Footloose (1984 Film)

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There's a popular movie trivia game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon whose rough hypothesis is that the actor is somehow the center of the cinematic universe. One doesn't get very far into the game without encountering Footloose. The film that seems destined to become an 80's camp classic (repressed Midwestern youth bravely fighting for their right to dance) was also a notable trailblazer in the pop song soundtrack marketing scam, i.e. line up a bunch of contemporary hit makers and have them cut a batch of songs that might not be germaine to the film's plot but will sell oodles of units. But damned if Footloose isn't a classic slice--for better or worse--of mid-'80s, album-oriented rock. This kind of instant era-compilation must make the folks at K-Tel very nervous. --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • If you like the 80's this one is for you...
    This album is great, if you are into 80's music. It has a wide spread of music, all from 80's pop to 80's rock. When I hear this album it's like... pre-Miami Vice era. This is an album that I recommend strongly because of all the nice beats and it really makes you want to strap on your white "Miami vice" suit. Buy this album today, you won't be disappointed, I assure you....more info
  • Footloose Original Soundtrack
    If you liked the movie Footloose, you'll love this CD. It has all the original tracks from the movie. I rate this CD at a 5 on a 1 to 5 rating....more info
  • 80s music @ its best
    I love this soundtrack and it's one of the best I've ever heard. All the songs are awesome but my favorite has to be "Dancing in the Sheets" by Shalamar. If you love 80s music,this is the soundtrack to have. ...more info
  • THE 80's Musical Soundtrack
    First of all, this album became more well-known than than the movie itself. I can very well gurantee you will enjoy this album. Let's take a look at this, song by song.
    1. Footloose
    The title track of the album is one of the most memorable songs from the movie. This was the opening theme from the movie. This is a fast-tempo song that is great to dance and listen to.
    2. Let's Hear It For The Boy
    This up-tempo song is more in the synth-pop field of 80's music. This is another great dance tune to listen to. This song was featured in the part of the movie where the main character, Kevin Bacon, is showing his friend how to dance.
    3. Almost Paradise
    This is the other very well-known song from "Footloose". This is a great ballad hit. This was featured at the end of the movie at the school dance. However, the song featured on the soundtrack is different than what is featured on the movie. Personally, I like the soundtrack version better.
    4. Holding Out For A Hero
    This is the fastest song on the album which is performed by Bonnie Tyler. Yes, you probably know Bonnie Tyler from "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" or just as the lady with raspy vocals. This is a great song featured when Kevin is trying to win a tractor race. This song promotes the fast action in the movie very well.
    5. Dancing In The Sheets
    Back into synth-pop mode, "Dancing In The Sheets" is a great instrumental dance song. The constant synth-overtone made this song the hit it became. This song was featured when the preacher's daughter was playing this on the radio at a parking lot with friends.
    6. I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)
    The rock of Kenny Loggins. Call this song a louder, powerful, and more driving rock than the song, "Footloose". This song was featured in the movie when the preacher granted permission to the students to have a school dance.
    7. Somebody's Eyes
    This is a laid-back song with a fun melody. The staccatos sound great on the keyboards. Karla Bonoff's vocals also are relaxing and unique. This was featured in the movie during a love scene.
    8. The Girl Gets Around
    The hard-guitar rock song of the album. This is actually performed by the singer who became the lead singer of Van Halen 2 years after this album was released. This was featured in the movie where Lori Singer was trying to move from truck to truck. That had a lot of excitement.
    9. Never
    The last synth-pop song on the album. This has great chords played throughout the song and a wonderful saxophone. This was featured in one of the best parts of the movie. There was great choreography to this song.
    10. Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
    One of the first metal rock songs of the 80's. This was what Kevin Bacon blasted in his car all the time.
    11. Hurts So Good
    Here we are, our second Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp. This is a lighter classic rock song with a great beat. This is featured in the bar scene.
    12. Waiting For A Girl Like You
    This song is very similar to "Somebody's Eyes" except with longer keyboard sounds. The tempo is the same. This was featured at the school dance at the end of the movie.
    13. Dancing In The Sheets (Extended Remix)
    Personally, I have never liked remixes. I guess this song would be good for you if you think "Dancing In The Sheets" ends too soon. There are just longer parts in the song. There is also a different sound quality with the drums and keyboards.

