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As original Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth quit the band to pursue a solo career, or was fired (depending on who you believe), Eddie and Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony carried on by hiring Sammy Hagar. Hagar was a middling artist on his own, but he proved to be a powerhouse when placed in front of hard rock's most muscular and innovative instrumental unit. On 5150--the title is police code for "escaped lunatic"--you can hear the band's excitement at having struck a winning combination. Songs such as "Why Can't This Be Love," "Dreams," "Best of Both Worlds," and "Love Walks In" combine to make this the early high-watermark of the Van Hagar era. --Daniel Durchholz

Customer Reviews:

  • well, I liked it back then
    there's two camps of Van Halen fans: Roth fans and Hagar fans (I've never met a Cherone fan). As history told us, Roth abruptly exited Van Halen in early 1985 for a solo career, Van Halen replaced him with Montrose frontman and solo star Sammy Hagar. Was the "Van Hagar" lineup a success? it depends.

    5150 came out in mid-1986 and one-upped 1984 by going to #1 (but in all fairness, "1984" was #2 behind Michael Jackson's "Thriller", the biggest album of all time... 1984 still sold twice as much and spent a longer time on the charts). When I first the album in the late 1980's, I loved it, even tho I was a bigger fan of the DLR lineup, I did think 5150 was a rocking album.

    However, as time has passed, 5150 has not aged very well. Even tho it's predecessor 1984 was also a product of the excessive synthesizer age, that album holds up very well and to this day, songs like "House Of Pain" and "Panama" STILL rock, and songs like "Jump" and "I'll Wait" still sound great, even if you can tell those songs are products of twenty years ago. On the other hand, many of the songs I thought rocked on 5150 just don't do it now.

    I used to love "Good Enough", "Why Can't This Be Love", "5150" and "Summer Nights", but age hasn't been kind to these songs. Alex's electronic drums make this album very dated to the extent the music's lost it's enjoyment.

    If you want a good "Van Hagar" album, try out "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge", that was the album they finally found their identity without Roth,...more info
  • ahhh.....alright
    I am a serious Van Halen fan and I have everyone of their c.d.s and let me tell you that 5150 is definetly in the "alright zone".

    1.mix was horrible (Alex used 1980s pads on toms)

    2.way to much keyboards

    3.Not rock that much more pop/rock

    Don't get me wrong there are some good aspects in this c.d.

    1.great voice sound

    2. Summer Nights rocks!

    3. Everyone's alive, not non-energetic

    I loved this c.d. it's just that they need a little more edge. If you were to get 2 Van Halen c.d.s I would get Van Halen I, and For Unlawful Carnal Knowladge, if 3 c.d.s throw in 1984...more info
  • 4.5 Stars. Great!
    The Van Halen fan base seems to be divided into two camps. I always like both versions (I'm not counting the Gary Cherone fiasco as even being Van Halen) equally. I have always felt though that Van Halen seemed more like a "band" with Sammy, they all just seemed to get along so well onstage. This is arguably the best CD from the Van Hagar years along with For "Unlawful Carnal Knowledge". Some people feel the band went to "pop" on this album. This analogy usually comes from DLR loyalists who feel Diamond Dave can do no wrong. But it is no more "Pop" than 1984 with "Jump" and "I'll Wait". "Good Enough" and "Get Up" rock as hard as anything from the DLR years. "Summer Nights" and "Best of Both Worlds" are also underappreciated tunes. "Love Walks In" is a great "Power Ballad". Sure the sound of Van Halen changed with Sammy and in my opinion extended Van Halen's career. Face it as good as "1984" and "Fair Warning" are the sound of Van Halen was beginning to stagnat. DLR was not a very versatile singer so the band had to keep doing the same songs over and over. With Sammy they were able to do songs they never could have done with Dave. As I said before I love both the DLR and Hagar years and 5150 was a great begining for the Van Hagar years....more info
  • Pure Rock'n roll n' funiest riffs
    This Van Halen cd is amazing. it's very 80's with the oberheim keyboard classic sound. The guitar riffs are great and it feels like a party. The guys sound like they're having fun. Includes classics like "Dreams", and "Summer Nights" from the Sammy Hagar era. For Van halen fan's and people who loves good good rock'nroll stuff is absolutely recommended. ...more info
  • Sammy hagar is horrible
    This was sammy hagar's first album with Van Halen after Diamond David Lee Roth was kicked out and let me tell you this CD is so bad I threw mine in the trash can as soon as I heard the first song. Eddie Van Halen's choice of throwing DLR out of Van Halen was the worst decision of his life....more info
  • A Good Switchover From Lead Singers.
    The first song I ever heard by Van Halen was "Jump". Hearing that song therefore solidified me as a David Lee Roth fan. Now
    I heard "Jump" in 2001. Although I liked it and I was familar with the David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar being the lead singer thing (I wasn't aware of Gary Cherone, and I wish I still wasn't)
    But I didn't really get into them. After hearing the song
    "You Really Got Me" I got rather addicted to them. I now like both singers. I don't agree with the whole Roth Vs.Hagar thing.
    I prefer David Lee Roth, but Sammy Hagar is cool. Here's what I think of the songs:
    Good Enough:Really cool song. It's starts off "Hello, Baby"
    which is kind of dumb. But the rest of the song is good.
    Why Can't This Be Love:Good song, pretty cool lyrics.
    Get Up:The guitar in the beginning is AWESOME.Very cool song,fast paced.
    Dreams:Very cool song,I love it.
    Summer Nights:Very cool song,Eddie never ceases to amaze me.
    Best of Both Worlds:Cool.Very cool, Eddie at his best.
    Love Walks In:Great Lyrics. A really good song, kinda catchy.
    5150:Spectacular. A great song. I'm loving it.
    Inside:The worst song on the album. But it's not a bad song.
    By the Way:Who do u like more. Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth.
    E-mail me your oppinion at Moviefreak144@aol.com...more info
  • Their best from the Sammy Hagar era
    Van Halen released 5150 in 1986. At the time, they were coming off their most successful album 1984 which went to #2 and spawned three Top 20 hits including their first #1 hit in "Jump." Despite their success, tensions continued to boil between lead singer David Lee Roth and guitarist Edward Van Halen which would result in Roth leaving the band to pursue a solo career. The band chose Sammy Hagar, already a successful solo artist who had hit singles with "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy" and "I Can't Drive 55", as their new lead singer and recorded 5150. Despite his success, the band was taking a huge gamble. Would the band still be vital without David Lee Roth? The answer as displayed on 5150 was a resounding yes.

