The Mighty

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Stone tops an all-star cast in this touching tale of courage. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 04/05/2005 Starring: Sharon Stone Gena Rowlands Run time: 100 minutes Rating: Pg13

Caught between the purest of intentions and unimaginative shortcuts to sentimentality, The Mighty is nevertheless rewarding enough to make it worth seeing. Kieran Culkin stars as Kevin, a terminally ill but spirited young boy who befriends a healthy but illiterate social outcast, Maxwell (Elden Henson). They realize that together they are a stronger, braver force than they are as individuals, and the various opportunities they have to confront persecutors and memories of their bad fathers are handled very effectively by director Peter Chelsom (a very original filmmaker who made the terrific Funny Bones). The curious adult casting includes Sharon Stone (a natural scene-stealer even when she doesn't intend it) as Kevin's saintly mother, and Gillian Anderson in a quite-unbelievable supporting role. Chelsom's lapses in judgment are not terribly significant (imaginary appearances by Camelot-era knights on horseback are the most annoying), though one could argue that a plot to kidnap one of the boys is a cheesy way to underscore the kids' redemptive loyalty to one another. Still, all in all, you can laugh and cry at this tale of rare friendship, and admire the sensitive performances by Chelsom's younger players. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • GREAT Movie
    5 Stars for acting, plot, story. In a class with "It's a Wonderful life" This is what movies are all about. Hidden
    gem - what I call a sleeper: meaning why was it not pushed
    in the media?
    ...more info
  • The Mighty
    We all gave "The Mighty" five stars because they all did really good acting. Kevin {freak} did a really good job acting for his disability, because we all believed he was disabled. Max did a really good acting for his learning disability. Plus he is really large and he has the physical features for the part. They both had a really good relationship with each other even when people are teasing them. We loved the action especially when Max's dad was in the room, that really scared us. Our favorite was when Max's window was open, and Max closes his eyes and then opened them, and his dad was there. The Mighty was a really good, and thrilling movie. We all enjoyed it....more info
  • Only A Bit Like The Book
    I watched this in reading class after reading Freak The Mighty. The movie cut out many important details from the book and made worse scenes to put in their place. If you read the book, you will notice that the movie doesn't resemble it very much and the book is so much better....more info
  • Freaks of Friends
    Max had no brain until he met Freak. Freak is a cripple but extremely smart boy. Max is supposed to be an ugly looking boy who had no brain and was dumb. When Freak and Max met it was not a good start. Then Max takes Freak to the carnival. At one special moment Max picks up the crippled boy named Freak on his shoulders. After that they went on quests and adventures. Later on Max finds out the secret about his dad and that's for you to find out to see the movie and read the book Freak the Mighty.
    There are many similarities between the book and the movie. First, Max and Kevin are friends. In both stories they become Freak the Mighty. Next, in both stories Max is a big ugly kid who is dumb. Lastly, Max lives with his Gram and Grim because his father killed his mother.
    There are also many differences between the book and the movie. First, Max is not a bully in the movie but in the book he is called Kicker. Next, gang never asked Max to join the gang in the book but in the movie the gang was a big part of the bullying.
    I give this movie 5/5 or 100% stars. I thought the movie was fantastic and mind shooting. The characters told a very important story about disabilities and friendship.
    ...more info
  • The Mighty
    This movie "The Mighty" is about two kids overcoming obstacles. One of Max's obstacles was learning how to read and staying positive. One of Kevin's obstacles was overcoming his physical disability. My favorite part of the movie was towards the end. Max had the courage to speak up and talk in front of the class. Lindsay's favorite part was when Kevin got on Max's shoulder and did a slam dunk at the basketball game. We gave this movie five stars because we really liked it and enjoyed it. You should really see this movie because it was funny and at the same time touching....more info
  • The Mighty is mighty!!
    Must have been a sleeper at the box office but that does not reflect on the movie itself. I loved it. A very touching story about a big kid that is supposed to be dumb and his handicapped friend that teaches him to read (but does not read him by his cover.)...more info
  • There's a place I go in my head sometimes.............
    I love this movie!I love the plot, the characters,and the acting.I felt a weird chill when Killer Kane took Max away.I LOVE this movie ......more info
  • The Mighty
    "The Mighty" is a great movie because it shows that people with the biggest differences can become friends. The actors who played Max and Kevin really got into character. They got into character so much, it made you get into the movie and pay attention. People with similar disabilities can relate to this movie, because people with disabilities know that they can become friends with people without disabilities. Kevin and Max's friendship let them accomplish more than they could alone....more info
  • Wonderful and Heartwarming
    Now this is the type of movie all young children should read. And maybe a few of us adults as well....more info
  • Unforgettable
    This movie, touching, inspiring, in parts amusing, and adventurous, tells the story of two boys, who don't fit in , and their adventures based on the credo of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table , to always champion right and good , to be gentle with the weak , and terrible to the wicked. Ultimately it tells of the treasury of their deep friendship.
    Elden Henson plays Max Caine, a gentle giant, who is illiterate and seemingly simple, and a social outcast.

