Very Bad Things

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Peter Berg's dark comedy about a bachelor party gone horribly awry is highly ambitious in its attempts to satirize suburbia, male bonding, and self-help philosophy, and for the most part it does succeed in hitting its targets with a malicious, misanthropic glee. When five buddies arrive in Las Vegas for some pre-wedding shenanigans, things quickly spiral out of control when the requisite prostitute falls victim to a grisly accident, igniting a spark in an already unstable powder keg of personalities. Following the lead of real estate agent and self-help guy Robert (Christian Slater), the men warily agree on a cover-up and covert desert burial. A couple hours and another corpse later, however, they're already at each other's throats, and their escalating breakdowns threaten to disrupt the highly prized wedding of hard-as-nails bride Laura (a stunning Cameron Diaz). Berg, like most actor-turned-directors (this is The Last Seduction star's filmmaking debut) helms the film with a wildly sliding tone and tends to weigh its strengths heavily on its performers. Slater's psycho turn is by far his most inventive yet (he's more in control than ever before), Diaz effectively mixes sunshine with poison, and Jon Favreau is effective and understated as the hapless bridegroom; the rest of the cast, however, tends to play up the histrionics. Be warned, though: Those expecting a sunny-style There's Something About Mary gross-out comedy will probably be shocked by Berg's take-no-prisoners agenda; this is comedy at its absolute blackest, and no one is spared. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • VERY black comedy
    So black that many fail to see the comedy. But it's there - occasionally. The final scene is the film's punch line - and yes, it's funny. In a very sick and twisted way.

    Be warned, this film is not pleasant. Most folks will be better off with a movie that coddles them with familiarity and predictability. Very Bad Things is for the viewer that is not afraid to be taken to horribly uncomfortable places. And to laugh guiltily at things we all know we shouldn't....more info
  • Good purchase, horrible movie
    Movie was in perfect working order, just didn't like movie, couldn't even make it to the end....more info
  • Great acting....not funny though...
    As many other reviewers have stated, I would definitely not call this a comedy (not even a dark comedy). This was much more of a dark drama. However, I will have to disagree with everyone who has said that the acting is poor. I think that Christian Slater did a fantastic job in his role, and the other big name actors and actresses were surprisingly good with what they had to work with. I think the plot was interesting, but not fantastic.

    All in all, if this movie was marketed as a Drama, it would have gotten 4 stars from me. I just don't think it lived up to its reputation as a comedy. The movie itself is good if you let yourself get over the initial shock over the lack of humor, and I will definitely watch it again (and will probably enjoy it more now that I know what I am getting into). Still a good buy, just be prepared for what it is....more info
  • Very Black Comedy
    This very dark film is as good as black comedy gets. An accidental death (don't want to give too much away) at a bachelor party leads to a series of horrific events. Strange and grotesque scenarios occur - escalating into an unexpected ending. Christian Slater plays his role so well its scary. I highly recommend this film - but with a warning: Its not for the faint-hearted....more info
  • black comedy at its best
    come on people, you have to be able to appreciate real reactions from real situations. Expect the unexpected. Although i dont see the sequence of events happening in real life, the events and reactions are however real, =and can be real. So what theres no likeable character, these people act like most real people, "everyone out for themselves". And yes alot of times its funny to see the decision and reactions that people relly make in life. It has a storyline, it has great actors, it has blck comedy. get over it....more info
  • No Better Title
    Some very bad things do in fact happen in this movie. I saw this movie by accident and I am very glad I did.

    I will warn you that this movie has some very gruesome scenes, not just physically, but conceptually as well.
    The movie begins with a group of friends attending a bachelor party in a Las Vegas hotel, where the hired hooker is accidently killed. It is a rollercoaster ride from this point on beginning with the attempted cover-up. More murders/deaths and more cover ups that are beyond bizarre. Camerion Diaz is incredibly annoying (by design) and you find yourself not being sympathetic towards her character in the end.

    This movis is morbidly hysterical and you find youself laughing at things that you would never admit to your mother or your priest! After it was over, I had to repent.

