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  • Gone With the Wind
    Gone with the Wind (Four-Disc Collector's Edition) 1939
    Excellent movie, excellent price. I got it for free shipping, but it took almost two weeks to get to me. I think it is worth the extra few bucks to get stuff sooner....more info
  • Great - Revelatory - A must see? simply No.
    "Gone with the Wind" is hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time, and not without reason I am sure, as it was not only a great drama, but a pivotal and exciting technical breakthrough. But the question when labeling a great movie is not only how much it resonates with old audiences and how it looks in the film history text book but how it resonates with audiences throughout time. As the 1900s progressed and social and political viewpoints became exponentially more liberal, "Gone with the Wind", the grand product that it is, feels in many ways - just as putrid and despicable as it doe great and epic. Its racism is explicit, its philosophical outlook pessimistic, its romance unromantic. Scarlett O hara, no doubt one of the great screen talents and beauties, plays a character who is thouroughly and utterly despicable, so much so that her last screen revelation that she actually loved Clark Gent after all, feels forced and unbelievable. Her attitude as a woman is courageous and admirable, but her attitude as a person is so wretched that no last dramatic lines could possibly redeem it. Take note that the movie suggests she still does not know who she loves by the end, as her last revelation is from the words of Ashley..."The answer is Tara."...more info
  • ...And Still Champion
    There are great movies and each generation has its favorite...very few stand the test of time, so let me begin by saying--This is the greatest movie ever made! There have been other great movies loved by movie aficionados, critics and the casual fan--but not like this one and not for such duration of time. If you have not seen this movie, it is the one movie you must see. The color, the cinematography, the pastoral sets, the Burning of Atlanta the creative juxtaposing of scenes and characters; these are all integral parts of an American masterpiece. There are so many individual great scenes; wonderfully crafted and beautifully acted, the movie must be seen to be appreciated. If you appreciate American literature, or American history or just a damn good story this movie is for you. It spans the period before, during and after the greatest conflict in our nation's history. The magnitude of that epic struggle is vividly portrayed. The casting is perfect, the acting is flawless; whether it is a major character or a minor character; they all are what a reader of the novel could expect. All in all there has never been a greater movie.
    ...more info
  • It's still a GREAT movie!!
    This was an outstanding movie 50 years ago, when it ran in the same theater in Norfolk, VA for a year . . . and it's still an outstanding movie!...more info
    This movie is a classic legend! It has withstood the test of time! I remember watching this movie with my parents in a downtown theatre, I have always loved the awesome, wonderful music ,of Gone with the Wind! Rhett(Clark Gable), and Scarlett(Vivian Leigh) had great, awesome chemisty together! My all time favorite is Mammy(Scarlett's maid)! This movie has a all star cast of outstanding actors!

    I loved the beautiful, epic plantations, and the beautiful dresses! Oh! How I wanted to be a southern belle, and wear one of them dresses with a pretty hat, and ride in a wagon pulled by a mule, or a carriage pulled by a horse! It is where I first heard of the Civil War, and it sparked my interest in the Civil War!

    It is about a very beautiful southern bell, who is in love with a southern gentleman named Ashley Wilkes. At the Wilkes barbque, Scarlett declares her love for him, but Ashley informs her, that he is engaged to be married to Melanie. Scarlett is heartbroken!

    Handsome and rakish, Rhett Butler sees Scarlett at the Wilkes party, and falls in love with Scarlett, for him its love at first sight, but Scarlett dislikes Rhett on sight!

    The Civil War is declared ,and all the young men go rush off to join the cause(the war), and everyones way of life changes forever, especially for Scarlett! Scarlett ends up marrying men, that she does not love, while she yearns for Ashley Wilkes.

    She ends up nearly losing everything, but the Tara plantation. She makes alot of mistakes along the way, and realizes that the southern way of life is gone forever!

    Rhett becomes a blockcade runner, and later joins the war effort, but during all these years,he yearns for Scarlett, and Rhett is determined to have her, and Scarlett and Rhett finally marry, they are so much alike, but Scarlett still thinks, that Ashley is the man she is suppose to have!

