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Roger cobb is a swinging bachelor who is a lawyer but would rather be a jazz musician. Edwina cutwater is an ailing spinster who is given a second chance at life if her soul can be transported into that of another woman. Unfortunately her soul winds up taking over the entire right side of roger cobb. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 05/20/2003 Starring: Lily Tomlin Steve Martin Run time: 93 minutes Rating: Pg

This 1984 Carl Reiner comedy is one of the best film showcases of Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin's sundry talents. Tomlin plays a sickly spinster who is given the chance to transfer her soul to the body of another woman, and thus go on living. But the magic man who is supposed to make this happen goofs up and locks her spirit inside a bachelor lawyer (Martin)--or, more accurately, within the right half of the poor fellow's body. Suddenly, the swinging man-about-town is literally at odds with himself, unable to make a self-determining decision without a huge internal struggle. Martin's physical comedy, always remarkable, is absolutely inspired this time around, as he convincingly portrays a man split down the middle between opposing sensibilities. This is also one of the best films by Reiner, a filmmaker whose novel ideas are sometimes more striking than their execution. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Good times...
    This is one othe movies made in the good times when Steve MArtin still could make the audience laugh with his acting... It has a good plot, good sequences, very good script....more info
  • Disapponinted
    I'm very disappointed because the product description read "Closed-captioned" and guess what, it is not closed-captioned. I don't have a problem with that, but I wanted to watch this movie (which I love) with my husband, who has a hard time understanding English and has never seen it. Now, I'll have to watch it by myself....more info
  • Fantastic performances, crappy DVD
    I love this movie. One of Steve Martin's greatest physical performances....truly amazing.

    But this bare-bones, pan&scan DVD has been out for years.

    This movies deserves a special edition....but I would be happy with just Anamorphic Widescreen.

    If you have a 27" or smaller tv, get the movie.

    I am waiting. ...more info
  • In summary...
    Steve Martin's physical comedy doesn't overshadow his character's soul-sharing experience. Lilly Tomlin puts on airs as a dead debutante. The two make an exceptional comedic team. The way they play off one another is what makes this movie fun to watch. Of course, a beautiful two-faced antagonist, a spiritual advisor who speaks broken English and a blind jazzman also help make the movie what it is: a fantastical 1980s comedy with a spirited heart. ...more info
  • A difficult concept beautifully executed
    I don't know how receptive the studios were when this story was pitched but the entire concept must have been a hard sell as well as a hard one to write. Through a series of unfortunate incidents, a rich heiress dies and finds her spirit stuck in the body of a lawyer she recently dismissed. The story largely revolves around how the heiress (Tomlin) and the lawyer (Martin) cope with sharing a body (he gets the left half, she gets the right half) and dealing with their disparate personalities.

    Since Tomlin is "trapped" inside Martin, the writers and flimmakers had to come up with a means by which the two characters could face each other and offer a feeling that the heiress's presence could be sensed by the audience at all times even when only Martin was on camera. This was brilliantly and deftly done to comedic and sympathetic effect. The characters are not only funny but you feel for them.

    In my opinion, this is Steve Martin's finest work (followed by the greatly underrated Bowfinger). He's good when he's dumb but he's great when he's cleverly quipping and being sarcastic (something he doesn't get to do much of anymore in his movies, unfortunately). His physical comedy is so tremendously good that he never makes the viewer doubt for a second that there is someone else in there with him. And, unlike much physical comedy in movies, it doesn't feel contrived or like a pratfall.

    Tomlin is also very good as Edwina, the heiress, but she didn't have as demanding a role as Martin. She does succeed very well in making us empathize with someone who initially seems wholly unappealing and has quite a few good, funny lines of her own. There is a courtroom scene where Edwina has to ad lib while Roger (Martin) is asleep which is particularly nice voice work by Tomlin.

    The only thing about this movie that I didn't buy 100% was the romantic chemistry between Tomlin and Martin. I believe there was genuine affection between the actors but their rapport strikes one as more fraternal than romantic. Still, it's a minor issue and perhaps only my subjective take.