    If you never see another movie, I recommend you see this one....more info

  • "Stag" updated
    This was a good movie. Not great, but well worth watching... when your mom is not around. The cast is perfect and the comedy ensues as the errors compound, erupting in a final "happy" ending. See this movie at least once....more info
  • Depressing movie
    It doesn't even deserve a star. This is the worst movie, I've ever seen. Do not waste your money or your time seeing such a depressive movie. It was rated as a comedy and not a single laugh will come from you if you see it. You can only laugh about yourself for wasting your time on it. Almost all the cast died, and the ones that survived became disabled persons. At the beginning of the movie I was hoping that the movie will improve, but what a mistake, the end is so depressive and will keep you wondering why did I stay staring at the TV watching this terrible movie? The only message is that all the good or wrong you do in your life can be back to you....but what a sadist way to show it!...more info
  • Not a typical movie
    I have never seen a movie that made me feel so uneasy as this movie did. I can't say if i liked it or not. I don't know if i would tell someone to see or not. It was unlike anything i've ever saw. It is by far not that funny, the cover is misleading. I guess i liked it only because it is so different. Good acting and directing. "Pulp Fiction" type of movie, dark. Just keep telling yourself it's just a movie. Give it a try, just be warned....more info
  • Strange masterpiece !!!
    Wow! This movie and the jokes are very strange, but that's why it is sooooo phenomenal. It's a very black comedy. It's the blackest comedy ever made with amazing actors (Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz) and a surprising ending....more info
  • Bachlor party goes bad...
    Five normal guys from L.A. are going to have a bachelor party in Sin City that will blow Kyle (Jon Favreau) away. However, as the title insinuates there are problems waiting for them in Las Vegas. These predicaments intensify while new obstacles begin to develop for the five guys as they try to figure out how to get out of the dilemmas. Very Bad Things illustrates how a wide variety of personalities deals with stress and morality in extreme situations....more info
  • Don't waste your time
    Definitely one of the top ten worst movies of all time. The description of this movie sounded like it could be funny, but it is instead a painfully unfunny attempt at dark humor.
    The characters are not realistic, and the bad acting only made them worse. Cameron Diaz's character has no point in the movie, and Christian Slater was so horrible that I kept wishing his character would get killed off. Most of the movie consists of several people screaming at the same time, very annoying and hard to sit through. The story line starts out with a plot, and then goes nowhere. People just keep getting killed off and it just gets repetitive and predictable. I was hoping that this movie would get better at the end, but it just kept getting painfully worse. Don't waste your time....more info
  • Very much a surprise!
    This black comedy took me 2 sittings to get through it, however I am glad that I did - it is SO sick that it is funny. The high testosterone level of the movie was irritating, ever for this male viewer, but heck - they were in DEEP and didn't really handle it all that well. Saying that, there were some classic scenes of weirdness that I have just never seen before, making it worth the price of admission.

    If you want something to shake you up and you are not upset by tasteless humor, this movie should be on your rental list. Diaz is great, and all the 'bachelors' in the party-gone-bad are pretty good when their time comes, some better than others... Slater was the big name, but he was just simply the scumbucket that all the others worked off of - and I enjoyed the 'other' performances a lot more.

    Give it a run through the VCR when this kind of urge hits ya......more info

  • An Excellent Film
    An excellent movie! A must for any Cameron Diaz fan!...more info
  • Call it a guilty pleasure
    Black comedy... are you kidding me. This one is just a little too over the top to really fall into that category. But just the idea of it is great. It's every woman's nightmare. Her man is on the way with his loser friends to Vegas (much against her protestations) for a weekend of God knows what. Of course you have the classic different personality types. Some ultra conservatives, some guy always looking for an angle, a guy who thinks he's much cooler then he really is, and then the guy in the middle who just so happens to be the fiance of said woman (Cameron Diaz)

    Now throw in the fact that the woman is just an overly uptight and insecure [person] and you know that all manner of mayhem is on it's way. But even I couldn't have imagined the lengths and depths to which these guys would go. The film is just a little to ridiculous for real enjoyment. But nonetheless you'll get some great laughs from it. And if your friends are anything like mine I could really see all of us as the characters in the film.

    Worth a look just don't expect shakespeare (although) you could almost think of it in terms of a greek tragedy....more info

  • Well done but unbearable at times
    On the contrary, the script, directing, and acting is outstanding. It's just so thoroughly repugnant and reprehensible
    that it's easy to dismiss it entirely. This is NOT a comedy and
    should not be viewed as such. I can't believe it's airing on the
    Comedy Central channel. Watching Daniel Stern completely unravel
    was hard enough but the bloodletting and death that's no wonder the film is so villified. Over the top to say the least....more info
  • This Is My Day!
    This movie was recommended to me by a co-worker who couldn't get over how neurotic and hilarious Cameron Diaz was in planning her dream wedding. After a few grimaces during this narrative, I couldn't help some escaped giggles, so I decided to buy it.

    I'm glad that I did because this movie is way beyond any narrative, it must be seen to be believed. This movie is dark but the dialogue is crisp and the film is adept at sucking you in and making you feel all the eye popping guilt, desperation and pending doom of all the members of the bachelor party.

    Give this darkly entertaining film a shot, you'll probably like it inspite of yourself....more info

  • Bad...Bad... Very Bad!!!
    This movie has to be the worst movie I have ever seen. It is so gross, it seems the main plot is to kill a stripper, and then kill all your friends. It is messed up from start to finish. I saw this in the movie theater, and then when it came out on video I saw it again, with the chance of maybe semi liking it. Well... I just hated it more. It was not Cameron Diaz or Christian Slaters better movies, that is for sure....more info
  • Dark, cynical comedy misses its mark
    Can you imagine what it is like to write a review when you are at a loss for words? That was the way I was when Very Bad Things ended. Normally, by the time the credits start to roll, I've got a fair idea of what I will say. In this case, I first had to figure out what it was I had just seen.

