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Hollywood favorites Robert Redford (SPY GAME) and Michelle Pfeiffer (I AM SAM) sizzle together in this acclaimed story of heated passion and burning ambition! When aspiring news reporter Tally Atwater (Pfeiffer) tries to break into television, only veteran newsman Warren Justice (Redford) will give her a shot. In time, he teaches her everything she knows about news ... and she teaches him how to love again! But with her rise from local TV weather girl to network anchor, Tally and Warren must balance the dream of success ... with their desire for each other. Also featuring Celine Dion's #1 hit single "Because You Loved Me" -- you'll find this entertaining motion picture an absolute must-see!

Here's a classic Hollywood star vehicle. Up Close and Personal--the story of Tally Atwater (Michelle Pfeiffer), an inexperienced but ambitious TV news personality, and her well-weathered journalistic mentor, Warren Justice (Robert Redford)--was carefully tailored to fit its stars. What began as a screenplay based on the biography of troubled TV anchorwoman Jessica Savitch (Golden Girl, by Alanna Nash) took more than eight years to reach the screen, written and rewritten, on and off, over the years by husband-and-wife team John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion, mainly because they needed the work to qualify for the splendid Writers' Guild health-insurance plan. Although the considerable charisma of Pfeiffer and Redford go a long way, in many respects Nash's original nonfiction book (and even Dunne's peculiarly disingenuous "insider" account of the writing of the screenplay, Monster: Living Off the Big Screen) offers tales more compelling than the one that eventually made it to the screen. But, all things considered, that's a little like comparing apples and oranges, since the slick Up Close and Personal bears about as much resemblance to its gritty original source material as...well, an apple does to an orange. Critic Roger Ebert, who awarded the movie three stars, nevertheless said he was reminded of the time producer Samuel Goldwyn commissioned a screenplay about the Lindbergh kidnapping. Only, to quote Goldwyn, "it can't be about kidnapping, which is against the Code. For legal reasons, we have to change the name from Lindbergh. And the kid's father shouldn't fly." Read the book, see the movie, read the book about writing the movie. Anyone interested in how movies are made will learn an entertaining lesson about the studio system by devouring all three. --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful movie....horrible ending!!
    I love this typical love story. Michelle and Robert have beautiful chemisty together on the screen! The only problem it ends 30 mins TOO long!! The perfect ending is, well..stop the movie right as they hug after the prison riot. After that it's all downhill, and it's better if you use your imagination....more info
  • Robert Redford-Still Handsome At 60
    I absolutely love this film. Not only does Robert Redford got the looks, but he's also got the talent. He's starred in numerous classics, like The Way We Were and The Natural.

    Tally starts as a naive worker at Channel 9, and Warren keeps her around, but not giving her what she was hoping for. Eventually she does grow and mature, while also snagging the anchor position and Warren himself. Surprise ending that will have you leaving the room...

    Another Redford recommendation is The Horse Whisperer, which is also a love story and costars a young Scarlett Johansen. ...more info
    I recently happened to see (quite by accident, which I guess is what "happened to" implies) Up Close and Personal starring Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer. I was completely against seeing it. It looked positively ridiculous and asinine from commercials, making it seem like a wholly sappy love story between an older man and an up and coming woman (who would of course be nowhere if it weren't for his benevolence and patience). Not to add the terrible Celine Dion theme song. After watching it, however, I realised that while it was not great by any means-a bit better than mediocre entertainment perhaps-it was much better than I expected. Much different from what I expected as well. It was entirely mismarketed. Not to add that STUPID title. Really should be seen to understand what I mean. I don't want to hash out all the plot details because it would just waste your time and mine when you could just watch the movie and find out for yourself. It does have a sad ending, which was also a pleasant surprise. You kind of expect a movie like this to end happily ever after....more info
  • Sappy & No Relationship With Reality
    I see from some of these reviews that some people saw a wonderful love story in this film - I wish I did. I saw it as very sappy with a storyline so old and overused that the mold could no longer grow on it. Mentor gives a break to hungry ingenue outsider and falls in love with his creation. This is the story. And the pretty blonds that tell the story are R. Redford and Michelle Pfieffer. End of story.

