WWE WrestleMania VI - The Ultimate Challenge [VHS]

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  • WWF Wrestlemania VI - Main event only worth seeing
    Here is my review for WWF wrestlemania VI DUD - awful awful match * - bad match ** - okish match *** - good match **** - very good match ***** - perfect match

    Match 1: Koko B. Ware vs. Rick Martel - Martel had just turned heel here and this is basically a 3 minute jobber match here.....nothin special Rating: *1/2

    Match 2: Tag Team Champions The Colosal Connection vs. Demolition - I have always though Andre was the wort wrestler of all time and this proves it.......he wasnt in the ring that long. good finish. Rating: **1/4

    Match 3: Hercules vs. Earthquake - jobber match Rating: *

    Match 4: Mr. Perfect vs. Brutus Beefcake - good match between Henning and Beefcake.....I was shocked when Beefcake went over here. Rating: ***

    Match 5: Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown - awful Rating: DUD

    Match 6: The Hart Foundation vs. The Iron Sheik & Nikolia Volkoff - 19 sec. squash Rating: DUD

    Match 7: Tito Santana vs. Barbarian - okish match, Santana was a big jobber at this point and he gets killed by Barbarian Rating: *

    Match 8: Saphire & Dusty Rhodes vs. Sherri & Macho Man - good mixed tag but saphire cannot wrestle and it is funny watchin her try. Rating: ***

    Match 9: The Rockers vs. Orient Express - these guys have a awesome match at Royal Rumble 91 Rating: *1/2

    Match 10: Dino Bravo vs. Hacksaw Duggan - stupid nothin match Rating: *1/4

    Match 11: Ted DiBiase vs. Jake The Snake - I liked this match but as always a stupid ending, DiBiase is a good performer in the ring Rating: **

    Match 12: Akeem vs. Big Bossman - i hate akeem with a passion!!!!!!!! and this match is terrible Rating: DUD

    Match 13: Rick Rude vs. Superfly Snuka - superfly gets super-squashed Rating: DUD

    Match 14: World Champion Hulk Hogan vs. The Warrior - awesome match and it kills everyting else.....very very good match that everybody loved Rating: *****

    Bottom Line: 1 good match..........warrior vs. hogan otherwise dont waste ure time...more info

  • One of the greatest WrestleMania's of all time!
    I have watched this spectacular event over and over again and it gets better every time I see it. Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior put on their best performance ever in probably the best wrestling match ever. This is a must-see event!...more info
  • EPIC
    Some people say the Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels is the best main event in Wrestle Mania history. Some other people like me, would argue that Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior is a close second or number 1! This is this biggest epic in WWF history no doubt about it. The clash of the titans. Hulk Hogan the WWF champion. Ultimate Warrior the WWF Intercontinental champion. Battling eachother in the ring at Wrestle Mania! How can anything get bigger. If you are still a hulkamaniac or you love the Ultimate Warrior than I suggest you buy this now! Another good match is Dusty Rodes and the late Sapphire vs. Macho Man and Sensational Sharri. The reason I only gave it 4 stars because all the other matches were boring and aren't worth mentioning. Clash of the titans! This will go down as one of the best Wrestle Manias in history for sure!...more info
  • Great Event
    I had the priviledge to be at this great wm. And I can say that it was the 2nd best wm ever (next to wm3) GET THIS VIDEO!!!!...more info
  • A Match that Made a Pay-per-view
    While one would have to be absurdly ignorant to think that both Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior could eeeeeever be considered good workers, Wrestlemania 6 proved that they could at least put on a good wrestling match. Not only that, but as the match was FAR from a technical masterpiece, I've never seen a match with as much excitement spewing from a live crowd. The "heat" generated in this 22 minute classic was deafening from beginning to end. For a 12 year-old mark, who was just getting into wrestling, this match stands as a catalyst that propelled my interest in this fascinating sport. Even today as I stand with a certain sense of indifference and even hatred towards two of the most annoying personalities in wrestling, their influence cannot be diminished. Love 'em or hate 'em, Wrestlemaia 6 is a must see....more info
  • Hogan Vs Warrior Greatest Of All Time ?
    "Do you want to live forever" what exactly the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk meant by this i am not sure. But one thing is for sure if you don't you have to see this match before you pop off. Possibly THE greatest match i have ever seen (The recent Cactus Jack Triple H coming a close second). While i was watching this i literally had goosebumps with excitement, i was on the edge of my seat, to say i enjoyed it deserves a Gorilla press followed by a leg drop. You MUST see this fight. The undercard was a tad disapointing especially Macho Man and Queen Sherri vs Dusty Rhodes and Saphire. If you wanna know it went as follows: Hart Foundation v Bolsheviks, Koko B.Ware vs The Model, Tito Santana v Barbarian, Hacksaw Jim Duggan v Dino Bravo, Rockers v Orient Express, Jimmy Snuka v Ravishing Rick Rude, Roddy Piper v Bad News Brown, Brutus Beefcake v Mr.Perfect, Big Boss Man v Akeem, Hercules v Earthquake, Jake The Snake v Ted Dibiase, Colossal Connection v Demolition. But why would you want to know this just fast forward it to Hulk v Warrior and be amazed. In fact i'm gonna go watch it again.