    My favorite scenes in the movie is the kiss that Rhett gives Scarlett in front of the red sky! Oh my! Wow! And a scene that stole my heart ,was when Rhett was crying, and heartbroken pouring his heart out to Melanie! And the scene where Rhett gives Mammy a red petticoat!

    ...more info
  • quality sale
    The product (Gone with the Wind dvd) was in perfect condition. No problems whatsoever in viewing. It was received in a timely manner....more info
  • missing minutes
    The movie was missing the last 10 minutes--so my daughter watched the 3 hr movie without the last 10 minutes---very disappointing!!...more info
  • Great entertainment--if you can overlook the rancid racism
    I thoroughly enjoyed Gone with the Wind as entertainment and spectacle. The epic romance, even if it is about two rather shallow people (but what hilariously shallow people!). The lavish sets and sweep of the story are both to be commended. I can see why this movie is so remembered.

    However, I am not African American, and I try to imagine what it would be like to see it through their eyes. The movie glorifies the slave-holding South ("the land of plenty and grace"!), and every black person--except the uppity black carpetbagger--is docile, happy-go-lucky, and stupid. Yes, stupid. The movie shares its era's perception that blacks aren't genetically up there with the white folks and runs with this idea for all it's worth. Crissy, especially, is the personification of every racist stereotype imaginable: brain-dead, cowardly, hysterical, likes to sing, etc. Incredibly, the movie even thinks giving black Americans the right to vote is a mistake since they are easily misled by Yankees--as shown in that "You'll vote for your friends" scene. And, of course, the Klan is glorified as a means of taking back Southern pride from uppity blacks and Yankees as shown by Ashley and Scarlett's second husband going after the people in the "shanty town." And truly, do we really need to worry about the spoiled desires of two white people when millions of blacks were suffering through the worst humiliation and pain in the history of this country? Excusing the blatant racism in this movie as "it's a product of its time" will only get you so far.

    So, yes, this is a good movie--but you might as well make an epic romance about the marital problems of two spoiled German Protestants during, say, the Holocaust. And only because the people suffering here are black and not white can this movie get away with it. ...more info
  • Never in my life have I known you to have a handkerchief.
    Nothing more can be said about this film, the most successful independent film of all time, and this DVD release is eye-popping to behold. But the 5.1 mix has flopped channels and I'm astounded that no one else has mentioned it here. Do most people, who claim to be movie-lovers, just plop the discs in the player and sit there stuffing their faces and yelling at the kids while the movie flickers helplessly across their televisions, without noticing that the left/right channels are flopped? First example: the little boys swinging the bell at the beginning - the bell swings to the left, the ring is to the right, and vice versa. Scarlett's flung vase shatters on the right, when she throws it to screen left.

    This is not a problem with my set-up; all other films I pump through the speakers are perfect. I've even tried it on the earphones and it's awful. It would be nice to switch over to the original mono mix, mostly because I'm a purist and it's a better mix anyway, but that apparently was just slapped onto the DVD set without any sweetening and is so grating to the ears as to be painful.

    There. My one complaint in this review is not about the film, but about the DVD release. I have no complaints about the film; accusations of racism are justified, but pointless. It was 1939. Get over it. And anyone with any historical intelligence can sit there, watch the film, and see that the South, the white South, is portrayed as a bunch of yammering, racist, ignorant small-town fools who deserved to lose everything. Rhett says this over and over again and Scarlett herself comes to realize it. So the film has many layers - romance for the Old South, realization that it was a very, very bad idea. By the end, it isn't about war or slavery, it's about two people who loved each other so much, it hurt them....more info
  • The best movie ever produced, in human history
    I saw this movie, here in Brazil.Being released in 1939, after almost 70 years later, this movie remains, the best movie ever produced in human history.Great art doesn't gets older.And this movie is great, in all ways of this word.Long, with almost four hours long, but no other movie could be better.You lives just one time;then you must see this movie, at least one time, in your life....more info
  • My husband's favorite movie.
    He loves it. I love it. To put it simply, every American should see it and most should own it. ...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    It's overlong, melodramatic, and dated in its perspective on race relations, but it's also good soapy fun; if you've got 4 hours lying around, you could do a lot worse than this enduring and entertaining film....more info
  • Over Wrought
    I've seen Gone With the Wind many, many times. Each additional time I've seen it it gets worse. The acting is often over stated, and the casting is sometimes questionable, as well. Could it have hurt the producers to have used real Americans to play Americans in an American made movie about Americans? Clark Gable is awesome as Rhett Butler, and the buck stops there. But the worst problems with GWtW is it insipid portrayal of Blacks, its racist tones, and its shabby reflection on history. Scarlett O'Hara is not a likable character. Up until the final curtain, she's continually selfish and self-centered. Four hours of Scarlett is about 3.5 hours too much....more info
  • Tomorrow is another day!
    This is a priceless classic. There is an audience for an authenic sequel. If not tomorrow, maybe next Christmas....more info
  • Nice movie
    First off, I had to write a review of this because currently there are 666 reviews, and that is bad. Mine maked it 667, hurray!

