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  • Track: 10: Die Eier Von Satan,
  • Track: 11: Pushit,
  • Track: 12: Cesaro Summability,
  • Track: 13: Aenema,
  • Track: 14: (-) Ions,
  • Track: 15: Third Eye,
  • Track: 1: Stinkfist,
  • Track: 2: Eulogy,
  • Track: 3: H.,
  • Track: 4: Useful Idiot,
  • Track: 5: Forty Six And 2,
  • Track: 6: Message To Harry Manback,
  • Track: 7: Hooker With A Penis,
  • Track: 8: Intermission,
  • Track: 9: Jimmy
    Media Type: CD
    Artist: TOOL
    Title: AENIMA
    Street Release Date: 10/01/1996
    Genre: HEAVY METAL

    With its heavy-duty distortion, weighty rhythms, and cynical lyrics, Tool is a heavy metal band for the '90s. Rather like Metallica circa ...And Justice for All, the sound is focused heavily on texture, with vocals and guitars layered one atop the other, and heart-pounding drums underlying everything. There's not a whole lot of variety on Tool's second full-length album--most of the songs start off fairly low-key, kicking into high gear for the chorus, and repeat--but Maynard James Keenan's distinctive voice, the prog-rock stylings over a heavy metal base, and a supremely unhealthy dose of vitriol make this the perfect album to bang your head to. --Genevieve Williams
  • Customer Reviews:

    • Modern day Pink Floyd
      Awesome album. The outstanding musicianship of this band bring you to a new world. Its like getting high legally....more info
    • Opinions Don't Fall Here
      This is a masterpiece of art. If you really don't feel this than your taste buds are roasted. There is nothing close to this. Nothing so save your agruements. Listen to it over and over you might grow your buds back. This is all fact by the way. For fully developed brains only....more info
    • "The Sound of a Thousand Dirt Bikes", "Monster Truck Tunes"
      "What A Bloody Bore" I thought to myself and sent about fifteen pieces of hate drenched rubbish hurtling into the trash. Some obscure form of Redneck Entertainment also crossed my mind. On a lighter note, it's just so tasteless.
      And this is coming from someone who can even handle the "Dead Kennedys." At least there is some humor and political sentiment. Gothic Metal Bands are a much more mindful alternative to this ceaseless tirade of grating noise.
      If the music only matched the artwork that created the covers. ...more info
    • A must for Tool fans
      If you like Tool and don't already own this disc, you're missing out. It is the greatest compilation and a standard for any CD collection....more info
    • A Masterpiece
      The album that opened up my third eye. Everything on this album is memorable, and anybody that is a fan of prog metal or even heavy metal owes it to themselves to pick it up....more info
    • Duh
      Tool is the greatest rock/metal/experimental/intellectual based band of this vulgar era. Aenima is just a piece to their quartet explosions of next reality laden experiences....more info
    • Awesome.
      One of my favorite albums ever; certainly one of the solidest of the solid Tool albums out there. Desert island fodder....more info
    • what's not to say?
      I can't see how anybody can be new to this band, but if you are, this is their best album. Not that any of thier albums suck, because Tool is the band that nobody with ears has ever hated. I like the industrial metal riffs, combined with the hallucinatory acid rock, and of course Maynard's mysterious lyrics and passionate vocals. Face it people, THIS BAND ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
    • Genius.
      This is the best album you will ever own. It is pure genius. The arrangement of the music, the lyrics, the timing, just everything will blow your mind. Don't listen to the bad reviews, those people must have an awful taste in music....more info
    • Champions of the Underdog
      "Tool" should be the first thing you see when looking up "Musical artist", these guy's do it naturally perfect, the epitome of cool is tool and this album just starts out with music that becomes embedded in your head because there is something here that is mysterious and catchy and completely different than everything that gets overplayed on the radio in a good way. Tool is music for those people that are searching for depth, talent, and maybe even a way out of the normal.

      As innovative as Pink Floyd this proggressive rock style works for them, the band as a whole seems to become one big musical giant that dosent let up and it SHOWS in "AEnima", it is a musical journey into the abyss of the dark side of Tool before Maynard James Keenans' side project "A Perfect Circle" where he projects his more mellow and very talented soft vocal side yet with a few songs that would remind you of Tool.

