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Overwhelmed by sudden success, Nirvana promised to take a harsher, more abrasive route on their second major-label release. Enlisting Chicago-based noise maven Steve Albini (of Big Black fame), Kurt Cobain and company succeeded in producing a record that was violent, disillusioned, and deeply moving. Every song reads like a commentary on the cost of fame ("Serve the Servants") and the unhealthy relationship between performer and fan ("Milk It"). Of course, they might all simply be about Courtney Love. Gossip aside, there is no denying the sheer power of Cobain's songwriting, his singing, and the band's amazing, visceral power. Cobain even manages a John Lennon-like mantra at the end of the heart-wrenching "All Apologies." "All in all is all we are," he intones repeatedly, only for Cobain that's no consolation. --Percy Keegan

1993 Geffen release, the band's final studio album with the 7:33 long 'Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip' added as a bonus track that is listed on the back inlay of the jewel case, but is hidden on the disc itself, since the CD scans only 12 tracks. 13 tracks total, also including the alternative hits 'All Apologies', 'Heart- Shaped Box', 'Milk It' and 'Rape Me'. The CD is a color picture disc.

In Utero is a howling, defiantly punkish recording, an unsentimental throwback to an era of garage band epiphanies and raw, unadorned rock and roll. Nirvana rails against both alternative conformity and polished notions of commercial rock with the anthemic rage of true outcasts. Engineer-producer Steve Albini has enabled Nirvana to replicate the savage immediacy of their live sound--the sound of a band without commercial aspirations or pretensions, just thrashing away for the sheer joy of noise. Pressed on black vinyl. Universal.

Includes the Bonus Mystery Track 'Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip'.

Customer Reviews:

  • Time
    This music is from an era where music was changing from one maximum to another. This is very good to hear at least once....more info
  • One of the great rock albums
    Actually, the title of my review doesn't truly represent my opinion of this album. For me, this is the holy grail of all albums. Am I surprised that Nirvana would end up writing my all-time favourite album ever? Not at all. After hearing "Nevermind", it was clear that Cobain and the rest of the group had a true talent for writing music. However, the one thing that did surprise me was that the album that would leave such an impression on me would sound like this.

    For those who have heard Nevermind (who hasn't?), one could define it basically as poppy grunge. Sure, the songs were pretty rockin' (most of them), but they all had some sort of catchy hook or some lines that you just couldn't resist singing along too. As it turned out, the person who seemed to realise this more than anyone was Kurt Cobain himself, and so for the album that would become In Utero, he intentionally wrote anti-mainstream songs. What amazes me is that an album that was intended to be, in some way or another, "bad" (at least in radio terms) could end up being so good. What Cobain did, at least from what I can hear, is write songs that were good in a different way. As it turned out, this way was the best kind of way.

    There are several albums I own where every song is good. However, of those songs, there are usually only a select few that are fantastic the first time I hear it, and remain fantastic each time I hear it afterwards. In the case of "In Utero", each and every song on here is amazing. If one were to ask me my favourite, I wouldn't be able to answer right away, as I would have to consider every single track before I could really say (To this day, 12 years after I bought it, I still don't truly have a favourite song of this album).

    There is no denying that these songs are fueled by Cobain's deep, and powerful lyrics. Although these songs can be impressive musically (the simple yet effective guitar riffs, Grohl's always fabulous drumming, the cello on a couple of the songs, etc.), the lyrics always end up stealing the spotlight. When I hear Cobain sing "Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back" on Heart Shaped Box, or when he screams "Your scent is still here in my place of recovery" on Milk It, or his legendary chant of "All in all is all we are" on All Apologies, I to this day get chills.

    As for the songs themselves, like I said, they are all worthy of recognition. Heart Shaped Box, if I had to choose, would probably be my favourite on here. With it's unbelievable lyrics and distorted masterpiece of a guitar solo, this remains to this day the best song I've ever heard. The non-sensical and barely understandable shrieks throughout the ingenious "Tourette's" make this one of coolest punk rock songs ever. Pennyroyal Tea, Rape Me, Dumb, Very Ape, Milk It, and All Apologies are more of the absoloutely brilliant songs you'll hear on this CD.

    Really, In Utero is more like an experience rather than an album. It is something that absoloutely MUST be listened to from front to back, as it would be a crime to skip ANY of these songs. However, with all the praise I've given this album, I must also remind the reader that this was an album that Cobain intentionally made sound harsher. There are NO songs on here that posess the catchy hooks along the lines of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or "Lithium". There is alot more screaming on this album as well, so if you were only in to Nirvana's radio hits from Nevermind, I would strongly recommend against buying this. However, if your looking for something heavier, or if you simply like rock music, it is just WRONG for In Utero to not be in your collection. Before I end this, I must express my grief over the death of Kurt Cobain. After hearing this album, one truly understands why he is considered to be one of the greatest songwriters in recent times (the last great one, so far). It is painful to consider what could have been. However, under the circumstances, I really could not think of a better way to end the legend that was Nirvana. Go buy this album immediately, you won't regret it....more info
  • In Utero
    I first fell in love with Nirvana when I listened to In Utero, and Nevermind on cassette in my room. There are a lot of awesome songs on this album, i like the lyrics and i like the sound! and i just love nirvana, and always will....more info
  • The last great album
    OK the point is this is a great album, in fact the last great album. im not gunna give you a detailed version of each of the songs on the album like the other guys do. but if you like grunge then you'll like this. if you favor love songs or crying songs about girls then this isnt for you. this album isnt one themed, and isnt just a jumble of power chords and distortion. alot of people who write reviews on here give the album (and other nirvana albums aswell) a bad rating without even hearing it. they are worried that the bands they like are being shadowed by nirvana, which they probably are because nirvana is a great band. This album starts off about people like that "serve the servants" talks about self appointed judges and Hypocrites. This is a great album if you dont like it write a review on here telling why and not that you like pearl jam better. and please actually listen to the album ...more info
  • Was Nirvana the best band of the 90's? I think so............
    That's a defensible argument, though not without its serious flaws. You could argue Nirvana were the most important band if you ignore Public Enemy and NWA, maybe.