    Well, I liked this product. The box smells kind of nice (like anchovies a little). It came in the mail by a nice man who rang my doorbell. It was in a bigger box them and came with lots of styrofoam that came as a free gift. There are 2 discs in the box. They have different pictures on them. They can make good frisbees. Buy this product it will give you a happy day. (And the styrofoam can make a good substitute for popcorn)...more info
  • GWTW video
    I slept through this 3-4 times as a toddler. Mother held my twin and I on her lap while father ran the projector at his theater....more info
  • Don't order from this seller
    I odered this on 1-29-09 and have not received my movie. I sent e-mails to the seller and received no response. Seller had 98% POSITIVE rating when I odered. I'm not a happy camper!!!...more info
  • Gone With the Wind
    One of the world's most cherished and enduring pictures, "Wind" was birthed in the mind of novelist Margaret Mitchell and incubated by the brilliant, obsessive David O. Selznick, who spared no expense in bringing this powerful, affecting story to the big screen. The ultra-lavish production features ornate costumes and art design, jaw-dropping set pieces and historical sequences (especially the burning of Atlanta, for which a Hollywood set was torched), all wrapped around the story of a resourceful, if not likable, heroine. Leigh plays the self-absorbed Scarlett to perfection, while Gable's Rhett is devilishly suave and fiercely masculine. Grand studio filmmaking at its aristocratic best, Selznick's brainchild nabbed an armload of Oscars, including Best Picture....more info
  • Gone with the Wind
    One of the best movies ever produced and filmed. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • One of the Greatest Classic Movies of All Time
    This is one of the most beloved classic romatic movies of all time. This movie is as beautiful to the eyes as it is to the ears. The story told of Scarlet and Rhet has stood the test of time. I remember the very first time I watched this movie. It was with my mother. I have very fond memories of it now and I did then.

    I won't include any "spoilers" and I don't want to give too much away. There is a beautiful cast of characters with a rich story line. It's hard not to love this story.

    I'm not sure how many people haven't seen this movie, but to me, it is one of the best if not the best classic movies of all time.

    Heartfelt romance, love, laughter, tears...this movie has it all. It's a staple in my collection.

    This movie has southern charm and a true account of that time in history. You will love this movie from beginning to end. Follow the romance of Rhett and Scarlet. You'll be glad you did....more info
  • Gone With the Wind
    I had to wait awhile, but it was well worth it to get a great rendition of this classic movie...more info
  • Quite Simply One of the Greatest Movies of All-Time
    This is the 716th review of this movie! What can I say that has not already been said about this wonderfully compelling movie? I will not comment on the restoration process or the pros and cons of buying the 2-disk or 4-disk set, as this is adequately discussed by many other reviewers. I will say that this movie won 10 Academy awards and is still regarded as the 6th best epic movie of all-time. That should be credentials enough to want to view this extraordinary movie.

    Watching this movie is an absolutely delightful experience, and I can just imagine attending the movie in the theatre for the first time! I can just imagine the excitement and the buzz of conversation during the intermission, for the first half of this movie is quite unlike any other movie up to that date in time. This is a visual experience on film unlike any other. The cinematography is what amazed me. The magnificence of the sets, the lighting, the dramatic closing shots of scenes, and the sheer enormity of the film floors the viewer. I will never forget the camera shot of Scarlett looking for the doctor in the streets of Atlanta, going from wounded soldier to wounded soldier as the camera slowly backs away revealing the enormity of the wounded lying in the streets as Sherman's cannons bomb the city to flames. Similarly, there is also the shot of Scarlett declaring at Tara (her planation home) that she would never go hungry again. The sky backdrop is so vividly lit, and the indomitable spirit of life that resides in Scarlett's chin-up, upright silhouette speaks volumes about her ability to survive the war and the destruction of her beloved Tara.

