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This epic Lucasfilm fantasy serves up enough magical adventure to satisfy fans of the genre, though it treads familiar territory. With abundant parallels to Star Wars, the story (by George Lucas) follows the exploits of the little farmer Willow (Warwick Davis), an aspiring sorcerer appointed to deliver an infant princess from the evil queen (Jean Marsh) to whom the child is a crucial threat. Val Kilmer plays the warrior who joins Willow's campaign with the evil queen's daughter (Joanne Whalley, who later married Kilmer). Impressive production values, stunning locations (in England, Wales, and New Zealand) and dazzling special effects energize the routine fantasy plot, which alternates between rousing action and cute sentiment while failing to engage the viewer's emotions. A parental warning is appropriate: director Ron Howard has a light touch aimed at younger viewers, but doesn't shy away from grisly swordplay and at least one monster (a wicked two-headed dragon) that could induce nightmares. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Family Movie
    Sit down on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a bag of popcorn, pop in Willow and you will spend two very enjoyable hours with your family....more info
  • counterfit
    Movie never played. I put dvd in pc and opened it and found a bunch of files that had no program for. Movie didnt play and picture on DVD looked very suspicious. The wrapper did not have a hologram on it....more info
  • Nice condension of Evil Overlord list, but largely a nostalgia film.
    Willow / B00003CXDD


    As I write this review, I cannot help but note that Willow currently stands at an impressive four-and-a-half stars, and I fear that this review might not be received well by fans. This review is, however, for people - like me - who missed seeing Willow when it came out and wonders if maybe it's worth buying now.

    I like "old" movies, shoot, I just watched The Dark Crystal (25th Anniversary Edition) for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. And I am very sympathetic to the argument that older movies should be judged for what they were at the time, and that it is important to remember that the fantasy genre was a bit more sparse in those days. I understand why people might have liked Willow then, and I can understand why the same people would still like Willow now.

    Having said all that, I do not think that many people who haven't seen Willow up until now, would like it at this point. This review is for them.

    Unlike the sharp, clear-cut direction of Lucas' other early works (most notably, of course, is Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope (1977 & 2004 Versions, 2-Disc Widescreen Edition)), the script of Willow meanders painfully around, never seeming quite certain which direction to follow. The infant Elora Danan is prophesied to be responsible for the death of Queen Bavmorda, setting in motion Bavmorda's ill-fated attempts to murder the child, but the infant is never "responsible" in any meaningful sense of the word other than as a catalyst for the action. The main characters seem to stumble blindly through the movie, never quite certain what, precisely, to do with the infant, which might make for a believable plot (what does one do with a 'chosen one', anyway?) but does not make for an interesting movie.

    The addition of Val Kilmer's character is not a bonus for this movie. Kilmer is one of those rare actors who either does an exemplary job or a truly awful one, but never in between. Madmartigan is, supposedly, a sort of golden-hearted villain, along the lines of Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)), but his character traits lurch randomly from noble to blackguard to lecherous, without any rhyme or reason other than the change of scenery and the needs of the plot at that timeline. Particularly annoying is the ridiculous romance subplot, which I found to be remarkably awful, even by Lucas' current standards.

    To wit, the evil Queen Bavmorda has a daughter who is the highly capable, well trained, and fiercely loyal commander of the queen's forces. She loves her mother completely and has few qualms about preemptively killing an infant in order to protect her mother. Really, you could not imagine a woman more in control of her faculties than this admirable, if evil, princess. She is immune to the charms of men, which is highly understandable since she has surely been inundated with "love struck" suitors all her life - being that she is beautiful, rich, competent, and heir to the throne. However, her personality changes in a instant - literally - when a magicked, love-struck Kilmer clambers into her bed chamber, mumbling nonsensical words of love. Within a mere matter of hours, the princess has transformed into a love-struck maiden, desperate for Kilmer's affections, and completely ready to betray her mother. That's either Very Bad Writing or Madmartigan is wearing Very Good Cologne, but I personally tend towards the bad writing side of the fence. It may seem like a small point, but the princess' betrayal is a large portion of the story and the entire catalyst to allow the ending to occur and the fact that it is done so poorly really detracts from the storyline in a serious way.