    Good comedy is hard to come by these days so we should take advantage of the rich library of movies from the recent past and I'm pleased this movie has been released on DVD. I can't imagine anyone not laughing out loud plenty while watching "All of Me."...more info
  • True classic
    Steve Martin used to make great funny movies, unlike trite ones like Cheaper by the Dozen and Pink Panther. His humor is not gross but there is wit and inventive slapstick that makes for a hilarious movie. Tomlin is also great as the selfish rich woman who inhabits Steve's body. Enough with the remakes, let's see more original work. Until then the older movies hold up and are good for a lot of laughs....more info
  • My all-time favorite movie!
    Whimsical, light-hearted, hilarious, silly, romantic-comedy-cum-whacky-slapstick! So happy to find it on!...more info
  • good film
    this film is still funny after all of these years.Stevie Martin is still one wild&crazy Guy.Lily Tomlin is equally funny.this is pre-Jerry Springer ERA stuff.what was weird in 84 became normal on Jerry....more info
  • What woman hasn't wanted to know what a man was thinking?
    How exactly do you get alone time when you have someone sharing your body? Wait until they fall asleep, duh!
    My favorite is Steve Martin sauntering down the street with Lily Tomlin in control of one very feminine looking hand. These two have a lot to teach each other about how to live life and they sure will if they ever stop bickering. ...more info
  • They Dance as if Nobody's Looking
    "All of Me," a 1984 romantic comedy/fantasy starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, directed by Carl Reiner, catches all three stars at the top of their form. Tomlin plays Edwina Cutwater, spoiled rich brat of fragile health. Steve Martin is Roger Cobb, hapless lawyer of working class origins who'd really rather be a jazzman. Selma Diamond ("Night Court") is just right as Cobb's law secretary in a part that feels like it was written for her. Richard Libertini is over the top as Prahka, eastern swami, in a part that also feels like it must have been written for him. And then there's Victoria Tennant as Terri Hoskins, beautiful daughter of Cutwater's stable man.

    After a lifetime of threatening to die any minute, Cutwater is actually dying. She makes arrangements with Prahka so as to transfer her soul into Terri Hoskins's tidy body. Then the heiress requires Cobb, as he protests all the way, to write the unusual will leaving everything to Hoskins. The heiress dies, Prahka trips, and her soul goes into Cobb's body, where it controls his right side.

    Many people speak of Martin's gift for physical comedy, and praise his three inspired scenes early in the picture. First on the street, struggling to walk to his office building, then, somewhat later, his efforts to relieve himself, and to make love to Hoskins, all with Cutwater supposedly controlling half his body. Hilarious these three scenes are, as is his split personality courtroom scene. But they can't compete with the touching last scene, as Martin and Tomlin, their characters freed at last, do a wild and crazy jitterbug to "All of Me." They say you should dance as if nobody's looking; that's what these popular comic actors here achieve.

