Once On This Island (1990 Original Broadway Cast)

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Customer Reviews:

    A few years ago I was in this play. The songs are great and easy to sing along with. Share the story with people you know. It sure brought me many good memories. This is a wonderful musical, and very fun!...more info
  • It's the best musical to recently come out.
    This CD rocks! I was in this play in my high school last spring (Nottingham) Syracuse, NY, and even though I had a small role, I'm obsessed with this musical. The story line with its simple songs makes me want to perform it again. It far surpasses its novel "My Love, My Love" by Rosa Guy, and I'm sure you'll feel the same way too. It'll make you laugh and cry. It's such a great musical that the year prior to our performance, another local high school performed it, and this week, Syracuse University is performing it while getting great reviews. Now how's that for an unknown musical?!?...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is a completely wonderful recording of a completely wonderful musical. It is the definitive recording of the show, in my opinion cleaner than the London cast recording. The Caribbean music is upbeat and infectious, and, thanks to the nature of the show, this recording tells the entire story. And what a powerful story it tells! The show itself deserves broader recognition as an energetic, insightful and heartwarming musical. Wonderful music, fabulous show -- BUY IT, you will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Broadway's NOT better!
    This CD gives you all the songs from Once On This Island, but they are recorded by the Broadway cast. Usually that would be a good thing- not this time! They changed many of the rhythms and the dialogue is very forced and unnatural. They make the story seem "corny" rather than deep. ...more info
  • Awesome cd!!!
    My school is doing this play and when I heard about it I wanted to find out more because I've never heard of it. When I got this cd I was amazed!! It was so good. I can never stop listening to it. I think it is one of the best cd's I've ever gotten. I absolutely love "Mama Will Provide". I think that everyone should get it. You really will enojoy it!!...more info
  • Once was not enough!
    I recently read about the May 2002 benefit concert in NY of the original cast of Once On this Island, and even though I missed the event, I still love this CD. I agree with the glowing reviews here... a great story and a great listen! Ahrens and Flaherty do a wonderful job with book, music, and lyrics. While "Mama Will Provide" was an instant favorite, over the years some other pieces with more of a darker side have become the true gems for me, like "Rain" and "Some Girls." The entire cast is epitome of "Ensemble"... all voices perfectly cast. Once was not enough... and this CD allows you to enjoy the show again and again!...more info
  • Deserves to be better known
    Haven't found anyone who knows of this musical, which deserves more recognition. Perfect for schools, drama classes, etc. because of the equal distribution of roles and musical numbers, and it's topical subject matter. ...more info
  • Brilliant!
    One of Lynn Aherns and Stephen Flaherty's best work, "Once On This Island" defines originality while telling a story that touches on many levels. Themes such as love and redemption are captured through the life of Ti Moune, a poor peasant girl who's decision to save a rich boy's life clash the families and societies that come between them; a girl saved by the gods and sent through a journey to test the strength of love. The score for "Once On This Island" illuminates the setting of the French Antilles with a Carribean-feel, which bounces on sounds of world music, pop, and R&B. "We Dance" paves the platform for the characters and their lives, and is upbeat and exciting. "Waiting For Life" displays La Chanze's beautiful voice and power. "Pray" is a thrilling song of raw emotion that sets the plot for the rest of the