David Carradine's Chi Kung Beginners Workout

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  • Great Video...
    This is a wonderful video for anyone who wants to feel better and have an overall sense of well being. It was recommended to me that I start practicing the healing art of Chi Kung. After using this tape, I immediately had more energy than I had in years. This easy to follow video is well choreographed and the music is beautiful. Dr. Arnold Tayam has done a magnificient job developing a tape that can be used by anyone at any fitness level. I have used other Chi Kung tapes. None of them have had the physical or emotional impact as this one. I look forward to seeing Dr. Tayam create additional haling videos!...more info
  • Exquisite healing video on the ancient art of Chi Kung!
    As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a 15 year student of meditation and yoga, I highly recommend this wonderful video. The video's breathtaking nature footage and beautiful music, combined with a well-rounded beginner's Chi Kung program will help bring peace, calm and a sense of centeredness to the lives of many. Dr. Arnold Tayam's choreography cannot be surpassed and his graceful execution of this ancient art is indeed awe-inspiring. I recommend this video to patients regularly!...more info
  • Chi Kung
    I feel so energized after using this tape. If you want to feel better, use this tool...more info
  • It made me feel great
    This video is great. As soon I started doing it, I felt peaceful and calm. It relaxes all the muscle joints, loosens your body and purifies your mind. It has various parts which the viewer can do at their own preference and fitness level. The program does not require for people do be any physical condition or health, even though some parts warn the practitioners not to follow for various reasons. I am a martial arts student and I find this video especially helpful for relaxation and stretching. My wife and I also use it to tap into the inner energy and to learn the briefing techniques. There are other various self curing exercises and movements, which we also found to be of a great value. Overall it is an excellent, easy to follow video and I would highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great stretches, very relaxing, but sections too short
    This video has several short sections. If I could improve it, I would have had fewer and longer sections. There is a great one on stretching and accupressure. But just when I was starting feel the benefits, it would move to something else. However, the instruction was great, very calming, music and scenery beautiful. However, I much prefered the tai chi for beginners. If I could swap out the tai chi's stretching for the chi kung stretching and accupressure, I'd have the PERFECT video....more info
  • Not a bad little tape.
    For beginners it is a very good tape.

    When they showed the "pressure points" on the body and how to manipulate them, they should have done it close up so you can find the spot better.

    The 'superimposed" beach and streams scenes were nice but it would have been better to film the video "on location".

    All in all....pretty good....more info
  • A flashy and uneven production---
    How come no one on the tape is smiling if the movements promote peace and enjoyment? I found this video hard to follow. The narrative wasn't keeping up with the changes in movement. I would be doing one exercise only to look up at the video and they had all changed to something else. The descriptions of the pressure points weren't clear enough. Sure, some of the stretches definitely felt good, but because the tape was so broken up in segments, I felt like I didn't really experience a real "workout". A better tape for beginners is Discovering Chi. That one has a warm-up, great stretches and a real feeling of moving the chi around. Plus it doesn't have the flashiness and phony-seeming presense of David Carradine....more info


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