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  • Great workout for everyone
    I have been doing the Barbie workout religously since I was 13. Kind-of embarassed to say, but I am now 20 and still do it everyday. It is a great workout, not to intense, but still gets you going. You are filled with energy after finishing the 30 minute workout. I even know it by heart and after I my dad threw mine out, I continue to do it without the tape. Jennifer Love Hewitt is also in it....more info
  • great workout
    I was surprised by some of the reviews I read on this video. I bought it when I was about 9 or 10 years old, and I'll be honest--I have always been a heavier, less "in-shape" kid, and I absolutely loved this video. It was a great workout, I always enjoyed it, and the moves kept me going. Looking back on it, I do remember that the moves were pretty fast, but if you enjoy dancing and have the energy for it, this tape is a good choice. And one thing about is that it's a Barbie workout, but it isn't just for kids--it's intense enough for adults to get a substantial workout, too....more info
  • Cute - but a bit fast for beginners
    Recommended for ages 5 and up, I thought this would be a natural for my almost 5 year old. Half way through the fast moving steps, she got frustrated to the point of tears. Problem in that there is no instruction on the dance steps, just fast demonstration. We concluded that the only way to learn is to take one dance step at a time - with mom leading the way. I think it will be great once she gets the moves down....more info
  • unrealistic
    This video is typical "Barbie" overly perky and filled with good looking and thin girls(they appear to be perfect -unattainable and discouraging to anyone who isn't). They all know the routine perfectly and it is very fast and complex. My 8 year old who takes dance could not get the steps down and was so frustrated that she will not even try it anymore. I would challenge adults to get the steps down.

    There is no instruction on the steps and even the warm up is fast paced and complex. I would not recommend this video to anyone....more info

  • pretty fast, but great way to get kids moving
    Looking back on the many times I would pop in this tape and dance through it in my basement, the only thing that I can't stand is the sound of Barbie's voice and the animation with her bopping on her own little platform throughout the duration of the video. However, this tape is otherwise an excellent thing to get kids standing up and moving, and it isn't a bad choice for adults, either. That might sound corny, especially with the "Barbie" label, but this is by no means a little "kiddie" workout. It is intense, fast-paced, and lots of fun. The music is great, too, with all of the singing coming from Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is actually one of the kids dancing on the video. You might be surprised that this voice is coming out of her-- for a kid that young, she really can sing!!
    Yes, the dance steps are very quickly presented and performed. There really isn't much instruction for them; the dancers on the floor in the video just demonstrate it for you, but each move is repeated quite a few times before they move on to the next one, so you should have enough time to jump in. I don't know; I never seemed to think much about the intensity of it when I danced to this video as a kid, and I know I just always danced to it and did my thing and enjoyed all of it. However, I just pulled the tape off my shelf for the first time in about 5 years and watched it again because the reviews here that commented on the unreasonable difficulty of the workout interested me, and I wanted to see exactly what I had worked out to so many times as a 9-year-old kid. I remember when my sister and I found Jennifer Love Hewitt's energy on this video quite humorous. You absolutely cannot miss her; she's right there in the front row, putting her entire body into every move, whether it's as simple as marching in place or as elaborate as the "Bunny Flop." Her ability to keep that energy up throughout the entire workout is pretty admirable, and you might be able to spot some good funny facial expressions from her if you look closely, but I think she appears a little unrealistic here for a 10-year-old girl. This might be a part of what some young girls who have tried this tape have been frustrated by. Just watch Hewitt's performance from start to finish, and you'll get what I mean. She really is something else.

    The dance steps might take a little practice for some, but I feel that this is something that kids can definitely do with enjoyment. There are 10 people dancing on this video--nine kids and one adult instructor. The only two out there who perform each move almost flawlessly are Jennifer Love Hewitt and the instructor Kim. The other two girls in the front row with Hewitt are pretty good too, but if you watch the younger ones in the back, they're certainly not performing the moves exactly the same. They're following along, yes, but they are also kind of just doing their thing, dancing with smiles on their faces and not caring about doing it perfectly. This is exactly how young kids should approach this video; just do what you can, have FUN, and keep doing it, because like anything else, you get better and better every time you do it. If that's the attitude that you go in with, there's no kid that can't have a ball with this video. It gets them up and going, and that's what's important. This is why I recommend the Barbie Workout; there are people here who say it's too much to keep up with, but it kept me moving when I used it, and I honestly had a good time with it. And parents and teens--don't be ashamed to join the kids on this one. As far as good workouts go, even Barbie knows how to kick it. Break a sweat, feel good about getting a nice exercise, and have fun. That's what the video was made for! =)...more info

  • Cute
    This is a cute exercise video made in the 80's. Barbie's large 3D rendered form was advanced back in the day. The only issue with this video is how quickly the exercises become. One moment barbie is raising her leg, next she is bending down to touch her toes then suddenly bending to the side. With the generation of the DanceDanceRevolution movement, this shouldn't be a problem. However to anyone who doesn't frequently work-out the pace is tiresome to keep up with.

