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  • one of the best john candy films ever made
    a great film if i were u i would buy a copy friendly and easy purchase ...more info
  • Well acted romantic comedy
    A charming picture that marked Maureen O'Hara's welcome return to acting following her retirement after making "The Red Pony" for television in the early 70's. As Rose Muldoon, a role tailored for her by writer/director Chris Columbus, she all but dominates the show in a feisty, opinionated, Irish performance that was totally worthy of an Academy Award nomination for at least best supporting actress. Sadly she was snubbed by the Academy just as she was since by the Emmy's for her performance in "The Christmas Box" in 1996. The film itself, easily John Candy's best vehicle, is a pleasure to watch on all levels. John Candy himself turns in a sensitive and bittersweet performance that belied his usual known for antics in alot of heavy-handed comedies, some of which were good but most of which were not. Here he wins the audience's heart as a decent, shy, and lovelorn guy who has found it difficult over the years to cut himself free of his mother's apron strings. It's an honest, restrained performance that shows Candy was misused and underrated as a dramatic actor. Anthony Quinn, in a nice touch, once again gets to romance the evasive and independant Ms. O'hara, just as he had done decades earlier in such films as "Sinbad the Sailor" and "Against all Flags". Their scenes together are terrific, especially when she finally submits to his advances and raises her heel in a romantic kiss. It's a tribute to both of these legendary performers who have entertained us for years in some of the best films ever made. It is their presence that gives this film a little more magic than it would have had without them. But it would probably have succeeded artistically anyway as it is a tender and truthful film....more info
  • One of Candy's best!
    One of Candy's best movies. Miss O'Hara is better than ever. A must see for John Candy fans....more info
  • Candy Shows His Human Side
    Roles like this helped make big John Candy somewhat of a beloved figure in his time. He was good at playing big, lovable oafs that usually messed up but had a good heart.

    Many times, as in here, he might appear jovial on the outside but inside he was a very lonely guy, hence the title. I'll bet a number of viewers could identify with him. In this film he plays "Danny Muldoon."

    Ally Sheedy's character, "Theresa Luna," is sweet in the beginning but then becomes unfairly-demanding and annoying by the end. Maureen O'Hara did a fine job playing "Danny's" domineering mother, "Rose." She came out of retirement to do this film and did herself proud. Anthony Quinn's role, meanwhile, was stupid.

    This movie is billed as a comedy but I didn't find a lot of laughs in it. It's really more of a sentimental drama, and it works on that level. I always enjoy seeing comedians do drama, because they are so good at doing it. I'm sorry Candy didn't make a few more dramatic roles.
    ...more info
  • A must for John Candy fans....
    Is there a movie where John Candy was the main actor that did not make you laugh out loud? This is not an exception to that rule. The man had such subtle wit and could deliver a line in the most hillarious way, God rest his soul.

    In this story his mother makes a good candidate for mother-in-lawhood. She is controlling and a bit selfish in that she doesn't see her sons need to have his own life.

    Each time John Candy tries to let go he has thoughts that something terrible will happen to his mother. His mother comes across as a completely controlling and insensitive person who we soon learn to dislike. We of course feel completely sorry for her son and hope he finds someone and runs away with her.

    As a police officer who knows everyone, he finally takes advantage of his position in very creative ways and meets the woman of his dreams. But can he keep her? Will his mother let him go?

    All I want to say this and enjoy it. If I tell you the whole story, it will spoil it for you.

    If you don't laugh out loud when you watch this movie, come back and give me 10 negatives...I am that confident you will enjoy this movie. It is a bit long in some places, but the laughs are completely worth it.