    There are good elements to this movie. Willow and his wife, children, and villagers are all superbly acted and wonderful characters. In fact, the point at which the movie can reasonably be said to have turned for the worse is when Elora and Willow leave the village - everything up to that point is extremely enjoyable.

    I do hope this review isn't too offensive to long-time fans of Willow who treasure the movie for nostalgia's sake. Nostalgia movies are wonderful and healthy things and I don't mean to criticize that in any way. I just want to caution newcomers that, for your money, there are other fantasy movies out there with more consistency of plot and character development than I, personally, felt was contained in Willow. Your mileage may vary, however....more info
  • Fantasy - Supreme
    This movie was well done, a very good and rich fantasy story and something for the whole family. A fairy tale colorful told.

    (Original review January 1, 2002)...more info
  • "I Hate Trolls!"
    WARNING: This review may contain spoilers!

    George Lucas (Star Wars Trilogy) has always enjoyed delving into mythological archetypes in his films and when Willow was released in 1988, it served as an example of his fascination with stories of unlikely and unexpected heroes. Directed by Ron Howard (Splash), Willow was a Box Office and critical disappointment when it first debuted, however since then it has developed a loyal following of diehard fans.

    When a baby girl is born bearing a birthmark on her arm, a birthmark that signifies that she will overthrow the evil queen Bavmorda, Bavmorda orders the child's destruction. But the nursemaid who was attending the baby's mother hides the newborn in a pile of laundry and escapes the queen's castle without detection. When Bavmorda discovers that the child is missing, she sends out her soldiers and Death Dogs to retrieve the baby. When the nursemaid sees the approaching Death Dogs, she sends the baby down the river in a raft, which is carried downstream until it washes up on the riverbank of a Nelwyn (a race of short people similar to dwarfs) village. The baby is found by two Nelwyn children who tell their father Willow, a local farmer and aspiring sorcerer's apprentice. Willow doesn't dare tell the other Nelwyns of his discovery for fear that he will be blamed for any misfortune that may befall their village (Nelwyns are naturally superstitious and fearful of the outside world). But after an attack by the Queen's Death Dogs, Willow takes the baby before the village council where he is chosen to take the baby back to the Daikini (the Nelwyn term for tall people) lands. Willow embarks on a perilous journey, with only a small group of Nelwyns, and it's not long before he comes across a charismatic Daikini prisoner named Madmartigan. Madmartigan claims that he would take care of the baby if they would just free him from his hanging cage, which the Nelwyns do with some reluctance. As Willow heads home, he discovers that the baby has been kidnapped by Brownies (tiny mischievous forest sprites) who take the baby to the realm of the Fairy Queen. She bestows unto Willow a magic wand and tells him that he must safeguard the baby, who she tells him is named Elora Danan. Following the Fairy Queen's instructions, Willow then takes Elora to the island where famous sorceress Fin Raziel has been exiled. He is guided by two of the Brownies, Franjean and Rool, and soon they meet up with Madmartigan. Bavmorda's soldiers track them down and Madmartigan proves to be a valiant warrior and expert swordsman. By the time Willow finds Fin Raziel, she has been turned into a possum-like creature by Bavmorda (why Bavmorda didn't simply kill Raziel, I'll never know). Bavmorda's soldiers are lead by her beautiful and rebellious daughter Sorsha, who captures Willow and his companions. After a daring escape Willow, Elora, Madmartigan, and Raziel seek out the castle of Tir Asleen where they will be safe from Bavmorda's army. However, upon their arrival they discover that the castle is under a curse, and worse, it's crawling with hairy, odorous, flesh-eating trolls. When Bavmorda's army attacks and Elora is abducted, Madmartigan defends the castle and stages a climactic battle against Bavmorda's vile forces. Meanwhile Willow and Raziel face Bavmorda in an exciting final confrontation of magic against magic.

