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System requirements:Windows 95/98. Get Ready for the power trip of a lifetime! You're in charge of creating an entire city from the ground up and the sky's the limit. But your power doesn't stop at construction. You'll manage everything from budgets to bulldozers, taxes to tornadoes--all with more control that ever before. Rated E (everyone)

Don't cry for me, SimCity. As the mayor--potentate, really--the entire future and design of the city is within your hands. A classic city-simulation game, the new version boasts scores of cool improvements, including more refined graphics.

The infrastructure of your new home is intense, and so are the tasks at hand: building roads, establishing water and power lines, providing civil protection through fire and police stations--and reviewing city finances to make sure all these things can happen. The realistic details in SimCity 3000 are what make it brilliant: an icon for "subway to rail connection" allows you to create a spot for your city residents to change trains on their daily commute.

The pleasing graphics offer color palates similar to a Diego Rivera painting or a Rockefeller Center mural. With an endless array of satisfying options and fascinating possibilities, a review of this edition requires almost ridiculous hyperbole and praise. A great way to get lost in careful consideration for days on end, SimCity 3000 is simply the best game of its type. --Jennifer Buckendorff

With SimCity 3000, you have more power than ever before to build and control your city! Recreate your version of the world's greatest cities using landscapes such as San Francisco or Berlin and landmark buildings like the Empire State Building or Big Ben. To put your stamp on your city, create your own buildings using the SimCity Building Architect Tool. Then zoom in close to your metropolis as it comes to life with people and traffic in living color and full 3-D sound. All new missions and cool disasters test your abilities to run your city or even destroy it. For a greater challenge, negotiate and barter with neighboring cities to strengthen your metropolis. In SimCity 3000, the city is yours.

Customer Reviews:

  • A game that can be easy, or hard!
    Making a City, it's a change for once. I like this game because it gives easy control, and it's fun to play. There are some down-sides to it too, like it takes too long to make a big city, and Sims complain tooooo much, but it's all good other then that. My favorite thing to do is save the city, then rip it down by disteasters. The good thing is you don't have to save it after you destory it. This game can be easy or hard, like if you want to make a big city, it takes time, and it's hard, but if you use codes like:I am weak, Call coison Vinnie, I love Red Tape, Power to the masses, Water in the desert, Garage in garage out, and nardz rool(actually spelling) it's eazy (...). Graphics, well it isn't that good on making small sims, but good on everything else, 9/10 Fun, a very fun game, isn't has fun as some games, but it's cool,7/10 Gameplay, well, if you like making cities, then it has long gameplay, 8.5/10 Sound, I really like the sound because it makes me think more,9.5/10 Overall, you would love this game, but it's fun isn't like some games 8.5/10 which is Great/Awesome and 4 stars for Sim City 3000!...more info
    Its the best Maxis game i ever played!!Its fun, challenging and once you play you can't stop!!Although it gets a little boring when you have no space to build,you can always destroy your city with disasters!!...more info
  • Probably The Best Sim Game (Besides "The Sims")
    This is a pretty cool game. But the loading is slooooow. It's neat how you can create and control your own urban empire. You can put in resedential zones, commercial areas, indusrtrial zones, trees, water, electricity (powerlines), water pipes, roads, highways, buildings from all around the world (including the World Trade Center), parks, ponds, schools, churches, libraries, fire stations, jails, police squads, and much, much more! It's enjoyable and fun. You must watch out for disasters that can happen by themselves. Which reminds me, you can start your own disasters! There's riots, fires, tornados, earthquakes, and UFO's (which is a little phsyco, but hey, it's the Sims!). Don't forget to warn your Sims with the siren! There's also humorous phrases on the simulator bar at the bottom of the screen! You can speed time up from a lalma to a cheetah. Like all real cities, you have money. You gotta use your money carefully of course. Of course you can always get loans if your city is sagging and getting kinda "destroyed". Also, there are like, city "reporters" that inform you about your city needs. There is an environmentalist, policeman, and a few more. You may also 'reject' and 'accept' some of the other city "reporters" questions and needs (perhaps). Well, I forgot what I was going to say for the rest of this review, and I'll make another one if I remember it-- sorry. Well, I guess that's enough to get you interested!...more info
  • i like 2000 more
    why? it just seemed to have a "funner" aspect to it than 3000, in 2000 it was possible to get a good city going without having to cheat, or be a master at the game. i spent hours and hours playing 2000, and i couldnt wait for 3000 to come out... but i was a little dissapointed, its fun, but not that fun, after awhile there is nothing else to do, and it gets real tedious when all your stuff breaks and you have to go about fixing it again... if you liked 2000, i would recommend this just because it is a fun game for the first 20 hours or so, if you didnt like 2000 then dont expect this to be any different from its predecessor...more info
  • Manotinous
    Fun at first but gets old VERY fast and isnt worth your time get the unlimited version for like 3 or 4 bucks more and enjoy....more info
  • Sim City 2000 is much better
    This game may have prettier graphics than Sim City 2000 and Sim City Classic however the designers turned it more into a toy looking game. Being able to see the actual cars is hardly exciting after 5 minutes and it hogs system performance. I was really hoping for an intellegent game not just pretty graphics. Also this game is not a challenge. It is so easy to make money espeacially on full speed. With an endless amount of money it seems the game is won and is really boring....more info
    Welcome to SimCity 3000. In this cool adventure, you must build proper facilities, public services, and everything to make a city thrive! Make deals with neighbor cities! Fight your garbage problems!!!

