Jane Fonda's Low Impact Aerobic Workout [VHS]
Jane Fonda's Low Impact Aerobic Workout [VHS]

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  • A Good Workout
    Have been doing this workout since it came out years ago. It's like dancing and it's fun. Just wish it was on DVD. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I think this is a great video, but I would like the Jane Fonda Beginners Workout Video made in the 80's. Reply with any information on the video to be able to purchase at mystique_star_2000@yahoo.com.

    Thank You...more info

  • Jane Fonda Aerobics Workout
    Grate video, only not available outside North America! What a shame...more info
  • I really, really love this video!
    I've tried a bunch of tapes, and I keep coming back to this one. For a good, whole-body aerobic workout that really is low-impact (but HIGH intensity!), you just cannot beat it. And, if you actually DO it with some regularity, the results are there. Nothing works if you don't do it enough -- but I've seen the difference in my shape when I actually stick to a workout, and this video is the ONLY one that I've seen that kind of results from.

    I've tried other Jane Fonda workouts, too -- my other favorites would be the Complete Workout and the Yoga Workout. I'm looking forward to trying Stress Reduction Workout in the near future, too, as something to add to my 'rotation'. But I'll ALWAYS rotate back to this old favorite!...more info

  • great way to start a fitness program
    As you sit there in front of your computer, you are probably wondering how to start putting some movement into your life- and quick. This is the way to do it. The moves are interesting but not complex. You notice changes in endurance and flexibility pretty quickly. The stretch is the perfect way to end off too. If you buy one fitness video-as I did, this should be it....more info
  • Excellent low-impact workout
    This is the only workout video I have ever found easy to use consistently. It doesn't get boring, it is a very useful length, and it gives a complete workout that is gentle to the joints....more info
  • Best workout ever
    I have bought this video several times over the past 20 years (for myself and others) and was looking to see if it was in DVD format yet. Yes, it's a little 80's and quite corny, but even my husband admits, he never gets a more well-rounded workout. If you can get past the atmosphere and just do the workout, you may feel better than you've ever felt in your life. Jane even looks healthier and more vibrant in this video than any of her others. Even the reviews that give it few stars liked the workout. ...more info
  • Can't be exercise, it's fun!
    Exercise has always been a dreaded word around me; until recently when I failed a stress test at 45 years old. I knew I had to do something. High impact aerobics always results in shin splints on me, so I was looking for something that would give me a good cardiovascular work-out, hold my interest, and not cause stress injuries.

    This tape was heaven sent! I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with a 50 minute tape, but within a couple days I was keeping pace. I do it 5 days a week and have noticed a tremendous improvment in my pulse rate. It's a lot of fun. If you can get beyond the class clown, (which is pretty easy to do) you can find yourself dancing your way to a fit condition with a smile on your face. I recommend this tape to anyone who, like me, never thought they could actually look forward to exercise....more info