    This is a cute video to collect. ...more info
  • Great Fun
    I ordered this workout video for my two stepdaughters (8 and 11 years old) who needed some extra activities to get healthy. I wasn't sure about it at first but surprise they love it. They do it in the morning while I make breakfast and even want to workout again when they get home from school. It's a great video and they are really wanting to get down all the cool dances. Thanks Barbie and Kim. Claudia...more info
  • She can't talk, but Barbie does a mean workout!
    Sassy Barbie has been there, done that, wore those, dated them, drove there, and what not. Now, she comes to life, sans the lip movement to really shake it up! This video workout is primarily led by an instructor and 8 or nine pre-teen girls for a high-impact dance workout and exercise routine. It is non-stop, fast moving, aerobics. If you are new to this routine, it will take some getting use to as there isn't much cueing into steps and it lacks demonstration of the dance/aerobic moves.

    The set is bright and colorful, and for the 30 minutes 1991 production. It's not that dated and it really doesn't give that appearance. The tapes consists almost entirely of the high energy moves, yet there is a short cool-down.

    Barbie, on her platform does the exercises and frequently she is center stage in front of the group. She will work out for some fancy moves, with names such as the "Barbie Basic", "Hot Foot", "Sidewalk Strut", "Jammin Jogger" etc. This makes is easy to follow the steps easier. Music is credited to an unknown group, but its fast music, vocals, and good sound.

    Again, this is about 25 minutes straight high-impact dance/workout! Cool down is approximately 5 minutes. Barbie.. you did it again!....MzRizz...more info
  • Fast is an understatement
    I bought this video for my 5 and 8 year old girls, who love Barbie and dancing. I don't think most adult exercise videos move this fast! New moves, none of which are particularly easy for a relatively inexperienced dancer, are introduced with minimal (if any) instruction. The instructor and dancers then do the move a few times, then incorporate it into the routine, then go on to introduce the next move. The first three moves are introduced within about 90 seconds (I timed it). After 5 minutes, my 5 year old just gave up and sat and watched the rest of the video. I'm glad I used a gift certificate to buy it, rather than purchasing it outright....more info
  • terrific
    hey, come on people, this video was not funny or real old silly looking in anyeway but actually it is still an amazing workout that i got shaped up and lost wieght. also the music is awesome, love Hewette who sang all the songs.. it goes very fast and you might not get caught up in the first time but it is ok. in general, the video is perefect for girls 7 and up to 17 i guess, to get you fit and know a lot of aerobic workouting skills. go barbie...more info
  • Great Workout for anyone
    I thought this was going to be cheesy and stupid, since I am 26 years old. It was surprisingly entertaining and I had trouble keeping up with the moves. It was a very hard workout for me. I was entertained by the dance moves, and laughed at Barbie dancing, which kept me moving. My only complaint is that they don't break down some of the dance moves and I had trouble following some of it. ...more info
  • Barbie R0x0rs
    Wow my mom got me barbie workout for my 8th birthday. i am now 17 and its my favorite workout video. I do it everyday, the set if soo bright and pretty.. and well pink. you cant help put feeelin like your in a perfect barbie world while your working out.( great workout for the mid-winter slums) The workout.. or Dances are pretty fun.. although i didnt catch on till i was about 16 heheh. i dont see how any 8 year old could do it.. but for those of you wakcy old peeps dont be embarrassed casue it barbie.. she rox and will give you a great a workout!
    my tip.. for the added workout try running inplace as they march and do the "Barbie Basic" 1....2... 3.. BARBIE!YEah!...more info
  • w0w sweet stuff
    this video rocks! i used to rent it like every week at blockbuster when i was 6 or so. my mom tried to copy it for me since it was at our house all the time but it didnt work. i just did the workout like a week a go and its fun! im almost 13 now and i love it! while watching the credits, i noticed that love hewitt is in it and performed all of the songs! she was the girl i always watched when i was 6 or so. buy it for your kids, or even yourself! it should be on DVD!...more info
  • Fun, but a bit fast for beginners
    I bought this for my 4 1/2 year old because she loves Barbie and tries to do aerobics with me. I thought this would be her opportunity to have her own workout. The moves are a bit fast and it's hard for her to keep up, she usually does her own thing. There isn't much instruction on how to do the steps, but she loves just moving around to the music and Barbie's wonderful motivation. Barbie often reminds the girls to drink lots of water and take breaks as needed. You do need to be coordinated to keep up, I even had trouble at first. Mom's join in and you'll see you can even work up a sweat....more info
  • Funniest Movie Ever!
    First of all I am not this movie's typical audience... Me and my friend rented this at the video store as a joke and when we watched it, we ...laughed so hard. First of all there is no way any little 5-8 year old girl can keep up with these moves. They are done fast with little or no instruction. But, the early 90's workout outfits are worth the video alone. Kim the instructor ...has a shiny leotard. Plus the Barbie figure is totally stiff and the animation is so old her mouth doesn't even move when she talks. Plus, if you look close, yes that is Jennifer Love Hewitt totally into all the moves in the front row. Anyway, buy the video it isn't so much a workout as it is a laugh riot. At the end, all the girls freestyle....more info
  • BarbieRocks!
    I got this movie when I was 6 years old not I'm 14 years old and I still love it! Funny huh? My sisters love it too. One is 13 and the other is 8! This workout is not too hard but is really good exersize. I do it three times a week. I thought it was really cool when I found out that Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it....more info
  • A Great Video to Workout With
    I remember when this video first came out(that s a VERY long time ago). I loved it then, I love it now. It really is one of the only things that gets me to workout. I think kids of all ages will like this video. ...more info
  • terrible! Don't waste your money!
    My daugher could not keep up with this video. The instructor goes so fast, doesn't allow time for sufficient instruction-just goes right in. Of course, the girls in the video have had ample time to practive prior to the shooting of this video! Not fair! In addition, these girls look like they were injected with some kind of stimulant!...more info
  • Niece Went Nuts!
    Bought this for my 5 y/o niece who likes Barbie and loves to dance. Wow! Great songs. Just the right kind and amount of movement for a child as well as adult. Great workout for those long winter months. Wish that more aerobic videos for kids were available. It really is perfect!...more info
  • Dance!
    This video is GREAT! My mom bought it for me when I was about 7 or 8. I couldn't get the moves down perfectly, but I had so much fun trying. After several times doing the workout, I was a pro. Don't give up if your kids don't get it the first few times!
    It's a great workout for mom and daughter to do together. It isn't so hard that the child will never catch on, but it isn't so easy that mom will be bored. It works up a good sweat.
    I'm 20 years old and I still love to workout with this video. I plan on keeping it to do when I have a child....more info
  • I'm almost 21 and I still love it!
    I honestly don't know what all the negative reviews are about. It seems a lot of people here are saying it's impossible to keep up with the moves and that it's easy even for an adult to get frustrated. Okay, first of all, I think my mom bought this tape for me when I was 9 or 10 years old. The minute I put it into my VCR and started in, I adored it. I got hooked immediately. I have always been overweight, ever since childhood, and even then I had no problem keeping up with it. Now, maybe that's because I just love to dance in general, but if a heavier kid like me could do it, I think anyone can. Of course, I would never give it to a 5-year-old and expect them to do it, but if you're a little older, like maybe 9 or 10, I don't see it as being an unreasonable workout.