    Kieran Culkin plays Kevin, a severely disabled boy, with a sharp mind and sharp tongue, who has created a fantastic world of books, words and ideas.
    He befriends Max, and together they embark on a series of adventures, while having to overcome the local lowlives and a villain from Max's past.
    Both young actors give a sterling performance

    Sharon Stone shows her versatility as an actress, as Kevin's incredible mother. While this is a very different role, to some of the other stuff she has done, she fits the role as Kevin's beautiful young mother perfectly, and is as just as unforgettable and gorgeous in this part...more info

  • review of the mighty
    Ithink the mighty was a great succes. It could have used a little more detial about kevin's father. I think the mighty would be great for other people to watch. the movie didn't tell much of kevin's pastand how he got the decease. I think the movie could have been a little longer than usual. the mighty was a mix of emotions. this movie teaches us that we can do any thing we put our mind to and if we try hard enough we can succeed. than you for listening to me...more info
  • A gem of a film - Truly Great.
    I agree with all the other reviewers. There is something so inexplicably charming about this movie that makes it most unforgettable. The acting by Henson and Culkin are sincere- with Sharon Stone and Gillian Anderson as great supporting characters. The theme of Arthurian knights is a nice touch on this excellent story. I'm saddened by the fact that this movie did not do as well at the box office. However I don't believe for a moment that the financial earning of a film is a mark of its excellence....more info
  • Great Moral Lesson
    I watched this with my seven year old son. He asked questions about the way people were treating each other through out the movie.

    Now, instead of staring at people with disabilities he says "Hi" and wants to know as much about them as any other human being. "Mighty" did a wonderful job showing him everyone has something to contribute to life and they having feelings and thoughts the same as he does and families, good or bad the same as he does.

    He wants to know as much as possible about King Arthur too! Excellent, well written flick....more info
  • Enjoyable
    Sit back and just enjoy the movie. It's a nice one to watch, and I enjoyed the actors....more info
  • the mighty ; a mighty reveiw
    if you like an emotional movie get this one. ...more info
  • A film about special kids that doesn't patronize
    I enjoyed this film from start to finish, and was bowled over by the performances of the young actors. Based on a children's book, 'Freak the Mighty', the film manages to portray the challenges and friendship of two special young people without being patronizing.

    Max, played brilliantly by Eldon Henson, is a slow boy, big for his age, whose mother was killed by his father, who is now serving a prison sentence. Max is being raised by his grandparents, the appropriately weary Gena Rowlands and Harry Dean Stanton. Max has failed 7th grade twice, and is the butt of teasing and jokes. His life is changed when Kevin, played by Kieran Culkin (Macauley's more-talented younger brother) moves next door with his single mother, well played by Sharon Stone. Kevin is physically disabled, with a degenerative bone disorder. He has compensated for his disability by being a genius. He is also stronger than Max, the only thing he lacks is Max's physical strength. The two work together, with Max being Kevin's legs, and Kevin being Max's brain.

    The world can be an empty place for people who are "different", and Max learns and grows from his friendship with Kevin. The movie never resorts to cheap sentimentality, and this was one of the first films to make me cry in a long time. I don't agree with the criticism that Sharon Stone is too attractive to be Kevin's poor mom. All kinds of people have children with disabilities. There was no need to make Sharon Stone less beautiful, since this film is about the boys, and she is the mom, a supporting role, and her good looks are not really an issue.