    The cast includes Warwick Davis as Willow, Val Kilmer as Madmartigan, Jean Marsh as Bavmorda, Patricia Hayes as Raziel, and Joanne Whalley as Sorsha.
    The film's strengths are its elaborate action scenes depicting swordfights, battles with vicious trolls, and a fight against a two-headed, fire-breathing dragon. However the film suffers from a script, which isn't sure whether the film is intended for a sophisticated adult audience or an audience of children. Ultimately the film appeals to an audience of predominantly male viewers, between the ages of six and thirteen years old.

    The special features on this DVD include an audio commentary by Warwick Davis, Willow: The Making of an Adventure vintage featurette, From Morf to Morphing: the Dawn of Digital Filmmaking featurette, production stills and image gallery, and theatrical trailers and TV spots.

    Also recommended:
    The Dark Crystal
    The NeverEnding Story
    The Black Cauldron
    Jim Henson's the Storyteller: The Definitive Collection
    The Princess Bride
    The Chronicles of Narnia...more info
  • DVD from amazon
    the item I purchased arrived in excellent condition and also in a very timely manner....more info
  • Brilliant!!
    This is the most wonderful fantasy film ever made, with a gorgeous soundtrack, and brilliant actors. Warwick Davis at his best!!! No doubt it's a five star movie and highly recommended by me:)...more info
  • Willow
    Willow is a magnificent family movie. The characters are well played out, thoughtful direction, and the special effects not overdone. Ron Howard (Opie) directed this fairy tale. This is the classic tale of good vs. evil. There is the evil queen,Bavmorta; the reluctant heros (Willow and Mad Mortigan); the good magician with fairies and brownies pitted against impossible odds to help fulfill the prophesy to end the evil queens reign. It is a story of how even the smallest can succeed.

    I bought this for my son when it first hit the big screen, and repurchased it to add to our collection again. It is a must have if you have children, grandchildren, or enjoy good clean entertainment....more info
  • willow
    this is great movie ever! this story focus on the baby named willow and 2 men who is protecting the baby. some evil want the baby dead because the baby is a threat to evil woman. evil woman has a daughter who will turn against her and save the baby. ...more info
  • Fantastic Movie!
    Willow was such a delightful movie. I've had the movie for years and about every two years I play it again--it's that entertaining. You would think Hollywood would take the hint and had sequels to this movie. I feel this way about Clash of the Titans also--still playing it every so often since the 80's! Anyway, Val Kilmer was great and the little folks stole the show! We need more--come on Hollywood, start growing some smarts!...more info
  • A Lame Formulated Story
    A seriously lame, formulated story. The entire tale is based on believing its ridiculous beginning. The scenes seem to be very much copied from many moments of the Lord of the Rings, way before those movies were made. It's a professional Hollywood film; it has good acting and decent character interaction and tension. The special effects are decent for its time. But still, by the standards of 2008 movie making, it's not a very good film....more info
  • Always loved it!
    I loved this movie when I was young! I am still YOUNG BTW :P Anyway, great movie, Val Kilmer is a hottie in this movie! Love watching it, and always a joy to pop it in the DVD player.

    For the price, I had to add it to my collection! Awesome movie!...more info
  • Fun Ride, but Not Exceptional
    I have good memories of Willow. Rather than going a typical fantasy route, with typical creatures, it sports some wholly unique elements that make for a really fun ride. With the exception of the distressing transformation scenes, this is a perfect movie for older children, and is most comparable to The Never-Ending Story.

    However, some elements of Willow just haven't aged well. To me, Willow represents a lukewarm middle ground for George Lucas. On the negative side, it's an uneven mixture of movies he had worked on before, combined with a shot-up plot that wanders all over the place, a really horrible romance subplot, and a disjointed script. It's brightened up by some passable-to-stellar acting, great ideas, and interesting characters. The resulting film only manages to limp to the finish line. I feel that this movie points toward Lucas' devolution to a hack vomiting out horrid Star Wars prequels more than anything else.

    It's very sad that this movie isn't any better; it has great ideas, many lovable characters, and a very good heart. You can't help rooting for it, riding along with it, and forgiving its slights. It's kind of like a goofy, lovable, dorky friend. Sure, this dorky pal says and does things that make you wince and groan, but he's such a cool person underneath all the awkwardness that you can easily overlook his faux pas and just love him all the same. My family and I laughed at this film, threw out one-liners, and shook our heads at the corny bits, but we also had a great time -- and there's not a kid among us!

