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  • Wonderful

    This was a wonderful family movie. Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy worked some magic in this film. A serene kind of familial wonder exists in this picture. You will walk away from this movie feeling good about the good in human kind. The movie shows very creatively that love can live on many years after the death of a loved one, and sometimes enriches ones spirituality. Jessica, you were a very special actress.

    I also recommend "Driving Miss Daisy"

    Jeffrey McAndrew
    author of "Our Brown-Eyed Boy"...more info
  • A Superb Movie
    To Dance With The White Dog is one of my favorite movies ever. It is the story of Sam and Cora Peeke who have been married for 57 years. When Cora dies Sam is befriended by a white dog who stays with him through his last days. What makes this movie so poignant is that Jessica Tandy and Humn Cronyn were married for fifty plus years like the characters and the year this was released Jessica Tandy died of cancer. THis movie really celebrates a special love these two characters had and at the same time shows the relationships with their children and the issues faced by a lot of older people- losing a spouse, health declining, and maintaining independence. To me the movie was about how love can live forever and that the magic between two people will live on. Jessica Tandy was luminious in this movie- she just glowed and was so amazing and elegant- what a class act- both of them are. Humn Cronyn was very good as well as Sam Peek. It was so bittersweet watching Jessica Tandy in the DVD extras talking about life and how it should be enjoyed such a short time before her death. God bless both of them and I am sure they are together right now. Have some tissues nearby when you watch this movie! ...more info
  • Exceptional Cast and Writer
    If you enjoyed "Foxfire" or "The Dollmaker", you will love this too. If you have seen this already be sure to check the other two I mentioned. Susan Cooper is an outstanding writer to have written such great stories of how people cope with lifes events. Some wonderful and some heartbreaking, we learn to move on and embrace the best of what we have had and lost. Cronyn and Tandy are perfect for their roles and will draw you into this story as though it happened to you. This is one of the best Hallmark has to offer. I watched this and "Foxfire" with my mom a couple years after my dad passed away. I have to say they both had a profound affect on me. They will heighten your appreciation for your parents. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Simple and enduring
    This is one of those rare movies which should be on everyone's list of movies.

    As always, Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy delivered performances which were sincere and deep, and brushed with the humor and affection they were renown for.

    Watch this with someone you love, or watch it alone, but make sure you have a box of tissues in either case. In the end, what matters is there are no ends, just discoveries.

    ...more info
  • Excelent family movie
    If you have never cried after watching a movie, then try this one and you will. It's the best happy-sad type I've ever seen. Great acting, great actors, and real family values. A movie that is emotionaly charged, just like the real life situations it portrays....more info
  • Five Stars is Not Enough
    America's premier acting couple, Hume Cronyn and Jessia Tandy, are wonderful in this simple story about love transcending death. This, I believe, was the last time that the two worked together and their real affection for each other is felt in every scene that they shared. One of the best of the Hallmark Hall of Fame productions, "Dance" is a quality drama that should be required viewing for all aspiring actors.

    This pair shows you how it's done. My only regret is that I missed the chance to meet the couple when they were filming some scenes for the show in my area years ago.

    I was too busy writing a research paper that I have since forgotten. But, forget their performance...NEVER!...more info

  • beautiful white dog
    Several years ago my mom told me about this lovely "Hallmark" movie she had seen on tv. I looked for it, when I thought to, but never saw it in the stores. This year I decided it HAD to be my Mother's Day gift to her and I would find it. It took less than 5 minutes to discover it on Amazon, and less than that to order it; in 2 days it arrived, in plenty of time for Mother's Day. We watched it together and as both of us are women of a "certain age"--I'm almost 60 and she's almost 80--it was intensely meaningful on many levels. The setting is beautiful, the actors perfect in their roles but what brought it all together, for my mom and me,dedicated dog lovers that we are, is the white dog--her heart-breakingly sweet face and what she symbolizes. This movie was a real moment for us in a special time in our lives together....more info


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