    ...more info
  • Great Movie....Great Price!!!
    This product was just as described and a much better bargain than buying it at the store. ...more info
  • Feel good comedy that's actually funny (occasionly).
    This is that type of movie that has one really hilarious scene and the rest of the movie is only so-so. Steve Martin, whose probably the funniest man alive right now, is delightful as a man with control of half of his body, but Liley Tomlin is downright annoying....more info
  • Weird, but great!
    This is a very funny movie, and I reccomend it to anyone into comedeys. Despite the strange story and even weirder ending, it's a fun movie to watch with friends....more info
  • All Of Me
    I love this movie! An older film with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, but very enjoyable. A woman dies and leaves her soul to a woman who turns out to be a Steve has to find a way to cope with Lily getting put into him and getting her in the body of the deceitfil woman....more info
    The New York Times review quote... "The best American comedy since Tootsie" that appears on the cover of this DVD sums it up best! "ALL OF ME" achieves what few 80's comedies did, it manages to be smart and funny, superbly Directed by Carl Reiner. Before Steve Martin became king of the remake ("FATHER OF THE BRIDE", "SGT. BILKO", "OUT OF TOWNERS", "CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN") he scored big with this original comedy gem taking home a Golden Globe for Best Actor! Ms. Tomlin is flawless! A great comic team who only worked together again for a brief scene in the drama "AND THE BAND PLAYED ON" It would be great to see Martin and Tomlin team up again either on the big or small screen. About this DVD edition... overall poor picture (full screen) and sound (mono) quality! with only the trailer and scene selection as special features. I would love to see Anchor Bay get this title and do their deluxe style DVD treatment! Widescreen, original featurette, new cast and crew interviews! Until that time at least we have this great film on DVD! An inferior DVD edition but, at least it's on DVD! Look for it at your local major retail department store... in the bargain bin! Enjoy!...more info
  • Best Martin/Reiner collaboration
    I love Carl Reiner's sense of humor. He helped create some of the very best comedy of the fifties and sixties working with Sid Caesar as actor and writer and then creating a television show about that experience- The Dick Van Dyke Show. Not to mention his work with Mel Brooks in improvised comedy albums. His humor was cutting edge for it's time.

    Then he met a comedian, Steve Martin, with a new kind of self-referencial comedy that not everyone "got" right away. The result was a wonderful comedy film called "The Jerk," which was done in a style no one had seen before. Others followed like "Man with Two Brains," which I love,and "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," which is loved mostly by old movie buffs for it's very inside humor.

    But their best is this film, "All of Me." The idea of teaming Martin with another comic genius, Lily Tomlin, is truly inspired. Reiner asks these performers to do some amazing things with this script, and helps them truly pull it off. Only someone used to working with the likes of Sid Caesar would think that asking so much of an actor was even reasonable. Watch the scene where Steve Martin discovers that the spirit of Tomlin's character has taken over half of his body on a public sidewalk. It's absolutely incredible.

    I don't want to give anything away about this film, so I'll just say,if you have ever liked Steve Martin or Lily Tomlin in anything you must see this film. It's the perfect collaboration of a brilliant comedy writer/director and two brilliant performers....more info
  • Classic Steve Martin Meets Lily Tomlin
    In my opinion, this is one of Steve Martin's best movies. It's a comedy with heart (my favorite kind) and the premise, together with the casting, works remarkably well. Lily Tomlin initially plays a super-rich, bed-ridden grouch. Her plan is to enter the body of a woman whom she has paid to allow her to possess her body on her death. Instead, through an accident, she ends up in Steve Martin's body, and they battle for control. Thus the title -- why not take "all of me"? I highly recommend this movie....more info
  • This is a lighthearted, feel good comedy for all ages!
    This is one of the most enjoyable movies I have seen over the years. If you like the kind of slapstick comedy that Christmas Vacation, The Jerk, and Major Payne have you will enjoy this one. I would recommend this one to anyone who wants a good laugh!...more info
  • Two comic masterpieces in one movie!
    Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin both turn in amazing physical comic performances in this film. I'm talking Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin type skill. This was also a gender bender before they becane fashionable and eventually overdone. Is the plot silly? Sure. So what? The unrealistic is handled smoothly, making it easy to buy in to the story. Have some fun with Steve and Lily at their best....more info
  • Fix de bowl! Fix de bowl!
    Hilarious and wholesome entertainment. Steve Martin isexcellent as a guy who's body is temporarily inhabited by a spinster(Lily Tomlin, absolutely brilliant) after her other post-mortem plans go awry. You'll laugh--oh yes, you'll laugh....more info
  • Love Lily Tomlin, but not this time.
    I bought this after watching a biography on Steve Martin's career and this was listed as one of his great performances. I always liked Lily Tomlin and thought Steve was a good actor for some crazy parts like The Jerk. But this movie just didn't do it for me, too slapstick....more info
  • *Good + Fun Movie*
    A delight to see this movie.It was good and kept me interested.Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin were great together.Anyone can enjoy this....more info
  • All of Me
    Very funny dvd - about the after life. Steve Martin plays the part of a solicitor that become 1/2 possessed by the dead Lily. Very funny to watch and will have you rolling around on the floor in parts....more info
  • Really like this movie
    Big fan of the major actors in this film: Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Tennant. Think the premise is good and silly but really love watching Steve Martin play both his and Lily Tomlin's parts in one body.
    Great music, good silly fun way to spend a few hours....more info
  • side splitting
    This is possibly the funniest movie of all time. Steve Martin is a genius at the top of his game here. If you have a single funny bone in your body you will be rolling on the floor with laughter. You will laugh so hard you cry. This film is irresistable. Get it now!...more info
  • A great comedy
    You've got to love both stars of this crazy, wacky movie. A rare comedy that is funny all the way through to the great ending....more info
  • Fun!
    This movie is great fun primarily because of the incredible Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. Their physical comedy and overall talent make you believe in a plot that is outlandishly far-fetched and not always consistent. They are infuriating and endearing at the same time. And, best of all, there is a happy ending!