storyline. "Ti Moune" is a poignant song about letting go, and the following "Mama Will Provide" is a brassy and wonderful song about nature. "Some Girls" is a moving song, while "The Human Heart" portrays intimiacy and a touch of romance. "The Ball" transcends the audience into the grandness of the wealthy Beauxhomme's, and the climax of the rest of the album are tragic yet uplifting, and "Why We Tell The Story" combines the moral surrounding it. It has been confirmed in my high school that this will be the spring musical, and you could only imagine how much more the experience will mean when the live orchestra and vocal, lighting, costumes, sets, and dance will accompany the score itself. Very ensemble supported, with a number of leads as well. This album is incredibly strong, one that is different from traditional musicals, and with that, refreshing and compelling and with universal appeal....more info
  • Energetic! Fun!
    This is one of the best musicals of the 90's. It is fun, fast-paced and very uplifting! It has a great beat that makes you feel like you are on an island dancing. As a singer, I feel that all the talent on the CD is excellent. You will be glad when you add this one to your collection!...more info
  • An enjoyable musical with a simple plot
    Flaherty and Ahrens did a wonderful job creating this piece! They and Graciela Daniele knew what they were doing when they cast it!...more info
  • Not your typical musical, but a gem nevertheless
    I have had the pleasure of working on this show twice. Therefore I have spent considerable time with this CD. Not the typical musical theater format, this style of show depicts most of its storyline through song. Thus, unlike other shows, one can easily follow the plot with just the CD. Heavily ensemble based, OOTI's strength is in it's strong cast. Particularly good selections are "The Human Heart," "Forever Yours," and "Waiting for Life to Begin."
    Classical musical theater lovers may have trouble swallowing this show's storytelling, Caribbean flared format. But this is one of Once On This Island's strong points. Unlike format shows that follow a cookie cutter pattern, OOTI takes a new twist on the Little Mermaid plot using just one act. Once given a chance, this show can sweep you away. It has moments of joy, sorrow, passion, and dance. The energy given out from this cast is electrifying....more info
  • The best musical ever made....
    This musical is the best ever! Our school performed an amatuer production of it in September and i have not been able to get it out of my head since - and I'm not the only one. I played Tonton Julian, and the parts in 'Pray' and 'Timoune' are my absolute favourites. The fact that I am at an all girls school did not affect the music at all, the characters were all brought out so well in the music and dialouge. I really want to see a production of this musical, professional or not and hope it gets more publicity, it deserves it!...more info
  • A brilliant musical that more people should know about!
    When I discovered this amazing musical I just had to buy the CD!!!! One day while I was looking up The Little Mermaid on Wikipedia I saw that in the Adaptations section along with well known versions such as the Disney version and the Anime version I saw the entry "The musical Once on this Island is a Caribbean version of the Little mermaid set in the French Antilies" or something like that. Then I clicked on the link provided and read the summary, after that I was hooked! I went to find my mom to tell her to get me this CD, after a few tries she said my dad would take me to get it after church the next day; That day came and as soon as I popped the CD in my portable CD player and it just blew me away! After that I downloaded some of the songs from the London version on itunes and it didn't really live up to my expectations; the Ti Moune sounded like she swallowed a cotton ball! and the Papa Ge sounds like he's screaming (there go my two favorite characters) but with the Broadway version I am fully obsessed.

