The King's Whore

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  • Obsession or true love?
    At a cost of $6, I expected an atrocity of bumbling actors with ridiculous looking wigs and huge fake moles glued to their faces. Oh, but what a pleasant surprise! Timothy Dalton, playing the 17th century King of Piedmont, and Valeria Golino, the countess, who's the object of his desire, were absolutely wonderful. One couldn't help but fall in love with Valeria, with that sexy accent, those eyes, heaving breasts and meaty behind (seen for 5 seconds when the King pummels her with his fists in a fit of rage, after she coldly claims they just had sex and NOT lovemaking).

    Valeria is totally devoted to her husband, yet the King has an obsession with her and makes it quite public where even the pregnant Valeria is taken from the midst of a service to be told by the priests that her future sins for allowing the King to covet her are already forgiven. Afterall, the King is ill with lustful thoughts that only she can cure, and Valeria must serve her King. At first, we shake our heads at the King for actually wanting what he can't have, but he makes it clear he will not force her. "You will come to me willingly," he tells her. Everyone, including her husband, beg her to submit so they can all get on with their lives at her expense. And when she does, she certainly "helps" them to get on with their lives.

    If the film fails, I'd have to say I can't recall a period film where the King takes orders so nonchanantly and easily, instead of dishing them out. But then again, love makes you do crazy stuff. Though a weak King, we get a sense of his soft heart. Loyal to his true love through infectious sickness and in health, you can't help but be incredibly jealous of Valeria. I mean, who wouldn't want a man like that. But will she continue to hate him with a passion and forever try her darnest to remain as cold as ice, and to escape his bed?

    Definitely worth the money, but don't expect steamy sex. In fact, there's hardly any, yet the anticipation is quite a handful. One look in both their eyes and you can feel their emotions, whether it be love or scorn. The DVD cover is quite attractive and reminds me of "Boxing Helena", another film with a dominant theme of obsessive love. I give it four stars. Take away half for the King being too weak at times, publicly....more info

  • Disturbing, Violent and un-romantic...
    Timothy Dalton stars as: King Vittorio Amadeo, Valeria Golino stars as his battered and abused mistress Jeanne de Luynes. When Jeanne's loser husband Charles takes her to court, Jeanne catches the eye of debauched and spoiled King Vittorio Amadeo and is literally forced/coerced to become his mistress.

    While Jeanne exerts her power in her own ways, she becomes embittered and hardened. Amadeo is a brutal rapist and over time Jeanne comes to care for her evil and debauched captor (a classic case of Stockholm syndrome). Amadeo's obsessive love was evil, disturbing and all-consuming.

    While I enjoyed this movie, I felt sorry for Jeanne. She literally had no choice in her relationship. I had no sympathy for Amadeo who was evil and corrupt.

    I also was rather surprised that this movie was recommended as a 'love story.' A decent lover would never rape his mistress, or beat her. While this may be historically accurate, it is by no means romantic, and was in fact, quite off-putting. (Frankly I wish I'd been forewarned I would have avoided this altogether).

    Recommend for adults only due to suggestive scenes, nudity, violence, domestic violence and rape....more info

  • The King's Whore - "Was She Worth It???"
    I think not!!! Ultimately, she cost him everything imaginable. True, he was obsessed with her and tried to manipulate her into this relationship. But no matter how it is presented, SHE was the one who made the decision to go to him. On the first night with him she was obviously more than cooperative, refusing the offer of a change of clothing and disrobing in front of him willingly. She seemed intent on using him to the max. You think their first encounter is blissful but you see the King's happiness begin to fade as she begins to outline her "requests"; she wants him to dismiss her husband's family from court, his minister she wants exiled, the home she shared with her husband she wants destroyed so no one else can ever live in it. You name it she asks him for it. He gives in to every one of her demands. We see her in his bed being coquetteish and manipulating him. Then when he makes overtures toward her, she becomes livid. He doesn't understand what is happening to him since he has never had nor wanted a mistress before. Now he finds himself consumed with his need for this woman to the point of striking her when she refuses his advances. (You just know this King has never struck a woman before in his life) But she's all he can think about; he needs to know where she is every minute.

