The Firm - Firm Parts: Tough Tape (Classic Workout Series) [VHS]

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This is an excellent muscle-endurance workout, full of challenges and variety. Instructor Tracie Long is superb, cueing seamlessly while giving plenty of technique tips and modifications to make the moves easier or more difficult. There's no annoying pep talk, whooping, or counting--just straightforward instruction to make your workout more effective. This 45-minute weight workout switches constantly between lower and upper body (sometimes doing both at once). Long sensibly gives stretches every so often to relieve muscle tightness. You'll need a barbell, an assortment of free weights, and a tall (12- to 14-inch) step or equivalent. The tape box and introduction claim that this workout includes a 26-minute high-intensity sequence, but this 45-minute tape did not have a cardio sequence. No abdominal routine, either. Although the routine ends with the words "more to come," the only "more" was a long commercial. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

    I have 9 FIRM tapes, and when I got this, I had to psych myself up for it, thinking it would be very difficult. The weights are heavier than in any other tape I've done, but I still got through the whole thing without a hitch. The toughest so far is the Basic Body Sculpting (an old one, and a lot of sexy-voiced "oohs" from the instructor, but I've been working out daily for the last six months, and still cannot make it all the way through that tape - the legwork's a KILLER ! This is good, I did work up a sweat, but I didn't get sore and I didn't feel too challenged....more info
  • Tracie Long is great
    Tracie Long is one of the best Firm instructors I have "worked with". Her form is great and I love the fact that she gives pointers as she works out. I like to use this on the days when I am not using any of my Firm Total Body tapes. It's also a good alternative when you want a tape that leaves you feeling like you have worked out at the max when you don't have a whole hour to work out. I definitely give this five stars. Check out any of the other Firm tapes. You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Cheaper than a personal trainer & more convenient!
    I found "Tough Tape" here on Amazon, as I searched for a tape to take the place of the gym I just stopped working near. This is the BEST exercise video I have ever seen. If you are looking for dancing &/or aerobics, go somewhere else. If you want a workout that equals what you get with a personal trainer, this is IT. Tracey will warm you up, then work your quads, glutes, and arms till you're ready to drop, then she stretches you out. Like everyone mentions, the only weakness is the lack of AB work. Beginners are best advised not to complete the entire workout section of tape the first time (fast forward to stretching when you've had enough)....more info
  • This video is what working out is all about!
    I have never been motivated and challenged like I am with the Tough Tape. Tracy is an excellent instructor, and the results are inspirational. I have been doing the Firm workouts for 2 months now, and this tape is by far my favorite. I think it is above a beginner workout, but it is definitely a rewarding experience!...more info
  • "Now That Was A Tough Workout!"
    I find myself taking deep breaths just thinking of this workout! Tracy Long is my absolute favorite Firm trainer. I love her classy well- enunciated instructional style. All in all an excellent vigorous maximum heart rate boosting workout!!...more info
  • Great Workout!
    After reading all of the rave reviews of this tape, I just HAD to have a copy of my own, so I got 1. First of all, let me say that Tracie is THE BEST Firm instructor. Her cueing & pointers are top-notch. The workout is challanging & thorough. Like others have said, it's a mixture of Tortoise & Hare minus any cardio or ab work. After doing this workout 3x a week for 3 weeks, I'm seeing serious muscle in my upper body. I follow this workout with Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs for ab & floor work. If you're lucky enough to find a copy, GET IT!...more info
  • They got the title right!
    This is a very challenging tape even for an advanced exerciser; however, a beginner could easily modify it using lighter weights. As usual the Firm's production quality shines through. Though it is a parts tape, each segment flows nicely into the next. I love the stretch at the end; my only complaint is no abdominal section-but I guess that's what Firm Parts Five Day Abs is for. END...more info
    Tough Tape is just that, Tough! I had waited to buy this tape, it has been around at my local bookstore, and finally I decided to purchase it.. I thought, for some DUMB reason that this tape wouldn't be very hard,and i didn't like the cover, so I didn't get it.. I just did it for the first time yesterday. ( I am an advanced exerciser, who is better at cardio than weights though) but this tape BLEW me away! I think I am a very strong girl, but after using 15lb dumbbells over my head for the tall box climbs in this video, my legs felt like gel by the end. Day after, and I am STILL sore! in a good way! I have mainly all the FIRM's that count, and this one is a HUGE edition to my twenty five plus video collection! I am young, and don't get sore that often, but with this video, I feel like I worked to THE MAX! Tracie, what can you say, she is exceptional. I used to not like her, but I have come to respect her on this video as a straightforward, non cheerleader instructor. This video is tough, and I am sure that results will come fast with this one!
    There is lots of upper and lower body work.LOTS of tallbox climbs! Lots of dips and squats and the whole thing!
    This video is worth the wait!...more info
  • Tough But Worth It!
    This tape is worth the sweat. You don't have to have all the equipment to use it. I use a milkcrate for my step, and I use 3 and 5 lb hand weights throughout (I just pretend they are barbells). :) I have BICEPS for the first time in my life, and I have only used 5 lb weights so far! The only reason I give it 4 stars is because there are no abs and the stretching segments aren't that great....more info
  • Short, tough workout...
    This is one of the most sought after Firm videos that are out of print. It is a compilation of the strength segments of the Tortoise and the Hare which are also out of print, but without the ballroom aerobics. Tracie Long leads this workout (as she led both Tortoise and Hare) plus there snippets of her in between segments letting you know what is coming up.

