Beautiful Freak

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  • A real pleasant surprise
    "Beautiful Disc, Beautiful Disc, that is why, I LOVE YOUOUUUU! " I bought this CD after hearing Rags To Rags and Novocaine For The Soul. I was expecting a pleasant shallow pop record to just sit back and enjoy. The songs here are much more interesting and demanding than that, though. It's a real charmer, this one, and unlike most records, the CD's 2nd half is its strongest. The album finishes with Spunky, Mental, Your Lucky Day In Hell and Manchild, all light and fluffy yet satisfying listens. Other songs worth checking out are Novocaine For The Soul, the title track, and Not Ready Yet, but the standout is Flower, because its most beautiful moment is its most dissonant. A great, if slightly oddball, listen....more info
  • Beautiful
    The actual rank should be 4.5 stars, but 0.5 stars are not supported here... The missing 1/2 star is for the pessimistic lyrics. I, personally, am not expecting cds to depress me. You can find plenty of other reasons... Other than that, this is truly a classic. Great musical ideas (not necessarily original) and great sound and production. The songs are pop/rock but loops and other 'electronica tools' are used here and there. All of the songs can be considered 'quiet'. This could be a really 'fun' cd, if the lyrics had been a little happier, but if this is what's on the bands mind, so be it. There is a special edition with a bonus cd. You can skip this edition without thinking twice and get another cd with the change (like Laurie Anderson's strange angels, if you don't have it already)....more info
  • Best album of 1996!
    I purchased this album used in 1997 having liked the songs "Novacaine for the Soul" & "Rags To Rags" which both played on the local alt-rock station. Once I put it in my Cd player it stayed in there for a month as I loved it, every song was to my liking. The stand outs besides the before mentioned songs for me were "Guest List", "Not Ready Yet", & "Your Lucky Day In Hell". I then went out and bought E's earlier albums. "Broken Toy Shop" and "A Man Called E", both were pretty good although I greatly prefered "Broken Toy Shop" to "A Man Called E". If you like this album I would suggest these two to you.
    Interesting enough I found when visiting their web site in 1997 I found this album posted in a new sound format (mp3) my first encounter with this now mainstream format and before it was endlessly traded on the many file sharing networks that would later spring up and hurt bands like the Eels....more info
  • This is the best debut album i have ever heard!
    This album rocks right from the start which is Novacaine for the Soul right till the last song which is Manchild. Personal favourites are Beautiful Freak for it's sentimentality. Manchild again for it's sentimentality and beautiful lyrics.

    Of the other tracks, Rags to Rags is good and even better live where the Eels appear to just experiment on stage with what sounds good!...more info

  • Anybody who wants creativity check this album out...........
    Basically put this is one creative album, I heard so many genres of music on this one album, you just have to leave with respect for this just for the oringinality, a must buy for anyone who likes good music with some unpredictabilty....more info
  • Amazing
    I cannot describe what an effect this album has had on me. It is simply (for lack of a better word) amazing. I can listen to it when I am happy or melancholy and I can take completely different meanings from the songs for they appeal to both moods and everything in between. I notice something new every time I hear the songs on it and Flower has to be one the most beautiful songs ever written. I was not a fan the first time I heard it probably because I was expecting something much lighter and the lyrics came at me hard, but after I listened through it again, I fell in love with it and I cannot imagine not having this album now....more info
  • Beautiful Freak is Novocaine for the Soul.
    "Life is good and I feel great
    cause mother says I was
    A great mistake

    Novovaine for the soul
    You better give me something
    To fill the hole
    Before I sputter out."--Novocaine for the Soul

    Beautiful Freak is the brilliant 1996 debut album for the Eels, which is essentially singer/songwriter Mark Oliver Everett (also known as "a Man Called E," "Mr. E," or simply "E"). I call him a musical genius. (Other musicians on this album include drummer Butch Norton and bass player Tommy Walter.) The Eels were among the first bands to sign with the Dreamworks label. The music here is not for the faint of heart. The lyrics are the melancholic musings of a truly tormented soul confronting a life of existential angst, sung against upbeat pop, grunge, and even a little trip hop. Noteworthy tracks include the hit single, "Novocaine for the Soul," "My Beloved Monster" (which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Shrek), and "Susan's House," a haunting pop song which confronts mental health, violent crime (arson and murder), and teen pregnancy. Beautiful Freak is a work of Beautiful Genius. Tracks include:

    1. Novocaine For The Soul
    2. Susan's House
    3. Rags To Rags
    4. Beautiful Freak
    5. Not Ready Yet
    6. My Beloved Monster
    7. Flower
    8. Guest List
    9. Mental
    10. Spunky
    11. Your Lucky Day In Hell
    12. Manchild

    G. Merritt
    ...more info
  • Beautiful E
    Being an avid fan of e (Mark Oliver Everett) and his eels, I deeply appreciate their debut as the starting point of a darkly optimistic sound that only the eels can create. From the starting track of "novocain for the soul" to the final track "manchild" (my personal favorite) the boys haunt and taunt the world around them to open their eyes in a different way. Not being able to label their sound as anything but eels, you must hear their records to understand what e has to offer the world. It is an effective mixture of pop rock, alternative rock, indie rock...whatever you care to call it....more info
  • Glad they broke on radio
    Coming out when the 2nd-gen alterna-acts we're just catching wind, Eels debut has demonstrated a longer importance then many less distinguished acts of the time. While there is not enough personality to warrant high praise (the band autopilot's in their drearily hip mode a little too often), chief songwriter "E" demonstrates keen dark-pop chops by way of piano or guitar, creating a few hauntingly upbeat, not to mention sardonically lyricized snapshots amongst less memorable, but still competent tracks....more info
  • very good
    After hearing electroshock blues i became immediatly hooked on eels and having found beautiful buried in the middle of my brothers cd collection listened to it immediatly and with excitement that will make this review somewhat biased. Beutiful freak illustrates the eels beutiful mixture of misery and optimism whilst aso incuding some rockier tracks than their later albums such as "mental" the lyrics are beyond compare and although do not look so great on paper take on a new edge when sung. everyone shoudl hear this album...more info
  • A great album
    I'm not much for modern music. I like classic rock/pop much better. I got in to this CD through the movie Shrek, and the song 'My Beloved Monster". Then I checked out the CD, and slowly, it grew on me.
    This CD is really a one-time jem. That's not to say that the other Eels albums aren't good, it's just that this one is so much better. It's done perfectly. The songs are tender, and the lead singer, E, puts a lot of feel into them. But, the songs feel somehow wrong. This isn't a problem, it's intentional. The songs are, in general, love songs, but sing them to your girlfriend and you won't have a girlfriend to sing to much longer. There's something lurking in them below the tender surface, like a crazy boyfriend in a stalker movie.
    Anyways, buy this CD....more info
  • Beautiful! A masterpiece! Awesome lyrics!!
    Best c.d. I have heard in awhile! A must own of the late 90's genre!...more info
  • In My Top Fifty of All Time
    Great stuff here. E's solo work was poppier, but his songwriting here seems much stronger. The worst thing I can say about this CD is the continuing of E's obsession with "I'm an outcast" coloring of his lyrics, but in general they're so well crafted you won't care. Favorites include the oft-chosen "Novocaine for the Soul", "Flower", "Susan's House" and "Rags to Rage". If you're pop and looking to venture into alternative, or you're alternative and looking to venture into pop, here's the ideal place to begin....more info
  • Eels For The Soul
    I have to say this band is really and truly talented!And E really has a nice voice,i just wished i had his voice.And Tommy is an excellent bassist&vocalist,to bad he left the band.And Butch is an excellent drummer&vocalist also.And i'm really looking forward to their new album!But all i have to say is...this is a must have album! And Novocaine For The Soul is one of the best songs i have ever heard in my life! And the Eels kick a$$!...more info
  • A truly excellent unknown group.
    I believe that I can say, without exaggeration, that the eels are one of the best unknown groups out there. Beautiful Freak is a great debut album and E is a brilliant man. I hope to see more excellent albums by these three in the future....more info
  • As the old saying goes
    I'm getting too old for this...record. Would have loved it as an attention starved teen. Download "Novocaine For The Soul" and move on....more info
  • The eclectically experimentally ecstatically effervescent Eels
    The Eels really hit home with this `debut'. From the indie classic opening tune "Novocain for the Soul" to the closing bars of the haunting "Manchild," the Eels effortlessly and successfully conquer a number of styles. The real stand out on the album is "Susan's House," which paints a picture of troubled life in the suburbs and gives the feeling of looking for home, and depending upon your interpretation and life view finding lasting or momentary comfort, or having this delusion of a place that doesn't exist or won't help. There are not many songs that can make me feel as this one does.

