Carreras °§ Domingo °§ Pavarotti: The Three Tenors in Concert / Mehta

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Magic was created one starlit night in July 1990, when Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jos®¶ Carreras met onstage at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome and became the Three Tenors. They eschewed competitive instincts and cooperated in the spirit of mutual admiration to create one of the greatest musical events ever. This concert is an awe-inspiring orgy of the greatest hits for the tenor voice. Domingo and Pavarotti sing perfectly. The audience wins as these vocal supermen compete to seduce the hearts of the audience. One moment Domingo brings thrilling fire and pain to "E lucevan le stelle" from Tosca; the next, Pavarotti rises to heavenly heights in an inspired rendition of "Nessun dorma" from Turandot. Carreras is the competent little brother, one step behind the greatness of the big brothers from opera's Ponderosa. His singing isn't as captivating as that of the big boys; but his enthusiasm and passion are unrivaled. Mehta exquisitely captures the largeness of this bonanza through the grandiose orchestra. --Barbara Eisner Bayer

Customer Reviews:

  • Opera that everyone can enjoy!!! R.I.P. Luciano Pavarotti.
    I'm not a big fan of opera,I'm mostly a rock and jazz fan,but I ended up really enjoying this great CD by the Three Tenors(Carreras,Domingo,and Pavarotti)!!! "The Three Tenors in Concert/Mehta" is quite a treat!!! R.I.P. Luciano Pavarotti. Recommended!!! Five stars!!! A+...more info
  • Not for opera Snobs, but for the rest of us!
    For most opera "snobs" the three tenors have committed the ultimate sin: singing "popular songs" outside the opera house.

    For the rest of opera lovers, this CD is a miracle. It's not a coincidence that it has been sold over 15 million copies. This CD is, to my taste, the best of all the Three tenors performances. The arias are chosen from the most loved opera repertoire. As for the following "pot pourri" it is just gorgeous. I'm a "Three Tenors disciple" as it is after hearing this CD that my passion for opera started, as I guess for many other people. Now that I am much more into "real opera" I cannot but find this CD compilation exquisite. Hearing three great tenors fly into the high notes all at one gives goose bumps.

    As for the other "opera fanatics", those whose ears are so sensible that they'll have an allergy if someone other than Caruso, Gigli, Corelli or Bjorling is singing, I guess they still have much to learn. They have to learn to appreciate what GREAT "contemporary" (not so much any more, but say for the last quarter of the 20th) opera tenors have to offer.

    This is A MUST, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CD....more info

  • A knockout performance
    Like so many of the reviewers here I am not an opera aficionado. But I sensed immediately the night I saw this concert on television that this was one of those 'remarkable' artistic events. Domingo and Pavarotti both have such strength and beauty in their voices that they overwhelm. Carreras adds flavor and enthusiasm.
    One of the most remarkable music performances I have seen....more info
  • Love Three Tenors
    This one of the best Three Tenor Concerts ever. Listen to it and you will understand. It will get your soul and never let go....more info
  • Excellent. Like summer sunshine. manna from heaven!
    This CD is terrific on so many levels. In celebration of one of the world's great sporting events - the World Cup of football (soccer to us stateside), three great tenors and one masterful conductor (Zubin Mehta) were brought together in one of the world's great cities - Rome -- for a special evening that we are blessed to have been able to listen to again and again.

    The concert was held during the World Cup in 1990 at the Baths of Caracella, which are ruins of the once great Roman baths. In this beautiful setting Luiciano Pavrotti, Jose Carreas and Placido Domingo came together for one of the best CD's ever made.

    The singing is exquisite. The passion of the crowd in this live performance should equal the reaction of the listener. This is art at its highest level. It is a celebration of great music, not just of opera, but in my opinion, the soaring human spirit. What power to move the soul! You don't need to be an opera fan to enjoy this music. If you like any kind of music, you cannot help but be affected by the power of this special evening. And what an evening, those in attendance were lucky to have been there!!

    The casual listener will already know some of these arias, as they are from some the great operas of all time. However, I believe even the most hardenend opera fan, unless he or she is a real stiff, cannot be helped to be but moved by this music.