    The songs of the Island;

    1. We Dance- splended opening number! I can't stop dancing to it! The song is sung by storytellers (who become the characters of the story) who introduce the Gods of the Island; Asaka(Mother of the Earth), Agwe (God of Water), Erzulie (beautiful Goddess of love), and Papa Ge (sly demon of death), and also describes the two different worlds; the poor peasants, and the wealthy Grand Homme.

    2. One Small Girl- this song describes how Ti Moune (the heroine of the story) was saved by the Gods from a flood when she was a little girl and sheltered in a tree, only to be found by caring peasants who become her parents.

    3. Waiting for life- In this song, Ti Moune (now all grown up) expresses her need to find out the special reason that the Gods saved her.

    4. The Gods heard her prayer/Rain- the title is the only exlanation needed for the Gods hear her prayer. Rain however is sung by Agwe who causes a Grand Homme named Daniel to crash his car from driving too fast
    5. Pray- Ti Moune finds Daniel and nurses him back to health ignoring the fear of the peasants and anger of the Gods.

    6. Forever yours- my favorite song on this whole CD! Ti Moune pledges her love to Daniel and then later on in the song gives her life to Papa Ge, the demon of death so that he will spare Daniel.

    7. Sad tale of the Beauxhommes- kind of pointless but still fun to listen to, it describes Daniel's family history........that's all I have to say.

    8. Ti Moune- Daniel's family has already taken Daniel back to the Hotel his family owns and Ti Moune begs her parents to let her go after him even though reluctant they agree.

    9. Mama will Provide- Ti Moune runs into Asaka the mother of the Earth who tells her that anything she needs "Mama will provide".

    10. Some say- the storytellers discuss what Ti Moune's journey was like, different opinions are tossed around. This song while fun to dance and sing to really makes you wonder along with the storytellers.

    11. Part of the Human heart- very inspirational should-be classic! Once Ti Moune is with Daniel Erzulie the Goddess of love sings this beautiful piece.

    12. Pray (reprise)- The Grand Homme's gossip about Daniel and Ti Moune behind their backs.

    13. Some Girls- Daniel sings this song to Ti Moune. Very romantic! Makes any girl wish that the guy they love would sing this to them.

    14. The Ball- A ball is held at the Hotel Beauxhomme where one of the guests (Andrea) confronts Daniel about Ti Moune.

    15. Ti Moune's dance- At Andrea's request Ti Moune dances for all of the guests and does a very good job (although you don't see the dance on the CD obviously) the music of this piece is very unusual but much fun as well.

    16. When we are Wed- Andrea congragulates Ti Moune on her success and asks her to dance at her (Andrea's) wedding. Saying she will be marrying Daniel.

    17. Forever yours (reprise)- after Daniel explains to Ti Moune that they could never marry and leaves her heartbroken and alone, Papa Ge comes to claim Ti Moune's life but he says that she can return to her old life if she kills Daniel............She can't do it.

    18. A Part of Us- Once Ti Moune dies, the Peasants and the Gods (including Papa Ge) mourn her death. Made me cry all the way through.

    19. Why we tell the story- A much more uplifting song than a part of us.
    The Gods turn Ti Moune into a beautiful tree that watches over Daniel forever. the storytellers then explain all of the reasons to tell this wonderful tale.

    The reason I gave that summary of the songs was in hope I'll be able to give this musical more attention than it currently has and in hopes for it to someday return to Broadway (I really want to see this musical live but sadly it doesn't play anywhere near my area!)
    ...more info
  • WOW!!! Buy this amazing CD!!!
    My high school recently performed this great show and it was amazing! I do stage crew regularly, and this is the first play I truly loved! It holds great memories at the PRHS stage, so I decided to go out and buy the real deal CD! If you're a fan of Broadway or Once On This Island--GO OUT AND BUY THIS CD NOW! Go crew!...more info
    this cd is wonderful if your into african bongo-type music. the play is wonderful and the soundtrack is just as good! i suggest you buy it! you won't regret it!...more info
  • best Music Ever
    I reacently preformed this play and the music is the best stuff you have ever heard
    ...more info
  • Wow!
    This is going to be our high school musical and tryouts aren't until January, so I got the soundtrack so I could get a feel for it before trying out. I absolutely love it! It's not usually the type of music I would listen to either. The cast has great voices and I really like the plot. I can't wait to see people I know perform it. It's got a tropical sound and has both slow songs and upbeat songs that you can dance to. I think it's going to end up being my favorite musical. I'm suprised I've never heard of it before....more info
  • an important tool in a classroom
    I have used this product in a high school musical theater class setting....many of the tunes included are great performance songs my students will be using in our upcoming end of the term concert... they love this unique musical style, so do I......more info
  • A Great Musical
    With some recordings of musicals, the listener doesn't know what the story is by just listening to the songs. This is not the case with Once on This Island. Practically every line in Once on This Island is sung, so practically every line is on this soundtrack. Our middle school put on Once On This Island a couple years ago, and whenever I listen to the CD, I can picture every scene in my mind. This one of the best musicals I've heard with a great plot and catchy songs. You won't be sorry if you buy this CD....more info
  • This is the best musical ever!
    I was in an un-proffessional performance of Once On This Island and what I enjoyed most about it were the songs. These are the best ever!...more info
  • AMAZIN..!
    I have seen this musical like 5 or 6 times (at different places) and I think this is the best musical there ever is and ever was!! Don't think twice before buying this CD, trust me, you'll never stop listening to it. Even if you are a little thrown by the caribean rhythm, you'll get so used to it, you' break right out into song!! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT...You Won't Regret It!...more info
  • Why tell this story? It's a good story, with better music!
    There is nothing worse than a weak story linked together with weaker tunes. However, Once on this Island is operatic in its beauty, organic in its execution (not a note out of place!) and is bound together with a strong story, stronger performances, and some of the most upbeat and uplifting music I have ever heard. The music brings you to the Antilles and establishes the place of this island, with its symbitioc relationship with nature and its gods. And you will root for Ti Moune and her faith in her place in the world, and even though she doesn't get the guy, it could be argued that she gets something even better.