    This is a cool game where you start from scratch(with $50,000 or less money) to make a huge city that has skyrocketing income and a perfect population.

    I love SimCity. But the only problem is it freezes to much on my Microsoft ME, so I'd reccomend using a different type....more info

  • Simcity 3000: the good and the not-so-good
    Simcity 3000 is a good simulation. The graphics are outstanding, the music is ok, it is fun to look down and see vehicles driving on the streets and the people walking around. Even the sound effects match with the specific area of the city you are looking at. For example, high-crime residential areas feature sporadic gunfire, rapid footsteps and the clanging of a chain-link fence. the bustling commercial areas feature heavy traffic noises and sirens, and industrial areas have heavy truck and machinery noises. You control the layout of the streets and the zoning. Then the city develops itself, according to land values and access to transportation.

    The not-so-good: When areas become blighted and buildings are abandoned, the buildings become black boarded-up boxes that no longer resemble the original building style-- for example, a twelve story apartment building, when abandoned, becomes a three-story black box with boarded-up windows. You cannot have suspension bridges cross above highways or city streets. ALL the streets intersect (no way to build overpasses, except highways crossing streets) There is no way to build elevated rail lines-- the railroad must cross every street at an intersection. Also, you are mostly restricted to a north-south street grid system

    Overall, this is a great game. I just felt like pointing out some flaws that might annoy some people....more info

  • It's better than SimCity 2000, but....
    First off, let me clear up some misstatements about the features listed above by

    *Realistic 3-D environment

    Wrong. The game is 2D, it merely looks 3D. It IS realistic, however. There is far more detail in 2D than could ever have been done in 3D and still hae it run on everyone's machine.

    *View cities from up to 50,000 feet

    I have 5 zoom levels. The above implies that you can zoom to any level.

    *Detailed control over businesses and other facilities

    None whatsoever other than being able to zone blocks of residential, commercial, and industrial areas, along with other specialized zones. You can't micromanage any individual businesses.

    *Everything and everyone moves

    Cars and SimCitizens move, so do some animated buildings, but certainly not EVERYTHING.

    *Optional load-in sets for customization and enhancements

    That's handled much better in SC3K Unlimited.

    SimCity 3000 is a mixed bag for me. I love being able to play a fully updated version of 2000, but whether it should be called 3000 or 2100 is something of a dilemma.

    Graphics-wise, 3000 is beautiful! No two ways about it. A lot of hype has gone into the fact that you can now zoom in and see little sims walking, driving around in individual cars, and so on. The building images are now fully 4-sided entities so that rotating the view yields 4 different looks at each feature. Five zoom levels let you choose the size you're comfortable with to build on. Some people claim that the buildings are blocky and pixellated at the highest zoom. I don't have that problem, but they are definitely not the crisp renders that the other 4 zooms are. They are merely enlargements of the 4th zoom. Vehicles and pedestrians remain crisp and distinct at any zoom.

    Gameplay: here's the sticking point for me. If you've continued to play SimCity 2000 until you're red-eyed and guaranteed to be late for work/school, you'll probably do the same with 3000. Given all the new bells and whistles, it'll take some time to try them all and see how this affects that. From this point, however, two camps emerge. One camp will continue playing the game for years and loving every minute of it, relishing the freedom to create anything they want. I fall into this category. The other camp, once having seen everything and mastered building megalopoli at will, are going to wonder what's the fun anymore. So depending on your expectations for the game it'll be either a gift from heaven or something you may well have wished didn't cost 40 to 50 bucks.

