Lean, Strong and Healthy with Susan Powter [VHS]

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  • I'm a young senior citizen, female and I love this workout!
    This may be too slow for the fast paced younger ones but I have lost weight, feel better, have more energy and can follow Susan. I also like it because it is more than 30 minutes long. I need 45 or more minutes a day of exercise. I have had this tape for 3 months now and would like another similar to this one with some different routines. I love the way Susan takes time to show you how to do the steps. Some videos are just too fast and you can't keep up if you are an older person. I don't want something with a snail pace either. I like this kind of pace or just a little bite faster. I don't like jumping around and this one does not do that. I have a little hip problem and using these steps does not bother it at all. Thanks for making this tape. The only thing I found that could improve this tape was that the camera didn't show the changes sometimes when a new step was being done. They focused on Susan's arms rather than her feet. Needed full view. This is a very good tape and I recommend it to a beginner or intermediate. You will work up a sweat. I have viewed and tried several other tapes and I come back to this one....more info
  • Lost 32 pounds and no more back aches!
    This video is fantastic! I can't lose weight like I used to. The treadmill and stationary bike did nothing for my weight. This video did! Not only that, occasionally I get low back pain; it's not serious but it hurts. All I need is 20-25 minutes of Susan Powter, working very easily and without the step, and the pain is GONE!

    Ms. Powter's upbeat, energetic manner keeps you going even when you yourself can't.

    Another great thing about this workout: it's all about common sense. If you want to burn fat, she says, your body needs energy. Eat protein, eat carbs. Just be smart about it. And she tells you how.

    That common sense is applied to the workout as well. "Just keep moving," is her motto. Can't kick your legs like a Rockette? Are you very out-of-shape? Fine! Kick low, or not at all. She gives alternative moves to those who can't or aren't ready to do the workout full-out. Use the step, don't use the step. "Just keep moving!"

    AND I LOST 32 POUNDS!!!...more info

  • absolutely love this video..but...
    too repetitive and it gets boring after a while
    but the good thing is susan keep encouraging you and reminding you about the perfect 'form'
    she has people from different sizes so you don't feel alone
    this is an approx. 45 min step aerobic yet you don't have to use the step if you are a beginner
    overall, this is a great video to have...more info
  • 1999 susan
    Does anyone know how I can get a copy of a 1999 or 2000 tv show of Susan Powter on a domestic violence show did in Los Angeles??...more info
  • Great Workout
    I've been exercising for five years now and tapes have been a big part of my routine. However, after using Susan's tape for a month, I've noticed a big difference in my body tone. I've seen results with this tape that I haven't experienced with others. Being constantly reminded about good form and proper movement has made all the difference. This tape is addictive and definately worth the short 45 minutes....more info
  • Love it!
    This is the best workout video I've tried! I love how she focuses on resistance and not the aerobic dance thing. I've always felt that you don't have to do all that bouncing around to get your heart rate up, and Susan proves it. I also love that she keeps her moves simple and doesn't use a bunch of complicated steps on and off the bench, anyone can do this workout! Just try it, you'll be hooked. I am!...more info
  • Great exercise video!
    I've had this exercise video for about 6 years now and I really like it. I don't do it every day because I think step aerobics can be hard on the joints but this is definitely a video I come back to often. Even after I've taken some time off from exercising - I always come back to Susan. Its very easy to follow and has variations depending on your fitness level. I would recommend it to people of all ages and fitness levels!...more info
  • Why isn't this on DVD?
    I'll join in the chorus. I have always LOATHED exercising. I was a 'heavy boy' and when I got to college, I determined to be 'thin.'

    Not knowing exactly what I was doing, the combination of being twenty, eating salads twice a day, walking all over campus, etc. did it. I went down to 175 at my lowest.

    Then, over the years, the weight gradually crept back. I found Susan's tape after we were married, and I liked her very positive manner, and did the routine, and 'modified.' Actually, I got pretty good with it, and the results were almost instantaneous.

    Then we had kids, and it was THEIR needs. Now I find, at 'my age,' I look like I did when I was 15. I thought to buy this DVD for a summer of Doctoral study, and exercise away from the kids, doing it EVERY DAY, and lo, it's not available!! Grrrr.

    I don't care. I am going to buy a portable VHS player, and hook it into the dorm tv. I like Susan's personality, her encouraging manner, and that there REALLY are OTHER 'fat people' doing this, as well as the type/volume of music. I cannot ABIDE the thumping, driving 'music' used in most exercise videos these days, I'm not trying to be a piece of meat in a bar, just to be healthy for my kids and my wife, TYVM!