    I was disappointed in Gillian Anderson's performance as a white trash biker chick. She seems to be borrowing from the Sandy Dennis school of facial twitches, and feels a need to resort to a southern accent to emphasize that her character is from the wrong side of the tracks. Other than that, the movie is excellent, particularly the performance of Eldin Henson, who has a great future ahead of him....more info

  • *awesome book & movie....but some people have no heart*
    okay, in class we are reading the book freak the mighty, we have not seen the movie yet but i would like to point out one user who posted this review...

    Don't waste your time !!!!, October 15, 2001
    Reviewer: A viewer
    This movie is horrible. The emphasis here is on horrible. You'll catch yourself rolling your eyes as the ... imagines he is in Camelot. Can someone please tell this kid to get a life? Real children do not act this way. This movie lacks drama and creativity in place of blunt realism. Its not a movie that picks you up and makes you dream. Rather this movie makes you think the world ... You'll question why someone would make such a film. Pretty much all of the characters are seedy and trashy. Watch this movie if you would like to know what takes place in the lives of trashy people. For inspriration and beauty into the better things of life look at my favorite movies Shakespeare in Love and Gone With the Wind. And if you really want some blunt realism at least watch a quality film like Good Will Hunting. Moral of the story, DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!. Thanks.

    okay first of all, saying that real children dont act like that makes me want to omg i cant even explain the person said that real children dont act like that and that the kid needs to get a life! o my gosh! he is a kid! leave him alone!! i know it is just a book and that is wat this person needs to understand because he says that the book is full of trashy people or watever and the trashy people are just making the book more interesting and making it have more detail. and he says, "For inspriration and beauty into the better things of life look at my favorite movies Shakespeare in Love and Gone With the Wind. And if you really want some blunt realism at least watch a quality film like Good Will Hunting." well, no wonder he didnt like the movie, in my opinon, this person has bad taste. i saw good will hunting in school or at someones house i dont remember but i saw it...anyways i was bored out of my mind. but on topic once not listen to people like this who have no heart cuz omg THE BOY IS A KID!! ((sorry about this i get mad when people are like this))
    Moral of the story READ THE BOOK, WATCH THE MOVIE!
    thank you
    -A KID...more info
  • There is Always a Way
    Based on "Freak the Mighty", "The Mighty" is a wonderful portrayal of the novel. It is an inspiration to anyone who has obstacles to overcome and is willing to dare to be different. For children of all ages, but especially good for preteens and young teens....more info
  • The once and future...Freak the Mighty!
    How in the HELL did this movie get lost in theatres? Why didn't every critic in America tell the world to see it?

    I remember when I first heard that this book, FREAK THE MIGHTY (by Rodman Philbrick), was going to be made into a movie and that Gillian Anderson was going to play a small role. Well, I went ahead and read the book because (a) I'm an X-Files fan, and (b) I wanted to know what so drew her to the project that she was willing to play a less than a major role.

    The book just tore me apart-- it wasn't just that I'd been a misfit myself in my youth, but the fact that it dealt with sometimes amazing, sometimes painful situations in such a clear-eyed way, never pandering to or underestimating the intelligence of the reader.

    This film, while not adhering to the book to the letter (but damned close) kept the SPIRIT of the book intact, and for that I credit not only the director and screenwriter but the cast. Everyone involved seems to be most concerned with truth-- not is it dramatic, is it sad, is it funny, but is it HONEST?

    While I credit all involved parties with making this film work so well, I have to say that NONE of it would have worked had it not been for the two leads, Elden Hensen and Kieran Culkin. These two ASTOUNDING young men are so utterly concerned with their characters as human beings that there is not a single false note in either performance. Going in, Culkin has an additional challenge/handicap-- the wiseacre type honed by his brother Macauley might well have been expected here, given the no-apologies intelligence that characterizes Kevin/Freak. But Culkin has no interest in just getting laughs-- he seems entirely aware that there are more important treasures to be had from this material.