    The agit-prop crew from New York, after all, only reset the hip-hop world's political antennae, marking their cards as the thinkers of their generation, while Los Angeles's street-battling gangstas made the thug life the ideal life for wannabes from black suburbs to the white Midwest.

    Add Run DMC to Public Enemy and NWA, and you've got the groups that took hip-hop into the mainstream, so much so that by the end of the decade, hip-hop and R&B was the most important element in pop music.

    And within a few years of the new millennium, this "urban" music had such a lock on the American charts that a rock band selling enough to compete with them was newsworthy.

    "Well, yes," you could say, "but Nirvana brought underground rock bands back to the charts." But Guns N' Roses, who had once been considered "underground", hadn't exactly been low profile in the years before Nirvana broke.

    And after Nirvana, every me-too record company had to have their own "grunge" band. Bands that weren't grunge at all responded in their own ways to the fire and drive of Nirvana - think Radiohead for a start.

    But ponder this: how many of those "underground" bands were genetically rather than circumstantially underground? Would you say now that Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and even Silverchair - some of the bands who sold millions after Nirvana - were automatically scary to the mainstream rather than merely blocked from exposure by moribund radio and record companies?

    If the underground became the overground, what happened to the mega sales for the likes of TAD or even Henry Rollins, who were making a racket, feeling angry and playing the underground circuit? Maybe they were genuinely scary and not the commercially acceptable acts the others always were.

    OK, but Kurt Cobain was the spokesman for his generation, the finest songwriter of his time, surely? Bollocks to that. The "spokesman" tag is patently untrue.

    That's not to say Cobain's inchoate rage and simultaneous ennui was not representative of a great many people and did not speak to many more. But let's not inflate it beyond that.

    The "songwriter" tag? You're on more solid ground there. He could write some very good songs and he was getting better; he could well have ended up a serious contender.

    We'll never know.

    Finally, you can also argue that Cobain and Nirvana were important for the territory they marked out for others. That is: the urge to be something other than Nirvana. This urge surged in Britain during the '90s via the obvious Oasis and Blur, but also in the less flashy but possibly more important scene that coalesced around Massive Attack/Portishead /Tricky and spawned a very British melding of hip-hop, reggae and pop.

    Nirvana mattered. Cobain mattered. How much depends on where you stand, what you bought and who you're listening to now.

    ...more info
    This is a great grunge cd, and arguably Nirvanas best album.

    Heres my review of this album:

    1. 9/10

    2. 7/10

    3. 10/10

    4. 10/10

    5. 10/10

    6. 9/10

    7. 8/10

    8. 10/10

    9. 10/10

    10. 4/10

    11. 8/10

    12. 10/10

    These are basically the perfect ratings for this album. Tis' a great album..................Twas' Cobain who created so it must be a great album. Well, at least i think so....more info
  • Creatively more brilliant than nevermind
    As nirvana struggled with there immediate sucess this cd proves how badly nirvana wanted to stay away from there "grunge" genre sucess but managed to craft a brilliant cd.. with soft and haunting tracks like Dumb,All Apologies, Heart shapped box... but also mixed in with there screaming tracks like milk it,Tourette's,Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, and of course all there other tracks in between like serve the servants,Very ape. The most intresting thing this is the only album that seemed to have all the band have a creative writeing process like the collaboration between kurt and dave for scentless Apprentice... must buy for the nirvana casual or hardcore truley give a sneak preview of what way nirvana was shifting to from a grunge band to a great band.....more info
  • Nirvana's best
    A number of punk recordings in my cd collection became irrelevant after I first heard this recording: one of the most intense, high-energy, angst ridden, and poetic recordings of all-time. I prefer the sound production of this recording much more than the more mersh sounding Nevermind. On one hand there is more noise and distortion, but on the other it has the feel of a good live album in which I'm sitting in the first row if not on stage. Usually the production goal is to make a band sound note-perfect slick and polished, but Steve Albini seemed to be going for "clarity of raw noise and sound", if that makes any sense. It worked! Rhythmically, Dave Grohl and Chris Novelesic just play incredibly fast and heavy throughout. ...more info
  • Please
    Everyone is quick to label this album "great" or "brilliant" because Kurt Cobain is a "supposed" genius. This album only has a few good songs. I am a Nirvana fan, and I was forced to like some of the songs. "Tourette's," "Very Ape," "Dumb," and "Rape Me" are the highlights on "In Utero." If you want to truly review this album, listen to it and try to pretend it's not Kurt Cobain singing and judge for yourself. Any Nirvana fan knows that "Nevermind" is easily their best album....more info
  • One of the best ever made.
    This is an amazing rock album and shows Cobains true genious. This album is great all around, musically, lyrically, vocally, it's all here. What else can be said about Nirvana that hasen't been said already, they were an amazing band....more info
  • awesometastical
    this is a great album. skinny puppy's 'last rights' is also a great album. there is room for the peaceful coexistence of many great albums, much in the same way that it is possible for apples and oranges to both be great fruits. by saying that an apple is a masterpiece of fruitmaking, the perfection of an orange's composition is not diminished. similarly, the beauty of nirvana's 'in utero' does not preclude the possibility for there to be other beautiful works of musical genius, namely those of distinctively different artists. on a different note, i am of the impression that nirvana was incapable of recording a bad song. certainly some are better than others, but all are chock-full of a mysterious quality which elevates them to a level of superbness regardless of the production quality. that being said, 'in utero' is an example of nirvana having recorded songs which, by my previous definition, are guaranteed to not be bad. also, the production quality is well above par. this album is wonderfully loud, noisy, and cathartic....more info
  • Best commercial Nirvana album
    Best commercial Nirvana album. The songs have way more passion that Nevermind ever had and really convey what the band and Kurt was going through at the time (pain, love, disillusionment). Songs like Serve the servants, frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle, very ape and radio friendly unit shifter are some of the best songs ever produced by Nirvana, up there with negative creep, love buzz, school, aneurysm, breed and territorial pissings. This is definitely in the top 10 albums of all time and it's as necessary as Led Zeppelin II and Beatles - Revolver....more info
  • A mainstream band pushes the limits at the level of The Beatles
    This is the album that reminds you that Kurt Cobain was not just a rock star and an innovator, but also one of the best songwriters of the 90s.
    To those that say Nirvana was only it for the money, or that Kurt Cobain's suicide note only stated he was quitting the music business, one listen to this work makes you realize that music was life for Kurt Cobain, and he could never possibly have one without the other.