    5150 is the sound of Van Halen having fun again. Easily their most enjoyable album since Women and Children First, it is their only album since Roth left that captures some of the charisma and spirit of their early work as tunes such as "Good Enough" and the hyperactive "Get Up" clearly illustrate. "Summer Nights" is an excellent track with a killer groove while "Best of Both Worlds" is the most radio friendly of the harder tracks, featuring a memorable riff and a catchy chorus. Also worth noting is that Alex Van Halen's drumming is very busy throughout, especially on "Get Up" and "Good Enough", and is more creative than on their later efforts. The title track and "Outside" are also strong tracks. Which takes us to the hit singles. As on 1984, the band continued to pursue their direction of adding pop elements to their hard rock sound. The bouncy "Why This Can't Be Love?", the synth pop of "Dreams", and the ballad "Love Walks In" were all hit singles where keyboards replaced the guitar as the main instrument. While "Why Can't This Be Love?" is extremely catchy and still sounds fresh, "Dreams" and "Love Walks In" haven't aged nearly as well despite containing a nice balance of synth and guitar. Having said that, this is easily their best album post-Roth as each album after this would get a little bit worse before the band completely bottomed out on Van Halen 3. ...more info
  • steinberger
    I am a Sammy guy. We are few and far between. Eddie really jams on that trans-trem Steinberger. I wasn't a big fan of the triggered drum kit Alex used so I give it a 4....more info
  • 1st with Sammy Hagar - mostly good
    I am not a hagar fan but I do like him with Van Halen. This album was of course huge & was #1 in US/UK. Hagar's powerful voice & vocal range & halen's musical abilities were a great match. David lee roth's voice obviously could not have handled these vocal arrangements, though the band wouldn't have gone in this direction had he stayed. Anyway, 1986, alex van halen went to electric drums & crash ride cymbals & got rid of his roto toms (which I loved), michael anthony's bass lines are muted per usual, eddie van halen is in usual form & his keyboard patterns really dominate this album which I think elevate this album. Eddie is a great rhythm keyboard player & there is also some great sequencer patterns like in why can't this be love. Hagar also does some good solo guitar work in love comes walking in. Alot of good stuff here including why cant..., dreams..., love comes..., & others. not more to say about it... classic rock album now... buy it... ...more info
  • All but "Inside"...
    I loved 1984. Loved it. I thought Van Halen had reached its peak, and then, poof! David Lee Roth was gone. When I heard that Sammy Hagar would replace DLR, I was skeptical, but figured I'd give it a chance.

    What a good thing that I did!

    Sammy greets the listeners for the first time with a hearty "Hellooooo baby!," and then the rocking starts. The mix of songs is fantastic, and all are perfectly placed on the album, save for the one throwaway song, "Inside." The new Van Halen showed all the elements of a solid rock band, from power to subtlety to just plain old good time fun music.

    My personal favorite song is the title track, "5150." I have no idea why this still isn't recognized as one of their best efforts. Sammy's vocals are spot on, and really convey the angst of the song. Eddie, of course, weaves his magic as dramatically as ever.

    To me, this is one of the finest albums I own. It's still a rocker, and it holds up very well. ...more info
  • No more sammy bashing please!
    Development...thats what happenes with a band. This album was released with a new singer about 10 years after their first album. Diamond Dave may have been flashy...but he was also a pretty big tool...and please don't try to tell me that he is a better singer that Sammy!

    5150 is a great album...take it for what it is though. Don't try to compare it to anything from today. Musically well written...but still characteristic of the time. Eddie continues to lead the field in technically outstanding guitarists and still remain commercially successful.

    And after all of that, when you want to start bashing this album and criticise Sammy, remember that he was with VH for 10 years and 4 albums and this was when VH was at their most successful. This album is a classic and should be in any rock enthusiasts collection...more info
  • 5150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So, with David Lee Roth out of Van Halen and Sammy Hagar in, which Van Halen proves there still on top of the world. But lets face it Roth was Van Halen period, there's no one that will ever replace him but Hagar was the best choice to fill the vacancy for Van Halen. The whole 5150 album is great and is one of my favorites including 1984 and their debut album. From my interpretation this is what I got out of all the nine songs on 5150.

    1. Good Enough- the title says it all with opening guitar riffs by Eddie Van Halen truly proves that Van Halen is back plus the awesome guitar cut at the end. The songs about food I believe how it has to be the best. Rate: 8.5/10

    2. Why Can't This Be Love?- total 80's retro songs with a nice beat done by the keyboards ranking this song #3 on the Billboards Hot 100. It's about finding love and why can't it be true something that everyone could relate to. Rate: 9.5/10

    3. Get Up- Awesome hard song about fighting for yourself and never quiting, truly a fast- paced song that keeps you moving.
    Rate: 9/10

    4. Dreams- One of the best songs on this album, I believe it was an even bigger song for graduation. It's about taking your dreams, turning them into reality, and being more than you really are. Fantastic. Rate: 10/10

    5. Summer Nights- Nice summer songs thats about summer vacation, having fun, and getting away from the cold, also of coarse we cannot forget our radio too. Rate: 9/10

