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  • If you are going to buy something, BUY THIS CD!!!
    This CD is one of the best I have ever come upon that really expresses the true nature if the funky 70's. There are songs on here that I didn't know the names of, and when I heard them, I remembered how much I loved that song!! It's perfect, all the original artists, especially my favorite "Lady Marmalade"!! If you're a true funk bandit, buy this CD, if not, try "Yanni" :-p...more info
  • like the title says.....PURE FUNK!
    this album has all of the great hits from the 70's. i would recommend this album to everybody. Flashlight.......spotlight

    oh yeah...more info

  • memories of the 70's...
    When i was a "chavalo" my mom used to listen to the radio while she cleaned the house. She used to play all the soul and funk of the later 70's. Man i can remember how good the music sounded back then. I'm a second generation DJ with a real love for the older music...when it was really music. For you "chavaloes"( young bucks ) out there ...you'll hear a lot of riffs in the songs that sound familiar because of all the sampling done today. This is one of the best compilation CD's i've ever seen. On a lot of the compilation cd's there are often "fillers"...or tunes that are just kinda thrown in to fill space on the CD...not here! They've put together a SOLID group of some "BAD FUNK" and great cuts from the later Disco/Funk era(the music in the later part of the 70's was still called "disco" but it was funk,R&b dance). From "Brick House" to "Mr. Big Stuff" to "Car Wash" to "Don't stop the music"...this CD hits with every song! This is a must have...5 star CD full of the best of memories from the Golden Age of the 70's/early 80's...BUY THIS ONE!!!...more info
  • very good not the best recording value
    this cd is great...the recording value is not the best but it contains great music...more info
  • 2 very enthusiastic thumbz UP!!!
    this is a great musical collection with really good beats. highly recommended!...more info
  • The songs you know and love
    Don't expect any "filler songs" here! These are all classics! Awesome CD for long car trips and for giving as a gift. Must have!...more info
  • funk but not pure enough
    pyre funk is hardcore funk some of these songs don't fit the funk category, forget me nots is not funk,don't stop the music is not funk good times is not funk who the funk is picking these songs....more info
  • Pretty Good
    This CD is wonderful. Among the best songs are "Back in Love Again." The hook for that is just too nice. Other winners are "Flashlight" (ultimate party groove) and since Samuel L. Jackson is about to turn out the silver screen once more--the theme from "Shaft" is a golden-oldie goodie. Five stars all the way....more info
  • Everybody was KUNG-FU FIGHTING!!!
    It is awesome. It really brings the 70's back. I also reccomend Pure Disco Vol. 1 & 2....more info
    I bought this because its one of the only CD's that comes minus "Ring my bell" on it. Am I the only one on the planet that loaths that song or what ? Mercifully no one has been crazy enough to do a cover version. As far as nostalgia goes there is nothing like the real thing. You need only to listen to Hammer Mans outrageous riff stripping of Rick James's imcomparable "Super Freak" to know where the groove is at. This could have been an even greater 70's party album but like so many out there it comes complete with 6 shameless fillers. "Shining star" from Earth Wind & Fire, dah..? "Tell me something good" from Rufus and Chaka Khan and other instantly forgettables such as "Early in the morning from " the Gap Band when the fabulous classics "I'm every woman" " Ain't Nobody and "Oops upside your head or "Burn rubber on me" would have sufficed from either band as satisfactory substitutes. Guess they were holding out for the follow up album. But beware that as well it has Queen on it. But at least its at the begining which means it can be skipped over. Hopefully your cats will be to drunk to notice one way or the other . Just 4 stars for this CD because of all thoes fillers...more info
  • Volume 2 is better
    This album is good. But I was more familiar with the songs on Volume 2. I much prefer it!...more info
  • I'd give it ten stars if I could...
    This is one awesome CD. I originally bought it because I saw two songs I liked on the CD case - "Brickhouse" by The Commodores, and "Car Wash" by Rose Royce. Not being too familiar with the funk genre at the time, I figured this would be another of my CDs where I bought it for the two or three songs I liked, and the rest were throwaways. Besides, it was on sale, and looked like a good bargain.