    That's not to say that there aren't moments that make you smile or yes, laugh, but they happen through the comedy of CHARACTER, not situation. There are no cheap emotions on the screen, nor do they try to elicit them from the viewer. When you laugh and cry at this movie, it is because you feel a PART of the proceedings, not that this is something put in front of you merely to entertain. It is obvious why such stellar actors (Anderson, Sharon Stone, Harry Dean Stanton, Gena Rowlands, James Gandolfini) were drawn to this project-- there is more than enough well-drawn, intelligent material to go around, even to the smallest of roles. I also felt that the film improved on the novel by giving it a bit more an ending; the book just kind of STOPPED, and I was glad to see a bit more resolution. These characters deserved it.

    I give the film 4 stars rather than 5 because of (a) the all-too-real violence and threatened violence seems jarring at times (as it did in the book as well) and (b) the lack of extras on this edition (a truncated behind the scenes featurette and NO commentary tracks, which is positively CRIMINAL given the talent involved).

    So even though neither the film nor the presentation (although the music video by Sting is kind of fun) is perfect, do NOT let that dissuade you from seeing this film. You will not see its like again soon....more info

  • Excellent movie
    Freak the Mighty, a book by Rodman Philbrick, was the inspiration for the movie The Mighty. It is a character-builing story, with two opposites who become a powerful unit against the challenges each must deal with. My eighth graders loved the book when we read it in class; the movie became a wonderful way to compare and contrast the written and the film depictions of the characters. I have added Freak the Mighty to my list of favorite books and The Mighty to my list of favorite movies. ...more info
  • Read the book first
    I do recommend this movie...As a special education teacher, I believe any student with a physical or learning disability should love the book and the movie....more info
  • Uplifting story about the value of friendship
    The Mighty is a fantastic and touching movie that all ages can enjoy. It deals with the friendship of two outcast boys who are quite the opposite of each other, Kevin (Kieran Culkin) is handicapped with a degenerative bone disorder, but clever and quick at inventing things while Max (Eldon Ratliff) is a slow learner and big for his age, who lives with his grandparents. Both learn from each other the importance of friendship and the values of honor, bravery, helping others, and accepting yourself. The cast works really well in all the roles, and all of the acting is very good (especially from the young actors). Sharon Stone surprised me in that she played the role of Kevin's mother well. The end of this movie was so sad despite being a bit predictable, but I thought it was beautifully done although I wished it ended differently, but then I realize how it completes the story. All in all, I found this movie really enjoyable in every way. The characters are endearing, the music is touching and the story is at times humorous yet very touching. The Mighty proves to be a heart-warming movie about friendship and life. Definitely a must-see!...more info
  • best thing I've ever seen
    MAGNIFICENT!! Absolutely beautiful performances brought on by those two boys!! I purchased not long ago and watch this almost every day!! And that ending, just brilliant!! I get this weird feeling every time, you know, where you just want to hold them forever, whoever is going through pain. For those who have seen this, you know what I'm talking about. Even my sisters couldn't shut up about how GORGEOUS those boys were (but hey, this is a weird family, ya know) Anyhoo, it's beautiful!! An absolute must if you have a good heart, just like I do....more info
  • Sense of Empowerment
    this movie is such a wonderful story of two boys who help each other overcome their limits and find their strengths. I applaud this story as such a must see for all teenagers and adults. ...more info
  • The Mighty
    In Miramax Film's The Mighty, starring Kieran Culkin, Elden Henson, Sharon Stone, and James Gandolfini, among others, centers around an illiterate boy who meets and befriends a boy with a physical disability. Elden Henson stars as Max, the illiterate boy, and Kieran Culkin steals the scenes as Kevin, the witty but crippled teenager. The script isn't extraordinarily good, but the theme of friendship resonates throughout the film. Kieran Culkin's Kevin, aka "Freak", the disabled boy whose sharp humor entertained the audience. The carnival sequence with the local bullies who had tortured "Freak" and Max being defeated, is entertaining, but the basketball scene, in which Max and Kevin, conquer via teamwork. The movie's message is that we can accomplish more together than alone is well-received.
    I find that the movie was fairly scripted and a well-aimed meaning of friendship and teamwork. It also sends the message that looks can be deceiving and just because two people may be different doesn't mean they have nothing in common....more info
  • Music and Great Cast
    One of the best parts of this movie is the knights on horseback scenes with the stirring music. The knights look like knights of old. The story line is great and the stars are exceptional....more info
  • Great family movie
    This movie not only has an unusual story, but the actors and actresses make it real. I highly recommend this movie as a great family movie.
    ...more info
  • Pure joy to watch!
    This is a story about all souls, lives and beyond.
    I bought this because I am Gillian Anderson's big fan from, of course, the X-Files, but it was far beyond my expectation.
    Gillian Anderson is real surprise, and the rest of the cast are all fantastic.
    Excellent film! I could watch it a million times. And, by the way, I would like to read the original book this film is based on as well.
    This film makes you happy even after experiencing a trasic event. I surely believe that....more info
  • The Quest of a Lifetime
    This movie was mostly a focus on being proud of who you are no matter what. Freak (Kevin Dylan) has moved to town with his mother, Gwen. Freak has a birth defect and is only about 2 ft. tall. However, what Freak lacks in height, he gains in intelligence. Max Kane is about 7 ft. tall and not very smart. He lives with his grandparents, Gram and Grim. His father is a murderer (Killer Kane). So as you can see, Max has a tough life. But Max and Freak become friends and are "Freak the Mighty, slaying dragons, rescuing fair maidens, and walking high above the world". Freak also teaches Max that he can be smart, and he can read. But what about Killer Kane? Does Freak the Mighty run into any problems? The plot of this movie and a great cast who portrays the characters very well makes it a good movie to watch any day of the week. There are many similarities of the book and movie. The first sentence of the book, which is in first person (told by Max) is, "I never had a brain until Freak came along, and he let me borrow his for a while" covers the movie and book perfectly. This is a movie that is mostly like the book, but slightly different. It is a good movie, and I recommend it....more info
  • Unapologetic tear-jerker, I was deeply moved
    It's a movie about teenager friendship. Sad ending with an awkward attempt to send an uplifting message. Decent acting, GREAT music!