      Other talents in the group are drummer Danny Carrey who ive read has traveled the world and taken peices from many musical cultures and molded them together to make one exciting expereince to listen to, his drumming is unreal and i have not heard better yet! The guitar is matched by no one where Adam Jones plays a unique tune that moves you with the sounds and chords that are chosen. Adam also creates the art work for all the dark unexplainable music videos in which tool never reveals themselves but briefly in their music video "Sober" from their "Undertow" album and the never shown on tv music video for "Hush". And joining the band in '94 Justin Chancellor elite bassist for Tool sets the tracks on which tool rides, and does this with ease.

      "AEnima" however happens to be the favorite of 5 (one being an Ep) albums of mine that Tool posseses. All albums are unique in their own way and all are almost completely different from eachother but never loose their legendary sound. They seem to be ripe for the picking on AEnima, it is raw Tool, closer to their fresh beginning days (Opiate and Undertow) that had more of an upbeat tempo than "Lateralus" and "10,000 Days" which seem to be polished up and have a more melodic/euphoric approach.

      On "AEnima"(Track13) maynard expresses his feelings about LA, he refers to the city as "a three ring circus sideshow of freaks". But before you go thinking he's a pessimist there is an agreeable aspect about that. "Eulogy" (Track2) starts off slow with guitar and drum then begins to build up after a quick drum pause an injection of guitar is set to a beautiful ride, then ends in a memorable way with high low high guitar riffs and maynard yelling powerfully, one time, "goodbye" for about 10+ seconds straight, which officially introduces you to the vocal talent he has. "Forty Six & 2" (Track5) has a very interesting base line that builds up into proud guitar riffs and rolling intricate drumming in which maynard continues to build his vocals up from deep down. Every track is good to the last drop. Tracks #4,6,8,10 are not muisc but play a role in the albums theme if listened in its entirety.

      "AEnima" folks, is an album above all if you are a hard rock fan of quality music this is an album that cannot be re-created, re-invented, or mimicked it is definitely a jewel to have in your collection of whatever it is that you listen to, it cannot be passed up.

      "See i think d***s have done some good things for us i really do and if you dont believe d***s have done good things for us do me a favour, go home take all your albums all your tapes and all your cds and burn them, cause you know what? The musicians who made all that great music thats enhanced your lives throughout the years....Rrrrreal f****** high on d***s."
      -Bill Hicks...more info
    • Greatest Tool album
      I am a big Tool fan, got to see them a few weeks ago in Corpus and they rocked. This in my opinion is their finest album. Hands down one of the hardest and most creative albums I have ever heard. This is Tool at their very hardest, and at their very best....more info
    • production masterpiece
      The musical aspects of ?nima and the ritual "file under exercise**" have already been well-covered in the other reviews here. I'll cover an angle that I have never before read about this CD.

      When mixing a record, it is common practice to bring in recordings of other songs, sounds, or whatever to use as references and / or "ear-cleaners".

      This CD has become (for me at least) a Golden-Standard. The sound on it is SO well-produced that it serves as landmark; it not only sets a standard against which other works are measured, it is also like a lighthouse for those mixing new works. It helps one maintain or regain one's bearings in frequency-space.

      ** the comparison of one band to other bands such to allow those who know the music to market it to those who don't. ...more info
    • Metal Masterpiece
      Tool's AEnima will be the album by which all other great hard rock albums will be judged. Not for everyone and not meant to be, AEnima's songs are long, complex, and relentlessly heavy in sound and content. Once you do connect with this album, it may ruin you for other heavy metal or hard rock albums, including other Tool records.