    ps. It only gets 4 stars because the undercard is not too hot but there are a lot of good matches none the less...more info

  • Wrestlemania 6 Review
    My reviews are out of 5

    1. Rick Martel vs. Koko B. Ware 2 stars

    2. Demolition Ax and Demolition Smash vs. Andre The Giant and Haku 1 star.. This match sucked...Andre's health was going downhill in this time of his life.. R.I.P Andre

    3. Earthquake vs. Hercules 1 star.. Squash stuff

    4. Brutus The Barber Beefcake vs. Mr. Perfect 2 1/4 stars.. Not good and not bad.. Borderline

    5. Bad News Brown vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper.. 2 stars.. Piper deserved better for Wrestlemania

    6. Bret Hart and Jim The Anvil Neidhart vs. Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov-- 1 3/4 stars.. Sorry Bret.. You're my favorite but Vince only gave you a minute..?.. Didn't have time to develop. Nor did Bret have good opponents......

    7. Tito Santana vs. The Barbarian- 4 stars.. Yup you got me right.. This match was a great match.. This, in my opinion would be an excellent opener.. Of course Tito took the beating for Barbarian, made him look good, and basically carried this match.. Thats why Tito is another one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time.. Good match...

    8. Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire vs. Macho Man and Sensational Sherri-- 1 stars.. This match is very boring.. Macho and Dusty deserved better.. This match is so boring that I've never completed this match without the fast forward button

    9. Tanaka and Sato vs. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty-- I give this match 3 stars.. I enjoyed this match.. And by the way Marty was the main attraction to the Rockers.. And the reason why Shawn took all the bumps is because Marty was older and always hurt.. Marty is another underrated wrestler.. Good match

    10. Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo-- Sorry Duggan.. I like your gimmick... But this match gets a 1.. This was a waste

    11. Ted Dibiase vs. Jake The Snake Roberts-- This match was sorry in my opinion.. It gets a 1 3/4.. The reason why is it had a few moments but then nothing.. Plus Dibiase is another underrated wrestler.

    12. Akeem vs. Big Boss Man- How in the hell can this be the second to last match.. This match was the worse on the card.. So bad I give it 0 points

    13. Jimmy Snuka vs. Rick Rude-- I did enjoy this match as well.. Snuka jobbed to another underrated wrestler in Rick Rude.. I give it 2 3/4 stars.