    The overall mood of the album, mostly through the lyrics, is rather sobering and realistic. I highly recommend this album for anyone who appreciates experimentation and thinking outside the box. This is a wonderful, cohesive album....more info
  • best album of late 90s
    wow, what awesome song and recordings!!especially susan's house. [who is this jacobsen guy? best production (susan's house) i've heard in a while. fascinating use of loops.] band rocks live. "e" is sooo cool....more info
  • Beautiful
    Eels album "Beautiful Freak";especially track 5 ;"Not ready yet" is one of the best albums I`ve ever heard.Track 5 explaines to all you overwillingly helping everyday-therapists out there to stay calm and at respectfully distance to peoples problems. Track 5 is rough and soft,a fantastic guitar-line-tune;track 5 is the ultimate conclution of this album; It`s just beautiful.

    arne...more info

  • the cd that complete's any music lovers collection.
    Now I will admit, as much as I love Mr.E, this cd was a bit of a snore. But with songs like Novacaine for the soul, susan's house and your lucky day in hell. It's something that deffinetly needs to be in your collection....more info
  • This is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard.
    I bought this CD in August of 1996, the day after it came out, because I had heard and liked "Novocaine For The Soul." I then went to a movie and played the CD on my way. I was immediately hooked. The music was wonderful and the lyrics couldn't have meant much more to me. Two and a half years later, I feel the same way about this album that I did when I first bought it. I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind for such personal work....more info
  • beautiful
    this is a really dark album. beautiful songs, funny but very emotionally charged material. This is the best Eels record by far...more info
  • The eels Rock!
    This cd is definetly in my top 10 cd's of all time! I love this album. It has so much angst and depression but you can't help but love it! The eels send you on an emotional rollercoaster through this cd and leave you begging for more. It contains the hits Novacain for the Soul, Rags to Rags and my favourite Susans House! I can't recommend this cd enough. Even if you aren't an eels fan listen to this because trust me you will be a fan after you hear it!...more info
  • Very good the second time around
    This album grows on you. Its very well put together. The first time I listened to it I was not that impressed, but then I really listened to it the second time. It is a good album after all! The lyrics are very creative and there is alot of things happening under the surface melody. Very entertaining....more info
  • Masterpiece
    This band can tell a story and use music in a creativ logic way so that the songs stands naked ifront of you. Very close to the way Paul Auster tell his stories.Brilliant!...more info
  • Good beats, bad guitar
    This and the first Rage Against the Machine CD both have strong, funky beats. The difference between the two is the guitar riffs. If the Eels had added another guitar player and not used keyboard as much, this would be a great album. There are some songs like Susan's House and Rags to Rags where the guitar parts are good, but most of the guitar parts are mediocre. However, Tommy is one of the best bass players ever. Too bad he had to leave. Guest List had one of the best bass lines ever......more info
  • Brilliant Debut!!!
    I'm not sure how to describe how remarkable this album is. I borrowed it from a friend before I bought it, and I had to buy it immediately! The songs on Beautiful Freak with crawl around in your brain and do things to your mind. Great for fans of bands like Radiohead....more info
  • Oddly electrifying
    Bought this CD back in '96 for $6.99 (a price the store was charging for 'new and upcoming' bands); it still gets airtime in my CD player. Too bad it only peaked at #114 in the Billboard Albums chart. Doesn't matter, it's still a great CD. Even though E's lyrics can get depressing and morbid, the oddly bright music always manages to lift them up. This album can be thought of in the vein of a dysfunctional 'Pet Sounds'. If you like your music a bit off center, but still accessible, then I highly recommend this CD. I can't see dreck like N'Sync, Britney Spears, or any other Star-Search-like bombast ever getting to this level of pop-rock....more info
  • One of my favorite CD's ever
    Beautiful Freak is by far one of the best CD's ever cut. Songs like "Rags to Rags" and "Not Ready Yet" evoke feelings in me that are sometimes kept under wraps. If you would really like to buy a great CD, and you're not sure what to get pick this little gem up....more info
  • memorably beautiful
    Beautiful freak is a haunting cd. The eels have a truly original sound. This is a cd for a person who is tired of all of the same old music and is looking for something more original. ...more info


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