    6. Best of Both Worlds- A very nice upbeat song about having the best and enjoying like no matter what, a really great song that'll keep your foot tapping. Rate: 9.5/10

    7. Love Walks In- This one is about aliens which is really wierd in my opinion because the song is all romantic- like and is talking about alien abductions. How is that romantic? Anyway its a nice song with pretty cool guitar solos attached. Rate: 8/10

    8. 5150- Great song about running from the law and one person feeling that they can't keep running while the other person feels that its fun and lets keep doing it. Quite possibly might be about girls too. Anyway, a real kick @$$ awesome song and one of Van Halen's best with a really cool guitar solo and drumming done by Alex. Rate: 10/10

    9. Inside- Wierd, but funny with a nice guitar solo inbetween. This song was an absolute joke from start to finish but who cares its not bad and if anyone is going to fool around and put it on a CD, it might as well be Van Halen. Rate: 8/10

    So, to sum up 5150 is that its fantastic and proves that Van Halen can and will go on. Plus this is the first Van Halen album to hit number one without any music videos which is amazing. All and all its a 6x platnium album that is worthy of its triumph. ...more info
  • Van Halen - The Van Hagar Era Begins
    And so, the Sammy Hagar years begin. After the departure of David Lee Roth the band took some time off and then announced that former Montrose and AOR solo artist Sammy Hagar would be joining the band on lead vocals and guitar. Personally I always liked Hager. Having seen him live several times I already knew he was an incredibly energetic performer, and from a strictly vocal chops department he could sing rings around David Lee Roth. The album sounds pretty much what you would think a mix of Van Halen and Sammy Hagar would sound like. I enjoy this one for the most part. The band head in a heavily pop direction in spots and like "1984" it is a very keyboard heavy album, but overall I like it. Yea the lyrics are never going to win a Pulitzer prize and much of the tongue and cheek humor of the Roth years is missing, but there are some good to great songs here and the band are in top form instrumentally. Some criticize the use of electronic drums on the disc, but they have never really bothered me. The album would be the first Van Halen album to go to number one and spawned a bunch of hits including "Why Can't This Be Love", "Dreams", "Summer Nights", "Best Of Both Worlds", and "Love Walks In". I like this album a lot better than "1984" and have always enjoyed the Van Hagar version of the band....more info
  • The Best VH Album
    I am a VH fan and to me this is their best album. It really has it all: a great mix of melodies and guitar rock. What makes Eddie so great is his unreal guitar skills combined with his ability to write memorable tunes and no VH album shows that better than 5150.

    I have to disagree with some who think Eddie's best work was earlier in his career. As great as his early playing was (and it was great), I think it was a little one dimensional. His later work shows improved sophistication and real mastery of the instrument. His ability to compose a good melody and put underneath it a complex guitar accompanyment (it's so busy it's hard to call it accompanyment) really shines on 5150. Listen to what he's doing on some of the songs while Sammy is singing. I don't know how he does it. Also, the solos that Eddie plays on this CD are universally awesome.

    If I was forced to give away my CD's except for a few, this would be one of the last to go....more info
  • Killer VH Album
    Van Halen lost a lot of personality when it lost David Lee Roth, but Sammy Hagar stepped in and hit the ball out of the ballpark on this album. Quite simply, this is the best Van Halen album put out, and may be one of the best hard rock albums ever made. Even to this day, every song on this one sounds technically remarkable. Forget the fact that Alex Van Halen uses Simmons Drums. The drumming is hardcore, and it ranks up there with the best. And Eddie, well, what can you say. Take my word for it; this is a top notch album by a top notch band in their prime....more info
  • happy 3ugged
    Maybe the 1st meeting was a throwaway ~ or perhaps indifference is a clean slate, the most honest human emotion. Then, the glances; suggestive words; outright flirting, and acknowledging that. Aggressive eye contact; pitter frickin' patter. Electronic guitar, histrionic vocals, SWAT beats. Arena gloss with a dash of something ON between the players. Then, poof. Does this mean I'm satisfied? I wouldn't give anyone that satisfaction. Except, her. Loud, with cushions. And woozy. Accursed crush, telepathic smile. Godlike solos. Indifference under siege, disoriented....more info
  • Solid album, but lacks that David Lee Roth punch
    THE BAND: Eddie Van Halen (lead & rhythm guitars, keyboards), Sammy Hagar (vocals, rhythm guitars), Michael Anthony (bass), Alex Van Halen (drums & percussion).

    THE DISC: (1986) 11 tracks clocking in at approximately 43 minutes. Included with the disc is a 6-page booklet containing song titles/credits, song lyrics, 1 black & white band photo, and thank you's. Recorded at 5150 Studios (Eddie Van Halen's home studio in Los Angeles). Label - Warner Bros.