    This is a movie you can watch over and over again and still laugh out loud. Enjoy!...more info
  • another excellent teaming of martin and reiner
    what a great accomplishment teaming steve martin and lilly tomlin together in an '80's comedy some times sorely's also another winner from the likes of carl reiner who also directed some of martins other great comedies such as the jerk and dead men don't wear plaid.if you like martin and or tomlin than this film should not disappoint.moments of comedic genius abound for both martin and tomlin.when martin first tries to walk once he has found that tomlin has taken over the left side of his body is pure comedic talent.there are alot of parts in this movie that are laugh out loud.a good comedy that shouldn't be missed....more info
  • wonderfully witty and creative
    Saw it for the first time when I was real young, it was the first real comedy I remember. To this day it still makes me chuckle out loud. Steve Martin is great and the indian guy is stupendously hillarious....more info
  • Least of the Martin/Reiner comedies
    Steve Martin and director Carl Reiner made some wonderful comedies together, but this tale of soul transference from a wealthy woman (Lily Tomlin) to a bachelor lawyer (Martin) is probably the least of them. Martin and Tomlin don't develop much chemistry until the final scene when they dance together while the final credits roll. Martin's physical comedy here is astonishing, but unfortunately, nothing else in the film seems to work. Tomlin isn't very good, perhaps because her roll requires here to remain rather stiff and stationary for the most part, confined within the frames of mirrors. For a true dose of Martin/Reiner magic, I recommend "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" or "The Man with Two Brains."...more info
  • great idea and good execution.
    The theme of this comedy is basically similar to that in the escapist car chase comedy "Thelma and Louise". We have a single women this time, instead of a duo, who has missed out on nearly all the fun things in life, despite being rich in money. Thus, she hires a transcendentalist, while she lays dying, to transfer her soul into the body of a young healthy beautiful woman who hopefully will experience many of the joys she missed. Unfortunately, the soul transfer process goes wrong and she ends up dominating one side of Steve Martin's brain. You can imagine the comedic potential of this situation.
    In the case of "Thelma and Louise", we have a potentially much more realistic situation, with the bored women getting their kicks over a few days before disappearing over a cliff. In the present film, the comedic potential is greater, with Lily Tomlin's character having fun making Martin's character look like a fool, then finally making amends as she is transferred to the body of his girlfriend.(Apparently, her soul can dominate only half a man's brain, but all of a women's brain). Actually, the film could have been a lot funnier if she had been transferred to the bodies of several more men, including Martin's law firm boss. The first part of the film could have been largely dispensed with, as things didn't get interesting until after the soul transfer process. The last scene,in which Martin and Tomlin get into a crazy improvised dance routine and eventually end up together on the floor, is also great. ...more info
    Although Steve Martin won two of the major critics awards for Best Actor for this 1984 comedy, Oscar snubbed him...and they shouldn't have. Martin is purely brilliant as a lawyer who finds himself the host for the spirit of the late Lily Tomlin. It's all pretty nonsensical as to how this happens, but that's not important. Martin and Tomlin are superb in their interactions and Martin's tour de force performance is this comedian's best. The physical and vocal tennis match is simply hilarious. They get fine support from the late Dana Elcar as Martin's rather lascivious boss; Richard Libertini as the mystic who does the soul transfer; and the lovely Victoria Tennant as the "sweet young thing" who isn't so sweet. Director Carl Reiner has helmed a screen classic, and Oscar should be ashamed for not recognizing this amazing performance....more info
  • Martin at His Physically Antic Peak in a Hilarious Screwball Fantasy Farce
    As his recently published memoir, Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life, reminds me, Steve Martin catapulted to mainstream mega-success by bringing zeitgeist freshness onto the comedy scene. When he first transitioned to the big screen, he had quite a productive partnership going with director and fellow comic actor Carl Reiner beginning with his yuk-fest film debut, The Jerk (1979), continuing with the noir film-clip-oriented Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) and the sci-fi farce The Man with Two Brains (1983), and then peaking with this 1984 farce, sadly their last collaboration. Captured in a surprisingly clean version on this 1999 DVD, this is still one of the funniest movies of the 1980's simply because its innately silly concept is executed with side-splitting freshness and a great amount of heart.