      My wife had a three word review of the AEnima album: "dreary psycho music." I call it the Dark Side of the Moon of heavy metal. It's probably a combination of the two, which may be the secret to its brilliance. ...more info
    • Best. Record. Ever.
      This is without doubt the best CD I have ever owned. Great music, and a pinch of humour....more info
    • Can't go wrong with Tool
      This is the record that started me on my tool journey- I was hooked. I would certainly recommend Lateralus and 10,000 days for those who are just discovering this amazing band. ...more info
    • Amazing
      Aenima is one of my favorite Tool albums. It's just too amazing to put into words....more info
    • 1985 Bears
      It was a time of confusion and chaos, a time in which direction had no meaning.
      Music was a means to connect with something, feel as if he or she singing was speaking directly to you. I discovered TOOL while living in Naples Italy, in discovering Tool, I discovered music, and in music I discovered peace. Have you ever heard people say (for example) the 1985 Chicago Bears are the greatest football team ever? The Bears aren't the greatest team in the world, but the 1985 Bears compared to any other team, in any other time frame were the absolute greatest. Now I'm not saying the 1985 Bears are the greatest football team ever, quite frankly I don't care, but I am trying to make a point. If you look at TOOL during the period in which they made Anemia, it was perfect timing for such music to come out, the lyrics are perfect, the sound, the look, everything. That TOOL can't be compared to the Stones, the Beatles, Sabbath, Hendricks, Zeppelin, ANYONE. That Album made them the greatest, at that time no one was even close to the magic created by TOOL. Now don't get me wrong, I'm the biggest TOOL fan out there, but even I have to be realistic and say there not the greatest, to me they are, but I have no authority to determine the greatest of all time. Over all the Bears are an OK team but the 1985 Bears could probably never be beaten. Over all I think TOOL is great yet overall I think the Beetles are perfect. It's ok though because I'm comforted in knowing that when TOOL made Anemia, it was flawless, perfect. It can not be compared to anything else. I know that the magic is always with them, I'm always comforted when buying a CD, I know it'll be great; they've never let me down. TOOL brought me through a period where I was lost. I will always be thankful for the spiritual connection I had with the music.
      ...more info
    • Perfect Album
      This is the best album of there's and the best album of all time so far. Tool is more than just an average band. They stretch your mind to actually think. This is not casual entertainment, this is important art. If you think you don't like it, listen again....more info
    • Great music
      This is one of the best albums ever made. Tool has something to it where the first time you listen to it through you dont get it all. This is like all other tool albums in the fact that you listen to it and think that its OK, but like some fine wine after a few listens and you learn to fully appreciate the full beauty....more info
    • PURRRRFECTION!!! not enough words to help describe...
      there are just not enough words to describe the perfection that the masters Maynard, Justin, Danny and Adam have mastered on this album, as always. Personally, Aenima is my favorite of the and a few between of TOOL. Great and powerful lyrics, LEAST to say, and the dynamically beautiful and rhythmic ways of the music.....plainly said, BUY IT!!! its powerful, MEANINGFUL, pure, arousing, amusing, and poetically impudent. Everything music should be...EXPRESSION. ...more info
    • How many works of art change your life?
      This collection of music awes and inspires me.

      And now, a poem:

      Start with four strings.
      Narrow, numbered doors
      Pass under footbeats,
      Earbuds bumping their pulse.

      Disinfected flourescent glass
      Dims under tinted lenses
      The passing, fading voices
      Hint at careless hours of

      She, vampire missing teeth,
      Demands evacuation
      While an axe goes missing.
      Cards and pieces wait
      For the next strategic play....more info
    • Perhaps the best album of the 90's.
      From the opening of Stinkfist to the closing seconds of Third Eye, there is absolutely nothing that could be changed for the better. Everything just flows so well in this album I can't think of a single time I have ever skipped a track. This is the one album I would most likely recommend for any new listeners looking for their first experience of Tool. It has some of the more recognizable radio played tracks, like Stinkfist, Eulogy, and Forty-six & 2 (personal favorite). In my opinion this has to be the best album in all of the 90's and was a ray of hope showing that not all groups were going the way of nu-metal....more info
    • getgo
      I was introduced to this band back in 1996 and I was instantly hooked, and then after going to the website and doing research and reading what the band was into I was taken way aback. These people have huge knowlegde base on higher powers-- satan worship. I have done a lot of research and have found that the lead singer has a very offbeat sense of humor and ANYBODY that makes fun of this band will be sorry, I have reported the drummers website for very obscure remarks made and I would seriously reconsider this band since the drummer is a direct affiliate of aleister crowley, who in the most simple sense sacrificed his own son. These band members are not teenagers, they are ADULTS. ...more info
    • Tool's transition from grunge metal into more progressive territories
      I'm going to level with the reader here: I hope I don't dissuade you from buying this album, but I feel that "Lateralus" has thus far proven to be Tool's magnum opus despite the commercial, critical, and cultural success of this album. I'm trying to be more conservative with 5 star ratings as of late simply so I don't look like a fanboy whenever I write an album review.