    The cons are legion. The script is wince-worthy, but passable; the characters seem to wander in mindless circles; the romance is terrible, and the transformation scenes are nauseating and painful to watch. The plot is rather awkward and full of irritating holes, the most bothersome being that Elora Danan is not responsible for the death of Queen Bavmorda as much as she's the catalyst for a deus ex machina. Furthermore, sometimes it's difficult to infer the intended meaning from certain scenes -- for example, when Willow and Meegosh are standing by the road, trying to hand out Elora Danan to an army. The first time I watched this I thought it was Bavmorda's army (when it was actually Eric's), and this is only cleared up after a couple of minutes had passed. It wasn't a natural confusion, if that makes sense -- not an intended confusion. Indeed, sometimes it seemed as though the filmmakers were kind of lazy and just shot everything willy-nilly, praying it would all come out in the end.

    This is also not a special edition as much as it is the not-VHS-version. There is commentary by Warwick Davis and sadly... that's pretty much it.

    The pros of this movie are myriad. Probably the most outstanding element of this movie is its optimistic outlook and its wonderful characters, as well as its unique take on the fantasy genre. It's not fair to compare this to Tolkien or as a mere Star Wars ripoff; both of these took quite liberally from the fairytale formula. Frankly, that fairytale formula is all that Willow takes from. With the exception of the Nelwyns, I never once thought of Tolkien; with the exception of Bavmorda's face at the end of the movie, I never thought of Star Wars.

    I also loved Willow's characters. Bavmorda is a fantastic villain; one-sided, yes, but such a delightfully horrible character that it's a blast to watch her go down. Madmartigan is downright fun -- half Jack Sparrow, half Han Solo. Sorsha manages to come across as more than a politically correct, stereotypical, token female warrior (at least, until the bizarre addition of romance). The Brownies, Franjean and Rool, were a blast. And a big shout-out to Warwick Davis, who played the title role -- a fabulous job for a young actor! I was also completely impressed by Julie Peters, who played Kaiya. She was absolutely believable. It's only a shame she hasn't been able to play in any other leading roles.

    Special effects range from pretty terrible (the trolls) to extremely cool (the two-headed dragon) to holy crap, I want to throw up (every single transformation scene). Still, for the most part, they're all right for a late 80s film (and I'm very impartial to stop-motion animation anyway, so I loved watching the dragon and didn't mind that a bit).

    This might also sound rather silly, but I absolutely loved the nonsensical fantasy names they used in this movie. Every fantasy buff knows that fantasy names can be a nightmare to hear, read, or remember, mostly because they're full of random vowels and consonants that were all slapped together at random. But in Willow, almost every name is strangely appropriate and memorable. They're often lyrical (Kaiya, Elora Danan, Raziel, Tir Asleen), or the consonants and vowels are put together in just the right combination to create certain feelings (Bavmorda -- all of those hard, angry consonants in close quarters), or sound faintly reminiscent of something else (Madmartigan, Sorsha, Tir Asleen [Tir na Nog]). Whoever named those characters did an admirable job!

    Don't go into Willow expecting too much, but don't go into it expecting it to completely suck, either. I own it; I'm glad to own it. I think it's a unique spin on the fairytale formula, and that most people will really enjoy it if they suspend their belief....more info
  • Great Features Great Movie
    Excellent fantasy adventure with some unexpected heroes. Warrick Davis gives a sincere portrayal of a struggling family man/farmer who still has dreams. This version also has a full length commentary by Warrick Davis and several other bonus features. Great Buy....more info
  • Great Fantasy Loved It!!!! Vonkar!!!!
    Willow has got it all, Action, Fantasy Adventure, a little comedy, a little Suspense, Definitely something to watch on a stay-in night. Never bores me...Such a good story in a short time, wish they would remake with todays cgi and tech.......more info
  • Willow
    Very enjoyable movie. Something wholesome, but adventurous that I can watch with my kids....more info
  • Colorful, whimsical adventure
    It doesn't get any better than this. The imagery in this film is so wonderful that it runs through your mind for hours after watching it. The colors are so bold, the scenes are beautiful, and if you ask me, the story is very enjoyable. Plus, if there are fairies, it always gets five stars. ...more info
  • "I have Cherlindrea's wand, Bavmorda!"
    This Lucas-written, Ron Howard-directed "epic fantasy" is one of those commercial flops that actually came to find a sizeable cult-following in the years after its theatrical run--whether via TV-showings, VHS, or now in this bright DVD incarnation.

