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  • Melodramatic mush
    Overly maudlin tearjerker that can't be saved despite highly photogenic and charismatic stars Errol Flynn, Ida Lupino, Eleanor Parker and Gig Young, who are unable to generate life in this lackluster vehicle. Flynn and Young star as Sebastian and Caryl Dubrok, two estranged "night and day" brothers with the only thing in common being composers--one established, the other aspiring. Caryl is responsible, wealthy and successful, but a stuffed shirt; Sebastian on the other hand is charming but penniless and irresponsible. For support he performs in a weak act with the equally poor Gemma Smith (Lupino), who is also his lover. Complications arise when Caryl's beautiful, cultured fiancee Fionella MacLean (Parker) discovers an unmarried woman named Gemma and a child are staying with a composer named . . . Dubrok. Not knowing of Sebastian's existence, she assumes the worst and breaks their engagement and finds refuge at an Alpine resort, where Sebastian and Gemma are performing. Fionella unknowingly falls for her former fiancee's brother and he for her, with over-the-top consequences. Not recommended unless you're a big fan of these stars or having nothing to do. Drawbacks are the weak story, uninspired direction, fake-looking European sets and bad casting--particularly Lupino's wounded doe role since she's most effective as tough tarts. Ironically but unsurprising enough, she steals the show since she gets to emote a lot with her character's abundant suffering. The only redeeming factor is the great Erich Wolfgang Korngold's score....more info
  • An Interesting Errol Flynn Film
    This is an intriguing and beguiling Errol Flynn film. Errol Flynn puts the viewer through a gamut of emotions and flexing loyalties for his character. Perhaps a flawed film, it remains intriguing for what Errol Flynn did with his character. Errol Flynn demonstrates a great range of histrionics and an unusual and much deeper talent for his craft.
    ...more info
  • Laughable Script.
    It's not a comedy but if you don't laugh, you will be wondering why you continued to sit through this till the very end. Errol Flynn carried this film most of the way with his usual charm but even he can't perform lazarus on such a bad written screenplay. Peter Godfrey didn't help either. Perhaps he had fallen asleep while directing this piece. Having said that, it has a great cast of actors and actresses. Lupino is a good actress but I felt she was badly miscast in this film. What a pity though because the idea was good and it had potential....more info
  • Not a Flynn classic
    Sadly, "Escape Me Never" is not one of Errol Flynn's best efforts, and is not listed in any grouping of his screen classics. His performance, while not bad, per se, is disappointingly superficial. The reviewers were extremely unkind to this film when it was released, and it is one of the instances in which they were right.

    Errol Flynn was so much more than just a screen swashbuckler, as he proved in films like "Gentleman Jim," "Objective Burma," and "The Sun Also Rises." He himself admitted he didn't take "Escape Me Never" seriously, and it shows....more info

  • A Tearjerker Indeed!
    Ok, ok. I'm in the minority here, but I loved this film! Watching it brought out my emotional side. I cried and cried and cried. I thought Errol Flynn and Ida Lupino were great. Though reviewers mock the weak screenplay and melodramatic acting, I thought the film was sweet and very enchanting!

    Flynn and Lupino were the best of friends before the making of this film. Yet during its filming, they became romantically involved, which I thought played so well for the characters they portrayed. There was a spark between them that was undeniable! Lupino herself said that "the extra gleam in her eyes" was due in part to her off-set fling with Flynn.

    Eleanor Parker was beautiful and her counterpart, Gig Young, were both decent in their supporting roles. The spotlight, however, does shine brightly on its two major stars. The ending is a little unsatisfying, though. The epiphany of Flynn's character is disbelieving; he didn't do much groveling for my taste! Throughout much of the film he acts horrid and irresponsible. However, he's forgiven albeit a little too easily!

    "Escape Me Never" is not highly regarded as their best picture, but I still think it's worth a shot. If you're a softie like me, then you'll be crying your eyes out. As a testament, my eyes are still stinging hot and dry from all the tears I've shed. Also, there's wonderful music as well with some very romantic pieces by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. ...more info
  • It allows you to experience all the emotions in the film.
    I think this is one of Errol Flynn's greatest movies. He first makes you love his character, hate his character, then in the end allows you to forgive. I recommend this movie highly. Forget Me Never is sappy, but it is sappy in a good way. You laugh, you cry and before you know it, the movie is over. It has a complete storyline that is on the same level as The Adventures of Robin Hood....more info
  • Escape Me Never
    This film is underated. Although I must admit that the script is a little dumb, on the comdemy that is, it was filmed well and the sets do not look fake, although they are. What I do not understand is why Flynn goes from Lupino to Parker and back again. He eyes most of the women in the picture, that is not really bad but it shows what we all think he was. The profomances are excellent and the cast is great. The Ballet is good and the Korngold score is a real plus! Malton should have given it ** out of ****. ...more info


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