      But after considering those three points (being the commercial, critical, and cultural success of this album), I had to give it 5 stars.

      Now, album sales really don't indicate anything because today's platinum artist could be tomorrows has-been. Critical success really doesn't mean much either because there's the abundance of favorable reviews directed towards bands who's only qualification of getting a good review is that they fit into the publication's target demographic. But to see how this album influenced fans and peers alike shows that the group did something right with regards to releasing this endeavor.

      When the album came out, most of their contemporaries from the grunge era were fading fast and the ones left remaining didn't have nearly any of the intensity that the band demonstrated on this album. This left them from being considered one of grunge's more eccentric groups to being labeled as the new face of mainstream progressive metal. As such, the band proved to be a hot commodity and generated two videos (Stinkfist and Aenema), two radio singles (46 & 2 and H), and another song that still found radio play on hard rock/metal stations (Eulogy). There was a double-edged sword that came about with their rise to fame. On one hand, true music fans and some innovative acts were able to take great influence and delight from the work composed here. On the other hand, you had too many rock-oriented bands who were so desperate for attention and success that they were trying to emulate either Tool's style to the point of ripping it off or their production in hoping to achieve the capture the same elements found in Tool's works (David Bottrill didn't work with any metal acts prior to his involvement with Tool; that has since changed.)

      Nevertheless, this is still one of those "landmark" albums that is deserving of everything positive said about it (people can hate it if they want, but the longevity of this album and the band itself isn't coincidental, so don't hate on it just because you don't get it.) I've owned three copies of this album before saving it to digital format. You don't need to do all that, but I still recommend picking it up if you haven't yet already. ...more info
    • Greatest rock album ever?
      It might be... Just buy the damn thing if you don't own it. It is incredible from start to finish. You might not get it right away, you might never get it... if that is the case, you are missing out and I feel sorry for you. You will be hard pressed to find a rock album as good as this one. It experiments but at the same time you can just groove to it... It walks a line between unlistenable noise and brutal metal and does it well. Better than just about 99.9% of rock albums out there....more info
    • A Fan Who Came Backwards To Forward...
      Years ago, when I first heard Tool, it wasn't an instant attraction.

      Fast forward ten years...I had been listening to A Perfect Circle for a while, and, I had already started to delve into Tool's insanity.

      Today, as I typically do, albums/CD's that appeal require years of maturation. This is to say, I wear them out in 1 month and dust them off frequently, and then, feel the need to share the love that took years to develop.

      Album order of purchase (not heard) was ... Lateralus - 10,000 Days - Undertow - AEnima. Hysterical... their best release (at least my fave) was the last I bought.

      Are you kidding me? Forty-Six & 2 May be the greatest hard-rock song I've ever heard. Perfect in every way. Lyrically, insightful and intelligent. your face one minute and the next....somber. Ending on a high of course.

      The album on whole just shreds. Eulogy is an amzing experience. (2nd fave) H. ...assaults the mind. Third Eye...? Come on.... And AEnima...God, it makes me want to tell my sister to go (bleeep....bleeep).
      Hardcore at it's best. Upbeat and driven.

      I realize that their later releases are regarded as superior...but from a cat looking at this from a reverse angle, this to me is their best. The album just "fits". Hard, refined, thoughtful, all at the same time. And oh yeah, as many have mentioned, Danny Carey rocks like no other. Amazing beats. Worth the price of admission by himself.

      I'm not a cult-fan...just a fan of great music. To be honest, this s**t blew me away. Not many bands/releases have EVER done that.

      Best listening.

      ...more info
    • This is real music
      The first time I heard Tool, I was a sophomore in college and it was 1999. The song was "Stinkfist" and the song was like nothing I had ever heard before. The vocals, the was mesmerizing, edgy, and it blew me away. Tool was one of the bands that introduced me into a genre of music I would never have considered listening to before.