    It becomes obvious this King does love her when she contracts smallpox. He takes total care of her, applying balms, bathing her, staying with her night and day to keep her from scratching herself so she won't be scarred for life. Still, this is definitely an unhealthy relationship. Women in those days married and had trysts with men who meant nothing to them all the time because they had no control over their lives. The men in charge (fathers, etc.) made those decisions for them and they followed whatever path was laid out for them. Doesn't mean it was right, but that is the way women were treated. Therefore, it is difficult to relate to her rage increasing as the relationship becomes more intense. She becomes as obsessed with getting free of hiim as he is with keeping her. This even seems to have become a love/hate kind of game between them. By now we are sure she loves him even though she is unwilling or unable to show it. Meanwhile, she is constantly given and accepts jewelry, art, clothing -- whatever she wants and then some, but does not give him any real pleasure in return as far as can be determined. This review is muddled I know but so are the emotions in this film. In the meantime, Timothy Dalton is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely at his peak in every way. I am not impressed with the Countess. I think she was miscast and not nearly pretty enough to have this obsesssion be believable...
    Why do I love this film??? I don't know, but it doesn't matter, I do....more info
  • Awesome!
    The King's Whore blew me away. It engrossed me, I had to have it. It's not a movie most of my friends would watch, but it's a period piece, with the whole royal backstabber bunch at Court, with a kind of twisted romance. And Timothy Dalton in anything is too good to resist! Enjoy!...more info
  • An undiscovered gem
    What happens when a powerful ruler lusts after a woman who is already spoken for; what happens when those who should resist the ruler not only stand mute, but even help him in his unreasonable lust?

    Just this kernel should sustain the plot; but enter a powerful and angry woman who has to become the "king's whore."

    Timothy Dalton is wonderful as he portrays a man who is so smitten he cannot govern with a clear head.

    A tale worthy of Tanith Lee's "Sister's Grimmer."

    Alas a bad title for a really good movie!...more info

  • OH, So So Passionate and a True Story too
    Not since "Duel in the Sun" has there been so much passion and lust on the screen. The king is so totally obsessed with one of his subject's wives that he loses everything to possess her.The king nurses his beloved back to health when she developes smallpox. The king's tenderness and loving care in these scenes are absolutely precious. When the king is dying the object of his obsession realizes that she loves him. However, it is too late for both of them. The movie is so erotic yet there is not any graphic depiction of sex. The sets and costumes are absolutely gorgeous.
    Golina is so voluptuous not one of these 90 pound anorexics with one of the roundest and best derrieres in film Timothy Dalton is absolutely great in this movie and should have received an Academy Award for his compelling portrait of how love can drive one senseless and mad. He continues to be one of the greatest actors but his work continues to be unappreciated by critics and audiences except the few intelligent movie fans than recognize his greatness. Additionally, Hollywood producers can not see that he has soul and what a fantastic actor he is. Dalton gives his all in every part. He receives roles in films that do not give him an opportunity to ultilize his amazing range of acting skills. Dalton is always convincing in every role that he plays. The audience always gets their money worth when he is on the screen. Dalton continues to be so charismatic, however, his parts are consistently supporting roles, unchallenging and/or too small. It is tragic that Dalton's magneticism and presence has gotten larger while Hollywood films having gotten smaller. Unfortunately, Hollywood films of today are "techno gimic" flicks or silly comedies that appeal to the theater going public that have minds of ten-year-olds....more info
  • Disappointing
    I've been a Timothy Dalton fan ever since I saw Jane Eyre, but this movie is difficult to take even for the most devoted. Please do not waste your money....more info
  • Definitely on my Top Ten List
    I rented The King's Whore many years ago, and it's been on my list of top 10 ever since. I recommended it to a friend in the "fair south" and found that the video was re-titled "The King's Mistress" in Texas. (It'd be easier to recommend a fabulous movie to friends if it didn't have the word "whore" in it). Aside from that, the movie is flawless and beautiful and tragic. The acting is fantastic, the scenery and costumes are superb, and Timothy Dalton is at his best. It may require patience of some to watch (it's not an action thriller), but it has an incredibly soulful ending. Highly recommended....more info
  • Could be such a great movie...
    ...but, sadly, falls way short. They have a great storyline with a twisted triangle and intense power struggles but the filming is so choppy that one scene ends and the next begins, sometimes with no connection. The scenes do not blend into each other, forming a movie that is pleasant to watch. This movie jumps from one place to another that seems to contradict but with no explanation of the change. One scene the main girl is wildly in love with her husband, is forgiving of the king's adulterous intentions and is supremely happy. Shortly thereafter, she wants revenge on every person she's ever met. Yes, she was betrayed, in a way, but not by EVERYone. The only real high point of the movie is Timothy Dalton, who is a great actor, but this was a lousy setting for his talent. Also, considering the plot of the movie, there were no intimate scenes. The only thing that happens in the bedroom is the king beats the girl and he nurses her back from smallpox. All in all, this story had great potential that was sadly wasted in this movie....more info


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