    14. Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan-- Well well.. This was the best on the card.. Crowd was into it.. And Warrior "wrestled" good tonight and so did Hogan.. People say Warrior repeated moves.. Blah Blah. I say that he put on a good match.. The only thing is.. Warrior was consistently not a good wrestler.. Wrestlemania 7 with Savage beat this.. I'm sorry here this match was really good and kept me on my heels.. 5 stars.. And I'm not being generous either......more info
  • Any True Wrestling Fan
    This was without a doubt an action packed spectacular PPV that was/is truly great not only for its current time, but also for today. Aside from the obvious main event between Hogan and the Warrior, there were other truly fantastic ones such as: Jake The Snake and The Million Dollar Man, Big Boss Man and Akeem, The infamous mixed tag match and one of the greatest tag team title matches of all time! There was truly great creativity involved in this one, as it unfolded into a masterpiece, that has made legendary history, and is a great collecters item....more info
  • The Ultimate Video
    This was one of my favorite wrestlemanias of all time. It took place at the Sky Dome in Toronto with the best main event of all time, Ultimate Warrior VS Hulk Hogan, and to top that it off it was also title for title which means who ever wins gets both the Intercontential and World Heavyweight Championships. I wont till you the end but I will say it has a surprise ending....more info




  • Hogan and Warrior (What more could you say?)
    I thought that this has to be one the best Wrestlemania's right up there with WM 14. It had all sort of good matches. The most entertaing match is the mixed tag match between Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire vs The Macho Man Randy Savage & Sherri. If you like brawls, then watch Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Bad News Brown, it is hillrous how Piper looks when he comes down to wrestle for this one. This also features Andre the Giant's last wrestling match ever. But, I think that the event that stands out the most is the Main Event between Huld Hogan and the Ulitimate Warrior for the World Title. Both very popular superstars giving it there all in front of 67,000. It would've been nice to seen the Warrior's career to be better than that one title reign, but I would definitely recommend this tape. It would be a classic for years to come....more info
  • ok bad bad bad bad
    1st off hogan vs warrior worst wm main event of all time hell brock vs goldburg was better then this trash just shows u how bad they are.do not buy this tape.hogan vs andre was a better match then this....more info
  • good, but not best
    This is a good wrestlemania, and the hogan vs. warrior was okay, but liked 3,7,8 better....more info
  • The two greatest wrestlers in history clash. Warrior rules!
    Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior is by far the best wrestling match ever. It deplicts Good vs. Good, in order to see which of the best is better. I saw it first hand and I will never foget it. The Ultimate Warrior proved, once again, That he is The Ultimate Power in wrestling. When you see this, You'll know why. They'd better get him back into wrestling, It's where he belongs ! FEEL THE POWER OF THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!...more info
  • Ultimate Challenge Indeed
    WM6 houses the best mian event of the first 17 WM. Hogan vs. Warrior. Champion vs. Champion. Though; my favorite wrestler of all time falls this time; it is still a match for the ages. The undercard is a little lacking which is why it lost a star; but still isn't too bad. A must buy if only for the main event....more info
  • WrestleMania VI
    Koko B Ware VS Rick Martel: I love Martel as a heel and I wish WWF did more with this guy. A decent match but nothing special.

    Demolition VS Haku and Andre The Giant: I'll never know why WWF pushed Demolition so hard. They were the WWF's answer to Road Warriors but in every WWF match ive seen of them, they sucked. Andre was in poor health and nearing the end of his career. Haku was a great wrestler but never used much.

    Earthquake VS Hercules: Who cares?

    Brutus Beefcake VS Mr Perfect: If Beefcake was not Hogan's best friend, where would he be. Perfect is fun to watch and Beefcake did have his moments. A decent match up with Beefcake getting the upset (in my eyes) win at the end.

    Bad News Brown VS Roddy Piper: Piper paints himself half black. Other then that, this match was a crapfest with no clear winner.

    Hart Foundation VS Bolsheviks: In the early years of WrestleMania it seemed the WWF tried to crowd as many wrestlers and matches on one card. Thats a good thing but most of the matches were short and ended quickly. The Hart Foundation wins in 19 seconds and talent is wasted.