    Overall, you should definitely buy this album. If you do, please enjoy! Also, watch the movie if you can. The movie promotes the songs so well.
    ...more info
  • A classic!!!
    I, like some of the other people who have written,am not extremely into 80's music. But who couldn't love this soundtrack!!!!!! This music is ssooooooo cool!!!! I love it. I hope that if u do buy this CD you will be as impresed as I....more info
  • Great Soundtrack
    I never saw the movie, but this soundtrack is terrific. While there aren't any tracks on it that I can say I don't like, I only gave the CD 4 stars because I can't honestly say I 'love' all the songs either. There are very few CD's that I like well enough to keep and play the whole thing through, usually I take off what I like, make my own CD and get rid of the original - I am pretty opinionated about my music. Anyhow, this is one of very few 'original' CDs I have liked enough to keep!...more info
  • A novelty album that kids no longer have to live in fear of liking
    I haven't listened to this soundtrack in awhile, mostly because of the annoying trend that's surfacing amongst young people where it's suddenly "cool" to like everything stereotypically 80's. Footloose is now a novelty album. It's quite a shock to see 15-18 year-olds blaring the likes of A-Ha, Big Country, and this soundtrack on their i-Pods seriously getting into it. Even back in 1998 (about 15 years after Footloose was released) I made sure to keep my love of 80's synth pop and ballads well-hidden, specifically this CD, because Footloose was a thing a 17 year-old could be ostracized for liking. I sincerely loved this soundtrack, but even then I was aware of how cheesy it all was. But apparently, kids no longer have to live in fear of being found out as Footloose fans.

    Like I said, I bought this album on CD in early '98, so I had it before it was re-released months later with a few extra songs. I'm very familiar with the bonus songs, and I should point out that only Foreigner's "Girl Like You" legitimately belongs on here as a bonus track. It fits in perfectly with the soft and beautiful pop feel of "Somebody's Eyes". However, John Mellencamp's "Hurts So Good" another story. Sure, it's has a hook, but not the kind I like. Much like all of Mellencamp's repertoire, it's a hickish song, and any guy who ever sings about "suckin' on a chili dog outside th' Tasty Freeze" should never be allowed to go anywhere near a writing utensil when the thought of making a song pops into his head. The lyrics of "Hurts So Good" are predictably mindless. As for Quiet Riot, they need to be banished to the ends of the earth. And finally, the 12" mix of "Dancing in the Sheets" is overkill. Not counting the bonus tracks, all the soundtrack's songs are enjoyable, except for the very boring ballad "Almost Paradise" and the very generic Rock song "Girl Gets Around" by Sammy Hagar (with such WTF lyrics like "She's got angels in her eyes"). If I had to pick my faves, I'd have to go with the power pop songs "I'm Free" and "Holding Out For A Hero", as well as the somber ballad-done-right "Somebody's Eyes". ...more info
  • I'm turning it loose, footloose...
    The 1980's were a great period for soundtrack songs but also soundtrack albums. Heavy Metal, Rocky IV, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, and then the soundtrack for the movie Kenny Loggins thought should've been called A Snowball's Chance In Hell, because that's what he thought it had at the box office. Well, that wasn't the case for Footloose or the soundtrack, which spawned five hit singles, one of which was sung by him and spent 4 weeks at Billboard's #1 spot.

    Yes, Mr. Soundtrack himself, Kenny Loggins, scored yet another hit soundtrack song after Caddyshack's "I'm Alright." I can't decide which is bigger, "Footloose" or "Danger Zone" from Top Gun. Well, the former's dramatic opening thudding drums and heavy surf guitars, sports a rollicking upbeat rhythm that'll light the spark of any party, calling all in sundry to cut footloose, kick off those Sunday shoes.