    Yes, the plot is totally derivative: savior-babies in reed baskets; halfling-types who must be brave enough to "carry" a serious burden on their shoulders; Brave but exiled swordfighter; Evil sorceror with equally evil General. Yeah, yeah, we get it. But Willow is not as unoriginal as 99% of the lame movies made these days, and all in all a fun, engaging adventure/fantasy flick with some believable performances that sort of lift it up to genuinely "beloved" status.

    For the scope of the thing, it's not too badly plotted. Things happen at a nice click, and happen reasonably. The effects are dated now, but a few were actually groundbreaking at the time (the Raziel "morphing" scene).

    In terms of the tale, a mysterious newborn Princess is being hunted by a sorceress queen named Bavmorda, and for good reason. There's been a prophecy that the infant will one day bring about her destruction, and the queen needs to obliterate the kid's soul with a spell. With the help of an ill-fated midwife, however, the babe is floated down a river until it reaches the home of a dwarf-farmer (a "Nelwyn") named Willow.

    Reluctantly, Willow takes a shine to the babe and is swept-up in the adventures required to preserve her life from the wicked queen, her henchman, Kael, and her sexy-ginge daughter, Sorsha. Willow is enlisted to carry the baby to the world of the Big People, but gets waylaid by a spectral fairy-lady who apparently can't leave her forest to fight Bavmorda, but gives the midge a powerful wand and tells him to deliver it to a rival sorceress named Raziel, who can use it to oust Queenie and save the baby.

    Along the way, of course, Val Kilmer enters the picture as the surly but eventually loyal warrior, and they are accompanied by two annoying "brownies" from Fairyville who are akin to mosquitos, in terms of being welcome additions to the story. Anyhow, they find the good sorceress, only to discover that she has been whupped by Bavmorda and turned into a possum (of all things).

    The story then shifts toward Willow's need to get the baby safely to a fabled castle called 'Tir Asleen' and learn a touch magic so he can use the crooked wand to re-morph the good witch. None of this is successful and, several battles, snowboardings, and double-headed dragons later, the baby gets stolen and the goodies ride to save it, right up to the gates of Bavmorda's castle. (Sound familiar?)

    Snatching a trick from Circe of Greek myth, Bavmorda puts a spell on the whole army and turns them into pigs--even her own daughter, Sorsha, who got the hots for Val Kilmer and defected to the good camp. Willow escapes pigdom and finally gets the hang of the wand. He painstakingly transforms Raziel back to human form, where she is a bit miffed to discover that she has, in fact, become a wrinkled old baggage. Even so, she's got some mojo and appropriates the stick from Willow, restoring the army. The final battle in the castle is well-filmed, as is the tense showdown between the rickety old witches. A cute little plot twist comes at the end, but nothing super-spectacular.

    This is basically a cute Lucasfilm that is marginally less hokey than the Ewoks. That's a good thing. Ron Howard does a good job directing and James Horner does, too, with the grand score. Warwick Davis (later of "Leprechaun 1, 2,3,4,& 5 fame) does a worthy acting job here (especially since he's essentially "carrying" the picture--which was his first and must've been tough). Other performances are standard: Val Kilmer gets the job done but seems bored; Billy Barty is his usual sweet old self. Brit actress Jean Marsh is genuinely scary as Bavmorda--just the right amount of simmering evil without getting too hammy. Patricia Hayes lends great dignity as old-biddy enchantress Raziel. Call me sentimental, but I thought the most moving performance in this film was by one of the other "little" folk--the actress who plays Willow's wife, Kaia.