    Gone With The Wind is one of the greatest films of all-time as it transcends time itself. It is still as relevant today as it was in 1939 (the greatest year in film history by the way, as The Wizard of Oz and Mr. Smith Goes To Washington were also released this year). It is truly an epic of epic proportions, the best of its day by a wide margin, and not to be eclipsed for decades.

    This is a wonderful movie experience; one you will never forget. And unlike Rhett Butler, at the end of this film dear reader, you frankly will "give a damn".

    Jim Koenig
    ...more info
  • Racist, Overblown and Overrated
    There is more offensive racist content in the opening credits of this film than in the entirety of the wonderful "Song Of The South" (set in the post-Civil War south) currently being suppressed by Disney. Hattie McDaniel richly deserved her Academy Award (and is likewise wonderful in SOTS, which also gives us a glimpse of her musical talent), but the glorification of the culture of slavery that permeates every frame of the film is disgusting and is not redeemed by the overblown production values. The choppiness of the storyline reflects the lack of continuity due to multiple directors and re-writes, and the last hour is especially tedious. Why this film is glorified and "Song Of The South" suppressed is beyond me. "...A civilization Gone With The Wind"... if only that were true; the current series of noose-hangings throughout my own New York-New Jersey metropolitan area proves that racism is the dirty little gift that keeps on giving. At the very least, this film requires a disclaimer for younger audiences, as Warner has done with various vintage cartoon collections....more info
  • Classic
    we all know and love this classic .. i purchased a copy of this for a good friend who had never seen it .. the product was in great condition and arrived much earlier than expected ...more info
  • delightful
    this purchsae was a gift for my wife, she was just please to get the movie, but when she found out that she got all of the extras too, she was overjoyed. i would reccomend this as a must have for all gone with the wind enthusiasts....more info
  • Wrong date
    This movie, one of the all-time greats, was released in 1939, not 1941. Who was the goof do put that down?...more info
  • Everyone should own a copy of this
    My grandmother first introduced me to this movie and I've owned a copy since it first came out on DVD. Based upon one of the best-written novels of all time, the film is outstanding in it's own right. Covering the war from the viewpoint of it's heroine, Scarlett O'Hara, 'Gone With the Wind' explores the effects of the war on a well-to-do Southern family and the plantation they live on, Tara. A wonderful character study, Scarlett and her romantic interest, Rhett Butler, do what they must to survive in trying times. The characters are not perfect, never sappy, and always mesmerizing. This is simply a film you should own - not rent - and share with your family and friends. Timeless, even if you normally do not enjoy vintage films!...more info
  • Outstanding
    I was very impressed with the packaging, movie and footage. I would recommend purchaasing from this seller anytime....more info
  • Scarlett O'Hara against the Whole World!
    As Reviewer Gary F. Taylor clearly states in his excellent review do not expect historical accuracy nor political-correctness from this film. More than 60 years has elapsed since it was filmed and IMHO it will be unfair to focus on those two items to evaluate it.

    The story is well known; still I'll sketch it for reviewing convenience.
    Scarlett O'Hara is a very young & mercurial wealthy southern heiress just at the start of Civil War. She is infatuated with his neighbor Ashley Wilkes.
    Rhett Butler is a mysterious gentleman from Charleston, skeptical about war.
    He eavesdrop Scarlett's desperate love declaration to Ashley and his rejection. He is somehow enticed by this passionate girl. He makes a gallant overture but he is turned down cold by angry Scarlett.
    War erupts disturbing everybody's life!
    Ashley marries his cousin Melanie and immediately departs to the front. Distressed Scarlett marries one of her suitors and soon become a young widow.
    In a few years South is starting to be defeated and Sherman's invading forces find Scarlett at Atlanta. Rhett rescue her from the burning city.
    As South sinks, so does Scarlett & company... nevertheless she will struggle with each menace, peril or foe with all her strength using whatever resource she has at hand.
    The movie is the chronicle of her deeds and its costs!