    As for difficulty, it's no harder really than 2000. Some of the new features like garbage disposal, ordinances, and neighboring city dealings add depth and strategy without making the game unduly complex. Maxis should be commended for that.

    Overall? It's good. In fact it's very good. They put a lot of work into it making sure everything balances more or less. Is it worth the money? Not now with SC3K Unlimited out. Get it instead, as it's much more refined. If you haven't played a SimCity game before or if you're a diehard 2000 fan, absolutely. If you just sorta liked 2000 and quit playing it after a little bit, you may want to wait until it hits the bargain rack....more info

  • Okay...................................
    Well,I actually liked this game,its pretty fun,you can make all kinds different landmarks,and you make and control your your own city!But,the main problem with it was i couldn't figure out how to save a game-It didn't say anywhere,and it was so furasturating!!!!!!!!!but other than that it was pretty fun,I would recomend any Sim game-especially Sim Tower......Also You might like Zoo tycoon,and the Roller Coaster Tycoon games........more info
  • It's addictive
    Sim city 3000 is a game that allows players to build the city of their dreams with parameters, very similiar to real life, however there are a few flaws that should'nt of been ignored when making the game.

    For one, you can't name city streets, this is a major drawbacks, and takes away from the realism of the game.

    There are no one way streets, and streets can't be bigger than 2 lanes, which is another major drawback.

    There is only one type of commuter transportation, the subway, and the train is severly limited and not reliable, which is another major drawback, especially if there trying to make a realistic game.

    The easiest scenario is too difficult, and the loan interest is way too high, which is also unrealistic for small cities, which are major drawbacks.

    So after all of these negative things which bring the game down, I have to say that this wasn't there best work, but it is a good game to kill six hours, unlimited still does not implement these things, but as they say most game designers always leave somethings out when there planning on making a sequel, it's just some designers don't know that there is a line between to much features, and a half done game, and that line is unbelievebly easy to cross, and they didn't see it......more info
  • Sim City 3000
    The initial problem is just to survive especially in some of the scenarios. Once you learn to balance building resources, disposing of waste, enacting laws, etc. your city grows and cash comes in and you have mostly happy sims. However, after mastering the basics, that's about all that happens. Factories, power plants, etc. age and must be rebuilt, waste disposal is a constant problem. With no scoring or rating system there is no way to effectively judge your progress at learning the techniques of playing the game. After several looooong games it gets boring but it's probably worth the price....more info
  • People start leaving for no reason
    I started my first succesful city (w/o a starter city) and it was great! Then, after about two hours of gameplay, MY 855,500 pop. city had a problem with people. It must have, because in less than 20 minuets, My city was reduced to about 250,000 pop. Get this IT WAS FOR NO APPARENT REASON. My popularity was high, all of the ordenances I could have had were activated, all buildings had water and power, I had full funding to schools, firestations, police, ect., police and fire coverage were excelant, taxes were only at 3 for everything (Ind., Com., and Res.), and everything else you could think of, I had it. It was the perfect city and my whole population (who still liked by the way) left the city. If you have a good reason for it , I'd say it was a glitch in the game. Don't get me wrong, it is a fun game when there is a reason to the sudden drops, but I don't think you can have a real good city that lasts for more than four or five hours and there is no good city, they'll all die out eventually. The only option you have is LOSS. I am hoping that SC 4000 will be MUCH better....more info
  • Sim skip . . .
    SimCity 3000 forces the player to become attached to his or her city. You will find yourself during dinner or what have you, wondering if the free way system you installed will take to the simcitizens.

    However, with all the time this game consumes, once your city hits a certain point, you must move onto another city, otherwise you get bored, and shelf the game. I suggest you skip this edition, drop the extra money, and go straight for the Unlimited Edition. It will be much more rewarding, and worth the cash....more info

  • The Most Fun you can have building a city!
    Sim City 3000 is not only educational, but it is fun! It teaches you to keep up with demand, build zones for housing, and keep your sims happy, while trying to live on a balanced budget!...more info
  • Fascinating!
    When SC3K first came out, it seemed as if many people were disappointed because it did not look much different from SC2K. It certainly is not the technological leap that we saw from the original to SC2K. However this is NOT merely an expansion of SC2K. I'm not sure exactly how, but the game feels, at once, familiar yet different.