    ~The Rebecca Review...more info
  • Finally a real love story....
    With so many romance movies coming out, most of them based on a false love (money and/or lust)'s refreshing to see a movie where the only thing the two characters love is each other. Neither character has much to offer...other than themselves...and that turns out to be enough. Throw in an intrusive mother for a little humor, and this movie has it all. Highly recommended. If you like this movie, you will probably also like "The Mirror Has Two Faces"...more info
  • One of Candy's Best
    If you are a person in this world that had the luck of being alone, but also the dutiful son all your life this movie is definitely a winner. Excellent cast with a touch of humor. Well done!...more info
  • I saw the Movie on Pax tv.
    I saw the movie on Pax tv, channel 16 here in Salt Lake City and it was very good. I like Maureen O'hara, she played in Miracle on 34th Street, I have that video. I am going to order Only the Lonley because it is very moving and entertaining, I thought that it was interesting when Maureen O'Hara "Tells it like it is" to John Candy's girl friend and almost ruins their plans for getting married....more info
  • He finally finds a girlfriend
    Then his mother visits, she hides behind him he is so big. His mother meets her, and all heck breaks loose!
    Iys a funny love story....more info
  • A forgotten movie that shouldn't be. O'Hara steals the show.
    This movie has all the makings of a winner. A plot that is identifiable to almost any moviegoer, (everybody knows somebody in this situation.)A cast consisting of a fine comic lead, good supporting characters and two Hollywood legends. And a script that fits each actor like a glove.

    John Candy pleases in this low key role of a lonely police officer tied too tight to his mother (O'Hara) who has very strong opinons about almost everything and who plays the mother guilt card like no other as he is pursuing his interest in an equally lonely lady (Sheedy). I watched this with my own mother who is O'Hara's age and saw her nodding in agreement all over the film. (until her full blooded Siclian fists clenched when O'Hara's character described us. The look on her face was worth the price of the movie alone.)

    The story is plesant and worth your money, Candy & O'Hara work well together (who would have thought she would outlive him!) but the real power of the film is her interaction with Anthony Quinn. Classic film buffs like myself will get a real charge out of Quinn once again persuing O'Hara, but this time without an Errol Flynn as a rival. That sub plot is at least as interesting as the main one and for my money is better. It is classic Maureen O'Hara, the strong woman who is chased by the strong man and frankly is a great contrast to the the exact opposite situation between Candy & Sheedy.

    In the end to nobodys surprise love conquers all and Candy's final immagined scene (contrasting with several ones eariler in the film) gives him closure. That final scene is my favorite and show O'Hara playing a character she has always excelled at. Considering the events of 9/11/01 the ending has even more meaning as we see a member of "The Greatest Generation" setting an example (albert a fictious one) that would be bravely followed in reality 10 years later.

    I've said little about the good performances by Sheedy and Belushi, not to mention several other supporting characters in minor roles, they all add to the picture, but the stars make this film. Buy it....more info

  • Definitely due for DVD release!
    "Only the Lonely" is actually a very interesting film, featuring on a procession of lonely people. As much as the Roy Orbison title song sums up the plot, so would "Eleanor Rigby" ... "All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?"

    In addition to John Candy's Danny and Ally Sheedy's Theresa, there are more lonely people - Danny's mother Rose, trapped in an isolation of her own making, played to a tee by Maureen O'Hara in a great performance. Anthony Quinn, as Nick, would love to rescue her, but she is too stubborn and obstinate to let him in. In reinforcing her own loneliness, Rose is also condemning Danny to his own isolation, as well as Nick.

    Through Candy's terrific performance (by far, the best of his all-too-short career), we find out that Danny is actually a very good guy - a hard worker who himself sacrificed so his younger brother could go to law school, a dutiful son who, even 25 years later, still feels regrets over his father's inabilities to make it big in business. In short, a big lug who would be a great catch for a girl like Teresa.

    Ally Sheedy also does a fine job with Teresa. I have read reviews describing this character as "muted," "inconspicuous" and "apologetic," which I think totally miss the point, which is actually explained in a scene early in the movie.

    Teresa simply is a very shy person, lacking in self-confidence and aggressiveness. It's not only being shy - she has a real emotional problem with it. She sometimes retreats into a shell and as a result sometimes is out of the center of the action. She has gravitated into a career that reinforces this isolation.

