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Relaxation is key in Denise Austin: Stretch and Flex. This 30- minute session stages a calming and restorative routine of limbering and lengthening poses that have the possibility of relaxing both body and mind. Austin presents this class in a low-key manner, using a soft voice to deliver informative directional cues. Participants familiar with yoga will find a comfortable cross-section of yoga postures throughout this format. A broad range of people can enjoy the dual benefit and applicability of this exercise style because it is slow and safe (yet effective). All major muscles of the body are given attention through overhead extensions of the arms, deep lunges, and forward bends. Transitions from pose to pose are exact and fluid, without being overly challenging or ineffective. New age music plays in the background and a peaceful aura exudes from the light-colored surroundings on the set. This video offers increased flexibility and muscle elasticity, which can speed metabolism and stave off exercise-induced injuries to tendons and joints. A light warm-up (for example, a 10-minute walk) would complement this class well, allowing participants to hold stretches longer and move deeper into each pose. Overall Denise Austin: Stretch and Flex would be a welcome accompaniment to any fitness regimen because of the terrific attention to safety. --Olivia Voigts

Customer Reviews:

  • A Secret All-time Favorite
    Denise's Stretch and Flex video is one of my long-time personal favorites -- and I'm a Yoga instructor with twelve years of teaching experience. This is definitely my "stretch of choice", and I'm on my third copy of this video after two others wore out from years of constant use. The stretches are challenging enough to work, and more importantly, Denise stretches the entire body in sequence, going from head to toe so that no muscle group is ignored or glossed over. Years ago, I ran into a fellow Yoga instructor at Starbucks, and both of us admitted to doing this video on a regular basis. We agreed it was a "guilty pleasure". I've ordered this video for my daughter and for friends, and it's traveled on vacation with me all over the U.S. Many of these stretches ARE Yoga-based, but Denise's no-nonsense approach to them makes them accessible and do-able. ...more info
  • Stretch & Flex
    Denise gives a well balanced stretch and flex workout, important for people like me who are out of shape. She keeps within the level where I can feel comfortable, yet challenges me to move that step higher....more info
  • Good flex video
    Good moves and Denise shows proper alignment for each stretch. Excellent video, but a bit too long and Denise's voice is crackly and gravelly. A smoother talker would be nice....more info
  • Feel Better Quickly
    I have used this tape so much I have worn it out and am ordering another one. The tape is easy to follow and only takes about 20 minutes. Moves from standing stretches to floor work with ease. Worth the money....more info
  • Great Video!
    I have been working out pretty hard for my upcoming wedding and have over done it quite a few times. This morning I woke up and my legs hurt so bad I was limping. I did this video and it was like a miracle. The pain was gone! I had to do it again later in the day just because it made me feel so good. I plan on doing this video before working out from now on....more info
  • Does the job.
    This program will indeed stretch you. The stretches are fairly easy while still being effective. It's not too difficult and it's a nice short and to the point program (about 20 minutes). The only drawbacks are the out of date cheezy factor, which isn't really a big deal. Her voice is a tad annoying as she tries to sound breathy and soothing, but doesn't quite pull it off. I don't regret buying it. It does get used but less often then my other stretching/yoga tapes....more info
  • I think this one is a winner
    I purchased this tape from Virgin Mega music store. I reviewed it couple of times, just to make sure it was not a yoga or pilates tape.
    Yesterday I did this tape before going to bed, and after a very on long day... I woke up feeling good. I have decided to do this day 5 nights a week before a hot shower and hitting the bed.
    I am going to incorparate it into my other fitness goals.
    It's very important to stretch and this one appears to be a winner for me!!!!...more info
  • Perfect End to a Stressful Day
    I have had this video for over ten years, and it is still my favorite. Denise's instructions are very specific; she is definately an expert in her field. The background and music are almost as relaxing as the stretches themselves, and the 30-minute length is a blessing when I'm short on time. I always feel calm AND energized when I finish this video!...more info
  • Fabulous for Increasing Flexibility
    Remember back in High School Health Class where they told you that the three major fitness component were Aerobics, Muscle Toning and Flexibility? There are plenty of videos out there that take care of the first two... but not the flexibility. I have been using this tape since in came out in 1993. It came out before the big Yoga and Pilates fad really hit. I have had to replace it several times. It is the best tape for stretching I have yet to find. It's easy and can be used no matter what your fitness level or age. It's only 30 minutes so not overly lengthly. There are very few difficult yoga-like poses. The ones that are featured are challenging enough and can be done with a little practice. Denise uses a calm voice and gives lots of tips for better form and encouragement without being over the top. The colors & lighting of the background along with the "new age" music helps to relax your mind and your body. Do this 3-4 times a week and you will notice a differnce....more info
  • Love It!!
    I love using this tape after I workout, or if I just want to relax at the end of the day. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I've noticed a change in my flexibility, especially while working out. At first I couldn't do her floor stretches because it hurt too much, but now I can do them and it feels great!! I will continue to use this tape and I highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • Wonderful stretch!!
    What a nice relaxing way to wind down at the end of the day and improve flexability and circulation all in just 30 minutes. Denise streches every part of your body in the soothing video, a great stress releaser as well!! As an added bonus my 4yr old daughter just loves to do this with me, she feels so grown up and she can keep up with the slow and easy pace of the streching in the tape, I would recomend it to everyone who just wants to strech out and relax....more info
    I am a big fan of Denise Austin and use many of her tapes, I found I was looking for just a stretching tape and this one is great, it has soft relaxing music playing in the background, and it flows nicely from one stretch to the next. At the end of the tape my whole body feels relaxed and I get a great nights sleep. If you are looking for a great tape to unwind too at the end of the day, I highly recommend this one....more info


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