    I was reading that this film is used in journalism ethics teaching because of the extremely false and questionable journalism ethics portrayed in it, in other words, giving journalism a bad name. It distresses me that it was given even that much import, negative as it is. When you sit down and watch this film, within the first five minutes you know that it's not going to have anything to do with reality and you either relax and accept that and watch the film, or you retch like I did. I retched because on top of its' lack of grounding, there is a cutesiness to it that got on my nerves. I'm not into cutesiness, which ruins a lot of cinema for me because these are the type of films that sell in the states, along with violent, hyper-macho vehicles. I feel sorry for us people with taste - for us it has to either be the underground or the indies (who've lately been raided by the 'show-biz kids' and are showing signs of the injury) or the imports.

    If you are looking for a way to kill 90 minutes and you can stomach this kind of film, go right ahead. But I feel bad for you polluting your mind this way....more info
  • One of the BEST 'chick flicks' of all time!
    Most women look for the best chick flick ever! I know I've found it!!! This movie will have you going through the tissues by the box fulls, so you better stock up!!!! ...more info
  • Fantastic movie!!!
    This movie is an inspiring tale of life and love. Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Redford do an absolutely fantastic job of playing their characters in such a way that you forget that they are just acting. Their chemistry and romance are very believable. The timing of the film (from present to past, etc.) is flawless and doesn't get confusing as it can in some movies. The story teaches the old saying of "It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all". I've watched this movie time and time again and I don't get tired of it....more info
  • I second that emotion, Jake!
    I have to "second that emotion" over Jake's reveiw! He really is a Class A guy, a real stand up reviewer, when it comes to these things, you catch my drift?

    This movie rocked, and I don't care what those "smarmy" reviewers said! Anyway, they suck!