    I think Sheedy actually nailed this character trait very well. She's pretty, neither drop-dead gorgeous nor an ugly duckling. Another nice-looking girl of whom you know somebody could say, "You ain't a beauty, but hey, you're all right..."

    We learn a little more about her dreams and aspirations and of course we realize she and Danny are perfect for each other, if only they can figure it out and find their way around Rose.

    In very brief bit parts, we see, as part of the crowd of regulars at the Irish pub Danny and Rose frequent, three middle-aged (LATE-middle-aged) confirmed bachelors, bar-hounds, kind of Cliff-Claven-plus-20-years type characters -- full of wisecracks, jokes, Irish drinking songs -- but also alone, so much so when one of them dies, there's virtually nobody to even come to his funeral.

    These are obviously cautionary tales to Danny - the Ghosts of his Christmases Yet To Come. A look at what his life will be in 25 years when Rose is gone, and he has no one left.

    At the end, of course, love does conquer all, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Teresa gets the guts to go after Danny, Nick gets the guts to go after Rose, Danny gets the guts to cut loose of Rose, and Rose finally gets the guts to not only let him do it, but to tell him to.

    Sure, it's mushy and predictable. But it makes the heartache a little more bearable. Absolutely a must movie for DVD someday, so get with it!...more info
  • I'm Glad That They Have Finally Put This Movie On DVD!
    Only The Lonely is a good romantic comedy type movie that has a great cast that includes, John Candy, Ally Sheedy, Maureen O'Hara, Anthony Quinn and Milo O'Shea. The movie is about a Irish American cop who lives in Boston with his over bearing overly opinionated mother and he falls in love with a woman who is mother doesn't like. This is a cute movie and I'm glad that they finally have put it on DVD....more info
  • "oh danny, I hope your fantsy smansy review was worth it"
    Where do I start with this movie?
    Its John Candy need I really say more? My gigantic movie collection would never be complete without his movies.
    This is one of my many favorites of his movies, to top it off we have Mareen O'Hara with all her spunk and class.
    The movie is a cute classic comedy, one of chris colombus's films I believe, I love his films like dennis the mennis and such. Did he do Home Alone? I'll have to check but I believe so, anyways Id say it wouldn't hurt to get this one, try it, if you dont like it then aliens do exist. ^^
    It has all of what I like in good movies.
    It has comedy, it has romance, it has some action, it has guilt, allot of guilt, it has paranoia, it has phyco mothers, it has a guy with a very active imagination and can think of all the most worst possible things that could happen to his "sweet" mother.
    I loved it. ...more info
    Just loved this movie. Try to watch it every time it comes back on....more info
  • Candy at His Touching Best
    I'd rate this a five star movie in terms of showing John Candy's ability to act rather than simply be funny. It only rates four stars though because the overall movie, while good, isn't exceptional. That being said, the interplay between the Candy character and his mother (Ohara) and potential mate (Sheedy) is well done, allowing Ohara to play the shrew and Candy to play the repressed but dutiful son to the hilt. Though rated a "4", don't let that stop you from buying the movie. It's the best dramatic work John Candy ever did which, given how well he plays this role, is the real tragedy of his early death. John Candy at 65 years old playing parts similar to the one Ohara latches onto here would have been really something to see....more info
  • Subtle comedic role really allows Candy to shine
    After all this time I'm glad to finally have this wonderful movie on DVD; it was certainly worth the long wait!
    John Candy turns in a wonderful performance as Chicago police officer Danny Muldoon, in his late-30s and still living with his mother. He tries to pursue a relationship with a young girl working as a makeup artist in a funeral home, but his feisty Irish mother won't seem to let go. Quite a charming story, with a few jolts coming from Danny's imagined fears of his mother being harmed when he's not there for her. The way Chicago is represented is hit-or-miss, possibly due to licensing issues for some of the more well-known Chicago images (most notably, the Chicago policeman's uniform and the design of the Chicago squad car), but those flaws notwithstanding the movie still has a Chicago feel to it. There actually are still a few remaining store-front funeral homes in Chicago, and of course the plentiful Irish pubs are captured perfectly. Probably the unheralded star of the movie is old Comiskey Park, which for 80 years was the home of the Chicago White Sox. The filming took place after the final baseball game was played there in 1990 (and a few months before its fateful date with the wrecking ball), and the first-date picnic on the playing field was a wonderful and touching sendoff for the old park. After going to many White Sox games there since age 5, it sure was nice to see the fireworks from the scoreboard one last time!

