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  • Tamilee's Abs of Steel Rocks!
    I am a guy who has never been into any workout tapes. A friend of mine lent me this tape years ago, and while it has collected it's share of dust (my fault, not the tape's), it is an amazing workout. I agree with the other positive reviews I've read...it's short, effective, and enjoyable. What I like most is Tamilee. I liked Abs of Steel so much, I was inspired to get another one...by Denise Austin. Big mistake...I couldn't stand her! It made me realize that if the trainer leading the workout is annoying, forget it! I still find Tamilee charming and interesting after having watched the tape many times. Highest recommendations from me......more info
  • Tamilee Webb deserves to get as good as she gives
    I work out with Tamilee Webb almost every morning. I have her first two abdominal exercise tapes, ABS OF STEEL and ABS OF STEEL, PART TWO. ABS OF STEEL, the topic of this review, will ease you into daily ab workouts and improve both your health and appearance.

    Tamilee Webb succeeds with ABS OF STEEL because she does not make you feel lazy or out of shape if you can't keep up with her. Tamilee starts with a short warm-up/stretch session to get your blood flowing and muscles ready. Then Tamilee performs the ABS OF STEEL exercise routines in three ten-minute segments. You can do one a day but if ready for more, do a second or even all three, two options I sometimes, tee-hee, exercise.

    Tamilee Webb varies the difficulty in the three ABS OF STEEL segments. Either she does this purposely or it's a helpful matter of fate, because if you find one or two of the segments too challenging, you can still do the other(s). FYI, the second ABS OF STEEL segment will work you the hardest; the third segment is next most challenging; and the first segment the easiest. But as you work out with ABS OF STEEL, you will note Tamilee reminds you to take a break if you have a difficult time keeping up.

    Speaking of what she may or may not be doing on purpose, Tamilee Webb wears cheeky French cut workout shorts throughout ABS OF STEEL. In the warm-up segment, the shorts shows off a good amount of her big beautiful bottom when she rests on her stomach and also as she pulls her knees to her chest. But(t) it gets real interesting in the third and especially the first ab workout segments, where we see several close-ups of Tamilee's bulbous behind. Maybe Tamilee doesn't know what she's doing, or she doesn't know what the male director and camera operators are doing! Not that I fault Tamilee Webb for not hiding how attractive she is. At the end of the second workout segment, Tamilee even bounces her ample bosoms and lets out a breathy sigh far sexier than one would expect for an exercise instructor.