    The movie is all energy and no substance. It tries very hard to be a black comedy, but that genre requires that the audience relate to its outrageousness. Very Bad Things gets right up in your face. It is one of the loudest, most abrasive movies I have ever seen. It doesn't work as a "buddy-buddy" picture either, because nobody's anybody's pal here. Every single character turns out to be dislikable, which works in mysteries and psychological thrillers. In other words, I can't tell you if this is a comedy, a drama or a thriller.

    Kyle [Jon Faureu] is about to marry Laura [Cameron Diaz]. We never know why. We do know that Laura is one mean, pushy, self-centered girl. Some of his buddies are intent on taking him to Las Vegas for a bachelor blowout. [For some reason, Vegas has become the symbol of sin in the movies recently. I don't know why. Maybe because it is close to Los Angeles.] There they gamble, get drunk, do drugs and wind up in their suite with a call girl, who is provided by their ring leader, Robert [Christian Slater]. During the wild party, the girl is accidentally killed. Rather than ruin their lives, not to mention Kyle's wedding, they bury the body in the desert.

    Back in L A, they attempt to resume their normal lives, which includes Kyle's marriage to the dreaded Laura. Several members of the group begin to fall apart, and the ever resourceful Robert decides to take care of the situation. You can imagine how.

    Cameron Diaz and Jon Faureu give decent performance. The rest of the cast shouts a lot and makes silly faces. Christian Slater, a talented actor who once seemed destined to take Jack Nicholson's place, is especially disappointing.

    Something tells me that the cast had a very good time making Very Bad Things. Unfortunately, they are like a bunch of mad scientists who have no idea what the results of their work will turn out to be. Writer-driector Peter Berg may indeed be fun to work with, but he has a lot to learn about the subtleties of movie making, as well as about what is entertaining.

    What ultimately brings the film down is its graphic violence. Personally, I find it hard to laugh when my stomach is turning. My dislike of gratuitous violence is not a political. It's simply a turn off. It's like someone telling you a joke, and then punching you in the ribs and screaming, "Get it? Get it? Get it?"

    One thing does disturb me. Very Bad Things is one of several recent high profile movies that are literally mean-spirited. I hope this turns out to be a fluke rather than a trend. The best pictures may sometimes be about mean events, but they are somehow civil about it....more info

  • VERY BAD THINGS...A Very Bad Movie!!
    VERY BAD THINGS is the ultimate "Murphy's Law" movie. Meaning it is a "What can go wrong, will go wrong!" movie. Movies like this are usually funny. Unfortunately, VERY BAD THINGS' script, direction, acting and characterizations are all bad. What could have been a very good story turns into a gut wrenching, hard to watch movie. 5 buddies having a bachelor party for one of their own,hire a stripper to come to a hotel room where the party is being celebrated. During the party, the stripper is accidentally killed. From there, everything goes down hill as each guy involved, tries in their own way to conceal the crime and their guilt... This is not fun to watch. Peter Berg's direction is terrible and each character is hard to sympathize with. By film's end, we are hoping everyone involved gets killed. This is one of the worst movies ever made. An embarrassment to all involved. Adult Film Star Kobe Tai (the stripper "Tina" who gets killed in the film) should keep this movie out of her resume....more info
  • A comedy without jokes is called a satire
    If you look at the graph of reviews for this film, you might notice that it forms a nearly perfect, inverse bell curve. This tells us that a lot of people get it, a lot of people don't, and there are a few who are stumbling around in a fog.

    Technically, the form is a comedy of manners. The humor, in other words, is neither verbal nor physical, but is built into the situations and the interplay between character and action. (I know, explaining takes the fun out, but if you look at some of the reviews here it's clear some deconstruction is required.)

    For example, the villain of the piece (insofar as there is one) is an amped up devotee of a success seminar he's recently attended who uses the lessons learned to cheer-lead his buddies into embarking on a series of senseless murders, each one necessary to cover up the last.

    One of the participants is a fanatically religious Jew who, after going along mindlessly with the first two murders, finally throws a temper-tantrum, insisting that the chopped up corpses, neither of them Jewish, be given a burial consistent with Jewish traditions.

    The film is chock full of such satirical grace notes. But, you have to pay a little attention in order to see and appreciate them.

    If you want to read a superbly clueless review of this film, you could do worse than the original Roger Ebert review:

    What I liked about this film, beyond its zany plot, is the implied commentary on a number of social sacred cows embedded in its subtext. If you don't appreciate subtlety, go catch a "Terminator" re-run....more info
  • One death leads to another, to another, to another....
    How dissapointed am I? I love dark comedy, but this one missed the mark entirely for me. I really thought with a cast like this that this was an underrated gem that slipped through the cracks. Well, I can honestly say (and I know every previous reviewer has said it) that it lives up to its title.

