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This 52-minute video from 1992 combines low-impact and step aerobics with strength training. You keep the heart rate elevated for fat burning and cardiovascular conditioning while working the muscles. Jayne Poteet leads a class of fit exercisers of varying ages through a workout that's as tough as you want to make it, depending on how heavy your weights and how high your step. The aerobic moves are basic--no patterns, no complicated footwork--so beginners can manage the workout. The strength moves are sometimes combined with aerobic moves and sometimes isolated, and they are done slowly for safety and effectiveness. This is a well-designed workout except that the largest upper-body muscles (chest and midback) are left for the end (they're most efficiently worked early in a workout) and the shoulder presses start behind the neck (they're safer starting in front of the shoulders). Poteet includes both upper- and lower-body strength moves, but emphasizes the lower body. You'll need a barbell, dumbbells, a tall (14-inch) step, and a medium step. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent workout
    I have been doing the Firm for years and this is still one of my favorites. I saw another reviewer commenting she previewed the tape and thought the instructors were too into themselves. She obviously never has done any Firms. They are as tough as you want them to be by adding poundage. I love this video because it's low impact but you can still make it difficult by adding heavier weights. The hover squats with the dumbell always makes my butt feel worked. I like the newer Firms but the old ones make me sweat the most. Jayne Poteet is a great instructor....more info
  • Does anyone have a spare copy?
    Does anyone have a spare copy or can make me a copy or just want to get rid of this tape? Willing to pay. Pls e-mail me...more info
  • FUN Workout!! You're going to love it!
    This video workout is one of my favorite "The Firm" videos!! Not only is it alot of fun, but you work your WHOLE body. Visible results after 10 workouts?? I was noticably firmer after 3. Don't miss out on this one, you'll love it!!...more info
  • Firm Volume 6
    The video arrived in perfect condition and I'm glad, because I lend this video out to friends so often, I decided I needed to get another one! Having used many other videos, I found The Firm 12 years ago, and I have never left them. They will get anybody in shape, as long as you follow their advice about starting slow and working up. I am a definite Firm Believer! Thanks for sending the video so quickly!...more info
  • great baby boomer workout
    I own several Firm tapes and this is my favorite. I am over fifty and it is great to see some "older" fittness buffs. This tape gives me a total body workout without wearing me out. I would like to see more videos featuring the "older exercisers". Janie Poteet is an excellent instructor. It would be a shame if this video remains unavailabe....more info
  • excellent firm workout
    i love the ab routine. this workout is the core of my collection....more info
  • good, solid workout
    I've owned and used this video for nearly 10 years. I'm a Jazzercise junkie and use videos when for whatever reason I don't go to Jazzercise. After trying many videos and CDs, The Firm and Gilead, in my opinion, consistently give the best, and safest, workouts. I often turn to this video for a good, all-over workout that isn't too vigorously jumping or dancing. The cuing is excellent and you can ramp up or tone down the weight levels depending on how you feel. I've never used this video with a barbell but use free weights instead, and they work just fine. After all these years I still find this video challenging and don't get tired of it....more info
    Wow, you couldn't have said it better! I think all firms are great (except one or two I HATE) Vol 6 is a good workout, a lighter one I think. This wouldn't be a great intro to the FIRM. Actually, my first FIRM video was Tough Aerobics Mix in 95 and I was hooked, because you get to see some of the best sections from the classics series!
    I think if you did vol 6 right off the bat, you might think that this series is too easy for me, but it really isn't!
    I think this video is a definite keeper, but my edition is called "BOOMERS WORKOUT" and I feel weird doing this workout because it is more designed for older people or beginners. (that is what my copy says)
    I think that if you are a beginner/intermediate, this might be a good starter video, but I agree that it might be good to start w/volume one and try the others
    This video does have some tough tough parts. There is a hover squat part that almost kills me!
    Jayne is a good instructor, I LOVE her cover, her hair is so pretty on it!