    Another hit single, with the funky "Lucky Star" style beat, was R&B singer Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear It For The Boy" which is a song of support for an underdog sort of man, a guy who sings off-key, who isn't too rich, or a good dresser, but counts him in for being a loving one-man show.

    "Almost Paradise," such a wonderful classic 80's song. The slow love power ballad duet between Loverboy's Mike Reno and Heart's Ann Wilson, with its organ-like synths and pounding drums, is very well the first drop of rain that propelled Heart to its 80's success. I notice that Keith Olsen, who produced Passionworks, produced this song as well. And Loverboy would do a similar style power ballad, "Heaven In Your Eyes" for Top Gun.

    Then comes Jim Steinman's second most famous client, Bonnie Tyler, doing a rousing 80's techno-disco, "Holding Out For A Hero," the song done during the tractor chicken contest in the movie. Love those operatic backup vocals, including Rory Dodd. This deserved to hit the Top 5 instead of stalling in the Top 40.

    More 80's style R&B-pop with Shalamar. The moog funk of "Dancing In The Sheets" has some overtones of Prince's "1999" and what Phil Collins would later do with "Sussudio." He's got it right when he sings, "we got the rhythm, we've got the music on our side."

    Loggins's second song here, "I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)", is a fast paced affair sporting snarling guitars and a chorus that smacks of Journey. Love "The Screamers," the group of backing vocalists who shout out the title, and David Foster's bouncy synthesizer.

    "Somebody's Eyes" is similar in sound and rhythm to Journey's "Who's Crying Now" and also reminds me slightly of Quarterflash's "Take Me To Heart." Karla Bonoff sounds like a more tempered version of Laura Branigan. Gotta find some of her stuff soon.

    Two years before checking into 5150 with the brothers Van Halen, Sammy Hagar did "The Girl Gets Around", a rocker as rowdy as "I Can't Drive 55." When he sings the title, followed by "round round round around," I am reminded of the song "Runaround" he did with Van Halen.

    Typical 80's-style synth pop, "Never" by Moving Pictures might be considered a second-rate "Separate Ways" by Journey, even down to the opening synth, with Alex Smith sounding like Mike Reno, but the catchy chorus makes me forget the derivativeness of this track.

    Three well-established hits that need no introduction were added as bonus tracks for this 15th anniversary collection--Quiet Riot's "Bang Your Head," John Cougar's "Hurt So Good", and Foreigner's "Waiting For A Girl Like You." And they help make Footloose one of the best 80's soundtracks ever....more info

  • Very energetic!
    This is the kind of music that you just can't keep still when it's playing. It puts you in a good mood. I especially love it in the car, and I use it to excercise to all over the living room, because it's such an upper and makes you feel alive! If you don't like it, better take your pulse. (a 63 year old woman who has liked this album a long time)...more info
  • My favorite classic
    After listening to music so many years there must be some great album you can not forget, and every time you think of it you feel so warm and excited. For me, Footloose is such a special album. It's a classic. There is no inferior or blank-filler song. Every song is excellent enough. Even now we still sing PARADISE, FOOTLOOSE, et al....more info
  • Great Songs, Lesser Recording
    The songs on this album are great, but the sound is bad in some areas, really bad in others. I hope that it is not the original recording that is this bad (early days of CD / digital recording) but that it was the transfer to CD that got obliterated. The re-mastering should clear that up and this is one case where the re-master is worth buying (if you have the first release) or making sure that is the one you are actually getting. The songs are all memorable summer and make-you-wanna-dance types. Turn it on and crank them up!...more info
  • Eh, It's Okay
    If you like listening to songs played in the background of movies, go for this one. I am more of the score type of soundtrack buyer. The CD in a whole was enjoyable for a car ride, but not much more than that. I am still satisfied with my purchase though....more info
  • Mediocre Film, Great Soundtrack
    This is probably one of the most overrated films of the 80s. The concept of high school students fighting for the right to dance in a small, ultra-conservative town is cheesy, to say the least. However, the soundtrack is another story. This compilation has some of the most significant pop hits of the 80s. Songs like "Footloose," "Let's Hear it For the Boy," "Almost Paradise," "Holding Out For a Hero," "Waiting For a Girl Like You," and "Hurts So Good" are some of the greatest pop songs ever recorded. And, even though I'm not a heavy metal fan, Quiet Riot's contribution of "Bang Your Head" would definitely rank as one of the greatest metal hits of all time. For anybody who went through junior high and high school during the 80s, as I did, or just love 80s music, this is an essential addition to your music collection. It's a wonderful compilation of fun, danceable hits. ...more info
  • Never -- Never Never Never Never Never Hide Your Love!
    About once a month, when I'm feeling stressed, played out, unfairly treated and downtrodden, I strap on this stupendous CD, drive my VW bug to an empty warehouse, take one pull at a cigarette, take one sip of a beer (from a bottle), then dance all over the place to "Never." I am Renn, I have always been Renn, and will always be Renn. But Ariel never shows up. There's EYES everywhere !!...more info
  • The soundtrack of 1984!
    When Footloose came out in 1984, it was an instant hit. Everybody I knew raced out to see it, and a lot of the tunes from it became hits. Well, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the release of the movie, this CD was released with all of the tunes digitally remastered! In fact, as a bonus, this CD has four tracks that were not on the original album.