    There are several sets of leg presses in this workout, one of the sets has 18 reps per leg, while another one has alternating sets on each leg 7 reps each side twice, then 3 reps each side twice, very tough. All the muscle groups are covered well, in addition to the many sets of leg presses you will see squats, lunges, dips and plie squats for lower body. The upper body exercises include upright rows, overhead presses, tricep kickbacks, french presses, pushups, pec flies and bicep curls. A barbell is used for a lot of the exercises, but dumbells are easily substituted if you do not have a barbell.

    A good short challenging workout for those with limited time. Unfortunately it is hard to find though, but worth the money if you can find a copy. Tracie Long is an excellent instructor, and you can tell that she is working hard along with you. Susan
    Harris (of Volume 1) appears as a background exerciser which is an interesting tidbit. Worth looking for for die hard Firmies....more info
  • Great Weight Training Tape
    This is the first weight training tape where I had all of the necessary equipment! You'll need weights (obviously) but only 3 pairs at the weight you feel comfortable using - you can use an optional barbell for some of the exercises, but I don't, I just use my dumbbells. You'll need a tall step (12-14") but I use a trunk that I have, and you'll need a chair (or the tall step) for bicep curls. YOU DON'T NEED A WORKOUT BENCH! The tape concentrates on the thighs, arms, bust, back, and buns. There is no abdominal section or any work on the calves, but to really concentrate on time the time crunch (it only takes about 42 minutes), abs can be done on other days. The instruction is step by step, but without all of the constant talking, and you can tell the instructor Tracie Long is working hard too. Since she goes step by step, she also gives you enough time to get prepared for the next exercise, which other tapes don't do (Denise Austin's Totally Firm), and then you're rushing to get the next equipment. I would highly recommend this video! It is great for all fitness levels - just use higher weights for the more advanced....more info
  • Challenging and effective.
    I bought this tape before I knew anything about The Firm--I was looking for a new way to exercise, a friend had recommended exercise videos, and it was on sale. It was way too difficult for me at first (I'd never done aerobic tapes and I was about 65 pounds overweight) but I have grown to love it. It's probably the most effective lower-body workout I've ever done. Take it very slow if you're overweight or have weak knees. It took me a month before I could do this tape at even 75 percent intensity, but I'm glad I stuck with it. The results are worth it!...more info
  • Great tape, great teacher
    I've been working my way to more challenging tapes, and this one is amazing! What I like the best is the fact that you don't need to invest in a whole bunch of stuff to get started, I had some weights and something to step on and it works great!

    I also like the fact that Tracie is not one of those chirpy, rah-rah instructors who can't shut up - she knows her stuff and leads you through the tough moves without annoying you.