    After having played the CD, I was like, WOW! Every song on this CD totally jams! I found myself buying albums from the likes of Issac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield just through the influence of this CD. I now have a much broader musical taste and enjoy the strains of "The Theme from Shaft" while rolling down the highway. This is my favorite CD by far, and is unlikely to be unseated by another in the near future....more info

  • If you don't like this, go check your pulse
    Absolutely anybody can get into this CD. I'm a techno fan myself, but it's near impossible to listen to this without getting into the groove. It's all great, but some of the highlights among highlights include tracks from Chic, Parliament, Labelle, Commodores, Kool & The Gang, Rick James, and the theme from "Shaft". Highly recommended if you have any sort of appreciation for this music at all....more info
  • Awesome gift
    I myself am not a funk fan, but it sure made my boyfriend's week. It has a great selection and has something for everyone....more info
    While listening to this CD, I caught a severe case of the FUNK!! Totally groovey!...more info
  • Viva El Funk!
    Forget rap, this is what sub's are really built for! An excellent CD. I just got it today and am immediatly going to order volume 2....more info
  • Yes!
    This CD rocks the house. It's got all the classic funk songs, from Shaft to Superfly to Brickhouse and Car Wash. It is excellent. The tunes just keep bouncing around in my head. It's great dance music as well. This is a classic, buy it today....more info
  • Great Forgotten Music
    I bought it For Clarence Carter's, Strok'n, but there are many more great songs that I haven't heard in a long time. Great dance music....more info
  • Whoa whoa whoa it's pure funk!
    "She's a very kinky girl . . . " Come on now, when you listen to this funky CD you are going to get out your platform shoes and gold chains and start pumping the mutha out. Oh yeah. I said pump, the mutha out. Turn it up loud and dance naked with a friend. Yippee kai yai yeah....more info
    Just HAVING RICK JAMES Alone on Your Disc is A WInner In Groove&in FUNK but also Chic,Earth,Wind&FIRE,Ohio Players,Kool&the Gang,GAP Band,Rufus with Chaka Khan,L.T.D,Cameo,Issac Hayes,Curtis Mayfield,Patrice Rushen,Rose Royce,Parliament, etc... This is Real Music.The Talents Here are the Real Deal.Don't Stop The Music is In The skating Ring Hall Of Fame Jams.this is A Must Have High-FIve....more info
  • Funk Nasty Awesome!
    This is the most complete funk album ever. Every song is a classic, even if you don't know the title. Between commercials and clips used elsewhere, everyone knows these songs. Here are all the greats, my personal favs being Shaft Theme, Tell Me Something Good, Jungle Boogie, Car Wash, Super Freak, and Shining Star. See, I can't even decide what my favorite song is. Just buy it, you'll definitely be glad you did....more info
  • A Funk classic
    There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best Funk compilation ever created for the Funk genre. It is one for true funk fans and/or ones wanting to start out. No matter who you are, this CD will interest you..."Flashlight", "Super Freak", and "Brickhouse" are some of the classics on this one. Don't pass this one up...very highly reccomended....more info
  • Pure FUN!
    This album is gauranteed to make you smile. I've worn out two CD's already and actually got a speeding ticket when I lost myself singing Lady Marmalade (the original, of course) on the freeway. Great for parties....more info
  • I just love this funky music-it makes me wanna dance now!
    I wish I had this CD right here, right now. You have to play this music really loud. And you hae to dance to it! Yeah, I'm getting it!...more info
  • Great Family BBQ cd
    Great music. Appropriate for kids and old people. The whole family can party to good familiar hits....more info
  • Great music to get up and boogie to.
    If you're in to 70's music this is the CD for you. Offers a variety of dance music that will set your booty movin....more info
  • this is an awesome cd
    this cd is worth every penny and then some it could be the best cd you sell!!!...more info
  • Too cool for School! Mind blowing Funk!
    In spite of disco (or maybe because of it), this sound of Funk has been alive for years and the best songs of the most winning era of funk (early '70s to about the mid '80s) are all making this CD come alive and wake you up. Ever kind of Funky R&B beat is on here.

    From great bands like the Commodores and their admiration of the female body in "Brick House" to the cool street jazzy number from Average White Band in "Pick Up The Pieces". Groups in the Eighites relied more heavily on keyboards than bass and sax as seen in the cool dance track of "Word Up" by Cameo. R&B Royalty like Patti and Chaka shine on hits in their early bands Labelle and Rufus, repsectively. Also, a sister of Funk Jean Knight's biggest hit "Mr. Big Stuff" is a classic in any genre. Don't forget the delicious hot bass synthesizer blend on "Don't Stop The Music" (Many Thanks to Yarbrough and Peoples).