    Yes, it's a feel-good movie.
    Yes, it has a predicatable plot.
    Yes, it's unapologetically sentimental.
    Yes, the knights on horseback scenes are extremely annoying.

    And yes, I was deeply moved by the movie. I just couldn't help it. (This is from a 30+ old guy who sit through Titanic and couldn't stop wondering what all the fuss was about.)
    ...more info
  • Freaks rock
    Have you ever noticed that just because someone is different doesn't mean that they are a bad person? This movie is an inspiring peice with great actors and a wonderful heart-felt script. I would gladly reccomend this movie to anyone who wants a good story with a few tears involved....more info
  • The Mighty
    We gave the film five stars due to the kindness the characters show. We liked how the two boys, eventhough they had disabilities, came together and solved their problems.The movie was about a boy named Kevin,who has a disability where his organs grew too fast for his body,and a boy named Max who had a learning disability, met each other and decided to be each others friend. Together they fought off bullies and learned a lot about each other. Both characters showed friendship, courage, and love towards each other. We recomend this movie to anyone who ever thought they where alone and had no friends....more info
  • An Enjoyable Film of Fantasy and Friendship
    This movie reminded me of some of the friendship themes of REMEMBER THE TITANS and STAND BY ME. The relationship that develops between the 2 boys seems both mythical and yet believable. Some of their adventures are laughable while others are poignant.

    Sting's song FREAK THE MIGHTY not only supports the action on screen but also strengthens the link between medieval fantasy and presentday life that the boys enjoy. Elden Henson is impressive as "Sir Max" and could be an excellent character actor for years to come. ...more info
  • great for family viewing
    This movie is great for familys. I really enjoyed it. The movie is funny and has a great theme. I believe all ages will enjoy this movie. ...more info
  • Very Entertaining, good plot
    This movie has an underlying emotional level that makes it more than just a story of two adolescents who form a friendship. It's sincerely moving and well written. By the end of the movie you really care about the characters....more info
  • The Mighty
    Laura and Jessica enjoyed the movie The Mighty on November 13,2003.The Mighty was a movie that we experienced in our social inclusion class.We liked the fact that Max was able to overcome some of his fears.One of his problems was trying to read.When he met Kevin they knew they would become good friends.