    Of course, after a work as intense as this there was no way to go any further in that direction, thus causing Nirvana to go softer for their unplugged album, and leaving Cobain without a direction to go in his career.

    While some say this album is a suicide note, this is in fact Kurt Cobain and music itself at their most alive. It's where a man is teetering at the edge without falling in...if only he could have stayed around a little longer and made it through so we'd still be experiencing his genius today. Instead we have some brilliant music to listen to, and for now that's more than enough....more info
  • One of the finest bands at its finest hour.
    I kind of stumbled into listening to Nirvana after hearing throughout my adolescence that they were the progenitors of modern alternative rock. After a few listens of "In Utero," the group's last studio album before Kurt Cobain's suicide in 1994, I'm convinced that the statement is true, and that this album is the proof.

    As I sit here writing this review, we're coming up on fifteen years since Cobain's death, and the music of his alienation from society, and of his discontentment with fame, grows sweeter somehow with the passage of time. Every song on the album drips with the raw anger and malaise of a man not at one with the world around him (to put it mildly, in Cobain's case), the lyrics sheer proof of Cobain's songwriting prowess. The darkness comes to a head early with "Heart Shaped Box," a personal favorite from the album, but bites back fiercely throughout the album.

    The sound of the album as a whole is considerably less polished than that of breakout album "Nevermind;" let this be a warning to prospective Nirvana listeners. While "In Utero" is the band at its finest hour, it's also the band at its darkest hour -- and I mean that in a very figurative sense. Cobain sings of being "[his] own parasite" ("Milk It") and invites people to "Rape Me" in one track. The sound is raw, rough, elemental, even a bit dirty in places -- exactly what a grunge record should be. In fact, it hearkens back to the unpolished edges of "Bleach," but with the backing of a major record company rather than that of a small independent studio. And it's a variegated soundscape as well -- we go from the screamfest of "Tourette's" to the slow-by-comparison "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle," stopping by the nearly-released single "Pennyroyal Tea" as well as the acerbically-named "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" on the way back.

    If you're a longtime Nirvana fan looking to finally get their last studio album, or a discoverer of the band looking to get a representative sample of how they sound, you cannot possibly go wrong with "In Utero." This is most definitely the finest hour of one of the finest bands ever to play music....more info
  • no one was this good!
    yaknow to all that use their brains can easily see why Nirvana was so great.

    they embody everything a great rock band should have. amazing front man with amazing song writing abillities, an amazing drummer and a sound all their own that didnt suck!

    this is a brash Cd with harsh tones with catchy songs that stick in your head with great lyrics....more info
    When you think bout it, its almost ironic that the last studio album Nirvana would release while Kurt Cobain was alive would be called In Utero , since utero represents the birth of life and less then a year after this album was released cobain killed himself and took not only nirvana but almost an entire music genre with him. The same music that ushered in the 90s and held Nirvana as its own Beatles, pretty much sank under the weight of his death. The final piece of tragic irony to this is simply that this was really Nirvana's best album.
    Now I know Spin magazine and Rolling Stone, will all hail Nevermind as nirvana at their best and that may appeal to people who reallt think the winners on american idol are all great singers. but the truth is for all the claims that nevermind killed the hair metal scene, there isnt a song on that album that doesnt sound as slick as a motely crue record and supposedly kurt realized this and wanted to come up with a harsher sound for the band that would separate the true fans from those who just thought it was cool to say they liked "smells like teen spirit"
    If you thought it was tough to understand what the hell kurt was saying before then listen to "milk it" "radio friendly unit shifter" or "very ape" you will damm near make you ears bleed trying to find somethign that sounds like its spoken in english that you can understand and im sure kurt knew what he was doing, notice how on "heartshaped box" "dumb" "pennyroyal tea" and "all apologies" the vocals are all at least some what understandable, where u can at least make out the verses, these songs that im sure all would had been considered for singles had kurt choose to live, but even if they had been sent to radio, I cant have seen the mall crowd taking to these songs just cause you can sense the menace thats lurking underneath. perhaps it was just the frustration of being turned into another piece of product by the record company , or the media intrusion into his personal life but kurt and the band seem to be working at either 2 speeds, rage and exhaustion. for me the best track on the alsum is "scentless apprentice" which marked the first time that the entire band was credited with the writing of a song as oppose to just kurt, Dave Grohl even came up with the riff to the song and between this song and what he would do on the first foo fighter's album you can tell that had the band not imploded that dave was not going to be delgated to simply being the Ringo Starr of the group.
    It goes without saying that its a total lost that kurt didnt see any point in hanging on, it would had be worth having him around in the post clinton scandel, post 9/11, post iraq war world, but perhaps instead of ponderign the could have been its worth focusing on what was, and that was, a simply great rock band get down and dirty one more time before it all crashed and burned
    BUY THE DAMM RECORD!!...more info
  • Masterpiece
    Yeah, some will say Nevermind is their best work.
    This album is just as good, if not better in my opinion.