      This album is one of the few that I could listen to over and over again and it's worth the money to purchase it. Forget about all this crap American Idol music you hear on the radio, that crap they call music from those mainstream pop acts. What you hear on the radio isn't music, the songs I hear on the local hits station all the time are a dime a dozen. Those performers you see on stage at venues such as the Grammy's, the Britney Spear's and Kelly Clarkson's of the pop mainstream world is not the type of music that will stay in your mind a decade later. You'll forget the songs and the singers because, in the end, they all sound a like.

      Do yourself a favor, and try this album out. You won't regret it. ...more info
    • Best album by a band with a lot of great albums
      It's all been said before, this is a classic and masterpiece as far as this genre of music is concerned. One of my top 10 albums of all time. Great production, excellent musicians who actually know how to play their instruments and get the most out of studio equipment. If you haven't heard this get it now.

      And to the 1 star guy complaining about "I get to hear the F word a zillion times" oh NO!! Check out The Wiggles they're probably more your speed....more info
    • ????
      What the hell???? That pretty much sums it up.

      I get it, first off. He's deep, and tortured, but will heal..... through vulgarity apparently. All hail vulgarity.

      It just makes no sense to me, musically. I mean is there actually a form to the songs? It doesn't seem to even be's just random.

      I guess that's what they were going for. Not necessarily music, just noise. Cause noise will drown out sorrow I guess, I don't know.

      But if you're into that sort of thing, pick it up.

      If you like music, avoid this band....more info
    • Best hard-rock band today?
      Perhaps the best hard-rock band today, all of their albums to date play like a pretty respectable "Greatest Hits" , churning out one 4-star rocker after another, interupted by only the occassional 5-star doozie. Hall of Fame sure-shots, making all of their albums almost mandatory purchases. Yeah, that good!...more info
    • Which is the best Tool album? Too hard to decide.
      In my opinion, this and the magnificent Lateralus were 2 of the best albums put out in my lifetime. Naysayers need to take their complaints elsewhere. Yes, Tool is dark, complicated, and maybe even a little pretentious, but that's exactly what they set out to be. If you don't like these qualities, please don't rate them based on it....more info
    • Aenima
      Awesome cd!!! I love forty six 2, my favorite song in the album by far!
      Tool is a great band! awesome cd that's all I have to say!...more info
    • Good CD but Amazon sent a cracked case.
      CD arrived damaged which would normally not be a big deal. But the case has a special viewing feature.

      Tried contacting Amazon for a replacement, but was not easy to do. Basically had to send the one I got back and pay shipping. Not cool as why should I be penalized for a defective product.

      Anyway the music is still great....more info
    • Pure Rock Bliss.
      I bought this album right after it came out back in 1996. Back then, I wasn't sure if I really loved rock or not. I was really into Nirvana, but I hadn't really branched out into heavy hard rock albums yet. I'm so glad I did.....

      Th album opens up so hauntingly with Stinkfist and roars to a close with Thrid Eye. There are so many almost perfect songs on this cd. What more can you say? BUY IT!...more info
    • Lame poser metal
      I was listening to a metal radio station and the DJ was talking about how awesome Tool were so I downloaded this album to check them out. WOW. They're awful. "Pretentious" and "tedious" would sum up this album. The only cool thing is the computerized vocals. All of the musicians, especially the drummer, sound like they just came out of their first instrument lesson. Horrid musicianship. Skip this lame poser metal and listen to 30 Seconds To Mars, new Metallica, Staind, System Of A Down, etc....more info
    • Tool is as good as it gets!
      Tool is one of the most talented bands I have ever heard, both musically & lyrically. They have a sensual, melodic, rhythmic, dramatic, powerful, gnawing, raw, yet symphonic sound. The lyrics are educated, poetic, unnerving, yet truthful all at the same time. Their music is hauntingly beautiful in that there is nothing else like it out there. Their blend of opus-like orchestration, powerful spine-tingling rock sounds & intelligent lyrics is sheer genius! Maynard James Keenan's voice is as hypnotic as it is chameleon-like. His range from melodic to raw is seamless, intense, & wonderfully refreshing in a world of today's "been there, heard that" sound of most rock bands. Danny Carey's skill with the drums is unparalleled. Oh my God, the DRUMS! They eat at you, they move you, they draw you in & they change the surface of your skin! Danny ROCKS! He is the essence of what I crave in "the beat", "the hit", "the soul" of rock! He is splendid! Bassist Justin Chancellor & guitarist Adam Jones are brilliant! They seduce your ears with their incredible skill. This band is easily one of the BEST there is & I know that they will stand the test of time. Rarely is there such an incredible union of deliciously talented musicians & I am truly grateful that they found each other. How unfortunate the music world would be without Tool! ...more info
    • Black Sabbath meets Nirvana,