    Give it a listen.......more info
  • A Must for anyone - Great music to make your life better
    Everyone must go out and buy this album! It's the greatest. Flaherty and Ahrens do some wonderful and creative things with the music. Further, the emotional songs make you want to move with the music. Who can not help dance during Mama Will Provide or cry during A Part of Us. And my favorite song, Some Girls, is the best! They hit these songs right on the dot and all the actors are wonderful. They have full voices that shine during every song. You must buy this CD!...more info
  • Electrically AMAZING
    This is a fantastic recording of an excellent musical. The story is interesting and the music is amazing. From the brooding thunderstorm in the beginning to the prayer and dance sequence near the end, this musical will capture your ears, eyes and heart. I've been in the music business for 18 years and I've never been so moved by a musical as I was by Once on this Island. WOW!!!!...more info
  • AMAZIN..!
    I have seen this musical like 5 or 6 times (at different places) and I think this is the best musical there ever is and ever was!! Don't think twice before buying this CD, trust me, you'll never stop listening to it. Even if you are a little thrown by the caribean rhythm, you'll get so used to it, you' break right out into song!! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT...You Won't Regret It!...more info
  • Made me wish I was a large gospel-singing woman...
    I Love This Musical! I've seen it in several incarnations, the touring production, as a summer stock in my hometown of Rochester, NY, and as a collegiate production, and have developed more appreciation for it every time. As my title indicates, anyone familiar with the music will know that "Mama Will Provide" has to be my all time fave song from this score. And that is what makes me say that if you were to choose between the 1990 OBC and the London Cast, go for the Original. It is a more vibrant, youthful sounding cast. The soul which eminates from these performers is tangible; you can feel Timoune's pain at Daniel's refusal to part with his more comfortable wealthy lifestyle, and you smile along with the Gods' playful attempts to amuse themselves while toying with the emotions of humans. I put this in the CD player on my long drives back to NY from the midwest and instantly 2 hours are erased from the journey!!...more info
  • One word: Phenomenal!
    This show is one of those rare gems that can make you sob and yet leave you feeling uplifted. The songs are woven together to not only go through the circle of life, but also to tell a love story that is completely unpredictable. This show is writen with beautiful love songs and joyful songs that just want to make you get up and dance.

    Every time I listen to this CD it gets better and better. The sooner you buy this, the sooner you will understand the incredible talent of this writing duo....more info