    However, if you're used to Nevermind's more grungey punk sound you may not like it. However if you are a true Nirvnaa fan and acutally like the grunge sound you'll like this one. However this still contains some punky upbeat if thats what you're into.

    However its not the beat that makes this album so good.

    Kurt wrote amazing lyrics that will haunt you. I wish other bands would do that.


    1. Serve the Servants-10/10 Arguably the best Nirvana song ever. Awesome music and very, very catchy.

    2. Scentless Aprentice- 9.4/10 It lacks somewhat. Its good and probably the hardest song they've done. Awesome "Get Away" repetition by Kurt is so great in this song.

    3. Heart Shaped Box- 9.8/10 Awesome song and is one of my favorites.

    4. Rape Me- Nice 9.8/10 This is about the need for sex and how if someone should rape another than that person who raped should be raped themselves. It talks about how rape is a negative thing really so any controversary is very ignorant, honestly.

    5. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seatle- 10/10 Great stuff. Certainly a great grunge masterpiece.

    6. Dumb- 10/10 Beautiful song. I think this is even better than Heart Shaped Box.

    7. Very Ape- 9.7/10 I'm not sure why nobody likes this song. I love it and it talks about the stupid tough guy-male steortype.

    8. Milk It- 10/10 Grunge masterpiece. Absolutely amazing. "Doll Steak/ TEST MEAT!!!!!!!!!!"

    9. Pennyroyal Tea 21/10 The best Nirvana song ever. So good that it's nausiating.

    10. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter- 6.5/10- This song is the only song I skip on the album. Horrible. The intro is machines that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. The lyrics are VERY GOOD however but still the music isn't great.

    11. Tourrettes- 10/10 Haha! I love this song! A bunch of nonsense! Amazing!

    12. All Apologies- 10/10 Great song. Masterpiece.

    Sorry that review was a little brief. Seeyall.

    ~Chris ...more info
  • NIrvana is teh best...
    In Utero was the last of Nirvana's recording catalog...Thought by many to be their greatest album..for me though it seemed Nirvana changed their sound for this album...Bleach was pure grunge...Nevermind their second album helped make the transaction between Seattle authentic grunge to Main Stream alternative grunge....So I guess you could call this album "Alternative Grunge" Great album non-the-less...It goes from heavy to light heavy to light...Which is what makes this album...Classic tunes for one of the last "rock" bands....R.I.P. Nirvana...Oh yea by the way Mr. Grohl should have stuck to drums......more info
  • To the guy below me.
    You should have your f*cking head sawed off for making those comments, you pretentious d*ckhead. You are a piss-poor excuse for a human being and I hope you get hit with another devastating hurricane, b*tch....more info
  • Nirvana at there best!!!
    From "Serve the Servants" to "All Apologies" this album never EVER lets you down, its lyrics are haunting and melodic. Kurt Cobain's thoughts come out loud and clear in this amazing record. This incredible music should not only be owned by any true Nirvana fan, but by anyone who is interested in Seattle sound....more info
  • 2nd best Nirvana album
    This is one the best Nirvana albums of all time. Heart shaped box and all apologies are pure classics. Penroyal tea and Rape me aren't too shabby either. Do yourselfe a favor and order this album, you won't regret it....more info
  • Nirvana's Big Sellout
    This is the big sell out album by grunge kings Nirvana. Grunge, a ripoff of the goth movement, hit big in the 90s, making heavy metal, etc. mostly passe and cheesey with a huge camp factor that when Nirvana got big, THERE they were past their prime just like that. Key tracks are: Serve the Servants, Scentless Apprentice, Heart Shaped Box, Rape Me & All Apologies. Wheras theatrical bands like King Diamond here hit most by the grunge movement, Judas Priest were forced to admit they're gay just to stay alive and Metallica forced to change their sound. After the 90s was over most of the big grunge bands had a dead lead singer....more info
  • Masterpiece
    Too much has been said about In Utero already, but it needs another 5 star review to counteract the haters that felt the need to give this masterpiece 1 star....more info
  • Sweet
    It is an awesome CD. The only thing is some of it is a little heavy. But Nirvana really did great on this CD and on Nevermind....more info
  • So different, and yet so right
    Nirvana's third and sadly final album is taken to a completely different direction. In Utero is darker, heavier, and much more intense than Nevermind. You can tell with the first two tracks, "Serve the Servants" and "Scentless Apprentice", these are in no way similar to "Smells like Teen Spirit" or "Polly". "Rape Me" is probably the only song that's similar to those in Nevermind.

    But does this album fail because the musicians have done something different? Hell, no! This is an equally stunning album with heavy guitar riffs and disturbing lyrics. "Heart Shaped Box" is my most favorite song from Nirvana, and to tell you the truth, this is the song that drew me into their music. This is ultimate rock music right here. I would also recommend Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains.