    Basically Favreau is getting married and so its off to Vegas with his best friends for the bachelor party. The stripper is killed by accident and then the blood bath continues as covering up one accidental death is not as easy as they planned. I'm sure each cast member that gets killed off was relieved when it was their time to go to escape this pointless mess. I have never wanted to punch Cameron Diaz more than everytime she opens her mouth in this movie. Not to mention Daniel Stern and his non-stop freak outs. The whole cast deserved better. Save yourself the trouble....more info
  • Very Bad Things
    When I first watched this movie I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be horrified at the violence. In the end, I laughed, realizing this is a very good, very "bad", dark comedy. It shows what can happen if everyone makes the wrong choices all the way down the line after an incident. ...more info
  • Dark comedy at its finest. VERY dark comedy
    Jon Favreau is getting married. But before that he wants to have one last wild trip with his friends. His friends include Christian Slater and Daniel Stern. Jeremy Piven stars as Daniel Stern's brother, and they all go to Vegas and party it up. They are partying in their hotel room and something very bad happens. Jeremy Piven accidentally... I don't want to give it away, but I will just say that it is a serious crime. After the very bad thing happens they keep getting themselves into more and more trouble, and as you can imagine, not all of them are handling it very well. Christian Slater is Mr. Cool, Jon Favreau does his best to stay calm, Jeremy Piven commmitted the crime and it starts eating away at him, and Daniel Stern goes crazy. Jon Favreau's soon to be wife Cameron Diaz plays her role extremely well. She doesn't care about the very bad thing that happened, all that she cares about is her wedding and having it be perfect, and she will do anything to make sure it is perfect.

    There is some good comedy, but it is also pretty scary at times. You can't help but feel bad for these guys. The movie is a roller coaster ride all the way through. It slows down just a little bit by the end, but it is still a great movie. If you are looking for genuine thrills with some comedy mixed in, give this a try.

    4/5...more info
  • audio, video not matched
    The movie arrived quickly and was in good condition. The problem is the audio is about a second behind the video. It appears to be a genuine dvd so it is a mystery why this is....more info
  • Very bad movie.
    Very Bad Things is the worst supposed "dark comedy" ever! Geez the cast is annoying and the characters are so unsympathetic, and Cameron Diaz is compelety miscast, she derserved so much better. Christian Slater thinks he is the best actor that ever lived and just wanted to punch Daniel Stern's face, talk about a drama queen! And I am not sure which is worse, the crime the guys committed or the bizarre ending, what the hell was that about anyway? This film tries so hard to be edgy, unique, and funny but it just isn't. Do me a favor and stay clear from this mess, it's awful, ugh!...more info
  • Utter garbage! A very, very, very, VERY bad film!
    It's not even worth writing about, but maybe it'll save you a few bucks.

    Amazing cast, bad writing and directing. Period! The movie is just one annoying situation after another.

    If you want a great, dramatic guy flick that revolves around a bachelor party, get Stag (1997). It's done right!

    Other great isolation films to watch at night: Judgment Night, The Trigger Effect, Midnight Express, Deep Rising, Cube Zero....more info
  • Payback is a .............
    What comes around, goes around. Karma plain and simple. Really fun movie....more info
  • Darkest Comedy
    The cast, the pacing, the violence, the one liners, this movie kills. If you don't like it, you're a prude or have no sense of humor. This movie kills, understand?...more info
  • Really great.....for awhile
    This is a very good movie, and it would have been a great one....but....the ending is really stupid. I know it's hard to have a great ending in movies, but this one really goes off the track with about 20 minutes left. Overall I liked it, but it just leaves you with a bad taste due to the over silly ending....more info
  • Killer Movie
    I can't believe I missed this movie when it first came out. It's a great dark comedy with an unbelievable cast....more info
  • One of the top ten movies of all time!
    This is one of those movies that you can't stop thinking about for three days. Hilarious dark comedy, excellent acting, twisted plot, all the ingredients for good entertainment.
    ...more info
  • Very Bad Things
    You have to be in the right mood for this one, Good Movie if you are!...more info
  • The power of Christ compels you!
    I really took to 'Very Bad Things' when it came out in '98, and as I watched it the other day with a friend (having not seen it since its run in theatres), I found that I still esteemed the crazed entity with unique fervor.

    I think what's most commendable about 'Very Bad Things', at least for a person like myself, is that this was actor Peter Berg's directorial debut. Not for its technical virtues, which it does possess, but because Berg created a picture of such grim ferocity, holding back so little and, most dangerously, for entering the directing world with a product that, by its neccessity, was going to receive near unanimous criticism for its "distaste".