  • This is in no way strange!
    This is AMAZING! WONDERFUL! GREAT! You have to see this show in person to get the entire feel. So much talent on this CD. What a wonderful and simple meaning. I love it....more info
  • Interesting
    This was an ok soundtrack, but I have heard much better...more info
  • Awesome!
    I am currently involved in my school's production of "Once On This Island" and we are VERY excited to put on this show - the music is WONDERFUL, and this CD is TERRIFIC! To anyone who enjoys musicals - get this!...more info
  • One of the Best cd's I Own!!!!
    This is a true treausre, and more people should discover it! The story is fantastic, and the music is so well-written. The characters come alive in the cd in such songs as "Rain", "Mama Will Provide", "Forever Yours" and "Human Heart". The reprise of "Forever Yours" is one of the highlights of the show, and it is even better experienced live. For broadway and pop people, this is gold. ...more info
  • wow.
    I recently just saw a professional production of this in Baltimore--and it was brilliant. The music goes straight to your heart and you sit there dancing with it. This probably is one of the most creative story telling shows ever. It tells the story in such an abstract way that requires imagination and concentration to pick up on the witty lyrics. I can't wait to buy this cd!...more info
  • Before Ragtime, there was this...
    This is a great show from the duo who went on to wrtie the music for Ragtime. For this show, they chose a carribean retelling of The Little Mermaid (sans flippers). This music is as good as, and in some ways better than, Ragtime. Though the music loses its carribean feel at times, it is a stellar score. One of the best things about this CD is its completness. Since the story is told primarily through song and dance, there is little dialogue, so the CD includes the complete show. You can almost see the show going on in your mind. La Chanze leads a cast of excellent performers that make the music coem alive. Their voices ae so expressive that I feel as if I can see their facial expressions. Though this show did not have a long run on Broadway, it has been well preserved with this CD, and is definatly worth a look....more info
  • It deserves six stars!
    Seeing this musical not only sold me on it's great score, but it took it's place as my favorite play. When listening, it's extremely difficult to resist the temptaion to tap your feet or snap your fingers. It's upbeat and energetic, and it leaves nothing to desire. A must if you are a Broadway fan, or just looking for some great (although different) music!...more info
  • You can love this soundtrack even if you haven't seen the play
    I first saw this play about 12 years ago produced beautifully by the Repertory Theater of St. Louis. It was wonderful! I have owned this music on vinyl, then on tape, and am now buying it for my MP3 player.

    The wonderful thing about this soundtrack is that it is the entire story told in music. There is no spoken dialogue needed in this play. If you listen to this music you will understand the entire story (and it's such a lovely story!)

    The other wonderful thing about this soundtrack is that the music is of the sort with which you can - and will want to - sing along, dance along, repeat some tunes depending on your mood, and hum in the shower. The performers are wonderful and the music is memorable and the story is timeless.