      Except with a slimy lead singer who I'd cheerfully knee in the groin if he asked for some money from me. They're not actually as good as either Black Sabbath or Nirvana but it isn't too bad I suppose if you like gloomy riff rock. Personally though I listened to it twice before selling it on that other website. Ho hum.

      Poseur rock in the extreme....more info
    • Aenima
      Tool's first "TOOL" album. Opiate and Undertow were still amazing, but Aenima was the first album where I saw that special blinding power of "TOOL-ness"...more info
    • One and One are One.... eleven, ,glow child glow... I heading back home..
      Aenima is trully a conerstone of the 90`s alternative age (if there was ever such a thing), its a record filled with both power and introspection pushing away all the clitches that make heavy metal so absurd and redundant. "Stinkfist" pounds away like nothing that has come out of your speakers. "Aenema" sinks its rage before exploding in glory and "Third Eye" brings it all back home. A true masterpiece.

      ...more info
    • valley the penalty to buy
      One of the best works of this incrivel band, a compact disc very worked well, I recommend to all......more info
    • I don't want to live in a world without this CD
      I found this album when I it first came out. I initially "liked" it, I wanted it for the song on the radio, just like young kids who don't have a clue as to the meaning of the music they listen to. Well, a few days meditating and concentrating on this music through headphones at school and on the bus etc. this album took my life over. I began to understand the depth and complexities music can have. I haven't had any CD hit me as hard since. This album changed my life forever, and I still listen to it over a decade later....more info
    • A totally different perspective now
      Back in 96' when I first heard this album, and being sixteen, I thought that this album was the be-all and end-all of rock/metal. I had never heard a band quite like this. And now I realize why. I didn't know much music back then.

      Almost twelve years later, being much older now, I realize that this album has not retained that same impact for me.

      I think the first thing that struck me after all these years is how disorganized of an album it is. There are a few tracks that seem to be thrown in for a joke (intermission, Die Eier Von Satan) , which leads me to not take them seriously. I say this because many reviews that I read regarding this album explain how deep and complex of an album it is. For me, it's really not. I think they had a lot of ideas to express, and instead of focusing on one central theme, they decided to throw many things at you, which ultimately leads to something that not only doesn't flow, but doesn't make sense.

      Another thing that struck me was the overall musicianship. While these guys clearly play well, they don't play anything that is, at least musically, amazing. They are more rock than metal, and less progressive than many claim them to be. They don't have to play anything super complex to impress, but then they don't really deserve the, "progressive" label that they are normally given.

      In the songwriting department, their structuring is heavily rock-based, and there isn't anything innovative going on here. The one place where I still find enjoyment though is in the minor harmonics that Adam Jones adds in the background to compliment the central themed-riff for a particular song.

      Also, the vocals of Keenan are not as great as I remembered. I am still a fan of his lower vocals, but I am now completely turned off by his higher, "emo" (for lack of a better word) type vocals. I know that many are not going to agree with me here, but I find them unbearable now.

      Yet having said all that, this album will always have a certain meaning for me, as it was something I basically grew up with, from my teens into early adulthood. But like my Nirvana albums, it's more nostalgia than an appreciation for the art itself that will bring me back for further listenings.

      I give this album a three out of five stars because it's more good than bad, but it's far from great. ...more info
    • 11 years and lasting
      This band has influenced my taste for music for ever.

      I just want to say, that this was, is and will be the best album of all time.

      I know a lot of people think, that the best album ever is probably one of the STONES or BEATLES or even LED ZEPPELIN or PINK FLOYD, or that LATERALUS or 10000 DAYS is better, but sorry guys and gals. It's not. AENIMA is the best.