    It is unfortunate that the ABS OF STEEL producers don't value you as much as Tamilee Webb does. Tamilee puts her heart and soul (as well as some other parts of her, as I previously mentioned) into teaching and encouraging you but the budget guys issued the video tape in the cheap, low-quality "SLP" speed, which means poor sound quality and an image that could be sharper. And God forbid they spend a few extra dollars editing. ABS OF STEEL seems to be a "live" shoot. They let Tamilee Webb's mistakes (mostly verbal miscues) fly instead of fixing them with edits or overdubs. Also, at the end of the first exercise routine Tamilee unwittingly continues working when she should instead finish but rather than re-shoot for ten seconds, the ABS OF STEEL producers abruptly cut to Tamilee in a different pose, where she concludes the segment. The title of this tape is ABS OF STEEL, the boss is pinching pennies of copper. Tamilee Webb deserves better....more info
  • Oldie but goodie
    This is an excellent tape if time is not a luxury yet you want a lovely midsection. Three ten minute sessions works every part of the muscle on your middle. I would have liked to have a warm up at the beginning on each section; it is such a pain to have to rewind the tape to warm up (if you are so inclined). Tammy lee's cuing is great and she doesn't have an annoying condescing tone in her voice that usually accompinies most instructors. This is worth the buy....more info
  • A Keeper
    I've owned this video since 1994 and it is one that I will always keep and work out with. Tamilee is consise in her movements. Her direction is excellent and this video is result oriented. I started with this video in 1994, 3x week. Combined with step aerobics, I lost 18 pounds in 3 months. I've come back to it, four years after back surgery, started slowly to build my core back up. This tape is hard work, but with any exercise, as your muscles increase in strength, your workouts become easier and you feel your muscles working! I reccommend this tape for anyone looking for a weekly ABS workout. The tape is 40 minutes broken out into sections which provide for variety during the week. The workouts are intense enough and results oriented to keep you motiviated. The results, if you stick to it, show up in no time!...more info
    I LOVE this video and need to do it more often! My problem now is I have 2 little boys and when I get on the floor to do it, they want to get on top of me. BUT, if you don't have that problem this is for you. It has different levels of excercises, so there is something for the "new ab excerciser" and those with strong abs already.
    If your just getting started, workout 1 is the easiest and best for you, but don't be surprised if you can't get through the whole 10 minutes- it's hard, but you will see a significant increase in how much you can do within a week.
    She is great about reminding you to keep your lower back on the floor and doing the excercises correctly....more info
  • Excellent video, full of variety and good movements.
    The video has three segments, each ten minutes, each different. It makes it more fun to do many times since you can do a different segment every day. It is a little too easy if you are advanced, more appropriate for beginners and intermediates....more info
  • Worked really well!
    This video really worked. It is not that hard to do, and I saw results within a few weeks. I really do have firmer and flatter abs....more info
  • A blast from the past still works...
    As in Buns of Steel, the Abs of Steel workout is an oldie but goodie. This tape is comprised of three short ab workouts, each working every ab muscle. The reason there are three workouts is that they can be varied during the week (for people who bore easily). I own the Original Buns of Steel video and, although I laugh at the dated outfits, leg warmers, headbands, etc., that workout is the ONLY buns workout that makes me cry out in pain (it's also worth it for the laughs, too). The Abs of Steel workout is effective, and Tamilee Webb instructs properly throughout the entire video. It's quick, safe and effective--the best three reasons to purchase it....more info
  • very good.
    this is a really good workout. i just use all 30minutes of it instead of 10 minutes each day, but it really burns your muscles and make your heart pump. It's kind of cheesy (remember this was made a long itme ago)but effective none the less....more info
  • Abs of Steel
    I love this video so much I wore out the first copy I owned. Short, intense and results come quickly....more info
  • Abs of Steel
    I have recommended this video to many of my friends. I like the fact that the tape contains three different workouts each lasting ten minutes. You can build up to doing all three sessions at once if you like. I found the tape a little dated relative to the appearance of the instructor but the excercises were just great. The tape does a good job of explaining exactly what to do. I workout at a club but I use my tape almost every day and the results have been fantastic. It is a good video for the beginner and it is also good for an advanced person because you can do the entire tape....more info
  • Wow..this is great!
    I just bought this video today after reading some of the reviews about it. I just did Program One and I love it! My abs feel tighter already and I only did a few minutes of the tape. I am athlete at school so I have my own workouts I do, but I'll stick to this tape. Ms. Webb makes it easy to follow and it really works. This is definite workout tape keeper!...more info
  • i'm buying another!
    Because of frequent use, my video tape won't work anymore! I've been looking to buy a new one, and it just isn't found anywhere, except here. :)...more info
  • My fave
    This is a classic, it can't be beat! I have searched and searched for another video that motivated me and worked me like this one, and I have yet to find one.

    It starts out with a quick warm-up and stretch that TamiLee tells you to remember and do each time. Then there are three 15 minute segments. Each segment contains a different series of excercises so that you work your abs in many ways. She also gives tip to make it easier for beginners and harder for advanced.

    I did this every day when it first came out and I had the most incredible abs! After years of doing nothing (except getting a beer belly) I came right back to this tape. It has been about a month and my belly looks way better. My abs are tighter which pulls my gut in. I still have that lovely layer of protective fat, but underneath I can feel my abs of steel....more info

  • A Classic
    I had this tape when it first came out and I wore it out. So I bought another. I didn't expect much for about $2 but I got what I wanted. When it comes to working abs, there just aren't any really valid "tricks". All the newer ab workout tapes seem so gimmicky to me. This tape is perfect for following a basic 15 minute ab workout everyday. It just doesn't get any better....more info
  • Worth 10 stars!
    I own 2 copies of this tape as 1 copy I have is in storage right now so I went out and bought another copy! This was the first ab tape I ever had (back in 94) and I must say, I was dying the first time I tried the beginner level. I remember Tamilee saying, "you should be feeling a warming sensation about now" as I was rolling on the floor in pain as my abs were burning.

