Sweatin' to the Oldies 3: An Aerobic Concert with Richard Simmons [VHS]

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The third workout video in the Sweatin' to the Oldies series follows the winning format of a lively, beginners' workout with Richard Simmons and a cheerful roomful of enthusiastic friends--many large sized--dancing to blasts from the past with a live band. This time the venue is a theme park, and the music includes get-up- and-dance favorites such as "Gimme Some Lovin'," "Louie, Louie," "Rockin' Robin," "Born to be Wild," "The Name Game," and "Do You Want to Dance?" The choreography is aimed at beginners: simple moves like knee lifts and cha-cha steps, always light intensity and low impact. Besides the motivating music, what makes this and all of the Sweatin' to the Oldies videos special is how much fun everyone on screen is having. You can't help but catch their dancing fever! (36 minutes of aerobics plus warm-up, cool down, and stretch, total 58 minutes.) --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Not just for slimming
    I had a heart attack in 1992 and quadruple bypass surgery in 1994. When I was finally able, I began stationary bike exercises to this video, then worked up to doing the actual aerobics. Not only has it reduced my weight and gut, it has also helped me (with diet) drastically to reduce my bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising my good cholesterol (HDL). Any exercise will help with that, but this video actually makes exercise FUN....more info
  • Good workout....
    I use this tape about 2 to 4 times a week. A great cardio workout. I recommend it for beginners and those with who have many pounds to lose. It is a workout any one of any size can do. With Richard's help I have loss 16 lbs. since January 4, 1999....more info
  • A good workout and a lot of fun!
    Richard is his usual, personable self in this fun, fast-paced and energetic aerobics video. The band does a great job of playing old favorites. The exercisers are real human beings, not Barbie and Ken dolls. The message is: you don't have to have the perfect body to be in shape. Give this video a try. I bet you'll love it!...more info
  • Fun stuff!
    You get a good workout with Richard whether it's in person or on a tape. Beginners and Intermediates will find a lot to love in this tape: great music, fun routines, lots of inspiration. This video has the sexiest moves of any of his tapes, so I'd recommend staying away from it if you're offended by that kind of thing. This one is fun, long, and not as easy as it looks. But there are plenty of people to watch as examples of how to either tone down the routine or jazz it up. The setting is like a carnival, and the routine has as much energy as a carnival ride. Great fun!...more info
  • great service
    It was in great condition and everything was fine. It shipped on time, Which I really like. I had no problems with it all....more info
  • Now we're cookin'...
    Having started my adventures in home work-out videos with Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies, I promptly picked up this third "aerobics concert" in the "Oldies" series. This tape is considerably more difficult (and longer, at about 50 minutes) than the first Sweatin' to the Oldies, but it is still well within the grasp of a very overweight beginner like me. Like the others, it will take the viewer a few runs through to begin to get the moves down, as Richard gives pretty minimal cues. This tape begins with an easy warm up tune, followed by two easy-paced numbers to stretch and warm up the upper and lower parts of the body. Then the dancing takes off with four up-tempo dance pieces. The intensity of your work-out very much depends on the energy you put into it, and the many exercisers (of all shapes and sizes!) demonstrate a broad range of effort with which you can experiment to find the level that suits your conditioning. A slower, cool-down dance follows, and the tape concludes with a stretching sequence. I personally don't care for this stretching routine, as I prefer slower, more sustained stretching than the rhythmic stretches Richard leads. As with all the Simmons exercise videos, you musn't miss the line-up after the stretching, when his exercisors are introduced and their weight-loss accomplishments shown. It's very encouraging and the people appear to be having an enormous amount of fun! I know I certainly do!...more info
  • i love it
    this tape has definetly helped me loose weight and dance alot better, i thank the makers of this and i aLSO thank Richard Simmons. thank you!...more info
  • The best
    The three Sweatin' to the Oldies videos are the best exercise videos I have used to date. I keep returning to them again and again. The music is great and the time flies. Two comments, however: I have never followed an exercise where the warm up is in the middle. Also, what is the purpose of taking your pulse if no guidelines are presented on where that pulse should fall?...more info
  • Richard is the best!!!!!!!!!
    Richard's workouts are very awesome, he is very incouraging and helpful. Just like most of his videos, he always has the everyday kinda person in them, all shapes and sizes, and thats a big incouragement. This video I think out of all the sweatin to the oldies, is the best, it's very energetic and makes you really sweat, but yet you feel really good after the workout, not like most that make you feel exasted! Richard is just the best! I know he is helping me through a tough time with my weight and i'm slimmin down wonderfully! Good luck to everyone and don't feel hopeless, keep it up and you'll get where you need to be!!! GODDESS BLESS!!!!!!!!...more info
  • What a fun and motivating workout!!
    Believe it, this tape is super! I have several workout tapes and get so ultra bored but not with this one.

    I quit worrying about catching on and following the exact moves. Mostly, I simply step, dance, trot, slow jog and pace to the terrific rhythms and songs I grew up with.

    And yep, I'm sweating up a storm two thirds of the way through!

    It's a joy to see "real" people working out with Richard. His silly antics and enthusiasm make me laugh and he doesn't constantly babble throughout nor does he promote his other videos like other instructors do.

    I'll be 62 in 4 months. And of course, at my age, I have various health issues and injuries. However, that doesn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying dancing down memory lane in time to this terrific and motivating tape!...more info
  • Sweating to the Oldies 3 changed my life.
    This sounds so american pie, but Sweating to The Oldies 3 really did change my life. I lost 30 pounds doing it, and became alot closer to my brother as well. If you saw a picture of me, you'd probably think I was the last person to do a Richard Simmons workout, let alone excersize. I have tried other workouts, but they were all too boring for me. Once I tried this video, I seriously couldn't stop! I was brought up on the oldies, and now listen to goth, punk, techno & ska, but doing this made me feel like a kid again ;o) This probably sounds completely fabricated, but I assure you, its true ;o)...more info
  • I LOVE This Tape!
    This is my most favorite tape. I exercise to this tape at least five days a week and never get bored. I have lost 55 pounds using this tape and walking. I highly recommend this tape if you are overweight, you can follow the exercises at your pace and then add intensity as you go. A great tape for the beginner!...more info


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