    MC White said: Check it out!...more info
  • Really tried to like it, but the film is too silly to enjoy
    Michelle Pfeiffer is far too old for her role and since she is not the most talented actress (although she was great in What Lies Beneath, where her limited abilities were well suited), she is very awkward in the part. Silly and ditzy at first, she willingly falls under the influence of Robert Redford's character, a controlling sexist who bitterly dreams of better days when journalism was about telling the facts rather than making up stories or ridiculing citizens. I liked Redford's character to some degree, only the sexist and belligerant portions were hard to stomach. He needed a strong woman to tell him off, at least, or to set him right. Pfeiffer's character doesn't provide this. She becomes Redford's protege, and we have a Pygmalion plot which is sure to appeal to women who want to be sheltered and guided by a father-figure who later takes them to bed. Kind of gross idea. There are a lot of childish antics from Pfeiffer's character, Tally, in her pursuit of friendship and later sex with Redford's Warren Justice (his character's name sounds like he should be on the Supreme Court, doesn't it?). Finally, Pfeiffer gets what she wants, and the romantic love scene pretty much consists of Redford ungraciously throwing her against a wall (ouch!) and finally, being nice and kissing the small of her back. Hmm. Is this the high romance we expect from Redford? Well, no, but it suits his character, who is not a particularly likeable guy. Following this, there are a lot of silly professional antics. Warren Justice suffers from an attitude problem, expecting to be revered rather than treated like an ordinary, unemployed guy. Tally has a big scene at some prison riot which sends a message to the audience that prisons should be reformed (ho, hum, not another Redford liberal political message, embedded in a movie that's suppose to be entertaining, even though this one is not). Warren Justice, or rather Redford, manages to get himself rescued from this film in a terminal way, removing any possibility for a sequel even though the original film is so bad that sequels are far from anyone's mind. The film ends awkwardly, with Tally or Michelle on stage talking about how wonderful Redford is and a huge photograph of Redford, with his classic smile, looming behind her. It looks like war of the movie star egos, and not a decent film about love, journalism, ethics, or adventure. There are a lot of awkward, nonsensical one-liners in this film too. They are thrown out as little romantic bits -- Redford wants to be with Pfeiffer so much that it hurts. One day together is more than they deserve. That sort of thing. Poor acting, poor directing, poor script -- very poor story idea. Granted there are women who are like Pfeiffer's character, helpless and dependent and silly and barely educated. They do turn to men to help them, rather than get some of the generously available financial aid and go to college, during the day or at night, to work hard and make something out of themselves. And there are plenty of men like Redford's character who like women that they can view as being less than they are, as being inferior. I don't think we needed a film about this, nor did Redford need to belittle his reputation this way. Honestly, if you can sit through this film twice, or even once (I kept getting up to clean the apartment, which is a sign of how bad a film is if I cannot sit still and would rather -- horrors -- vacuum and dust), you have more stamina than me. I disliked this film, but I hope you manage to find something to like in it. Films should be entertaining. Maybe this one has some merit buried in it?...more info
  • Best movie I've ever seen
    This movie has it all. It will have you in tears on second and laughing the next. Definately a movie that you will not expect the things that happen, to happen....more info
  • Terrible
    This was a bad movie in every way. I used to think Redford a bit magic, because he was in nothing but good movies. But in this one, you can see he's just a grown man who plays make-believe for a living. As all actors do. But before, the illusion held. This movie made the illusion shatter. In scene after scene, I thought, "Oh, I think I'm supposed to care here." But I never cared for the characters for a second....more info
  • five stars because i can't give it six!
    This movie has two blonde people in it: Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer, I think, was in Grease 2. The "chemistry" redefines the Periodic Table of the Elements: Redford is gold, Pfeiffer is platinum (blonde). I didn't see it, I just wanted to get my name posted....more info
  • Perfect
    It's a wonderful film.Romantic and real at the same time.I saw it three times and I am sure I will see it again.Michelle is gorgeous and brilliant and Robert is just great , the best as usual. It's a perfect movie but I did not like the end....more info
  • A Must for All True Romantics!
    A beautiful love story which follows a fiercely determined news reporter's climb to fame and the gradual disintegration of her husband's career while he offers his heartfelt support and encouragement. He started off coaching her and eventually became her husband, a story of perfect love, of co-existence in a world of fierce competition. They loved each other, the chemistry between Pfeiffer and Redford is magical, they gave a truly inspiring and heart-wrenching performance....more info
  • Among the worst films in recent years!!!
    An absolutely load of tripe of a plot, that could be made convincing given the right director, is turned into a down right embarrassing tale that doesn't even warrent the word "corny". There is absolutely no sexual chemistry between the two main stars, Redford being far too old for Pfeiffer, there's virtually no plot at all and what there is a risible "romance" among the embarrassing world of the American Media. After Paul Verhoeven poured scorn over the media in "Ropocop" its a wonder anyone had the stupidity to make a serious film about it....more info
  • Great Story
    Definitely a masterpiece in both romance and humor, as well as, personality detail. Michelle looks fantastic, as usual, and Robert plays the strong, stable role he is famous for....more info
  • Get ready to burst into tears
    Two of the greatest and sexiest movie stars of all time team up in this emotional drama that will drive you to tears. Redford, as always, is impossibly intelligent and indescribably admirable. Pfeiffer steals the show with her beauty and charm and the unforgettable performance of "The Impossible Dream". And the incredible acting of both plus Celine Dion's "Because you love me" make the film a movie classic. It's the story of two people - a young woman in search of a career in television industry, her rise from secretary to weather person and finally a true TV star, and an experienced newsman, who believes in her, helps her rise and falls for her. You'll be shocked in the end.... Don't miss it. ...more info
  • Not worth seeing; not worth filming
    There was a good story in this film, but unfortunately it nearly disappeared under the pygmalion/romance. Redford's character is tough and determined, but also a man on the way down, because his commitment to truth and journalism is no longer in vogue. News has gone from fact-finding to entertainment and even censorship. To follow his story would have been magnificent, but they introduced a ditsy, male-dependent blonde (Pfieffer, proving how poorly she can act) and an absurd story-line of a mature man who should know better wanting a romance with an aggressive but altogether mindless chick. Too much Tally Atwater and her adventures in the disneyland of modern journalism, too little Warren Justice (strange name) and his struggles for an ethical standard that we see fading from all sectors of our culture. This picture had something to say but got totally lost. Redford does his best with a poor script and disinterested direction. But even his strong presence and bold presentation cannot make this film worth viewing....more info
  • Great Story
    Definitely a masterpiece in both romance and humor, as well as, personality detail. Michelle looks fantastic, as usual, and Robert plays the strong, stable role he is famous for....more info
  • A must for all Pfeiffer fans.
    Up Close and Personal does the impossible: it manages to jump from different settings within two hours and shift its plot while keeping the audience wanting more and more. Pfeiffer stars as a reporter, Tally, who has always aspired to make it to the top in television news. Along the way, she meets a veteran newsman, Warren Justice (Robert Redford), who gives her a chance at a reporter. As she begins to mature in her stories and her thirst for knowledge heightens, she begins to turn heads in the news business, and ends up moving from a station in Miami to a station in Philadelphia. All the while, Tally and Warren struggle to keep alive a relationship that both know is inevitable. Performances from all actors are very original and heartfelt, under Jon Avnet's wonderful direction. Thomas Newman's score is brilliant, and fits in at every moment to add to the emotional appeal of the movie. A storyline that never stops moving at times keeps the energy alive, which makes this movie one that will please most people....more info


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