    This sturdy action/fantasy/adventure has got loads of nice but generic Lucas mythical touches, and lots of chummy Ron Howard dependability. A keeper for young and old, if not a classic, by any shake of the stick.

    ...more info
  • Kiss: Keep it Simple, Stupid
    "Willow" is a good movie, but it could have been better if it didn't have so much going on in it. It's a fairy tale story with dwarfs as the central characters. Val Kilmer gets involved as a flawed action hero.
    A great deal of humanity and compassion comes through as actor Warwick Davis tries to save a little child whom the wicked queen is trying to destroy. Some of the tiniest fantasy figures in the movie are completely unnecessary for the story and get in the way. Simplify it, cut it to the bone, and this could be a fine movie.
    Davis does a fine job of acting and the family values he embodies can teach and be a great inspiration to children and adults too. Everything but the kitchen sink gets thrown into this Ron Howard flick, and yet at its heart it has a sweet little tale to tell which all but gets lost in the telling. Watch Jean Marsh ham it up as the wicked queen.
    ...more info
  • Always loved it
    I've loved this movie since I was a kid. I now have children and wanted them to see it. It was a hit!...more info
  • Willow!
    Great movie, I loved it as a child and I still do as an adult....more info
  • Val Kilmer's performance is Incredible!
    This movie has been a favorite of mine since college! It almost has a cult following, ranking right up there with The Princess Bride and Dirty Dancing. I have always been a Kilmer fan, but really enjoy the versatility of his acting in this film. The fantasy and humor is a perfect combination. I would recommend anyone who loves The Lord of the Rings or The Princess Bride watch this!...more info
  • The most midgets you will ever see in one movie!
    I recently bought this and watched it. All I can say is "Wow". I remember watching this movie over and over as a child and now I know why. It's a great movie!

    Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer do a great job and wow, Sorcia (Joanne Whalley) is smoking hot. There are a ton of great scenes, too many to count. It's a ridiculous but extremely entertaining movie. And it's something you can watch if you have kids

    The only time I can recall seeing more midgets is on the TV show "Martin" where the midgets started a fight with Martin Lawrence at the bar. If you haven't seen this movie yet, add it to your shopping cart!...more info
  • willow
    This is a great film. Lots of tongue-in-cheek humor. A classic fantasy story. Ranks with The Princess Bride....more info
  • Very pleased!
    I received my movie in good condition (as well as another movie). I have been pleased with each purchase through Amazon. No problems. Thank you....more info
  • good movie
    I have enjoyed this movie since I was a kid and now my children like it....more info
  • A Lucas classic!! great on DVD
    Great Family movie. ground breaking effects"for the time". All round great movie.

    +Val Kilmore is great!
    +midget village"pecks"
    +an awsome wagon battle, with Val wearing a dress!

    - Not a super epic movie, not like lord of the rings
    - Not a whole lot of charitor development.
    - If you expected Razel to be a "young" hot woman when she gets transformed back!!