    R.I.P. Kurt Cobain...more info
  • Essential Recording Indeed!
    In Utero is easily Nirvana's best effort. It blows away Nevermind by a million miles. The guitars are heavier, dirtier, and less calculated. Kurdt really disliked the production to Nevermind and wanted a less polished album. Well that is exactly what they got. The album is nearly perfect but beautifully flawed. In Utero starts out with the tuneful Serve the Servants and then flies right into their heaviest song Scentless Apprentice, which is one of my favorites. Rape Me is an absolute classic and I always enjoy playing it on my guitar. Another awesome track Frances Farmer describes how well Nevermind could have been if it was less produced. Nevermind is still a great album, but it does not come close to In Utero. If you don't have this album get it now!...more info
  • Absolute Perfection From a Madman Genius
    This album is so gruesome and at the same time so mellow and revealing. If for some reason you don't know anything about Nirvana, go get this record and step into the world of an angry, distraught, Kurt Cobain. ...more info
  • It has to be said..
    Nirvana is one of the most overrated bands in history. many people say that this cd is filled with anger and pain and emotion but there really isn't much of any of that present. Do you want a cd that will show you what real pain and real emotion is while probably freaking the hell out of you and all your friends? Would you like to listen to a cd that is truly original? Then go listen to Last Rights by Skinny Puppy all the way through and tell me how In Utero compares....more info
  • This album will make you cry. Greatest album of all time, I don't care if it sounds cliche.
    This album is one hundred percent beautiful. Gorgeous. People who bash Kurt Cobain are ignorant. Don't listen to them. Kurt was a beautiful person and skilled songwriter. He used deep, scarring memories and controversial subjects, and turned them into what sounds like catchy nonsense. So what if he was on drugs? The very best of them were! But look what it did to them...
    That's why this album will make you cry.

    1)Serve the Servants: I don't care much for this song, but it has a beautifully monotone chorus.

    2)senseless apprentice: Don't like this one either.

    3)heart shaped box: amazing lyrics. meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet. cut myself on angels hair and baby's breath. broken hymn of your highness i'm left black. through down your umbilicle noose so I can climb right back. This is my favorite song of all time.

    4)rape me: Great song! Bold lyrics and interesting guitar riff! this sounds a lot like smells like teen spirit the first few times you listen to it.

    5)frances farmer will reap her revenge on seattle:Don't know about this one. Not my favorite song, but the lyrics are great: I'll miss the comfort in bein sad,She'll come back as fire, to burn all the liars,and leave a blanket of ash on the ground
    I miss the comfort in being sad

    6)Dumb:I really like this song, the guitar riff, the quiet lyrics. This song is really good. I really like that you don't have to wait for the intro to end to hear the lyrics.lyrics- We'll hang around, hang out on clouds, then we'll come down, and have a hangover.

    7)very ape: don't like it that much. It's sort of a filler song maybe?

    8)Milk it: I used to think it was just a loud noise jam untill i looked up the lyrics. Oh my god. Spine-tingling.
    Doll steak
    test meat
    look on the bright side is suicide
    I won my own pet virus
    I get to pet and name her
    Her milk is my sh*t
    My sh*t is her milk

    9)pennyroyal tea: great song, don't know if it's about drugs, abortion, who knows. if you listen close, you can hear Courtney Love screaming in the background.

    10)Radio Friendly Unit Shifter: Ugh, the intro makes me crumple up like hearing nails slide down a blackboard. If you stick around to hear the lyrics, here's some good ones:
    I love you for what I am not
    I do not want what I have got
    A blanket acne'ed with ciggarette burns
    Speak at once while taking turns
    Second-rate third degree burns
    What is wrong with me
    What is what I need
    What do I think I think

    This had nothing to do with what you think
    If you ever think at all
    Bi-polar opposites attract
    All of a sudden my water broke

    Hate, hate your enemies
    Save, save your friends
    Find, find your place
    Speak, speak the truth

    10)Tourette's:Great song, although lots of people don't like it.

    11)all appologies: Sad, but sincere song dedicated to Courtney and Frances Bean. Lots of interesting lyrics.

    also, an import version of In Utero has a hidden track called "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol flow through the Strip" I"ve never heard it, but I have heard it's good.

    oh yeah, and In Utero is pronounced "In YOOturoh" not "In yooTERoh". ha, I just found that out.

    Well, hope this review helped you! BUY IN UTERO!!!!

    ...more info
  • I Hate This Album, but I Listen To It Every Week
    "In Utero" is painful to listen to. The noise hurts my ears. The "music" if you can call it music, is pure trash, and yet, this album is my favorite Nirvana album.

    This album is the best album by one of the best bands in the history of Rock and Roll. I don't know how "In Utero" can be the worst sounding album and also the best sounding album at the same time, but the truth remains: this album is here to stay.

    I hate this album, but I listen to every song almost once every week and I have owned this album for years. I will never throw this album away because this album defines rock music and further proves that Nirvana was the best (albeit worst) rock band in the history of garbage music.

    Buy the album (c'mon man, it's only about 10 bucks), and learn to love it....more info
  • One of the best of Nirvana
    By the way, I'm older than 13. Nirvana has put out some really awsome albums, but In Utero takes the cake.
    *=bad **=okay ***=good ****=really great *****=amazing!