    COMMENTS: If you asked me, I'd tell you the David Lee Roth era of VH had pretty much peaked with "1984". Along with "1984", Van Halen's amazing 1978 debut are, to date, still the only VH releases to achieve "Diamond" status (10+ million units sold). Decades later, I still wish Eddie and David Lee Roth could have worked things out (Eddie wanting to do guitar work outside VH, and DLR's infantile antics were the main reasons for each pointing the finger). In my opinion, all of the VH releases from the DLR era are classics (with the exception of perhaps "Diver Down"). The DLR era Van Halen albums were straight ahead hard rock (guitars, bass, drums, and a helleva singer) - the way it was meant to be. The exception being "1984" when Eddie introduced the keyboards. Exit David Lee Roth (April 1985), and enter Sammy Hagar. Sammy's proven himself over the years with Montrose, HSAS, several songs on movie soundtracks, and his many solo albums. A good rock singer with an underrated guitar. In hindsight, Hagar brought a 2nd quality guitar to VH (he's nowhere close to the ballpark Eddie plays in, but who is?). With all this being said, I like this "5150". At first, I wanted to ban anything Hagar did with VH because only the DLR era stuff was real VH. This album has absolutely grown on me over the years though. Three big hits came from "5150" - "Dreams" (reaching #6 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart), "Love Walks In" (#4), and "Why Can't This Be Love" (#1). Minor hits followed with "Best Of Both Worlds" and "Summer Nights". The feel was more slick, polished, commercial rock... heavily ladened with keyboards. Along with a new lead singer, the other big difference was Alex's electronic drum kit (these were big in the 80's... and a lot of bands used them including Def Leppard, Ratt, Genesis, etc). Having played drums in the past, I feel these electronic drums really give off a different sound. For me, 10 times out of 10, I'd choose a real drum kit. Perhaps I've given the impression that I'm not a fan of the Hagar era VH... not true - this is a good rock album. It simply lacks that "in your face" attitude, and most importantly character. Highlights include all the songs mentioned above as well as the rocking opener "Good Enough" and the underrated title track ("5150" meaning mentally/emotionally disturbed). The album closer should have been a hidden bonus track - perhaps untitled - "Inside" is filler at best. Looking at the 4 studio albums Hagar did with VH, I'd pick this one first. The albums that came after "5150" seemed even more safe by rock music standards. Worthy in your rock and roll library - absolutely. However, if I want to hear some Van Halen, I'll grab VH's debut, "VH II", "Fair Warning", "Women & Children First" or "1984" first. If I'm in the mood for Sammy Hagar, I'll most likely grab his "Standing Hampton" or "VOA" before this one. I think "5150" would benefit from digital remastering (as of 2007 it hasn't happened). The start of a new era for the Van Halen brothers and Sammy - "5150" wasn't Van Halen's first album to reach Billboard's #1 position for no reason. Good album (4+ stars)....more info
  • Still my favorite Van Halen album
    I'll get it out of the way right at the start: I never liked David Lee Roth. He's a 'vocalist', not a singer. And his 'vocalizing', as well as his sophomoric lyrics, always kept me from really enjoying Van Halen until he was gone, and one of my favorite hard rock vocalists (even before he stepped into VH), Sammy Hagar, replaced him. I was 15 when 5150 was released in 1986, and to my ears songs like "Summer Nights", "Why Can't This Be Love" and "Love Walks In" provided both a showcase for Eddie Van Halen's stellar guitar chops as well as a vehicle for the broadening of this band's horizons. And for those who said Van Halen couldn't rock without Roth, I say--what are you smoking? "Get Up" rocks harder than anything the band ever RECORDED with Roth. I remember hearing that song for the first time--it was the flip side of the single 'Why Can't This Be Love', yes, back in the days of vinyl singles with flip sides--and thinking 'damn, Van Halen's gone metal' ;) I love metal, too :)

    Anyway...that's enough reviewing and reminiscing. Buy this album--it's Van Halen's finest hour....more info
  • Equal to the first self title album
    Dont listen to the "Roth only" lovers, this album is VH's best! Only the original self title album and 1984 come close. I also am a Dave Lee Roth fan, but let's face it ...Sammy can actually sing! It is true that the synth sound and electronic drum sounds do give it an "80s" feel, but who cares? I loved the 80s! 5150 contains a raw energy that seemed to have mellowed by the time they made OU812. Eddie's guitar sounds better then it ever did and ever would again on this one. When you boil it all down, despite the great success of DLR with VH, it wasn't until this album that VH's mega success really happened. I love it!...more info
  • One of the best
    Obviously I'm not under 13 (I'm 18) but you know why...no account. Okay, there are many classics they forgot 5150 in 'The Best of Both Worlds'. Honestly I don't know why people rate it 4 it's more like 4.5 I don't understand why people talk about 'synth' pop on this cd when Jump used synth and basically evey other Van Halen used it. I don't know how this Van Halen is different than any other, eventhough I do say there is quite a bit of it on this CD nevertheless they are classics. With such classics as "5150", "Dreams", "Best of Both Worlds", "Love Walks In" -- to name a few, this is a must buy....more info
  • Van Halen Rocks!
    Does it get any better than this? Eddie Van Halen is one of the best guitarists in the world. He's a genius on guitar and you got to love those ballads. It really doesn't get any better than this when you're a TRUE FAN!!!...more info
  • This is like a diet drink.
    Taking David Lee Roth out of Van Halen is like taking the sugar out of a Pepsi- it's just not quite the same.
    This is still better than the vast majority of hard rock out there, but to me, Van Halen was never the same once Roth left.
    I also like Sammy Hagar's solo stuff better than his Van Halen stuff....more info
  • Good, but not my favorite VH
    In 1985, when singer David Lee Roth left Van Halen and was replaced by veteran rocker Sammy Hagar, the rock world wondered whether or not the mighty VH could survive. Although the Sammy Hagar era of Van Halen sold less than the Roth era (it is a common fallacy to state that the Sammy Hagar era was more successful) they still turned out four number one albums and achieved multi platinum success over the next 11 years.

    "5150" is the first of the four albums Sammy Hagar made with Van Halen. Although I am fond of this album, I don't like it as much as other VH fans. For starters, the album sounds really dated. This would be partially fixed if the CD were remastered. If there was ever an album that needed remastering, "5150" is it. The quality of the recording is fair. To me, it sounds really dull. The Roth-era CDs sound much better with the remastering, and so would "5150."

    "5150" relies too heavily on synth pop. I like Van Halen best when they stick to good old rock n' roll. Van Hagar did start to come into their own and rock harder later in their career (with "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" and "Balance), but in the mid-to-late 80s it was all about keyboards, keyboards, keyboards.

    I also hate Alex Van Halen's electric drum kit. The album would have sounded much better if he had played on a real one.