    OK, what can I say? This CD isn't just the soundtrack of the movie Footloose, it's almost a soundtrack of 1984! Among its great tunes are Footloose, Let's Hear It For The Boy, and a tune I really love, Holding Out For A Hero. Yep, I love this CD. If you are into 1980s music, then this is a great album to get!
    ...more info
  • Rock, Dance Energetically Intersect on "Footloose" OMS
    Like "Saturday Night Fever," released by the same studio seven years before, Herbert Ross' beloved "Footloose" used dancing as metaphor for personal expression, energy, youth and rebellion (against quasi-religious authority, yet). It traded flannel-shirted Kevin Bacon for polyester-suited John Travolta, a farm tractor for a four-door sedan, the sun-kissed, nameless heartland for grimy New York streets and glittery nightclubs. Most notably, not far in time or distance from Comiskey Park's infamous "Disco Demolition," it traded cool, clear, carbonated, sincere 80s rock for that genre's dark, impersonal 70s inferno.

    The songs for the "Footloose" soundtrack, all co-written by Dean Pitchford, cover the gamut of early 80s production styles. Fast or slow, dance or rock, they kick from the speakers with artificial, undeniable energy. The sound is big and booming as 1984's infamous hairstyles, requiring musical costume changes for some of the players. Kenny Loggins and Karla Bonoff, two mellow, late-70s singer-songwriters, slip into synthesized clothes (Bonoff more comfortably) on "Somebody's Eyes," "I'm Free" and the overblown rockabilly #1 title hit (featuring Tris Imboden's trademark kickoff drums).

    The film celebrated and exaggerated the "little guy," so did the soundtrack. Bonnie Tyler wails and wishes for the "streetwise Hercules" on "Holding Out For A Hero," featuring Jim Steinman's operatic, Spectorized production and "Bat Out of Hell" vocalist Ellen Foley arranging vocals. Niecy Williams praises "my loving one-man show" in her #1 "Let's Hear It For The Boy." (George Duke's empathetic if still synthesized production makes this, with Bonoff's track and Shalamar's snaky "Dancing In The Sheets," the CD's best, freshest tracks).