    How about this for a one two punch? Two classic themes from some of two of the hottest movies of the seventies. It's "Shaft" vs. "Superfly" as seventies poets of the street, Isaac and Curtis, have two of their best known song go head to head. Truly inspiring. All that and eighties fun found in Patrice Rushsen's sweet "Forget Me Nots" and Rick James raunchy yet honest "Super Freak". Every song on here is essential funk and the groups and artist are all at their peak in performance. A fun piece that is bursting with some of the best music ever....more info

  • Funk Out
    Pure Funk is one hour, thirteen minutes and fifty-three seconds long and released on May 5, 1998. This cassette includes songs that are not often played and by the artist who is seldom heard or heard of. Examples are: Average White Band-Pick Up the Pieces, Patrice Rushen-Forget Me Nots and Yarbrough & Peoples-Don't Stop the Music. Because my bionic eye was out at the shop getting fix, I do not know if the songs on this cassette are original recordings or stereo recordings. Still I am giving Pure Funk an AAA+++.

    Side A

    Commodores-Brick House
    #5 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #4 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    Average White Band-Pick Up the Pieces
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    Earth, Wind, & Fire-Shining Star
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    Kool & The Gang-Jungle Boogie
    #4 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #2 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    Labelle-Lady Marmalade
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play
    Jean Knight-Mr. Big Stuff
    #2 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Best Selling Soul Singles
    Carl Douglas- Kung Fu Fighting
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    Rose Royce-Car Wash
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    #3 U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play
    Rufus (featuring Chaka Khan)-Tell Me Something Good
    #3 U.S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart
    #4 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    Curtis Mayfield-Superfly
    #8 U.S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart
    #5 U.S. Billboard Best Selling Soul Singles
    Isaac Hayes-Shaft
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #6 U.S. Billboard Easy Listening
    #1 U.S. Billboard Best Selling Soul Singles
    1972 Grammy Award for Best Original Song

    Side B

    Ohio Players-Fire
    #1 U.S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    #16 U.S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    L.T.D.-(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again
    #4 U.S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    Chic-Good Times
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play
    #29 U.S. Billboard Easy Listening
    Patrice Rushen-Forget Me Nots
    #23 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #2 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    #2 U.S. Billboard Dance charts
    Cameo-Word Up
    #6 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Black Singles (three weeks at #1)
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Singles
    The Gap Band-Early In the Morining
    #24 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles
    Yarbrough & Peoples-Don't Stop the Music
    #19 U.S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart
    #1 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles (five weeks at #1)
    Rick James-Super Freak
    #16 U.S. Billboard Pop Singles Chart
    #3 U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles...more info
  • Omit two songs and this gets five stars.
    Ironically, if this CD did not contain "Early in the Morning" and "Don't Stop the Music" it would rate five stars, because a good case can be made that the other 18 cuts are the cream of each particular artist's crop, and even the few one-hit wonders are time-capsule relevant to the essence of 70s funk. I bought it because it saves me the trouble of burning my own greatest funk hits CD,and believe me, anyone with even a modest collection from this era probably has the majority of these songs in their CD rack already.

    This CD is also a perfect introduction to 70s funk for younger persons who are just discovering the joy of tearing the roof off the sucka. My 15 month old daughter can attest to the fact there's just no way to not dance to this stuff. Word up!...more info

  • Great party CD
    Hey, I'm in college, so I wasn't even born when this stuff came out, but i can appreciate good music. This is a great party album, especially if you happen to (like me) have a funk/R&B band just lying around that likes to improvise. Try this for laughs: put this album on, crank it, then try to sit in a chair without dancing or even moving. Better yet, dare your friends for money....more info
  • Greatest CD
    Well, here we go...finally a CD that could stop a World War...seriously, this brings the whole family together...it is that great! I mean, the compilation has classics such as Superfreak, Brickhouse, Kungfu fighting, and Mr. Big Stuff...what more could you ask for? By far one of my fave Cds. It's the kind of Cd where you have to be in the mood to dance and act wild...it'll brighten up the darkest of days. Cheesy, yes...but so is the whole funk movement...more info


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