Boo and Baa on a Cleaning Spree

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Anyone who is familiar with Boo and Baa's rather chaotic adventures in Boo and Baa in the Woods, Boo and Baa at Sea, Boo and Baa Get Wet, and others in the series, will not be surprised to discover that their attempts to clean house go hilariously awry. When Boo vacuums up his sock, the flighty sheep apply their questionable logic to the problem, deciding to open up the vacuum cleaner and dump the contents of the bag on the just-cleaned floor. "There's your sock!" says Baa, unaware of the cloud of dirt rising to fill the room.

For tots with a thing for vacuum cleaners, Boo and Baa on a Cleaning Spree will be a dream come true. Boo and Baa's hilarious brand of straight-faced humor and silly misadventures have enormous appeal for preschoolers, whether domestically inclined or not. (Baby to preschool) --Emilie Coulter

It's spring, and Boo and Baa need to clean their house. Boo vacuums. Baa puts things away. Suddenly the vacuum cleaner sucks up a sock! Boo and Baa have to rescue it. By now the house is dirtier than ever. Luckily, a hot bath and a strong wind solve Boo and Baa's cleaning problem.

Publishers Weekly said of the first two titles in the series, Boo and Baa in a Party Mood and Boo and Baa in Windy Weather, "This shows all the promise of a winning series."
Customer Reviews:
  • don't buy from ELISTICS
    The description written by the seller (elistics) said "gently used, in almost new condition". The price I paid was $19.95. When I received the book, several of the pages had water damage and were stained. When I turned to the back, the original retail price was $7.95. I hope the seller feels good that he/she made a profit off of a teacher teaching children with special needs....more info
  • My niece is Boo and Baa crazy!
    My two and a half-year-old niece has gone Boo and Baa crazy, and requests the Boo and Baa stories several times daily. She makes up little songs about Boo and Baa, and refers to them even when she's not reading the books. I think the appeal is that the stories are about things young children can relate to, and often have experience of, and the hapless sheep find the world as surprising as little ones often do. They may not know why things happen the way they do, but have fun anyway. Also, Boo and Baa are a boy and girl, and they are portrayed as equals. Both are enterprising, both can get a little scared or apprehensive, and they are not slotted into doing "boy things" and "girl things" respectively, but both can do everything, as opposed to many other children's books. This series is a great choice for young readers!...more info
  • Adorable book for vacuum lovers
    My three year old son loves vacuums. This little book is perfect. You can't go wrong buying it!...more info
  • If your child loves vacuums, this is the book for you!
    I bought this book for my son when he was 2 because he was infatuated with vacuum cleaners. It is a very cute book about two sheep who decide to clean their house. They have some mishaps along the way, but they get the job done. If your child loves vacuums, this book is a must-have. It is one of a very few children's books that mentions the vacuum cleaner! It is a cute book even for the non-vacuum-lover!...more info