    That illustrates another point. This video is all about dance. It's about jumping up and down, to the right, to the left, to the back, to the front, all over the place. They don't stop for a break, they keep dancing up a storm for the whole 30 minutes. I would say that 9 is a good age to introduce it--by then most kids are more coordinated and have developed more mobility. Some might have to just sit and watch it a few times at first if they are less experienced with dance, but come on, it's Barbie--you'll be able to pick up the moves after watching a couple times. Most of them involve jumping in the air, jogging sideways, swinging the arms, marching wide....not too tough.

    I'm serious--I have always been overweight, and I never had difficulty with this video. It really is a lot of fun. The sets are very bright and it gets you pumped up. I am so glad I hung onto this tape. I brought it back to college with me, and now that I am nearly 21 years old, I plan to do it daily, especially with these long winter months coming up. I mean, yeah, I feel a little silly closing my dorm room door and turning on this video with about twelve little kids dancing in a fluorescent pink background, but I say that if you're working up a sweat and moving around, there's no shame in that. It is by no means inappropriate for adults. It's a hot ticket and if you are looking for something different to work out to, I recommend you rent this or buy it. It will help you get in shape and lose some weight just as much as Tae-Bo would--and it will most likely give you something interesting that you will enjoy...more info
  • High School Gym Class Favorite
    I am a sophmore in high school and one of our activities in gym is aerobics. We do all kinds of videos (belly dancing, richard simmons, hip hop) but the Barbie video was by far the best out of the 10 or so videos we watched. Yes, it is a bit challenging but if you lose your place it is easy to get back in. As a 16 year old, I reccomend this to anyone above age 7 or so. ...more info
  • My daughter worked out everyday!
    My daughter worked out everyday, sometimes twice a day, solving my winter exercise program dilemma for her.--a great product! END...more info
  • Cool! Jennifer Love Hewitt is in this video!!!
    My little sister got this video for her birthday because she's really into Barbie. But I'm a big fan of Love Hewitt, and SHE'S ON THIS VIDEO! She sings all the songs and dances too. I bet this is the first video she was ever in. END...more info
  • Cool dance steps (& Jennifer Love Hewitt = Excellent Workout
    Move over Jane Fonda! Now Barbie has her own workout video, and it is COOL!

    Brought to life through the magic of stop-motion animation by Academy Award-winning Will Vinton Studios, Barbie (and her friend, Kim) teach a 30-minute dance/aerobics class to a group of real live girls (ages 7-11).

    And one of the featured girls just happened to turn out to be TV and film superstar Jennifer Love Hewitt! (You can't miss her -- she's in the front row).

    Also, it says on the box that all the songs are sung by Love Hewitt. The songs are upbeat and fun, and the girl can sing!

    I highly recommend this tape to anyone (girls of all ages and their moms) looking for a great way to pick up some cool dance steps while they get a much-needed workout.

    Barbie: You GO girl!...more info


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