    That said, there is plenty to like about "5150." It still contains some of their finest songs, like the hard-rocking "Good Enough" and "Get Up," the lush "Dreams" (one keyboard song would have been fine), the infectious "Best of Both Worlds, and "5150" and the stunning "Love Walks In."

    There are other songs that I am less enthusiastic about. I never really cared much for "Summer Nights" even though that is a fan favorite. I feel it never gets off the ground and just sort of bores me. It's not bad, but I just don't think it's all that great. And then there is the matter of "Why Can't This Be Love?" Although this is also a fan favorite and one of Van Halen's all-time biggest hits, I absolutely cannot stand it. I think it's a steaming pile of dog crap. It sounds like something Tiffany would do. The closing song, "Inside" is unnecessary filler.

    One thing "5150" has going for it is the band sounds fresh, and hungry, almost reborn. Eddie Van Halen sounds great as always and Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony provide a stellar rhythm section. Sammy Hagar has a charisma all his own and made each song memorable.

    Back when "5150" was released, if you were a fan looking for another "Panama" or "Atomic Punk" you would undoubtedly be disappointed. Still, the new Van Halen went for a different sound and the formula worked.

    Despite its faults, "5150" is a fine album and an essential rock album from the mid-80s.

    Van Halen fans are best off owning both "5150" as well as David Lee Roth's first post VH album "Eat `Em and Smile" (1986). That way, whether you want to hear VH with Sammy, or have a yearning for the Diamond One, you'll get the "best of both worlds."

    ...more info
  • A small step backward
    I remember skipping school to listen to the brand new Van Halen tune fronted by Sammy Hagar, "Why Can't This Be Love?" Man was I disappointed. A year after losing David Lee Roth to a failed attempt at a movie career, Van Halen should have blown their fans minds with something incredible like...well...just about anything on 1984. Instead, they introduced "Van Hagar" to the public with a song that sounded like Journey.

    Once the entire album was released, the future of Van Halen seemed much brighter. Rockers like "Get Up," "Best of Both Worlds," "Summer Nights" and "Good Enough" proved that Van Halen still wanted to rock. The title track was, and still is, amazing, one of the best songs in the VH catalog. "Dreams" and "Love Walks In" seemed contrived, strained attempts at expanding on the pop success fueled by "Jump." Lacking the edge or bite of "I'll Wait," the synth songs on 5150 suggested the band might be moving away from its bread and butter, guitar-driven rock. Thankfully, during the rest of Hagar's tenure with the band, poppy keyboard songs were limited to two songs per album.

    The straight-ahead rock songs still sound good 21 years later; the synth songs sound schmaltzy and dated. There is enough good -- and some great -- work on 5150 to make it a must-have album. If you're just getting acquainted with the band, 5150's probably not the best place to start....more info
  • The Best that Sammy Got
    3 1/2 stars

    5150 is the best sammy van halen album because the band was hungry to prove that they could do without the diamond one and they succeed at least for that moment.,
    Inspiration and creativity are in full force as van halen was still in their 1984 zone and songs such as 5150 reach that artistic leval.
    the refinement that was begun on 1984 is continued and displayed in such gems as "love walks in" and "dreams" as van halen shows their chops for edgy ballads and exhilarating rockers tinged with keyboard flavor.
    "good enough" tries too hard to be diamond dave era van halen with its flamboyant bombastic mouthing off aspect and "summer nights" is basically son of "beautiful girls" but there's rockers that have hager's particular type of rock n' roll edge as heard in "best of both worlds" and "why can't this be love" which is one of their most melodic rockers ever.
    Eddie also dishes out a pure rip snorter of a rocker in the raucaus "get up" which is filled to the rim with crackling guitar solos and all around stellar musicianship.
    so 5150 though lacking the rawness of the former van halen achievements still excells in the rock n' roll department meanwhile adding a little bit of polish to the mix without taking out the edge.
    ...more info
  • Good follow up to 1984, good debut for Hagar in Van Halen but doesn't measure up to 1984.
    A good follow up to 1984. there are some similar things about this album. It's not as much of a hair metal album as 1984 but more of a pop rock album. Some songs still sound like Roth era songs and there are lots of keyboards on this album like the last album. Sammy Hagar's vocals aren't as enjoyable as Roth's despite the fact that Hagar is a much better singer.

    1.Good Enough- Sammy Hagar's vocal intro is cheesy to say the least but the song is good. The riff is excellent and the song sounds like Roth era Van Halen with Hagar on vocals. Hagar's vocals are good and the chorus is good. Eddie's solo is great too.

    2.Why Can't This Be Love?- 10/10 Great use of keyboards on this song. Hagar's vocals are excellent on this melodic song. The chorus is good. One of Van Halen's biggest hits too.

    3.Get Up- 8.5/10 A cool classic Van Halen style song. A fast song and Hagar's vocals are good aswell. The chorus is cool too. This sounds like it was written for David Lee Roth's vocals.

    4.Dreams- 10/10 Great keyboards from eddie in this song. The song is very poppy but Hagar's vocals are excellent on this song. One of Sammy's best vocal performances. Eddie's melodic solo is great too. Probably more keyboards in this song than guitar. One of my favorites on the album. Eddie's second solo is great too

    5.Summer Nights- 8.5/10 This sounds like Roth era Van halen with Hagar on vocals. The chorus is good too but Hagar's vocals don't fit this song that well. Eddie's solo is excellent though.

    6.Best of Both Worlds- 5.5/10 A pretty good song. The song sounds good up until the chorus where Hagar's voice just sounds terrible. The guitar doesn't have enough distortion for my tastes but it sounds good for a while. Cool solo though.

    7.Love Walks In- 10/10 More great keyboards from Eddie. Sammy's vocals are excellent too. One of sammya's best vocal performances. One of Van Halen's first ballads. Great lead work from eddie who plays with a lot of feel.

