. You really need to be behind the instructor so that your right is his/her right and vice versa. Also, and annoyingly, the run-through of the full form is photographed in such a way that you often can't see below Dunn's waist. Good art, I suppose, but worthless if you want to see the foot positions, which is a large part of what you're doing. A close up of the instructors face is of little or no use to me.

    As an alternative, I'd suggest "Tai Chi with David Dorian Ross." This DVD has more of a hippie "vibe" to it, which will not sit well with the purists, but he shows you the movements from both the front and the back, and most importantly, presents the entire short form from the back -- just as you'd see it in class -- with the whole body visible. It's a much better video to learn Tai Chi than Dunn's.

    Another great DVD for learning is "Tai Chi Chuan Yang Short Form," which isn't on Amazon, but you can get it[...]. This DVD is just a run through of the complete short form, but not only is the camera angle behind the instructor, but the instructor is facing a mirror, so you can see everything perfectly. This setup is perfect for learning the movements. It's spectacularly easy to follow, and you don't need any mirrors at all. On the down side, the instructor's form is far from perfect, and she uses a very upright style (which is fine for learning, especially if you're stiff). Also, there's no movement-by-movement instruction. Nonetheless, this is a great video for practicing the complete short form, just as if you were in class following along with the instructor....more info
  • Varry Good.
    I really enjoyed this video! Terence Dunn is a good teacher when it comes to VHS instruction. He explains every move in detail and even has extra camra angles for the hard to learn postures. This is the best tai chi video avalible. I have to say something about a earlier review of this video. Who ever said this video does not demenstrate real tai chi is misinformed. Terence Dunn is as real as it gets short of getting a taoist from china to teach you the postures. He is right about it not being complete... 37 postures is just a shortened version. Mr. Dunn does have a Long form instuction once you learn the short form. But in terms of learning 100% real tai chi ch'uan postures, this video is great for the beginner! I loved it!...more info
  • Excellent Tool for Learning T'ai Chi
    This is the authentic Cheng Man-ch'ing, Yang Short Form; and Terry Dunn does an excellent job of presenting it. I used the tape to supplement my T'ai Chi classes, and now I use it for review and corrections. It includes two different presentations of the form in its entirety; a demonstration and explanation of the basic principles of the T'ai Chi Form; and a sixty minute, step-by-step lesson, with different angles, and (yes!) the titles of each movement appearing on the screen so you can fast forward or rewind to the place in the form you want. It's a great tape on its own, or better still, as a supplement to a good live class....more info
  • Excellent instructional video
    An excellent, comprehensive video for learning T'ai Chi.
    I do wish that he also filmed the moves when he was facing the same way you were, so it would be easier to follow, while watching and doing the moves yourself. But that being said, he explains each move with careful and complete detail so that you can follow along. I would still recommend taking some classes - to keep you from developing bad habits or wrong moves - somethings that a competent teacher will be able to point out.
    I had studied and practiced T'ai Chi for a few years, some 20 years ago, and this video was all that I needed to get back to where I was then.
    ...more info
    This video gives philosophy, history, warm-ups, basic postures and then goes through the instruction of the form step by step. Terry goes through this process properly and masterfully. Any person with some background in Tai Chi will have no problem understanding this tape. Such a person will also know how to implement other Tai Chi concepts that the tape does not obviously bring out but which Terry aludes to. What this means however is that the total beginner will have a challenge grasping some of the unseen fundamentals that can't be taught on any tape, but which Terry has applied throughout the tape......more info
  • Everything is great but...
    I very much enjoy the DVD and I enjoyed learning about and doing T'ai Chi. However, the instructor in the video confused his right and left foot completely twice in the instructional part. Not just saying right foot and then correcting himself and then saying left, he actually calls his right foot his left and doesn't realize it, twice. There are also a number of times when he does realize it and corrects himself midword and even midsentence. It sounds like it's not a problem but it is because he's doing everything opposite of you as far as point of view goes, so you end up depending on his referrences to which leg, hand, or foot you should be moving. "Slowly roll all of your weight onto your right leg. Now slide your right leg forward." These are things that should've been picked up and fixed in post production, or even gaffed on location during the shoot. It's hard enough to properly learn techniques such as these without being instructed with the wrong foot, hand, or leg....more info
  • Terry Dunn is a master
    This is a thorough treatment of the Yang short form (37 posture). He cuts no corners and gives great detail on each posture. This is a great supplement to regular Tai Chi class or a great stand-alone study guide....more info
  • The 37 form, not the common 24 posture form
    Please be aware that this is the Yang 37 posture form and not the more common Yang 24 posture form that is usually taught to beginners. For my complete review see the the VHS version....more info
  • Tai Chi DVD
    The DVD is a good way to go over the moves. I would notrecommend it for someone who is not working with an instructor. But it is an outstanding addendum to a class or review for someone who needs a refresher....more info
  • Best TaiCHivideo
    This tape allow you to learn Tai Chi without a live teacher. I am really like it. I have learned the complete Young short forms of Tai Chi within a week. I have been swimming for20+ years,jogging for10+ years, plus biking , hiking, .....