    Serve The Servants-An upbeat song with an awsome guitar solo.***

    Scentless Aprentice-This song is allright, the only part I like is the guitar. The screaming vocals I could do without though.**

    Heart-Shaped Box-Wow.One of my favorite songs. Amazing guitar rifts, amazing vocals and an amazing solo. This is the best off the album.*****

    Rape Me-A dark but cool song. Don't worry, it is a metaphor.****

    Dumb-A slow interesting song. Not much to say.**

    Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle-A really nice song, also a very melodic song. One of the better ones off the album.***

    Very Ape-One the best off the album (although it's very short).
    I think it talks about evolution???****

    Milk It-An incredebly deppresing song, but really hardcore and awsome. It is my second favorite off the album.*****

    Radio-Friendly Shifter-Not my favorite at all. It is just not very cool to listen to.*

    Pennyroyal Tea-Very cool song. This probobly should have been on the best of.****

    Tourette's-A short song with screaming and cool guitar. Very wierd though.***

    All Apollogies-Very good upbeat song and amazing guitar moments*****...more info
  • kurt for ever
    The new generation should really try this album.And then listen again to their Fall Out Boy cd's. Bet they never play FOB again!
    Albert, Holland...more info
  • Solid album
    Nirvana does well throughout the entire album. Though there are many songs that will blend together or be completely forgotten, their are definitely enough memorable ones to really brig the album together. Unlike Nevermind where only the first five or so songs were worth listening to, In Utero deserves full attention....more info
  • Simply the Worst
    The other day a cat got jammed in my fanbelt when I was driving down the street and it sounded better than this abysmal album.

    The irony is that Nirvana...for all their phony anti-establishment nothing more than Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson (or really Johnny Bravo from the Brady Bunch) talentless hacks who just so happened to fit the costume when the record industry was pushing their latest money making the early 1990's the new fad was "I hate my parents; being a loser is cool" rock. To say this album is awful is like saying eating human dung makes your breath unpleasant.

    Honeslty, give your money to the CIA before you buy this least they torture for a purpose. ...more info
  • Nirvana's best.
    This album probibly desreves 4.5 stars. If you read my review for Nevermind I still justify that it is horribly overrated but this album is pretty good. I have everything Nirvana ever did and this is the only one I would go as far as to say I really like. I personally think Soungarden and Alice In Chains are better but 1993 was Nirvana's year to shine. If you are getting into Nirvana download Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come as you Are and just forget about Nevermind. Make this your first, and only Nirvana purchase. my favorite songs off this album are Serve the Servents, Pennyroyal Tea, Heart Shaped Box, and All Apologies. If you are a 90's or Grunge fan pick this album up. You will be satisfied....more info
  • I'm hate MTV because they introduced me to my favorite band

    I'll start this off without any words of respect for MTV, which I hate with every fiber of my being. If it wasn't for MTV, I never would have been introduced to Nirvana. I insist on being ungrateful to the corporate machine that is MTV. I hate how MTV introduced the beautiful and heartwrenching "Heart-Shaped Box" to me. I also hate how MTV introduced the revolutionary "Teen Spirit" music video to the world. I especially hate that MTV has given me hours upon hours of free programming and music videos over the past two decades. That especially bites. The reason why MTV is such corporate swine is because they sponsored, televised, and released the fabulous MTV Unplugged in New York Nirvana gig. That gig was the most awesome sight I've ever beheld, but since I hate MTV, I'm angry Nirvana agreed to do it. Oh, how conflicted I am...more info
  • One of the great rock albums, and what a waste...
    I really dislike Generation X with their smarmy, pseudo-intellectual, arrogant attitudes towards everything. They pretend to be concerned about the world around them, but it's all for show, like life is one big photo-op. Most of the films and the music of the 1990's reflected this. But listening to this album again (which I've always liked) made me realise that Cobain was one of the real artists alive in that generation. He poured his heart and soul into his work. There is no "irony" in his work. There is no detachment. This is a real artist who shared his gifts with all of us. He felt so much, and you can feel it in every note on this album. I like the noisy quality of this CD, and every song is a masterpiece. They were all written by Cobain himself (sans one, which he co-wrote), which explains the higher quality of the album. It's a f---ing waste that Kurt killed himself, because he was a real musician/artist in a time where hype was everything, and art came second. He felt too much, probably. Rest in peace, Kurt... ...more info
  • One of the most overhyped bands in history
    Nirvana is one of the most overrated bands ever, and definately the most overrated band of the 90s. People think they defined the 1990s but the truth is that they were just a short lived 90s fad just like Vanilla Ice, Hanson, or The Spice Girls that would be long forgotten today if Kurt Cobain didn't inflate his legendary status by commiting suicide. It is a well known fact that Nirvana's popularity skyrocketed after Kurt's death, and that most of theier mega platinum record sales only occured AFTER his suicide, not BEFORE it. I've got one question for all you Nirvana fans: If Kurt Cobain really was as talented as you think he is, than where were all you millions of fans before he died? If they were such a great band, why didn't their records sell when he was alive? Why did a suicide put them at the top of the charts, as well as any of the "Top 100" lists made by Rolling Stone magazine? No answers to these and many other questions? I didn't think so. The answer is simple: Nirvana were completely talentless, and if all you Kurt worshippers had not been blinded by his death, you would be able to see him for what he really was. He was not some kind of musical genius that saved rock from hair metal. He was nothing more than an unstable drug addict who wrote inane lyrics while playing the same three chords on his guitar. His biggest claim to fame before his death was doing primal screaming and writing assinine lyrics that everybody, including his band mates thought were garbage. This is the man you people hail as a genius? It is so obvious to anybody with any kind of common sense that Nirvna are talentless and nothing more than a product of the media. The fact that a bunch of primal screaming combined with a bunch of random distortion and feedback could be hailed as a "work of musical genius" just goes to show that with the right amount of hype from the media, even the most talentless people can become stars. Kurt Cobain a musical genius! What a dumb world we've created since the mid 1990s....more info
  • One of the greatest records of the 90's
    "Now I'm bored and old".....That line as I'm sure you all know comes from the track "Serve The Servants" the lead off track to Nirvana's final album the amazing "In Utero". (I know "Unplugged in New York" came after but all the material was released already and I don't consider it an official album. It's still awesome though). Not only does this record trump "Nevermind" (which a lot of people disagree with) but is Nirvana's defining statement and one of the top albums of the 90's.