    It is heavenly! I recommend this CD to you, because in my humble opinion, it will bring sunshine to your heart!!! : )...more info

  • Before all the hype
    While I am generally against these guys making any more of these records(their voices are past their primes), this one was a unique event. None of the concerts they have done together since has equalled the novelty or quality of this original concert. This is just a wonderful disc, whether you are a serious classical/opera fan, or just want to add some variety to your collection. Domingo's rendition of "E lucevan le stelle" is very fine, as is Carreras in "Granada" and "Il lamento di Federico". Pavarotti's voice is fresh in "Recondita armonia", "Rondine al nido", and "Torna a Surriento". They are all beautifully done and they mostly stick to opera arias, with thankfully few popular/broadway tunes thrown in. These guys should stick to opera, what they do best! Mehta and the joint orchestras sound quite good. A bit of trivia: this is the best selling classical album of all time, deservedly so in my opinion....more info
  • The Three Tenors
    How can anyone not love the magical sound of the three tenors in concert, Carreras-Domingo-Pavarotti. A must for any collection...more info
  • The 3 Tenors in Concert
    This is a most enjoyable cd. The music selection is varied, creative and powerful. I think this concert was so special. I'm not particularly classical music oriented, but I did enjoy this music and have listened to the cd many times over. It is the depth of voices, clearness of notes and the fun the 3 tenors were having that really enchanted me. These three tenors have such a gift to give and do give it most generously. Most of the songs are classic Italian so that even people like myself who aren't necessarily opera buffs will enjoy hearing these voices even if they cannot understand a word. Most likely I will order more of this type of music....more info
  • 3 Tenors
    Truly outstanding voicesOnly Caruso tops them...more info
  • Captivating
    the voices are all in tune.this is very essential to any serious CD's a pleasure hearing the talent displayed here.i also caught the Performances on PBS....more info
  • CD: The Three Tenors in Concert
    Arrived in fine time. Knew what I was getting, based on several viewings and listenings on PBS. Met my expectations. Good quality of used CD. ...more info
  • Stick to the classical arias
    Yesterday I had to record one side of a 90 minute tape. So I had to cut this CD down to 45 minutes. I found I ended up cutting Granada and three of the mixed trio tracks: Tonight, Memory and Wien. The resulting 44 minutes is really superior. I couldn't get Memory within the time, but you can easily bag all the others (Tonight, etc.) and vastly improve this CD....more info
  • Historical
    This needs no explanation. Just look at the names of the voices and the conductor. How full and rich for any level of listener....more info
  • Better than the best.....
    I sit here at my computer and try to think of superlatives adequate to accurately describe this album....and there just aren't any. It is worthy to be the best selling classical album of all time....but it's more than that. It's just a must have, a collection to soothe the savage breast. For those times when I have lost hope, when I am past care.....I will sit with closed eyes and listen to this. And revive my soul........more info
  • The Three Tenors
    The Italian Opera CollectionThis is one of the best examples of the Three Tenors that I have come accross in a long time; so much so, that I bought the CD instead of downloading it. I bought it in the first for Pavrotti, but the others are quiet good, esspecially Carreras....more info
  • A glowing review!
    If you have never been exposed to Opera, you will want to start with The Three Tenors! This concert is possibly the best, of the series of concerts they have done! The Tenors are warm, and accesible, they please and charm the average ear, and end up proving that Opera is for everyone! One would have to be dead to not fall in love with Opera through this endeavor! Some may discrimiate against the popular songs included, but they are to be enjoyed in the spirit of fun and passion they are presented in! The competitive spirit of the Tenors is something to relish in!

    Who cares if the English is mis-pronounced? If anything, it adds to the charm! Don't be the only one to not see, and hear this event of a lifetime! I give this cd(or dvd) as a gift, as often as I can!...more info

  • Great singing from the three tenors
    This cd is a must-have for anyone interested in opera - or beautiful singing. And when you're at it - why don't buy the dvd from the concert? It will make you appreciate the cd even more.

    First of all I have to comment on the editorial review of this cd. I felt the reviewer is "belittling" Jos®¶ Carreras here by saying he's one step behind the big brothers and his singing isn't as captivating as that of the big boys.....?!?!? Of course I can only speak for myself, but I feel she's way out of line. And I'm starting to wonder if she's been listening to the cd at all? In my opinion you have to be dead not to be touched by his rendition of "Lamento di Federico" and "L'improvviso". If anybody can deliver a line it has to be Carreras. When it comes to his interpretation of "Granada" even conductor Zubin Mehta was gobsmacked. Watching the dvd you can see him putting down his baton and applauding. He even steps down from his podium to hug Jos®¶.

    I have to say I'm not too keen on the two other tenors, although I have to admit I loved Pavarotti's "Torna a Surriento" and "Rondine al nido". The thing about Pavarotti is that he has a great singing technique and he's also in possession of this "push-button" which make him sing a lot of high notes, but that alone isn't enough to stir emotion.