    I used to think Tai Chi is too slow to givea good exercises. Now I think it is the best one to balance the mind and body....more info

  • Superb
    Tai Chi is one of those art forms that in the end requires a teacher, but this DVD is a superb presentation of the Yang Short Form. With two full presentations of the moves, I found the 'multi-camera angle moves presentation that loop' to be a phenomenal way to understand the complexities of each posture and move. The production features this looping area where each transition point is presented in a fashion that allows you to study it until you're ready to move on. I feel like now, if I take a class, I'll be yards ahead of everyone else. SImply fantastic. That you, Terrence Dunn. ...more info
  • not a bad tai chi vdeo
    Mr Dunn has avoided the pitfalls inherent to Tai Chi instruction. The secret to Tai Chi is simple grandmotherly motion. It is as soft as a baby's breath. Imagine a soft cat that curls ridiculously benign upon your lap. A limp torso, CATegorically alive. Mr Dunn achieves this state, or close enough....more info
  • Tai Chi Yawn
    This video has very very poor production values in comaprison to the Living Arts Series. The lighting in the warm up is not good, and creates strange shadows. The warm up itself is quite long and repetitive, and drained my enthusiasm for the exercises to come. It is very difficult to follow a video where one must move in a very exact fashion, but do the exact opposite of what is being shown on the screen. I lost interest and could not integrate this video into my daily practice....more info
  • Good source for exercise and relaxation
    I tried out the VHS version, while recovering from surgery that preempted my
    usual exercise routine. I was so impressed with the straightforward presentation of the warm-ups that Mr. Dunn demonstrates and later the various Tai Chi forms, that I purchased the DVD. I am glad I did- now that I have recovered; I still use the video to supplement my daily exercises. ...more info
  • Learn Tai Chi From a Video? Sure!
    I'm sure that there is no replacement for good one-on-one instruction from a qualified instructor. In some situations that may not be practical. If you can't get direct instruction, this video is just the ticket. I've seen several Tai Chi instructional videos and this one rates among the best. The videography is crisp and clear. Every nuance of hand and foot positioning can be seen. Terry Dunn's instructional style is very clear and easy to follow. He takes time to go through evry technique slowly enough that it can be seen and understood.

    If i were trying to keep the bills paid with a Tai Chi school, I would probably join the ranks of critics who say that you can't possible learn good Tai Chi from a video, but I think you can. Certainly, if you are trained in some form of martial art, Terry Dunn's video will be a good introduction to Tai Chi.

