It Started in Naples [VHS]
It Started in Naples [VHS]

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A minor entry in the fabled careers of Clark Gable and Sophia Loren, It Started in Naples is slight, but enjoyable fluff. As the title indicates, the story begins in Naples, although the action takes place on the Isle of Capri. Michael (Gable in his penultimate performance) is a lawyer recently arrived from Philadelphia to put his late brother's affairs in order. The result of one of those "affairs" is a street urchin named Nando (Marietto), whose mother is also deceased. Her nightclub singer sister, Julia (Loren), is his lax, if loving caretaker. Straight-laced Michael, who is engaged, believes Nando would be better off in the States. So he takes the matter to court, where he is represented by the dapper Mario (Vittorio De Sica, who directed Loren to an Oscar in Two Women). The conclusion to this harmless bit of escapism is almost as charming as it is inevitable. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • it started in napes
  • A great film
    More subtle than given credit for, this film was made at a time when a few American films were choosing to not pander to their audiences. It's a sophisticated comedy with characters that actually have depth- even the little boy involved. The interplay of cultures is done well, and there qere quite a few laugh-out-loud moments for me.

    beautiful transfer, love the location work. And, despite what other reviewers have written, Gable is totally believable as the romantic lead due to particular circumstances and particularities to the characters. ...more info
  • adorable romantic romp with Sophia Loren
    Yet another charming romantic comedy with Sophia Loren, this time paired with Clark Gable. Gable plays a stuffy Bostonian lawyer, in Naples to meet the young son of his dead brother. He quickly forms an attachment to little Nando (played winningly by Marietto) however his Aunt Lucia (Loren) refuses to let him take the child back to the States. As you might expect however, the charm of Capri soon works it's magic and the pair find love in the final reel.

    Sunny funny romance. This is probably one of Sophia's best pictures of the time. As Lucia, a stunning uninhibited cabaret star, she gets to show off her seldom-utilised musical skills performing several numbers including "(You Wanna Be) Americano". Though Loren and Gable are somewhat lacking in the chemistry department, the movie as a whole is lovely. The DVD edition of the film offers a pristine 16:9 transfer....more info
  • Loren & Gable - better in the flesh
    I was there on Capri, on the terrace of the restaurant that Gable and Loren were filmed running into, splashing through pouring rain, 20x over. What a scene.

    My father filmed it on 8mm home movie. My mother edited it out later. Loren's scarlet dress was painted on - I've never forgotten the way she looked. I was only 10 y.o. at the time!

    The film? Oh, it's a turkey! Dreadful! You can forget it! I never will, because I saw Loren......more info

  • Excellent
    Me gusta Clark Gable, sus movimientos y las caras y miradas que haqce. Sofia LOREN tambien era buena muy Italiana, pero bien. los dos hacen un papel de comedia y romance excellente. gracias por la oportunidad que me dais para expresarme.
    T.P.H....more info
  • old movies that are hard to find
    I have been looking for several old movies and finally found all of them on amazon .com. it was a very easy process and got them in a timely manor. will continue to buy from amazon in the future. I have also bought several baby items over the past 12 months. Very satisfied on everything....more info
  • Routine romantic comedy with beautiful scenery
    An American lawyer (Clark Gable) comes to Naples to settle the affairs of his deceased brother, only to learn he has an eight year old nephew being raised by an aunt (Sophia Loren), a local cabaret singer. Predictably, aunt and uncle disagree on how the child should be raised, and, just as predictably, fall in love.

    The film tries to portray the Neopolitans as simple fun-loving people, contrasted with the serious, stuffy American lawyer, but it does not work for me. Clark Gable was 59 when the film was released; he moves stiffly and his face seems pudgy at times, while Sophia Loren was only 26 (and quite healthy). Therein lies the problem: the story is not a May-December romance, and the aging Gable is not convincing as a romantic partner for the young and lovely Sophia.

    The real attractions are the location photography of Naples and Capri, and the wonderful Sophia Loren herself. Filmed in VistaVision, the scenery is spectacular on a large screen TV -- particularly the eerily-beautiful shots of Capri's Blue Grotto. Sophia Loren effortlessly portrays: a parade queen, slovenly housekeeper, caring aunt, cabaret singer, and a woman in love -- amply demonstrating why she was a super star.