    The moves are varied and intense, you are really working your muscles with this tape and you feel the results from the first time you use Tough Tape. I recommend it and I will be buying other Firm tapes to mix my workouts around....more info

  • They aren't joking when they say tough
    Let me just mention to the others thinking about buying this tape. If you are a first time user of the firm tapes, be careful with this one. I am about at an Intermediate level so I used the dumbells with the tall step portion of the tape. TAKE IT SLOW the first time or first few times you use this tape. I am really sore today and wished that I would have started up a little slower and hadn't pushed myself. I think that once I give my legs some rest, that this tape will make an excellent addition to my fitness library. I would recommend this tape, but remember the cautions at the top....more info
  • exhausting
    This is a tape that really makes you sweat! The instructor moves from exercise to exercise, and from muscle group to muscle group, at a rapid pace. The cuing is excellent, and the perkiness level kept to a minimum. What really got me to buy the tape in the first place, though, is the fact that aside from weights no special equipment is needed (you can safely use a chair instead of a tall box).

    The main reason that this tape does not get 5 stars from me is that it does not target a few of the muscles, most notably the abductors and adductors for the legs. Still, the Firm manages to crunch in a heck of a lot into this brief, all-around session. I definitely recommend it....more info

  • Not For Beginners
    This tape says that it is for beginners through advanced. I'm young, not overweight, and used to walking a brisk mile daily. The first time that I did the tape I was terribly soar the next day. The following day was even worse, I missed a day from work. My muscles ached for 5 days. Definitely not for beginners....more info
  • Awesome!
    This is the best workout tape! I have 3 kids, 3 and under and this is the only thing I used to help me lose the weight all three times. I lost all my pregnancy weight in less than 5 months, each time, and I didn't even start working out until sometimes as late as 3 months after their births. Anyway, more importantly, it works! I look better than I did in high school!...more info
  • Very Effective
    Tracey Long is a pleasure to work out with - even when it is tough going...and there are definitely some spots in this video that qualify! You do feel like you get a solid workout in a shortened (45 min vice 60 min) timeframe. As "Alabama" pointed out, they have inexplicably left out an abs section on this tape - but I found it on the "Sculpted Buns, Hips, and Thighs" tape (same instructor, same people, same outfits, same cooldown)!...more info
  • You will feel this in the morning!
    As the title implies, this is one Tough Tape, but it's effective! You will use every muscle (except for abs), and you will use them until you drop! If your looking for a tough workout that will produce results, look no further!...more info
  • An excellent Firm Parts tape with an incredible instructor!
    I have been a Firm user since 1991. I have all of the full body tapes (then called Vols. 1-6), the Firm Strong Body and Strong Heart tapes, and all of the Firm Parts tapes. As far as I'm concerned, there are no better work out tapes on the market. I was disappointed with the Firm Tortoise and Hare tapes - I like to work out when working out and dance when dancing; I didn't like the mix - so was really pleased when Tough Tape (an edit of the Tortoise and Hare tapes featuring the warm up, box and dumbell portions, squats, lunges, upper body, and cool down - was introduced. It is now my favorite tape and were it not for the fact that I feel compelled to work in my other Firm tapes (which is a good idea, as outlined by the Firm), I would do Tough Tape solely for weeks on end. Tracy Long is powerful and extremely motivating. The Tall Box, squats, and dumbell moves are incredible and results are fast and lasting. As with all Firm Parts Tapes - other than 5 Day Abs and Sculpted Buns, Hips, and Thighs - there is no ab section. However, as I need ab work in every workout and am not good at popping in the 5 Day Ab tape after a Firm Parts workout, I simply do abs during the first set of pushups in the tape. I find that 16 pushups is enough for me and I've gotten some abs in. As the Firm advises before every tape, take it easy the first few times. Don't use weights your first time and, by all means, start off with a short step up box and low weights. If you plan to continue working out, you have time to move up in step up box height and in dumbell weight. I think that it's extremely important when doing the Firm, or any workout, to realize that you can make modifications to meet your exercise needs....more info
  • Good basic weight training
    An excellent and demanding tape with uncomplicated but very effective moves. It loses a star because (as noted in another review) there is--inexplicably--no abs section. Plus, it's nice to have a FIRM Parts video with clips from this decade--no more gold chains and taupe hose to giggle at....more info