    Here's the thing... Despite the sensationalistic way the film approaches the most horrific of circumstances, I find 'Very Bad Things' almost brings about within me a sense of empathy because, all in all, the five main characters in the film -- a group of old friends -- are not bad people. Seriously -- how many groups of genuinely decent guys take to Vegas for a buddies' bachelor party? Furthermore, are they inherently despicable because they're getting loaded, snorting cocaine, and generally acting like crazed little boys the night of the event? Oh, but one of them is pounding a prostitute -- if none of the other characteristics qualify at making someone evil, surely this one must. Well, not for me. By and large, these guys appear as likable middle class schmucks, stuck as so many are within a half-baked life. Where many find them unlikable without hesitation, I empathize because they are all flawed; once Favreau's soon-to-be wife is introduced (played bitingly by Diaz), it's hard to view him as much more than a pathetic noodle, completely subserviant to the witch behind the beauty. Then you've got Piven and Stern, playing two dichotomous brothers with a general disdain for each other's personality complex; Piven lively but lost, single and apathetic towards his career, probably acting a bit younger than he should be, while Stern, by contrast, is responsible but neurotic; an uptight family man who's no easier to respect given his Life's accomplishments and anal behaviorisms. Leland Orser's reclusive, enigma of a shy guy doesn't offer much to look up to, and Christian Slater's demented complex made up of a handful of self-help books is easily the most pathetic of the five. Basically, these guys are all normal in some senses but completely deprived in others, and before the night that begins their descenting journey into madness, none of them, in my eye, could be judged as despicable with any justification (okay, so maybe Slater's could, judging by the real estate selling scene). By the film's fateful climax, I was pretty fond of the entire group.

    And so, then, you've got the premise, in my mind; an awful accident occurs in the hotel room in Vegas, and a prostitute is no longer living. Thing is, it wasn't anyone's fault, unless you are seriously to blame Piven for the act (as if the prostitute wasn't responsible for taking part in the circus act); simply a devestating accident. Yet, because of the nature of how the system tends to work, an accident that could still prove to bring down more lives as a consequence. Perhaps if they weren't all coked up, their decision making abilities might have steered them in a better direction. Nope -- they were high as a kite, and scared as an abandoned baby. Essentially, from that point on we see them make one mistake after another, usually out of survival instinct, and by no means the rendered act of will. And so ensues suffering and paranoia for all, reaching a snowball effect until the film finishes. If you ask me, if these guys weren't relatable or capable of likelihood, the film wouldn't last beyond the intial moment of chaotic hysteria... but it does.

    Throughout most of it, the film expresses a nice emphasis of exaggeration, and that lends some comedy to the dire consequences that proceed. But, as many have said before me, 'Very Bad Things' doesn't really seem like a comedy. Slater's character, with his outrageous justifications for their nasty acts, comes as the highpoint of the exaggerated comedy. And yet, it is surely no drama, in the sense of melodrama at least. Rather, it's just a detatched, furious account of bizzarely interesting but fatal situations of, up 'till this point, people who've never encountered such fearful, life-altering experiences. Combined with Berg's energetic direction and, overall, impressive, convincing, intense performances -- wavering between seriousness and comedic (my favorites being Piven, Stern, Orser and Diaz') -- the whole thing is just ashamedly entertaining. It just is. What else can I say?

    I think highly moral people might shun the film, but anyone with a knack for fatalism oughta really dig 'Very Bad Things'. The abuser only abuses because he was abused. While this might be seen as cowardly, I think we all, at least secretly, view many things from such an angle, especially if events as such hit us or those close to us. Indeed, we are all at the whim of the great magnet who, in this case, just happened to cause the asian hooker to slip on the wet bathroom floor, letting her head gracefully plow through the towel hanger on the wall.