    This is a unique and masterful production. You'll never get tired of this music. Enjoy it....more info
  • Excellent
    This is truely one of Ahrens and Flaugbherty's best show, even, darest I say, better than Ragtime, one of my All time fav's....more info
  • Beautiful!
    This is the best piece of musical theatre written in the last 10 years! For Ahrens and Flaherty fans you will find that this cd is much more enchanting and stronger than their current Ragtime. This show is tight from opening to close, a very important structure in musical theatre. This cd flows beautifully, inter-mingling beautiful carribean music and soulfoul gems like "Mama Will Provide", "Ti Moune" and other songs. The story is enchanting and while listening to the cd you can almost picture whats happening in your mind. Unfortunatly this musical was very short lived on Broadway, and honestly I don't see why. This is the strongest piece of Theatre that Broadway has seen in such a long time. For people who enjoy this cd, after listening to Ragtime you will probably toss it aside, Ragtime is full of holes and drags on until you fall asleep. This IS the best collabaration between Ahrens and Flaherty. Buy this wonderful CD!...more info
  • This is an "Island" where the music runs deep
    November 1994...a day that would change my life. It's a Sunday and I'm at a music store going through the musicals section, and something tells me to buy this album. Later that day, I'm back home and I start to play it. From the moment "We Dance" flooded the room with its pure joy to the final scenes of "A Part of Us" and "We Tell the Story", with their achingly beautiful music and lyrics, I was enthralled all the way. On that day, I became a fan of Ahrens and Flaherty, and six years later, I'm just as thrilled and moved by their musicals as I ever was. I would not hesitate to see a production of this wonderful show!...more info
  • Our school is doing this musical!
    Our school is doing this musical and I am cast in it. I love the music. It can really upbeat and it can also be really dramatic and sad. I love that you can really "feel" the music when you listen to it. Some of the songs make you want to get up and dance around. Others make your body sway. Some parts of this CD make you want to cry. This CD will give you a variety of feelings. I really recommend this CD. It is great....more info
  • Highly Recommend this one
    I did this show a few years ago and as I got the score and listened to it alongside doing the production, I just fell in love with it. This show is just astounding for a number of reasons, primarily the fact that the score is so much fun to listen to. The show features fun upbeat numbers like "We Dance" (which is among my favorite prologues in musical theatre), "Waiting For Life", "Mama Will Provide", and "Why We Tell the Story" (Among my favorite finales in musical theatre). It also has many slower, beautiful numbers such as "Forever Yours", "The Human Heart", and "Some Girls". The concept of the musical along with the score make it among my favorites. I would say the one problem with the score is that in just about every song you hear the same musical riff that is the basis of "We Dance" and it can get somewhat annoying. However, on the whole, it is just an excellent show and I highly recommend it....more info
  • A Tear Jerker
    I know everyone has said that they did this musical. I did it, too. I hve been acting for 11 years, musicals being what I do the most. I played Timoune, and everyone I talked to (for the next 1.5 years) said this was the best show we ever did. No one could stop crying. One night, we had an interruption by a fire alarm, and everyone in the audience returned to see what happened to these unfortunate lovers. You can't help but try to hold on to their love for them. It's a fabulous show, and everyone should give it a chance....more info
  • Passionate, Tuneful Storytelling. Joyous!