    I heard the first single "Heart Shaped Box" when it debuted on MTV (remember when MTV was actually awesome??). I immediately thought it was terrific. I was only 10 when "In Utero" was released and did not get it immediately. I finally bought it when I was in high school because that's when my cd collection began to take shape. I bought it, listened to it and did not like it. I only liked "Heart Shaped Box". Call it being young and dumb because when I went to college my roomate knew I was a huge fan of music of all types and demanded I listen to it again. It was one of the best things I ever did.

    "In Utero" from top to bottom is immaculate. The beautiful thing about music is that everyone hears something different and it affects people in completely different ways. One critic wrote that the way he hears "In Utero" is of a suicide note. I don't agree with that. This is a darker record than "Nevermind"...."Nevermind" was a very shiny, clean punk record. Not this record though. "In Utero" is dark and unrelenting. Steve Albini (producer) did a great job with the band's sound. Compare Dave Grohl's drums on this record to that of "Nevermind". I prefer Dave as a drummer then a guitarist/singer. The drums are postively thunderous on this record. Kurt's guitar sounds great and Chris (Krist) blends in perfectly. This record never made me sad. I was sad when Kurt died but listening to "In Utero" makes me smile just for the amazing music of this amazing era. This IS rock music.

    The music though....The songs are utterly amazing. This is Kurt's album. This is Kurt baring his soul on most of the tracks. I say most because songs like "Milk It" and "Tourette's" I believe was Kurt having fun. He chuckles in "Milk It" and "Tourette's" is him flippin' out for crying out loud!! Aside from those though....he is doin' his thing. Cobain made the opposite of "Nevermind", a huge hit in its own right and made a better record in the process. How many bands would have the foresight to try and do the opposite to something that made them successful and yet still be accepted??

    To me, this album holds together the best of those in Nirvana's catalogue. Tracks such as the aforementioned "Serve The Servants", "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle" and "Dumb" are some of the best songs Kurt ever wrote. The most popular songs are "Pennyroyal Tea", "All Apologies" along with the single "Heart Shaped Box". Taken all together this record is just plain sick 13 years later. To me, Nirvana was successful because they were the first Punk rock band to break thorough to a mainstream audience in America. Sure, there were a TON of Punk bands before Nirvana. A lot of great Punk bands (The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Husker DU to name a few) but they were all underground. Not saying they did not make great music but Nirvana was the first to have serious mainstream success. Think about it....Was "Nevermind" more important?? Sure. "In Utero" was their best though....

    One other thing....For all of us that rememeber this music and the other bands of this era....I believe we were spoiled. The bands that were commerical artists at this time were awesome. Rage, Tool, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction....all made great records. Commerical rock today just is not as good. Go back and listen to these records. These bands rocked and seemed to care about their music. Kurt Cobain was the man....and this record was the greatest statement of his vision. If you don't have "In Utero" pick it up and listen to all of it. You will not regret it. R.I.P. Kurt....the music will live always.

    ...more info
  • BEST NIRVANA ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Click Click Boom!!!
    I wouldn't let these greasy unwashed no talneted f$@&s pump gas into my car. Cobain reminds me of Lars Ulrich in that he wanted everyone to feel sorry for him. MTV sure helped them fill their bank accounts. The only thing I regret is that when Cobain offed himself in his garage was that his junky wife wasn't there to follow his example....more info
  • A Rock Classic
    This was a very good album, and definetly more personal than Nevermind.
    It definetly has a rougher, more abrasive and dense sound that will turn some listeners off, and others waaay on! Kurt touches on topics such as the record industry, drug abuse, loss, parental alienation, and his relationship with Courtney Love. Of course, there's the straight riffs with signature nonsense lyrics thrown in. While the album is great, it isn't as catchy and doesn't have the same replay value as Nevermind, probably because the music itself just doesn't sound as varied and pop-oriented. Nonetheless, this is definetly an album to have, and is a landmark piece of the 1990s. Buy it and love it ...more info
  • *THE* Nirvana Album
    This album blew me away when I first put it into my 89 Olds tape player back in 1994...

    Serve The Servants kicks it off with a hard shot to the balls:
    "Teenage agnst has paid off well, now I'm bored and old.."
    I still crank that song when I'm pissed:)

    And Senseless Apprentice shows just how damn good they sound when a producer lets them make some noise. How good is Dave Grohl? He was the DRUMMER folks, and he went on to make today's hugely popular band "Foo Fighters".

    There isnt a bad track on here. The CD is just a laundry list of clues leading up to the enevitable death of a rock icon. This was a lasting legacy to a GREAT band, take it for what it was.. excellent power infused poetry.....more info
  • The music is not that good.
    This music is not that good. There are explanations and theories galore, but the end result still being that this album is a painful listening experience.

    Incesticide is a better Nirvana disk. Prime time Nirvana songs are basically "Pop songs" tainted with a jagged spray paint streak through them (aka Sliver, Son of a Gun, Molly's Lips)

    In Utero is slow. In Utero has minimal clever melodies and is basted in shrieks, feedback and painful jabbing noises. It's doctored with intentionally sloppy production, a high as a kite Raw Power Iggy Pop would have rejected. In Utero is depressing. It's contrived, over conceptualized, self sabotaged and vocally mangled. ...not exactly repeated listening material for my ears. (It is also over rated and over played.)