    It's dark and it's twisted. It's ugly, for sure. I myself have no issues with people disliking it, and will at least claim not to judge them for it. I just hope that those who are in fact repulsed can at least attempt to understand why some may like it, and not judge them in the unrelenting way many seem to judge the film, which sometimes seems to near the likes of being possessed by a demon....more info
  • You should know what you're getting into.
    By reading the movies discription you should somewhat know what you are getting into. It is hard to find this movie listed anywhere without the word Dark in front of Comedy. Dark generally means that some unpleasant material is covered by the movie. Within this movie genre you also have Grosse Pointe Blank which is a goofy comedy that should hardly be construed as dark and About Schmidt which has virtually no comedic value but is dark. This isn't a laugh a minute comedy, most dark comedies aren't. It is a story that starts out somewhat serious and plausible and is meant to be funny by the shear absurdity of the remaining events. This has violence, gore and some disturbing moments. If you watch this movie with the idea that it IS a movie and is meant to be a fun take on a very serious situation. The cast is great and portray great characters. Cameron Diaz is great as the crazed bride determined to have the perfect wedding. It is an over the top depiction of the bride-to-be who HAS to have her wedding and will not have it ruined for any reason, but it is funny from that standpoint. Watch it more than once because the second time around you'll be more numb to the shock of some of the scenes and be able to enjoy the parts that are supposed to be funny instead of dwelling on the Very Bad Things....more info
  • I know it is a VERY BAD MOVIE
    Before clicking the link on this page for this film I knew that someone would say VERY BAD MOVIE, OR VERY BAD FILM, it is awful, but me and my friend use to laugh when we'd mention the title of this film and at the end when he's spinning around in a wheelchair. How can some of the best actors be in such a film, great cast, bad script, bad movie, it's stupid, and very violent, there are parts that are funny though like when Daniel Stern says "Have you done this before"? when he knew what to do with the body. Yes it is awful, it really is. The darkest "comedy" ever, they went way too far. It's almost as sick as the movie FREEWAY another movie with great actors in such a terrible film. Atrocious films. ...more info
  • Dark comedy still needs to have comedy
    I love a dark comedy more than the next person, and laugh at things that I probably really shouldn't. So I thought this movie, hyped as a very dark comedy, would be right up my alley. Sadly, apart from a few moments here and there, "Very Bad Things" simply fails as a comedy. And it fails as a drama, because every single character is unlikeable and unsympathetic. That's too bad, because the actors are fantastic and do their best with the material given to them. I fault the script, which has problems at best, and the direction and editing, which give the movie a strangely languid character at inopportune times. You could do worse, but this is strictly a rental at best. ...more info
  • One of the sickest movies ever
    I wish I could give this movie zero stars. It's really amazing how someone can inject raw gore, violence, and sick humour into a movie, and try to pass it off as slick comedy, drama, and deep philosophy. This movie is a great example of how a director can actually make a deliberate and hard working effort to produce a despicable movie.
    The sheer perversity in this movie that is dressed up as comedy and paraded as some kind of dark humour is beyond criticism. Do yourself a favour and please don't ever watch this movie if it comes on air. It's not even worth watching for morbid fascination. I terribly resent the fact that I gave up an hour and a half of my life watching it out of sheer curiosity. But then, I may actually be glad that I did. At least it taught me how an exercise in atrocious film making can be....more info
  • Very bad movie....
    My title is pretty obvious, but this film is garbage. I love dark cinema, but I just hated this tripe. It has an overriding smugness and self satisfaction (very typical of the 1990s') that overtakes any comedic elements in it. The hysterical performances (especially Daniel Stern) end up being unintentionally hilarious, because they are so ridiculously over the top, and I don't think that was the point. It was like Peter Berg went out to make a really vile, disgusting film, without any taste, substance, class, or intelligence. Berg did an interview where he said "yeah, throw things at the screen. I know it's horrible." It reminds me of when Jerry Springer used to say "I know my show is trash", thinking that excuses him for making it. It doesn't. Trash is trash, even if you know you're making it. You can have the most heinous subject matter in the world, but if there is intelligence and sincerity behind it, it can work brilliantly as a comedy (Dr. Strangelove is the greatest example of this). The Belgian film Man Bites Dog is more similar in tone to this film, and that film is hilarious, because there's intelligence and real wit behind it. This is just an attempt at cheap shock value. It's not funny, and is definitely not worth your time. ...more info
  • not for the mainstream
    Ok. I'd Like to start this off by asking, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?" If leaving the comfort of your sheltered daily lives for 2 hours to experience something new and different, albeit dark and twisted, then by all means avoid this flick. The movie is a little over the top but, unfortunately stuff like this really does happen! Maybe not to the same extent with the funny little twists of this plot but, believe it or not, there are bad people in the real world. This movie only treis to make a crack at humanity's darker side. Every one of us, like it or not, has the ability to get caught up in a "good time gone bad". I'd say this is one of those little gems that comes along and slips it's way into mainstream media somehow and shocks the general public into the realization that they ARE human and this is why flicks like this get bashed. People don't want to be human, they just want to live in their bubbles. To experience life outside the bubble, go ahead and give this one a shot. The acting is superb and the plot is ridiculous....more info
  • Probably one of the darkest comedies out there...
    If you don't like dark comedy at all, you'll probably hate this movie like so many of the other reviewers. That's a shame, because Very Bad Things is just wicked, and that's what makes it great. I actually went to see this in the theater when it first came out. I was definitely shocked, and quite pleased, to see something like this as it was different than most shiny, happy people movies out there. I can't even think of another movie to liken it to. A group of guys go to Vegas for a bachelor party. Lots of drugs and partying, and a gorgeous stripper who winds up dead. It's purely an accident, and the group covers things up. Or so they think. But there's a lot of loose ends and loose cannons and the fun in this movie is watching them all get tied. Christian Slater is just wonderful and if you love him, you'll love this movie. I couldn't have been more delighted to find it for $5.50. The ending is probably the most disturbing of all, so for all those dark comedy fans, Very Bad Things is full of all the guilty pleasures that we love. ...more info
  • definitely dark and at times very humorous
    yes they have done some very bad things. great movie
    shocks you, scares you, thrills you, chills you, makes you laugh all at once almost. highly recommend this one. it's different roles for each character. and they play their parts part well. I was definitely shocked after seeing this the first time thru. I shall watch it again and again. the ending is nice. the story is very twisted at times. but I think it helps the viewer think of what might happen next before they show it. I am glad I have this on dvd. a true shocking classic movie. That goes to show you that when you do "very bad things" sooner or later your conscience will eat away at you for them and you'll either beg and confess or something else. quite a shock of a movie they made. but it's worth the watch always...more info
  • A Violent and Over-The-Top Black Comedy
    Very Bad Things is a wild black comedy about five friends that go to Las Vegas and have a bachelor party and when one of them invites a stripper,one accidentally murders her and that leads to another murder and then all five bury the two dead bodies in the desert and head back to L.A. and when the wedding is around the corner.Everyone starts killing each other.Some parts are funny but others are so outrageous and wild that it makes this unwatchable and it feels like a wasted rental.Worth a rental or watching on TV(Comedy Central shows it).