    Susan, I don't know why you disappeared, but these videos, their total package, their motivational factors, have kept coming back to you, even ten years later. God bless you!...more info
  • from Montesano WA
    This video is the best am loosing weigth like i never did before even my husband noticed the change on me I am more happy with more energy I feel great anybody can get fit and healthy with susan powter exercise sistem is working for me I RECOMENDED 100% IS THE BEST THING I DONE FOR ME THANK YOU SUSAN!!!!...more info
  • The Video That Changed My Life
    I was never fat becuase I ate alot, and alot of people, who might read this,especially thin people generally have the notion that the only reason people are bigger is because they sit and eat at all hours of the day, which for many is not the case. I was at my biggest, at 230 pounds, 5 feet tall, and 12 years old. I have gained a tremendous amount of weight due tot he fact that I had gotten allergy shots from the time I was very young, which completely changed my metabolism. The allergy shots were actually steroids that made me blow up into a balloon virtually from teh second they began. No one, not even my parents stopped the shots, and I was too young to make choices I suppose, on my health.
    It was to the point that I did not want to go to school, or even out due to the comments that people would make, people of all ages, starring as if I did not know that I had a weight problem. It had basically come to the point that I was so miserable with my life that I had to change or end my own life. It may seem dramatic, but when a teacher laughs at you in school when you sit in a desk and kids scream in unison, " Don't break the desk!!!!!!!" it sure doesn't do wonders for your self -esteem.
    I went with my mother to a store that had videos for sale. I woke up that morning with the intension that that was going to be the day I do something about my life. I saw the Susan Powder tape - Lean, Strong, and Healthy and had my mother buy it for me. I know that she probably did not have much faith that I would do it, but I was determined to prove everyone wrong and one day make everyone envious of me. So everyday I worked out to the video, changed my eating habits, started walking to school. Within three months I had lost 80 pounds. Over the next nine, and by the end of the year I had lost a total of 125 pounds. I am 21 years old now, and have managed to keep the weight off for 8 years. I do admit that I have slacked off in the workout department, over the past years in college, although today I put in Lean, Strong and Healthy, and have decided it is time again to get back into a routine and that would only involve this tape and the wonders that Susan Podwer did for me. She literally saved my life, in more ways than one.She is an inspiration to me and I will always be glad that she was the only one who helped me along the way and in my goals for wellness....more info
  • It really works!
    I have had this video for a number of years, but I finally started using it in June. I followed Susan's advice to modify, as I was overweight and out of shape. I could only do 20 minutes of it at first. I did the warm-up, the first aerobic routine, and then I'd fast forward to the cool-down. I gradually added on more minutes as my fitness improved. I also followed Susan's instructions on how to modify the level of intensity to fit my fitness level. That was easy to do because I just had to look at the participants and follow the one who was exercising at my level. This video has real-life women (and a man) with real-life bodies, and they appear to be at various levels of fitness.

    After five months of daily workouts with the video, I am at the highest intensity level, with my step also at the highest level. In addition, I stop the tape at the end of each step routine to do push-ups, crunches, and to lift weights. This adds another 10 minutes to the workout, making it a full hour. I find it easy to substitute in other movements if I get bored.

    The tempo of the music is at a pace that allows me time to think about form, extension, and resistance, and I can practice using all those. That is what Susan says will change your body, not just doing the movement. Throughout the workout, Susan gives reminders about the correct form. She also reminds you that all you need to do is step up and down on the step, and not to worry about doing it perfectly.

    My results? I am now 40 pounds lighter. I went from a size 16 to a size 6. I look and feel fantastic, and my doctor is amazed and very pleased with my progress.

    I had to make myself do this workout everyday at first, but now I look forward to it. I still modify. If I'm feeling too tired to workout, I'll do the 20 minute version I started with. Or I'll just step up and down, and not do all the arm and leg movements. But most days, I like the challenge of doing the whole tape, and seeing if I can do it at the highest level. Afterward, I feel energized for the whole day.

    I recommend this workout for anyone who'd like to get lean, strong, and healthy. It works!