    Clark Gable performance's as Rhett Butler is really top-notch, deserving his Oscar nomination (and more). With subtleness he composes a complex character: cynic yet chivalrous, tough yet kindhearted, detached yet madly in love with Scarlett.
    Vivien Leigh's Scarlett is a legendary performance. She portrays Scarlett from nearly adolescent until a grown up woman, from a scatterbrained damsel into a willful business woman. Her Oscar was more than well deserved.
    What to say about the "secondary" or "supporting" actresses & actors! Olivia de Havilland (nothing less), Oscar nominee; Hattie McDaniel, Oscar winner; Leslie Howard gives an excellent performance, even personifying lukewarm character; Butterfly McQueen as childish irresponsible Prissy; Ward Bond in a minor role; veteran Harry Davenport as Dr. Meade and so on.

    All technical items are exceptional!
    Ernest Haller's color picture is unbelievable beautiful. Atlanta burning images are just unforgettable. Prolific Haller, more than 182 films, won his only Oscar with this film yet he will be nominated several times more.
    Musical score authored by multi-awarded Max Steiner underlines each scene & mood outstandingly.
    Director Victor Fleming will be always remembered for directing this film, nevertheless even if he never repeated such allure he directed some other excellent ones as this film, The Wizard of Oz(1939), Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1941) and Joan of Arc, this last film is IMHO very underrated, deserving better treatment.

    A Classic movie you should see and appreciate!
    Reviewed by Max Yofre.

    ...more info
    I have owned almost every copy that's ever come out. It's an all time classic for me. I have the original video cassettes. The first DVD that you had to flip for the 2nd half of the movie. The 60th anniversary 4 disc set and soon to have the 70th on Blu-Ray. Some of us are just collectors of something good. I enjoy watching this movie on a nice spring rainy day. It's fit for it. It's just fit....more info
  • one on?f the best classic movies !
    I bought this DVD for my father's birthday, he loves the movie, and me too !!...more info
  • gone with the wind review
    I love this movie. I could watch it over and over and over. It came in wonderful condition thank you so much!...more info
  • disappointed
    The second disc was unviewable....the video dragged and the audio was bad. After contacting the seller I have yet to hear anything....more info
  • The Immortal GWTW
    Gone With the Wind is one of the alltime greatest movies ever made, with something for just about everyone to enjoy, whether it is the fine performance by Hattie McDaniel as "Mammy" or the scenes of Atlanta burning as Sherman marches to the sea. Some of the history is good, and none is as bad as its detractors would like it to be.

    If you have not seen GWTW, you must do so to say that you know great American films....more info
  • I know I reviewed this one before!
    It is my favorite movie and book of all time and I know I reviewed it earlier. This was a great set for anyone who loves "GWTW" at much as I do! Definitely recommend it!...more info
  • This movie hasn't "Gone"away
    If you like Classic movies,even if you're too young to have seen it growing up,this one is right up there on the "I should have" list.
    This is my 2nd copy;first was a vcr which wore out.
    Great restoration; Classic lines;"frankly,my dear,I really don't give a damn".SHOCKING in the 1930's!,with some good history of the Civil War period.{Artisic license allowed}
    All the Characters have something to offer,and the "behind the scenes" extras are an interesting and informative look into the Old Hollywood system of movie-making.
    This is a definite to add to any collection....more info
  • Four-Disc Collector's Edition Gives New Luster to Selznick's masterpiece...
    Just as Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel was one of the most readable works ever written, so is David O. Selznick's production one of the most watchable films of all time. Something is happening every moment--and all of the characters relate to each other in fascinating ways only apparent after repeated viewings. It's the kind of movie that transports you to a time and place that may not have existed except in the mind of its Southern author--and yet, whatever historical inaccuracies are presented here--it's a remarkable achievement and has rightly become a part of American folklore and culture.