      No matter if you're talking about the singer, the instruments, the cover art or the experience (for body AND mind). It is simply the best, period....more info
    • Without a doubt
      The Best musical album I have heard in my life. ONe of the few albums that you can listen to from beginning to end and enjoy every song. If it's not your cup of tea, don't come here just to knock it. ...more info
    • You bunch of elitist little worms.
      Some of the reviews for this album make me laugh. Tool has the worst, most pretentious fanbase in the world. You guys hate the word "pretentious" because it's used to describe you so much. Ever stop to wonder why?

      I felt like giving this album one star to spite you airheads, but I can't do that. This really is an amazing album. Get Lateralus, too.

      If Tool isn't your bag, don't worry about it. It doesn't make you "dumb."...more info
    • Aenima is but one.............
      A complex autimation of ones mind is how I define the works of Tool in
      this CD that lies hidden away from the normal Tool fan. Being a Professional musician I am able to relate to this off beat Album produced by Tool....more info
    • The record that gave them even more of a name
      Before I get into the review, I must say one thing: I'm sick of people dismissing the album because they find it "pretentious." It seems people today only use the term to sound like they have a better vocabulary than they actually do, which would actually fit that word! Not just that, some of the interludes are kind of intermissions to show Tool's experimental side that had greatly grown on here. Sure, it's not for everybody, but can't you at least admit that sometimes you just don't enjoy something because you may not get it? That doesn't make it pretentious.

      Also, while a couple of interludes do seem ponderous at best, some of the songs are just so good that they make this album five stars. Sure, you know about the five singles maybe, but one track that's EVEN better than those is "Pus--t." 11 minutes long, it shows some of Maynard's most impressive vocals; the melody just catches you in. The song doesn't come off as the least bit overlong. I also like how the intro sounds like it'll be something kind of weird or orchestral, but then you start hearing standard Adam Jones riffs. Of course, the structure of "?nema" is just breath-taking, and I find it very interesting. It has some really awesome Danny Carey drums too; there's no one quite like him. "Third Eye" is fourteen minutes long but can be suspenseful, especially when it reaches to its climaxes, descends, then builds back up. Hearing "prying open your third eye" is something that's going to get stuck in your head. Oh, and there's some really amazing melodies on that track as well. Sometimes the lyrics are kind of ambiguous, yet I have my own interpretations (I somehow think "Stinkfist" is about sex). There's some more straightforward stuff here, like the structure of said song and the slow-burning "H." as well as the sell out lyrics on "Hooker." It may seem a bit juvenile for some, but I find the track amazing. Also, some of the interludes are kind of interesting and mildly funny, like the cool futuristic organs on "Intermission" and the German-spoken recipe on "Die Eier Vor Satan."

      "?nima" is an astounding album. I actually think they've outdone themselves with "Lateralus" and perhaps I'll even view "10,000 Days" as such, but this record is totally worth owning. If you like alternative metal, or just rock in itself, you owe it to yourself to give this record a chance. "Undertow" is also excellent.

      Worth the money....more info
    • This is be best Rock Album in the whole world
      Yes, This is be best Rock Album in the whole world, it's been 10 years since it's release and I still find something new every time I listen to this album which happens every two days more or less.

      Seriously this guys must be from another planet....more info
    • The Real Deal
      I love this band and when i first heard this record a few years ago i diddnt get it. Dumb me, anyway after getting 10,000 days and getting my head split open by it i went back to see what the deal was. The deal was that this record is amazing. The packaging is genius as well. I am such a fan of the way this band takes so much time to make every aspect of all their products so top notch. It will stand the test of time and move people for centuries. Forever a fan please forgive me for not getting it the first time i heard it. Some of the best things in life take effort to see the whole picture and Tool makes pictures that you can look at forever.
      ...more info
    • masterpiece,not an opinion but a fact
      A masterpiece, not an opinion but a fact. Like most TOOL albums this one takes a few listens before its beauty is absorbed. Progressive rock at its finest. Emotional rollercoaster, shiver down your spine stuff. One musical climax after another. Vocalist James Maynard Keenan at the peak of his powers, angry,sad,every word a bold statement. The balance between instrument and vocal is perfect. Anyway millions of reviews regard this record so its all been said. Buy it, if not watch a Rambo movie....more info
    • Easily Tool's Best Album
      Drawing heavily from the humor of Bill Hicks, to whom the album is a sort of tribute, AEnima is Tool's most complete album, and is enjoyable from start to finish. If there is one Tool album to have, this is it....more info
    • Do your really understand.. tool
      Its really ironic.