    Written by Phil Alden Robinson (who went on to write and direct the definitive fantasy-laden paean to lost fathers, Field of Dreams), the plot concerns Roger Cobb, an idealistic but unfulfilled lawyer who moonlights as a jazz guitarist. His sympathetic boss assigns him a case to handle the estate of sickly Edwina Cutwater, a wealthy eccentric who has decided to have Prahka Lasa, a daffy Tibetan meditation master, transfer her soul into the body of Terry Hoskins, the stableman's comely daughter. That way, Edwina can enjoy life anew in Terry's youthful body while Terry's soul becomes part of the universe. Roger understandably doesn't buy this, but before he can quit the case, he accidentally becomes the recipient of Edwina's soul upon her sudden death in his firm's office. The fun begins in earnest when Roger and Edwina both inhabit the two halves of Roger's body, a comically disastrous situation with their respective sensibilities at war. Needless to say, further complications ensue.

    As Roger, Martin shows that he was one of the most adroit physical actors around with his masterfully antic performance, especially when Edwina first enters Roger's body on the sidewalk and then in inevitably complex scenes involving the men's room and later a lovemaking session. As snooty but vulnerable Edwina, Lily Tomlin has less to do since her voiceover primarily dictates the scenes after the soul transference, but she is still a hilarious match for Martin when they battle for domination over Roger's bodily movements. In probably the most politically incorrect role since Mickey Rooney's Japanese neighbor in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Richard Libertini is downright hilarious as the swami as he seems to make up his own catchphrases on the spot ("Bakinbowl! Bakinbowl!"). Madolyn Smith has one funny scene as Roger's venal fianc®¶e Peggy, and I only wish she could have switched roles with Victoria Tennant, who as Terry, is the film's only marginal disappointment with her stiff manner too much at odds with the rest of the comically dexterous cast. The liberating dance under the closing credits is one of the best endings to any movie comedy. Unfortunately, other than the original theatrical trailer, there are no extras with the current DVD on the market....more info
  • Don't Buy It
    The movie, in and of itself, is a good one (4 stars); but the quality of the DVD is amazingly bad. If I had known that it was even possible for a DVD to come out so badly, I wouldn't have bought it. To boot, it's not in widescreen. ...more info
    Hilarious all the way.
    2 other comedies in the same category, that shouldn't be missed, and definitely belong in every video/DVD collection: "Midnight Run" (Robert DeNiro) and "The Big Lebowski", with my all time favourite movie star ... Jeff Bridges....more info


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