    ...more info
  • The Best for Serious Exercisers.
    Susan is the best. Period. This video is for all levels, ages and sizes. If you are truly serious about exercising for a lifetime, buy this video. You will actually use it. A great investment in your health....more info
  • My hero
    I'm a convert. After 2 months of doing this video workout 4-5 times a week, I feel a huge difference in my endurance, strength, stress-level, and overall well-being. I've lost about 10 lbs so far, which is just a bonus. My doctor told me that I needed to get into a program to fight stress and an irregular heartbeat, and when I told him I was using this video, he said, "That's perfect - good choice!"...more info
  • Anyone can do this workout
    This video changed my body- and my life. I despise exercise and always have. I am the type who couldn't run a mile without stopping to walk if a gun were to my head. This video is challenging whether you're a beginner or advanced. Her whole conceptis all fitness levels can modify and work within their own level of fitness. I lost 60 lbs which was my goal and have kept it off for 10 years. I still go back to this tape and love it. I promise even the severely out of shape can do the tape without feeling like a loser and giving up. ...more info
  • Good aerobics workout
    There are too many facial shots of Susan but as ususal her workouts are simple and easily modified according to fitness level. It is a great go between with muscle building exercises....more info
  • This is the only Video i ever go back to.
    I bought this video at least.. my God.. 15 years ago? and it is the only one that i always reach for till this day.. Slow and Controlled is the name of the game....more info
  • Been There! The workout is genuine.....!
    I never thought I would be adding comments to a review here on Amazon, but just wanted to let those of you who might be thinking about purchasing this video know that it is a genuine workout, not just "dancing" or hopping around. I can say this as one of the people who was involved in making the video, I am in no way an aerobics queen, in fact probably the last person you might expect to see in one...LOL. Anyhow, If you are unsure of being able to actually make it through a workout this is the video for you, you can modify the intesity and still feel wonderful at the end! Somedays I do it at a higher level then others, but I am able to get through it and still feel accomplished! The only hard part for me is having to watch myself on tape....LOL...more info
  • Love this workout
    I wish this workout was on dvd, I have burned through 3 copies already. I am an exercise video junkie, if it's been made I probably have it, but this video is my ultimate favorite. It's inspiring and a great workout....more info
  • This tape is the only reason I have a VCR!
    I first bought this tape when it came out 15 years ago. To this day I have yet to find a workout that makes me feel as accomplished. When I first started this workout at 23 years of age, I was at my highest weight. I thought my heart would explode by the end of the warmup. I did the lower end of her modifications (based on fitness and level of ability) and somehow got through it. Eventually I was doing the high end, with a step, and feeling fit, feeling great.
    I started trying different tapes because frankly the same ol' music and faces were getting to me. I could do it blindfolded while reciting every word Susan Powter said. I looked and looked for a new workout and couldn't quite find one as compelling. The closest I came was Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds (3 miles), and it's not that close, but it is the only other one that kept me motivated.

    What I love about Lean, Strong & Healthy:
    -- Starts by showing the before/after photos of her workout group
    -- You actually feel like you're working your muscles. You're not just sweating...you're "lifting weights" too (imagine moving through mud).
    -- You can do it with or without the step and using any number of fitness or ability modifications.
    -- No matter how good you get, you can always do better (kick higher, swoop lower, etc.)
    -- Susan Powter's encouraging comments to just keep moving
    -- Variety of weights and fitness levels of video participants
    -- Just the right amount of time: 45 minutes
    -- Complicated enough not to be boring, but not so complicated that you give up.
    -- It helped me lose over 30 pounds!

    What I don't like:
    -- Doing standing stretches at the end of the session is disappointing. I really feel I deserve to sit down to stretch.
    -- Music is cheap and repetitive.
    -- It's not sold on DVD!!! Boo hoo! ...more info
  • Helpful tips
    The video is a good basic excerise video. What I appreciate most is that Susan Powter describes what to do during each movement and the common mistakes of that movement. "Pull your arm, don't just swing it." I've been able to exercise much more effectively with those tips....more info
  • Ooh, cool! The above reviewer is Jennifer from the video?
    This is my favorite, no-nonsense, inspirational video! I was especially psyched to see that Jennifer from the video posted above! If you see this, Jennifer, how are you doing? I know at the time of the making of this video you'd lost around 12% of your body fat - you're a total inspiration! :)...more info
  • works for me
    i've never put in a review before, but wanted to for this. i've bought and used so many other exercise tapes and this one is so different. let me tell you what i like about it. i like her personality, she has some people in tshirts instead of those perfect workout outfits, there's a man, older women, and obese people exercising all together. the people on the tape are regular people, not plastic surgery models with implants or athletes.