      That Tool's crowning acheivement to the masses on Amazon is Nick's review. There on the front page of Aenima, Nick has over 1000 helpful votes, where he implores the reader to 'vote yes' to his review if they love tool and disagree with the 4.5 stars. A review that appeals to the most superficial of impulsions.

      Aenima is a phillisophical masterpiece. Stripping the body of flesh, it swarms into the psyche, and swims its way through the spiritual realm.
      And what Tool see is dark and engrossing as it is beautiful and liberating.

      The album's chaotic tug of war is spellbinding. And from what I have read of negative reviews is the source of most criticism.
      Here is where the confusion lies. Tool is not a heavy metal band. They defy the verse chorus verse onslaught of this genre. This isnt armagedon whereby the listener is treated to wave after wave of explosions. Tool is more like a rattle snake, spitting, shaking, tensing and then finally biting your f~c(ing head off in the final exchange. This will bore listeners with a short attention span whilst completely enthralling the patient listeners. Most of Tool's crushing blows come in the final moments of their songs, which is obviously missed by people who tend to skip tracks halfway on their easily accessible ipods. I know, I too was guilty of this the first time round. But it was my brothers persistance that eluded me to the fact that I need to listen start to finish.

      Here is a way for the short attention listeners to get started.
      Start with
      3.Hooker with a Penis
      4.Forty Six and two
      (slowly develop an attention for the music this way)
      Just listen to each one individually until cooked before proceeding to the next track.

      For each track
      After 2-3 listens a melody starts to reveal itself... a few more listens then turns into a few more swarming but striking melodies... then the lyrics bite... and finally once you start to abosrb the dynamics, it culminates into something much more mesmerising than anything you have heard before. Have you ever stared at one of those images which turn 3D if you concentrate hard enough. Or have you ever stared into the clear night sky and notice that the longer you stare the more stars that start to appear that you couldnt see before.
      ITs there... it just takes time to train the senses. The reward is yours and yours alone.

      After step 6 only then are you ready to embark on the album in its entirety as one cohesive ensemble. I am convinced you wont regret it. I cant believe I was stubborn enough all these years not to give this masterpiece my full attention. It took one weekend and now its been weeks I cant stop carrying it around.

      And Nick...
      well Nick makes this some sort of race. Dehumanizes, packages and serves this as a yes-no vote. Dare I say, even corrupts and profits.
      What is the point. Just be thankful you had the mind to hear it.
      ...more info
    • Great album!!
      I had the album before this one (Undertow) for a long time. I liked the album alot. It was isn't in my top 10 but I enjoyed listening to it from time to time. Recently on a whim I purchased this album. I absolutely loved it. Other people have mentioned Pink Floyd in the same breath as this album and the allusion is apt. This album is a lot like a good Pink Floyd album (which happens to be my favorite band). The differences are the unneeded use of profanity (which does not make the music any better and probably reduces sales) and the harder rock edge. I like the harder edge as it is a nice twist but I don't see the need for profanity. I guess I am a little prejudiced in that I happen to believe that only dumb people are unable to express themselves without resorting to expletives.

      Overall this is a great sounding album but be forewarned that there is lot of f** that and f* this. It is not a album you want to listen to when your kids are around....more info
    • Music for the mind
      Tool is so amazingly deep when you listen to the lyrics, you find yourself daydreaming about what they mean constantly! Their music points so many true values about our human race that many people would never notice otherwise. Ever since I heard "Vicarious", I have bought all of their CD's and have yet to be disappointed. Their music is so artistic and even the album cover is artistic and gives you that extra reason to buy the hard-copy of the CD!...more info
    • Quality!
      Tool is the best modern rock/metal band today! Any metal fan already has this CD!...more info


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