    8.5150- 9/10 This song starts off with a Panam type riff. Hagar's vocals are good and the lead guitar work is excellent. A good title track.

    9.Inside- 8.5/10 A cool song with keyboards. Hagar sounds like he's trying to clone David lee Roth and it doesn't really work. Sammy hit's some real high notes in this song. The chorus is cool too. Eddie's solo is good too. Not a classic but not a bad attempt at a Roth era style song.

    This album is good. The songs are poppier and this album doesn't compare to the first 3 albums and 1984 but it's still a good album that any fans of Van Halen or Sammy Hagar should own. The Roth era album this is most similar to is 1984. Eddie's keyboard work and guitar work on this album is very good too. This album came after my favorite Van Halen album 1984..it doesn't sound as good when compared to that album but still a good album. The band is

    Sammy Hagar- Vocals
    Eddie Van Halen- Guitar, Keyboards
    Alex Van Halen- Drums
    Michael Anthony- Bass...more info
  • They Did It Again!!!!
    There were expeculations and doubts on wether or not Van Halen could rise as survivors after the departure of rock`s greatest frontman,David Lee Roth.Van Halen managed to do so by making one of their best albums and starting with a new chapter in their super career as one of rock`s biggest monsters of all times.Sammy Hagar,ok,he`s not David Lee Roth,but DLR isn`t Sammy Hagar either.DLR was the voice of an era of partying,drinking,smoking and f@!#$ng and they were fabulous.SH was the voice of an era of loving,thinking,caring and fighting and they were fabulous too.Both eras have their own greatness,why?,because both were under the name of Van Halen.

    "5150" is an album full of good songs from start to end.I can`t remember an album with more catchy songs than this one.The lyrics are very good and the band sound super cool.Sammy`s voice is up in the sky and the guitar solos are incredibles."5150" brings some new experiments like Alex Van Halen electric drum kit and the keyboards in more than two songs.I personally don`t like keyboards and electric drums,but Eddie and Alex make them sound great.Michael Anthony found his peak in his backing vocals,excellent!

    With songs like "Why Can`t This Be Love","Dreams" and "Love Walks In",you can feel the new Van Halen coming out of a giant ball with rage.The formula:keyboards,new voice and positive messages."Get Up" is like "Hot For Teacher" part 2.The guitars came to work too,because "Summer Nights"(MY FAVORITE),has one of the finest riffs you can imagine from Eddie Van Halen and the chorus is the best."Best Of Both Worlds" is very similar to "Highway To Hell" from AC-DC but with less distortion."Good Enough" take you to Van Halen`s trademark sound like "Panama","Runaround" and "Ain`t Talkin``Bout Love".The title track,"5150" would have been a hit if they`ve made a video of it.Cool song!!

    In resume,this is the begining of a new era that was as good as the albums in it."5150" represent the fight of a champion that is struggling to "Get Up" but finally makes it and wins with a surprising punch....more info
  • A rebirth for Van Halen
    "5150"(1986). Van Halen's seventh album,and their first album with Sammy Hagar on lead vocals.

    By the mid 1980's,Van Halen had left the 70's being one of the most influential and succesful rock bands around. The only problem was that VH lead singer David Lee Roth had become egotistical and hard to work with and decided to quit the band--meaning that Eddie Van Halen,Alex Van Halen,and Michael Anthony were going to have to recruit a new lead singer for VH. As we all know,the singer they chose was Sammy Hagar,and the question you are already asking yourself is if Van Halen were still a good band when Sammy Hagar was their lead singer. Read on for my review of this:

    To answer my first question,Van Halen were still a good band when Sammy Hagar was their lead vocalist(I like DLR better than Hagar--although I do like Hagar)and this album gave a nice rebirth to Van Halen. Outdated as it is,it still is a really good album. It(this album)sounds like leftovers from Montrose,Sammy Hagar's solo material,and Van Halen's last album with David Lee Roth(1984)and it sounds really good. The album opens with GOOD ENOUGH,a fun and catchy rocker,and has several good moments. The ballads--WHY CAN'T THIS BE LOVE,DREAMS,and LOVE WALKS IN are all very nice and pretty and feauture some of Eddie Van Halen's best guitar solos,SUMMER NIGHTS is a fun party song,and the album ends with a very funny tracK(I know other Amazon reviewers hate this,but to me it sounds quite funny)entitled INSIDE--the lyrics,music,singing,and dialogue are all hillarious. And this is pretty much a great album from start to finish--Sammy Hagar tryed to get Van Halen get to new heights in their career,and he did a good job at that. The songwriting here sounds really good,and like I already said,I prefer David Lee Roth over Sammy Hagar,but when Sammy Hagar became the lead singer of Van Halen,VH became a whole new band. Alex Van Halen uses electronic 80's drums on this CD,and they sound really good on here. Again,this album is outdated,but it still is really good.

    Overall,one of the best CDS of the 80's,and a must have CD for any fan of Van Halen(or,Van Hagar). I would venture to call this a hair metal record,and one of the best CDS of the 80's as well. Hopefully Van Halen and Sammy Hagar will make a new,decent studio album soon....more info
    After Diamond David Lee Roth left Van Halen, or got fired depending on who you believe, the world was left to wonder was Van Halen, a band that had just achieved their most commercial success to date with 1984 was going to do? After Eddie asked Patti Smyth and she turned him down, I MEAN REALLY WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT, PATTI SMYTH ROCKIN' WITH VAN HALEN!! There is no disrespect intended I love Patti Smyth in Scandal, but not Van Halen. Anyways after that failed Eddie, Alex and Michael hired vetern rocker Sammy Hagar, who was also coming off his most commercially successful album, VOA. The result was 5150, the best Van Halen Record with Sammy in my and alot of other fans minds.