    This game is truly fun to play; much more so than SC2K. Simply the amount of information given to you and the things that you can do, increase the enjoyment of this game. The changes from SC2K are subtle, but have huge consequences the further you build a city. SC3K may not look that different from its predecessor but Maxis has actually gotten much closer to what the actual experience of city planning and building must be like. I'm curious what Maxis will throw at us in the next installment....more info

  • Fun Fun Fun..............
    This is a game that I recomend to everyone, its really fun. At first the game is boring if you can't get past the beging but after that its all fun. You,ll love it. you should get it you won't be sorry!...more info
  • really great
    Sim City 3000 is really cool! You start off by making a Power Plant(I prefer Fusion or Microvave),laying power lines,zoning Residentail,Commercail,and Industrial areas,disposing of garbage,Making Roads and/or a Mass Transit System,Make Water Structures and pipelines,and Take care of Civic needs. Later in the game you might want to enact some ordinances(rules/laws),Make business deals with neighbors and organizations,set a budget(earlier on the computer does it for you),build rewards which most of them can only be optained thru Business Deals( ones optained without deal:county courthouse,Mayoral Mansion also know as you're house,city hall,performing of arts center,and Monument/statue. ones optained thru deal:Gigamall,Amusement Park,Space Port,Defense Contractor,Country Golf Club,etc.). Plus you can add Landmarks to you're City. This is a Great game,but for Sim City 2000 fans that want a totaly different game get the Unlimited Version(also known as Sim City 3000 Unlimited)....more info
  • This game is Awesome, but gets boring after awile
    My best city, dubbed Metro i created W/O cheats, and right now there is simply nothing to do. i filled the whole map, and everything is Perfect. It is Definetly the best SIM game, and even so, my city took at least 60 hours to build, and you can also biuild new ones, so you should by the game....more info
  • Awesome game, but SC3U is out too...
    SimCity 3000 is great, but there is no reason to buy this game since SimCity 3000 Unlimited is out. I have both versions of SC3000, and SC3000 Unlimited has everything this regular version does, but with many more features included like the Building Architect Plus, Scenario Creator, and many new in-game features. So, if you are thinking of getting this game, go with SC3000 Unlimited. It is just the same game, but with many new features....more info
  • Not Well Supported
    While the game itself is quite good. I enjoy playing my copy of the game, and still find new interest and challenges of running cities. The replay value should be obvious as there is no "end goal" to meet, though there are "rewards" along the way. There are several problems, however, particularly when compared to Sim City 2000. First, there are no scenarios. That is a pity because the scenarios often enhanced the value of the game. Second, you cannot for your own landform in the New City mode before you start the game (again, unlike SC2000). Both of these problems were later corrected for the later cousin of the game: Sim City 3000 Unlimited. Additionally, the online support is much better for Unlimited. The building downloads on the official website are minimal, and the building design tool is not supported by the basic game. Still, I will have to admit that 3000 is still a vast improvement over the previous version. The buildings are better designed, and they really do look different on different sides. Also, the graphics are much better over 2000, while they are not vastly improved in Unlimited (which is essentially the same game, with the additions above AND additional buildings). I would recommend that you do buy Unlimited over this version simply because of the vast number of updates. And, with the release of Sim City 4, it is highly unlikely that even the Unlimited website will stay up much into the future, and it certainly will not be supported any more....more info
  • Boring game
    I think this game is very boring don't get me wrong the tradgeys you can make are okay but this game is extremely boring its very complex and hard i personally don't like it....more info
  • Nice Improvement from SC 2000
    I read the reviews below that panned this game as a weak improvement from Sim City 2000, and I disagree. Yes, SC2000 is a great game, but SC3000 is much more realistic and challenging. It is much more difficult to create profitable cities - and that may be why others did not like this game. SC3000 requires a lot more game time to get your city going, and even if you know the cheat codes to get more cash - that will be no guarantee you succeed as mayor.

