Jane Fonda's Favorite Fat Burners [VHS]
Jane Fonda's Favorite Fat Burners [VHS]

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This 50-minute low-impact aerobic workout is vintage Jane Fonda--literally! It consists of excerpts from routines from four earlier Jane Fonda videos: Stress Reduction, Lean Routine (where Jane is dressed in a lacy black fishnet-type unitard and little black boots), Low Impact (blue sequined leotard and blue legwarmers--remember those?), and Complete Workout. If you're easily bored, this constantly changing variety will keep you moving. The class participants are also varied--all dress differently and feel free to express their personalities. As always, if Fonda does a high-impact move, another class participant shows modifications. At the end, Fonda gives a 15-minute talk about how to eat and cook. Although this is an older video, it shows you why Jane Fonda became a major fitness celebrity and a workout-video trendsetter. Her workouts are fun and lively, and the production quality is high. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Easier than I expected
    A video with the words 'fat burner' in the title really should rev up your engines, so I found this one to be a bit disappointing. It's just too easy, pulling segments from her 'Low Impact' and 'Stress Reduction' videos, which are low-intensity routines. But you won't be bored--the change of style, scenery, and music makes it fun and interesting. The moves are very easy to catch on to, even in the dancy 'Lean Routine' segment. Horrifying 80's fashion and scary electric blue leotards, but your eyes will soon adjust. Overall an easy workout for advanced exercisers, probably great for beginners....more info
  • This video is so much fun!
    This is such a fun video! The segments switch from one year to the next with a whole different look and attitude. It would be worth watching just to giggle at the clothes and hairstyles of Jane's exercise crew. Jane makes you feel like you're working out with a friend. Her segment on proper nutrition is very good also. This video does take a bit of coordination, though....more info
  • Excellent Low-Impact Workout
    I've owned this for many years. Just took it out, tried it again and realized Jane Fonda's creation, as well as her sound advice as an aerobics professional,stands the test of time. This is a compilation of a number of her workouts, seamlessly put together for a fat-burning 40-50 minutes of aerobics and stretching. Her nutritional info at the end is solid although not currently "in vogue". This video was made at a time when fitness participants were encouraged to look like they were enjoying the workout- what a breath of fresh air! Personally, I don't get off on working out with the 'testosterone ladies'.. you know the ones, who believe the more miserable they appear, the better the workout must be!
    I also wish there was a DVD of this- plan to keep it in the collection as long as the video tape holds out!...more info
  • Great variety, steady continuous exercise
    I enjoyed the variety of routines in this video, and the clever transitions. It also does what is promises - "Fat Burners" - it's 50 minutes of exercise at a steady pace. Easy enough for beginners to not be frustrated, but challenging enough to provide a good workout for the more advanced. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the discussion of diet and nutrition at the end, it's very well done....more info
  • Tried and True Workout now on DVD!
    Yes, it is a little scary looking at those leopard-print leotards and all that big, big hair, but don't let that put you off. This is a fun, easy-to-follow workout which combines some of the best routines from a bunch of Jane's videos. If you are a relatively experienced exerciser (as I am), you will not be wiped out by the end of this: you will be exercising at a comfortable pace and burning that fat away. If you are more of a beginner, there are always modifications to help you keep up.

    The stretching section is thorough but not interminably long. As for the last section on diet and exercise, I often lift weights while I watch it. It provides a good reinforcement of basic, healthy information.

    So go for it and enjoy this great workout, now in DVD format! I am really looking forward to seeing other Jane Fonda workouts out in DVD! ...more info
  • Great Variety
    This workout is great for anyone that wants variety in thier workout. You get used to one part, then poof! things change to another segment. Great aerobic workout for all fitness levels....more info
  • Jane Fonda VHS Tape
    This old VHS tape was in great shape. My step mother loves working out to it. It also arrived in a timely fashion....more info
  • Top Notch Workout
    I really like this workout, that's why I wanted to buy a DVD version, but I see there isn't one. It does work....more info
  • Great for people that don't like to exercise
    This is a really fun workout video. It has a lot of variety and takes several times to get the steps down, but it's not so complicated that you feel like you'll never catch on. I'm 16, and I think it's cool to step back in time for 50 minutes and see the "old school" outfits and watch Jane Fonda's perky crew. If you don't take yourself too seriously, you'll have fun with this one. I wouldn't recommend it for the advanced exerciser. It's not so easy that I feel like I didn't do anything (I always need a shower afterwards), but it's not super challenging, either. It would be good for people that are easily injured or are just starting out. There are modifications for people that can't do high impact. ...more info
  • Great Workout with Variations
    Great workout for anyone that gets bored with the same routine. Jane has taken clips of her favorite workouts and incorporated them in one great workout....more info


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