    Like "Saturday Night Fever," this soundtrack has been revived on stage and as a pillar of the new 80s hits radio format. (This has been helped by adding 1982's John Cougar Mellencamp and Foreigner heartland-style rockers, featured in the film.) "Footloose" serves as signpost among that decade's most popular music ("Purple Rain," "Born In The USA," "Thriller" ) in its best year when rap, dance, new wave, and heartland rock energies intersected in the theater and on the radio. A fun listen, and recommended....more info

  • Footloose-A great buy
    This was a great buy. It was a really good price and even had 4 bonus tracks on it, that I did not know about. The bonus tracks were all great hits when this movie came out like, Quiet Riot-"Bang your Head" It took me back to the movie and back to my high shool days in the 1980's!!!!...more info
  • Pass the "Bacon".
    This isn't just a near perfect movie and soundtrack, but it's also practically a best of the 80's collection by itself. I'd say that nine of these songs were popular around the year this came out. Not only does it include the huge hit's "Footloose", "Almost Paradise (love theme)", and "Holding Out for A Hero", but "Let's Hear It For The Boy", "Dancing In The Sheets", and "I'm Free (heaven helps the man)" were big as well. Plus this remastered edition adds "Quiet Riot", "Foreigner", and "Mellencamp". Even the songs I didn't mention are a big part of the film. This CD is an instant party. Buy it now and get ready to cut loose....more info
  • A Timeless Soundtrack
    I used to have this soundtrack (back in the 80's). Then a friend borrowed it, and I never got it back. I have always missed it. Finally, I got another copy. This is an awesome soundtrack! I still love it after 15 years....more info
  • Prompt Shipment
    The product arrived very very quickly and was "new" as promised. Thanks for the wonderful shopping experience....more info
  • Wonderful album, but I've got one question...
    In the song "Somebody's Eyes", by Karla Bonoff, does anybody notice a difference in the opening of the song? Now I didn't buy the CD. I downloaded off of and noticed that one of the instruments has been edited out of the song. I don't understand why downloading it compared to buying the CD would make any difference, but if you play the original master of "Somebody's Eyes" and then compare it to the remastered version you'll notice a difference. I just wondered if anybody else had noticed this. At any rate, it's a nice song!

    I could brag all day about the soundtrack. It's a classic! From the chart toppers "Footloose", by Kenny Loggins and "Let's Hear It For The Boy", by Denise Willams, to Mike Reno and Ann Wilson doing "Almost Paradise", Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero", Shalamar's "Dancing In The Sheets" and Kenny Loggins "I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)" and on down the line of songs to the catchy "Never", by Moving Pictures. Also the additions of John Cougar's Hurt So Good" (Classic), and Foreigner's "I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You", along with Quite Riot's "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" to compliment Sammy Hagar's "The Girl Gets Around", additions that should have been placed here when the soundtrack was first realeased. The extended mix of "Dancing In The Sheets" is actually very decent (it took me a few listens to get use to it). The beat does tend to have too much of an echo, but the remix, overall, is a good party favorite. The whole album is simply a classic. Enough said!...more info
  • Footloose! Still fresh 15 years later!
    I had a cassette copy of this monster album and one of the best-selling soundtracks of all time right when it first came out in early 1984. What can I say? Pop music at its best! Toe-tapping, happy, joyful, and still FRESH. I just picked up a CD copy of the remastered version with the extra cuts on it and it sounds great! Pick it up to go back to a time when dancing was the main thing! Super!...more info
  • One of the strongest 80's soundtracks.
    The movie FOOTLOOSE has a storyline about teenagers rebelling and fighting for their right to dance in a somewhat old-fashioned and uptight midwestern town (a concept that sounds closer to 1954 than 1984, if you ask me).

    Featuring an accompanying, fitting soundtrack with mostly upbeat dance, rock and pop hits, along with a few one hit wonders and 70's artists updating their sound (very well).

    1. Kenny Loggins' big hit title track is still widely known, and for good reason. Though his style was more in a singer-songwriter/soft rock direction, you'd never know it with this mainstream rock sounding pop track.

    2. "Let's Hear it For the Boy" Deniece Williams -- Another huge hit to emerge is in the form of this extremely fun, Madonna or Cyndi Lauper-esque dance track, shown in the movie as they're practicing their moves.

    3. "Almost Paradise" Ann Wilson & Mike Reno -- The lead singers of arena rock bands Heart and Loverboy, respectively, join together for the third major hit. Treading the line between adult contemporary and power ballad, this slow, somewhat rock based pop hit has a nice, romantic sound that was probably a staple of high school dances at the time (as it was at the end of the movie).