    My wife and I saw this show on Broadway during its too-brief run. The show was nominated for 8 Tony Awards, but didn't win in any category.

    The musical is all sung, so it translates well onto CD. It features the original Broadway cast, including LaChanze, who won a Theater World Award for her performance as Ti Moune.

    Listening to the CD, one is transported into a world of gods and humans, love and death, vengeance and redemption. The score, by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty ("Seussical the musical" and "Ragtime"), is a joyful, spirited mixture of Caribbean and pop-tinged songs, sung with animation and passion.

    ...more info
  • Our school is doing this play
    Our school is working on this play and I am in the cast. The music in this play, and cd, is incredible. It has everything from love songs to rock n' roll(I guess I would call it that, you know what I mean). The play really makes you think about your life, and since it is a musical, it will be on the cd. I don't have the cd, but I have listened to it and it is incredible. I think you'll enjoy it too....more info
  • Great
    My High school chorus is performing this musical, and it's fantastic music. I encourage everyone to get this cd, the music will definitely lift your spirits....more info
  • Fast Delivery
    I wasn't expecting to receive the items just yet (cause I was informed of 8 weeks to deliver). But i got it just aweek and a half from the time i ordered. Its all in perfect shape and i'm enjoying every minute of it!...more info
    I was in this musical at our school we did the JR. addition!!! i played little ti moune!!! IT WAS SO FUN! and the music is beautiful!!! you will just love this CD!!!!...more info
  • Awesome
    This the best musical I've ever heard. I've seen this particular cast in action. The music is great. Even if you haven't seen the play, just add it to your collection. You'll thank me for it later....more info
    My schools 8th grade play was Once On This Island and I loved it so i'm gonna buy this cd! you should too!...more info
  • superb musical
    I saw the broadway play and I had to purchase the musical scores.
    Very nice!...more info
  • Bravo!!!
    Once on this island is really an exquisite show. I recently preformed it and found myself humming the catchy tuns of the musical. This is not the best album in the world, but it shure is fun. If you like folk tales and romantic tunes, listen to the samples of the music. You will find you will really enjoy it.
    PS. my personal favorite song is FOREVER YOURS...more info
  • A hidden gem of Broadway
    After learning that this was our high schools spring musical, I naturally went out and bought the CD. I loved every minute of it. The plot was extremley basic, but the music made it seem more comlex. The woman who plays Ti Moune on the recording is phenominal, along with the woman who plays Asaka. Mama Will Provide, We Dance and Waiting for life are excellent. When we preformed this (back in early may) there were a few seconds of silence after Why We Tell the story, and the audiance erupted in praise. It is truly a great Broadway musical, filled with all 3 components, catchy, show stopping numbers, great sets and costumes and a great book....more info
  • Very Authenic and Beautiful Work
    The team of Flaherty and Ahrens truly blew me away with "Ragtime", and I didn't anything could come close to that power. While "Once On This Island" is nothing like "Ragtime" in terms of gandeur, it still is a wonderful work filled with some wonderful music. The ensemble on this recording sounds exactly as they should in my opinion, and they perfectly depict people on a magical island. The story is also one that I enjoyed in that it was very simple, yet had a great message. While the vocal work provided by the ensemble is great, it is LaChanze who truly makes this recording soar. Her voice is like that of a goddess, and she makes all of the emotions of Ti Moune come alive, especially in "Waiting For Life", which is this recording's star number.