    One caution, though. Be prepared to invest a lot of time. You will not be able to learn this form in a couple of hours....more info

  • Could not stand the "music"
    I really liked the way he described everything. His warmth and gentleness was very pleasant and did not get old, on the contrary became more endearing with use. I am not an expert on ability, so I can say only that he seems to be very, very good at both doing and teaching this art.

    Now I must say why I had to stop using his videotape (yes, it's that old). There is a synthesized soundtrack that slowly became unbearable to me. I really tried to do what he was saying, and this meant that I rewound the tape over and over again as I attempted to follow his instructions. Let me stop right here to state that I did not find his mixing up of left and right to be a problem: one viewing...yes; two viewings...a little clearer; three, four and five viewings...come on people, it's not an issue. Now back to what I was relating. The soundtrack: I am a musician, very sensitive to such things, so perhaps this will not be an issue with most of you--and I know the producers thought this would be a relaxing addition to the overall effect. However, in my case (and perhaps in the case of a small minority of you all) it ultimately became unbearable. I would like to go back to this recording if I could obtain a version without the pervasive, synthesized, 1970's "feel-good" sounds filling up the spaces between the instructions. Terry, can you help me on this?...more info
  • T'ai Chi not so fluid
    Sorry, very hard to use as a work out guide. The various exercises do not follow one another smoothly, but each one loops until you click Next. Having done that, the next exercise does not pick up where the other one left you so you have to scramble to get into the position being shown. The guide mixes up his left and right, putting his weight on his right leg and telling you to put it on the left, for example. The darned FBI warning and a cute Panda bear can't be fast forwarded through so you are left to do warmups waiting, with the clicker in your hand. A new production would be very welcome as he obviously knows his stuff, but we want to follow and imitate, not just watch!...more info
  • The battle dance of life and flow.
    The only thing lacking in this video is special effects and computer graphics. However, it starts overlooking the sea with Terrence Dunn performing the Yang Short Form. Motivational music plays and a voice narrates the philosophy of yin and yang, "The Great Terminous", Toaism, etc. Various shots of the various movements in the form are shown with the sea as backgound and symbol of the Tao. The form ends and we are shown a shot of "average" people Strumming the Lute and Lifting Hands. Then the slow grueling and flowing dance begins as Mr. Dunn leads us through the 40 odd postures in the form, detail by detail. Finally, a work of art is presented. The entire Yang short Form being presented by Mr. Dunn with a superb musical background. The beauty of this dance is enhanced and we are both informed and entertained. I loved this tape and will one year move on to the Long Form. I must also, before concluding, say that the basics of Qi Gong and the three fundamental stances of Tai Chi are dealt with in detail and are presented as warmup exercises....more info
  • Helpful and a starting point in Tai Chi
    A good video for a reference. You can also use it for practice between formal lessons. However, there is no substitute for instruction from an experienced teacher. The group learning dynamics are irreplacable. Get the instruction first and then this tape can help you....more info
  • Excellent tool for learning and refreshing.
    I have many years of training and exposure to Chinese martial arts, exercise, and philosphy. Terry Dunn's videos for both the long and short forms are very good learning tools. The beginner can get a good grasp of the basics and fundamentals. The more advanced student can glean much from it. I have been using Terry's videos as a reference, refresher, and motivator for close to 10 years. I highly reccomend it for beginner or intermediate student....more info
  • Would have been better for DVD
    This is a very comprehensive tai chi training video. It provides a nice introduction to the background and philosophy of tai chi, with beautiful music and cinematorgraphy to compliment Terry's beautiful performance of the form. The instruction sequences are technically accurate, but the mirror image teaching method common to most exercise videos is lacking here, making it hard to follow. True, traditional tai chi always move to the left and is taught with the instructor's back to you, but taping it this way detracts from the effectiveness of the instruction. Because it is such a long tape, it would have been better formatted for DVD, so that users could jump to whichever section they choose. But I've learned a lot about tai chi from it, so I do recommend this as one of several tai chi tapes to include in your personal library. ...more info
  • An objective review! Just three stars
    One of the problems I find out in Amazon reviews is that very few are objective and dispassionate, and what is worst, it seems most of them are made by friends, relatives or disciples of the authors.
    How can you praise a video that has very poor quality and is dark and consequently it is a poor guide for tai chi learning?
    In tai chi one of the most important and difficult things to learn is the hands and feet movement and it is almost impossible to follow them by watching this video.
    The only thing that saves this dvd and why I give 3 stars are the Qi Gong exercises.
    Finally it is advisable to know before buying it, that Mr Dunn does not do the 24 Yang forms and his positions and movements are significantly different than the done on the popular 24 short form.
    ...more info
  • a good reference
    I tried to make this video part of my workout routine, but I couldn't stick with it. The warm up is too long, leaving insufficient time to learn the postures that follow. The frontal view is confusing, and when Terry mixes up his left & right, it doesn't help! It's an intimidating introduction to T'ai Chi, I had difficulty holding the poses long enough for him to get through the explanations....more info
  • The best teaching video I have seen on this style of Tai Chi
    This instructional video shows and teaches the 37-posture Yang style Short Form created by Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing (Terry's teacher, Abraham Liu, was a student of Cheng Man-ch'ing). As with his Long Form tape, this is the best teaching video I have seen on this style of Tai Chi so far. END...more info
  • useful, but with with serious drawbacks
    I have very mixed feelings about this tape: In general the format is good, but the presentation presents some serious difficulties. The moves require the viewer to mirror the instructor which leads to a great deal of confusion. The pace is extremely uneven and for a beginner it is not possible to repeat a move effectively. If one sticks with it, however, it is possible to learn this short form....more info
  • Good quality video, but misses the boat on real Tai Chi Quan
    Mr. Dunn does a good job of explaining the Chang Min Cheng form; unfortunately this is not real Tai Chi Chu'uan. The Yang Chen-Fu Tai Chi Quan long form is what the beginner needs to learn to really understand what Tai Chi is about. Following this video will result in mechanical hand and foot movements that will cause the practioner to miss out on many of the subtle and wonderful benefits of real Tai Chi Chu'uan. If you lack a real teacher, this video is better than nothing, and has excellent production values. Be aware however, that there is much more to Tai Chi than Mr. Dunn demonstrates....more info
  • Great introduction for beginners
    This is my first Tai Chi tape. I learned the whole 37 postures and flow from this tape, great for beginners. It is very basic but good production, no fancy props. Terrance is an excellent instructor giving clear explanation.
    For people with normal knees, I think the long warm up with half squat position may hurt their knees. I kind of cheated with short warm up and go to learn the postures directly. When your knees get stronger, you will feel more comfortable.