    Well, that was then and this is now. I own 3 ab tapes (8 minute abs is one of them) and this one, despite being the oldest, is the best one out there. It may be old but it works! I have recommended it to friends that have inquired and they all love the tape. This one might be the original tape but it works and that is what matters most!...more info

  • I have muscles again...
    Despite Tamilee's occasional misuse of words, (e.g.; "put an apple or orange between your chin...[between my chin and what???]) this tape is the best. I don't normally like work out tapes, but this one is short enough to keep me interested and tough enough to keep me going. I have been using it for 5 years and I recommend it to anyone!!...more info
    I used to work out alot in College and used this tape all thetime. Then I got a job, married and lazy. I finally went back to usethe tape and it was worn out. I had to get myself another copy and I found it at Amazon.com. Look out bathing suit season, here I come!...more info
  • Terrific toner--stick with it!
    I bought this tape, did it twice, and put in on a shelf. Until three weeks ago when I began to do the tape--only ten minutes--every day. The three segments keep it from being boring and work your abs differently. Just yesterday, I realized not only are my abs truly strong, but I CAN SEE THEM AGAIN! This tape really, really works if you just stick with it....more info
  • Excellent
    This video, though a little old, is great! I have seen excellent results and I think it is because it is so easy to stick to. First, Tamilee Webb is a great instructor with great enthusiasm, but not too much. Second, with the 3 different workouts you don't get burnt out too easily! An overall excellent workout video. And may I also recommend for great abs, Taebo!...more info
  • Still one of my favorites....
    I've owned this video since 1996 and I still use it. It's very easy to stick to and I saw results within two weeks of using it 3xs a week.... and the 3 different workouts kept me from getting bored... this is the first and the best of the 'Abs of Steel series :)...more info
  • Perfect!
    This Video is excellent. I provides you with options in how to perform the exercises depending on your individual ability level so that it is not too hard when you are a beginner, but you can still use it when you've attained abs of steel!! The instructor is extremely fake and over enthusiastic, but it's worth it because the results are excellent!!!!...more info
  • The best of the "Steel" series
    This is the first video I ever used, and it's still the best. The ten minute sessions are short enough to motivate the laziest of lazy (me) and after you learn the moves, turn off the sound and listen to some of your favorite tunes. I like doing this in the morning. If I'm good, I'll also do "Quick Fix" (buns) Otherwise, this is ideal. For everyone out there who had that perfect belly in High School...but,... Do this for three months and break out that bikini! I am pleased with the results. Helps to walk/jog a bit. Not that I did, but that's what I've read...I'm still trying! It's COLD here....more info
  • Excellent tried and true abs work out
    I have been using this video for years as an excellent way to keep my abs toned. The three 10 minute segments allow for a quick work out and are varied enough to not be boring to do day after day. I used this to get back in shape after both of my kids were born -- IT WORKS!...more info
  • I got incredible results.
    It was the perfect ab video for me. There are 3 different workout routines. Each workout routine was progressively harder, so as I my abs got stronger over time, I could look forward to tackling the next routine. I can melt the ladies at the sight of my washboard!!!...more info
    I wish someone would re-release this on DVD. There simply is nothing else on the market that compares to the original. I have a collection of workout videos/tapes/DVD's, and no matter what else I try, I ALWAYS come back to Tamilee's Abs of Steel for my abdominal workout. It's AWESOME. I love that it's broken down into 10 minute segments. In the beginning stages, you can just choose to do one 10 minute segment. If you're needing more, then you can do one of the others as well. WHY OH WHY OH WHY won't they re-release this on DVD!?!?!?! Guess I won't be getting rid of my VHS anytime soon!!!!!!1...more info
  • A blast from the past still works...
    As in Buns of Steel, the Abs of Steel workout is an oldie but goodie. This tape is comprised of three short ab workouts, each working every ab muscle. There are three different workouts for variation throughout the week. I own the Original Buns of Steel video and, although I laugh at the dated outfits, leg warmers, headbands, etc., that workout is the ONLY buns workout that makes me cry out in pain (it's also worth it for the laughs, too). The Abs of Steel workout is effective, and Tamilee Webb instructs properly throughout the entire video. It's quick, safe and effective--the best three reasons to purchase it....more info


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