    4. "Holding Out For A Hero" Bonnie Tyler -- Picking the pace up is this lightning fast new wave pop/rock tune with backing keyboards and guitar. The dramatic vocal style she also used on the hit ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is akin to a more theatrcial version of something Laura Branigan might've done around the same time.

    5. "Dancing in the Streets" Shalamar -- (Not to be confused with the Rolling Stones song also covered by Van Halen), this is a more restrained new wavish dance number sounding like it could've come from one of the Caddyshack movies (also featuring Kenny Loggins).

    6. "I'm Free" Kenny Loggins -- His second hit here is actually the stronger of the two IMHO. Combining synth rock with a heavy dance rhythm, I can't see how this didn't get released.

    7. "Somebody's Eyes" Karla Bonoff -- Not unlike the previous song, I'm amazed this didn't get to be a big hit. A very melodic and uptempo love song akin to Christine McVie's Fleetwood Mac ballads, it also sounds quite unlike her prevous 70's sound.

    8. "The Girl Gets Around" Sammy Hagar -- While Sammy was riding high on his solo career, and just before he joined Van Halen, he contributed this short and (for him) more pop based hard rocker, becoming one of the sillier songs here, but it fits in well.

    9. "Never" Moving Pictures -- Another one-hit wonder featured (to my knowledge, at least) here is a mid tempo, synthesized dance hit with a background rock sound and ending sax solo soudning like Glenn Frey if he did new wave.


    In 1999, for the 15th anniversary, this soundtrack album was reissued and expanded with bonus tracks.

    10. "Bang Your Head" Quiet Riot -- One of the premiere hair metal bands give us their other big pop/metal hit with this anthemic ode to rock and roll. Though it might not be very original, it's still great.

    11. "Waiting For A Girl Like You" Foreigner -- One of their biggest hits is with this warm, synthesized pop/rock ballad.

    12. "Hurts so Good" John Mellencamp -- Played in the bar scene, we get this slightly hard arena rock/pop hit (which is still widely known today) before he dropped the Cougar from his name.