    Buy a Jesus Lizard album instead....more info
  • of the best rock albums of the 90's
    In 1991, Nirvana exploded into the rock music scene with Nevermind. Two years later, Nirvana were still the most powerful band in the world with millions of records sold and millions of fans across the globe. During this time, Kurt Cobain, the band's frontman, was growing tired and weary of the media's exploitation of Nirvana. The price of fame was on his shoulders, and only his shoulders, to pay.

    In 1993, Nirvana returned with a massive rock album that, to many Nirvana fans, sounded better than its predecessor. The album delivers some of Nirvana's finest tunes: the crunching opener Serve The Servants, the hardcore Scentless Apprentice and Rape Me, the elusive Heart-Shaped Box, the heartbreaking Dumb, the melodic Pennyroyal Tea, and the beautifully written All Apologies.

    2 months after the release of In Utero, Nirvana recorded an awesome edition of MTV Unplugged in New York (the session has been released since 1994 and is titled Unplugged In New York). 5 months after Unplugged, the band, Nirvana, was no more.

    In April 1994, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Cobain's troubled mind and despair can be felt clearly on the tracks of In Utero. Troubled as it may be, the album remains to be one of the best rock albums of the 90's.


    A-...more info
  • Sign of the times
    I was a senior in high school in 1994 when Cobain died. This album was hated by the poser rock fans & so called music critics but it was loved by people who understood it. Anger, sadness, alienation, rage! This album was brilliant when it was released but only to the few of us who were already making music like it. What is sad is all the garbage that followed this era. Sound-a-likes like muddle of pudd will never get it. There is passion behind this music. Music lessons will only help you rip other people off folks. This was emotion! Kids, if you like this, buy a cheap guitar and make something people hate, you will have made Cobain happy. THAT is punk rock! In my opinion, Nevermind sucks compared to this. Most of the bad reviews are from people that like poison and creed. These morons like party music with no sincerity. Listen Cobain killed himself or was shot, who cares? This album is different and I like it. I listen to Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, The Beatles, The Doors & Beck. I like interesting music. This is a powerful album. The Guitar sounds kick you in the face. It is muddy and mean. Forget the morons who hate this album, they don't know what they are talking about. Most of them listen to freakin nickleback or something. If you like Black Flag, Neil Young, The Pixies, Sonic Youth or Ministry, you will enjoy this sonic assault on the senses. Turn it up, it is made to piss off stupid pop fans. Bleh! ...more info
    1. Serve The Servants 10/10
    2. Scentless Apprentice 10/10
    3. Heart Shaped Box 10/10
    4. Rape Me 10/10
    5. Frances Farmer 10/10
    6. Dumb 9.5/10
    7. Very Ape 9/10
    8. Milk It 8/10
    9. Pennyroyal Tea 10/10 (Best song on album to me)
    10. Radio Freindly Unit Shifter 10/10
    11. Tourettes 2/10 WTF??
    12. All Apologies 10/10
    8....more info
  • Slightly less then a masterpiece
    If not for the brief midsection of less then brilliant choices, In Utero could have been as immortal as most want it to be. As is, it remains nearly as resonant, innovative, and hard-hitting as first heard, the perfect counterpoint to a more polished major label debut. ...more info
  • Kurt's True Visions
    This is Nirvana's 2nd major label album and is probably a perfect mixture of Grunge and Experimental Rock. This is exactly the way Kurt wanted the music to sound. Heavier. Weirder. Greater. I don't know if you'll like it if you're not a fan of Nirvana.

    Serve The Servants: [4/5] A nice opening track. Once you listen to this, you will be drawn into the masterpiece and will love this whole album. I really like the lyrics.

    Scentless Aprentice: [5/5] This is an awesome song. The main riff is a masterpiece and the chorus is just madness (in a good way). Perfect and one of the best tracks.

    Heart-Shaped Box: [5/5] This is the hit from In Utero with a great verse and a very excellent chorus. The distress in Kurt's voice is great and the solo is a fuzzy masterpiece as well.

    Rape Me: [5/5] The controversial song. I don't see the problem with it and it has the great chorus. If you watch their preformance on Saturday Night Live, you'll automaticlly love it.

    Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle: [5/5] One of my favourites on this track. The verses are catchy and I really like the one that has the heavy strumming and feedback while it's supposed to be clean. Genious.

    Dumb: [5/5] Cool and laid-back song.

    Very Ape- [5/5] This is a weird song with cool lyrics and the chorus's guitar playing is mind twisting. Too bad it couldn't be longer.

    Milk It- [5/5] Don't be fooled by the intro because this is a great song. The depressing lyrics and screaming choruses are so awesome.

    Pennyroyal Tea- [5/5] This is my favourite Nirvana song because its acoustic and then the distortion comes on and the singing is wonderful.

    Radio Friendly Unit Shifter- [4/5] The feedback in the beginning is cool and I really like the bass line and guitar work in this song.

    Tourrette's: [5/5] Cool punk song, and do note that there is acual lyrics to the song.

    All Apologies: [5/5] An awesome closer because it has nice lyrics and the chorus has distortion even though its a ballad and the ending is really cool too.

    Another great Cd from Nirvana. Get it if your a fan...more info
  • Beautiful.
    Kurt really shows his songwriting talent on this one. It has a Darker tone than Nevermind but is more emotional and beautiful at the same time. ...more info


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