    This is not a great movie, but if you enjoy romantic comedies it is a pleasant way to spend an evening....more info
  • It Started in Naples
    This movie is a gem! If you have been to Italy, you will love it!
    Clark Gable is a perfect co-star for Sophia Loren. I have loved her since
    I was 16. The woman was and is not only gorgeous, she knows how to
    expose raw emotions. This is a perfect comedy because she seems to have
    so much fun with the part and makes us want to laugh along. Her laughter
    is infectious. When she needs to be dramatic, as in the more intimate scenes with Clark Gable, she exposes her real feeling. Among her great movies-HOUSEBOAT; BLACK ORCHID; TWO WOMEN; SUNFLOWER (a beautiful
    movie with music by Henry Mancini); MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE; YESTERDAY,
    TODAY, AND TOMORROW. One of her scenes in SUNFLOWER is heartbreaking.Her dramas are as equally as good as her comedies. IT STARTED IN NAPLES
    also stars a little boy named Marietto Paolo Carlini, whom I assume is
    Italian also. I have never seen him since. His performance is touching
    and will make you laugh and cry. The chemistry among these actors is
    wonderful! If you like comedies, you will like this. The best thing
    is that Amazon has all of Sophia Loren's greatest films....more info
  • Painful
    That's the best way I can describe watching this movie and the characters, from Gable to the "cute" little boy. Didn't make it all the way through. Thankfully I only rented and didn't buy....more info
  • A Great Classic
    A timeless story of love for a beautiful woman, an endearing child and a place of unsurpassed charm--Capri, Italy. The acting is superb as is the photography which captures the color, the people and their way of life to perfection; and the music is equally enjoyable. After watching this brilliant comedy you will want to go there--and stay!...more info
  • It Started in Naples
    Three movie greats, Gable, Loren and Vittorio De Sica in a charmingly old fashioned romantic comedy set in the beautiful scenery of the island of Capri.
    ...more info
  • Must-see for any American interested in Italy
    I am so glad to find this on DVD, because my VHS is getting worn out from all the times I watch this! It's one of those movies that puts a smile on your face. I go to Italy almost every year and it amazes me how much of the same comical misunderstanding between our 2 cultures still exists, although fortunately no one takes it very seriously. Yes, Clark Gable was too old to be very convincing as a romatic lead opposite gorgeous Sophia Loren, but he still does the self-important, workaholic "ugly American" role perfectly with great comic results, although he is still upstaged by the adorable Marietto & the great director Vittorio DeSica, a great comic actor in his own right. Of course, they are all upstaged by the island of Capri, shown off by that vibrant 1950s cinematographic style. All in all, a good inter-cultural lesson wrapped up in a thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy. ...more info
  • Sophia Luminous in sweet romance
    Aah Sophia... one of the greatest beauties of our time, and talented too, loved her singing and dancing in this sweet little romantic comedy set in beautiful Naples and the Isle of Capri. The plot concerns Gable arriving in Naples to sort out his late brother's affairs and bumping into a little boy who turns out to be his nephew...and is now being raised by his Aunt Loren. Gable wants to take the boy back to USA as he dissaproves of the care free way in which he is being raised...after initially fighting Gable and Loren fall in love and alls well that ends well. Its lighthearted and fun and good to watch Sophia Loren at the beginning or her remarkable career and Gable towards the end of his....more info
  • A nice romantic comedy, in which a sexy Queen captures the 'King of Hollywood.'
    Philadelphia lawyer Michael Hamilton (Clark Gable) arrives in Naples to settle the estate of his philandering brother...

    He learns that his brother had taken a common-law wife who died with him in an automobile accident, leaving a ten-year-old lovechild named Nando...

    Nando (Marietto) is looked after by his attractive aunt Lucia (Sophia Loren), a dazzling night-club dancer on Capri, who dreams of someday becoming a movie star...

    Almost immediately, Mike and Lucia clash over the boy's upbringing...

    Lucia wants to keep the lad and let him live as he chooses... The street urchin stays up half the night in the club, smokes cigarettes and indulges in trivial theft... Mike is aghast, and insists he be giving a proper formal and social education...

    The matter is put to the court, but during the struggle for Marietto's affections, the couple fall in love and fight a lot when Hamilton makes it clear that marriage is out...