  • low impact workout for those who need light workout
    This workout begins with a eight minute warmup leads into a 35 minute low impact aerobic workout ends with an additional ten minute cool down. I read all the reviews of this workout before I bought a copy and most of the reviews were favorable. This is a steady low impact workout with very little stress to the joints. The video requires optional equipment of wrist weights. I have to say this video had some corny aspects to it, in particular the "new guy". The video could have done without that it was kind of silly. Other than that the guy did not bother me to much. This not one of my favorite workouts it is an okay workout. I like to use it as a warmup to one of my other Jane Fonda Workout tapes like workout with weights, complete workout, new workout or easy going workout. I have to say if I were going to truly reccomend a low impact video that is still a challenge I would recommend the complete workout. The music and chreography is better plus you have the option of really pushing yourself. ...more info
  • too corny
    This video is composed of 6 mins. warm up, 35 mins. aerobics, and 10 mins. cool down.
    Overall, I found this workout to be too corny. By reading the reviews, I thought I could get past it. I did a good job except when I got to the "hoe-down" part. You do this weird hobo looking move and you have to clap twice everytime with the music. I did the move, but didn't clap.
    There was also this weird man who was purposely trying to be dorky. He was supposedly the "new" guy in class.
    Anyway, I found the workout to be okay. I'm really out of shape so I was really sweating by the middle of the workout.
    Maybe it's because I'm not really into aerobic workouts, but I only gave this video 3 stars because it recycled the moves alot. There was variation in the beginning, but the same moves get used later with a different song, and yet again with another different song.
    Jane's cues were okay. I didn't get how to do some moves the first time, but pretty much knew them by the third time. However, sometimes she misses cues. For example, when you do the grapevine, she doesn't tell you whether to kick or heel everytime; instead, she just nods her head and smiles at you, as if you're supposed to just know.
    Overall, I give this video a C+...more info
  • Won't soon tire of this one!
    I am new to aerobics, and of the videos I have tried this is my favorite. I have problems with my joints some and this tape never causes me any discomfort but is still a great workout. The music changes throughout and there is great variety to the moves. It tooks me a few times to get all the different moves down...but that is one of the things I like best about this video. It is not boring! Jane does a great job giving cues, so once you've done the video a few times it is great fun. There is also a relaxing stretch segment at the end!...more info
  • Perfect For The Homebody!
    I'm 25 and used to have a Barbie figure. I work in an office, so sitting all day made me gain weight. I hate going to flashy gyms and look at perfect bodies, so I tried this video once and now I use it 4 days a week! My Barbie shape seems to be returning, and I also eat right. I recommend this for anyone who likes to exercise privately....more info
  • Oh so 80's, oh so fun
    It is really cheesy. The outfits are crazy. The music is worse (like the omage to country western with chicken turns and drive a big truck). But the time goes quickly when you're laughing their hair and at yourself doing the ridiculous moves. Seriously though, it is a good workout. At first I thought it wouldn't be. The warm up to really moving is so gradual. One minute your thinking,"this is so slow," the next your sweating and wishing she'd put her stinking arms down. LOTS of upper body that I've not gotten on other tapes. You deffinately get your heart rate up. Great warm up and cool down. I like to watch the "class clown" cause he really gets into it and dances around. It's not so much work when it's fun and funny....more info
  • One of Jane's Best Workouts!
    This is one of Jane's best workouts. The 35 minutes of low impact aerobics is very intensive yet not difficult. You can master it very easily, and the optional use of wrist weights adds intensity and toning to your arms while doing great aerobics. What also makes this a great tape is the excellent stretching, especially at the end. They are very helpful and relaxing. Jane makes this video very well, which is great to do if you can't do a half hour of high impact aerobics like in her other earlier tapes. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • We need this one on DVD!
    This is one of my favorite Jane Fonda workouts. It's fun, it's effective, and if you have old injuries as I do, it probably won't aggravate them in the same way a high impact class would.

    First--this tape was released in 1986. That means there is 1980s fashion, 1980s hair and 1980s music. If that's enough to turn you off, move along...but know that you'll be missing a tremendously good workout.

    Don't confuse low impact with low intensity. Even though there's no jumping around, you still have to work to get through this program. The choreography is complex enough to keep your attention, but easy enough to learn quickly. The class moves along at a good pace, and attention is paid to proper warmup and stretching. I also like the fact that the class includes participants of various ages and sizes--the "new guy" is comic relief, but he's also a little bit of encouragement. Jane, as always, is a wonderful instructor and motivator, infusing her comments with wry humor.

    I'm glad to have found a new copy of this on VHS recently. Why isn't this out on DVD? It's too good to miss!...more info
  • The very best low impact but fat burning workout!
    This is the best workout for people who want to lose weight, feel good and want a workout that works! Remember consistency is important. This workout helps you workout without straining your muscles. You like it so much that you want to do the workout 4-5 times a week. This in turn helps you lose weight. I lost the weight I added on after I had my baby. I love it....more info
  • Best video for starters
    I am 40 years old and overweight then I found this video of Jane Fonda, started it, and my waist has reduced from 38" to 34" in 6 weeks. Highly recommended for new starters. Would apprecite if new versions of the same are available on VCD or DVDs highly interested to buy....more info


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