    the moves are easy to do. she is encouraging. if you mess up its ok, she stresses modifying moves to your personal fitness level. i was very overweight and i could actually do the moves. i lost so much weight on this tape. the moves are not hard on your knees. other exercise tapes were too complicated for me and too strenuous,i lacked the coordination and ability, and they were obviously made for the advanced exerciser. they had young, model type people in perfect exercise outfits, makeup, and charlie's angels hair that were jumping around like professional athletes or dancers, and that just made me feel sick and unwelcome.

    i am such a fan of susan powter and her ability to reach out to the regular and obese person and make an exercise tape that is simple, easy to use, not hard on the joints, and effective . this tape really works. i was able to actually wear a bikini on the beach and i got so many compliments on how hot my body looked- quite a treat for me!
    *wish it woould come out on dvd!!!*...more info
  • My mother got me started on this.
    My mother quit smoking and started working with susan powter. After one year of working out, she lost 90+ pounds, and I could see her life being refilled with energy. I never smoked, but I have always been a heavy guy. I just recently started working out with susan... 5 days a week. And I can already feel the improvement... I no longer struggle to get out of bed, I sleep better... and I feel better. These workouts are not _only_ geared towards women.. or skinny people.. anyone can do them.. and thanks to the concept of her modifications... you can do to the excersizes... anyone can do it. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting fit. All it takes is motivation. KNOW THAT YOU CAN LIVE HEALTHY.

    "It's not the fat that you can see on the outside that kills you... it's the fat that you cannot see."...more info

  • Consistently Use This Workout Video...
    Susan Powter has always been an "in your face" type of woman - but boy, do I miss her! She has always motivated me because she "tells it like it is."

    I have about 40 workout videos and the one that I have consistently used over the last 8 years has been "Lean Strong & Healthy." I have used it so much that my first copy actually wore out! It is especially a great video for beginners.

    Susan Powter is more than an "infomercial huckster." She is one smart woman - who tried to take on the diet industry. In many ways, she raised everyone's awareness and in many ways - she just wasn't able to take on the giants.

    I know that Susan Powter likes to be in control of her own projects. (Sounds reasonable to me!) It would be great to have her with her own show again - in an atmsophere that worked with her take-charge personality. I think that women are ready for her message now more than 10 yrs. ago! That message comes through strong and clear in this great video....more info
  • Best workout EVER
    I have done this workout since it was first released. I have bought many many workout tapes and dvds, but I have only worn out this one, twice. She includes people of all body types as workout participants with appropriate modifications for each corresponding fitness level. I did this with some modifications (had to move off of the box during the 3rd trimester and watch my heart rate) until the day before I gave birth to my first child. No matter where I am fitness wise I can always do this workout without having to worry about twisting or jumping motions that hurt my knees. You can make this workout as hard you want just by paying attention to the moving your body through mud saying Susan says. This video also introduced me to the concept of measuring inches instead of pounds. I get much more encouragement from losing inches from my body than pounds, as the pounds come off more slowly. My favorite part of this workout is when Susan says another 20 more minutes towards the end to Debbie as a joke. The look on Debbie's face mirrors what mine must have been the first time I made it all the way through this video. After having 3 boys all less than 2 years apart and falling off of the exercise wagon (I was never one of the lucky ones who could diet and breast feed at the same time), I am counting on this workout to get me back into my college jeans....more info
  • Are you out of shape?
    Has it been awhile since you exercised? Then this is an excellent video to get you started. Susan Powter does a wonderful job at motivating you and showing you how to modify your workout to do what is easiest for you. She lets you know that you are not expected to do every step or arm movement at first but that you need to work towards that. Her constant reminders to drop you shoulders and hold in your abdomen were very helpful to relieve stress on the lower back and she does this during the whole video. I like the fact that the people in her videos are real and not fluffy. This video was also very helpful in teaching beginners how to do step aerobics. The only thing I dislike is the routines are too repetitive. I like a combination of routines to keep your mind busy and Susan's videos have tendency to repeat the same step until you are exhausted....more info
  • This is the one!
    Think what you may of the mouthy maven, she's like having a friend in the fitness business. This video is my favorite (and I own a bunch of them!)so I use it 6 days a week. I'm 52, have a Monday through Friday sedentary job and a little arthritis. I take advantage of her "modifications". Forty-five minutes is an optimum time for working out, and with this video I can feel that I've worked everything. However, I still augment with crunches and free weights. I'm not interested in being skinny, I just want to be fit, build some muscle,improve bone density and live to retirement, plus, be healthy enough to enjoy it. This video may help me get there....more info


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