    The excellent cast includes Christian Slater,Cameron Diaz,Jon Favreau,Daniel Stern,Jeremy Piven,Leland Orser,and Jeanne Tripplehorn.Written and directed by Peter Berg...more info
  • very bad movie
    If you enjoy watching people scream, fight and kill through an entire movie, then you'll love this one. If not, don't bother. No redeeming value whatsoever. I'd give this negative stars if I could....more info
  • this is the title of my review
    I love this movie! It's just that you must not take the movie too serious. In this movie everything goes wrong and if you can't stand that you should have watched Saved by the bell or something......more info
  • a black hole
    I give this movie a cautious 2 and 1/2 stars in that it is stomach churning and many of the scenes and situations have the potential to temporarily damage one's perception of humanity; especially younger viewers. However, it is intriguing as this movie is the ultimate parody of the yuppie dream. The viciousness and lack of remorse of Christian Slater's character is unsettling; along with his unrelenting rationalization of every black deed they have committed. This movie is not is ironic in the blackest sense of the word. The characters are snatched out of their cookie-cutter lives into a world, created by their own hands no less, that is quickly spiraling out of control. One by one they are killed off by one another until the movie lurches to its sickening finale. The juxtaposition of many young, naive children who are oblivious to what exactly is happening to the sanity and lives of their parents is painful to watch. The biggest hitch, however, is the lack of sense in this movie. The way the events unfold; the police, family members, etc, is logically retarded to say the least....more info
  • BERG YOU SUCK. Sincerely, Marty
    What do you get when you put a bunch of good actors in a movie and have them scream at each other for 90 minutes? Plenty of dark comedy in that! It's funny cuz they kill more people! Then they scream some more! Then Cameron Diaz screams too! Then they all scream for ice scream! WAKKA WAKKA!...more info
  • very dark comedy
    I'm not a huge fan of Peter Berg the actor, but Peter Berg the writer/director made a great movie. It is a well written script, hilarious, though in a very, very dark way. I love the title, so simply understated that it adds to the humor. It's a well thought out, well shot film. And there are some phenomenal performances by Jon Favreau (always a pleasure to watch), Cameron Diaz (who I've never seen do poorly), Leland Orser (in such an understated role), Jeremy Piven, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and the always panicky, Daniel Stern--who does guilt so well. And the star performance is by Christian Slater, who plays his role so well it is a flashback to his heyday when he was getting good roles like this. And for those who bother to dig, there is an extra surprise to add to the humor, Berg cast porn star Kobe Tai as the hooker. This was a well done movie if not a well done dvd. There are no extra features on it. No featurettes or making of. No commentary, though the film seems to beg for one. I'm disapointed in the dvd, but I love the film....more info
  • Very SICK Things
    I dont know why everyoen thinks this movie is so graet. I saw it once and it was about a bunch of idiots who didn't know to kill the idiot who kept teling them to murder people, just becuse he liked that.
    The guy who was getting married shouldnt have let hsi friends hire a prostitue, and then, they shouldn't have done drugs. I had a friend who did drugs but he didn't kill anyone. That I know of.
    Finaly they killed the idiot, but only after nearly everyone else was dead. Then that stupid woman the guy was marrying wanted him to kill his friend and the DOG! What kind of sick person would want to kill the dog? It never murdered anyone or slept with prostitutes or did drugs. The dog should have been the hero of the movie. I forget what happened to the dog, because I stopped watching the movie there and went to get a drink. Anyway, this movie is something that only a murdering, raping, dog-hating druggie would want to watch, over and over. I'd rait it zero stars but I cant....more info
  • "Did you ask about the chairs?"
    Let me preface my review by saying that "Very Bad Things" is not for everybody. It was the first movie I'd ever seen where people walked out of the cinema within the first half hour. Possibly just after the scene with the stripper in the bathroom...
    Let me begin my review by saying that I love this movie. It slaps us in the face with several themes we'd really rather not think about and forces us to for an opinion on situations we'll hopefully never have to encounter. In many ways the movie resembles "Kill Bill vol. 1." in that the totally over-the-top nature of the violence renders it cartoon-like and therefore meaningless. Pretend that this is set in an alternate universe if it makes you feel better...
    The central theme explored in the movie is "Karma", the concept that what goes around comes around. The guys go to Vegas for a bachelor party that goes horribly wrong, and they all end up paying for it in different ways. Comparisons have been drawn between this movie and "Shallow Grave", but I'd also say that "Stag" and "Deliverance" are also valid reference points. Cameron Diaz plays the same character she does in "A life less ordinary", while Jon Favreau revisits "Mikey" from Swingers.
    The movie is shockingly brutal in it's portrayal of the limits people will go to in order to lead a quiet life, and while the end of the movie does take on a somewhat farcical tone, it is ultimately nice to see the wheel of karma spin right round.
    If you like black comedies, Vegas and Deliverance, you'll love Very Bad Things....more info
  • Very Bad Indeed (3? stars)
    This one was recommended to me by my sister, and I would have liked to say that I really enjoyed, but I didn't. It starts off with the groom-to-be Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau) leaving for Las Vegas with his four buddies (played by Leland Orser, Christian Slater, Daniel Stern, and Jeremy Piven) for a wild stag party. However, things go horribly wrong when the Asian stripper (played by Kob®¶ Tai) is impaled, literally and metaphorically, to the wall. To cover this up, they kill the hotel security guard, then dismember and bury their remains in the desert. Even though they swear to secrecy, the problem doesn't go away, and soon they're killing more people and turning on each other.