    13. "Dancing in the Streets" (12' version) -- I actually don't own this version (since I already have the above three songs anyway), so I can't comment on the differences in this to the original....more info
  • Hot soundtrack in '84--4 hits in a row! Fun too!
    Recently, a local beauty pageant I went to used Kenny Loggins' Footloose song as their theme for this year. This makes this soundtrack come full circle a good 20 years later! Most of the songs still hold up to today! The four hits of Loggins, Bonnie Tyler's tough rocker, Deniece Williams' best '80s hit, and Shalamar's danceable hit are strong pop records! Even Loggins' other song "I'm Free" is one of the best songs by him that should have been a hit. It rocks with attitude, the swagger of '80s music. It set the tone for superstar artist-driven soundtrack albums that still continues to today, rather than the typical musical scores that dominated much of an album before. Fun, bounceable, danceable, lots of energy, doesn't sound dated at all 2 decaded later!!!! ...more info
  • Totally worth the 5 stars
    I personally dont have this album, but recently I was in a school production of the film, and we *all* enjoyed the music. Every time our drama teacher flipped the switch on the CD player, we were up on the floor and dancing- whether we were oin the scene or not!
    People any age can enjoy this- I'm only 14 and wasnt around when the film came out, but I saw the film last night and all my friends were watching it too... I totally recommend this album- its great for any mood!!...more info
    I HATED this movie and I also HATED the soundtrack with a purple passion (the exception Almost Paradise & The Girl Gets Around with the former being by Ann Wilson and M.Reno , while the later was by Sammy Hagar). I can't stand Kevin Bacon. Maybe in real life he is a very nice guy. As an actor I don't like him. I know he's married and has two kids from what Ive read in magazines and he is a good father. However , in this movie I thought he was a little femenin to say the least. He tries his damdest to act like a hard ass/bad ass through out the movie and you could see right through it. Especially the scene in the movie where he is taking a drag of his cigarette and cocking his head back taking a swig of his booze while running his fingers through his hair with the song Footloose blasting. I cant stand that song. You could tell by the look on his face that he doesn't even like the taste of booze. This movie and soundtrack is weak and it SUCKED. Want to watch a good dance movie from the 80's???? I have a two sylible word - FLASHDANCE!!!!!!!!! I HATED THIS MOVIE. This movie stunk....more info
  • The perfect 80's soundtrack!
    Wow, does this music bring back great memories! I loved the movie then and I love it now...what really makes it sparkle is the music that accompanies it. The soundtrack king of the 80's, Kenny Loggins is at his best on the title track, "Footloose," and almost tops it on "I'm Free." Throw in a little Deniece Williams, Bonnie Tyler, Sammy Hagar, and Shalamar, and you have a recipe for 80's greatness! The 2 ballads "Almost Paradise" by Mike Reno of Loverboy and Ann Wilson of Heart, and "Waiting For A Girl Like You" by Foreigner took me back to the gym during school dances when I was a total wallflower and watched the boys I had crushes on dancing with someone else <>. The 4 bonus tracks don't hurt either! I had forgotten about the glam rock classic "Bang Your Head" by Quiet Riot and had a little chuckle when it started playing. Those were the days! If you are an 80's lover like me, then do yourself a favor and indulge yourself in this CD - trust me you won't regret it....more info
  • An album featuring Footloose dudes and babes!
    I once had an LP copy and I now have a CD copy,which is the original track line-up,the first 9 tracks. The title track was a major hit for Kenny Loggins who also performs I'M FREE(HEAVEN HELPS THE MAN). LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY was a hit for Deniece Williams. Williams had a hit with Johnny Mathis entitled TOO MUCH,TOO LITTLE,TOO LATE. ALMOST PARADISE,the love theme,is a blend of Loverboy and Heart,performed by the bands' respective frontmen,Mike Reno and Ann Wilson. HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO was another hit for Bonnie Tyler who had two previous hits,IT'S A HEARTACHE and TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART. DANCING IN THE SHEETS was a hit for Shalamar who had a hit in '79 entitled THE SECOND TIME AROUND. SOMEBODY'S EYES was Karla Bonoff's second hit,her first being PERSONALLY in '82. Pre-Van Halen Sammy Hagar performs THE GIRL GETS AROUND. NEVER,performed by Moving Pictures is an OK tune. Unbelievably,tracks 1-7 were all hits. Another album sharing that distinction(7 of 9 tracks) is Michael Jackson's THRILLER album....more info
    I LOVED this movie and I also LOVED the soundtrack with a purple passion (especially Almost Paradise & The Girl Gets Around with the former being by Ann Wilson and M.Reno , while the later was by Sammy Hagar). I loved Kevin Bacon. I know in real life he a nice guy. I know he's married and has two kids from what Ive read in magazines. And, in this movie I thought he was a totally macho to say the least. He way succeeded in acting like a hard ass/bad ass through out the movie and you could see it. Especially the scene in the movie where he is taking a drag of his cigarette and cocking his head back taking a swig of his booze while running his fingers through his hair with the song Footloose blasting. You could tell by the look on his face that he is a total renegade who likes the taste of booze. This movie and soundtrack is awesome and it ROCKED. Want to watch a feminine dance movie from the 80's???? I have a two sylible word - FLASHDANCE!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THIS MOVIE.

    ...more info
  • All Time Favorite
    Footloose is a great movie and the soundtrack is even better. I purchased the album when it was originally released and I thought it was great. But now with the extra tracks it makes it more complete and grabs more of the movie's feel on CD. Like the addition of Quiet Riot's "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" and Foreigner's "Waiting For A Girl Like You". This is a great CD to own for a fan of 80's music and of movie soundtracks....more info
  • Footloose And Fancy Free
    This is the quintessential soundtrack to the 1980's and contains signature tunes that covers a wide varied of genres from a varied group of artists that appeared on the multiplatinum soundtrack. Kenny Loggins is represented with the energetic title track, which quickly shot to #1 on the charts, quite impressive for one of his first forays into rock and roll. "I'm Free" is equally as good, bursting with energetic, feel good rifts.