    Overall, it is a must watch movie, for anyone who loves a good adventure with a great ending. ...more info
  • Willow
    Outstanding movie for all ages. I love this movie and bought copies of it for all my grandchildren....more info
  • One of my faves
    This movie just doesn't get old. I can watch it anytime and still feel wowed by it. I am not particularly fond of 80's films, but this one is not cheesy or poorly acted. It is actually very sweet with a pretty cool plot and awesome characters. I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fun adventurous family movie to watch....more info
  • best movie ever!
    this movie is fantastic! Val Kilmer, little people, magic, what more could you want? Oh yeah, Joanne Whalley, so hot!...more info
  • Willow Review
    This movie is filled with magic, sword battles, brownies, elves, armies, monsters, an evil queen, and all kinds of fun stuff. Wonderful special effects. Although this movie was made in the 1980s, it is a classic fantasy you should not miss. ...more info
  • Great Story!!!
    This is an enchanting story, lots of action and exciting for the whole
    family......more info
  • A Treat
    This is a great movie with all the elements of fantasy ...and that includes Val Kilmer.
    Good for all ages but it is a bit scary sometimes....more info
  • Entertaining fantasy movie for kids/adults.
    We purchased this DVD, along with The Princess Bride, for the grandkids. This was a bit more scary for the children, but all in all it was appreciated by everyone. Three generations watched it together. Good flick!...more info
  • Lost Classic
    When I was about five years old, this was my absolutely favorite movie. You know how a kid can watch the same thing a hundred times in a row and never get the least bit tired of it? That was me with this movie. Between the midgets, magic, and monsters, it left nothing to be desired for a young child. Now that I am in my early 20's, I can't say I could watch the movie a hundred times in a row and not get tired of it, but it is still very entertaining. In some ways more so, because I don't have to cover my eyes when the troll gets turned into a dragon or during the scenes where people kiss! It's got the same feel as other George Lucas classics such as Star Wars and it also represents one of, if not the first films directed by Ron Howard. If you like movies like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, there is no reason you should not be a big fan of this movie. It's got a great story, great characters, and great acting. The film is really nothing short of inspiring....more info
  • Willow
    I love the movie Willow. I have watched it approximately 30 times and it never gets old.
    Classic story of good over evil....more info
  • Great Classic
    A great movie classic for fantasy and adventure lovers. Good plot, great acting, and good clean fun!...more info
  • Nothing NOT to love about this movie!
    One of my all time favorite movies. Each time I introduce it to someone new, they always run out and buy it...enough said, except for this..you will not regret buying this movie!!...more info
  • A magical fantasy epic!
    In a time of swords and sorcery, the powerful and evil sorceress Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh) has overtaken the land with her army and a prophecy has stated that a female child would be born to become very sacred and put an end to the reign of the queen. She has almost murdered every pregeant woman in the village except for one which has the very special baby princess which has been taken to a village of little people called Nelwyns. Kind-hearted farmer Willow Urfgood (Warwick Davis) has found the child near a river and raises it but after an unfortune incident in his village, he has to return the child back to her people. A renegade swordswinging rebel named Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) teams up with Willow and a couple of small folk called brownies especially a sorceress named Raziel (Patrica Hayes) to stop Bavmorda's evil once and for all.

    An entertaining and mesermzing fantasy comedy adventure from executive producer George Lucas and director Ron Howard is one fantasy cinema's greatest achievements. Co-starring gorgeous Joanne Whalley as Madmartigan's love interest, Phil Fondacaro and Billy Barty, The film is influenced by medieval mythology, J.R.R. Tolkein, and even The Ten Commandments with a majestic music score by James Horner and awesome special effects like that memorable morphing sequence that set the standard for CGI for years to come in this must see fantasy favorite.

    This DVD has fantastic picture and sound with good extras like audio commentary, Trailers and Teasers, TV Spots, original 1988 making of Featurette and "Morf to Morphing: The Dawn of the Digital age" featurette....more info
  • Great Movie!
    We really like this movie. It has a lot of action, but I feel that it still is good for children. My kids liked it when they were young and my husband and I still like it. It's very good....more info
    Willow is one of my favorite movies. Willow loves his family, friends and community. He tries hard to please all of them! Val Kilmer did a great job in this movie. His character is a rough, tough guy who tries to hide his good heart. There's lots to like in this movie---comedy, adventure, battles, fantasy, even monsters! It's the kind of movie my husband and I love to watch --more than once. ...more info
  • A Timeless Classic!
    If you grew up in the 80s and didn't see this movie, then where the heck were you?? This is a must see movie and falls into the category of a timeless, well loved classic that never expires. We never tire from watching "Willow". Infact, we named one of our daughters "Alora" after Ellora Dannon. "Willow" is a true family film, filled with adventure, action, humor, romance and magic! It's got everything in it and will bring out the child in everyone. And if you're an 80s Junkie like me (or not), it will probably already be in your DVD library (or pretty soon may well be) that you can pull out again and again to enjoy. You won't regret investing in this wonderful spell of entertainment....more info
    I am very happy with this purchase! It was a a very fast, smooth transaction. When I recieved my dvd it was in "new" condition as stated in the description. I am very satisfied!...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Now that Willow's special effects (its major selling point at the time, are dated and fairly unimpressive, the movie is really not worth watching; Val Kilmer is fun enough but the story is really pretty derivative....more info


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