    Photographed in Capri, the Island of Dreams, the pearl of the Mediterranean sea, the film is a nice romantic comedy in which a sexy Queen captures the 'King of Hollywood.'

    Gable delivers one of the most memorable lines of the movie when he asks, at night, a waiter: 'How are people supposed to sleep on this island?'

    ...more info
  • It Started in Naples 1960
    The magnetic screen team of Clark Gable (1901-1960) and Sophia Loren (1934- ) strikes romantic sparks in this comedy romp set amid the beautiful city of Naples (Napoli) and the Isle of Capri . Gable portrays stuffy Philadelphia attorney Michael Hamilton , who must travel to Italy to wrap up the estate of his deceased , philandering brother . Not onlyis he taken aback by the noisy and spontaneous capri nightlife , he is further shocked to discover that his late brother has left a living ,breathing legacy -in the form of Nando (Marietta Angeletti 1951- ), a rebellious ,
    Cigarette smoking 10-year-old son ! And it isnt long before Nando Caught in a custody tug-of-war between the visiting American and his fiery guardian aunt (loren) , a nightclub singer who dreams of becoming a movie star .It Started in Naples...but will it end in love ! With Gable ,Loren and Vittoria De Sica (1894-1974) in the cast and Romantic italy as a backdrop , the end results is sure to be sexy,sunny fun ! .Made on Place in Italy , breataking outdore scenes . Transer in Ultra-Resolution : Razor sharp pictures and marvelous color . Recommended higly ! ...more info
  • It Started In Naples
    I have seen this movie time and time again over the years and it always still leaves me with sigh! The scenery, songs, actors, and the inevitable love story are both beautiful and timeless. I have always enjoyed movies with Sophia Loren and Clark Gable and this one is among my favorites. Comic one-liners, mixed with song and dance on the beautiful island of Capri. How can two people not find love! Pop some popcorn, get comfortable on your sofa and settle down with this movie. I'm sure you will not be disappointed....more info
  • A must see for Sophia Loren fans
    "It Happened in Naples" isn't great, but it's a solid product from 1960 Hollywood. It has star power, a catchy tune ("Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano") that is still being covered by new artists today, a romantic Italian setting, lots of gorgeous Technicolor, and a plot that won't strain anyone's intellect. It's certainly watchable, but it never rises to the level of magic.

    Mike Hamilton (Clark Gable) is making his second trip to Naples. The first time was with the Fifth Army in 1943. Seventeen years later he has returned to settle the estate of his ne'er-do-well brother, Joe. Since Joe was perpetually low on funds, Mike anticipates a quick trip - a brief meeting with the lawyer and then back to Philadelphia. Mike is a no nonsense kind of guy.

    It comes as a complete shock to Mike when the lawyer, Mario Vitale (Vittorio De Sica), informs him that his brother died in a boating accident along with his common law wife. They left behind their eight year old son, Nando (Marietto), who has been living with his maternal aunt, Lucia Curcio (Sophia Loren), on the island of Capri.

    Rather than taking the child away from his home and the aunt he knows and loves, Mike is content to leave Nando with Lucia. He gives her money and promises that he will be sending monthly payments to help with the child's support. Everyone is happy until Uncle Mike becomes a victim of Italian timetables and misses his boat back to the mainland.

    Unable to sleep, Mike wanders into the city center for a cup of coffee at 1am. To his amazement, there is little Nando passing out fliers to tourists. Fliers promoting his aunt's scantily clad nightclub act. Mike sends Nando home and goes to confront Lucia about their nephew's upbringing. Fireworks, literal and figurative, abound in the ensuing battle for custody.

    Marietto is adorable as the urchin who smokes, drinks wine, hangs out in nightclubs most of the night, whistles at passing young women, and refers to himself as "one tough cookie."

    Clark Gable's character displays neither his trademark charm nor humor, instead he comes across as brusque and cold for most of the film. He runs hot and cold on Sophia, and seems to have a detached interest in making sure his orphaned nephew has a proper home and education. Mike Hamilton is a difficult character to like.

    Sophia Loren was an absolutely gorgeous 25 year old when this was filmed. She's equally at home cooking up huge pots of pasta and as the sexy nightclub singer with a warm heart and a fiery temper. Her musical numbers scorch the screen.