    In all I love this game and recommended it to those who like Sims....more info

  • Sandman
    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. Not only does this game actually simulate something useful (that means it will teach us something of at least some value) but it is fun. each session is a new task to get things just right. I have an old computer (120 mhz) that I play this on and it works just fine! so don't think you need a speedster to have a little fun!...more info
    WOW! SimCity 3000 is one of the best games I have ever had the honor of playing. The graphics are sharp and original and the music is entertaning (especially compared to SimCity 2000). I've throughly enjoyed playing this game and would recomend it to anyone....more info
  • Buy it!!!!!!!
    This is the on of the colest games in history! You are the mayor of a city. You have to think about ploution a lot.It is cool...more info
  • Sim City 3000
    The initial problem is just to survive especially in some of the scenarios. Once you learn to balance building resources, disposing of waste, enacting laws, etc. your city grows and cash comes in and you have mostly happy sims. However, after mastering the basics, that's about all that happens. Factories, power plants, etc. age and must be rebuilt, waste disposal is a constant problem. With no scoring or rating system there is no way to effectively judge your progress at learning the techniques of playing the game. After several looooong games it gets boring but it's probably worth the price....more info
  • Get it before there gone!!!
    The best graphics and distars I ever encountered. Advisours give you information why and when you should entact or take out an ordinace....more info
  • Good Game If You Have A Good Attention Span
    As the Mayor of your SimCity, you are tasked with building a city from scratch. Your primary objective is to make your Sims happy and increase the size and population of your city. SimCity 3000 is another in a long line of games from this genre.

    SimCity 3000 is a very good game overall. Good graphics, good sound, well designed interface. The game has a very short learning curve -- anyone can become an expert in 15 minutes. This is not at all to say that the game isn't complicated -- building a good city is a different matter.

    When you begin the game, your first task is to get your budget out of the red. THIS IS HARD. Many of my friends have been turned off of the game just after the first 30 minutes of play. But believe me, it's possible. After this step, the game becomes just plain fun. SimCity 3000 is challenging and funny.

    The only real flaw in the game is that it is possible to get bored with it. Once your city is built, you have nothing to do but create a disaster (fire, tornado, earthquake, UFO invasion, etc.) and try to rebuild. This takes a long time to happen, however. This game is good for a solid 3 months of entertainment minimum, and is well worth the price. Even a young child will enjoy this game.

    Highly Recommended....more info

  • Let the Buyer Beware!
    I purchased the product from Amazon and received it with excitement to play this game that I had heard and read so much about. I loaded the game and enjoyed what I saw. The second time I went to play it, I got an error stating that there was a disk error and that my computer could not read it. I called the technical support about the situation and was told that it was my computer that was having the problems. Heaven forbid there game have the problem. Isn't funny how everything else on the computer works great except for when that game is loaded. He told me that it was most likely a problem with my CD-ROM drive. I asked if there was another CD-ROM drive that I could get to run this game, and his answer was that they were having problems with all types and that he could not recommend one.

    I was basically told that I am out of luck and in the meantime, I am also out the $30. I guarantee that this is the last time that I purchase a product of this manufacturer. They will not stand by their product and when you have problems; it's, thanks for your money, now don't bother me.

    Buy this product and it may work fine; however, take the chance and you may get screwed like myself....more info