    There is actually a book 'Master Cheng's New Method of Taichi Chuan Self-Cultivation' translated by Mark Hennessy (ISBN 1-883319-92-7) that writes out this exact short form in details. The book really helps me to understand the foot positon and to remember the sequence.

    I recommend this tape for Tai chi beginners....more info

  • Take it slow, but don't give up!
    As a Tae Kwon Do practitioner, I thought I would easily go through the video, no sweat. Wrong! Though I am a young man, and in good health, this art challenged my abilities, as I hoped. While some have complained of joint problems, I believe this may be due to improper stances. One detractor to video instruction is not having an instructor to critique your technique and make modifications to compensate for injuries. The 'pain and strain on our joints' was most likely due to the body constantly being worked in ways it was not used to. Skip a day or two in between training sessions if your body has trouble keeping up with the demands you make of it. Take care to eat right, including more complex carbohydrates and bananas(potasium). Certainly, if your body is not used to strenuous exercise, take it slow. Do not, however, give up, for you will gain nothing! Remember, there are thousands of over-80 Chinamen in better shape than me(20), and Tai Chi did it to them!...more info
  • Slow but sure
    As another reviewer pointed out, this is not an exercise video. It is an instructional video that divides into 4 parts. First, a demonstration of the form accompanied by a monologue about the history and purpose of T'ai Chi. Then, a long warmup with emphasis on introduction to the basic postures of the form. Third, 37 lessons divided into 49 parts. Finally, all the parts are again demonstrated in one continuous movement. At the very end of the video, Dunn states what he should have pointed out at the start: it takes 6 to 18 months to master the forms on the video. That would have alerted some of the people who made negative comments that this is not meant to be just an exercise video. The video accomplishes all it is meant to accomplish and I would have given it a 5 except there are lapses and slowness in places that become annoying. ...more info
  • Complete, simple to understand, with excellent instruction
    The best thing for me was how simple Terence Dunn made it to learn from this video. I never felt rushed, pushed along, or left behind.