    As for Domingo, even if he's giving it all in every song, and his "No puede ser" was great,I think he's a bit too much on the nasal side. He's okay when they all perform together, but his "E lucevan le stelle" is sending shivers down my spine - and not of delight. I'm practically unable to sit still and listen to his solos. If you really want "fire and pain" you should check out Carreras in the Tosca-recording from -80, or his recording from -76. It's really breathtaking and I promise you'll end up in tears!

    At the end of this concert the three tenors perform a medley together. Their voices blend perfectly and it's powerful to listen to them giving it all. A lot of people are talking about their mis-pronounciations. I for one, think it only adds to the charm of the performers. Pavarotti has some problems with the English songs (okay, big problems..), Domingo stumbles in the words in the beginning of "Wien Wien nur du allein", and (this you'll see in the dvd) in the same song Carreras is actually reading the text from a piece of paper as he's singing and his facial expressions when getting his head around the German words are really hilarious. O sole mio as an encore is fabulous when Pavarotti pushes his button and shakes out all his high notes.... And I love it when the two other join forces and repeat his stunt to perfection.

    All in all this is a wonderful album. And well worth 5 stars.... Jos®¶ alone gets 10 stars!!!...more info
  • delivery went ok
    the item was delivered to me on-time and with no problems. however,i was looking for a DVD and not a audio Cd. might be good to clearly differentiate when the product is being advertised or shown....more info
  • Excellent listening...
    Saw this concert on TV and was so moved by their voices and the opera experience, had to order and was not disappointed. I listen to it and feel relaxed, excited and amazed. I listen to alot of different music (mostly rock) so people who know me were curious and listened too and were surprised how much they liked it. ...more info
  • greatest voices on earth.
    Carreras, Pavarotti and Domingo possess amazingly strong voices. Just listen to the magnificent Nessun Dorma on this cd and hear for yourself. After the tv broadcast of the concert, I decided to purchase the cd. These tenors have an extraordinary talent that they are willing to share with the world....more info
  • Opera for Dummies
    I like each of the three tenors individually, particularly the underrated Carrerras. What I don't like are these cutesy song fests for the laymen - "Opera for Dummies". And though several operatic arias are included, some may roll their eyes at the sight of "Maria" under the Classical section. Indeed, the pronunciation of the words of that song is so hilarious I can't help but chuckle whenever it starts - almost like a German translating English for Italian tourists.

    The setting was magnificent and the television special rated five stars for having the verve to actually carry forth with the project. The attempt is made to recreate the visual landscape on the CD but, of course, it can only do this by inference. The program was, of course, designed for the current American audience - impatient, short attention span, needing constant entertainment value - and this may explain some of the strange, abbreviated selections. Mehta is the fourth star, supporting and emphasizing the respective tenor without exception. Some of the arias are gorgeous....more info