    It may not be big, bold, or grand, but "Once On This Island" is a magical recording of a magical little musical that proves to be quite effective. It's authenticty and clever musicality are what make it great....more info
  • The courage of a dreamer
    In this modern fairy tail, beatiful songs and a heartbreaking storyline make this one of broadway's best preformances. Ti moune, a peasent girl who wants more, is plucked from her village and sent on a journey by the gods to test the streangth of love against the power of death. I only give it four stars because the first time you hear it, it is hard to get used to. it is done in a different style than most musicals so you'll have to listen to it a few times to actually fully appreciated. This preformance is definently better than the london version of the show. My favorite song is forever yours. a beatiful mix of love, and the cruelity of death. I personnally play Papa Ge in my school preformance, and I think his character is great!...more info
  • A wonderful and simply splendid musical
    My middle school performed this musical, and our last performance was last night. I truly believe everyone should have the privlidge of viewing or hearing this play. If you want to know a little about it, it's based on My Love, My Love by Rosa Guy and is close to the plot of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid....more info
  • Stunning and flawless Musical Fairy Tale
    This musical represents all that is RIGHT with new musicals. Flaherty creates musical themes that recur throughout the piece and Ahrens' lyrics are brilliant. Through this musical, which I saw in NY 7 times, I was introduced to the talent of La Chanze and now as the lead in Color Purple, the world is getting another glimpse at what a great singer she is. Listening to her interpret a song is beautiful. For those who never had the privilege of seeing the show, we can all thank our stars that the production lives on forever in recording. Many other notable performers from Milton Craig Nealy (Rain) to Kecia Lewis Evans (Mama Will Provide) to Jerry Dixon (Some Girls)to Eric Riley (in every stand out number), this cast recording is worth every penny. I am on my 2nd copy and rapidly working toward my 3rd. ...more info
  • THE best broadway play in existance!
    I had never heard of this play until my high school did it last spring, and I fell in love with it immidiatly. I could have had something to do with it being the first play to make me cry! I adore the music and was fortunate enough to get the role of Ti Moune in our high school production, which was fun as all hell! :) The music is amazing and perfect!...more info
  • AMAZING!!!
    I had always been a big fan of this musical, and just recently I purchased the soundtrack. The music is spectacular- some numbers bright and upbeat, while some are sad and emotional. I would definitely reccomend buying this album- it is worth every penney. I am sad that Once on this Island is still not on Broadway, because everyone should be able to experience its magic and resilliance. Try samples of "Pray," an emotional yet thrilling song, "We Dance," a true Caribbean Classic, and "Forever Yours," a deeply emotional tear-jerker. I can't reccomend this enough!!!!...more info
  • Sweet!
    I love this musical! I'm runing spot for a college production, and I'd love to play Papa Ge. It's just so much fun to be evil-ish and such......more info
  • An amazing piece of work, wonderfully crafted and conceived.
    Lightning strikes, and a child cries. The stage is set and the audience in plunged headlong into a world of two sides, the slaves and the 'beauxhommes', where the Gods decide to play a game to determine whether Death is Stronger than Love, or vice-versa. The audience is captured by the emotion that is inherent in the characters. Their love, their hatred, their sacrifices and their fears. After performing in the musical I find myself missing the show terribly and often turn to this recording and sing along. Great for both nostalgic purposes and getting hooked on another wonderful musical....more info
  • A very touching staging/recording of a great book!
    From the first song to the last, you will be enthralled my the amazing music and the very engaging lyrics (based on Rosa Guy's book "My Love, My Love') of this original Broadway cast recording of "Once On This Island." Written by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, the same duo who gave you musicals such as "Ragtime," "Lucky Stiff," "My Favorite Year," and the forthcoming "Seussical," and the soundtrack of the animated movie "Anastasia". The story of a young peasant girl enamoured to a young French-mulatto heir, it is a Caribbean Little Mermaid with touches of vibrant dance songs to tearjerkers that would make your heart heavy with sad emotion. I loved the musical so much that when I saw a local production of it, I could not help but watch it twice more, and order the CD immediately so that I would be the first one to have it in the Philippines; at least I would like to believe that. You won't regret buying this CD, and even the newer London cast recording. What a great musical!...more info
    Th music is up beat and enjoyable. The lyrics are inspiring and to top it all off the cast is AMAZING! Carribean beats and intracate stories make up this amazing CD. I strongly encourage everyone to buy this CD!...more info
    Once on this Island is an INCREADABLE story..my high school is putting it on this year and although its a TON of work its TOTALLY worth it! When I first heard the CD I feel in love w/ the characters and music..you are really DRAWN into the characters and their story. This is a wonderfully well written moving story, I feel privilaged to be able to do it!...more info
  • If this don't make you dance nothing will!
    How can you stop yourself, if you have any rhythm at all within you, from at least tapping along to the opening song, "We Dance?" I wager you'll gyrate wildly. I know I do. This musical is my personal favorite from the Broadway crop of 1990; too bad it was overshadowed by the flashy "Will Rogers Follies" and of course "Miss Saigon". But "Once" is both more intimate and more emotionally appealing than either of those shows, dealing not only with celebration but with class and race and youth and old age and that age old mystery the price of love--and all of it couched in Ahrens' lovely, witty lyrics and Flaherty's fantastic Carribbean score. It's a show ultimately about celebration of life and everything in it. And I tell you, that philosophy's as catchy as these tunes....more info
  • The Best Musical Ever!
    This is a not very well known musical, however, it is one of my favorites! The songs seem to come from your very soul. I wish I could give this more stars! Definately a buy no musical lover should be without!...more info
  • AMAZIN..!
    I have seen this musical like 5 or 6 times (at different places) and I think this is the best musical there ever is and ever was!! Don't think twice before buying this CD, trust me, you'll never stop listening to it. Even if you are a little thrown by the caribean rhythm, you'll get so used to it, you' break right out into song!! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT...You Won't Regret It!...more info
  • Amazing!!!!!
    Once On This Island is the best Broadway since Phantom of the Opera. It's refreshingly new and gives a new face to the same old plot and songs. The music flows from start to finish and is a joy to listen to, or to be a part of. I definently reccomend!!!!!!!!...more info
  • I never get tired of listening to this soundtrack
    A musical born more of folktale than traditional musical-comedy form.

    It's not perfect musical by any means, but it accomplishes a lot, and it does it in a fresh, innovative way.

    TiMoune's voice has an amazing quality that conveys insistent hope.

    ...more info


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