    We enjoyed the fact that the movie teaches ways to learn and make friends .The most touching moment was when Kevin's heart overgrew his body and he died.It brought many tears to our eyes throughout the movie.Many things in the movie we could relate to as teenagers.Our favorite parts were when Kevin went to save Max from his father,and when they became friends and stuck up for eachother.We recommend this movie because it's a good lesson in life to live on....more info

  • One of my favorites
    Ironically, it is not a movie that I would normally enjoy.It is not a love story, has no adventure, and is not comedic in the least bit. However, it is the exception to any and all movies I have seen. It is a touching story about two boys, both outcasts, who learn to conquer the world together. They learn to live life in their world, and be strong. They are two unlikely friends; one is crippled, the other looks like a bully. They form an unbreakable bond. The ending is sad but very well done. The film has an outstanding cast, including Sharon Stone, Gena Renalds,Kieran Culkin, Elden Henson and James Gandolfini. Itis usually difficult to find good child actors, but Kieran Culkin, and Elden Henson are incredible, and hold the movie on their shoulders. Gillian Anderson, I love from The X Files, yet her portrayel as Loretta is so convincing, she is nearly unrecognizable. It definetly shows her wide range of acting capabilities. She was certainly not type cast. This film is one of my favorites, and it is my conviction that it very well could be yours as well. It is a little known movie, I don't know anyone whose seen it other than myself, and that's what annoys me, because it is SO GOOD....more info
  • good cast and good message overshadow the pedestrian script
    "The Mighty" has an excellent message of tolerance, and that is why the film should be shown in junior high schools--diversity in people is important and this film does not ignore that. However, the script and the characters (the way they are written, not played)leave much to be desired. The script is full of hokey lines, and the story veers off into action/adventure too many times--but the ending saves the film. The characters all are underwritten, yet the attractive cast makes the gallery of people interesting. The two young male leads are likable enough, Kulkin being the more watchable of the two, however, the adult actors outdo the kids, in terms of thespian achievement. Gena Rowlands and Gillian Anderson give thoughtful performances in two characters that are written nothing much above cartoon characters. The major scene-stealing that is done in this film is by Sharon Stone as Kulkin's mother, who despite having horrid lines to read, manages to pull her Gwen out of the plaster-saint mold that the writer saddled her with. All in all, a good diversion....more info
  • The Mighty
    My husband and I( we are both age 50 "something") saw this movie for the first time shortly after a dear family member had passed away. "The Mighty" was a real comfort to both of us. "The Mighty" is a GREAT movie for ALL ages!! ...more info
  • The Mighty
    The Mighty is a well made version of the book entitled Freak The Mighty. It follows the book very well but has some differences. The acting was done well and the story is very moving. I reccommend it highly especially for pre-teens and young teen-agers. It shows us that differences don't have to seperate us but can bring us together. This movie is a welcome addtion toour DVD library....more info
  • The Mighty mighty
    I purchased this movie again because I lost my first copy. I used it as a follow up to the reading of the book by the same title. My at risk junior high school students enjoyed both the book and the movie!!! The theme is timeless and the film is well acted. It can be seen over and over again!...more info
  • soundtrack
    I just got the soundtrack.Its awesome!! get it please...more info
  • Wonderful Message Movie
    The Mighty, the video version of Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, sends a wonderful message to all who see it. Of course, my recommendation is to view the movie after reading the book on which it is based. I showed this movie to my special education class for severely emotionally disturbed students after we read the book. My students laughed and cried and cheered at times. The friendship between two outcast children seemed to heal the spirits of both. The memories of that friendship will sustain the Mighty--for the rest of his life. Freak enjoyed the last months of his shortened life going on quests and medieval fantasies with his buddy--the big guy. Neither played to the other's weaknesses and both played to the other's strengths. What a wonderful movie for everyone to see. My only criticism is that the Hollywood people--trying to be so politically correct I am sure---altered the name. They should have left Freak The Mighty as it was. ...more info
  • The Mighty
    we gave 'The Mighty' five stars because is shows us that it is ok to get help from other and to help them in return. Max payed a great part. His struggle wiht his father was so good it almost brought one of us to tears. Kevin wsa great with his sarcastic snse of humor,almost made us forget about his physical disability. Kevin's mom was cool and it was great thatshe just wanted kevin to have a normal life. Max's grandparents remind us of our own grandparentsand and they both payed great parts. Max and Kevin's friendship help them over come physical and mental hard shipes.Their dependence on each other help their freindship grow. You see this movie because you will understand the vaul of friendshiip....more info