    No other film has so many memorable "quotes" from a large cast of characters--and at the centerpiece is Vivien Leigh's striking performance as the willful Southern belle. Others around her are equally impressive, down to the smallest character roles--everyone has their moment of glory with the only weakness being the casting of Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes. Otherwise, the casting is perfect--Clark Gable, Olivia de Havilland, Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil, Evelyn Keyes, Harry Davenport, Jane Darwell, Victor Jory, Ann Rutherford, Rand Brooks, Ona Munson--and the wonderful Hattie McDaniel giving the most genuine display of emotion in the whole film with her "staircase scene" with Melanie when she tells Scarlett's friend what Rhett has said and done after Bonnie's death.

    All of the sets, costumes, art direction and photography are of the highest order. William Cameron Menzie's production design is superb (he storyboarded the whole concept of what the scenes should look like with beautiful watercolor paintings). The one film above all others that shows what Hollywood's expertise could do with a gigantic novel when transferring it to the screen.

    Much of the dialog is witty and pointed with some of the best lines delivered in mocking style by Clark Gable. An abundant amount of humor and sharp observations about human nature are present in the script. No wonder it's still the most beloved American movie of all time--not just here in the U.S. but elsewhere in the international market. It was an instant classic and still remains one, richly deserving all eight of the Oscars it won, as well as the Irving G. Thalberg Award for David O. Selznick.

    Selznick would have been proud of what the Ultra-Resolution process has been able to achieve in the new 4-Disc version. Image clarity has never been as fully realized before and makes the viewing an even richer movie-going experience for today's viewers. Highly recommended.

    "The Making of a Legend" is included, one of the best documentaries ever filmed about a feature film that was an instant classic with critics and public, and the "Melanie Remembers" feature gives Olivia de Havilland the chance to recall why making the film remains one of her favorite memories.

    ...more info
  • best film ever
    simply the best film ever from start to finish it captures the imagination and despite its length you never want it too end. All the cast put in sterling peformances. Aside from all those classic scenes one of my very favourties is the scence between Hattie MacDaniel & Clark Gable after Bonnie is born particularly when they tease one another and mammie lifts her skirt to reveal the red petitcoat!
    A timeless classic and i like the fact that the film has a multi racial cast and resulted in Hattie getting a much deserved oscar. Vivien Leigh and Olivia De Havilland are among my most favourite actresses ( Bette Davis, Joan Crawford & Lana Turner included)
    buy it immediately everyhing right down to the theme music is perfect...more info
    I have seen this film only two times prior to this viewing. My mother saw this film at the movies in 1939 and it is her favorite movie! My parents are up for a visit and I decided to break out my 4 disc edition of this American classic and watch it with my parents! This film is made for a larger screen and my home theater was just what the doctor ordered. First off the print and transfer on this 4 disc edition is exceptional! I was amazed at the tight crisp picture and clear audio. The extras are also above and beyond. The movie itself holds up extremely well and moves along much faster than the you would think for a film that is almost four hours long! My mother still thinks this is the best picture ever made and I must admit it is excellent. I may agree that it could be the greatest film from that time period, but not my personal favorite of all time. A masterpiece in story telling that is almost like reading a book. A must see film!...more info
  • Great purpose
    This film took some leaps and really put its lead out there when he said, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Nice acting as well with a powerful story....more info
  • The type of film that old Hollywood did so well....
    This is one of the greatest films ever made, one of the greatest epics ever made, and it's the signature film of David O. Selznick, one of the great, old Hollywood producers (similar to Irving Thalberg and Darryl F. Zanuck) who are as much auteurs as directors are. The film is 4 hours, yet it never feels long, it's so well made. There are no dull stretches at all in the film, which is amazing, considering the production was rather turbulent at times. The credits say "written by Sidney Howard, produced by David O. Selznick, and directed by Victor Fleming", and that is rather deceptive. Selznick was really the creative force behind this film, as there were nearly 8 writers on the film, and Victor Fleming was one of three directors. Fleming had 2 nervous breakdowns during filming, and he was replaced by Sam Wood and George Cukor. Selznick himself directed some scenes as well. The Technicolor photography is wonderful, and the performances are some of the greatest in cinema. Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable show why they are considered 2 of the greatest actors to ever grace the Hollywood screen. The film is a bit romanticised at times, and it doesn't really go into the major causes of the Civil War, but it's still very entertaining and so well done you don't mind. This is the type of film that old Hollywood could do in their sleep.
    ...more info
  • A great gift!
    My 88 year old friend mentioned one day,after she caught the end of
    "Gone With the Wind" on cable, that she had never seen the movie in it's entirety. I tried to rent it in town, but to no avail. Amazon.com had it! and for less that $10.00 it came to Craig, Alaska soon where my friend was just so very happy to finally see this great movie. Thank you !...more info
  • Unforgetable Classic
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3VPNCA8DQQBL2 ...more info
  • Yep, that's four hours of my life gone with the wind, all right.
    Gone with the Wind (Victor Fleming, 1939)