    This video offers the full short form, the instructor taking you slowly and thoroughly through the Yang short form in a way that can be easily followed and learned if you are a beginner.

    The philosophy and breathing techniques are given, to make a well rounded whole. The stances are taught in a logical easy to understand and learn manner. There is also a full viewing of the Yang short form demonstrated which shows you how it should be done, and the lovliness and grace that can be attained with practice....more info

  • good foundation but difficult to follow moves
    i think terence dunn does a great job in taking his time to explain each move; however, the warmup is incredibly long and the visual angle/frontal view is extremely confusing for someone who is watching and trying to learn the moves..it's not a mirror image..i was left feeling frustrated instead of relaxed.....more info
  • Excellent video for beginners
    I am in the position of not having a good tai chi teacher readily available. A friend of mine got me started with Master Chen Man Ching's simplified form and this video is a excellent reference material for me to learn and refine the forms....more info
  • Thumbs down
    Seeing that someone had rated this five stars, I took a chance on the Amazon "opened video cannot be returned" policy and bought this. I really regret it!

    From a video quality perspective this video is high schoolish. The nauseatingly pink background that takes up a solid 1 hour of this video. The titles convinced me that this seventeen dollar video was not worth it.

    The Tai Chi presentation is 60 minutes long without a break in the pink background, and without titles of names of movements such as "Single Whip" etc. Thus, it is very difficult to stop the tape and learn a movement in the middle of the 8 minute Form by skipping through in fast-forward.

    The exercise sessions seemed worth going through, but all in all, if Amazon didn't have a "opened videos cannot be returned" policy, this video wouldn't be taking up space in my video collection....more info

  • Poor production quality
    The video is fairly useful. However, Terry Dunn frequently mixes up left and right in his oral description of what to do. This means you can never rely on what he's saying and have to keep looking at the video (which can be inconvenient for several of the positions). This compounds the problem of having to do the "opposite" of what you're looking at. The scences where he says "left" where he should have said "right" should have been redone. The more times you play the tape the more the left/right problem gets annoying!...more info
  • DVD barely watchable
    I am sorry I can't return this DVD. The camera work is so poor in the first part ( Terry Dunn performing the Yang Short Form by the ocean) that it's unwatchable. You have to face the sun, and the reflections in the lens are unbearable.
    The rest lacks sharpness too.
    As others have mentioned, the warm up is too long and tedious.
    Save your money and don't buy this DVD.
    ...more info
  • Poor film quality
    This should be a good tape. The instructor is good at describing what to do even if he misspeaks (left for right).
    But, the problem is that it is frustrating to follow this his movement. The set is all white - so you have no frame of reference when the instructor moves around - how far does he move? There are times when the arm movements are blocked from view by his body. The demonstration of the flow at the end of the DVD was so dark that even with the TV brightness set highest, I could barely make out what the instructor was doing....more info
  • Excellent Demonstration of Yang Short Form
    I studied this form in the early 1990's but got out of practice and can't find a good teacher of this form. This DVD is the next best thing to having my early teachers with me. It has a few minor production issues but is generally excellent. ...more info


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