    On the R&B front, the collection contains the consummate dance number "Let's Hear It From The Boy," from Denise Williams and "Dancing In The Sheets" from Shalamar (the remastered updated 2000 version contains an extended dance remix of the song as well)

    Hot on the heels of her classic epic "Total Eclipse Of The Heart," Welch singer Bonnie Tyler gives her trademark raspy, energetic, and emotional performance on "Holding Out For A Hero." Sammy Hagar, who fronted the group Van Halen in the mid '80's, rocks with "The Girl Gets Around."

    The most exceptional ballad featured in the movie is the union between Ann Wilson (of Heart) and Mike Reno (of Loverboy). "Almost Paradise" is the beautiful love theme from the movie that is a modern contemporary classic. Singer/songwriter Karla Bonoff's "Somebody's Eyes" shines with her crystalline vocals. The original collection closes with Moving Pictures' moving ballad, "Never."

    The extended CD contains some notable bonus tracks that appeared in the film..."Hurts So Good" is a classic rocker that was a breakout making John Cougar a household name. "Waiting For A Girl Like You," from Foreigner is a welcomed edition to the collection. (That track was #2 on the pop charts an unprecidented 10 weeks!) Heavy metal's Quiet Riot perform the title track to their platinum 1982 album "Mental Health."

    A worthwhile eclectic mix of dance, rock and roll, pop, adult contemporary styles...Footloose is a fun and energetic collection that will make you want to get up and dance....more info

  • I Love Footloose!
    I love Footloose! Footloose has great songs with a good beat and things but I would still have to say that Dirty Dancing is #1! Footloose is #2 in my book of rank! But it is still a Great movie and a great set of music!...more info
  • Couldn't rate this five stars...
    ... due to some objectionable content, but the song "Almost Paradise" almost makes up for it. (Closet worship song anyone?) There are several other good track on the disk as well. Let's Hear it for the Boy" and the the title track are always perrenial favorites for '80's fans, (Where have you gone Kenny Loggins?) and "Holding out for a Hero" could be the prophectically written anthem of my disillusioned generation (X - for those of you wondering). But, and here is a strong caution to parents, you might want to burn an edited copy of this one before letting your younger set listen to it. With songs like, "Hurts So Good" and "This Girl Gets Around" present, the entire disc is most definitely not for little ears. But, if you like me, are an X-er in need of a bit of a nostalgia fix, or if you're just looking for some dynamite tunes for your next party, pick this one up....more info
  • Great Dance music
    I'm on a synchronized swimming routine and we just won the championships with a routine to music from this soundtrack. It's great dance music, very easy to choreograph to, and just plain fun to listen to!...more info
  • My Favorite Collection
    I love it, I love it, I love It!!!! I've had this from Vinyl, to Tape and now to CD and I have never gotten tired of the music. It is my standard that always gets played at least once a month. "I Want a Hero" has always been my theme song.
    Pop this in your car's player on a long trip and enjoy the miles....more info
  • Go-o-o-d Music!!!!
    Revisiting the 80's is not the idea, but the music which comes from this production will certainly transport you back there, without a doubt. With such artists as Kenny Loggins, Eric Carmen, Sammy Hagar, Michael Gore, Shalamar, Ann Wilson, and others, this is a classic for the music afficiando's collection. Just check these selections:

    Let's Hear It for the Boy (remember the video?)
    Almost Paradise
    Holding out for a Hero
    Dancing in the Streets
    Somebody's Eyes
    The Girl Gets Around, and a couple of others.

    Good tunes for a good ride or relaxing in the house. That is, if you can keep your feet still. Recommended!!...more info

  • Very good
    This is an awesome soundtrack! Anyone that likes any 80s music or 70s, get this!

    Also.. does anyone know the name of the little song that plays when Ren and Ariel start making out by the car? There aren't any words, but I like the most of what I hear....more info


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