    Tito Santana VS Barbarian: Ive always liked Barbarian, even though he was anther bad guy with nothing to do but job. He put on a good match and the end looked vicious.

    Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire VS Randy Savge and Sherri Martel: First ever intergender tag match in WWF history. This match sucked beyond belief and Savage deserved better.

    Orient Express VS Rockers: These two teams had a great feud going, this match was not the best but still good. The ending sucked though.

    Jim Duggan VS Dino Bravo: I dont care for Duggan or Bravo.

    Ted DiBiase VS Jake Roberts: It went ok but the ending sucked. Roberts really never any success at WrestleMania and most of his matches sucked. DiBiase had the tournament and made it to the finals but he never did anything either. Wasted potential on two great wrestlers.

    Akeem VS Big Bossman: While some didnt care for this match, I enjoyed it and the timing was good.

    Jimmy Snuka VS Rick Rude: Match of the end, no matter how shocking it sounds. They gelled well together for a match that lasted then ten minutes.

    Warrior VS Hogan: I dont care if a million people love this match, I thought it sucked. Hogan does his typical shtick and Warrior pins Hogans in the end.

    Overall, just like any other WrestleMania. Good matches were short and sweet, alot of bad matches, and Hogan in the main event again. ...more info
  • The best wrestler is the ultimate warrior.
    The greatest title match in history I think was hogan and the warrior. I've watch it about 50 times and it's better and better every time. I think this was the best WrestleMania ever and it will stay that way forever....more info
  • The Ultimate Video
    This was one of my favorite wrestlemanias of all time. It took place at the Sky Dome in Toronto with the best main event of all time, Ultimate Warrior VS Hulk Hogan, and to top that it off it was also title for title which means who ever wins gets both the Intercontential and World Heavyweight Championships. I wont till you the end but I will say it has a surprise ending....more info
  • A Great Wrestle Mania!
    This Wrestle Mania is one of the best events the WWF has ever put together. Watch The Intercontinental Champ battle the Heavyweight Champ in a great double title match. Also see Andre The Giant and Haku take on Demolition for tag team gold. Plus so many other exciting matches that only the WWF can bring you. This video is worth the money for all that you get. No doubt about it, buy this video....more info
  • Best Wrestlemania ever!!!
    Warrior vs Hulk is the best match ever. See Demolition and Andres final wrestlemania. Awesome!!...more info
  • A Wrestlmania which Only 2 matches stand out!
    Like Wrestlmania 5, the storylines for the undercard were not as built up as the main event was, with the excption of Jake RobertsVs.Ted Dibase. But what can you say.......WarriorVs.Hogan was unreal, so if you havnt seen it please do it is well worth the money. People seem to forget that this was the last Wrestling appearence for the late great Andre The giant,Which also makes it memerable. It was unreal. The undercard was the complaint....more info
  • One match, saved one event!
    I feel that the Ultimate Warrior winning the WWF title is the biggest buch of B.S I ever saw. And thats the bottom line! CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!!...more info
    WRESTLEMANIA 6 in awesome wrestlemania but it did not have a lot of good match's but the wwf chapionship match relly help it it was the ultimate warrior vs holk hogen one of the best wwf match's ever warrior was the { IC CHAPION} and holk hogen was the { WORLD CHAPION} who wins this ultmate match im not going to tell because i don't want to spoill the fun, WM6 is a must buy for any wrestling fan....more info
  • THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one of the better wrestlemanias. Hogan vs. Warrior. Andre the giant's last match. what else could you say. one of the top 5 wrestlemanias out of all 18 of the westlemanias....more info
  • andre the Giant
    This is really the last ppv you see the late great Andre the Giant.....hogan and warrior was really the first match where ref gets knocked out....pretty cool when everyone comes down the ramp in a little mini wrestling ring....worth $12.00...more info
    This is definetly the most intense Wrestlemania ever!!! The Ultimate Challenge proved to be the Ultimate night in WWF history and in the Toronto Skydome. A promising card and a awesome main event made the event the finest since Wrestlemania 3 also setting a indoor attendance record of about 70,000 fans!