    1. Good Enough 10-10 The beginning of this song borrows from the Big Boppers Chantilly Lace a song from back in the 1950's. Great song, bordering on the verge of thrash metal, kinda cheesy lyrics, but hey it was 1986.

    2. Why Can't This Be Love 10-10 The most well known song from the record, it sounds kind of dated now with the synth hook and what not, but still a great Vah Halen song.

    3. Get Up 8-10 Good song, really fast and up-tempo, just nothing really jumps out at you.

    4. Dreams 10-10 Another of the best known songs from 5150, just a plain great song, very up-lifting and positive. This is one of the best songs from the Van Hagar era.

    5. Summer Nights 10-10 Summer Nights is my favorite song from 5150, it is sort of a ballad I guess you would call it, but has a very infectous chorus. This song reminds me of back when I was a kid growing up, very bored and looking for anything to do.

    6. Best Of Both Worlds 10-10 Really good song, and very catchy. One listen to this song and it is stuck in your head for hours. Sounds a little dated again, but it is a true rockin' gem.

    7. Love Walks In 10-10 Here at last is another synth ladden ballad, but a very good synth ladden ballad. Good chorus and catchy riff, will not disaappoint.

    8. 5150 8-10 This song never really grew on me, but I still like it, it's just not one of my favorites off the album.

    9. Inside 8-10 Good closer, awesome song, it gets you pumped up and never lets go.

    The one and only bad thing about this record is that it sounds like it was recorded in 1986, which it was in all honesty, but listening to it now it needs a brush up, it could really stand to be re-mastered. Overall this is a great record and the best with Sammy Hagar, if you do not have this album, definately buy it and enjoy some great 80's rock!!...more info
  • Enter Sammy Hagar
    And this was the beginning of the band's era that we now refer to as Van Hagar. This album was released in 1986, and it defintiely sounds like it. Alex Van Halen uses electronic drums that all the drummers were using in those days. A few of the songs are very heavy on Eddie's keyboards, but the album still has its fair share of rockers.

    The album kicks off with one of those rockers, which is Good Enough. Sammy belts out "HELLOOOOOOO BABY!" at the beginning and then BAM! the band commences to rock our asses off. Sammy really lets his voice loose on here, and Eddie shines on his solo. Another kickass song is Get Up, a very fast-paced song that beats you upside the head. It's almost impossible not to mosh to this one. Dreams is a catchy song with a nice keyboard intro. Very optimistic lyrics and a NICE guitar solo by Eddie. Sammy's voice is nothing short of incredible on this song. Best of Both Worlds is a nice upbeat tune, while 5150 is another catchy song with a great chorus (you'll have this song in your head all day, don't say I didn't warn you).

    Summer Nights is another enjoyable song that will get your head bobbing. Why Can't This Be Love is a pop song driven by keyboards. This song was a big hit for the band back in the day. Love Walks In is an awesome ballad with some of Eddie's best keyboard work. Sammy was born to sing this song, just listen to that emotion he carries. Inside is a decent closer, not a favorite of mine, but it's good enough.

    A lot of Van Halen fans will insist that the band ended after David Lee Roth left, but that is their loss. Give the Hagar stuff a chance people! You're missing out on some great music!...more info
  • HELLLLOO BAAAAAABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was 18 years old when this album came out. I can still remember being a little nervous about hearing it for the first time. Van Halen had been at the top of the throne of rock and roll till Roth left the fold in search of bigger and better things (boy, did he make the wrong move!!!!). Then came the breaking news via MTV News that the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar was to join Van Halen and recording for the new album had already begun. Well, to be honest, I wasen't sure what to expect till, I heard the album. MAN what a strong album. From the opener, "Good Enough" to the last drop, "Inside", the album does more than it's fair share of delivering good ol sunny California, fun in the sun Van Halen style rock and roll. Every, and I mean EVERY track is solid from start to finish. Highlights include the hits, Why Can't This Be Love", Love Walks In (which my wife and I refer to as our song...) Dreams and Best of Both Worlds as well as other album faves like 5150, Good Enough and the excellent, perhaps best rocker on the album, Summer Nights.

    So...for those of you that are not familiar with 5150, and you are thinking of checking it out, I can only hope that my review can help make your final decision. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Pure Rock'n roll n' funiest riffs
    This Van Halen cd is amazing. it's very 80's with the oberheim keyboard classic sound. The guitar riffs are great and it feels like a party. The guys sound like they're having fun. Includes classics like "Dreams", and "Summer Nights" from the Sammy Hagar era. For Van halen fan's and people who loves good good rock'nroll stuff is absolutely recommended. ...more info
    Don't get me wrong-this album is great. I was weary at first with Hagar in the picture. It took a little while, but the "Van Hagar" sound caught on. I give this album 3 stars due to the TERRIBLE mastering process done with the original 1986 CD release. Given, it was CD tech in it's infancy- but listen to it!! Where's a remaster? Even the Japan import release from 2002 is no improvement. Listen to 5150 tracks from the "The Best of Both Worlds" release from 2004-you'll hear a major difference....more info
  • A New Van Halen
    Released in 1986, "5150" was the first album to be released without David Lee Roth who had been kicked out the previous year and replaced by Sammy Hagar, but the other 3 members are still around. Just like their previous synth laden album "1984" this album got a quite simular sound. Heavy on synths, alot of guitars, energic vocals from Hagar which are quite simular to Roth's, the drums may be diffrent though but Van Halen with Hagar proves they are one of the best, if not the best Rock N Roll band of their time. 5150, named after Eddie's recording studio was a smash success on the album charts and it also had a fair share of successive singles, most notable "Why Can't This Be Love" that reached #3. Obviously alot of older fans will still be dissapointed that Roth left but Hagar adapts well to the band and the end result is the finest post Roth album they ever made.