  • THIS GAME ...
  • a true robbery
    the only "old" game that doesn't play on my new PC that has WINDOWS XP. I knew it after i installed the game !...more info
  • Yuck
    I received this game as a Christmas gift. I installed it and, the very first time I used the software, it worked fine. The next day when the game loaded, I discovered that it had a major flaw--the graphics were blurred and flashing and the screen was split so there was three of everyone. I exchanged it immediately and got another copy of the same game, only to find after the first time this one had the exact same flaw. Other than that, this is a really fun game. However, if you don't have a lot of memory on your computer(and I mean a LOT) you might not want to spend [the money] on this....more info
  • Can be addictive
    I enjoy playing this game for the most part. I have spent hours glued to the computer watching my cities grow. Unfortunately as the cities increase in population, so does the chances of the computer crashing - a very annoying problem. Also the parades last too long, the seaports are difficult to develop, the terrain for some cities, such as St. Louis, are unusually hilly, and the buildings look alike. The game is not that challenging. But overall a recommended game....more info
  • I did not like it
    I love Sim. games very much but I did not like this Sim. game. After I would have my little city all set up I would need to watch it like a hawk leaving me with almost no time to expand and improve on my little city. I have been told to give this game another try but I just can not find a reason to go back and try this game again....more info
  • Good game!
    Personally I did not try any of the other SimCity games before this one and I am notably impressed. I am impressed with the grapics, the level of detail and control over the enviroment and of the overall difficulty of the game itself. I have no frame of refrence to critize the game as do others because of my lack of knowledge of how they have improved the game. However if you are considering this game to be entertaining then buy this game because in my opinion this game is very entertaining. The only reason I gave this game four stars was its somewhat awkward interface with the user, it is powerful but at the expense of simplicity. Overall good game!...more info
  • Ennnh
    Its alot like Sim City 2000, but it gives it a few new twists and better graphics. You have more control over the types of neighborhoods you make. Its fun....more info
  • SimCity 4 will be better.
    If you haven't got SimCity 3000 yet than don't buy it. You will enjoy SimCity 4 which will be hitting shelfs in November.
    The graphics are bad because they still used the SimVCity 2000 engine for it (although SimCity 2000 was much better). Trust me you will like SC4 better. You can import your sims and the game has a whole new 3D engine.
    This game needs a bit of improvement. The fires are a bit yuck. And the buildings need some help. If you can't wait until November than just waiste your money and get it....more info
  • easy Game
    this is a fun game. You can choose the name of your city, mayor name, and difficulty level. the difficulty level determines how much money you have to build with. EASY: $50,000. MEDIUM: $20,000. HARD: This is hard! you have to make a thriving city in hard with a $10,000 LOAN WITH INTEREST!!! AHHH! but don't use all your money. You have to pay money for ordinances, utilities, funding, and loans. But you can get money from taxes, gambling, and some ordinances....more info
  • YAWN....
    I'll admit right now that I hate all of the Simcities that came out, with the exception of the Super Nintendo version of the first Simcity. I'm more of an action person, not a sit-back-and-watch-my-city-grow person. Sure, Simcity 3000 is good for a while with it's catchy graphics and innovative approach to buidling a city, but a few hours later, you'll either want to fall asleep or put your fist through the monitor, depending upon whether the income for your city is positive or negative for each game year. I turned out to be one of the latter people. No matter how hard I tried, I could never get the income to come out positive. So, I did what any distraught and stuck person would do...go online for cheat codes! An hour later, I was bored. If you're a thinker, by all means try Simcity 3000 out. But, if you're a person that thinks actions speak louder than words, try Dungeon Keeper 2, a game like Simcity 3000, but not as complex (and more active!)....more info
  • Endless Joy
    Talk about being able to play a game forever, this seems to be the case with SC3000. This game is well done, with many features, controls, interfaces, and ultimately, complete control for you the Mayor. I have played this game over and over and built incredible cities like New San Francisco. I know you will experience tons of fun when you buy this one....more info
  • Tired of the Traditional Simulations
    Most of the simulations on the market today are about flying a plane or driving a car, but Sim City remains unique as the only true city simulator on the market. There are other games that have city simulation portions, but most of these city simulations are very basic and are part of a larger conquest simulation for example Ceasar 3. Sim City 3000 focuses exculsively on a city, and it has many great features to help you as the mayor solve the daily problems. There is a button that brings up advisors, for roads, education, finance, garbage disposal, and transportation. Each of these advisors will provide advice as problems appear for the city or will appear on the horizon. There are other improvements over Sim City 2000, mayors now have to deal with garbage and neighbors. This game is a welcome update to a great classic, but now that Sim City 3000 Unlimited has been released, I would suggest buying that version because all of the online features can only be accessed with that version....more info
  • Not much better than the last...
    Pretty much just an upgrade over SC2K... definately improved, but no great new innovations here. Recommended, but not enthusiastically....more info
  • Sim city 2000 is way better
    I am a sim city fan but this is a really bad game compared to sim city 2000. 2000 was real great with tons of things to do and you had hours of amusement never getting bored. On 3000 I got bored really quick the game is way too easy and becomes really boring. There is no real challenge. If you want a good city construction game go buy sim city 2000....more info
  • The Ultimate Simulation !
    Sim City 3000 is with no question in my mind the best Simulation game on the market today. You start of as a mayer with a set amount of money and from scratch you can make a beautiful city that makes millions. This is a must buy game for PC gamers. My city has over 700,000 people and 29 million dollars. I have had the game for years and still I play it on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This is a game that has graphics I believe will blow you away and if you do good your commercial zones will develop into high skyscrapers. While the residential sector of your city land value is astronomical. So go to the store and treat yourself to this game now....more info
  • Here's what I think. . .
    I had got into the "Sim" games by playing SimTower and I loved that game, and it got me into those kinds of games. I saw SC3K in stores and read about it on the back of the box, and it looked neat. I bought it and I was truly excited when I started playing, it was one of the best games that I had ever seen in my life! After that, I had decided to get the SC2K demo, just out of curiosity, to see what that's like. As I was playing the demo of SC2K, I was very disapointed because it was very weak compared to SC3K, and when I saw so many people complaining about this being just like SC2K, I was puzzled. I hated SC2K because: the graphics were weak, I couldn't even get the city started because people wouldn't move in, they're are very little options to control what your city looked like, and the power plants wouldn't even power a tiny little city! I think that SC3K was a wonderful change from SC2K.