    ...more info
  • I'm Glad They Have Finally Put This Movie On DVD!
    Only The Lonely is a good romantic comedy type movie that has a great cast that includes, John Candy, Ally Sheedy, Maureen O'Hara, Anthony Quinn and Milo O'Shea. The movie is about a Irish American cop who lives in Boston with his over bearing overly opinionated mother and he falls in love with a woman who is mother doesn't like. This is a cute movie and I'm glad thaht they finally have put it on DVD....more info
    After an absence of 20 years, the great Maureen O'Hara returns as a feisty Irish mother who loves to give her policeman son (John Candy) a guilt trip. The movie is funny despite some ethnic slurs and O'Hara steals the movie. Upon her return to Tinseltown after the death of her husband, she was asked to play Rose Muldoon. She took one look at Candy and said "OK, I'll play his mother".

    Another icon Anthony Quinn plays the lovelorn neighbor. His scenes with O'Hara are classic. Two tremendous pros giving lessons in acting and their chemistry is perfect.

    Candy and Ally Sheedy are newcomers compared to O'Hara and Quinn and this humorous and entertaining movie gives them the chance to work with two of filmdom's greats and both are wonderful in their roles.

    But this is O'Hara's movie. She never resorts to stereotype and her strong finish only reaffirms the statement "welcome back Ms. O'Hara".

    Let's hope to see more of this wonderful actress on celluloid.
    ...more info
  • A Hilarious Tale of Adult-Child/Parent Co-Dependency
    Danny Muldoon, a 38 year-old Chicago policeman, still lives with his widowed mother. An unhealthy codependency exists between them. She still does his laundry and makes his meals. She makes intrusive comments and directives about his relationships with women, even openly demeaning his new girlfriend Teresa. For his part, he is extremely protective of his mother. Even when on dates, he has visions of disaster overtaking his mother, and feels compelled to interrupt the date, and make a phone call home to see if his mother is all right. This does not exactly help his growing relationship with Teresa.

    This rocky comedy has numerous hilarious scenes. There is the lowering of a corpse out the window, using a fire hose to do so. In another scene, Danny Muldoon uses a snorkel to be lifted up to the window of his girlfriend Teresa. At still another time, Danny uses his police siren to fake an emergency to reach his departing, estranged Teresa.

    Will Danny ever fully outgrow his relationship with his mother, and become fully available to Teresa? Will she recognize any such outgrowing and give him another chance?
    ...more info
  • Candy's Finest Hour
    In John Candy's short but prolific film career he made few films that were up to his prodigious talents. This is the best of the bunch. There is no debating that Candy was up to the light-hearted comedy demanded of him in his role as affable Chicago cop Danny Muldoon. Candy was also more than capable of delivering on the dramatic elements in this story of a 38 year-old man finding love for the first time. Credit that to the capable direction of Chris Columbus and his knowing script. Candy also gets to play with some first class pros and I think that upped his game. Maureen O'Hara lost none of her star appeal in her golden years as Danny's demanding mother. This role could have been played as a stereotype but O'Hara injects complexity and, yes, sympathy for her character. Ally Sheedy may also have had the best role of her career as Theresa, the introverted funeral home cosmetologist who is the object of Danny's affection. Anthony Quinn also delivers an amusing turn as Danny's neighbor who burns the torch for his mother. This film is an unqualified heartwarming success....more info


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