    There is something for everyone here, rock standards, rock ballads and some quite commercial synth laden rock-pop songs. If you liked !1984" you won't be dissapointed here either cause this band is at their peak and still released great memorable material during this time. What may be new with Sammy Hagar's era is that there is more love songs, and some ballads included then during David Lee Roth's time where there was hardly anything of that kind. Their smash hit "Why Can't This Be Love" is an example of that and one of their all time best. "Dreams" another hit is more commercial with a synth driven opening and a hook that is very memorable and could be enjoyed by both pop and rock fans. "Love Walks In" a power ballad is among the slowest songs you'll find these guys making and with Roth it wouldn't have been possible. "Best of Both World's" is the complete opposite, a ragy classic rock anthem and ditto with the title track and "Summer Nights" where Eddie Van Halen proves why he's considered among the world's greatest guitarists. "Good Enough" and "Get Up" are standards in fast pace, good party songs but nothing else. The closer called "Inside" sounds like a long gig and doesn't have many lyrics even if the playing is great. But this is a great album that provides us with some of the best Rock at the time, just aswell with many memorable rock songs.

    Overall, wether you liked Roth better then Hagar, this album is undeniably good for anyone interested in good ol Rock where musicians played their hearts out and the music still mattered. The sound on this album is quite simular to the previous "1984" album but it got some more love songs included. Many songs haven't aged well and sound very dated by now, but these guys can really play and create a blueprint for 80's rock and for anyone who apreciates old rock, this is recommended. This is the best post-Roth albums and should be part of your collection....more info
  • Very good album
    This is the first album Van Halen did with Sammy Hagar. It essentially isn't much different from the previous album '1984' two years ago. It has a few synth/pop songs, 'Dreams' and 'Love walks in' and to a lesser extent 'Why can't this be love' (awesoem guitar texture on that last one) and plenty of energetic rockers, the opening 'Good enough' being my favourite.

    Although 'Love walks in' is perhaps the most different from previous VH outings, it's really a slow love ballad. However, it is well received because it is such a killer song, I mean what a fantastic melody it has! There's plenty of great chord changes and some more gentle vocals from Sammy Hagar on that one. Another interesting song is the title track, which is a bit different to the norm but nonetheless a great rocker.

    I think the biggest differences between Hagar and Roth (not necessarily good or bad things) are Hagar's voice is basically of a higher pitch and he likes to sing these 'heartfelt' songs, like 'Dreams' and 'Love walks in' which Dave didn't do, he was much more off-hand.

    As I said, this is a very good album....more info
  • Gotta Love It For The Cover Alone
    I remember when Van Halen had David Lee Roth but even as a kid I just thought he was a circus clown. I love a lot of the early songs but when Hagar came in he brought substance. This was already a heavily talented group but to make that kind of transition at your peak and end up getting more well known for it!! That pretty much never happens. Musically they just took off on this album my only problem with it is it could of used a couple more songs to fill it up. Good times....more info
  • I can't even listen to the sample on the internet
    Surely the popularity of the band didn't suffer, while their sound sure did. From the opening notes of the instruments and the singing this sounds completely different from when they had the other singer/writer. This is the House of Pain. Which was the last song recorded on the album 1984. Did they know something...!...more info
  • a great album from a superb band
    5150 is a fantastic vh album with sammy hagar and features the classics why cant this be love,love waks in.hugely recommended....more info
  • David Lee Who???
    This album was the beginning of the best American rock band to ever walk the earth. Sammy Hagar replacing David Lee Roth was perfect for us fans who loved the band, but never really cared for DLR. Sammy Hagar opens this fantastic album with his now trademark "Helloooo Baby!" and from there you are welcomed back to the party with a more sophisticated Van Halen.

    This album was really an extension of the 1984 masterpiece cleverly titled 1984. Keyboards were now the norm in Van Halen and they used them beautifully on this release. Songs like Why Can't This Be Love, Dreams, and Love Walks In show EVH not only as a guitar god, but something much more important, a great songwriter.

    The rockers here are some of the band's best as Best Of Both Worlds, Summer Nights, and the album titled track 5150 are all AMAZING.

    Dont let the DLR fans fool you, this and all the Van Hagar albums didnt go straight to #1 because they sucked....more info
    Though many complain about HAGAR i actually like his vocals i mean he isnt dimond dave but he aint a bad singer i was hesitant to try any hagar stuff but i found this album in a bargain bin and i have to say it rocks this is some of eddies best work the first 6 songs kick A$$,GOOD ENOUGH is a great opener and WHY CANT THIS BE LOVE is one of my favorite hagar song GET UP is awsome sounds alot like early van halen DREAMS is another classic on this album SUMMER NIGHTS and BEST OF BOTH WORLDS have to be the crowning jewels on this album.
    LOVE WALKS IN is another good ballad and 5150 is a great track the only track that brings down the album is the last one INSIDE.
    but overall if you want to get into the HAGAR years of VAN HALEN buy this album....more info
  • The new Van Halen
    With departure of David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen brings in veteran rocker Sammy Hagar, who once was involved in a good record with Ronnie Montrose back in the early 70's, but I digress. With Hagar at the mic the band quickly record 5150, and album started with original vocalist Lee Roth, but finished with Hagar. The songs are an about-face step in the realm of pop metal with frat-boy sensibility, all wrapped up in the package of a serious musical statement. But don't believe it folks, this is pure pop metal with the Top 40 dead in the site of the band's aim. "Why can't this be love", "Love walks in", and "Best of Both worlds" are as poppy as you can be. There are no really great melodies at work here, but plenty of fine guitar from Eddie, as per usual. This album marks the bEST of the Van Hagar era. ...more info
  • Good start for VanHagar, despite the electronic drums
    This is a strong beginning for the newly formed Van Hagar. The only thing that hasen't aged well here are the Simmons electronic drum pads Al was using at the time. It sounds like he's drumming on plastic coffee can covers! ...more info


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