    I have hated Gone with the Wind for decades based on little snatches of it that I've seen here and there over a long period of time. I thought that, perhaps, I might be giving it short shrift, so a few nights ago, I sat down to watch the entire four-hour extravaganza from beginning to end. It somehow doesn't surprise me that I now hate the film in an entirely new, more passionate, more comprehensive way than I did previously.

    My main bone of contention is not that the film is far, far too long for the skimpy subject matter it explores-- an hour and a half running time might have helped immensely-- but that Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, in the final ninety minutes of the film, break the cardinal rule-- they manage to screw everything up by simply not talking. These are incredibly stupid, shallow people. Why have generations wasted four hours on this twaddle? And why do some do it every year? I've heard many people refer to it as a great romance; maybe this is a good portion of what's wrong with America today. If this is your idea of a great romance, folks, then perhaps you need to go back to the well and think a little more about what constitutes a great romance. I'm pretty sure that philandering, jealousy, all the character depth of a piece of onionskin, and a decided lack of intelligence should not be contributing factors.

    While the visual spectacle of the thing is inarguable, everything else about it-- the pace, the characterization, the script, all of it-- are just plain awful. And the romance? There is none. *...more info
  • Enhanced film classic
    Previous DVDs of GWTW have lacked the clear colors and enhanced redition of this movie classic. Highly recommended for the movie enthusiast. ...more info
  • Forever a Favorite
    Have loved this movie for at least 20 years! Finally took-on the book this summer... if you haven't read it and you feel like conquering something then definitely get your hands on the book! It's a shame so many things were left out of the movie, but once you read the book, so many things are answered and it all comes together. Still, a great classic....more info
  • Gone with the wind
    No matter what movies i see over the years, I think gone with the wind is one of the greatest movie. And there is so much history to recap or learn from it.The love that Scarlet has for Ashley is mind bugling, and the love Rhett has for Scarlet, I just can't understand. In spite of those unhealthy loves, this a wonderful, wonderful movie. A real classic....more info
  • Ecstacy and Agony
    "Gone with the Wind" is a fabulous film, the film by which all others are gauged. It debuted in 1939, perhaps the year that produced the most high quality films of all time. Watching this film is like viewing a great painting. Every time I watch it I get something new. I also detect subtleties and insights I never recognized when I was younger.

    I won't attempt to summarize this well-known film, because I see that there have been over seven hundred reviews before this one. I will tell you about a personal experience that some reviewers might find interesting.

    Many years ago when I was a medical student, I spent three months as an observer on a psychiatric ward containing patients with mixed diagnoses. One of the patients was an inconspicuous old lady diagnosed as a catatonic. She simply rocked in her rocking chair and stared at the floor. She was totally unresponsive. A psychiatrist asked me if I'd like to look at her history...and...what a history it was. There was a scrap book with letters, press clippings and newspaper photographs.

    It turns out, as a young [and quite beautiful] woman she was a Georgia debutante. The letters were from...well... a director with the initials DOS. The earliest letters were enthusiastic saying that she was a shoo-in for the part of Scarlett Ohara. Then the letters grew more tentative stating that she must realize that she had serious competition from Bette Davis, Kate Hepburn and Vivian Leigh. The letters grew increasingly pessimistic and finally rejected her altogether. Reportedly, this little old lady's decline started the same day.