    Overall grade for advanced B- (It is adaptable like most FIRMS, but still isn't their toughest)
    FOR BEGINNERS- A- (easy to complete, not very tough w/ light weights...more info
  • one of my favorites
    i have been using the firm workout videos for over two years, and this is one of my favorites. I like the fact that it works my entire body in less than an hour, and places extra emphasis on women's trouble areas- the hips, buttocks, and thighs. I would recommend this video to anyone!!...more info
  • Works great, just right
    - This is one of my favorite Firm videos. It's not so easy that you'd get bored or feel under-challenged, not so hard that you'd give up. When you get stronger, just add poundage.
    - There's a sufficient variety of exercises and good sequencing to keep you from getting bored and/or too exhausted.
    - Step-ups with barbells interspersed with calf pumps are my favorite part, and if your heart wasn't pumping before this segment, it will be soon enough.
    - The squats are excellent--you really feel your thighs and legs getting exercised.
    - Jayne Poteet is a good instructor, w/ great cueing, counting down the number of reps at every 4 reps (16, 12, 8, 4). This works really well for me because I know I'm getting closer to the end of the set.
    - I like the stretch before and after the workout.

    - Not too much of a "con" but I think a longer stretch routine (for all the Firm videos I've tried, actually) would be healthier and more effective....more info
  • A Firm Believer since Volume 1
    This is volume 6
    An outstanding workout when you want something a little lighter;but you can add intensity by using a higher step up box. Remember the Firm is into shocking your body so there are moves in this work out that are different -- moves shouldn't be done the same all the time anyway.
    Since The Firm dosen't sale these older volumes anymore and this was one of the last true "volumes" it has become a collectors item for those of us that truly know the Firm. Enjoy!...more info
  • Firm, The: Total Body - Complete Aerobic Weight Training
    I have used this tape so much, along with some other firm tapes, that I have worn them out. I want to be able to reorder this great tape but you are not producing it along with some of your other older tapes. Please consider re-publishing this tape (and others) in VHS and DVD. It is a classic. I am a firm believer. I am in great health and shape as a result of using your tapes for years....more info
  • the best in the series
    I have several firm videos and I think this is the best in the series. Easy to follow but really gives a great workout. The instructor is excellent. I have been doing this workout for months but it remains challenging by adding heavier weights as you gain strength....more info
  • The classic videos are the best!
    I started using these videos in 1988 and enjoyed their incredible benefits until 1995. Nothing else compares to them. The intensity can be any level you choose to make it. The Boomers workout is by far the best, especially if high impact aerobics have take their toll on your joints. After a break, due to illness for 7 years ( I blew up like a toad) I am once again a Firm Believer and can attest that "muscle memory" is a fact. Do not hesitate to invest in these tapes, they are more effective than Denise Austin and Kathy Smith combined....more info
  • A classic from the firm
    I love this workout. Some of the other reviewers have mentioned that this is a little less intense than some of the other firms. That is precisely the reason I love it so much. It is very effective with less stress on your joints. Originally it was intended as a workout for the "baby boomers" approaching middle age, but really it is adaptable to all. The lower body segment is killer if done with weights appropriate to your strength level, but the aerobic segment is less intense than some. I am 48 but still run and workout to the other firms as well as Gilad, so I am in fairly decent shape, but I can still feel the hover squats in this video! The firm and Gilad in my opinion have the best workout videos bar none. They are not dancy or cutesy; just good solid effective workouts with real results. And isn't real results the reason we all do this in the first place? BTW I was just lucky enough to obtain another copy of this out of print video on e-bay....more info
  • Effective overall workout
    I have been a Firm Believer since 1990. This workout is one of my new favorites. It works almost all muscle groups and really concentrates on the areas that will give you the most dramatic results. I love including pelvic floor exercises in a workout- then I don't forget on my own! This workout can grow with your fitness level- just increase weights as your fitness level grows! Simple cues and not too perky encouragement plus the inspirational music makes this a wonderful workout!...more info
  • I love The Firm!
    I expected a really tough workout. From all the exerpts in the Firm parts tapes that I own I thought this would be really hard. It wasn't. It has plenty of aerobics but it didn't have me huffing and puffing like I expected. There is excellent full body sculpting from triceps to buns plus the added bonus of pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the often neglected but much appreciated muscles down there:)...more info


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