    Champ v.s. Champ, Hogan v.s. Warrior, was a great suprise you think throwing these 2 in a main event would ruin it? Wrong! There was so much electricity in the building that night that it made it an awesome match!!!!

    The undercard kicked to with Demolition challenging Andre the Giant and Haku in Andre's final Wrestlemania match. Other talents included the Rockers,The Hart Foundation, Rick Rude, Ted Dibiase, Jake Roberts and the Barbarian.

    Although the mixed tag was crap the rest was fairly good all the bad stuff was very short and the good stuff which was long made this Wrestlemania excellent! Highly recommended!...more info

  • WRestleMania 6 Is the Great one!!!!!!
    This is one of the greatest wrestlemanias ever! Demolition, Andre's last WM And Finally the best performance ever! Ultimate Warrior defeats HUlkster for the WWF Heavyweight Championship...more info
  • best match in history
    The Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan match was the best match in the history of wrestling. Also, see Andre the Giant in his final match ever in the WWF....more info
  • The Ultimate Wrestlemania
    I haven't seen a man hold two belts since Kurt Angle did before losing them at Wrestlemania this year. I was able to see this, though, because IC champ The Ultimate Warrior won a battle of strength and skill against one of the greatest, Hulk Hogan. With the victory, Warrior won the WWF title and held both belts at the end. But that wasn't the only thing I liked about WMVI, though. Rick Rude vs. Jimmy Snuka pitted two of the most talented WWF superstars ever against each other. Brutus Beefcake cut the hair of the Genius, much to the delight of the fans, after his victory over Mr. Perfect. I liked the rest of the card as well even though I don't remember all the participants, but it was a treat to see Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels back in their days with the Hart Foundation and the Rockers, respectively (whatever happened to Marty Jannetty anyway?). However, Honky Tonk Man should just stick to wrestling, because he can't sing for beans, and I was glad that the Bushwackers broke up his performance. Overall, this was an excellent card that was topped off by a match between two of the greatest of all time, The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, battling it out for each other's belts. Buy it and you will see why this is the Ultimate Wrestlemania...more info
  • Skydome welcomes the Ultimate Challenge
    Wrestlemania 6 is the only of its kind to take place outside of the United States. For the first time in history, a title for title match takes place. WWF Champion-Hulk Hogan goes one on one with WWF Intercontinental Champion-the Ultimate Warrior. The Colossal Connection defend their WWF Tag Team Titles against former champs Demolition. The Million Dollar Title is put up for the first time on PPV when "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase tries to regain his vacated title against Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Another first for the WWF in a special mixed tag team match. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire take on "The Macho King" Randy Savage and Sensational Queen Sherri. Be on the look-out for Miss Elizabeth. In other action, Hercules takes on Earthquake. The Twin Towers are no more as the Big Boss Man takes on Akeem. Watch out for Ted Dibiase in this one. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake takes on Mr. Perfect in an excellent one on one encounter. Rowdy Roddy Piper goes over the line when he takes on Bad News Brown. Superfly Jimmy Snuka returns to Wrestlemania to take on Ravishing Rick Rude. The Rockers face off against the Orient Express. Hacksaw Jim Duggan takes on Dino Bravo. Tito Santana vs. the Barbarian. Koko B. Ware vs. "The Model" Rick Martel. The Hart Foundation vs. the Bolsheviks. Also included is a live performance by Rhythm and Blues, aka the Honky Tonk Man and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine....more info
  • Hogan vs. Warrior was classic
    WrestleMania VI rules! Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior was a legendary bout that every true fan should own!...more info
    The first and only WrestleMania ever held on foreign soil. This WrestleMania has a certain uniqueness mainly due to the main event which featured Intercontinental champion facing Hulk Hogan for his WWF championship belt. The main event gets a little slow, but the rest of the card is fabulous. Andre the Giant turns face in his final WrestleMania match when he and Haku faced Demolition. WrestleMania VI was certainly a marvelous event that should never be forgotten....more info
  • WWF WrestleMania VI The Ultimate Challenge
    WWF WrestleMania VI The Ultimate Challenge
    this event is pretty dam good the ultimate challenge was a very good match it was a excellent match the only problem with this video is that the undercard is not as good as it could be than previous wrestlemania's and the other thing with this video is the quality of the video is pretty (bad) it is in EP play witch is bad cause the quality is not as good also i dont no if it is the original anouncing is (bad) it goes smooth with the crowd sound down and you only here the anouncers it is the usual way it is on 99 and 98 's comentry but then it goes all loud you hear the crowd loudly and the anouncers soft besides the EP play it is a great event the best match was of course the ultimate challenge...more info
  • wwf wrestlemania VI (1990)
    this is one of the best wrestlemania in fact is the best the best match was of course the mainevent as the ultimate warrior wins witch i wanted hulk to win but anyway it is the best ppv the best part of the ppv is the mainevent and how warrior won it was so close as he one by one count if only hulk kicked out sooner he might of regigned his title and would of won ic title but this is the best wrestlemania i own everyone up to 17 and i have pre ordered 18 but this is worth it i would have purchaseed this item for $20.00 or more and they also fight again but in wcw witch that match at halloween havoc 1998 does not even get a speack of wrestlemania 6 tis is the best wrestlemania for $15.00 dollars it is cheap it is good and buy this one before anyothers cause it may go out of print but i would dought it cause wrestlemania is so big this would still be available at wrestlemania 27 it is good buy it as soon as possible...more info
  • Wrestlemania VI - The Ultimate Challenge
    From the Toronto Skydome in April of 1990, this sixth rendition of Wrestlemania should be considered fairly solid entertainment, due to the presence of some entertaining matches mixed with several lackluster ones. As a result, it ranks somewhere in the middle of the road when compared to other Wrestlemania's.