  • The night that started it all!
    You can read the technical information about the contents of this CD above. That is not what this review is about. I became intrested in opera about 1 1/2 years ago because of happening upon Mario Lanza. Since then, I have experienced many great truly operatic voices, including the "King," Pavarotti.
    If you are just discovering opera, suffice it to say; Buy this album!!! It was the concert that launched the 3 Tenors phenomenon. It is full of uplifting, heart- tugging favorites, and you will find yourself listening to it over and over. Buy the dvd as well. It imparts absolute electricity! I am a young pianist and vocalist, and this concert is truly inspiring to me! You won't regret one penny you spend on this! ...more info
  • Beautiful music
    The talent of these men is wonderful. Carraras is not my favorite but the CD is worth every cent to hear Domingo and Pavarotti. I have given this CD as a gift several times to share these beautiful voices with my friends and family. Everyone should cherish every note Pavarotti sings since he won't sing again. ...more info
  • beautiful and awe inspring.......
    The original Three Tenors CD takes me back! I was very fortunate to be brought up with an exposure to classical music, thanks to PBS, Saturday broadcasts from the Met on the local classical radio station and old records and tapes lovingly preserved and treasured by my family. Classical music was, for me, the ultimately pleasurable escape from the stress and dismal day to day stresses of life. The Three Tenors sound like angels on this album and this CD really documents a history-making performance. Jose Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo woo us with their magnificent voices. I especially enjoy "Nessum Dorma" from Turandot, sung with gusto and feeling by the incomparable Luciano Pavarotti. What's more, when Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras sing in their native tongue (Spanish) they truly steal your heart away. The songs featured here are truly the cream of the crop, musically, and are perhaps some of the greatest songs written for tenors. Don't miss out on this album............This is the first and (in my opinion) the greatest album they did....more info
  • Very enjoyable and highly recommended
    A classical music piece you must have. I knew it was a wise and rewarding decision to purchase this CD when I heard it. The versatility, ranges and styles are amaging. You won't regret it!...more info
  • The three tenors.
    This is my favourite,before the formula became "stale",it is by no means the best,the Chicago one in my opinion takes that accolade, but the athmosphere on this is special, and domingo's rendition of "You are my hearts delight" is a real treat. Some parts are unintentionally funny, such as their duet of "la vie en rose" images of "piaf" and waif like sparrows dying for love, were conjured up,the look on pavarotti's face said it all. Zubin Mehta conducted with aplomb,and there duet of o solo mio was sublime,the end a rollicking rendition of Nessum Dorma was what a good sing song is all about!...more info
  • Magnificent, no other word for it
    Like most of the previous reviewers, I grew up listening to opera and Italian music, but never appreciated it. After all, Led Zeppelin, Clapton, and the Eagles were more of my generation. However, when I heard this CD 16 years ago, I never stopped listening. I'm on my 4th copy and give it as a gift all the time. Pavarotti needs no description - truly a voice from the universe. Domingo is strong & secure in his voice. Carreras was very ill during this concert and I noticed some reviewers said his voice wasn't as exceptional as the other 2. It was, given his health at the time. And the orchestra - omg, the orchestra!!! I've listened to this so long, I can tune out the voices and listen to the orchestra on its own - magnificent!!!! This CD will awaken you to the beauty of music and voice. The song selection is comfortable for experienced opera listeners, and non-experienced as well. Try it. If you don't like it, pass it forward. The receiver may just love it for you....more info
  • Beautiful music and singing!
    Of their three concerts I think this one is the best, mainly because the Tenors stuck to more opera than American songs and broadway, their English diction is dreadful. This concert showed the purity of beautiful music untarnished by the sentiments of the contemporary world. What can be more magical than having Zubin Mehta on the poteum in the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. Jose Carreras was beautiful throughout with his rendition of La lamento di Frederico, but especially in Core n'grato. Mehta is sensational. He plays with such beauty but with so much command. The strings in the orchestra were breathtaking and the solo flutist in Rondo al nido was amazing. All three of the Tenors concerts were good but their first is simply the best....more info
    True art, need not to be understood . . . just appreciated.

    If there is such a concept as 'superb pop art', then this record is probably its best expression.

    What a wonderful interpretations. Hear them is like touching a piece of heaven. I hope all of you could share this experience with me....more info

  • The Three Tenors at Their Best
    Normally the best way to see an artist's talent being showcased is by seeing them perform live. If you don't have the opportunity to see these wonderful, talented opera singers (Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras) in concert than this live concert CD comes as the next best thing. Although the Three Tenors have numerous other album, this album is special because it is live and when you listen to it you really do feel their magic prescence. I'm not an opera enthusiast by any means, but I feel that this CD has a universal appeal which can touch just about anybody who enjoys listening to good music....more info
  • Greatness from the 3 Titans!
    I respectfully agree yet disagree with Ms Barbara Eisner who wrote the review of the 3 Tenors 1990 concert. She is right that Carreras was not on par with the other 2 but that is only because at this late stage in his (Carreras) career he was not in the very fine voice he once was due to overuse of his voice and his battle with leukemia, which he valiantly won!. If you could appreciate, as I do,Carreras' 1970's richly-gorgeous and velvety voice in recordings of operas such as Lucia, La Boheme, Donizetti and liter Verdi operas you would have seen his mid 70's peak voice would have been every been as excellent as Domingo and Pavarotti were in the 3 Tenors 1990 concert. In fact, I dare to say he would have blown both men out of the water..with the possible exception of Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma. Just listen to Carreras singing with Caballe on youtube in Adriana Lecrouveur and Tosca and you'll see what I mean!!!...more info
  • A Treasure and a memory
    I can't remember how many times I played this CD, it is absolutely a treasure for me. This is certainly the best of all the three tenor's concerts, their voices were rich and well maintained, the orchestra played well. Every song is just superb. Their interpretation to the pop songs were lovely and refreshing. The only regret is that there won't be such a moment any more, which makes the CD so memorable....more info
  • Absolutely Beautiful!!!
    Absolutely beautiful and simply breathtaking!!! A treasure in the form of a C.D.! Please make this part of your C.D. collection!!!...more info