    Ron Braithwaite author of novels--"Skull Rack" and "Hummingbird God" on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico...more info
  • Awesome considering when it was made
    There are a few silly mistakes in the film, and I was suprised to see they were using blue screen already. However this is a classic drama with great strong performances. Hope someone remakes it someday....more info
  • Gone With the Wind
    This movie has been seen more than my years. It is an excellent Romantic film and yet has all the elements protraying the civil war and how this affected the people Ms. Mitchell chose to write about. Excellent!!!...more info
  • Isn't the defense of slavery romantic!
    I wonder what kind of reception GWTW would have gotten had it come out in 1945 and been about a love affair between a man and woman in Nazi Germany. Imagine Rhett Butler as the dashing U-boat captain who constantly evades those pesky British destroyers in the North Atlantic. Picture Scarlett O'hara as the totally self-absorbed Fraulein who can't quite figure out what is in all those trains leaving town for central Europe because she is too busy thinking about a party dress. Despite the cinematic qualities of the film - which are undeniable - I cannot get past the fact that it romanticizes a society based on an evil institution. Achtung, darling, I don't give a damn. ...more info
  • One of the Best of Hollywood's Golden Time
    This would be arguably the best film made during the so-called "golden years" of Hollywood. Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Margaret Mitchell, the film won 8 Oscars including Best Picture, Best adapted screenplay by Sidney Howard and Best Director, Vic Fleming, known more for his Oscar nomination as Best Director for the timeless, The Wizard of Oz.

    I dislike using this word, but Gone with the Wind is your `quintessential' American film & story. Set wholly in the Deep South just prior, during and after the Civil War, historically the movie seemed to capture the tone, attitudes, ambience and sentimentality of the time period. Gone with the Wind managed to harness that "fighting spirit" that culturally the United States is known for...in terms of never giving up and life's essential contradictory combination of ugliness and beauty. More so, however, the film is a love story, a tragic love story and our changing times.

    The last time seeing Gone with the Wind was by sheer fluke, playing at a small cinema across town. There is that captivating scene where Scarlett O'Hara (the beautiful Vivian Leigh) stands at the top of the winding staircase and sees for the first time, Rhett Butler, (Clarke Gable); the camera sweeps down the staircase for a close up at Gable's roguish smile, and still, after seventy years, the theatre filled with the sighs of women, young and old, over Clarke Gable's looks and charm - astonishing.

    Sidney Howard won Best adaptation screenplay that year, (1939) but after the film was made and he was nominated, died on his farm, his tractor falling upon him. Howard was the first writer to win an Oscar posthumously from the academy...a brilliant writer.

    There were many beautiful stars during the Golden Age but personally, Vivian Leigh as a child and now, so many years later, remains my ideal woman: feisty, strong, tragic and attractive till the end of her life. My other favourite role of Ms. Leigh's was in Tennessee Williams', A Street Car Named Desire, as another (tragic) character, Blanch...beautiful, extraordinary yet ultimately tragic.

    One cannot write about this film without mentioning "mammy" (Hattie McDaniel) the black house servant that stayed with Miss O'Hara through it all...Hattie was the first black American actress in American film history to be nominated and win the Oscar for Best supporting actress in Gone with the Wind. As a child, her character always made me wish that she would be a family member in our household...no pretension, say's what she feels and so caring.

    Although best viewed on the big screen, Gone with the Wind can be appreciated on DVD because it is that kind of timeless film that should never be forgotten.

    ...more info
  • classic epic film
    this classic movie made in 1939 still has the ability to hold the interest and facination of all ages. the cast did an outstanding job of portraying their characters. considered risque in its day, this movie is very acceptable for all ages of viewers....more info
  • A sweeping epic!
    This is one of the most beautiful films of all-time. Gone with the Wind is a classic and forever will be! Vivien Leigh plays Scarlett O'Hara, and she is the only actress that could play this part, she was one of the most gorgeous women of her time. Clark Gable is not too shabby himself, he is near perfect as Rhett Butler. The romance between Scarlett and Rhett is red hot, and when they get snippy with each other, they sizzle with hatred and smoldering intensity. This is one film everyone and I MEAN everyone must see in his or her lifetime. The score is dramatic and full of life, the acting is absolutely astounding, and the story is pure magic. They don't make films like this anymore, I highly recommend this southern dream out!...more info
  • Gone with the Wind not gone
    This film,always a classic, arrived within the scheduled time period. The film case was in good shape,just a few scratches. The film itself is in excellent condition: color and sound are great. The film still has appeal: doesn't matter that it was originally produced seventy years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it,again!...more info


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