    Here is our rating of the matches on a scale of 1 to 10:

    1. Koko B. Ware vs. Rick "The Model" Martel: 7/10

    A decent opening match -- Martel wins by submission.

    WWF Tag Team Title Match:
    2. Demolition vs. Champions the Colossal Connection
    (Andre the Giant & Haku) w/ Bobby Heenan: 4.5/10

    The match should more accurately be billed as Demolition vs. Haku. As you may know, Demolition gets a three-peat as champions, but Andre grabs the spotlight as the crowd favorite at the end by disposing of Heenan and Haku after they blame him for the loss.

    3. Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Hercules Hernandez: 5/10

    Hernandez's wily enthusiasm initially is entertaining, but the match ends as another squash for Earthquake.

    4. "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig w/ "The Genius" Lanny Poffo vs. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake: 8/10

    Surprisingly good! Beefcake snares the upset win over Hennig. In the post-match shenanigans, Hennig heads for the showers while Brutus escorts the hapless "Genius" back to the barbershop.

    5. Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown: 4/10

    Despite some decent chemistry together, their wild brawl ends in a pointless double count-out.

    6. The Hart Foundation vs. the Bolsheviks: 5/10

    Comedian Steve Allen has some musical fun in the locker room at the Bolsheviks' expense just before they go out and drop a fast one to the Harts. The only reasons we rate this one as high as a "5" is for Allen's tongue-in-cheek participation and that Bret Hart mercifully saved viewers from watching a likely terrible match by ending it in mere seconds.

    7. Tito Santana vs. the Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan: 7.5/10

    Much better than expected. Despite a valiant effort, Santana's losing streak at Wrestlemania inexplicably continues.

    8. Randy Savage & Scary Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (with surprise guest Elizabeth): 6/10

    Awful match. The "6" rating is probably generous if only for Elizabeth's classy presence and the fiery Savage's valiant efforts to salvage what little spark he can from this tag team debacle.

    9. The Rockers vs. the Orient Express: 7.5/10

    Pretty routine stuff, but at least it is worth watching. The Orient Express steal a surprise count-out victory over Michaels & Jannetty.