  • The Mighty
    This is a great story of a very special friendship shared by two middle school boys,Kevin and Max. Kevin is a victim of a very rare physical disability, and it prevents him from living a normal person's life. Kevin is a very intelligent boy, and he lives in the world of his imagination. Max is an obese boy who suffers from emotional problems and a learning disability. He has failed the seventh grade several times. The boys start becoming friends when Kevin starts helping Max with his reading skills. Here is where the journey begins. These boys have nothing in common, but they can relate to each other about being outcasts, and being abandoned by their fathers at a very early age. Kevin's magical world of knights and their journy for justice is closer to reality than the two boys might think. Through their adventures, they not only become best friends, they become brothers. ...more info
  • Touching
    I watched this movie with a group of friends because we had just fininshed the booked it is based on, "Freak the Mighty". I have to say this is one of the few "Drama" movies I can watch over and over again. The ending had almost all my friends in tears. This is such a good family movie. It really makes you think about what you have and others do not. It also makes you realise even if you get called a "freak" or you have a disabillity, physical or mentally, it doesnt mean you cant get out in the world and have fun. Both Max and Kevin had problems but that didnt stop them from going out on their quests and having fun. This movie will move you....more info
  • It was whack!
    I had to watch this movie in school today. Very boring from beginnig to end. Don't watch....more info
  • Everyone Needs to Read this book!
    The first time I read this book, I laughed, cried, and felt every emotion possible. As a middle school teacher, I made sure I read it to my students. It has become a favorite for the school and most of the students that have read it. The movie is also outanding. This book needs to be a classic.... If you are reading this review, you need to purchase the book and read it to your children, grandchildren or whoever. They will love you forever!!!...more info
  • The Mighty
    This is a very good movie that we saw in class. Chesie's favorite part of the movie was when Max took Freak to see the firework show at carnival. She enjoyed this part of the movie because Max was reaching out to Freak. He started uderstanding Freaks disability a little more. Ashely's favorite part of the movie was when Max was in the room waiting for his tutor. Once Freak came in, Max looked shocked. That showed just because people have a certain disability it dosen't mean they're completey dependent. "The Mighty" was a good movie; however, it was sad at points. Overall it was a great movie because of the lovable characters and lesson that together we can accomplish more than we can on our own....more info
  • best movie
    I've read many books in my life the book was very good i loved it. But when i learned they made a movie I was very excited i rented it the next day. the movie was great one of the best movies I've seen.It deserves 5 full stars . The idea of a handicaped boy and a large boy twice the size of a normal boy who are both out casts who come together to become as one is simply guenuis . It is a movie for the whole family .It shows how a good friend can do you good.all together this movie is great....more info
    At first I thought this was going to be one of those movies that money could have been better spent elsewhere; but because of the actresses I decided to hang in there. And I'm so glad I did. This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It has a wonderful plot that's appropriate for, and appreciated by, all ages. In fact, I highly recommend it for young people in their teens - it delivers a very important message that's sadly missing in today's society.

    I'm 66, my granddaughter's 16, and we both thoroughly loved every minute of it. Just be sure to have a box of tissues handy....more info
  • freak a leak
    The movie The Mighty is about a boy named Max who meets a crippled boy named Kevin. Max has a learning disability. People think he has no brain. Kevin has a lot of brains but he wears braces on his legs and has a lump on his back. Kevin also has a disease where his body is not growing but his organs are. Max and Kevin become friends. They help one another throughout the movie. Kevin gives Max a brain and Max gives Kevin legs.
    There are many similarities between the book and the movie. First, every one thinks Max has no brain. People think this because he got left back twice and he doesn't speak to anyone. Secondly, he lives with his grandparents because dad killed his mom. His grandparents hate his dad but they believe he has his mother's heart. Lastly, Max and Freak become friends. Together they read about King Arthur and go on quest.
    There are many differences between the book and the movie. First, in the book it takes place during the summer. In the movie the story takes place during the school year and winter. Another difference is max is a bully in the book in the movie he gets bully from some punks. Freak gets sick on his birthday in the movie he gets sick on Christmas. Lastly freak dies on hospital in the movie freak dies one week after Christmas.
    I give the movie 5 ***** because the movie was good.
    The characters were very realistic.

    ...more info


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