    A lot of the characters in "Very Bad Things" are very unredeemable and it's hard to feel any sympathy for them (Boyd, for one, played by Slater), save for perhaps Adam (Daniel Stern), who has an overactive conscience. And as for being a comedy--I don't think so. It's very violent. Horror fans might like this--however, being one, I wasn't expecting this; I was expecting a dark comedy. I only laughed a few times when some of the guys got what they deserved, but more than not I was grimacing. So, yeah, in a twisted way it is funny, but this isn't a movie I'd necessarily recommend, unless you're really into black, black--and I mean black--comedies. It's almost an acquired taste.

    In summary: as a comedy it was bad, very bad; but as a thriller, it was good. So, the movie averages out to 3? stars for me....more info

  • A good Hollywood film
    I just saw this film, and I must say what a good film. Much better than the usual bubblegum fare you see people like Cameron Diaz in.

    The only downer is that it seems a little bit like the Danny Boyle film Shallow Grave - also about a group of friends who do whatever it takes to get and stay ahead who end up going crazy and being totally paranoid with each other.

    Note Shallow Grave was released 4 years before Very Bad Things. So I think some Hollywood exec saw that film and decided to make an American black comedy based on a similar premise. However I do recommend both films for anyones insane collection....more info

  • Peter directs a dark comedy that begins good then runs out
    Christian Slater, Jeremy Piven, Jon Favreau,Daniel Stern and Leland Oser go to Vegas and have them selves a bachelor party with a sexy stripper and then it turns out that she turns up dead, also a security guard too. bummer. they get rid of the evidence and take a pact that they wont tell anyone what really happend. but bad habits surface close to Favreaus wedding and Stern flips out and ends up dead. Janeane Tripplehorn suspects some foul play and then she ends up dead, with Jeremy Piven. Christian Slater goes bezerk and attacks Leland Oser and Favreau at the wedding. Cameron Diaz kills him or at least she things she did, but Oser actually kills him by making him fall down a flight of stairs. dark and sometimes comical, this one goes way to dark and ends up somewhat of a thriller more than a comedy. the comedy ends up coming back at the end. not the most worst film of all time but it had some moments. Berg did an ok job on this but it runs out of steam along the way....more info
  • Very bad flick
    Writer/director Peter Berg's bio on the DVD states: "Peter Berg is a member of a small, elite group of performers and filmmakers who are creating vehicles for their multiple talents". It seems to logically follow that satisfied viewers must likewise be a member of a "small, elite" group of viewers who think that disgusting trash is an art form. As you can see from the huge number of negative reviews here at, most viewers of this movie were not part of that "small, elite" group. If you are not sure, your best bet is to rent before buying (and bring your barf bag)....more info
  • Unentertaining violence
    I have seen quite a few black comedies where the violence in the film adds to the whole plot. In "Very Bad Things", the violence is just there to sicken. Diaz and Slater should be ashamed to put their names to this garbage - it really shows a sad and twisted side of life that is just disturbing. I have never seen so many people - myself included - walk out on a film before....more info