    I own 13 Firm Tapes. I started using Firm Tapes when they first came out (before I was married). I am 37 and have two children, ages 5 & 2. After my daughter was born in 1999 I was so out of shape. I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy and lost all the weight after my first pregnancy, but did not lose it all with my second one. I was a devoted Firm believer before my children came but I eventually had become lazy and tied up with other things and did not want to work out. A few months back I tried a no carb diet and lost weight fast but it did not last and I still felt out of shape. I eventually realized diet was not good and had to change my way of life. I had 20 pounds to lose yet till my ideal weight. Well, I hate aerobics so I decided to use my older Firm Tapes two months ago. Well, let me tell you, I was working out 4 times a week the first month with them and eating healthy, but not depriving myself and lost 5 pounds. Then I decided to try a new Firm Tape and ordered the Tough Tape with Tracie Long. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST (MY MOST FAVORITE) TAPE I HAVE DONE OUT OF ALL FIRM TAPES!!! I have been using it a month and lost another 5 pounds. The butt and leg work is excellent! Those are my major problem areas. I am no longer a size 10 and am so happy! Everyone notices the results and my husband is always complimenting me on it. This tape does not bore me and I feel great afterwards. I cannot imagine not weight training with these tapes again, especially this one. I only use it 2 to 3 times a week now and I still am getting results and I do no other form of exercise. It burns fat and gives you great looking muscles. My pear shape does not look pear anymore. Tracie Long is an excellent instructor. I am so glad they put out a Firm Tape that just sticks to the weight training with no aerobic bouncing around. This tape will make you a Firm believer!...more info
  • Lives up to its name!
    This tape is excellent and very difficult. You will definitely be sore after you are finished, but it is well worth it! I echo everyone's sentiment about not having an abs section. That is the only downfall to this tape. Overall, a worthwhile purchase if you are serious about getting in shape!...more info
  • There Are Tougher
    I did this tape expecting it to be the biggest challenge of all the Firm tapes and I have to say I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong, you will get a pretty strenuous workout, but frankly I have found other Firm tapes more demanding and challenging than this one. The first five volumes come immediately to mind. And certainly the first tape and the tape with Jane Gretsky are as tough if not tougher than this....more info
  • Tough workout, lots of leg press
    I just tried this tape for the first time. Since it's a Firm Parts tape, it's cut from parts of original Firm workouts, in this case, The Tortoise and The Hare. It's an extremely well cut tape, and with added sections of Tracie Long explaining where you need to be, so it doesn't seem disjointed at all. This tape is great for weight-bearing exercises. It does have many (6 or 7 I think) sets of leg presses, which require a 12-14" stool and weights. Since Tracie Long is such a great instructor, you really feel like you can do all the work on the tape even though it does seem like a lot to me (a beginning to intermediate exerciser). I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to work on definition in the thighs and glutes. There is also a lot of good arm work as well. And it's just over 40 minutes, making it ideal when you want a quicker workout....more info
  • Do not do this tape if you're a beginner! It's tough!
    When I first got this tape, I couldn't get through the whole thing. But after a couple of times, I was able to. It uses a barbell, which I don't own, so I use my own heavy dumbbells, but at the end, go to lower poundage because my legs wouldn't do anymore! If you want an excellent leg work, here it is! Since it uses a large step for exercises, it's a nice cardio workout. Tracie is one of the best instructors the Firm has! She makes it look like she's working hard right along with you which is a great motivator....more info
  • Buy This Tape if You're Serious About Weight Training
    I do strength training (free weights and machines) at the gym, but this is the tape I frequently reach for when I don't have time to drive to and from the healthclub. You will need a barbell, a "tall box" (13" tall step), and multiple free weights for this tape. If you don't have a barbell, you can probably modify by using just the free weights.

    This is an intense weight training program that works both the upper and lower body. It will also get your heart pumping, so there's a mild aerobic effect as well. And, as is true with all FIRM productions, it is beautifully produced. Tracy Long's cueing is arguably the best in the fitness industry, and she provides plenty of form pointers for beginners. But I recommend this tape for intermediates/advanced weight trainers....more info

  • This video is excellent,
    This video is fantastic, you get results in no time at all. It is also excellent when you dont have time to train at a gym. Its the next best thing to being in a gym....more info
  • This tape is The Tortoise, spliced and diced
    I bought this hoping to add another Firm tape to my collection, and it turned out to be "The Tortoise" tape, spliced and re-edited, with the warmup dance and abs sections removed. I loved the Tortoise, in fact it was much better with all the above stuff and without all the talking. Disappointing....more info
    This is my first Firm tape and I have been working out for 6 months doing step, tae bo, walking, weight lifting, ect. I have kind of stalled in improving my fitness level and this tape pushed me to the next level. The instructor is great and moves along at a good pace and pushes you to work hard. I highly recommend it....more info


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