    10. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo: 2/10

    Have 2 x 4, will travel, as Duggan loses by DQ. The Earthquake then makes a cameo appearance to squash Duggan for no apparent reason in this subpar brawl.

    11. Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Jake "The Snake Roberts: 8/10

    One of the event's best matches ends in a count-out win for DiBiase, but Roberts then gives his nemesis a crowd-pleasing payback (pardon the pun) by stuffing a wad of cash in an "unconscious" DiBiase's mouth.

    12. Big Bossman vs. Akeem: 1.5/10

    After DiBiase makes a surprise appearance, it seems like a good time to make a break for the refrigerator.

    ** Rhythm & Blues (Honky Tonk & Greg Valentine) "perform" their new song before being interrupted by the Bushwhackers. Also, look fast for Diamond Dallas Page driving the pink caddy, which brings the villains to ringside. 3/10

    13. Rick Rude vs. Jimmy Snuka: 3/10

    Rude wins in a dull filler match.

    WWF Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match
    14. Hulk Hogan vs. the Ultimate Warrior: 8.5/10

    It resembles a plodding game of "H-O-R-S-E" watching Hogan and the Warrior trade their best moves. Still, the match is exceptionally good considering the participants involved. Hogan does deserve credit for appearing to surrender the WWF World Title with grace in the Warrior's shining moment.

    Overall, if you can find "Wrestlemania VI" for a reasonable price, it should be worth your investment as long as you keep moderate expectations.

    Also, as a note, beware of the cheap E.P. mode with this video: the picture quality will not likely hold up over time.

    ...more info
  • One Of The Better Wrestlemanias
    This was definitely one of the better Wrestlemanias from a time when there wasn't a wrestling event on ppv every week. Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior have the most surprising match on the show as it is actually watchable. Neither man were ever known for their wrestling skill and if you want to see a Hogan-Warrior match watch this one, not their matches from WCW a couple of years ago.

    Wrestlemania VI was the second most successful WM up to this time and has more good matches than bad, but be warned that this is 1990 WWF not 2001 WWF and compared to today some of these matches move REALLY SLOW. There are several people; Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Earthquake, in early WWF mid-card matches before they became mega-stars. The funniest part of this tape has to be the Honky Tonk Man/Greg Valentine singing skit (wrestling fans keep a sharp eye out for former WCW wrestler Dallas Page who is there chauffer)

    Celebrites appearing here include Steve Allen and watch for Mary Tyler Moore who looks a little embarassed and uncomfortable to have been picked out by the WWF from the crowd.

    I believe this is also the last Wrestlemania with the announcing team of Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura. This was in my opinion the best announcing duo the WWF ever had and present the matches on a level far above today's sophmoric level....more info

  • I was there!
    I remember when I went to the event when I was a kid. The event was just spectaculor! Hogan v.s The Ultimate Warrior the last time you'll see Andre in a WrestleMania event! You MUST buy this video and the crowd was just ROCKING the Dome....more info
  • Many epics abound
    The World Wrestling Federation wasn't sure that a babyface match would work. The fans want to cheer somebody, and they want to boo somebody. The writers were able to step it up, and yes, this main event qualifies as EPIC. It was the best match of Hogan's career, anyway.
    It is a travesty that Roddy Piper never got the push he deserved in the WWF. He later received one in WCW, but Bischoff's lukewarm writing team couldn't sell it. He has a five-star match with Bad News Brown at this event, and it also extends their classic feud; it ends in a double disqualification.
    There are a couple of funny bad matches that only add to this event (Boss Man vs. Akeem?).
    The bottom line: This pay-per-view should have given birth to the "Ultimate" era of sports entertainment, but the writers failed in getting the Warrior into captivating stories for the next year. Also, the Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) make a very good sophomore WrestleMania effort here. I knew that these guys would go on to be huge stars. Well, one out of two ain't bad....more info


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