    Casting the young and beautiful Sophia Loren as Gable's love interest only serves to make the 58 year-old actor look old and tired in their shared scenes. Lack of chemistry between the stars is a lead weight in this movie. The love story never really works.

    The DVD video quality is quite good. The print looks restored with bright, vivid color. The soundtrack is sharp and clear. There are no bonus or special features on the disc - only scene selection and optional English subtitles.

    3 stars. A recommended purchase for Sophia's fans; everyone else should rent it.
    ...more info
  • Tu Vuo Fa L'Italiano!
    This charming little romantic comedy directed by Melville Shavelson is one of the brightest spots in Sophia Loren's early Hollywood films. He wisely used Sophia's comic talents which were often wasted by American directors. Having worked with her in another early gem, "Houseboat" with Cary Grant, Shavelson was aware of what would make Sophia shine and here he showcases all of her many ample charms.

    The DVD is presented in a sharp and glittering print of the wonderful cinematography of Robert Surtees. One of the great camera men who's credits include 1962's "Mutiny On The Bounty", "Quo Vadis", "Raintree County", and "The Last Picture Show". He captures breathtaking shots of cramped and teaming Naples and the expansive sunny vistas of Capri. In his hands this beautiful part of Italy becomes a lovely widescreen postcard that beckons the viewer into the story.

    The score by Alessandro Cicognini (Indiscretion of an American Wife) and Carlo Savina is pure Italian gold and fits the comic proceedings perfectly. And the addition of the song Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano in Sophia's club act is marvelous. This popular Italian song of the 1950's resurfaced effectively in "The Talented Mr. Ripley". It is fun to see how Sophia interprets the song for the tourists on Capri.

    Clark Gable, cast as stodgy American Michael Hamilton is gruff and funny as he first battles and then falls for Sophia. He has many standout scenes with her and with child actor, Marietto. In particular is the scene where he and Sophia mix killer drinks for each other at the bar.

    Marietto as Sophia's nephew Nando is a little comic whirlwind. He is wonderful in his naturalness in his scenes with Loren. A skinny ball of ingenuity and energy he is particularly funny when he is trying to get his way with both Loren and Gable.

    The great Italian director Vittorio De Sica nearly runs off with the cameras, set and crew in his performance as Sophia's lawyer. He works so well with her, and why not, he was her director in "Gold of Naples", "Two Women" and the wonderful "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." His speech in the courtroom scene is a standout.

    All this wonderful talent surrounds Sophia Loren in what is really her show. She is pure magic as Lucia Curcio, a woman of passionate love of life and family. She dominates the picture as well she should because it is her talent as an actress and her incredible beauty that brought her to this point in her career. Her comedic turns and use of Italian gestures turn this into a joyous romp for both her and the audience.

    After viewing "It Started In Naples" you may find yourself singing. Tu Vuo Fa L'Italiano.

    ...more info
  • 40 years later...
    ...and Capri looks the same! I visited Capri in May 2001, as part of a Southern Italy trip, and fell in love with the place. Just recently saw this film, and could not believe how little things have changed. It's all there...the chair lift, the funicular, the Blue Grotto, the vitality and the stunning natural beauty. Clark looks like a geezer next to Sophia, unfortunately (I longed to see Cary Grant in this role!), but Sophia shines. Of course, the true star of this film is Capri itself....more info
  • Now THAT'S Italian!
    IT STARTED IN NAPLES is a romantic comedy. A man on the eve of his wedding visits Italy to settle the estate of his departed brother and discovers an unexpected cigarette smoking, con artist, preteen son -- neglected by American standards -- entrusted to a woman who seems to lack parenting skills. Indifference about responsibility grows to a competition and even a custody battle. Fans of Loren are not disappointed as she tantalizes audiences with a few song and dance numbers. Clark Gable can't ignore Sophia Loren's beauty for long and the conclusion is inevitable.

    With such magnanimous stars it is difficult to fault the movie. Loren was definitely at home in Italy and many of the scenes are breathtaking. Some of the dialog -- most often of the precocious little boy -- is in Italian. If you don't know the language, the lack of translation can make you feel important details are being missed. Perhaps this is to give viewers a sense of how Gable, an Americano, felt. The plot is not extremely original but if you like Gable, Loren, know Italian or want to see Italy you'll enjoy where it all started... in Naples, Italy.

    Movie quote: "A man can be a pig and a lawyer at the same time."...more info


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