    Anyways, I thought that SC3K was a very interesting and entertaining game. Not one of those games where you shoot as much people as you can, this a game where yoiu plan out a city and watch it grow, you really had to think while building your city. I have made 3 cities right now that have covered the whole terrain, each with a different theme (I called them Porcelina, New York 2, and El Golde). This game took me into another world, and you really care about your sims and your city. The graphics are spectacular! You can see all of your sims (by the way, sims are people) and you can see cars in traffic jams or alone on the roads. Another great thing is how you can control the way you want your city to look like, unlike in SC2K. I love how you can shape the terrain in your city better than SC2K. I also think that it's very neat how you can put landmarks in your city and you can pick real city terrain to build a city. If your one of those people who like games that you just kill a bunch of people, than this is NOT the game for you, but if you like intelligent games that make you think and entertain you at the same time, than this is the game for you. Don't get SC2K, get SC3K! :)...more info

  • good game
    a great way to pass the time on a sunday afternoon...more info
  • Good, Well-Balanced Game
    This is a good, well-balanced game. Start building your city little by little. Build a power plant, small-density residential, commercial and industrial zone, water pipes, that's it. Use the cheapest streets. Every other square in a residential and commercial are should have a bus stop. Of course, bus stops cost money, but it will save you from traffic congestions, and you won't need to invest in expensive roads and motorways. Click on the bus stops and watch the number of passengers, if it's low, demolish it.

    Watch your cash flow and the other maps gradually. As soon as you have small but solid cash flow, expand your city gradually. Only add money-eating facilities like fire station, police, education and health care when there is absolute need in it. Expand extensively: cover large areas with low-quality low-density zones.

    When you have enough money, move to high-tech industry which have no pollution. To do that, you need highly-educated workforce. Build schools, colleges, museums, and libraries. But watch carefully the number of attendees: only build a schools when the old are overwhelmed. So with health care.

    Sooner or later you will be offered federal objects like a mega-market, military base or waste disposal. Accept them all, it will bring you mega-cash-flow that will allow you to significantly improve your city facilities.

    Also don't forget to make money by selling power to the neighbors: make connections to them with roads and power lines.

    This game is very well-balanced, unlike SimCity 4 Rush Hour. I highly recommend SimCity 3000....more info
  • Freeze ups??
    I love this game, Ive had it for a year now, but there is one thing that has me in the dark, it seems as though the game freezes up on me alot. Sometimes I play for an hour or two before it happens, other times I play for five mintues and it happens. This game takes up a lot of memory and does run a little slow but over all this is a real great game.

    Tom...more info

  • A Successful Way
    They say not to install this game on a Gateway computer, because it will uninstall after you quit. But I have a Gateway computer and have experienced the same problems. However I have a way of playing the game without having to re-install it by first inserting the disk and waiting for the main page to pop up. Click quit and then click on start and access the all-programs, and look for a Maxis file. Once you find it click and the Sim City 3000 file should be there. You should then be able to play the game without having to install it again....more info
  • wow.......
    I turned it on and my computer said want to load.... ok i loaded then it said play i played it.... couldn't play cuz i couldn't find my mouse then it said "system failed". Thats what i call fun HA. Well i got news for you thats not what i call fun HA. I learned that all of the buildings fell down when my city had an earthquake to HA. WONDER WHY IT FAILED SO SADLY. This actually hapended HA....more info
  • Solid
    Remarkably detailed in just about every way you can think of. Outstanding graphics. Simple interface. Easy to read maps and graphs to help analyze your city. Riots, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, alien attacks, water pollution, air pollution, traffic jams, selling utilities to neighboring cities, ordinances for water meters and stairwell lighting, taxes, loans, bus stops, subways, the list goes on and on. What more could you want? Get rid of that hideous background music!...more info


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